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To All Fanfic Writers

I spoke to someone today, and told her, during our conversation, that I wrote fanfics for Arrow. She looked at me for a moment before scrunching her face and asked me in a very patronizing tone, “Why?” 

Her reaction made me pause.  

Patronizing tone aside, that one word held so many questions. Why was I writing something for a fandom when I could be writing something else? Why was I writing about characters that have already been written about? Why was I even writing? 

In the moment it took me to answer these questions to myself, I realized how many people there are in our lives who frown upon one writing fanfiction and “wasting our time”. Mind you, I’m not saying all the people are that way, but there are many who do not stop in cutting you down and this, for me, is the reason I am writing this right now. 

Why do we write? 

For me, personally, I write because I love words. I love creating universes with characters that I know, putting them in situations unlike in the canon and seeing how they react. I love to take those characters and make them my own, making myself fall in love with them in the process, each one different from the other yet similar at the core. I write because there are people like me who love this fandom and love to read what I have written. I write because I have a story to share. 

My writing takes time and sweat and emotions and everything. But it is worthwhile. The people who read and give me all the support make it worthwhile. 

I don’t know what your reasons are to write, my fellow writers. But don’t let anyone ever cut you down for it, even if you don’t have all the answers. 

Be proud. Each and every one of you. 

Whether you write long fanfics or short, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you write and you make an effort. What matters is that you put in a part of your life into it. What matters is that you tell stories. You are a part of something bigger. 

So, keep writing. Keep writing because you love it and there are people who love you for it. Keep writing for yourself and for them. Don’t stop. 

It takes a lot of courage to put a piece of yourself out there. And each and everyone of you should be commended on doing that. There will always be people who would not understand that fanfiction is not a gum under their shoe. Let them be. They don’t matter. 

You matter. Your writing matters. 

You owe it to yourself. You deserve it.

Be proud of being a fanfiction writer. 

anonymous asked:

Something I have been wondering about. Simon had never considered that Bram could be Blue. He was hoping it was Cal, he was attracted to him. Simon fell in love with Blue, the boy he e-mailed with. Do you think in the end, Simon was more in love with the idea of Blue than Bram when Bram revaled himself? Was Bram more into Simon than Simon was into Bram?

Hi! Thanks for the question. I hope I’m able to answer it well enough!

I believe that Simon is in love with Blue, the boy he e-mailed with. And I also believe, with how their interaction is written, Simon is totally happy with the outcome of Bram being Blue. He totally fit the slot of Blue is. Who else could Blue have been once he found out? And for Simon never considering that Bram could be Blue, it was more that Simon is sort of… clueless when it comes to details sometimes. He noticed that Cal had blue eyes like the ocean, which are two things he associated with Blue because 1. the colour blue.  and 2.  the short thing Blue wrote about swimming to someone else’s shore (sorry I can’t get the quote right this moment D:). Simon mostly hoped Blue was Cal because of that. Not to say he wasn’t attracted to Cal. He totally was. But once he found out Blue was not Cal via email, he stopped thinking of Cal of possibly being Blue, and there was less interest in him. He was still attracted to him, but he loved Blue. Which is why things ended the way he did, and he apologized for guessing wrong and deciding to meet up. I’d also like to note that Simon is totally attracted to Bram, he think’s he’s cute and always totally notices him whenever they see one another. 

As for Bram being more into Simon and Simon was into Bram, it’s a possibility. We see things mostly from Simon’s pov, so it’s hard to say. But I would like to mention that Becky did reveal that Bram has had a crush on Simon since before they started emailing one another anonymously. Which is why he was sort of hoping it was Simon that he was emailing. 

I hope this answers your question anon! Feel free to ask more questions! :D

You know looking back on it

If Danny phamtom was written by someone else it would have been one of the darkest western animated shows in its time.

The idea of spirits coming back from the dead and haunting, manipulating, and trying to gain power of the human world is terrifying

Like there could have been an episode about someone who recently died and became a ghost but didn’t realize that they were dead. Their ghost powers acting up and they try to go back to their old normal life, and Danny has to set them straight and have them come to terms with their own death.

It was also implied in “the ultimate enemy” that Danny ’s ghost half is evil. They could of have Danny fighting against his ghost half internally for dominance to do the right thing like Venom and Spiderman. Showing Danny’s inner strength or seeing of there is a different personality that takes over when he becomes a ghost.

Also Youngblood is a really messed up character. He’s a kid ghost. Dude he’s 5 or something, and that’s someone’s dead son, brother, or little nephew. screwing around haunting people it’s kinda sick. The show never played up the dark potential, and that’s just some of the stuff they could of used , and it was surprisingly light hearted.

But I do wonder what the show would look like if someone did to Danny Phantom what Bruce Timm did to Batman the animated series.

anonymous asked:

Not the same anon, but when you say you can't see what Damon could do for anyone in a relationship, is that because of who the character is or just because of the way he's written? Because if it's the latter, I agree, He's written like a black hole. But I think he easily could have been written in a way where he would have something to give to someone else. They just never had the skill or the inclination or the whatever to do that.

Well if Damon was written entirely differently then yes, of course he could have something to offer but that means, for me, that the Damon on the show has to be completely gone like no semblance to who he is now. Not even ok but if you started from season 2, like Damon would just have to be rewritten all the way through.

I’m not super-rich- I’m no superstar

As usual, I have to do everything around here.

Classic film stars I resemble- Well, it’s really just Anita Beber, and I don’t even really look that much like her, but no one else dyed their hair red in those days, and she’s good enough for me.

Fictional characters I remind you all of- Jack Fairy.  Francis, from The Secret History.  A fabulous minor character from a Poppy Z. Brite novel who in no way dies horribly, but is just fabulous in the background.  A red-haired Patsy Stone.   Halloween Jack.  In fact, I now remind you all of all red-haired iterations of David Bowie.  It cannot be undone.

Songs that could have been written about me- Prince Charming- Adam and the Ants; The Damned Don’t Cry- Visage; Lexicon Devil- The Germs; Fangs In My Mouth- Li’l Cap’n Travis; Because I Do- X.

Thank you, and good night.

cyberamethyst  asked:

steven universe (or nostalgia critic) for the ask meme

ill do both

least fav SU character: ehhhhh probably lapis, because her character is kind of inconsistent, the writers made her a deadpan snarker who hangs around with peridot but not too much else. i wish we got more details on her, the abuse narrative was interesting but on her own she doesnt have much to offer. she could have been written better im sure but the show just didnt give her enough 

least fav NC character: i usually say uncle lies / aunt despair bc they scare the shit out of me but i do like them as characters, so ill try to change it up…..probably douchey, because while i appreciate him as a means to make fun of sexist fanboys, hes kind of strawman compared to other characters and also deliberately annoying. i havent seen most of his episodes though so maybe this isnt very fair 

I’m a force of nature.

Rowena in 11x03 “The Bad Seed”

I like how they parallel her with the Darkness here, who, I guess, one could call exactly that:a force of nature. And of course in some proximity they are “bound” in so far that Rowena own the “Book of the Damned” that was written by a nun who got visions of Darkness and that Dean reacted to the same when he held it as he did in the beginning of this episode. Furthermore, Rowena and the Darkness have something else in common: they’ve both been left out. The Darkness was sealed away, Rowena wasN’t allowed to practice magic anymore, forbidden by the Grand Coven. Shared experience. I am really curious to see when Amara and herr will cross path. And how that will turn out for Crowley. I assume not good.

headcanon time

Sam Wilson is a fuCKING LEGEND among PJ’s. He’s got more confirmed saves than any other PJ on record, living or deceased. His work on the Exo project only compounded his hero status. Occasionally he meets a vet who’s completley star struck that he’s counselling at the VA when he could have written a book and lived large off the profits. 

Rhodey knew of him before anyone else because he was such a big deal. If Riley hadn’t died he’d have been toe-to-toe with Sam, and the two-man team were known as the Rowdy Angels. 

So Steve is pleasantly surprised when Sam, who usually shies from the limelight and doesn’t get asked for autographs is run down by a group of starry-eyed cadets asking him about his saves.  

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hp and the leaked play

bad ending: the cursed child’s leaked plot is a fake but the actual play is boring. it is technically better written and with a coherent plot but is ultimately boring and forgettable compared to the fake plot

good ending: the leak is fake and the actual play is decent if not good. it satisfies most hp fans who were eager for new original content. however, everyone remembers the leak and draw fanart/make parody fics of what could have been. it becomes the next my immortal. future fans will likely end up out of the loop. 

true ending: the leak is real. everyone who loves ridiculous and terrible works of fiction celebrates as everyone else watches in horror. its infamy makes the play more well known and thus more popular, and becomes a big success. everyone lives in a world where a canon harry potter work is more ridiculous than real fanfiction. 

Making some sense of the Oregon standoff:

So as I mentioned in another post, I have actually published a book about the kind of right wing militia group that took over the federal building in Oregon. While it took me a book to try to explain why such groups rose, why their members want what they want and why these groups eventually declined, a few thoughts from my way of looking at this question:

1. The group in Oregon is a branch of the militia movement known as the Constitutionalists. The Constitutionalists, among other things, have concocted a theory of liberty and the Constitution that creates two classes of citizens: people who could have been citizens of the United States when the Constitution was written, referred to as “Sovereign Citizens,” and everyone else.

People who could have been citizens of the United States at the time of the writing of the Constitution include people like, well, me: white, male, property-holding, etc. Such people, according to the Constitutionalists, have special rights under the Constitution. The theory is that such people (me!) are Sovereign Citizens: we are the people who made the social contract that the Constitution represents, and by definition we cannot agree to any transgressions of our rights on the part of the State we created to PROTECT our rights. This, in turn, empower us – again, I mean people like me, whose ancestors could have been citizens of the US when the Constitution was written – to nullify or otherwise refuse to follow federal and state laws that we find inimical to our rights. We are the Sovereigns since we made the contract. The State is our servant.

2. This is the source of such group’s claims that the federal government has no authority over them; that only duly representative legal agencies in force BEFORE the Constitution was written can have legal authority about Soveriegn Citizens. And since the federal government cannot have, by definition, existed before the Constitution was written, its agents (Law enforcement or the IRS!) cannot have power over the Sovereign Citizen.

3. Everyone else – women, minorities, immigrants, etc. – are 14th Amendment citizens. They were guaranteed their rights by the 14th Amendment. This allegedly means that they are NOT Sovereign Citizens since they were made citizens BY the Constitution, rather than MAKING the Constitution as such. Hence women, minorities, etc., have no rights beyond those granted – or taken away – by federal action (court orders, laws, etc.).

4. All of this is crazy. All of this is BS. After all, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t even AT the Constitutional Convention, much less signed a social contract about it. But it’s what they believe, and it informs their action.

5. Similar to the Cliven Bundy standoff, the worst thing the government could do is rush in with guns and try aggressive law enforcement. This just feeds the militia narrative of an abusive State. Besides, the underlying crime(s), whether trespassing or illegal ranching, are NOT DEATH PENALTY OFFENSES. There is no reason to storm in and fire away to remove trespassers, even armed ones, likely causing the deaths of both the militia and many law enforcement officers. In any case, these guys will eventually give up, and can always be arrested in a grocery store or something when there’s no group of armed reactionaries defending them. (I was surprised Cliven Bundy did not meet such a fate.) Or, if they stay, they effectively imprison themselves. We do NOT need another Ruby Ridge or Waco, two colossal government fuck ups that did not in any way justify the militia movement, but undoubtedly empowered it.