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Out of all of them, apart from Allura, Shiro probably deserve to be angry at Keith for being (half) Galra. Imagine all those tortures or made for entertainment he and the other prisoners were. They are the reason his life was ruined (cos I am pretty sure he would have many success when he returns). But no, he didn't blame Keith at all for being one like Allura did. He supported him, gave him a hug while we also see Hunk actually being negative of him during their mission. Just. Bless Shiro fam!!

Yes, yes!!! Out of everyone, Shiro was Keith’s anchor through it all. He’s the one who checks in with Keith and notices that something’s wrong; he’s the one who sees him through the trial and offers nothing but unconditional support after the reveal. Shiro was there for Keith in a way no one else ever was, and I wish that fanon didn’t just gloss over that so much. 

Shiro’s easy acceptance is definitely do to their close bond–“My life would be a lot different without you,” Shiro being the one thing who “can really calm Keith down,” Shiro being the one Keith “desperately wants to see,” ect. But I also think Shiro’s able to empathize with him more because he understands a bit of what he’s going through. Keith’s galra arc parallels Shiro’s own character development in a lot of ways; both of them struggle with this notion that they’re irredeemable, that they belong to the galra empire. When Shiro looks at himself, sees what the galra have done to him, he sees a monster

But when Shiro sees Keith is galra? His gaze softens. His eyes go wide in wonder, like he’s really seeing Keith for the first time. And his expression doesn’t evoke a sense of fear or rage here; Shiro stares on in awe, completely mesmerized. His body language and the lighting of the scene both feel open and calming–serene, ethereal. There’s something about the luxite’s glow that’s reminiscent of Allura’s healing magic. It’s a power that’s portrayed here as good, just, and benevolent. For Shiro, I think in a way this is healing–he’s allowing himself to let go of his hatred for the galra (a process we already see begin with Ulaz) and this notion that being “part of the empire” makes him broken and corrupt. He’s also coming to terms with Keith’s identity, an identity that Shiro accepts wholeheartedly. 

Shiro hates himself for his ties to the galra, but he’s able to love and support Keith despite that. And if he can still see the good in Keith, then he knows there’s still hope for him. I think that, by accepting Keith, he was kind of able to come to terms with some of his own trauma, and be more forgiving of himself as well. And it certainly helps that Shiro realizes Keith still cares for him too–still treasures him as his closest person after all this time, the one friend he desperately wants to see. I think it really meant a lot to Shiro that someone adored him so much, that they still loved him despite the year apart and all that’s changed. Because their mutual love and support definitely goes both ways. 

And I was just talking about this before, but one of the most prominent themes in fanon was always “X character is the first to find out Keith is freaking out over being galra, so they help him through it and offer wholehearted comfort and support. They fall in love, ect.” Always, this role was a position delegated to Keith’s chosen love interest. So I find it very interesting that Shiro, the one who actually fulfills this role in canon, hardly ever seems to get credit for it. 

And in those aus, I often saw Shiro relegated to the role of the Betrayed Friend. The one who couldn’t bear to look Keith in the eye anymore, who took his reveal the hardest and refused to even talk to him. Which always sounded incredibly out of character to me, and I’m so glad canon proved that it was. And I will never understand the fact that fanon often limits or overwrites Shiro’s role in Keith’s galra arc simply because they’d rather substitute him with their fav. This idea of Keith having an anchor during his galra reveal was just so romanticized in fandom; I feel like the fact that that person ended up being Shiro should at least count for something. I mean, when Keith left for his mission no one else would even say goodbye, but Shiro is right by his side 

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I am loving the berena kiss prompts!!! Could you maybe do the "friends aren't allowed to kiss each other" one?? <3

Thank you for the ask anon! I hope you like this, it’s a little out of character but was done in good fun. Wanna see F2 versions our favs? How bout drunk Jac and Mo trying to get equally drunk Bernie to snog Serena? Then by all means, read on…

Always a Flirt

Serena was, by nature, a flirt. Her humour, her demeanour, her self confidence, her friendly manner, it all added to the flirtation. She seemed to flirt with everyone who came into contact with her, patients, staff, even complete strangers in the pub. The problem this left Bernie, was knowing if her flirting was real.

It had been six months since Serena had transferred to Holby to continue her training as an F2, and Bernie had been in a constant confused dance with her, the flirting leaving her breathless at times. It was intense, it was fun but it was always baffling. There were times when Bernie thought that Serena liked her but then she would see her doing the same thing with the other F2’s.

Just as she was right now, flirting with Ric at the bar in Albie’s.

Bernie blew her hair out of her eyes just as a glass of scotch was placed in front of her.

“For god sake, would you please just snog her and get it over with,” Jac said. “I’m sick to death of watching your sad puppy dog eyes whenever you look at her!”

Bernie shook her head. “Friends aren’t supposed to kiss each other,” she said, thinking about a conversation she’d had with a patient earlier in the day.

“Said who?” Jac scoffed.

“A patient,” Bernie replied, knowing that Jac didn’t really care who said it at all.

“Well they were talking a load of bollocks,” Jac exclaimed, taking a big gulp from her wine and looking down at Bernie. “There are no rules if you both like each other.”

“I hate to say this,” Mo said from Bernie’s other side. “But Jac’s right.”

“I’m always right,” Jac swayed slightly and Bernie reached up a hand and pulled her down onto a chair.

“Serena’s just as mad about you, as you are about her,” Mo continued as if Jac hadn’t said anything.

“She’s never given me any solid indication that she likes women,” Bernie began.

Jac scoffed. “She told me she liked my cheekbones,” she said as if it were the only proof she needed.

“Everyone likes your cheekbones,” Bernie patted her knee and Jac smiled proudly, obviously pleased with her bone structure. “Serena and I are very good friends and I don’t want to ruin that, no matter what my feelings are.” Jac snorted.

Mo shot Jac a dirty look before she turned her attention back to Bernie. “Are you really going to deny yourself the chance to be happy?” She asked. Bernie was quiet for a moment.

“For crying out loud!” Jac slammed her glass down on the table. “Mo, keep a look out.”

Bernie frowned at her two friends but before she could say anything, Jac grabbed her face and pulled her in for a long, intense kiss. Bernie couldn’t help but admire Jac’s kissing skills… she wsa pretty good. Better than good.That wasn’t something she ever thought she’d think about.

Eventually, Bernie pulled away. “I know you’re drunk, Naylor, but what the hell was that?”

“I’m proving a point,” she said, looking over at Mo. “Anything?”

“Oh yeah,” Mo grinned from behind her glass.

“You can thank me later,” Jac picked up her glass and toasted Bernie before she drained the last of it.

“I…” Bernie was more confused than ever.

“Oh, watch out,” Mo straightened up in her chair and nodded as if someone were approaching them. When Bernie looked in the direction Mo had nodded, she froze.

“Bernie, could I have a word?” It was Serena.

“Er…” Bernie didn’t have chance to get any words out before Serena turned on her heel and marched toward the toilet.

“I’d go if I were you,” Ric said as he pulled up a chair to their table and sat down.

Bernie stood up but Jac grabbed her hand. “Wait!” She pushed the scotch into her hand. “Drink that.” Bernie downed it.

“Go get her tiger,” Mo winked at her.

“Right,” Bernie said, taking a deep breath before she followed Serena toward the toilets. She felt sick.

Serena was stood in front of the mirrors, leaning heavily against the sinks with her head bowed.

“Serena?” Bernie tried to keep her voice soft, smooth but she wasn’t nearly sober enough to keep her emotions in order.

“What was that I just saw with you and Jac Naylor?” She asked, looking up at her through the mirrors.

Bernie slipped her hands into her pockets and leaned against the door. “I didn’t get much of a response when I asked her,” she replied honestly. She really had no idea what was going on at the time but her inebriated mind was slowly beginning to catch up. Jac wanted to get a reaction from Serena to prove her theory… Bernie didn’t think Serena would be best pleased with that little bit of information.

“I thought…” Serena looked down again. “I thought we… I thought you liked me..?”

“I…” Bernie paused. Was she talking about liking her as a friend or…? “I do.”

Serena spun around to face her, anger and jealously flashing in her eyes. “Then why the hell are you out there kissing someone else?”

Definitely not friendship. “I didn’t… I mean, I did but… I’m not… she started it.” It was a pathetic excuse and she knew it but it was all she could come up with.

“But you didn’t stop it…” Serena pointed out.

Bernie shrugged. “She’s a damn fine kisser.” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them, her brain unable to filter out any word vomit.

“She’s…” Serena shook her head, she was furious. “Are you serious?”

“Well I…” Bernie paused. She needed to fix this. “I don’t…” She rolled her eyes at the fantastic job she was doing.

“For someone as brilliant as you, you can be really dense,” Serena said in disbelief. Bernie frowned, confused by the juxtaposition in her words. “I have been dropping hints and flirting with you for months and you still haven’t asked me out!”

Bernie’s mind was reeling. She wished she’d downed two more of those scotches. “I’m sorry… what?”

“I fancy you, Bernie,” Serena let out a frustrated sigh. “Have done since I met you.”

Bernie stared at in stunned silence. “What…?” She let out a groan and ran her hands through her hair. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t know if I was your type…” Serena shrugged and for the first time since they had met, Bernie watched her blush. “I thought, maybe, if I dropped a few hints…”

Bernie couldn’t help it, she started laughing. Serena’s face became angry and Bernie quickly made her way toward her. “We’re idiots,” she said as she leaned against the sink next to Serena. “I’ve fancied you, really fancied you, for a long time too.”
A tiny smile tugged at Serena’s lips. “Really?” She asked. Bernie nodded and laughed again.
It took a moment but eventually, Serena began to laugh too. “You’re right,” she said between giggles. “We are idiots.”

Bernie nodded, suddenly bolstered with a bout of confidence. “So…” she stepped closer to Serena, their laughter sobering up the closer she got. “You’ve been wanting me to ask you out…?”

Serena smirked. “Yes,” she said, taking a step toward Bernie to close the gap. “But before we do that, I think you should know that Jac Naylor isn’t the only skilled kisser.”

“You flirt,” Bernie grinned and lowered her lips against Serena’s. Jac’s kiss was quickly forgotten.

I’d really like to think that Bernie is good friends with Jac and Mo. I don’t know why, I just like it. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings. Hope you all enjoyed reading this! xxx

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Do you think this fandom ( PxS ) is going to survive after what D&D are going to do to it? The leaks about this season, and especially the last one about how episode 7 is going to play out, make me fearful. And the books are taking too long. D&D are hacks, GRRM should have never trusted them with something so precious as his life work. They are fanservicing all the casual fans who don't care about complex characters and relationships but only want the boring and conventional hollywood stuff.

Ultimately, fans shouldn’t be judged on whether they stay or leave this fandom for their own reasons. I honestly don’t care if only a handful of us are left. People ship a lot of non-canon stuff in many fandoms. Does that mean I’m not upset with what the show has done? Oh noooo…. I’m very disappointed. I can see this is going to be a long rant…

You’re absolutely right about the pathetic fan servicing rather than exploring interesting and complex characters. Littlefinger has been made to act so wimpy, it’s astounding to me. He’s so OOC. And I don’t like what’s happened to Sansa either. If she’s supposed to have ‘bested the master’ she’s learned nothing from LF. Hell, I don’t like Jon but I was siding with him over her. I even sided with Jon when he met Dany. Drop your long-ass titles and “I will rule” bs attitude and move on, girl.

I’m all for Girl Power and feminism but it seems to be at the expense of Sansa’s own character. D&D have Mary Sue’d her this season, trying too hard to make her a badass. I thought she was a smart badass last season. She tried to warn Jon about Ramsay. She knew LF would still be there for her and he was and used it to save her ass. AND she rightfully called his dumbass out for Ramsay (never forgive D&D for that dumb as fuck plot). I applauded her for executing Ramsay in the best way (that little smile at the end).  I loved her last season.

But now she suddenly knows everything and lectures Jon, undermines him in public like an idiot, and goes full bitch mode on the one guy that she knows will do anything for her and has money (probably the richest man in Westeros by now AND would have sway with the Iron Bank – if she was smart enough to ask him) and power for her to use? Um, okay.

I like Sansa but when did she learn about armory more than a seasoned soldier like Royce or blacksmiths? She suddenly knows about supplies, etc. Knows more about Cersei than the guy that was in KL while she was dreaming of being a princess? I had to roll my eyes at that last episode. Sansa is acting like a know-it-all teen and refusing advice from those that DO know more than her. If we’re supposed to believe she’s a master manipulator now, and bested LF….sorry, I don’t.

LF fucked up. I will always hate that D&D threw Sansa in with Ramsay for that sick ass plotline. Book!LF would never have done that. LF and Varys’ characters have been sacrificed for years and dumbed down. The two smartest characters in the show. At least Dany called him out and then accepted his loyalty (on conditions of death of course). Sansa called LF out in S6 and then needed his help which he provided, proving his loyalty to HER not Jon. I wish he would have said that in the crypt scene with Jon. “You should thank you sister then, if not me. I wouldn’t have come to help you”

He fucked up and they both know it. I refuse to believe he knew about Ramsay. Come for me. Don’t care. Told her he loves her and wants him and her ruling the country. What she SHOULD do is use him with this knowledge. LF is still the smartest guy in the damn room. Shutting him out, telling him she knows more than him is so stupid. Yeah, she’s mad at him but USE that and manipulate him instead. That’s why she’s not smarter or besting him. If D&D hadn’t dumbed down his character, there’s no way anyone would believe Sansa had learned shit from him to best him. LF would not have called Jon out in front of the northern lords like she did. She is acting just like her father and brother. You know, the crap she lectured Jon on ? She needs to take a heaping spoonful of that advice herself.

Plus, LF is STILL Lord Protector and control of Sweetrobin and the Vale. She will need his army, grain and supplies. If LF was acting like LF, he would try and convince Royce this is a fools errand and return to the Vale. Have the Vale protect themselves like they’ve always done. Royce would probably agree! At this point, I wish LF would just walk away or burn it down **mic drop** That would be IN CHARACTER for him.

It’s one thing for him to be defeated by something (white walkers) that he has no control over and manipulation will not aid him. Having Petyr bring down the Wall and give everyone the middle finger would be fucking EPIC. “Bye bitches… taking the next ship to Braavos. Have fun!”

I mean I root for Sansa considering all she’s been put through but she’s acting stupidly in my opinion which is a disservice to her character. Don’t Mary Sue her to make it fit because of shitty writing over 7 seasons. They should have stuck to the Vale storyline (in the books) where she LEARNS how to manipulate and use politics FROM BAELISH.

I just hate that they’ve dumbed down Baelish to fit a stupid and hasty narrative and WORSE to give fan service to build up other characters that are at most, dull and predictable. You don’t create a character that is 10 steps ahead of everyone, knows everyones secrets, that doesn’t get to his position without knowing the game inside and out, manipulation, intelligence and out-witting everyone while still staying in the shadows AND bringing down an empire (the show made him obvious as a neon sign)…then at the end make him a complete idiot and throw his game away. Yea, Sansa is his weakness but somehow I still can’t believe he’d sacrifice everything for her.

Jamie, Tyrion and Varys have fallen under the same problem. To build up Dany, Sansa, Jon….(Cersei is a different story  but it still makes Jamie look stupid with zero character development…) they were sacrificed as interesting and compelling characters to make the ‘heros’ look better. Olenna was my fav female character because of her badassery! Even in death she looked Jamie in the eye and told him she murdered his son! LOLLLLLL…on the same note, I find it odd that she didn’t use her threat against LF that if she goes down she’ll take him down with her. No mention of LF involved in the plot. Maybe at the end, she hopes he’ll fuck everyone over for spite is okay with that! QUEEN OLENNA! I’ll miss her. Now, I pretty much root for Cersei to fuck everything up because she can. Clearly, Dany’s advantage is lost by the looks of the teaser for the next episode. Hehehee…maybe Cersei isn’t as reckless as everyone thought?

I’m not saying LF wasn’t meant to die, or deserves to. I would have been really surprised to see him make it to the end. It would have been a great twist to have him as some really fucked up dark horse but I digress. I hate perfect little happy endings with the obvious hero winning the day.

Sadly, I do see fans leaving the fandom after this season if the leaks are true. It wouldn’t shock me. I love this ship and I’m not going anywhere. Some may not want to wait for the books, but I love the PxS storyline in the books over the show.

The shows gives us Aidan Gillen who is perfect as LF and I feel so bad for him. He clearly knows his character inside and out and to have to deal with his character being destroyed after S4 is sad. All that wit, snark, smarts, devious, manipulating, mystery and such is sorely missing with him. He started the war and so much is because of him in the storylines. To see his character reduced to some pathetic lovesick boy is ….ugh. Just kill him already than keep him as a useless, shell of his own character. Book!LF would have called her out on her know-it-all bs. “Gurl, you really want to play this chess match with me? Good luck!” or go “Okay… you seem to have everything under control I’ll head home” start walking away and throw a zinger or some hint that he knows something no one else does *cough Jon’s parentage cough* *mic drop* *oh you know everything do you? Clearly you don’t… bye bye*

Like I said, I think some fans will leave. It happens in every fandom. Their ship doesn’t happen so they jump and move on to something else. That’s ok. I still love this ship and I’m sticking with it. I hope others do too. This ship has so many awesome possibilities even if it doesn’t happen in canon. We love characters/ships for a reason. I still ship non-canon stuff all the time. If fans leave, it’s no big deal. I hold no ill will towards them.

I still love these characters/ship regardless of how the show has ruined it. PxS gave me some amazing fanfiction and I never started writing fiction until this ship. I love all the people I’ve met because of this ship and/or LF/Aidan. That is more important to me than it becoming canon (I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t scream like a madwoman if it DID happen). Fans need to do what works for them. No judging.

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Ahhh if you ever do feel like drawing BakuSero I would just about die because I love that rare pair soooooo much and there is next to nothing for it

Holy shit I thought I was literally shipping that ship by myself, but here you are, amazing !!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway don’t worry I’ll definitely draw something for it sooner or later anon, I love it way too much to never give in haha

Anon said: my day started out terrible but your sero and kaminari saved the day (like most of your drawings do) ty ily

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super glad to hear that!!!!!!! I hope the rest of your day will be as amazing as it can be, anon!!!

Anon said: A) why isn’t it franswers? B) Kaminari has a habit of just watching (unbreakable) things just fall if he fails to catch it or it slips out of his hands. like he doesn’t move to get it, he just watches it fall with a blank face

A) that’s a great question that would deserve an equally great answer which sadly I don’t have??? like, why isn’t it franswers??? it should definitely be franswers t b h - B) yes and also I feel Kaminari a lot. Like, mood and also same. As usual hahaha

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Why is touken your fav tg ship? Like what's specially apealling in their interactions to you in a personal way? (example: I like ships with X factor, ect). Because there's a lot of ships you like in tg but even so you go with touken (just curious)

that’s very true, there are lots of ships in tokyo ghoul, however, touken is my favorite one. I think it all started with the comedy? they had a lot of chemistry in the beginning, she was super grumpy and he was super clumsy and that combination was a fun thing to read, how everyone (especially Yoshimura) would always put Touka in charge of Kaneki like “yeah, Kaneki-kun, Touka-chan will help you with that” or “Touka-chan, you go with him” and they were always put together in certain situations and that was really funny in my opinion, Touka was always annoyed that she had to “take care” of him all the time, but I love how both helped each other through their nature? because although Kaneki was a ghoul he had a very human personality and Touka helped him to adapt to his new life, besides I love that Ishida took a lot of time to develop their relationship, they had a slow-build, their romantic dynamic doesn’t happen out of the blue, and that’s something I truly appreciate because I hate when romance pops in out of nowhere. You can clearly see the moments in where Touka starts to develop feelings for him and what got me it’s that when their relationship was slowly growing into something else, drama comes in and fucks everything up. I love drama, and seeing how it affect them was very interesting. I ship them since the start but I think the moment in where I said “this is my favorite ship” is when Kaneki saved her from Ayato and told her that he would never leave her alone, and then he did, and then both spend months apart missing each other terribly. Touka holding her parent’s ring and thinking about him, Kaneki remembering her birthday and buying something for her, I think there’s a lot of romantic tension between them and that’s something I love when it comes to ships, if two characters get together so quickly it just ruins the relationship for me, they spend years apart and they never forgot each other, even when Haise didn’t have his memories, he had a very intense reaction when he saw her for the first time, I think their connection is unbreakable, no matter what happens in their lives (and many shitty things happened to them) it’s like they’re always meant to be, they’re always meant to recross their paths no matter how long it takes, I think it makes a lot of sense now that Ishida said that both came as a set. They travel the same road and even when their paths turn different ways, they always meet at the end. It’s as if they have the red string of fate or something lmao. Besides, I love this whole concept that Kaneki has of her, that “she’s cruel” and that she has a strong influence on him, and that she claims that she knows him better than he knows himself. It’s interesting because Kaneki is always so lost and doesn’t know where to go or what he wants, so the fact that she “knows” him is important because she can help him to remind him who he is and where he belongs. 

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First off hi. *waves excitedly* Second, I have a question that have been on my mind that involves your fav HP? Why is Draco is your favorite character? Don't get me wrong, I love him. He's my favorite boy to the series, second to Harry. But I know you're a hardcore, ride or die Draco Malfoy defender. I'm curious on why. And has it been since the beginning of the series or close to the ending? And did the movies play a part in it?

okay, this answer’s gonna be a bit long…

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Love Me Do

“Can I please have a fic in which female reader is doodling in class (before the teacher is there) and she draws her name and fav character’s name in a heart, and another person/ 2nd fav character tries to see it and the reader tries to hide it from them, and after a couple of drastic measures the reader manages to tear up the note and throw it in the trash and while the 2nd person is sulking, the fav character gives the reader a look and just smiles at her?”
Written by :

Hey there ! I loved the idea, and so I tried to write a fic for you… I’m sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted and english isn’t my first language ehm. Hope you’ll like it anyway :) (idk what it is with the title I just wanted to name it like that haha)
It’s gender neutral, and here are the abbreviations for those who want to replace them :
F/C1 : Favourite Character
F/C2 : Second Favourite Character
Y/N : Your Name

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I am really upset over the fact that many popular artists have decided to stop drawing gruvia because of the shippers. I dont really get what we really have done that they actually hate the pairing now. :(

I hear ya, anon. This is going to be a long reply because I have a lot to say.

I’m not a traditional fan artist, but I do write fanfics. so I do know what it is to take time out of your day to create content to please not just yourself but others. And while many of the artists take requests, most artist need to be properly inspired and/or have a fondness/passion to draw something, and especially if it’s for free. So, if something has put them off, or even killed their love for a pairing, you can’t expect them to want to spend time drawing something they don’t care about, or even like anymore. 

So, I’m not going to hold anything against the artists who just don’t have their heart in it to draw Gruvia.

However, as to the reasoning I keep seeing behind the distaste for Gruvia, this is what I have to say. Supposedly, and as you said anon, it’s mostly, if not exclusively the Gruvia fandom’s fault. I’ve seen it be said that it’s not even a few shippers, but MOST Gruvia shippers who are unkind, rude or overbearing.

The thing is, I don’t know what’s going on in people’s inboxes. I don’t know what kind of messages artists, and others who have supposedly been besieged by hateful Gruvia fans, are getting. I don’t know how many of them are sent anonymously and how many are not. 

Now, if the majority of them are anonymous, can anyone say for a fact that the hateful anons are not just the same few people (or even one person?) sending hate over and over again? Or not trolls who actually despise Gruvia but take joy in trying to make it’s shippers look bad by posing as badly behaved gruvians anonymously? 

And if the hate is left signed, I haven’t personally seen it. I know a lot of people don’t want to give the haters any attention, but I wish that the signed hate would be posted/replied to, so we can see who these badly behaved Gruvians supposedly are. 

Now, what I do know, is that the FT fandom is big, and the Gruvia fandom is also big. I don’t know how many Gruvia fans are on tumblr, but to try and put some kind of number on it, I think unisonraidd posted recently (and her blog is heavily Gruvia, and almost exclusively reblogs/posts Gruvia fanart) that she has 7000 followers. I, myself, with my blog almost exclusively walls of text about Gruvia, have 1500+ followers. 

So, unless people are getting thousands of messages in their inbox, and all from angry Gruvia fans, I think it’s unfair to say it’s the majority of the fandom that’s badly behaved.

As to when this all started, most of this nonsense seems to have snowballed after the summer’s events where Gajevy got the romantic moment Mashima had teased on twitter. After that there was one negative post directed at Levy’s character and disappointment from expectant Gruvia shippers , I posted in support of Gajevy fans and their right to their enjoyment of their wonderful moment without having to sort through negativity on their ship’s tag. 

However, the outright negativity was still just one major post, and even that was just a negative critique of Levy’s actions in that chapter. At that time I went looking for other problematic posts in both the Gruvia and Gajevy tag. Aside from general disappointment from Gruvia shippers, and a few people trying to dismiss the romantic nature of a moment for whatever reason, I found nothing that stood out to me, and certainly not anything to warrant the distaste against Gruvia and it’s shippers that people are showing even to this day.

Being a Gruvia shipper, maybe I’ve just become highly tolerant towards ship hate, as I see negativity against Gruvia on a weekly basis at least, and certainly it spikes if Gruvia happens to be enjoying attention in the manga. So, maybe other negativity didn’t stand out to me as much as it would to someone who has Gajevy as their OTP, I don’t know. But, if there was something more, beyond what I’ve mentioned here, I’d love to hear about it. 

Now, when I see anyone labeling or implying the Gruvia fandom is bad, I almost always feel badly about that label. And depending on how and what the person voicing their opinion says, I will sometimes respond in defense of my fellow shippers. Especially if I feel like the original poster is wrong in some way. You know why? Because whenever posts like those show up (and at this point, we should all know they DO show up in the mobile tag whether you’re tagging it Gruvia, or not, because even mentioning Gruvia (or any ship) shows up in the ship’s mobile tag), Gruvia shippers start feeling down about themselves and their fandom, and it shouldn’t be like that.

I shouldn’t have to scroll through my ship’s tag, with a bunch of innocent shippers being upset that once again a negative post about their fandom has infiltrated the tag. Because, unlike a negative opinion about Gruvia, Gray or Juvia, this negative opinion feels PERSONAL. This negative opinion is about a group of people that you are a part of.

So, that’s why, if I think there’s something that needs to be said, I will say it, and hopefully, without making things personal. Because, at the end of the day, we are all still talking about FICTIONAL things. Yes, we all feel strongly about those fictional things. I know what it is to get defensive, resentful, or even feel personally attacked when someone knocks your ship or your fav character. But just keep in mind, you’re talking to and about actual human beings beyond the computer screen.

And I want to make it clear, I’m not dismissing bad Gruvian behavior, or saying it doesn’t exist at all. The first person I ever blocked on tumblr was ironically an overbearing Gruvia fan who took issue with one of my posts and got overly defensive and rude because of an opinion I had that didn’t match hers. So, I know they are out there. And if you are a Gruvia fan who is sending anonymous hate for whatever reason, PLEASE STOP. You are not doing your fandom or ship any favors!

But, what I’m asking people, and especially the artists who have become disenchanted with the pairing, is to please keep the following in mind.

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to many Gruvia fans in the last few years. I even know some of these lovely people personally, and they do not deserve to be constantly painted in such a bad light. Most Gruvia fans are not active on tumblr. Most people don’t even post anything personally. They simply reblog pretty things they see on tumblr, and take joy in gorgeous fan art of their OTP. Again, there are 7 THOUSAND Gruvia fans following a Gruvia fanart blog. The majority of these people have done absolutely nothing wrong and just like seeing art of their OTP from their beloved artists.

So, when a kind Gruvia fan/anon Gruvia fan, who’s never sent or posted a hateful message in their life, requests some art drawn of their OTP, because they adore your work, just consider what I’ve said here.

And as shirousagi said, if you’re an artist who genuinely enjoys the Gruvia pair itself, then you shouldn’t let a fanbase ruin that for you. I’ve said this recently, but after dealing with fans that are rude and aggressive, I DO understand how you can become resentful towards a character or ship, and can’t help but relate said character and ship to those rude fans. But, I personally take this approach: Mashima is the only one who can ruin a ship or character for me. As long as I still like how he is portraying them, then I wont let anyone else lessen my enjoyment and appreciation of that ship or characters.

Again, I know that dissatisfaction with hateful shippers (whether targeted towards you or friends) is just one element when it comes to being inspired to draw something. So, I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t draw. But, if this truly is what’s putting you off about the pair, and you feel the need to punish a fanbase by denying them art because of it, maybe you might find it in your hearts to reconsider for all the kind fans who just like your art and aren’t involved in any of the drama.

I don’t know if this will change any minds, but regardless, I just don’t want people to feel bad about themselves, so to the anon who sent this message, don’t worry so much about it either way. Appreciate the artists who do draw your OTP, and respect the artists who choose not to. 

People are like “How DARE you feel sympathy for Kylo Ren! His actions were so awful, HOW DARE!”

Meanwhile during the TFA press conference….

“Hi, this question is for Adam. Star Wars has a great legacy of antagonists. Can you talk about carrying that forward with Kylo Ren?”

A: “…And then I remember early on, we didn’t think of him being bad or evil or a villain and try to make something that was more three-dimensional, cause that to me when we were talking [points to JJ] seemed more dangerous, more unpredictable. Someone who feels morally justified in doing whatever, they need to do, to publicly state that what they’re doing is right… Seemed kind of more active to play rather just being evil for the sake of it.”

In another interview…

“What one word would you use to describe Kylo Ren?”

A: “Reckless. I would say reckless. It’s hard to do, cause he uh… but yes, reckless I would say.

“[talks about trailer]… and your lightsaber was first seen… [asks about the trailer process]”

A: Not, not at all, they had it all figured out before I got there. And you know, it’s such a big metaphor for the character that you got this sense that kinda at any minute that it could not work, or that it was kind of unperfect, it could at any moment spontaneously combust. And it says a lot about who that person [Kylo Ren] was.

Like… yeah I get it, he’s the antagonist and has done super awful things, but when the actor himself [who in turn implies he discussed with JJ about it] says that they started building his character with the idea that he was not a typical villain in mind, you really begin to realize that the dialogue people cling onto in the movie were probably put there for that very reason.

And that reason was to make the viewers feel as conflicted about Kylo as he does about himself. He might stop “working”, he might spontaneously combust, he’s reckless, he feels the need to constantly justify his actions– probably because he knows what he’s doing is wrong. (Cold-hearted people don’t feel the need to say that what they’re doing is right or okay. They just do it.)

“I’m being torn apart.” Are not the words of a cold-hearted villain. They’re the words of an antagonist, that like Adam has stated, is three-dimensional, reckless, imperfect, and my personal favourite where he compares Ren to his lightsaber: “that [he] could not work [stop working]”. Kylo Ren can break at any moment. He’s unstable. He can be horribly violent and then equally vulnerable and broken from one minute to another. The writers and his actor have made him this way on purpose.

You’re free to flatten his character into the two-dimensional role of “evil for the sake of it” but don’t treat Kylo Ren fans like they’re outrageous for feeling sympathy for a fictional character that has intentionally been written to be complicated. Sympathy i.e. feeling pity for someone else i.e. not necessarily thinking that what they’re doing is okay but you pity what they’re going through.

You want to call me some type of apologist because I’m fascinated by a fictional character? That’s fine, call me whatever you want, but I find comfort in the fact that I picked up on the cues and tones the film team had in mind. I refuse to ruin his character by flattening him. I’m free to feel sympathy for him just as much as I want him to get continuously punched in the face.

Bring on the redemption arc already please.

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Hey there, guys! Hope you're all good, thanks for doing so amazing job with the account :) I've read like almost all the fics you've recced and I came to think you surely have some fav authors? Please, share your top 5 authors with us.

I’m sure that once this rec is posted I remember authors that I forgot to rec, but whatever! This is the top five authors I could come up on a whim and whose fics I think I’ve recced many times in this blog! I don’t really have any real reason why I picked these authors, just that they’ve written more than one of my fav fics and their writing is mostly (always) up to par! – Admin A

1. aileenrose

Title: Everytown, USA

Author: aileenrose

Rating: Mature

Words: 56,972 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This is by far my fav fic from aileenrose and it’s also one of my fav fics of all time. I’m pretty sure me and Admin J have both recced this enough time here that I don’t need to get into this more!

Summary: Dean’s determined not to stay in one place for long–he’s enjoying his new-found freedom too much.

Castiel might be the one to make him stick around.

( Read here )

2. KismetJeska

Title: The breath of all things

Author: KismetJeska

Rating: Explicit

Words: 69,187 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I don’t think this came as a surprise to anyone judging by the amount of fics I’ve recced from this author. Also this particular fic has made it to my top five fics of all time. I mean disabled Dean and volunteer Cas, it’s like a perfect match!

Summary: Dean Winchester was twenty-six years old when a car accident killed his father and left him paralysed from the waist down. A year and a half later, Dean is wheelchair-bound and living in a care home in Kansas, where he spends his days waiting to die. It’s only when Castiel Novak starts volunteering at the care home that Dean starts to wonder if a changed life always equals a ruined one.

( Read here )

3. almaasi

Title: Try-Something Tuesday

Author: almaasi

Rating: Explicit

Words: 48,284 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I think this author along with Valinde is one of our most recced authors. Everything she writes is pure gold and this fic is no exception!

Summary: Human AU. Dean Winchester teaches a third-grade class. He’s new to this whole ‘bisexual’ thing - but by pure happenstance, he meets Castiel: a particularly dapper male librarian who moonlights as a substitute teacher. Dean’s curious and Castiel is willing, so why the hell not?

Except, fate never intended it to be one-time-only…

( Read here )

4. Valinde (Valyria)

Title: Hoarding instincts

Author: Valinde (valyria)

Rating: Explicit

Words: 5,725 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I swear the moment this ask came Admin J called dibs on Grey :’D  So here’s another great fic from Valinde!

Admin J’s notes: Yes, I send her a text “I call dibs on Grey” before she even knew what it was about.

Summary: In which Dean finds a homeless dragon at Starbucks and takes him home with him.

( Read here )

5. bellacatbee

Title: Unplanned

Author: bellacatbee

Rating: 4

Words: 23,178 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I had such hard time picking out my fav from this author. I mean everything she writes is awesome and it doesn’t help that she has like 95 SPN fanfics on her belt. I’m not sure if this is really my fav of hers but it’s awesome and I couldn’t think anything else of hers to rec at the moment!

Summary: Castiel is a young teacher, just settling in to his first job. On a night out with colleges, he meets an attractive, green-eyed stranger and has a one-night stand with him. In the morning the man is gone and Castiel never expects to see him again. The man did leave him with a parting gift though; Castiel is pregnant. He decides to keep the baby and raise it alone.

Then, on parents evening, he meets the man again and discovers he’s Dean Winchester, the guardian of one of Castiel’s students. Dean is raising his younger brothers after his father died in a car accident. For most people, that would be enough responsibility but Dean is delighted to discover he’s going to be a dad. Castiel finds himself falling for Dean and the future they could build together.

( Read here )

It’s always nice to rec your own favorites, even though, just like Admin A did before, I also gotta say I’m pretty sure after reccing these I remember more awesome authors and I start to re-think my choices. Always so hard to put these in order. Before listing anything I want to point out I read a lot fics from different authors and there are so many authors I like very much, so it was pretty hard to pick up just five. – Admin J

1. Valinde (Valyria)

Title: Grey

Author: Valinde (Valyria)

Rating: Explicit

Words: 65,240 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: You gave me an excuse to rec this again! There’s no questioning about which one is my favorite from this author. She’s such an amazing writer and all her stories are well-written with a great plot. I’m never disappointed when I pick up her stories.

Summary: In a world where people don’t see in color until they find their true mate, the first thing Dean sees when he pulls himself out of his grave is the blue sky. When Castiel raised him from the Pit, he inadvertently claimed Dean as his mate.

( Read here )

2. museaway

Title: after a storm

Author: museaway

Rating: Mature

Words: 10,482 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: You all thought I was going to rec the Path of Fireflies, didn’t you? Hah! I’m full of surprises. And because I already recced Grey I just could’t rec another one of those fics I always rec. This is a shorter one from museaway, but everything she writes is good, so it doesn’t matter.

Summary: Despite Zeke’s threats, Dean doesn’t tell Cas to leave the bunker. He revels in their burgeoning relationship, content to end his day with Cas asleep on his shoulder, even if they’ll always sleep in separate rooms. Cas is it for him. But when Cas begins to experience physical urges he can’t control, he asks Dean for a hand—metaphorically, and later, literally.

( Read here )

3. lastknownwriter

Title: Dear Santa

Author: lastknownwriter

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 6,373 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I know it’s not Christmas season anymore but I just have to rec this fic from lastknownwriter. It’s so epic! This author is one of those I always pick up if there’s a situation where I’m in between to fics and can’t choose which one I’m going to read.

Summary: On a cold and lonely Christmas Eve, a tipsy Dean Winchester dropped a letter to Santa in his mailbox at the mall.

Then…Santa replied.

( Read here )

4. thepinupchemist

Title: This Sweet Charade

Author: thepinupchemist

Rating: Explicit

Words: 6,151 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: thepinupchemist is my all time favorite, I think. I haven’t read anything she has written that isn’t good and I really lover her way to write. It’s smooth, funny, emotional and she knows how to work with her plots. If you want something good to read, just click into her profile and pick something.

Summary: Castiel has been friends with Dean Winchester for almost ten years. He’s wanted Dean to be his mate for just as long. When the company Christmas party demands that Castiel take a date, he begs Dean to pretend to romantically involved with him, if only for a night. Things do not go as planned.

( Read here )

5. mnwood

Title: The Chronicles of Dean’s Bisexuality

Author: mnwood

Rating: Explicit

Words: 200,825 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: mnwood has such an easygoing way to write. She writes so well and uses the right language depending on the character she’s writing about at the moment. So good!

Summary: An exploration of what Supernatural would’ve been like if Dean Winchester was canonically bisexual from the beginning.

( Read here )

So let me get this straight…

CS Fans who go on their OWN time to set to see THEIR favs and spend their OWN time editing set photos and posting them HAVE to make sure every single character is in every shot or else it’s a conspiracy and we’re trying to shut other characters out of set news?

Do I have this correct?

Do we honestly have people analyzing every single photo posted to see which characters didn’t make it in the shot?

Are you KIDDING me?!

Newsflash: ANYONE who goes to set has a right to take pics of whatever the hell they want as they are there for THEMSELVES first and foremost. When I go, I don’t spend thousands of dollars for a vacation so I can provide the fandom with set news and photos. No, that experience is for me and me alone and I post what pics I get in the event there are others who will enjoy them. 

There is no stupid conspiracy, just get OVER this and stop trying to ruin the fun of fans who get to go to set. I don’t care if a CS fan goes and takes 800 pics of only Jen and Colin, if they are that person’s favs, that is their right and they don’t owe anyone an explanation and they don’t deserve to be accused of malice because of it.

And just b/c someone doesn’t like your fav and they make it known, it doesn’t make them an awful person or a bully or whatever. I cannot TELL you how many times people have badmouthed JMo, Emma AND Colin/Hook in my presence on set and I just rolled my eyes and moved on b/c I’m an adult and everyone has different opinions. Does it matter to me if SQisendgame69 thinks Hook should die in a fire? Hell no. Would I care if SQ fans went there and only took pics of Regina and Emma? NO, I wouldn’t – b/c that’s their right as well.

What is WITH the people in this fandom? I’m so sorry the show isn’t being written as you’d like. I’m so sorry there are a lot of fans that go to set and take pics of the couple you loathe. I’m so sorry you’ve met so many bad CS fans that you’ve got this irrational vendetta against the entire fandom comprised of thousands of people. I’m so sorry not everyone loves Regina Mills like you do but my goodness gracious take a step back and just realize how silly this all is. Do really want to be this person? What are you hoping to accomplish? Scaring CS fans from taking pics of their favs? LOL, it’s not gonna happen.

Stop acting like you’re on some elite moral precipice where you can look down on other people and judge them and tell them how to behave. No one owes you anything. Thank you and goodnight.

anonymous asked:

i'm new to the OUAT fandom, & i read a post today stating that Emma/Regina/Snow are the leads of the show, i find that baffling, like i get that OUAT is a female driven show & i might be missing something but to me OUAT is about one person .. EMMA, the story is hers, she is the ONLY lead of the show. everyone else is just a secondary character, there to guide her to the conclusion of her story! like on LOST, it was this big ensemble cast but ultimately it was Jack's story they were telling.

Yeah, I saw that post. Look, everyone has a right to their opinion, and that just happens to be that person’s. I wouldn’t get too hung up on it. 

We can talk about it and go back and forth until we’re blue in the face – but the fact of the matter is, NO ONE in fandom can speak to what this show is about or should be about with any level of certainty except for Adam & Eddy themselves - anything else is just personal opinions. The show is what they make it to be. If they wanted this season to be an epic love story between Emma & Hook, they have a right to make it so. And clearly that’s what they wanted. So no, I don’t need to sympathize with fans who don’t like it – it’s just a tv show. Do I like every single thing the show chooses to focus on? No. Have I wanted more attention for my favs in the past? Sure. Did I expect the world to commiserate with me and sympathize and feel sorry for me? LOL No. Again, it’s a TV show. I rolled my eyes at what I didn’t like and focused on the things I did. But again, do I get wanting more screentime for your favs? Absolutely. Do I get wanting better quality writing for them? Of course. Do I think that justifies starting fandom wars about it and trying to ruin the joy of others? No, that’s fucking ridiculous.

This is Emma’s story. And that’s not just my opinion – Adam & Eddy have said it themselves. “This is about Emma’s journey” “This is Emma’s journey to her ballgown” yadda yadda yadda. I wouldn’t call the other characters “secondary” – they’re definitely leads. IMO, the leads are the faces we see on the front of the DVD cover every year… Hook, Rumple, Emma, Snow, Charming & Regina. But Emma IS the central protagonist of this show. There’s a reason A&E bring JMo and only JMo to NYCC every year. There is a reason that even when a story arc isn’t centered around her, it’s still ABOUT her in a way - because they can’t put their center character on the backburner.

This show is always about the strong females. That hasn’t changed in the slightest. We must be watching a different show if you don’t see how strong and amazing and badass these women are in every aspect of their lives. Just b/c a portion of their stories involve men, doesn’t mean they aren’t strong. And yes, Emma’s motivations as Dark Swan were to protect Hook but ANYONE with common sense could see her Dark Swan arc was about showing how much she’s grown as the savior, how secure she is in herself and highlighting how her family and friends have given her such renewed purpose and a new level of self worth. “I’m not nothing, I was never nothing” wasn’t about Hook. It was about EMMA. Just b/c her motivations were to protect Hook, doesn’t mean that’s what her arc was about. In fact, she wound up driving a sword through Hook and sacrificing him to protect those same people, cementing her as the ultimate savior and main hero of this show. And yes, CS is getting a HUGE story this season – the show started with an epic romance and I’m guessing they want to end it with one, which is why they had Emma echo her parents famous line in the S5 finale. 

Again - I get wanting better writing for your favs. But I don’t get trying to force fans who have a RIGHT to be happy about their couple getting an epic awesome storyline to recognize that the story they love is “overshadowing” or “ruining” anything. CS fans lucked out and fell in love with the writer favorite couple of the show. We recognized something big was going to happen with them and we were right about it. And yeah, I’m fucking stoked they’re getting this level of attention. I’m beyond thrilled that Hook is on the promo poster for the season. And no, I’m not sorry about it. I couldn’t care less that there is a rift in the fandom b/c there are people who hate it. They have a right to and they can complain about it all they want but I’m going to enjoy this. Just like they would if the roles were reversed. I sat through countless seasons where Hook took a backseat – I mean, what was the popular thing people used to make fun of Hook? That he was pointless and serves no purpose? So yeah, I’m enjoying watching those people be proved wrong.

Like that post you saw, these are just my opinions – but I wanted to offer them up in response so you know you aren’t alone in your level of thinking. I love every character on this show. I’m not anti anything. Everyone knows that about me. And again, I get wanting better storylines for your favs. I’ve been there. But causing drama in fandom about it with people who are just looking for an escape from the stress of real life? Come on now.