who else played this awesome game

You know whats awesome though? I was solo quing on time for comp in overwatch and I met this group of people who were really nice and we were really gelling nicely during game so we all grouped up after and now I play with them in comp like everyday because we tend to go on massive win streaks its nice. but whats like SUPER nice is that they always ask me not to group up with anyone else till theyre done because they really really want me to play with them! its so nice

Be Quiet

A/N: Request from an anon who had an awesome idea about playing a little quiet tickle game. Another reader insert (romantic) with Sans cause you know I’m trash. Take this sin from my hands. Also, this is SFW the wording makes it seem sexual or something lmao.

Des: It’s late at night at the skelebros house, and you’re having a hard time sleeping. Sans tries to comfort you, but you’re gonna have to be a bit more quiet during his methods, or else you’ll wake up Papyrus. 


The house was silent. It was 2 a.m. in Snowdin Town, and you were tossing restlessly against Sans, who was snoring loudly. 

There wasn’t anything wrong, you just had a lot of thoughts running through your mind. You got like that sometimes. How could Sans sleep so well? He slept at his job station most of the day anyway. 

You sighed, turning on your side to look at him. It must be hard somedays, living underground, you thought. No sunshine or fresh air. You wondered how Sans had survived down here this long. Maybe because of his brother? Or maybe he hadn’t.

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Since I probably won’t be visiting the US again any time soon I decided to try and find some hockey a little closer to home. 

Last night I went to my first EIHL (Elite Ice Hockey League) game here in the UK along with @soshhy and @17pansies

Sheffield (who are my closest team geographically) were playing Cardiff (my mum is from Cardiff).

Everyone else was rooting for Sheffield but, after some pretty gross homophobia from Sheffield a couple of weeks ago, I decided to cheer for Cardiff.

Unknown to me it was actually the Championship deciding game and Cardiff won the cup after beating Sheffield 6-2. So that was awesome.

I had a lot of fun and I will definitely be going to more EIHL games in the future :D

Hey, Pokémon trainers!

Pokémon Go is great! I agree. I love it, now that it’s finally out for me. But! Here’s another thing you should be careful of: do not abandon/ignore/leave behind your friends who don’t like/can’t have/play the game. Everyone’s opinions are different, and not all your friends are going to be into it. That’s perfectly fine, y’know. And I get that Pokémon Go is all you want to talk about! It’s awesome, after all. But here’s the thing: if you leave behind a friend to catch some Pokémon/challenge a gym, that’s going to hurt them - not to mention the fact that it’s pretty rude. And the same goes for talking about nothing else, exciting as it is.

So please, please keep in mind that not everyone will have Pokémon Go, and please make sure to not only talk about the game and nothing else. It’ll save you friendships, I promise. And, most of all, do not abandon your friends in favour of the game.