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do u ever think about urself and feel like. this overwhelming wave of revulsion

i can talk abt loving myself all i want and i can even believe it sometimes but i’ll never be able to escape the fact that i’m really truly inherently disgusting and unworthy of love like it’s. it’s just such an innate belief i can’t ignore it

Accelerate (M); Jungkook

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There’s a new racer in town; he’s incredibly rich, hot, and talented. And you can’t stop staring.

Part 2 ○ Part 3

inspired by this vine and fueled by the encouragement of @zephyoongist and the help of other kind souls (who I’m not going to tag bc like…I don’t want to spam you all)

smut, 2.4k words, jungkook/reader, racer/playboy/rich kid au

Getting in is never hard; after all, the illegal racing scene isn’t new to you. It’s as chaotic as ever, and you love it. People call out bets, bicker, toss money and who knows what else about, while in the background, music blasts. You push past people–scantily clad girls, half-naked men–as you make your way to the bar. The bartender greets you with a smile and a nod as you slide into a vacant seat.

“Hey there,” he says. “Haven’t seen you in a while.” He has to raise his voice to be heard above the din of the pre-race excitement.

“Jin,” you say. “Things got busy. I’m glad to be back, though.”

“You didn’t miss much. You excited for tonight’s race?”

“You know it,” you say, smirking. Someone roughly pushes past, jostling you; you turn to glare at his retreating back before turning to Jin again. “It’s so crowded here. More than I remember it being.”

He shrugs. “Yeah, well, this is how it usually is whenever Jeon and his other rich friends come by. I hear he’s racing tonight, too.”

You give him a confused look. “Jeon?”

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it’s pride month and i just wanted to give a shoutout to my LGBT siblings who don’t have any LGBT friends. to the lesbian, gay, bi, pan, ply, and trans/nb people who are only friends with cishets. I know it can be lonely - not having anyone to connect with feels terrible, especially when you’re on this site and you see posts like “the concept of having a token gay/trans friend is soooooo fake” and “LGBT ppl flock together! rarely will there be only be one non-cishet in a group of friends!” and like, while that can be true there ARE LGBT people who don’t have any LGBT friends. and i want those people to know that I hope that they find LGBT friends soon, because no one deserves to feel alone like that.

special shout out to those who gotta keep hearing trans/bi/homophobic etc stuff and can’t call their friends out due to being closeted, or due to being afraid, or any other reason. i know it’s hard to have friends who don’t understand what it’s like to be LGBT, but it’s okay, you’ll be okay. y’all are seriously stronger than people give you credit for and i feel like this kind of thing NEVER gets any acknowledgement which is bad ‘cause i KNOW that y’all exist.

(also, shout out to LGBT people who don’t have ANY friends, particularly neurodivergent ones who can’t interact due to their disorder/s, ‘cause i know that you guys exist too.)

[[Don’t reblog if you’re a radfem but everyone else can reblog, regardless of if you’re LGBT or cishet.]]


but poor lil sicky-poo luke waking up feeling even worse than the day before and it doesn’t take a trained eye to tell he’s under the weather. he’s much quieter than usual, isn’t eating very much, and is caught with his eyes closed more than once at breakfast. “luke, come on, let’s go back to bed,” you urge as everyone starts dispersing from the meal. “it’s okay, i’m fine,” he shakes his head, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to make himself more alert. “baby. you have a couple hours until soundcheck. come on, you look like crap.” your intention isn’t to insult him, and he’s too tired to fire back at you anyway, so he finally just sighs and nods at you. as the two of you walk back out to the bus, luke shivers, despite the rather mild temperature outside, and you quickly return his grey hoodie that you’d put on when you woke up. luke graciously takes the warm garment and puts it on, tugging the hood up, before taking your hand. you two pile onto the quiet bus and luke heads straight back to his bunk and toes off his boots before climbing up. you can hear him coughing a bit as you make your way back and a part of you wonders how he’s even going to do the show tonight. “baby?” he calls out, his voice small and desperate, and you follow it until you reach his bunk. “are you coming up?” he’s laying on his side, his colourless face buried into a pillow, and his eyelids droop so he can just see a fraction of you. you give him a sympathetic smile and wipe his hair from his balmy forehead before climbing up yourself. you don’t make him move, just crawl overtop of him to the other side until you’re laying comfortably behind him. he reaches back to take hold of your arm, pulling it him around him tightly and he scoots back enough until you’re both fit together like a puzzle. “wake me up in a couple hours, baby?” he mutters, but he’s out almost before the sentence is complete with soft snores filling the bunk. 

I will never understand Takarazuka fans who are openly hostile toward other fans. I’ve had conversations with people who have outright told me they don’t like other fans because it’s “their thing”. I’ve spoken to fans who were initially really rude to me later apologise and say they felt threatened because I’d been around longer and they expected me to treat them like they were “fake”. I’ve had people tell me they personally think most other Western fans are “fake” or “bandwagoners”.

Honestly, I think that attitude is like, maximum ridiculousness. Fortunately, this really really doesn’t seem common in the Takarazuka fandom at all, but holy hell, the fact that some people take this approach to Takarazuka disgusts me a little bit. It goes against the absolute core belief of a fan, which is to support the company; by shutting other people out, alienating them, trying to create a false fan hierarchy where certain people aren’t “worthy”, you are actively reducing the level of fan participation and as a result, limiting potential profit for the company. 

I’ve been into Takarazuka for a very long time, but didn’t interact with the fandom much until more recently (mostly out of shyness rather than anything else.) and nearly everybody I’ve met and spoken to thus far has been absolute delight. As an “old” fan, I want the people who tag their questions with “sorry I’m new”, or apologise for not knowing what stuff like “shinko” or “nibante” means, or avoid the fandom because they don’t think they’ve got enough “fan cred”, to feel welcome. I honestly welcome everybody to Takarazuka; it’s such a huge part of my life and has gotten me through so much, I’d never want to deny that experience to anybody. No matter how long you’ve been around, how much you know, who your favourite is, how you got into Takarazuka, you are welcome. If you got into Takarazuka because you loved the Rurouni Kenshin anime and heard there’d be a Takarazuka adaption and started researching, you are no less of a fan and no less worthy than somebody who got into Takarazuka five years ago when they visited Japan. Somebody with eighty DVDs isn’t better than somebody with eight DVDs.

Whether you’re one of the amazing content creators who make this fandom so much more accessible for people overseas, or somebody who speaks not a lick of Japanese and just lurks in the tags and stream chats, you are welcome. If you behave with decorum and truly love Takarazuka, then of course you are welcome and you should never feel like you have to apologise for asking a question or like you can’t share your opinion. Don’t let anybody make you feel like you’re not allowed to join in.

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Once you get this, respond with five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then send this to ten (or so) of your favourite followers (positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

Eeee!  Yay positivity! Okay, here goes:

  1. I’m strong.  No really.  I box and can dead lift like a motherf*cker.
  2. I make awesome pesto.
  3. I am a kind person, but I am also fiercely protective and hold a grudge like you will not believe.
  4. I like my sense of humor.  I think I’m funny. 
  5. I like how I write.  There.  I said wrote it.  I’m a writer who likes how they write.  Who’da thunk it.

Inviting to participate (but totally no obligation – I never know who to tag for these!  Blargh!)  @devereauxsdisease  @fragile-teacup @bekstek @beaniebaneenie @chelseyelricjr  @slightlyflammable  @draconiarose @airplanesandcookies @gildara-art and whomever else would like to participate. ;)  Seriously, I never know who likes these and who loathes these so I’m mixing it up and asking you all.

Tag game

@kurokiorya thanks for the tag!(:

Name 5 of your favorite otome male characters.

Actually, even though I have played a couple of different otome games over the years, my top 4 (at least) have to be from Hakuouki. It’s mostly because of how well-written the characters are that Hakuouki is my all time fav otome game!

1) Okita Souji - Hakuouki (yes Kazama is my fav hubby but Souji’s character is even more intriguing to my mind, so I’ll name him first in that list :D)
2) Kazama Chikage - Hakuouki
3) Harada Sanosuke - Hakuouki - I enjoyed his route so much and this was definitely the route that surprised me the most!
4) Sakamoto Ryouma - Hakuouki - I have actually no idea why poeple hate on him so much, I thought how different his route is what makes it super exciting!
5) Toma - Amnesia - well I have to at least list one different game, right? His is actually not my favorite route but as a character I think he’s really cool! (Ikki is my Amnesia hubby)
Heisuke, Saitou and Shinpachi should be up there, too. I feel like I betrayed them xD

Name 5 of your favorite anime/manga characters:

1) Uchiha Itachi (Naruto) - this man will forever have a special place in my heart :D
2) Hisoka Morou - (Hunter x Hunter) - Do I even have to say something about him? Such a fascinating character!
3) Tyki Mikk (D.Gray-Man) - Sexy motherfucker with identity issues
4) Bakugou Katsuki - (Boku no Hero Academia) - this kid is just so funny to watch! :D
5) Mogami Kyouko (Skip Beat!) - I’m missing some girl power in this list. I have never in my life related to a fictional character on a level like I do to Kyouko, she’s so funny, gotta love her.

It’s actually pretty hard for me to choose just five from this immense pool of great characters:D
Unfortunately I don’t know who else is into both Otome games and Manga, so I’ll tag everyone who is interested! Please join! Uh but how about you join the fun yourself @kurokiorya?:)

5 Random Facts Tag Game

I was tagged most recently by @akusokuzan - thank you! Also, both thanks and apologies to other who have tagged me lately while life has been pulling me away a bit from writing and tumblr!

1.  Like akusokuzan, I am both extremely introverted and extremely empathetic. Allegedly, I’m also an excellent leader. It’s a very weird combination, and I’m happy to know there’s somebody else out there who understands (see link).

2.  Public speaking is fine, parties aren’t.

3.  I can never find shoes that fit and in fact would rather do almost anything rather than buy (and wear) new shoes.

4.  I really enjoy cool, dark days. [The last time I moved, the realtor said that I should have a house built in a cave.  This seems reasonable.  Now I just need money and a job I can do from a cave.  Actually, that last part is kind of a life goal anyway, now that I think of it!]

5.  I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember.  As far as I can tell, I’ve never been a very good poet.  Hijikata has all my sympathy.  Still, maybe he should have switched to prose. 

~ ImpracticalOni


hellooo, i was tagged (a long time ago) by @cherry-ten @babyisitme @jeno-jeyes @nst127 and i think someone else but i can’t remember who, sorry😢 to do the bias selfie tag!!

thought i’d shake it up a bit and do hanbin instead of taeyong because honestly i don’t know who my ub is anymore (don’t @ me ok, it’s hard) and also i liked the pose he was doing bc i never know what to do with my mouth in selfies lol

i’m not 100% sure about this selfie but this has been on my to-do list for ages and it’s stressing me out, also my eyes look a bit red but i promise i’m not high lmao plus my arm looks like a stump but whaTEVER

i hate tagging people in selfie tags so i’m sorry, and if i’ve tagged you in one of my selfies before then i’m extra sorry, i try to tag people just once in these kinds of thing but it’s hard and i can’t remember😢 plus i know some people don’t wanna post selfies so if you don’t want to do this then don’t worry!!💓 anyway i’m tagging @day6-127 @renjunz @bluemintyjeno @winwinnerchickendinner @bitchasschanyeol and @yutatour 💞



My angel baby boy who I offer my life and my brickhead dumbass of a man

I was tagged by @kiungsoo to do the bias selfie tag! I know I posted similiar selfies yesterday but 💀💀💀💀💀my ass should have just waited lmao

I’m tagging:
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mm ok, two best friends who have known each other for ~insert whatever time frame here~ and one of them, muse a is comfortable in their sexuality, like def knows they’re bi/gay/whatever. obviously muse b knows this and supports it because best friends and all, but then b starts feeling differently like ‘oh, maybe /i/ could be attracted to the same gender too, hm this is new’ and tells a about it. a is supportive of their friend and wants to help them so like idk takes them out to get drunk and hook up w someone or something like that, who knows, anyways it doesn’t end up working and a is sad for b because they couldn’t help them but then b in a drunken (or perhaps not) state is like “well, you could kiss me” and a is just like………. “if that’s what you want” and just, eshdfjgdsfla. go wherever from there but just, angst of b trying to figure out who they are and a realising ‘oh shit, i think i might be falling in love with my best friend now what’ and ahah dshfbszd i need it bye.

@skeleton-richard tagged me to say 5 things about myself. So we’ll see if I get this right.

  1. I will eat pepperoni by itself, raw, with nothing else. In fact I’m doing that as I type this message.
  2. Of all the required reading I had to do in high school my least favorite was “Catcher in the Rye”
  3. My neck is longer than a typical human neck even has a right to be. Why is this? Who knows.
  4. I will often say I can make French toast. This is a lie to impress you. I know how to make French toast but the reality of the situation is I can only burn it and have never made an unburnt edition.
  5. My longest discarded WIP was over 150,000 words. 

Tagging: @3wisellamas, @thatvinypotato, @necromancy-savant @wilder-than-moon-light, @sureuncertainty and anyone else who likes!

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Do you not like thiam either? I don't like them as a couple and I have yet to find someone else who just doesn't see it. I love both characters but to me they made no sense as a couple.

Yeah no it’s st*rek 2.0. Reading violence, annoyance, indifference as romance. It’s ridiculous. And they were never a couple which is good, because I think I honestly would have ended a life. It’s stupid as hell.
Sorry followers who like them, I will not be posting about them much at all, and if you have a tag you’d like me to use let me know.

I was tagged by @lena221b, thank you dear!

Rules : List ten of your favorites female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

Okay, here we go!

  1. Sally in the Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. Harley Quinn (preferably in Batman the animated series)
  3. Madalena in Galavant
  4. Miria in Baccano
  5. Donna Noble in Doctor Who
  6. Mabel Pines in Gravity Falls
  7. Sun in Sense8
  8. Guenievre in Kaamelott
  9. Minerva McGonagall in Harry Potter
  10. Peridot from Steven Universe

Tagging @proskenion04 (I know you never run out of faves for this kind of stuff :p), @jadisjavaisuncoeur, @toutdroitjusquaumatin and anyone else who feels like doing it!

Come Home 

(part 1) 

lowkey inspired by my love for daddy!calum and also the song come home by tonight alive

You twisted your hands nervously as you waited for Calum to return from the kitchen, the plus sign on the pregnancy test you’d taken earlier that morning still seared into your mind. You were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t even notice that he’d returned, or the glass of water that sat in front of you, until he cleared his throat.

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copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours.
when you are done, tag up to ten people and also tag the person who tagged you.

tagged by;; stolen from @taajkhan
tagging;; @blackbrewed | @omnecosmos | @richkicl | @lunarhopped | @aequiinoctium | @mosaickd | and like anyone else who see’s this - !

A - Age;; 22 Years Old.
B - Biggest Fear;; Not being able to fulfil my dream as a writer.
C - Current Time;; 4.55pm
D - Drink You Last Had;; Iced, pomegranate green tea.
E - Every Day Starts With;; A cup of coffee.
F - Favourite Song;; At this current moment, it’s Empty Mermaid by LiSA.
G - Ghosts Are Real - ? ;; I mean, sure.
I - In Love With;; We will never know.
K - Killed Someone - ? ;; Nope.
L - Last Time You Cried;; Last night.
M - Middle Name;; Erica.
N - Number Of Siblings;; A few aha - !
O - One Wish;; Don’t even get me started with this - !
P - Person Last Called/Text;; Probs my brother, Bryan.
Q - Questions You Are Always Asked;; Sometimes there’s too many.
R - Reasons To Smile;; My friends, like all the time - !
S - Song Last Sang;; Spotlight by Dappy.
T - Time You Woke Up;; I woke up at like, 12pm today - !?
U - Underwear Colour;; Pink - !!!!!
V - Vacation Destination;; TOKYO - !!!!!
W - Worst Habit;; I’m from London … I talk way too fast - !!! -_-
X - X-Ray’s You’ve had;; Whenever I’ve gone to the dentist and several times on legs.
Y - Your Favourite Food;; Chicken Katsu Curry - !!!
Z - Zodiac Sign;; Capricorn.

Funny story about this one; I was staring at it a good 20 minutes since something looked off, then it dawned on me that I NEVER GAVE HER EYEBROWS.

Anywho, since I drew my own self-insert into HunieCam and wanted to practice more with it, I was like “I might as well insert someone else. Who do I know who literally self-inserts into EVERYTHING?” And then I remembered @kyleehenke is the self-insert meme queen.

So here she is in the HunieCam style! Or at least my emulation of it since I’m not the one who made the style.

Oh yeah and it’s an Undertale shirt since I’m p sure we’re both still trash. Besides it’s rly cute.


Gale Hawthorne Appreciation Week: Day Three (Katniss)

“What a pair we were—fatherless, frightened, but fiercely committed, too, to keeping our families alive. Desperate, yet no longer alone after that day, because we’d found each other. I think of a hundred moments in the woods, lazy afternoons fishing, the day I taught him to swim, that time I twisted my knee and he carried me home. Mutually counting on each other, watching each other’s backs, forcing each other to be brave.”