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While The Boys Are Away | Bobby [M]

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Anonymous said: Could I request a smut bobby? Where it’s your first time sleeping together? Thank you!

Anonymous said: can I request Bobby smut where you guys have been dating for a while and have the first time at his dorm when no ones over but nearly get caught at the end💜

Warning: Fluffy smut. Oral, cunnilingus, and very vanilla sex.

Word Count: 3,266

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Meeting Him (Lee Jong Suk Scenario)

Genre: romance, fluff, comedy

Word count: 2 055

Warning:  none

Summary: A drama-like meeting.

You went back to the hotel, dead tired from all the walking around the city. Seoul was surely exciting and full of life, but you were exhausted and all you could think of was a nice bath in your nice hotel room, an episode of whatever drama was on TV while enjoying the luxury of having room-service in a five stars hotel.

Stepping inside the hotel drew you some curious looks which made you blush as you fumbled for your phone. Your shorts and simple t-shirt surely didn’t match the hotel’s image, nor did the dusty sneakers or backpack full of trinkets. Thank God you had the roaming services activated and were able to call your friend.

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The Liar and His Lover Episode 10

“And that’s how it works.
That’s how you get the girl.”

Rub some salt into the wound, will you? If it wasn’t enough for Chan-young feeling down about the song he wrote for MUSH&CO doing so-so in the charts, he now knows for sure Han-kyeol and So-rim are together. Ouch! And I know the guys of Crude Play jokingly commented on how he never had any initiative about doing building up group trip but somehow I feel like they meant it. Then again, I don’t see them making more of an effort either.

And I wish I could feel happy for Yoo-na since I know the troubles and insecurities that constantly surround her in the industry but she’s such a passive-aggressive and envious person, I don’t feel like celebrating her song made it to number one. She broke up with Han-kyeol in the worst way possible and now it’s resentful that he’s not pining over her or at her beck and call. Screw this! If I’m to cheer on for this character, I want her to deserve it.

CEO Yoo was on fire too, rubbing in more passive-aggressive and outright aggressive digs at CEO Choi, who is already making moves to have his revenge. What is the deal between these two? I wish they would just keep away from each other’s paths, which is something CEO Choi seems to want too and it’s CEO Yoo who refuses to backdown. I admire her and resent her for it because she’s a empowering character who calls the important shots, but she has such a bad way to go around things.

Speaking of which, I finally understand a little more about Kang In-woo, who seems to be receiving a lot of music deals but he rejects them because he knows these people don’t appreciate his music. One wants to make amends and the other pay back to the first one, and he has clearly move on from the past. Yes, all Kang In-woo wants is for someone to appreciate his present day music and self. I hope it’s Han-kyeol who gets to do this for his father, he is after all in a position to do so and would be able to protect his music too.

I’m also over the Se-jung subplot, girl needs to go ASAP. Gyoo-sun is already onto her with the whole phone thing and his disappointed face was too much to handle. I know this character is being set up for heartbreak and I can’t take it. He’s precious and must be protected, while she’s a conniving self absorbed leach. I know Gyoo-sun is an assertive and sensitive person, so I’m sure he will tell her off next time he catches her doing something like that, or at least I hope he does.

Meanwhile, Shi-hyun and Soo-yeon need more screen time together, damn it! Their scenes made me squeal more than anything else through the entire hour and they are not even the main couple. I’m a goner and so are they, for each other. I want SOMETHING from this front, soon. Ya hear me show? SOON.

Crude Play remains bro-tastic and I wished they would have show more of their drinking games because, one: they are awesome, and two: Soo-yeon totally won that night. I am sure of it.

Who the hell is that man and what he has done with Han-kyeol? I was not expect he would be so open about his feelings. Who knew he could be this affectionate? So-rim, you lucky gal. He’s still dating up. And I love he still is in shock of Dad’s friendship with So-rim, lol. But I’m even more glad that he has someone and something on a personal level, beyond music, he wants to protect. Han-kyeol was all business before meeting So-rim and now he’s having fun and is happy again, this is something he had lost before Crude Play even debuted and I hope it lasts for a long, long time.

But this week’s star is So-rim. Not only did she stood her ground and told off Yoo-na and her passive-agreesive bitchiness in regards of her past relationship with Han-kyeol (you go, girl!) but also she defended the song Chan-young wrote for her band, which ultimately it’s also her music. It might not be perfect but So-rim and Chan-young are still new at what they are doing, so it’s expect for them to have some setbacks. On this topic, I’m cheering for them. In regards of Chan-young’s feelings for her, I’m afraid the he is setting himself up for even more heartbreak.

So-rim might have a long way before reaching the number one spot in the charts but she’s happy to just being able to sing and work towards her dreams, some of them have already come true. And the greatest one it’s just getting started.

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Hi, what do you think of this: stiles who I just starting college and is super nervous and he meets a few people his age but with the classes he's taking the majority are older people. He meets Derek and to Stiles' surprise they hit it off and after a couple weeks Derek invites him over to hang out with his other friends (who are all Derek's age) and Stiles' is hella nervous but then it happens and he hits it off with everyone and now he has a bunch of friends that he can go to advice for.


Are we talking older Derek here? Derek who maybe went back to college in his 30s because of the fire. Derek who, while still trying to figure out how to go on after losing his entire family, still has his life together. At least, in terms of appearances. He has a loft in walking distance of his classes, a steady income (or insurance money, depending on how angsty you really want to go into this) and even a *gasp* social life. Derek never really expected to want friends, having resigned himself to a lifetime of loneliness as punishment for Kate, but after a few people noticed the way he played basket ball - exceptionally well - at the gym Derek never managed to be able to shake them once they invited him to be on the local team. 

Enter Stiles who, despite his best efforts, just can’t seem to hold down any friends. He misses Scott, he misses having a best friend; at least one you can wake up at three in the morning because you have been marathoning a new TV series and just have to show it to someone else right now because oh my god. He can still skype and text Scott but it isn’t the same as having someone sit beside you and eat lunch with you. In a word, Stiles is lonely and he misses being able to say he has plans later. And yeah, okay, so maybe those “plans” always usually consisted of choosing pizza toppings and playing video games with Scott and only Scott but screw you, those plans were awesome and his mom bought him a lot of those games so, you know

*does best 90s movie narration voice* Derek, meet Stiles, who automatically gets under your skin and by “under your skin” we mean like an unpleasant itch. Stiles is loud, never stops moving, his heartbeat is always racing a hundred million miles a minute and every single time he interrupts the professor to ask a question he always has a fucking good point. Derek hates all of it, especially when he has to reluctantly write down what Stiles says because it’s always ten times more interesting than what the class is actually trying to get at. Derek is pretty sure Stiles doesn’t even take History. At least, it’s not his proper major which just irks Derek more. 

Still, Derek can’t help but notice how Stiles always seems…sad? That when someone calls his name his scent picks up and his heart races but when he finds out the person only wants to borrow a pen or tell him his head is blocking their view it sours again and Derek can’t help but be…aware. He finds himself sitting closer and closer to Stiles every week until one day he finds himself sitting next to Stiles and, of all the things, complimenting him on his t-shirt. Derek doesn’t even understand the reference on it and Stiles snorts in response, clearly very aware of this fact. Still, Stiles doesn’t turn away, biting his lip rather nervously as he sneaks glances at Derek in between what must be some of the most - if not the most awkward - moments of his life. 

Eventually, the lecture starts. Stiles’ pen runs out ten minutes in and Derek gives him his and somehow, somehow, a friendship is born. 

By the time next semester rolls around and Stiles sits down beside him, handing him a book on ancient languages with a casual shrug and a whispered, “I saw it and thought of you” Derek knows he’s in trouble. (Derek always thought he knew what people meant when they sad they got butterflies in their stomach looking at someone, thinking about someone, but, fuck, how very very wrong he had been. He isn’t even sure he’s breathing properly.) 

It takes three years, three years for anything to happen. They are friends, good friends, and Stiles changes Scott’s title to “brother” so he can give the “best friend” title to Derek. Derek pretends it isn’t a big deal, rolls his eyes when Stiles tells him “the news”, but he can’t help but feel nothing less than honoured. Wonderfully, painfully honoured to be Stiles’ best friend. His teammates, Stiles’ friends now too, Derek realises fondly, tease him mercilessly about it because Derek’s cheeks turn beet red when Stiles gets him a mug saying world’s grumpiest friend on it, a score drawn through the word “grumpiest” and replaced with the word “best”. 

They get together a month after graduation, a week after Stiles moves in with him. They are in the middle of a party, thrown by Erica to celebrate the opening of Boyd’s new bakery, when it happens. Stiles is dancing to some Disney song, singing into the handle of a mop and looking so dorky Derek’s heart constricts. It’s not even two seconds before he finds himself walking over to him and, without thought, blurts out, “I want to adopt a cat with you.” Then, blinking because what, he says, “You, I want you…and a cat. I want our cat to sleep on our bed. I want an our.” It’s the least smooth he’s ever been and someone giggles - he assumes Erica - behind him. 

Stiles breaks out into a grin. “Oh, thank fuck, I got you another mug for Christmas and I was worried it was going to be so. fucking. awkward.”

As it turns out, the mug says World’s Best Boyfriend and Stiles doesn’t wait until Christmas to give it to him. Instead, he serves Derek breakfast in bed with it the next morning, filled to the brim with coffee. “I don’t know about you,” he says, watching Derek take a sip with a strange, happy look on his face, “but I really think it’s about time our bed gets acquainted with our butts.”

“Are you going to say ‘our’ in that way about everything now?” Derek glares, trying not to choke on his coffee.  

Stiles waggles his eyebrows. “Yeah, yeah I think I am.” He grins. 

Derek smiles, despite himself. “I think…I could be okay with that.” 

Feed a Borrower a Cookie

Prompt: Eyes

AU: ???

 The characters in this are actually from another story I’ve been brainstorming and thought I would include for some practice. That and they are just so darn cute. Here are the ages so no one gets confused.

 Cathy: 6

 Ladle: 8

 Toby: 4

 Again, not a lot of focus on eyes but still mentioned a few times. Enjoy!

Cathy shook as the giant pair of blue eyes focused on her. She had been caught out in the open and was now cornered between the human and the tissue box she had been trying to take from. She shouldn’t have even been out here in the first place, she was too young to be borrowing out on her own. But both her parents had come down with a cold and she–along with the rest of her siblings–had wanted to help them out.

 The three of them had snuck out late at night, taking all the necessary cautions they saw their dad take before he ever went out to borrow. Mainly making sure the human was asleep. And he had been asleep, just, no one had thought of the chance of him waking up.

 Now Cathy was trapped, the human’s intense gaze making her legs feel like jelly. The human would catch her now, at any moment. She would be killed, or eaten, just like all the stories she’s heard. She noticed the human move closer and she turned her head away, curling in on herself.

 At least Ladle and Toby were okay.

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Today was my last day and i can’t tell you how much more free i feel, it was stressful but the people i had worked with and still worked with before today were the best people other then some bumps but i still enjoyed it an learned alot also i fucking hate video games after this job so hopefully ill play more. Also it was amazing meeting the people that came into my store they made it worth while, it’s sad that no one else will care to know there names or who they are and I’ll miss my little buddy aiden.. So goodbye gamestop 2014-2017! and for the people that is working for them do not stress over everything it is NOT WORTH IT!!!! “and thanks to my boss and the ga for the awesome cake he thought of it while she made it :(”


Reminder that you don’t need to participate in the fandom 24/7 to be part of it. Reminder that is ok to be shy and just like/reblog posts. Reminder that just by supporting the staff you are doing something. When the game comes out, play it, you don’t need a fan account for that.



Be Quiet

A/N: Request from an anon who had an awesome idea about playing a little quiet tickle game. Another reader insert (romantic) with Sans cause you know I’m trash. Take this sin from my hands. Also, this is SFW the wording makes it seem sexual or something lmao.

Des: It’s late at night at the skelebros house, and you’re having a hard time sleeping. Sans tries to comfort you, but you’re gonna have to be a bit more quiet during his methods, or else you’ll wake up Papyrus. 


The house was silent. It was 2 a.m. in Snowdin Town, and you were tossing restlessly against Sans, who was snoring loudly. 

There wasn’t anything wrong, you just had a lot of thoughts running through your mind. You got like that sometimes. How could Sans sleep so well? He slept at his job station most of the day anyway. 

You sighed, turning on your side to look at him. It must be hard somedays, living underground, you thought. No sunshine or fresh air. You wondered how Sans had survived down here this long. Maybe because of his brother? Or maybe he hadn’t.

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The Only Thing I Have To Say About Gamer Gate

I had a day off this weekend from shooting Supernatural, and I was walking around downtown Vancouver on Saturday, sampling all the artisan coffee I could get my throat around. At one point I saw a pair of guys walking towards me wearing gamer shirts. Black short-sleeved, one Halo and one Call of Duty. 

Now in my life up until this point, that kind of outfit has meant one thing: Potential comrades. I love games, I love gaming. If it’s Friday night, I’m not out hanging at a club, I’m diving into a new game I downloaded on Steam. And I am blessed with the fact that my career is largely built upon that love, which I channeled into fiction so many years ago with “The Guild”. If there’s anything I’m proud of in this world, it’s the fact that I’ve had people come up to me on the street and at conventions over the years to tell me that they feel confident to call themselves a gamer because of my work, where before they were ashamed. Hearing that kind of stuff has kept me going, against the mainstream, against all odds. 

So seeing another gamer on the street used to be an auto-smile opportunity, or an entry into a conversation starting with, “Hey, dude! I love that game too!” Me and that stranger automatically had something in common: A love for something unconventional. Outsiders in arms. We had an auto-stepping stone to hurtle over human-introduction-awkwardness, into talking about something we loved together. Instant connection!

But for the first time maybe in my life, on that Saturday afternoon, I walked towards that pair of gamers and I didn’t smile. I didn’t say hello. In fact, I crossed the street so I wouldn’t walk by them. Because after all the years of gamer love and inclusiveness, something had changed in me. A small voice of doubt in my brain now suspected that those guys and I might not be comrades after all. That they might not greet me with reflected friendliness, but contempt.  

I went home and was totally, utterly depressed.

I have not said many public things about Gamer Gate. I have tried to leave it alone, aside from a few @ replies on Twitter that journalists have decided to use in their articles, siding me against the hashtag. Why have I remained mostly silent?

Self-protection and fear. 

I have been through a lot in my years on the internet. I have encountered a small fraction of the attacks from people like the ones who currently represent the worst of this “movement”. In the past, I worked through it alone because I felt shining a light on their words gave them exactly what they wanted: Attention and credibility. To say that their attacks and contempt didn’t set me back creatively would be a lie, but overall I got through the twists and turns, emotionally battered, but alright. My philosophy has always been, “Exist and represent yourself the way you want to exist as a woman who loves games, not as a reflection of what other people think or want of you. You will change minds by BEING. Show, don’t tell.” The attacks I experienced over the years were NOTHING compared to people who are the victims of these attacks now, but I still thought early on during the Gamer Gate phenomenon, “These trolls will dissipate into the night like they always do, it will be fine.”

But they have not dissipated. And because of the frightening emotions and actions attached to what has happened over the last month, the events are sure to have a long-lasting affect on gaming as a culture. The fact that it has affected me, to the point where I decided to cross the street last weekend away from those gamers, was heartbreaking. Because I realized my silence on the issue was not motivated by some grand strategy, but out of fear that the issue has created about speaking out. 

I have been terrified of inviting a deluge of abusive and condescending tweets into my timeline. I did one simple @ reply to one of the main victims several weeks back, and got a flood of things I simply couldn’t stand to read directed at me. I had to log offline for a few days until it went away. I have tried to retweet a few of the articles I’ve seen dissecting the issue in support, but personally I am terrified to be doxxed for even typing the words “Gamer Gate”. I have had stalkers and restraining orders issued in the past, I have had people show up on my doorstep when my personal information was HARD to get. To have my location revealed to the world would give a entry point for a few mentally ill people who have fixated on me, and allow them to show up and make good on the kind of threats I’ve received that make me paranoid to walk around a convention alone. I haven’t been able to stomach the risk of being afraid to get out of my car in my own driveway because I’ve expressed an opinion that someone on the internet didn’t agree with. 


I have allowed a handful of anonymous people censor me. They have forced me, out of fear, into seeing myself a potential victim. 

And that makes me loathe not THEM, but MYSELF. 

So I write this to urge any person, male or female, who now has the impulse to do what I did, to walk away from something they loved before, to NOT. 

Don’t let other people drive you away from gaming. 

Games are beautiful, they are creative, they are worlds to immerse yourself in. They are art. And they are worth fighting for, even if the atmosphere is ugly right now. A small minority are putting up barbed wire walls between us who love games. And that is sad. Because odds are 99% certain that those guys on the street who I avoided would have been awesome to talk to. I realize that letting the actions of a few hateful people influence my behavior is the absolutely worst thing I could do in life. And not an example I want to set, ever.

So to myself and to everyone else who operates out of love not vengeance: Don’t abandon games. Don’t cross the street. Gaming needs you. To create, to play, to connect. 

To represent.

I know this entry will probably draw contempt from people in the Gamer Gate movement. Something to scorn, something to rile them up against me and everything I’ve ever made. Especially, and most hurtfully, to mock my vulnerability. I just have one thing to say to you who do that: I’m genuinely sorry you are so angry. 

I have lived a large part of my life ruled by negative emotions, mainly fear and anxiety. From my experience of working through those issues, I have this to say: Steeping yourself in the emotions that you’re surrounding yourself with, of hatred and bile and contempt, is ultimately not destructive to others like you want it to be. It’s destructive to yourself. 

I know it feels good to belong to a group, to feel righteous in belonging to a cause, but causing fear and pushing people away from gaming is not the way to go about doing it. Think through the repercussions of your actions and the people you are aligning yourself with. And think honestly about whether your actions are genuinely going to change gaming life for the better. Or whether they’re just going to make someone cross the street away from you. And away from something, ironically, that we both love.

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Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson made a beamng dot drive series that became like,, super popular bc it kind of ended up having a coherent narrative and an incredibly awesome ending? It was half a religious experience really? So the reaction to someone else (who's apparently gross according to ur reaction?) playing that game now was what u saw in that post

nerdcubed likes Moffats run of Dr who the best and hates 10/rose

(there’s actual shit he did I’m just tired )

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opinions on enfps/your experiences with them?

Wow… Where do I begin? I have a really good friend who is ENFP, and this is one of the few times those compatibility charts might be right. My friend and I are extremely different people, but we get along very well.

I wrote a post on her awhile ago (above), but I’ll add to it a bit here.

I think while ENFPs can be kinda clingy, too peppy, and never stop talking, they are altogether awesome people because they are 100% themselves. I love my friend for this because you don’t need to guess with her. I know she isn’t playing any social games, secretly wanting something from me, or talking crap about me behind my back.

They care about their friends and their friends’ opinions, but other than that, no one else’s opinion matters. Like me, if someone who was not a friend were to rudely insult her, she’d just think much less of that person rather than be hurt at all by the insult.

Even better, they don’t judge their friends, they just accept them for who they are, and they treat everyone the same. I tend to have a more respected, intelligent, and a little scary reputation, but my ENFP friend just makes fun of me for it and continues to poke me when I tell her to cut it out. Let me tell you, she is the first person I’ve met who doesn’t give a crap about this, and while the poking is annoying, its actually really nice to be around someone who doesn’t care that I just told them their logic was flawed and all the reasons why. She just laughs, calls me a nerd, and rewords her statement/argument based on what I said with an air of friendly defiance.

She takes my arguments and insults (which are all in good faith) with laughter and immediately shoots back with replies whether she knows what she’s talking about or not. Thus, our conversations are always interesting.

Finally, they’ll just jump straight into ideas with you without hesitating. Projects, random thought experiments, strange activities, they’re up for it as long as they can do it along side you. 

The thing that honestly sucks most about the death of Vol’jin is that I don’t want vengeance. Vengeance against who? A random felguard? The legion in general? Vengeance over a character who I loved and was tossed aside not by the legion, but by the writer’s and their need to give us a warchief every new expansion?

I don’t want vengeance.

I want to quit playing. I want to ignore the Legion entirely, because why bother? And even if there is some coup de grace and Vol’jin comes back to life to be some neutral awesome-sauce character…

I wanted him as my fucking Warchief. I wanted him to DO something as warchief. I want a Horde character who represents the heart and ideals of the Horde, how Horde is FAMILY, and I want him to be our leader. Not a neutral leader, a HORDE leader. 

Why would I want empty vengeance against pixels in the game when the true horrible thing that happened is how the writers handled a beloved character? Why would I want to support such writers?

There is enough else about WoW that is keeping me playing, but honestly? I’ll probably be taking frequent breaks going forward. And right now I find it impossible to play any of my Horde characters- exception being my demon hunter who had no idea about Vol’jin. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t even be playing now.

Storylines aren’t supposed to demoralize you like this. In a game about war, they aren’t supposed to make you want to throw down your weapons and walk away.

And now I just got a leader who didn’t give a shit about the Horde except for what it could do for her until, apparently, recently. Which, made her a fascinating character in her own right, but does not earn her as a place as a Warchief.

  • Lussuria as the big brother that is actually like a mother and takes care of everyone and makes all the meals and does the cleaning
  • Xanxus as the jerk big brother who hides in his room all the time, is very much a party pooper, and everyone else tries to get him excited about the things that happen to them but he’s just like “nah”
  • Bel as the protective brother who likes to tease his siblings and pretend he’s annoyed by them but the minute you try to hurt them he will rip you to shreds. Gives the “Dad talk” to anyone that his siblings start to date
  • Mammon as the little sister that everyone fawns over and constantly calls her “cute” and stuff even though she hates it, and the more she tells them to shut up the cuter they think she is (but she doesn’t mind that they spoil her pfff)
  • Squalo as the really competitive brother that no one wants to play board or video games with because he always wins and then rubs it in their faces, and on the rare occasion that he looses, he’s a very sore loser. he’s probably the captain of various sports teams at school. he loves to make bets with his family
  • Levi as the really studious brother who works his ass off to get all A’s and takes responsibility for everything even if he shouldn’t and tries really hard to impress everyone else and gets stressed out and anxious very easily
  • Just. The Varia all being siblings and having awesome sibling rivalry but being there for each other at the end of the day

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Aaaa do you have any advice for a newbie mayor who wants to start an ACNL blog as well !! I don't know anyone else on tumblr who plays the game and I'd like some friends, or maybe a group to join, if possible ! Thank you so so much !!!

hello and welcome! 😍❤️

when I first started, I literally just started following any and all animal crossing blogs I could find lol! I think posting original content and making dream town tour posts reallllllly help! the majority of bloggers that I’ve come across have all been really nice and welcoming and I’ve made some awesome friends, so don’t be afraid or nervous to say hey to anyone! I honestly feel like if you’re just genuinely kind, it won’t take you long to gain some lovely followers and friends who enjoy animal crossing as much as you do 🤗💕 I hope this helps!


Soooo I know I’m late on watching Fran Bow (whoops). I’m about 5 episodes in and I’m hooked.
The game is amazing, the art styles (all of them, because there are many) are fantastic, and watching Jack play it has been a delight. So here’s a Jack/Fran Bow crossover, in which Fran meets a friend at the institution where she was imprisoned at the beginning of the game; a friendly fellow by the name of Jackly Septico.

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Hoot hoot! May I request some Kuroo, Terushima, Daichi, Mattsun, and Iwazumi headcanons if not already done? 🙏

Hoot hoot!


- He is very opinionated and confrontational, which has caused him to bump heads with more people than he would have liked throughout the years. Despite this, he is still quite capable of holding a normal relationship with people and does not force his ideas onto them.

- His mom used to dress him up as a little black cat for Halloween when he was very young. All the other moms thought he was the cutest thing.

- He’s the guy that a mother would tell their child “Oh you should date that guy. He’s attractive and smart” and their child is mortified because they’re terrified of Kuroo (usually because they don’t know him well and base their opinion of him on his intimidating appearance)

- A girl once complimented his hairstyle, without any hint of sarcasm, and she was one of the few people to ever have their eyes graced with the sight of Kuroo blushing.

- He has a way of making people do what he wants without having to actually tell them what to do. He’ll talk around things so it will feel like the person is acting of their own free will.


- His tongue is sticking out in a good 90% of his photos.

- When his tongue isn’t out, he smiles with his mouth wide open. It always looks like he’s laughing in these, which is usually the case.

- His laughter is absolutely contagious. No one is immune to it. 

- As a child, he was very active and often got in trouble with teachers for being too fidgety.

- I like to think he’s always been really into superheroes, and he once saw that the actor of his favorite hero had a tongue ring in real life, which led him to get one himself.

- He loves to draw and paint, but he sucks at it, despite doing everything within his power to get better. He’s taken lessons and learned tips from other artists, but his art hasn’t improved. Regardless, he still enjoys himself when he creates various pieces of art. The fact that he has fun makes up for his total lack of artistic skill.

- He’s definitely not a homebody. He goes out at every chance he gets and absolutely loves being in the company of other people.


- His room is incredibly tidy. No one had ever witnessed his room with more than a single book out of place.

- He really loves his family and always spends time with them whenever he can. He finds parent/child relationships to be one of the most special bonds anyone can have, and he certainly does not take his for granted.

- I feel like he is a big brother, and a great one at that. His younger siblings absolutely adore him and want to be just like him. He can range from a playful big brother who will goof around with his siblings and play games to their heart’s content, to an almost parental or guardian figure who provides emotional support, in any occasion, and always helps them through their troubles.

- If Daichi does something, so too do his siblings, as they have dubbed anything Daichi does as awesome and worthy of being copied.

- He greatly respects people’s opinions and ideas, and makes a strong effort to change for the better whenever he, or someone else, finds fault in himself.

- He is the kind of person every parent wants their child to marry. Parents always love meeting him, due to his respectful and level headed nature. 


- He is one of those people who lacks book smarts, but has more knowledge about everyday life than most. He’s the one you call in a crisis. Flat tire? He can fix it. Out camping or on a long hike? He knows countless survival methods and techniques. You have a crop parasite? He knows the solution. He learned these things through his family members as well as books or tv shows with specialized life tips in them.

- He’s a really great fisherman and sailor. He has a private blog dedicated to posting photos of his catches and various pictures from his time sailing. 

- He has a knack for cracking jokes and messing with people for laughs, but despite this, he is actually very comforting to talk to. Many people go to him for advice when they have problems or don’t know how to handle situations.

- He notices when people talk negatively about him, no matter how discreet they may think they are being. He tends to get pretty self conscious about these things, though nobody can ever tell he’s bothered.


- He is still quite interested in bugs, though he doesn’t really tell anyone.

- I like to think he either has an older brother whom he has always seen as tough and strong and wanted to grow up just like him, or a little sister, who he has always felt a strong need to protect (especially from the evil that is Oikawa Tooru, who likes to tease Iwaizumi but would never actually make any move on his sister)

- When he was little, he and his grandfather planted a garden together behind his house. He took this garden very seriously, and still does today.

- He doesn’t care much for reading any types of classic literature, and only does so when he is required to. He will read things he already holds an interest, though, as gaining more knowledge on the matter allows him to enjoy his hobbies much more.

tempestfreak  asked:

Just curious how you do the recordings for Hilbert and Eiffel. Like, obviously Zach can't record all them at the same time, but all of the dialogue timing is spot on. Are they recorded in clips (like Eiffel talking to Minkovsky and then Hilbert speaking) and then spliced together?

It varies from scene to scene. If it’s a big scene involving lots of back and forth between a bunch of different characters, Zach might just flip back and forth between Eiffel and Hilbert on the go, much in the way that huge bosses are wont to do. If it’s a longer scene that involves a lot of Eiffel and Hilbert talking to each other, then he’ll do one side of the scene with another member of the cast (usually Emma) filling in for the other character, record that, and then flip around and do the other side. So, for example, all the Eiffel and Hilbert scenes in Lame-O Superhero Origin Story we did with Zach doing one side and then the other, but almost all of The Paranoia Game was recorded with Zach just flipping back and forth on the fly. 

(for a lot more on the process of Eiffel and Hilbert, check out this awesome post from @iamzachvalenti himself)

Wolf 359 is also just a show that depends a lot on crazy editing and splicing. Just for starters, Michaela, who plays Hera, does her work remotely, so on almost every episode her material gets recorded separately from everyone else. Which basically means that almost any scene that has Eiffel, Hilbert, and Hera in it is a combination of at least three different takes that are being sliced together. 

You know whats awesome though? I was solo quing on time for comp in overwatch and I met this group of people who were really nice and we were really gelling nicely during game so we all grouped up after and now I play with them in comp like everyday because we tend to go on massive win streaks its nice. but whats like SUPER nice is that they always ask me not to group up with anyone else till theyre done because they really really want me to play with them! its so nice

“OMG I love Sansa Stark!”

“But only when she stopped whining and started playing the game”

“Jason Grace is so awesome!”

“But only in House of Hades. He was boring in the other books”

“Piper McLean is so kick ass”

“Finally! After being such a useless Mary Sue for three books”

“OMG Percabeth is my OTP!”

“If you ship Perachel or anything else you are stupid and irrelevant!”

“I think Snape was an interesting and complex character who did good but that didn’t excuse the bad and who did bad but that didn’t wash away the good”

“Not like James. James was horrible and an asshole”

“Hunger Games is fantastic!”

“Peeta is such a wuss, though!" 

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother finale

"I love animal fries!”