who else could this have been written for

the ironic thing is, the first time I played Fallout 4, I played for HOURS before I went to find Nick - I actually put it off for a while.

I had managed to avoid all spoilers, and when I heard the name “Mister Valentine” I imagined a very suave, very cool, very film noir gritty character who would be very stylish but maybe not have that much to him. I didn’t dislike the character, I just assumed he was gonna be a handsome normal human NPC - okay but not particularly interesting.

Then when I finally got round to vault 114, the first thing that stuck me was the voice, and then when I saw him I was like “WOAH! He’s a busted up old robot!”

and I know it sounds weird, but I’m just very grateful for the character.

Because, he could have been written to be very cool, but not much else. Like he could have been nothing but noir grit and sass, but he isn’t - there’s a lot of heart to him, and a lot of human dorkiness too. It really feels like he was written as a full person and character rather than “Lets have a cool film detective robot!” - real thought was put into him.

the guy who says “Goodnight sweet prince” to a downed mob boss, and quotes poe ominously while the prydwyn flies overhead is the same guy who laughs at his own joke about a trash heap, comes up with pastrami-golems, pretends to tame giant lion statues, thinks there is no way to ride a seesaw with dignity and admits that having wings “would be nice”.

“You’re going to fall one day.”

Member: Mark Lee x Reader
Genre: Little Angst/little Fluff 
Word Count: 1,944 words

Y’all this is my first scenario, I hope you enjoy! It’s a little rushed, sorry about that! Also please tell me if you like it or not, please~

(A/N I just reread this and realized that i have many typos sorry friends;;;)


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Another day at school. At least it was Friday, and you didn’t have much to do in most of your classes. You sighed, your dumbass stayed up late again scrolling through your explore page on Instagram.

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Spring Day Theory 🌼

As the Spring Day teaser was released today I thought I’d create a study for you guys putting forward my observations as a Creative Writing and literature graduate, please enjoy… *puts smart hat on*


A plotless work by Ursula K. Le Guin based solely on description and allowing the reader his own interpretation of morality and philosophy. The only chronological event in the piece is the first day of summer in a euphoric utopian city named Omelas, an extended metaphor for youth, with a vibrant festival atmosphere which we see in the teaser within the Omelas motel in bright rich colours as they all live communally just like the people within the text.

The reader is intended to remain unsure about the reasoning behind this ambiguous world which is left completely up to interpretation, confirmed by the writer in their own words: “Omelas sounds in my words like a city in a fairytale, long ago and far away. Perhaps it would be best if you imagined as your own fancy bids.”

The central point which makes the story real is its single atrocity, the suffering of one child in filth, darkness, and perpetual misery.

Once old enough to know the weight of this suffering, a group of young and old individuals walk away silently seen in one of the scenes as each member walks together into a new environment, evident due to the drained hue of the cinematography as it becomes more wintery, seen too in the opening shot in which the members have frosty blue tinged lips juxtaposing the background of bright childhood sights like the merry go round reading “you never walk alone” as well as the beach which show a stylized divide between them and their surroundings. 

Jimin’s scenes are most notable with the most enduring being his connection to the sea, a theme which sets forth a contradictory metaphor as old as classical literature itself, of the ocean as a serene, beautiful yet dangerous and hostile environment. This idea is supported by Jimin holding another persons shoes in his hands, typically the first thing to wash up after a death by drowning at sea.

It is arguable that Jimin later walking alone in an apparent wilderness is symbolic of the book endings ambiguity and potential as a blank canvas on which the personal meaning from the readers imagination can be applied. Once again the writer confirms this: “The place they go is even less imaginable to us than the city of happiness. It is possible it does not exist.”

This could hint that the characters have no further plot line, they are without a continuing story arc, supported by the imagery within the teaser of each member repeating his own theme as oppose to developing.

The notion of the scapegoat is central to the understanding of the text, the writer being heavily influenced by psychomyths alluded to by Dostoyevsky and William James. In a nutshell that no matter the happiness we felt in a society that hinged on the suffering of one, our happiness would be so monstrous to us that we would be forced to leave it by our own conscience.

No Vacancy

About 7 friends on a road trip staying at a motel, encountering a seemingly helpful group and being trapped, waking up to a gruesome and bloody terror they must work together to escape and survive.

There is a huge possibility that the other group is a mirror image of the 7 friends whose own actions put them in danger, causing them to have to work together to overcome the consequences, it can also be used to explain some of the dark and bloody themes seen in Wings, Epilogue and I Need U era.

Owl Service

A supernatural fantasy written by Alan Garner set in modern Wales and based on a mythical Welsh woman named Blodeuwedd who was created by flowers for a man cursed to take no human wife. She betrays the husband for another man and is turned into an owl as punishment, a future theme eerily hinted at in the sign at the bus shelter (which oddly has no exit roads) at the destination aptly named ‘Affair’.

In Garners tale 3 teenagers find themselves re-enacting this story, whose bird imagery relates directly to Taehyung’s portrayal in Wings and the mythology and classical themes set forth in the previous era.


It is imperative we ask ourselves the forbidden question, what if none of this is real? What if what we are seeing is just a narrative device created to obscure the real story? What facts would this leave us with?


The central fact is the reflected suffering of a young person – escaping into his books and movies to distract himself from the truth, a truth so all-encompassing that it bleeds through into every single thing he reads and watches. An individual who was well versed in classicism and philosophy, of high intelligence to keep noticing these themes and applying parts of his own life to generate meaning. 

The ‘hyung’ Tae calls for yet never gets through to after the fact, doomed to repeat and suffer that which he cannot change, the events of his youth refracted in what he reads, so many variations of books and films all mixed together and all in English, overlapping and still somehow alien from each other, yet in each he sees his friends as well as himself as the protagonists, that child would be the central theme, the scapegoat, the utopia, the one individual which knits it all together. 

The view of this one man would perceive all the events, know the suffering of each character as only an omniscient narrator would, how else would he know both the suffering and the joy simultaneously unless the characters were all a part of him, each one a strength and a weakness.

With this view, only the events during I Need U could have been real, the rest simply memories, reflections and glimpses into his imagination as he goes about his life, revisiting a now distant, traumatic yet halcyon past.

Who do you think he is? I hope you enjoyed my mini case study of the new teaser! If you would like any more theories I welcome asks! 💖

Written by Laura Cathrine. 🎀

a bunch of miscellaneous tord lab observations

alright, first the blueprints we see in the opening credits that some people have pointed out to be likely made by tord

(note: if these were made by tord this……might…..be clearest look we have of tord’s handwriting! i’ll get back to this later) 

over in the top corner on the far right it looks like a cut off at the top “nice” with what looks like a word ending in y before it. i considered it said “very nice” but the letter before the y doesnt look like r (w????)
the first cut off word looks like it is _ap? possibly p, d, b, or g

this is a lot clearer. the end of the last line may be “jet fuel” 
this looks like this could be possibly taken from some article about robots due to the “what are robots?” line which seems out of place on blueprints. 

“coils with flux capacitor dual-powered hydraulic ____ calibrate horse-power(ed) _______ be more energy/energetic _______ trust me. I ____”
this looks more like it could have been written by tord.  im guessing the part before “be more energy” is “would be more energy”  

now looking at tords lab we have a sticky note WITH A VERY GODDAMN HIGH CHANCE of being written by tord because honestly who else could have

which doesnt look pretty far off from the text in the blueprints. (albeit more cursive-ish) the “s”s also look a lot different, same with the “r”s but that can be explained by the blueprints text looking more like a font they used while this sticky note was written by hand. so this is pretty much the most accurate tord handwriting! it’s neater and prettier than i expected. 

there is some interesting things in tord’s lab. the monster blueprints have been pointed out before but whats most interesting is the elevator which IM GUESSING leads underground where the robot is being stored. but there is probably so much more shit underground……..also the plate thats probably been in there for 8 years and shows tord eats in his gross supervillain lair 

Fic Update

Summary:  A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

Read this chapter on ff.net here or on AO3 here

                                               Part Nineteen

Saint Luke’s was lit up against the night sky like a Christmas tree, the bright red EMERGENCY sign followed by an equal sided cross that was the universally recognized symbol of first aid across the Western world were both clearly visible from across the wide street as Emma parked her Bug in a miraculously open spot behind a van emblazoned on the side with the logo of a local news channel. Two more news vans were parked a little further down the block and white floodlights pierced the darkness, each coming from atop a TV camera aimed at the hospital. Emma stood next to her old yellow car for a moment and watched, taking in the stone-faced security guards who had come outside to hold the clamouring reporters at bay just outside of the entrance to the ER. They were like a flock of vultures, swooping down to pick apart the latest juicy carcass that had crossed their path until there was nothing left but the bones.

“-unconfirmed reports that Caroline Spencer, wife of longtime city councilman and mayoral hopeful Albert Spencer, was brought here to Saint Luke’s by ambulance from the Prince Hotel approximately an hour ago. A source has told us that Mrs. Spencer was found in a suite at the hotel in considerable distress and hotel security called 911. It is not known if Albert Spencer was with his wife at the time or the exact nature of her medical emergency, hospital representatives are refusing to confirm if she even is, in fact, a patient, citing confidentiality laws. We’ll remain on scene as this story continues to unfold, now back to you in the studio.”

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Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 1

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Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

So I’ve been working on this story for so long, and I really hope that it is as good as I think it is ^^’ I literally rewrote half this story (it’s long, I already have 52,000 words written for it and I’m still not done) so I’m really happy to FINALLY start posting it. Ironically, I think it’s been 6 months since I started writing this xD)
Also, Jungkook is actually not a CEO in the story, he’s just the son of one and next in line to be the CEO.

Words: 3,300
Genre: Fluff, Drama, Future Angst sorta?

Part 2

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“I don’t think so,” Jungkook laughed in disbelief, “what kind of rule is that?”

“You don’t have a choice, Jungkook.” his father’s voice rang through the corridor, shaking his head in annoyance.

Jimin and Hoseok stood behind Jungkook and looked at each other for a few seconds before Hoseok spoke up, “Sir, isn’t that deadline a little unrealistic?”

“Six months?” his father’s eyebrows raised, “I think that’s more than enough time. With his looks he could pick up any woman on the streets and she’d fall for him.”

“But any woman won’t be good enough,” Jungkook shook his head and took a deep breath, “You can’t put a time limit on finding the perfect woman.”

“You don’t need the perfect woman, you just need a wife,” his father shot, getting tired of the conversation, “Why do you think I married your mother?”

Jungkook’s patience was wearing thin and his glare was intensifying by the second, “I don’t want a marriage like yours. You two don’t love each other. She only married you for the money.”

“You have six months, Jungkook,” his father repeated, ending the conversation with no further discussion


“Can you believe that guy?” Jungkook mumbled as he threw his empty coke bottle in a trash can that they were passing by, “He expects me to find someone worth being with me in such a little amount of time?”

“Well…” Seokjin bit his lip for a second, “There are seven of us, so if we all go wife hunting, I’m sure we could find someone.”

Jungkook groaned, but most of the guys were agreeing with Seokjin, “I would rather just hire someone to marry me and then just divorce them when I find the right girl.”

Taehyung scrunched up his nose, “That sounds like a terrible plan. What if she denies getting divorced unless she’s paid a million or something? Or worse, your father won’t let you divorce her because it would hurt the company’s image.”

“But I don’t want to get married right now!” Jungkook was starting to get frustrated with his friends. He doesn’t want to be set up… and he certainly doesn’t really want to find a girl that just wants money. He couldn’t live with a woman that was like his mom. All she cares about is money.

“You could always go for an old friend or even one of our sisters or cousins if you had to.” Jimin suggested, but Yoongi’s eyebrows raised.

“My sister is off limits, though. I don’t want her to be the wife of a CEO.” he shook his head, taking a drink of his coke. The guys paused their conversation to walk inside the local coffee shop. It wasn’t a common hang out place, but it was the most private one that they knew of.

“I know that my cousin would marry you,” Namjoon offered, “She’s kinda liked you for a while. Don’t tell her I told you, though.”

Jungkook shook his head, “I’d rather not marry into anyone’s family. It would make things more complicated than it should be.”

Taehyung plopped down into a booth first as the others followed, “Well you’re low on time. You might be marrying into one of our families or just marrying a complete stranger.”

“Well,” Hoseok spoke up, “There’s always the internet.”

“No,” Jungkook shot that idea down, “I refuse to take to a sad dating website for a mate. I would rather marry Yoongi’s sister and have him kill me for doing so.”

Yoongi gave Jungkook a murderous look, “I’m glad you know your limits.”

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Nessian 18 and 16, for the prompt thing please?!

Hi nonnie, here they are…!

Prompts: “it’s ok to cry” and “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to”


Nesta had never felt so idiotic. There were many things she could deal with. Knowing that Feyre had been taken by some High Fae. Knowing that her father was sitting at home whittling figurines that would bring in a pittance when sold to travelers. Being taken from her home in the middle of the night and Made.

But this… this was too much. Sometimes, the straw that broke the camel’s back was less straw-like and more shaped like a bitter little lesser fae who thought he could take advantage of someone who hadn’t lived in Prythian for very long by treating them however he wanted. And while Nesta knew it was small, and petty, and hardly worth her time, she still wanted to punch something soft and sensitive.

“Are you ok?” Cassian knew it was Nesta’s least-favorite question, but often there was little else he could say. So he took the direct route, knowing that anything subtle or that didn’t get straight to the point would be easily deflected by her sarcasm.

“Of course. It was a simple mistake,” she answered, pacing the floor in front of their bed. Who could have known that the song she had been humming to herself while shopping had been written during the war, by humans, and was incredibly vulgar? And who could have known that her off-key rendition would have been the real reason the denizens of the Rainbow would start yelling at her to please, for the love of the Mother and the Cauldron, please shut up?

She didn’t know the words. She didn’t realize their implications. And so when the small man with pale blue skin and black eyes had come up to her with his hands on his hips, she had sized him up and asked what he was doing blocking her path.

“It’s ok to cry,” Cassian said.

“I know that,” she snapped. And of course she immediately regretted it. There were few people in the world whom she might take the time to treat in a certain fashion, and Cassian was one of them. Not that he needed to know that. At least, not yet. So she wiped away the beginnings of a tear and turned towards him in a sign of peace, one he recognized well enough.

“I’ll kick his ass if you want me to,” he continued, non-plussed by her retort. If there was anything he had learned from the past few months with Nesta, it was that her initial reaction rarely indicated her true feelings, and given how upset she was, there was probably something very, very trivial at the root of it. He’d seen her face the King of Hybern, the mortal queens, creatures that had struck fear into some of his most fearless warriors. But sometimes, the smallest things were just the perfect size for getting under one’s skin and doing the most damage.

“I can do that on my own, thank you.” She crossed her arms and strode towards him, knowing that if she approached him she would do something she regretted, but caring very little.

“What did he say to you?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Sure it does. I need to know why I’m going down there to kill someone half my size. I need a good reason.”

Nesta sighed and crossed her arms. “He said I sounded like a hyena in heat.”

Cassian’s eyebrows furrowed. “What’s that?”

“I don’t know!” With that Nesta finally burst into tears, angry with herself, angry with Cassian for seeing it, and wanting nothing more than to bury her face in his chest. She covered her face with her hands and he pulled her in close, wrapping his arms around her.

He gave her a few minutes to cry, rubbing his hand over her hair. When the sounds of her sobs slowed, “Ness?”

“Yeah?” She didn’t want to lift her head from his chest, preferring to wait until her face didn’t look so miserable. But that would mean they’d be standing like this for much longer than she felt comfortable with, so she looked up at him.

“Can I hear you sing?”

“Screw you, Cassian.”

The Cassandra Effect

Why are fandoms on tumblr determined to find something to complain about regardless of whether the negative energy that results is even worth it? Have you ever considered the amount of time spent analysing characters compared with the amount of time we actually get to spend with them? How about the fact that a really well-written character is not, traditionally speaking, supposed to be a “perfect smol” who can do no wrong? 

I don’t know about you, but in my day, the challenges our favourite characters faced was part of the fun because it mimicked… you know. Real life. Oh! The title character has an issue with people of East Asian descent? Welp. That’s eighty shades of uncomfortable! But… it’s also more likely than someone who’s automatically inclusive and has zero prejudice whatsoever because that person does not exist. My least favourite show in the world growing up was Ghost Whisperer because Jennifer Love Hewitt played a perfectly lovely lady in a perfectly lovely storyline with overly sentimental I mean perfectly lovely resolutions and nothing interesting ever happened and it sucked.

I hate to break it to you guys, but real life is a lot more like this imperfect fairy tale than you think. Without conflict, without people who express different opinions or whose attitudes stand in stark contrast with those around them, we would have no progress. Diversity is essential to life on earth –and I don’t mean diversity when it comes to ethnicity, physical appearance, or socioeconomic background. I mean the Other Stuff. The nitty-gritty stuff people don’t actually like to talk about on tumblr. 

Stuff like mental fortitude. Emotional complexity. 

Spiritual gusto.

Cassandra, let’s all admit, has flaws. She is not a perfect character with perfect behaviour and she is not supposed to be. The Tangled Team has always demonstrated a remarkable sensitivity when it comes to making our beloved characters feel real, have they not? Showing us a side of somebody that isn’t exactly pretty isn’t “questionable” or “problematic”. Those are labels used to dismiss complex behaviour. The 21st Century Internet Slang version of “Bad” and “Evil”. Cassandra’s attitude isn’t an “issue” the creators should have to scramble to adjust or fix – it’s humanity

(Also: for the record? I’m pretty sure Disney just came out with a princess movie not too long ago about how repressing your emotions can have disastrous consequences sooooooo… )

Here’s the thing. There is nobody on earth who hasn’t, at some point in their lives, been a total jackass to somebody else, even for a moment. You could come up with an endless array of reasons for a person’s behaviour and that still wouldn’t change the fact that they are, at the end of the day, still a person – with all the messy, sticky, unpleasantness that sometimes comes along with that. People (and, by extension, well-written, well-rounded characters) are individuals with free will, choice, and their own life experiences to draw from that, hey, might not actually be so different from yours if you think about it. “Calling someone out” does not change the fact that people learn and grow as they live their lives (or, in this case, as the story progresses!). Not simply as a result of being told they’re wrong or they need to change.

Rapunzel had to adapt to her circumstances in order to survive. Cassandra’s way of life has always worked very well for her. Comparing the two is not only impossible but unfair! They’re two different characters, and any discussion about development ought to take that into consideration.

Perhaps the reason people take such an issue with her is because they refuse to see themselves in her. I mean… Eugene did steal the crown. I wouldn’t exactly be jumping up and down to have him at my bffs wedding if I were her either. 

A Book Recommendation

Against the Tide  by @foleypdx  

So I read this actual rollercoaster of a book about two weeks ago. I was not okay. But that’s because this story is fucking amazing. You ever read one of those stories that just seems to propel you through the pages? 

Well, if not, strap in. If you have, you know what I’m talking about, you can prep yourself. Below are my thoughts on this incredible book that I highly recommend. (It’s even got lesbians, so like, read it, you’ll love it)

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if uve answered this already, pls ignore this but... tbh, Warriors did Squirrelflight sooo dirty. she's my fave character and they fucked with her multiple times. how do u feel abt her/how the Erins have treated her? love yr rants btw! c:

Ooooooh believe me, I agree with you, I agree so much the Erins’ eternal mistreatment of Squirrel has been pissing me off for years on end, it was half the reason I got into writing small ficlets in the first place because I needed to see a universe where she wasn’t treated like complete and utter waste. 

And honestly I don’t get it?? The Erins launched Squirrelpaw with what looked like every intention to add to their scrawny list of outspoken, stalwart pro-female cast, and then threw her under the bus. God forbid we have a striking female figure that gets through the series with her dignity intact. 

Squirrelflight is always shown to care for everyone else, she’s there for Leafpool, she’s there to comfort Brambleclaw when he realized how bad his brother actually was. She could have told him “I told you so” but she doesn’t. She’s there for Holly, Lion and Jay, comforting and scolding them, depending on whether it’s a cuddle or a shove they need. 

But what does that matter, when drama decrees she’s -not- their mother? Suddenly, not in any way whatsoever, and there’s no such thing as a time-tempered familial bond because in the Erins’ head, the twist from love to hate is sudden and irreversible and dramatic and you sit there thinking… ladies, what is this?? How can you consistently write all this bashing, this hate, this abuse, centered on a single character, and think it looks good?

For example: Brambleclaw was deputy. He is a “public figure” in the clans, he sets the example for the rest. And the Erins write how he gets away deriding Squirrel in public?? Surrounded by a bunch of others - who say nothing. No one ever tells him to go fuck himself. Deputy verbally abusing clan member = okay.

And that celebrated siblinghood between Leaf and Squirrel? Complete and utter whack. Leafpool’s canon character doesn’t care for anyone other than herself, when it comes down to it; she is never shown, from the moment she becomes -pool, to care for her sister. Never. It’s all her first, how -she- is hurting, -her- sacrifice. She IGNORES her sister’s pain in Leafpool’s Wish because she’s so caught up in her own situation. Granted, she’s got trouble on the horizon, but her only helper is heartbroken after being told she’s fucking barren, made so basically on purpose so she would help her stupid sister. Yet not so much as a single thank you, not a single sorry. Just an “oh that’s right, you can’t have babies can you” inner monologue when Squirrel can’t hide the envy in her voice. What part of that sounds like a tight-knit pair of siblings?

I said it in the super edition rant, and I repeat it now: The Erins underestimate the power of apologies. 

Squirrel never gets it. Not from Leafpool, not from either of the three (”you should have kits with Brambleclaw” tell me, exactly what iQ level is Lionblaze on?? Minus??) and certainly not from Brambleclaw, oh no good heavens no, it’s him we’re supposed to feel sorry for. Not her. 

I’m not saying that Leaf, and Bramble, and the three haven’t been in pain - that they weren’t written as having shitty times, that they weren’t in some way or other, allowed to feel that pain. But pain goes both ways. And even someone who’s hurting, when they hurt others, has to apologize for it.

But that’s never been the case with the Erins. To them, only the favoured few get apologies - the rest has to scrape by. And Squirrel is one of those characters who has to scrape by, who has to survive the occasional ooc bitch-turning because how else could the Erins ever make her resemble uncaring?? She’s been caring so. much. since day one. Others first, always. So what else could she be but completely out-of-character whenever the Erins throw her under the bus and insist otherwise??

So yes, if there was one thing, and one thing only, I could change in this series, I know what it would be. I would re-insert apologies. 

OK I saw a post that really bothered me and now I have to have a word with my fellow Clexa Fandom

Listen guys, you know I ship clexa as much as anyone else here, but I have to say…some of you guys have turned into bullies and I need to set you all straight.

OK, first let me start with an unpopular opinion, if nothing changed from season 3 to season 4 but Lexa was kept alive…she would not have stayed with Clarke. I don’t care how much the actors have said they were soulmates, they are actors were are CONSTANTLY accompanied by the CW’s public relations office people (Ricky brought it up in an interview) Actors are allowed to ship or say they prefer their character with another character but that doesn’t make it concrete.

Do you guys really think Lexa would have stayed with Clarke while they tortured Luna? Or sacrificed grounders in their quest to find a way to turn people into nightbloods? No She would have been pissed as fuck and would probably walk away from Clarke, who would not stop simply because Lexa asked. Clarke looks after her people and Lexa looks after hers, those are the reasons they couldn’t officially be together in the first place.

I bring this up because I’m sure some of the more extreme Clexas are mad that I said this, but I stand by it. I honestly don’t think Clexa was intended to be endgame. The ship was too fast paced and rushed, even Clexa fans admitted to the kiss being too soon and the sex scene? That was also too soon, too rushed.

And Clexa fans? Some of you guys have been horrible to the people who ship Lunexa (There are other Lexa ships but I can’t think of the names? There’s a Lexa x Raven ship group and I think a Lexa x Octavia ship) and anything else involving Clarke (Bellarke, Niylarke, ext.) Which is really disgusting. 

As a Clexa and a Lexa fan, I can say I would have been happy to watch a show where Clarke and Lexa didn’t get together IF that meant Lexa could have been written off with Luna (Come on, it’s literally a Childhood Friend AU right there and I’m kinda a sucker for that) and Clarke with another love interest (I kinda ship Clarke and Wells so yeah can we have wells back? Or Raven, but I also still heavily ship Anya and Raven so). Just because Lexa’s not with Clarke doesn’t mean her representation in the show would have been diminished by being with another woman.

I think Clexa has started to fog up who these characters really are. And Lexa’s characterization seems to suffer the most. Lexa’s not a broken girl who needs to do whatever Clarke says to be happy. Lexa is strong enough to walk away.

I really thought about changing my blog to be more open to more of the fandom especially people who ship minor ships. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, but I’ll post when I figure it out.

What Reylo means to me (long)

Okay Reylo fam, since we were all a bit panicking when they told us Reylo will not happen, I want to say my to cents.
There is a high probability Reylo will not happen. But I encourage you to look at the good things.
Perhaps you, like me, have grown up having a weird fascination towards the villain. Tom Riddle, anyone? Sauron, someone else? Ade from Hercules perhaps?

Since I was little, I have always been terribly fascinated by the dynamics that could ensue between heroine and villain. The problem? There weren’t heroines. Literally, every time it was a guy fighting the main baddie. Now, I know that there are some marvelous fanfictions written with this trope. But you know, representation matters, and I wanted the main character to be a girl, a girl so badass who would kick the main antagonist’s ass until he falls in love with her (and understands how fucked up he was).

That was NEVER going to happen.
Come on.
The main protagonist and hero being a girl? No way that could happen. Yes, there had been Ripley, and Sarah Connor, and a few other girls. Recently there had been Katniss. But there were such a few of them. No way I was going to have a strong, beautifully written, complex female character who was going to be the main hero of the story.
Other problem: the bad guy.
The bad guy is ALWAYS a monstrous entity. No way a romance could really ensure between the heroine and the bad guy, if I would get lucky enough to have the main heroine in a cool saga. 
And mind you, when I say monstrous entity, I say it because they are either extremely old, not entirely human evil beings; or because they are otherwordly beautiful creatures, but completely incapable of human emotions.

So, in conclusion: so few girls as the main protagonist, who’s job was to kick the bad guy’s ass; even less bad guys with whom the protagonist could at least try to communicate and overcome the differences between them and find peace.

It was something that I would have loved to have, but I was sure it was basically never going to happen.

Mostly, it would have NEVER happened in the biggest franchise in modern history.
Such a dynamic in Star Wars? AHahahah… Science Fiction. Right?

I was never happier to discover I was wrong.

And it was such an unexpected thing, that it took me a while to realize what was actually going on. I was so sure I would never get the chance to see such a dynamic played out, that I spent the first month disliking Episode VII. “It wasn’t innovative at all. Just a copy of Episode IV”, I would say. (On a certain extent, I still think that, to be honest). But the characters. Oh, the new characters. Those were different.
It took me a while.
Rey was so fucking lonely. Not even Anakin had such a hard childhood. At least he had a mother who would somehow take care of him. Rey lived as a beggar, starving every day, and utterly alone. Rey had such darkness within her. It was odd. Why was she so alone? Why did she shut away from the world in such a way?
And Finn? What about him? What made him make his choice? What did motivate him? How was his life as a non-clone in the stormtroopers? How did they brainwash him into serving the First Order? How come he didn’t give to the Brain Wash?

And Kylo Ren? Why is he so tormented? Why did he go to the dark side? Why is he so dubious? Why is he so interested in Rey?

And fuck, this fucking movie surprised me in so many ways.
I have been aching for a female Jedi, and if you don’t count the marvelous Ashoka (but she’s in the animated series, where they could be a bit bolder), I never got one. Not even in the prequels, where they could have had plenty of representation (Padmé kicked us, but she still was no Jedi, and I really needed a female Jedi).

So, when I saw that Rey was one of the main character, I was hopeful that she was the Force Sensitive, but I didn’t want to be too hopeful about it. I wasn’t sure.
They had done it in the past so many times: yeah, we are going to give you a girl who kicks ass. She is gonna be the main support for the main hero. She is gonna be badass, second only to the male hero. She is so great, she is the greatest, only the hero is better.
She was the only female, mostly. We all know that usually these girls are yes extremely cool, but no hero. Leia  and Padmé are fucking great. But they are not the main characters. Rey surely was going to be great. She was going to kick ass. She was going to be strong, and fast, and agile. But no way she was going to be the hero.

Except she fucking was. She fucking was the force sensitive one. She fucking was the one destined to follow the path of the Jedi. She fucking was the one who’s main job was to defeat the bad guy. She fucking was the hero.

I could almost cry.

And then, let’s talk about Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren and his mask. He is the bad guy. He is wearing a mask. He must be the monstrous villain. I am going to get another bad bad guy who is going to do bad bad things, perhaps redeem last second and then die. He might be extremely old under that mask. They are going to show me the face of a person who has lost all of his humanity.

So, you might understand how I felt when, while I wasn’t sure that Rey was indeed going to be the main character, and Kylo was going to be just another inhuman bad guy, like Snoke; you might understand how I felt when Rey fucking found the lightsaber. 

I was amazed.

She was the protagonist. She was the Jedi. She WAS the Jedi. A girl. The chosen one. The saber that calls to her. She was the Jedi. I finally had a female Jedi, and not a Jedi who was a supporting character, but THE Jedi of the saga.

And then, in the next scene, I have Kylo Ren being extremely interested in her, and kidnapping her carrying her in that wonderful bridal style. 
Might it be that…. ? Nah. I wouldn’t dare to hope. I was 90% sure Kylo Ren was going to be this inhuman monster. They gave me the girl Jedi, they couldn’t give me this too.

And then Kylo Ren during the interrogation removed his mask. And he wasn’t a monster. He wasn’t extremely old. He was young. He was almost her age. He was attractive. And he was extremely, painfully human, and flawed, and dubious. They connected. They empathized. They went into each other minds. They felt what the other feared, they felt what the other was suffering for. They felt each other’s hopes, and dreams. 
Two humans.
At opposite sides.
And then I have Rey proving that she’s no defenseless girl. I have Rey showing that she can easly kick his ass, first at mind probing, then using the force, and then in a duel.

So at the end of this movie in which I dared not to hope for any of this to ever happen in my life, let alone Star Wars, I got:
the main protagonist being a girl, and a Jedi, and a complex and interesting character. I got her to prove how badass she is to everyone and defeat the main guy multiple times, almost on her own. I got one of the three main bad guy being completely human and flawed. I got him to be quite young and attractive. I got them to connect.

Never, never in my wildest dreams something like this could happen.

So, I don’t fucking care if I won’t have a romantic or sexual canon Reylo. It would be awesome, of course. But there’s already a LOT. There is already much more that I ever hoped for, in the first movie only.
They might not kiss, they might not fuck. But he is going to interact with her. They are going to confront each other. They are going to make each other grow, and discover things, and learn from each other. Like they ALREADY DID.
Kylo is of course going to be redeemed. And yes, that’s mostly Leia’s job, and it wouldn’t be fair if Rey stole it from Kylo’s mother just because They Must Be Together. (This is to reassure some moderate anti who might be reading this).

But they are going to interact much and much more than they already did. The are the most important characters in the opposite side. She is the protagonist, for fuck’s sake. And he is going to be redeemed.
They are going to have a connection. They are going to have a bond.
It won’t be strictly romantic? 
It doesn’t matter.
The bond is there.
It alway will be, because it’s part of the story.
So, romantic Reylo might not be canon, but Reylo as in the means of one of the most important interaction between to characters in this sequel trilogy, is sure as hell going to happen.

And it’s still achingly beautiful, and meaningful, and profound. Whether there is “romance”, or not.

I am a woman athlete. And I’m legitimately in tears over the ending of that ladder match. Every single one of these women deserve better than to be given a shot at their moment and then get robbed of it.

I’ve busted my ass to excel at my sport for the past eight years. Worked through pain, dealt with injury, traveled long distances, lost sleep and relationships and friendships and made major life decisions based on my sport - and I don’t even get paid, I’ve spent tons of my own money to do it. (I’m watching this after playing a hard game last night and getting back in the gym today to be ready for two games next weekend.) These women have been working even harder, for even longer, and they still can’t be allowed to win their own milestone match legally. And what about the three women for whom this was not just about them, but about their family legacy? They can’t make a meaningful contribution to that because their hard work gets written off as a joke.

All the progress this could have made for the women’s division has been undermined, and then some, and even if the long game is to make something else come out of this (read: make people watch Smackdown to see how it pans out), it’s ridiculously fucking shitty and insulting.

The things that give me hope for women in WWE right now are the Mae Young Classic, and the amazing women of NXT who are actually allowed to have personae further outside of the “diva” mold. That’s a topic for another post, but the message this match sends is that women will never be treated equally in WWE. Which many of us probably knew, but it hurts to be reminded.

I consider myself extremely lucky to play roller derby: a sport that was revived by and for women, in which attempts to undermine that legacy can and do get called out. We may not have the “legitimacy,” we may not have the coverage, but at least this shit doesn’t happen.
Very secret mark

So basically the relationship between the reader and him hasn’t gone public yet. Very few people know, that includes their families. But the viewers have noticed that mark has been happier than usual lately and also that he’s been looking behind the camera more often. Fans are starting to ask who else is in the room and what could he possibly be distracted by, but majority dont pay attention to that. At a convention he’s supposed to attend to, fans spot you and mark on several different accounts and more questions appear. Finally in a best friend/girlfriend tag, he reveals who’s been making him happy throughout the many months Plz tag or notify me if you have written this out. Thx

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You know looking back on it

If Danny phamtom was written by someone else it would have been one of the darkest western animated shows in its time.

The idea of spirits coming back from the dead and haunting, manipulating, and trying to gain power of the human world is terrifying

Like there could have been an episode about someone who recently died and became a ghost but didn’t realize that they were dead. Their ghost powers acting up and they try to go back to their old normal life, and Danny has to set them straight and have them come to terms with their own death.

It was also implied in “the ultimate enemy” that Danny ’s ghost half is evil. They could of have Danny fighting against his ghost half internally for dominance to do the right thing like Venom and Spiderman. Showing Danny’s inner strength or seeing of there is a different personality that takes over when he becomes a ghost.

Also Youngblood is a really messed up character. He’s a kid ghost. Dude he’s 5 or something, and that’s someone’s dead son, brother, or little nephew. screwing around haunting people it’s kinda sick. The show never played up the dark potential, and that’s just some of the stuff they could of used , and it was surprisingly light hearted.

But I do wonder what the show would look like if someone did to Danny Phantom what Bruce Timm did to Batman the animated series.

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i've requested this before on other blogs buuuttt: scenario where the karusuno team has this best friend? like shes best friends with the entire team and therye all really close with her especially the third years and shes smol and cute and v v stubborn and shes basically like the little sister of the team and one day during volleyball practice they see her being bullied by some other guys from the school outside the school gym? ifitstoomanycharactersyoucouldjustputthethirdyearsin c:

also like i said shes really realy stubborn so even when the guys see her being bullied she like refuses their help also because she doesnt want to be a burden to them? sorry if this is too specific!

Heyyy! I think I’ve seen this request on a few blogs and their writing is REALLY good lol So this asks for the whole team, which I don’t mind too much! :D Thanks for requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Karasuno: Rescuing Bullied Reader

Your hands and knees stung from being scraped against the dirt in the courtyard, and you internally groaned knowing that your knee high socks were ruined with dirt and tears. You sighed as you turned to face the guys, the very same ones who’d been doing it for the past couple of weeks, who’d pushed you into the dirt today. “Ha ha, very funny. What do you want?” You asked blandly as you stared up at them, knowing if you got to your feet that they’d only push you back down again. They needed that power over you. They needed to see you staring up at them as if they were gods.

They only saw boredom in your eyes though. You’d been tired of their antics from day one, but hadn’t found any way to fight back. Which is why they kept pestering and bullying you. “Give us your notes.” One of them demanded, reaching down and yanking your messenger back off of you roughly. It hurt. It hurt when the strap dug into your skin or the rough pulling caused your shirt to rise a bit out of your skirt and cause your skin to press into the gravely dirt underneath you. But you didn’t cry you, you only leaned back on your palms and watched them rifle through all your things, leaving papers they didn’t need to flutter to the ground. Some even flew off when a particularly strong gust of wind blew through the courtyard.

You were probably more upset over the lost homework than you were about them going through your things.

“How sad are the two of you to be picking on a girl?”

The two boys picking on you froze before turning their heads to look behind them, making you follow their gaze and feel your stomach drop when you noticed a familiar tall blond standing not too far away with a smirk on his face. You also took note that Yamaguchi wasn’t with him, and to your utter shame you realized he’d probably panicked and ran off to get the rest of the team.

You dropped your gaze to your skinned knees, your lips twisting into a frown and your eyebrows furrowing together as you tried to think of a way to get around being the focus of the team as they all rushed out.

“Get away from her, you punks!” You heard Tanaka and Nishinoya yell at them after they’d thrown open the gym doors to see the confrontation. You didn’t lift your eyes from your ruined socks, feeling the cool air stinging at your raw skin, but knowing if you looked up that you wouldn’t be able to contain your relief. You didn’t want them to know how much you truly appreciated their care.

The two bullies, who were first years like you, dropped your notes and took off towards the campus gates to get away from the obvious delinquents the second years were. Your eyes traveled from your skinned knees, from the dried blood, to your notes splayed along the floor. Ruined. Torn to pieces and, now due to the disturbed gravel revealing a puddle of melted snow underneath, soaked. It was going to take you almost three more hours of effort and research to get through your homework. Not that you even had your homework to work on.


You didn’t look up at the sound of Suga’s soft voice. You could tell that he had kneeled next to you, his own bare knees being bitten into by the gravel underneath, but that he wasn’t going to get any closer until he was sure you were okay with it. You could see Daichi out of the corner of your eye, Asahi at his shoulder, both of them watching you with concern. When Asahi saw that you’d gotten hurt, you felt his anger more than saw it, and you heard his retreating steps into the gym. You knew he’d gone to get the first aid kit to clean you up.

From the sounds of it, Nishinoya and Tanaka had come back from chasing off the bullies, and were standing behind where you were on the floor.

Pride was something you held dear to your heart. It was something you cherished very much. With that though, came severe stubbornness. You’d come to not show when you needed help, or when you wanted to talk, or when you were in pain or having trouble with anything at all in life. The only time you’d open up just a little with any of the Karasuno team was when they’d catch you in the act and practically rag on you until you told them what was happening.

Now wasn’t the time to be stubborn though. As much as it pained you to do so, you brought your eyes from your ruined papers to look up at everyone around you. Daichi still stood to your left, not getting too close but not straying too far, knowing that Suga was capable of taking care of you, but wanting you to understand that he was there for you as well. Suga, who was kneeling to your right, had his gaze on your skinned knees, and when he reached out he gently took one of your hands in both of his. You were pressing most of your upper body weight into your left elbow now, watching his gentle brown hues look at your indented palm; You could see the flash of pain in his eyes when he noticed you were still bleeding from your fall. Asahi had come back with the first aid kit, and, without you realizing it, had already started cleaning up your knees carefully; He’d already bandaged one of them, and you were surprised you didn’t even feel the antiseptic. It must have been his gentle touch that had been sure of that.

Nishinoya and Tanaka were behind you, but knew that looking at you would only make you feel awkward and embarrassed, so they had their backs to you. They were your watchdogs. It was almost amusing how they even had their hands on their hips with their chests puffed out. They were your superheroes. Ennoshita was standing near the gym doors, his hand on the metal, almost as if he’d been holding himself back from doing the same as his classmates. Although the logic in him had set in just before he took off, and he’d decided that they had it handled.

Hinata and Kageyama had gotten out of the gym right after Tanaka and Nishinoya, but had stopped when they’d approached Tsukishima, Yamaguchi not far after them. Now the first years, except Tsukishima, had their eyes on you, furrowed eyebrows and concern painting their expressions. Tsukishima wasn’t looking at you at all. He turned his eyes to the ruined paperwork on the floor. He was the first to move, apart from Suga and Asahi, and walked to your ruined paperwork before picking it up. His golden hues looked at the writing on the paper as best as its conditions would allow before he glanced over at you, “You can borrow my homework and notes if you ask politely.”

Suga frowned deeply and opened his mouth to chastise Tsukishima for being so rude after such an event, but stopped when he saw your reaction.

The casualty of Tsukishima’s tease and the familiarity of his playful smirk had been what broke the tense atmosphere. You broke down with it. Tears flowed freely, but you couldn’t stop yourself from smiling and laughing softly. You thought maybe you were going insane, but the idea that all these wonderful people had come to your rescue, had come to take care of you and your injuries, and even your ruined classwork, made you realize just how lucky you were. And how silly it was for you to act so strong when you had so many pillars of support and understanding.

Soon enough, your laughter had Daichi and Suga chuckling along, which then caused everyone else to relax a little and release their concern in some much needed giggles. You were okay. You had so many people who cared for you. And, you realized, it was okay to ask for help. They weren’t going to judge you one bit.

Hmmmmmmmm…. I kind of love/hate this…. Like I LOVE how I made Tsukishima break the ice, but…. I feel like it could have been written a bit better T~T

To All Fanfic Writers

I spoke to someone today, and told her, during our conversation, that I wrote fanfics for Arrow. She looked at me for a moment before scrunching her face and asked me in a very patronizing tone, “Why?” 

Her reaction made me pause.  

Patronizing tone aside, that one word held so many questions. Why was I writing something for a fandom when I could be writing something else? Why was I writing about characters that have already been written about? Why was I even writing? 

In the moment it took me to answer these questions to myself, I realized how many people there are in our lives who frown upon one writing fanfiction and “wasting our time”. Mind you, I’m not saying all the people are that way, but there are many who do not stop in cutting you down and this, for me, is the reason I am writing this right now. 

Why do we write? 

For me, personally, I write because I love words. I love creating universes with characters that I know, putting them in situations unlike in the canon and seeing how they react. I love to take those characters and make them my own, making myself fall in love with them in the process, each one different from the other yet similar at the core. I write because there are people like me who love this fandom and love to read what I have written. I write because I have a story to share. 

My writing takes time and sweat and emotions and everything. But it is worthwhile. The people who read and give me all the support make it worthwhile. 

I don’t know what your reasons are to write, my fellow writers. But don’t let anyone ever cut you down for it, even if you don’t have all the answers. 

Be proud. Each and every one of you. 

Whether you write long fanfics or short, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you write and you make an effort. What matters is that you put in a part of your life into it. What matters is that you tell stories. You are a part of something bigger. 

So, keep writing. Keep writing because you love it and there are people who love you for it. Keep writing for yourself and for them. Don’t stop. 

It takes a lot of courage to put a piece of yourself out there. And each and everyone of you should be commended on doing that. There will always be people who would not understand that fanfiction is not a gum under their shoe. Let them be. They don’t matter. 

You matter. Your writing matters. 

You owe it to yourself. You deserve it.

Be proud of being a fanfiction writer. 

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hey could I ask where you heard about the accusations being from a sasaeng? ive barely been able to sleep bc I was so worried about whether or not it's true 😷

I also have hardly slept as well love


This woman basically had written a similar post before. Yet before all her facts about Baekho’s middle school and family were wrong. So she re-wrote the post and changed all of it. This isn’t necessarily a saesang, it could be anyone.

I’m just saying it is likely as who else would want to destroy his career in such a way.

But, above anything else, we need to wait for Pledis to include of all this in their official statement. 

On Clichés and Why You Should Avoid Them

I’ve been doing this blog for a long time, and in that time I’ve pointed out a lot of clichés in applications.  

Every single time I point out a cliché ten people come out of the woodwork to say, “I did that and it worked for me!”

Which is true. Of course it did. Clichés are cliché for a reason, because a lot of people do them and they work for many. Most people don’t get into school on being unique. They get in on being qualified. So their essay about their service trip and supplement about being a three season athlete gets them into Wash U in St Louis.*

(*The above person is my boyfriend, who has a masters degree and is successful in his career and I love him very much despite his complete lack of imagination on his undergrad application).

However, there’s something to be said for having a shred of originality. Most of the people who apply to any given school are qualified, but originality helps you sparkle in a sea of other just-as-qualified applicants.

Qualified gets you considered, originality gets you read with interest.

It’s what gets you in while you’re sitting in committee being compared to ten other people who are exactly the same as you.

It’s what gets your bored reader who has read ten essays about Harry Potter in a row to sit up, read with interest, and give you the slightly higher score when you were borderline.

It’s possible to do a generic topic with some originality. You might not have a great super unique experience to write about, most of us don’t.

But you can write with such specificity and with unique voice. You can insert originality so that your sort of vanilla topic has a cool and interesting balsamic note.

Pick what you want to write about, and then get so specific that nobody else could write the same thing.

I’ve been given a lot of advice on essays from a lot of people who work in admissions. They’re not looking for unique topics. They don’t expect them. A poorly written essay on a unique topic is still poorly written. But an essay that is actually original (and is therefore very interesting to read) is a treat. Give your reader a treat and strive for originality.