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Do you still believe in jonsa? :( I really want them to be together :( I want to believe jon is playing daenerys i can't just accept he would bend the knee easily!

Hi sweet anon,

I do still believe in Jonsa. I’ll always believe in it, until the last ASOIAF book comes out to prove me wrong.

Jon and Sansa’s relations have been set up and written to be romantic – both in the show and in the book in my opinion. Not for a one-night stand, not for sexual tension, not for political marriage; but for finding comfort in each other, safety, trust, peace, love and family, something that nobody else in the World could give them. All they long for is the North, the Starks, their family and their home, and who could understand that better than they do themselves? Who else could understand their pain?

Let’s look back:

They had the most emotional reunion out of all characters on the show. None of the men in castle black have looked at them and thought they were siblings. They all must’ve thought they were long-lost lovers. 

The stare™ and the cheesy smile:

When was the last time Jon or Sansa laughed like this? Who else makes them happy like this? 

LOOK AT THIS!!!! For god’s sake if my sibling looked at me like this I would’ve called the police by now

Now, the letter from Ramsay. Look at how he looks as Sansa to check up on her before reading the letter. 

When it got to the r*pe bit, Jon threw it away and looked away in anger.

When Sansa carries on reading, look at his face. Look how gently he lookes at her.   

He loves her.

Now, for the fur-coat scene. This is important - Sansa tells Jon “You are a Stark” without really saying anything. 

For god’s sake look at him

Then the heated argument in the tent. (can you imagine if this was Jon with another specific character arguing in a dark tent while breathing heavily? the internet would go crazy) Jon was really trying to be angry here, but couldn’t. He still looks at her like this: 

“I won’t EVER let him touch you again. I’ll protect you I promise”.

We all know Jon’s reaction to Ramsay mentioning Sansa in his bed *kill bill sirens* Have you ever seen Jon being so protective over anyone like that before? 

I also found interesting how Jon found and was looking at Sansa when the Vale’s army marched in:

After the battle, Sansa was the only reason he didn’t beat Ramsay to death. 

And then the forehead kiss. 

This is not a brother showing affection to his sister. This is something else. This is far too loving, far too intimate, far too long.

And then another stare.

Then, she makes him laugh once again, like nobody else does.

And she finally looks happy. 

And when Jon becomes the King in the North, he looks at her. 

Continuing into season 7, we’ve got this gem, where Littlefinger says he loves Sansa and Jon gives us one of his angriest moments in the show:

He entrusts Sansa with his kingdom and his people

and he tenderly looks back to look at her one last time before he sets off

And lastly, the thought of her is the only thing that stops him from killing Theon.

I know this got long, sorry, but there are so many little moments, touches and looks that are so important. We know they’ve been rushing the show, they’ve been rushing J0nerys, but they haven’t rushed this. Why? Why haven’t they rushed Jon and Sansa and concentrated on them building trust for each other? Their affection for each other? 

Because, dear anon, I believe that Jon and Sansa will end up together. And you should too! 


Anyone who’s been following this blog knows I call it like I see it, and I don’t hold back judgment under most circumstances. So I’m going to be blunt.

This was as close to perfection as anyone could have reasonably asked for. This was the most intense, thrilling, satisfying possible way to cap off what I consider to be probably the single greatest achievement in modern animation. 

There’s just nothing else I can say. I will maintain that Stan Pines is the best-written character in all of fiction until I find a reason to think otherwise. This series is an absolute treasure and and I would like to thank Alex Hirsch for bringing it to life. Preferably in person, but what can you do. I know that he was burning out by the end of the series and I wish the best for him, but I genuinely hope his career in animation is long and productive because with this kind of a first effort, there is no ceiling for him. 

The second half of Weirdmageddon 3 gets an 11/10. There’s simply nothing else that could possibly fit.

I see a lot of writing tips and I post a lot of writing tips but I feel like I’ve been forgetting the most important one: you’ve gotta learn to trust yourself.

And I don’t mean that in sort of “uwu have faith in yourself! You can do it!!” kind of way. I’m not here to repeat empty affirmations–I’m saying you’ve consumed a lot of media over the years. You know what you like and what you don’t like. You have good taste. 

But if you’re like me, all that certainty goes out the window when you’re writing your own stuff. “Will the readers like that?” you think. “This is too weird. It’s unrelatable. Nobody else’s story looks like this–I must be doing something wrong.”

“This is silly,” you tell yourself. “Why do I even bother?”

And when you start doubting yourself like that, that’s the moment you stop creating. You get blocked and stressed and it gets all too easy to fall back on cliches and stereotypes. You start stripping away the things that make the story uniquely yours in order to make it look more like everyone else’s. 

Which is infinitely sad. 

You’ve lived a life no one else has seen, and you have ideas that nobody else in the world could think of. Even if the story has been ‘done’ before, there’s nobody else who can tell it like you. You can start with the most ‘cliche’ idea ever, but if you come at it with any measure of emotional honesty, it’ll still be new–because it’s being told by you. 

I just finished a draft of a book that’s probably the most painful thing I’ve written so far. It’s way out of my comfort zone, and I had to explore aspects of myself I prefer not to think about. I did a lot of second guessing, and a good bit of whimpering facedown on the floor because writing is scary and hard. 

And rereading the draft now, the absolute best parts are the bits where I gave up on convention and I wrote what I wanted exactly the way I wanted to write it. Yeah, it’s kinda silly and kinda dumb and kinda just a big load on nonsense–but it’s MY nonsense. If people like it, great. Wonderful. If they don’t like it, well–reading is a subjective experience, and maybe my work just isn’t for them. That’s okay. 

Be you. Be honestly, genuinely you. It’s a scary, vulnerable position to put yourself in, but… Even if you’re one in a million, there are 7,000 people just like you–and that’s 7,000 people who will read your work and go “this writer gets me.”

Write it for them. Write it for you. Create shamelessly. Learning to write is only half learning the craft–the other half is learning to trust in the value of the things you have to say.

Eyes speak so much louder than words and gestures. A glance can make someone feel completely ecstatic or entirely depressed. It could lift them into air, and it could drop them mercilessly just as fast. Words and actions are meaningless when compared with the language of the eyes. A flick, a flutter, or a glance convey love or pure hatred so much better. Ironically, they can make or break a relationship. Emotions are just concentrated in a person’s eyes. A window to their heart, perhaps. Just like how a clear glass shows what it’s holding inside. Almost see through for the ones who really try. However, it could be foggier than a London’s winter day for the ones who don’t really try to look. You can only find out how real a person’s feelings are by letting go of any prior expectations. Let it go, and stare on. Like, have you ever had feelings for someone that it was just clear as light to everyone around? You could have been oblivious to it. Hell, the person you harbored feelings for could have been oblivious to it too, but everyone else knew. Your feelings were just written in your eyes. You might have not spoken a word about it to anyone, but your eyes spoke way before your lips did. You can’t be ignorant with feelings. So open your eyes and look around. Figure out who really loves you, who is faking their love, and who is hiding their love behind a fog. You can ever know which angel is hiding behind Satan’s horns without really looking. At the end of the day, it’s the subtle things that really matter.
—  modestybae 
Sum up of Homestuck fandom after [S] Cascade.

(2011) Homestuck as a general phenomenon was very active and developed at a very swift pace from the time it was published (2009) onwards, especially in 2012-2013, including and past the first years of the Homestuck Kickstarter Project, a.k.a Hiveswap.

Between 2009 and 2012, Homestuck as a webcomic was infamous for updating daily, constantly, multiple times a day, at all hours, for years. There was a remarkable cold calculated average that Homestuck updated 5.5 pages per day, dropping entire bundles of updates of character interaction and plot reveals frame by frame, posted as fast as Hussie could write it. Though it wasn’t immediately obvious, this pace was literally sleeplessly breakneck, Hussie allegedly didn’t do anything but live, breathe and dream Homestuck for at least four years straight. I’m serious when I say updates came at all hours. I would wake up 2am on a week night and idly check MSPA to see if there was a new update, sort of like a trained parrot. Then in five minutes I’d tab back over to the Homestuck tab and refresh, just in case. 

This lead to an phenomenon appropriately dubbed “upd8 culture,” which became the basis of the sheer evangelical furor people still associate with the Homestuck fandom. Quick history: MSPA fans originated and migrated over from the Penny Arcade forums, Reddit, and 4chan to nestle permanently within the bowels of 2011 - 2013 tumblr, and were best described from a distance as ‘zealous.’ Even remembering it now almost feels remembering a distant riot. If you didn’t cosplay, write up a detailed theory post, or scribble up a crazy level of appropriately detailed fanart within 10 or so minutes any given upd8, you were buried under the force of post overload and were officially late to the party. Even after years of this, fans had some idea of just how dedicated it came off of, which spurred on fandom and made Homestuck into the most meme filled in-joke community you could possibly imagine. 

What’s frustrating about describing Homestuck and Homestuck fandom is they both heavily affected each other and were both unique phenomenons within themselves, which makes actually trying to get across the atmosphere and of the early 2010s a really a wordy process. I could tell you Homestuck heyday updates regularly crashed tumblr servers, which became an actual funny fake rss way of seeing how much the plot progressed that day, or could have been because tumblr servers even in 2011-2013 were not very robustly programmed. I could tell you Homestuck dominated tumblr to the point it had a virulent hatedom of people who had never even read it and constantly saw it and never understood what was happening in it, and everyone else couldn’t stop themselves from chattering about it all the time. One thing that has to be noted is all this continual bickering and movement and development and competitive content production was honestly fun as hell. 

Popular fan theories had multiple fanfictions written on them just to better explain what might happen, and reoccurring fanart traits and fanfictions were constantly being corrected, updated, and replaced by a deluge of new information and characters to pore over every single detail with a fandom magnifying glass. Canon and fanon both directly pulled from each other, especially in the small details. I don’t know how many hyper ambitious fandom projects, games, animations, multi media fanstories were abandoned for new starts JUST because the information they were working off became too outdated. There were always running projects of painstaking collaboration of organizers, voice actors, programmers, artists, writers, etc. I think some fanventures are still doing that to this day, and back in 2012 there was the  exciting happenstance of the Homestuck Shipping Olympics, which was overwhelmed with applications for the years it ran.

As even a casual reader, you just read the upd8 and threw everything you had out there for scrutiny until it was kind of clear what could be scoured from the newest upd8, for your own rigorously interpreted and analyzed theory and making posts about it. What constant updates to canon meant in conjunction with Hussie’s oddly accurate tabs on fandom theory was you had to do whatever you were doing fast, or you would be outdated, wrong, inaccurate, or irrelevant at some undisclosed unspecific time, very soon. As the fandom grew bigger and younger Hussie seemed to shade more politic in his fandom communication, but it still always felt like an “open channel” call and response between fandom and comic, at every second.

Another aspect feeding upd8 culture was in the actual writing and content of Homestuck. One thing Homestuck didn’t lack for was constant barely solvable mystery. Part of my extreme willingness to take part in Homestuck fandom was that Homestuck was so crammed to the brim with open ended creative potential, just the cool ideas and plot mechanics and vivid characters presented with actually innovative framing that had really good ideas and existed literally nowhere else, and I say that as a huge sci-fi fan. Time travel in Homestuck was excellent. It was an ambitious story and I really do think it pulled it off. 

There were also factors of style, innovation and novelty that I think affected the diversity of fan output. Even small things like the definition of a “page,” or even a “webcomic” became malleable within Homestuck. A page could range from single static scribble gif image to a 3 hr fully programmed rpg or 18 minute asset heavy style swapping animation, or most commonly, sprite art followed by several hundred words of dialogue and character interaction. Pages came by different artists, different styles, different mediums, different paces and focuses, but with a breadth-spanning understanding of the internet. Homestuck was once described as the fossilized excrement of someone’s personal creative experiments, and I can’t help but think that’s a good way of putting it. Innovation and excitement teemed off the page, and straight into a staggeringly wide variety of fanfiction and art, in style, content, theme, and pov. 

Lastly, Hussie had a tendency to canonize fan content and hire fanartists and fananimators if their output was solid enough with a gentle horse kiss of approval and a naturally internet-transparent hiring process and the assumption people understood internet courtesy, like a forum. This was a purposely fostered atmosphere in the spirit of experimental adventure, and was just fucking nuts. Fans never wrote the story, but they did heavily influence aspects of how it was told and where it went (by design, fans were pretty much involved in making the comic) and even get to actually flesh out the details, like the main character’s names, memes, romances, character, and scope. Everything from canon sprite art to Caliborn’s character to Calliope’s art skill to music and trickster arcs were all originally based on years of fan jokes and fanon. Homestuck was definitely Hussie’s sole property and precious baby, but it was always kind of built on top of the assumption of freeform rap battle with the fandom. It added an extra layer of galvanizing egging on to fandom purpose. I don’t know how else to explain everything that came of it. Fandom was like a roiling morass of bullshit activity, we were like a freaking breaking news bullpen, there was so much energy sparking off of all facets of fandom because it was just so fun. Fan output was borderline insane in 2010-2013.

Hussie said fandom grew exponentially at the introduction of the Trolls in Act 5 in mid 2010, but I can honestly say I think fandom really started treating Homestuck like a hidden gem worth prosetelyzing right after the events of [S] Cascade at the end of 2011. Before then, Homestuck was tenuously good, and had a rep on tumblr for having weirdly ubiquitous fans and over- detailed fancontent, but [S] Cascade was the moment every single gamble asked of the reader in the story actually paid off. A puzzle clicking into place. In fact, Homestuck’s plot was generally constructed to climax at [S] Cascade, as was apparent from the big explosion of fan reaction after the fact. 


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the ironic thing is, the first time I played Fallout 4, I played for HOURS before I went to find Nick - I actually put it off for a while.

I had managed to avoid all spoilers, and when I heard the name “Mister Valentine” I imagined a very suave, very cool, very film noir gritty character who would be very stylish but maybe not have that much to him. I didn’t dislike the character, I just assumed he was gonna be a handsome normal human NPC - okay but not particularly interesting.

Then when I finally got round to vault 114, the first thing that stuck me was the voice, and then when I saw him I was like “WOAH! He’s a busted up old robot!”

and I know it sounds weird, but I’m just very grateful for the character.

Because, he could have been written to be very cool, but not much else. Like he could have been nothing but noir grit and sass, but he isn’t - there’s a lot of heart to him, and a lot of human dorkiness too. It really feels like he was written as a full person and character rather than “Lets have a cool film detective robot!” - real thought was put into him.

the guy who says “Goodnight sweet prince” to a downed mob boss, and quotes poe ominously while the prydwyn flies overhead is the same guy who laughs at his own joke about a trash heap, comes up with pastrami-golems, pretends to tame giant lion statues, thinks there is no way to ride a seesaw with dignity and admits that having wings “would be nice”.

“You’re going to fall one day.”

Member: Mark Lee x Reader
Genre: Little Angst/little Fluff 
Word Count: 1,944 words

Y’all this is my first scenario, I hope you enjoy! It’s a little rushed, sorry about that! Also please tell me if you like it or not, please~

(A/N I just reread this and realized that i have many typos sorry friends;;;)


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Another day at school. At least it was Friday, and you didn’t have much to do in most of your classes. You sighed, your dumbass stayed up late again scrolling through your explore page on Instagram.

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“Coronation” Part Ten

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: tiny angst, fluff

Word Count: 1150

A/N: Okay, so here is a more fluffy part of the series. My online classes are going great. I have to wait for Government though because there isn’t a classroom open. My permanent taglist is open!

Coronation Series

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Birthdays were supposed to be a joyous occasion. They were supposed to be full of family and love, but James didn’t feel it. Yeah, his mom and dad were there, but it was not the same without his Rebecca. She was always there for his birthday. She would wake him up every morning with a present. Then, every hour of the day he would get another. She loved birthdays. She loved that you could celebrate one person on the same day every year. She was a pro at birthday celebrations.

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Spring Day Theory 🌼

As the Spring Day teaser was released today I thought I’d create a study for you guys putting forward my observations as a Creative Writing and literature graduate, please enjoy… *puts smart hat on*


A plotless work by Ursula K. Le Guin based solely on description and allowing the reader his own interpretation of morality and philosophy. The only chronological event in the piece is the first day of summer in a euphoric utopian city named Omelas, an extended metaphor for youth, with a vibrant festival atmosphere which we see in the teaser within the Omelas motel in bright rich colours as they all live communally just like the people within the text.

The reader is intended to remain unsure about the reasoning behind this ambiguous world which is left completely up to interpretation, confirmed by the writer in their own words: “Omelas sounds in my words like a city in a fairytale, long ago and far away. Perhaps it would be best if you imagined as your own fancy bids.”

The central point which makes the story real is its single atrocity, the suffering of one child in filth, darkness, and perpetual misery.

Once old enough to know the weight of this suffering, a group of young and old individuals walk away silently seen in one of the scenes as each member walks together into a new environment, evident due to the drained hue of the cinematography as it becomes more wintery, seen too in the opening shot in which the members have frosty blue tinged lips juxtaposing the background of bright childhood sights like the merry go round reading “you never walk alone” as well as the beach which show a stylized divide between them and their surroundings. 

Jimin’s scenes are most notable with the most enduring being his connection to the sea, a theme which sets forth a contradictory metaphor as old as classical literature itself, of the ocean as a serene, beautiful yet dangerous and hostile environment. This idea is supported by Jimin holding another persons shoes in his hands, typically the first thing to wash up after a death by drowning at sea.

It is arguable that Jimin later walking alone in an apparent wilderness is symbolic of the book endings ambiguity and potential as a blank canvas on which the personal meaning from the readers imagination can be applied. Once again the writer confirms this: “The place they go is even less imaginable to us than the city of happiness. It is possible it does not exist.”

This could hint that the characters have no further plot line, they are without a continuing story arc, supported by the imagery within the teaser of each member repeating his own theme as oppose to developing.

The notion of the scapegoat is central to the understanding of the text, the writer being heavily influenced by psychomyths alluded to by Dostoyevsky and William James. In a nutshell that no matter the happiness we felt in a society that hinged on the suffering of one, our happiness would be so monstrous to us that we would be forced to leave it by our own conscience.

No Vacancy

About 7 friends on a road trip staying at a motel, encountering a seemingly helpful group and being trapped, waking up to a gruesome and bloody terror they must work together to escape and survive.

There is a huge possibility that the other group is a mirror image of the 7 friends whose own actions put them in danger, causing them to have to work together to overcome the consequences, it can also be used to explain some of the dark and bloody themes seen in Wings, Epilogue and I Need U era.

Owl Service

A supernatural fantasy written by Alan Garner set in modern Wales and based on a mythical Welsh woman named Blodeuwedd who was created by flowers for a man cursed to take no human wife. She betrays the husband for another man and is turned into an owl as punishment, a future theme eerily hinted at in the sign at the bus shelter (which oddly has no exit roads) at the destination aptly named ‘Affair’.

In Garners tale 3 teenagers find themselves re-enacting this story, whose bird imagery relates directly to Taehyung’s portrayal in Wings and the mythology and classical themes set forth in the previous era.


It is imperative we ask ourselves the forbidden question, what if none of this is real? What if what we are seeing is just a narrative device created to obscure the real story? What facts would this leave us with?


The central fact is the reflected suffering of a young person – escaping into his books and movies to distract himself from the truth, a truth so all-encompassing that it bleeds through into every single thing he reads and watches. An individual who was well versed in classicism and philosophy, of high intelligence to keep noticing these themes and applying parts of his own life to generate meaning. 

The ‘hyung’ Tae calls for yet never gets through to after the fact, doomed to repeat and suffer that which he cannot change, the events of his youth refracted in what he reads, so many variations of books and films all mixed together and all in English, overlapping and still somehow alien from each other, yet in each he sees his friends as well as himself as the protagonists, that child would be the central theme, the scapegoat, the utopia, the one individual which knits it all together. 

The view of this one man would perceive all the events, know the suffering of each character as only an omniscient narrator would, how else would he know both the suffering and the joy simultaneously unless the characters were all a part of him, each one a strength and a weakness.

With this view, only the events during I Need U could have been real, the rest simply memories, reflections and glimpses into his imagination as he goes about his life, revisiting a now distant, traumatic yet halcyon past.

Who do you think he is? I hope you enjoyed my mini case study of the new teaser! If you would like any more theories I welcome asks! 💖

Written by Laura Cathrine. 🎀

Fic Update

Summary:  A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

Read this chapter on ff.net here or on AO3 here

                                               Part Nineteen

Saint Luke’s was lit up against the night sky like a Christmas tree, the bright red EMERGENCY sign followed by an equal sided cross that was the universally recognized symbol of first aid across the Western world were both clearly visible from across the wide street as Emma parked her Bug in a miraculously open spot behind a van emblazoned on the side with the logo of a local news channel. Two more news vans were parked a little further down the block and white floodlights pierced the darkness, each coming from atop a TV camera aimed at the hospital. Emma stood next to her old yellow car for a moment and watched, taking in the stone-faced security guards who had come outside to hold the clamouring reporters at bay just outside of the entrance to the ER. They were like a flock of vultures, swooping down to pick apart the latest juicy carcass that had crossed their path until there was nothing left but the bones.

“-unconfirmed reports that Caroline Spencer, wife of longtime city councilman and mayoral hopeful Albert Spencer, was brought here to Saint Luke’s by ambulance from the Prince Hotel approximately an hour ago. A source has told us that Mrs. Spencer was found in a suite at the hotel in considerable distress and hotel security called 911. It is not known if Albert Spencer was with his wife at the time or the exact nature of her medical emergency, hospital representatives are refusing to confirm if she even is, in fact, a patient, citing confidentiality laws. We’ll remain on scene as this story continues to unfold, now back to you in the studio.”

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NCT Hyung Line Reaction to being on a variety show with their idol crush [you].

Thank you to the anon who request this! It’d have been preferable if you had requested an individual unit since writing for 15 people is pretty hard all in one go, so if you could do that next time it’d be much appreciated! Thank you for requesting nonetheless, the maknae version will be written up later :)


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Taeyong would be playing it cool, or as cool as an awkward little bean can be. He wouldn’t talk to you much, he’d just watch you joking and laughing around with everyone else. After you performed a cheeky dance to a girl group song you were laughing and you turned to look at him. He’d be grinning when he winked at you, but he’d feel so shy the moment he did it he’d just dip his head, unable to keep eye contact with you. He’d be super shy with you from then on, but he’d talk to you happily if you approached him.

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SHE is the Doctor, whether you like it or not (I like it)

Now I was intending on waiting a little longer before writing this, but honestly, these couple of days I’ve just had so many thoughts that I couldn’t wait.

As you can probably guess from the title, I am very much on the completely fine and extremely excited side of the fandom at the moment, this and Thrones return has made these past couple of days the best I’ve had in a long time. 

Now to ensure that anyone not OK with this doesn’t go making assumptions about the reason I’m OK with this. I am a 20 year old male from Australia, I’m half Sri Lankan so I am not white, I’m currently studying to be an actor, and I’m a feminist, that’s right guys, we can be feminists too.

So I’m going to talk about several things here, I’m going to talk about why this means so much, I’m going to speculate on what the 13th Doctor is going to be like, and I’m going to try and counteract some of the arguments against her, particularly ones I’ve encountered in real life, not just online.

We’ll start first with why this means so much, I really shouldn’t have to explain it but it seems that unfortunately I do. The world is 50% female, why shouldn’t they be able to have a chance to be the ultimate character, for 54 years little boys all over the world have been able to think “I’m going to be the Doctor one day”, while all little girls have been able to think is “I guess I can be the companion then”, and now they too can think they can be the Doctor one day, and how is that a bad thing. In fact, this sums it up quite nicely

So I was going to speculate on 13 and series 11 next, but I think I’ll leave that for last and move onto counteracting the arguments against 13. I’m going to focus primarily on the ones I have encountered in real life, which are fairly consistent with what I’ve been seeing online. 

So like I said, I’m Australian, which means I had to wait until about 1:00 in the morning to get the announcement, so the next morning when I was heading to Uni I was in a state of excitement, ready to discuss it with my fellow Whovian friends.

Thankfully, the majority of them were ok with it, my best mate has only watch half an episode but he’s interested in getting into it, his reaction was initially dismissive but eventually he came around to the idea when I brought up the fact the humans change gender as well. Another friend didn’t need any persuading at all, she was excited from the get go. But another one wasn’t, she hated the idea, and still does, and it’s her view we’re going to discuss.

Her opinion is that since the Doctor was initially written as a male character he should always be male and that this is just feminist pandering bullshit. Now as you can imagine I was incredibly shocked by this, here was a 22 year old intelligent woman going on about feminist bullshit, I was shocked, shocked I tell you.

So I tried to have a reasonable discussion with her about it, but that didn’t go anywhere, she brought up the whole “You wouldn’t make James Bond Jane Bond” argument, and whenever I tried explain my point, she’d just interrupt and shoot down any argument I had. Now I was trying to understand where she was coming from, and then she said something that made it all make sense, she said they should bring David Tennant back.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every single Doctor, including Tennant, but we have to admit, there is a part of our fandom who came on during the RTD/Tennant era, and have simply refused to learn more about the show beyond that era. Now everyone is entitled to their favourite Doctor and showrunner, but when they believe that what that era was should be the defining characteristic of the show, and ignore everything else because it’s not that, then there’s a problem.

Doctor Who has been a show about change from the moment Susan left, this fact of the show was firmly solidified when William Hartnell left. So to go back my friends argument about the Doctor being initially written as a male, yes he was, in the 60s, when there would have been no way the Doctor could have been female. But also, when the Doctor was initially written, he wasn’t written as a Time Lord from Gallifrey with two heartswho could change his appearance when he died, he was simply written as a time travelling alien who most likely only had one heart. Everything else about the Doctor came later, that’s what you do, you don’t decided everything about the character right at the start and leave no room for expansion, you create the basic outline and let it be filled in piece by piece over the years.

So to hear my friend state the she shouldn’t think the Doctor should be a woman purely because that’s not how he was when he was created, I raise her this.

But let’s move on from the negativity and focus on the positive, but before I start speculating, I’m just going to share these as well.

If the people who made the show can understand this, why can’t you? (I know Peter Davison isn’t entirely for it, but let’s just let that be for now shall we).

So, speculation. I know that the outfit she wore in the video isn’t going to be her official outfit, but I’d love to see parts of it kept, particularly the boots and the oversized coat. I have seen lots of people saying that the Doctor’s going to be wearing heels now, but just seeing those boots, I can imagine 13 wearing those. Now the whole outfit is meant to be Capaldi’s even though it obviously isn’t, the coat, the hoodie, everything about it just screams 12, however as you can seee briefly in the clip and more so in picture they released, the coat is actually grey and double breasted. 

Now I would love to see something like that kept in the show, Tennant, Smith, and Capaldi all had form fitting outfits, but personally, the Doctors outfits that have been the absolute best have been the slightly baggy looking ones, Four had his whole untidy look, War and nine had their leather jackets that looked big on them, and those looks worked. 

So I’d love to see them go with a coat that’s just a little too big on her, personally I would like a duffel coat, like what Paddington bear wears, that way you can keep the hood without keeping the hoodie, seeing how that has become closely linked with 12. It’s something we’ve never seen any of the doctors wear before, and has the slightly odd look that all the Doctor’s should have.

As for the rest of her outfit I’m not entirely sure, should she wear a dress of some kind or should she continue to wear pants? well why not both? I think as long as each Doctor maintains a distinctive look they vary the rest of their outfit as much as they like. So if they get a distinctive coat for her, she could wear a dress under it one episode, and then pants the next, it doesn’t really matter.

Now as for her TARDIS and Sonic, I would like to see them keep those mostly the same. With the TARDIS I want them to do what they did with Capaldi when he came on, keep the basic form but add some personal touches that tie in with that Doctor’s personality, as well as other changes like how they added the roundels, more lights and an extra set of stairs. Stuff like that so it’s the same but unique to her. 

Similar thing with the screwdriver I think, keep it somewhat the same, but add a small difference so it’s unique to her, something like what they did with Nine and Tens screwdriver, after Ten destroyed it in Smith and Jones, his new one had a different coloured handle. Now I love the new screwdriver, but if I was to change something, I would change the grip, those four metal bars just looks uncomfortable to hold, so maybe a leather grip or something like that, small, but significant enough.

Now I was going to speculate on Series 11 but this has been a long post and my brain is dead so I’ll wrap it up here. Maybe once we know more I’ll speculate on it, but for now I leave with these wise words from the Doctor himself.

Permanent Hiatus (?)

Hey Everybody.

I know I JUST said I wasn’t going to quit the blog anytime soon but I am sorry to say I am quitting the blog. OR, should we say an extended hiatus, because TBH I tried this before and I think it only lasted like 4 months so who knows. But this means is that I will no longer be posting anything, not even submissions. I’ll still keep the hybrid list on aff, and apadana is still doing the wolf list. Those don’t count.

My sister is coming to live with me and she has been having a very difficult time so I want to focus on spending time with her and doing lots of activities with her to keep her busy. Also, I have been having fun slacking off during this hiatus, and I don’t know, my motivation is kind of gone. I’ve been doing this almost three years, so I think it’s a good time to break.

I will still read Kaisoo, I mean I’m kind of here as long as they are, but in order to have a blog like this by myself even you have to be reading all the time. Which wasn’t a problem before because I was reading all the time. but now I am looking forward to doing other things. 

Thank you to everyone who has been following me! you guys have always been great and supportive and really I have loved reading Kaisoo with you. And thanks to every writer who has written a kaisoo story. I wish I could really read every single one. I’m gonna miss this a lot. Especially when I find an awesome story I think everyone should read. I guess I will just submit it to another site like everyone else now lol. I wish everyone would start their own fic rec blogs/ lists, it would be so nice to have that variety in stories!!! 

Anyway have fun and good luck ~~~

I do just want to say that despite the horrific insanity that was the Home Farm stuff with Robert in the second episode, these two episodes were lovely and Maxine still remains the best writer that Emmerdale has even though she can’t even save the Hell Plot.

However, quick note on that stuff before we move on. It was awful, don’t get me wrong but it was somehow still well written?! I mean like it could have felt more like contrived awful plottiness and in some ways maybe that would have been better cause we could laugh it off more but somehow it wasn’t. I don’t know what I’m trying to say but Maxine just has a way of writing that doesn’t feel like anyone else who writes for the show. Also, Ryan was fantastic and John Bowe was tolerable tonight because he’s always great with Ryan.

Moving on, the awkward Aaron and the Doctor stuff was great. I knew he’d be gone after today so I was never worried but this was just fun to watch and since it’s Maxine, we get all of these little details about Aaron watching top gear and boring him with car chat and Liv teasing him about it and it’s awesome. And jealous Robert in those scenes was everything we ever wanted him to be. The moment with Vic and coming over and sitting down at their table was amazing and perfect and once I process a bit more, I will rewatch that. Charity taking pictures for Chas and filling Aaron in on her text was also a fun little, totally in character moment and I loved it.

The Aaron and Liv content in this episode was amazing. Aaron snapping at Liv and then finally opening up to her was perfect and sensitively done. It’s kind of terrible that they were talking about missing Robert when he’s off doing ridiculous and awful things but let’s forget about that and focus on the positives. Their little scene playing video games where Liv sees his scars and she asks if it was her fault was heartbreaking but I’m so glad they did that. I’m happy to see them happy and trying to rebuild. I also loved all of the talk about Aaron needing to take his time with things and talking to his counselor because that is everything I wanted from this break up with Aaron.

Prior to the nonsense, Robert talking about how Aaron deserves perfect was heartbreaking and I loved that once again Maxine had Robert bring up his bisexuality and come out to someone other than Aaron. I loved that she directly tied it to the shooting because it’s something we’ve all headcannoned but never really got to see explicitly stated so that was a nice detail and call back but I expect nothing less with Maxine.

And aside from all of the Roblivion scenes, the rest of the episodes were fantastic as usual. The Laurel and Nicola scenes were touching and beautiful. Jimmy’s comedy was a welcome relief. Lydia being Lydia and tackling Lawrence and being awkward with Jimmy was brilliant. Laurel and Bernice’s chat about Gabby was heartbreaking for Laurel and I love that Bernice is kind of oblivious to the real issues, which is very her.

Also, these episodes made me start missing Finn already. Now that he’s not caught up in stalker plot hell, Finn is great again and I’ve missed him. All of his interactions with Vic and Adam and even his part in the Robert and Lawrence stuff were great. And I’m sincerely sad that they are killing him off. Couldn’t they have killed Pete instead? Haha

Anyway, Maxine is still amazing and I love her and still wish she wrote every episode of this god forsaken show because it would be better for it.

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I love fitzsimmons and I love the hell outta Fitz, but fuck I wish skimmons would have happened. They could have been the BEST power couple and Marvel would have a great representation of a loving LGBT relationship. Like yes shield has Joey and I love joey but he’s never in it. And skimmons would have been a gay, multiracial couple who are AMAZING. I just feel like the whole “boy gets the girl” thing has been played out so much, especially with an all white couple. Idk. I miss skimmons lmao

I feel you!!!

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it) Joey got written out because the actor got a bigger role in something else, so they didn’t just drop him for no reason. (or so I’ve heard)

As for Skimmons, I feel kinda the same way. Fitz is my boy!! and I love FitzSimmons too (especially my own version where I get to pick and choose what to keep) but those two have such a strong friendship too it would have been a fantastic opportunity for hetero friends, and/or for Fitz to respond in a respectful way (like he did with Will) to being ‘friendzoned’ even if he still developed those feelings and Jemma did not! 

Skimmons like you said; gay AND multiracial (*gasp*) and also STILL HAS TROPEY GOODNESS like the nerd with a crush on the cool kid // rebel in love with rule follower & warrior / healer & reckless / planner & messy / neat - the list goes on!! dear lord the tropey goodness we missed out on!!

And Fitz - assuming he’s done justice in this scenario and not written as a whiney entitled manbaby - would be SO happy for his best friends!! in love!!! and so supportive!! SUCH GREAT PLATONIC OPPORTUNITIES THO

I love some of the things they’ve done with it, but I also really love some of the paths they didn’t take, and can’t now!!! ARGH

(although, I can’t help feeling Jemma would %500 defs for sure be dead by now if she and Daisy were a couple and they’d be all ~equality~ bc Trip and Lincoln and W*rd died too so I do NOT miss that one… but in a perfect world where that wouldn’t happen… skimmons tho)

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Nessian 18 and 16, for the prompt thing please?!

Hi nonnie, here they are…!

Prompts: “it’s ok to cry” and “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to”


Nesta had never felt so idiotic. There were many things she could deal with. Knowing that Feyre had been taken by some High Fae. Knowing that her father was sitting at home whittling figurines that would bring in a pittance when sold to travelers. Being taken from her home in the middle of the night and Made.

But this… this was too much. Sometimes, the straw that broke the camel’s back was less straw-like and more shaped like a bitter little lesser fae who thought he could take advantage of someone who hadn’t lived in Prythian for very long by treating them however he wanted. And while Nesta knew it was small, and petty, and hardly worth her time, she still wanted to punch something soft and sensitive.

“Are you ok?” Cassian knew it was Nesta’s least-favorite question, but often there was little else he could say. So he took the direct route, knowing that anything subtle or that didn’t get straight to the point would be easily deflected by her sarcasm.

“Of course. It was a simple mistake,” she answered, pacing the floor in front of their bed. Who could have known that the song she had been humming to herself while shopping had been written during the war, by humans, and was incredibly vulgar? And who could have known that her off-key rendition would have been the real reason the denizens of the Rainbow would start yelling at her to please, for the love of the Mother and the Cauldron, please shut up?

She didn’t know the words. She didn’t realize their implications. And so when the small man with pale blue skin and black eyes had come up to her with his hands on his hips, she had sized him up and asked what he was doing blocking her path.

“It’s ok to cry,” Cassian said.

“I know that,” she snapped. And of course she immediately regretted it. There were few people in the world whom she might take the time to treat in a certain fashion, and Cassian was one of them. Not that he needed to know that. At least, not yet. So she wiped away the beginnings of a tear and turned towards him in a sign of peace, one he recognized well enough.

“I’ll kick his ass if you want me to,” he continued, non-plussed by her retort. If there was anything he had learned from the past few months with Nesta, it was that her initial reaction rarely indicated her true feelings, and given how upset she was, there was probably something very, very trivial at the root of it. He’d seen her face the King of Hybern, the mortal queens, creatures that had struck fear into some of his most fearless warriors. But sometimes, the smallest things were just the perfect size for getting under one’s skin and doing the most damage.

“I can do that on my own, thank you.” She crossed her arms and strode towards him, knowing that if she approached him she would do something she regretted, but caring very little.

“What did he say to you?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Sure it does. I need to know why I’m going down there to kill someone half my size. I need a good reason.”

Nesta sighed and crossed her arms. “He said I sounded like a hyena in heat.”

Cassian’s eyebrows furrowed. “What’s that?”

“I don’t know!” With that Nesta finally burst into tears, angry with herself, angry with Cassian for seeing it, and wanting nothing more than to bury her face in his chest. She covered her face with her hands and he pulled her in close, wrapping his arms around her.

He gave her a few minutes to cry, rubbing his hand over her hair. When the sounds of her sobs slowed, “Ness?”

“Yeah?” She didn’t want to lift her head from his chest, preferring to wait until her face didn’t look so miserable. But that would mean they’d be standing like this for much longer than she felt comfortable with, so she looked up at him.

“Can I hear you sing?”

“Screw you, Cassian.”

The Cassandra Effect

Why are fandoms on tumblr determined to find something to complain about regardless of whether the negative energy that results is even worth it? Have you ever considered the amount of time spent analysing characters compared with the amount of time we actually get to spend with them? How about the fact that a really well-written character is not, traditionally speaking, supposed to be a “perfect smol” who can do no wrong? 

I don’t know about you, but in my day, the challenges our favourite characters faced was part of the fun because it mimicked… you know. Real life. Oh! The title character has an issue with people of East Asian descent? Welp. That’s eighty shades of uncomfortable! But… it’s also more likely than someone who’s automatically inclusive and has zero prejudice whatsoever because that person does not exist. My least favourite show in the world growing up was Ghost Whisperer because Jennifer Love Hewitt played a perfectly lovely lady in a perfectly lovely storyline with overly sentimental I mean perfectly lovely resolutions and nothing interesting ever happened and it sucked.

I hate to break it to you guys, but real life is a lot more like this imperfect fairy tale than you think. Without conflict, without people who express different opinions or whose attitudes stand in stark contrast with those around them, we would have no progress. Diversity is essential to life on earth –and I don’t mean diversity when it comes to ethnicity, physical appearance, or socioeconomic background. I mean the Other Stuff. The nitty-gritty stuff people don’t actually like to talk about on tumblr. 

Stuff like mental fortitude. Emotional complexity. 

Spiritual gusto.

Cassandra, let’s all admit, has flaws. She is not a perfect character with perfect behaviour and she is not supposed to be. The Tangled Team has always demonstrated a remarkable sensitivity when it comes to making our beloved characters feel real, have they not? Showing us a side of somebody that isn’t exactly pretty isn’t “questionable” or “problematic”. Those are labels used to dismiss complex behaviour. The 21st Century Internet Slang version of “Bad” and “Evil”. Cassandra’s attitude isn’t an “issue” the creators should have to scramble to adjust or fix – it’s humanity

(Also: for the record? I’m pretty sure Disney just came out with a princess movie not too long ago about how repressing your emotions can have disastrous consequences sooooooo… )

Here’s the thing. There is nobody on earth who hasn’t, at some point in their lives, been a total jackass to somebody else, even for a moment. You could come up with an endless array of reasons for a person’s behaviour and that still wouldn’t change the fact that they are, at the end of the day, still a person – with all the messy, sticky, unpleasantness that sometimes comes along with that. People (and, by extension, well-written, well-rounded characters) are individuals with free will, choice, and their own life experiences to draw from that, hey, might not actually be so different from yours if you think about it. “Calling someone out” does not change the fact that people learn and grow as they live their lives (or, in this case, as the story progresses!). Not simply as a result of being told they’re wrong or they need to change.

Rapunzel had to adapt to her circumstances in order to survive. Cassandra’s way of life has always worked very well for her. Comparing the two is not only impossible but unfair! They’re two different characters, and any discussion about development ought to take that into consideration.

Perhaps the reason people take such an issue with her is because they refuse to see themselves in her. I mean… Eugene did steal the crown. I wouldn’t exactly be jumping up and down to have him at my bffs wedding if I were her either. 

Just a Touch of Lips - Salambo06
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?

Tags: Unilock, becoming friends, friends to lover, mutual pining, first kiss, first time, misunderstanding, texting, fluff


Two weeks ago, Sherlock kissed a blindfolded John Watson, captain of the Rugby Team, during an university event and left before he could see his face.

Neither have been able to think about anything else since.

When Mike mentions a certain student in his Chemistry class who could help John find his mysterious kisser, they both find themselves in a situation they hadn’t expected.

Author notes:

Hello everyone!

I know, I still have WIPs to finish, but I promise this one will be quick. I’ve already written six chapters, and all of them are somewhat short. I plan on posting one every day until it’s finished.

I hope you’ll like reading this fiction as much as I enjoy writing it!


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A Book Recommendation

Against the Tide  by @foleypdx  

So I read this actual rollercoaster of a book about two weeks ago. I was not okay. But that’s because this story is fucking amazing. You ever read one of those stories that just seems to propel you through the pages? 

Well, if not, strap in. If you have, you know what I’m talking about, you can prep yourself. Below are my thoughts on this incredible book that I highly recommend. (It’s even got lesbians, so like, read it, you’ll love it)

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Something I have been wondering about. Simon had never considered that Bram could be Blue. He was hoping it was Cal, he was attracted to him. Simon fell in love with Blue, the boy he e-mailed with. Do you think in the end, Simon was more in love with the idea of Blue than Bram when Bram revaled himself? Was Bram more into Simon than Simon was into Bram?

Hi! Thanks for the question. I hope I’m able to answer it well enough!

I believe that Simon is in love with Blue, the boy he e-mailed with. And I also believe, with how their interaction is written, Simon is totally happy with the outcome of Bram being Blue. He totally fit the slot of Blue is. Who else could Blue have been once he found out? And for Simon never considering that Bram could be Blue, it was more that Simon is sort of… clueless when it comes to details sometimes. He noticed that Cal had blue eyes like the ocean, which are two things he associated with Blue because 1. the colour blue.  and 2.  the short thing Blue wrote about swimming to someone else’s shore (sorry I can’t get the quote right this moment D:). Simon mostly hoped Blue was Cal because of that. Not to say he wasn’t attracted to Cal. He totally was. But once he found out Blue was not Cal via email, he stopped thinking of Cal of possibly being Blue, and there was less interest in him. He was still attracted to him, but he loved Blue. Which is why things ended the way he did, and he apologized for guessing wrong and deciding to meet up. I’d also like to note that Simon is totally attracted to Bram, he think’s he’s cute and always totally notices him whenever they see one another. 

As for Bram being more into Simon and Simon was into Bram, it’s a possibility. We see things mostly from Simon’s pov, so it’s hard to say. But I would like to mention that Becky did reveal that Bram has had a crush on Simon since before they started emailing one another anonymously. Which is why he was sort of hoping it was Simon that he was emailing. 

I hope this answers your question anon! Feel free to ask more questions! :D