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DANCE MAJORS AU Part 1 (Part 1.5Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) Hip-hop dancer Keith in a ponytail. Everyone is just so mesmerized when he dances on stage or even just during practice. Outside the dance studio, he’s a huge space nerd who’s got a secret crush on the contemporary ballet dancer next door who he may or may have not thought of asking out… next week or next month.

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Is it bad that all I want right now is to lie next to you, with you arms around me, listening to your heart beat?
—  7:23am won’t you just keep me warm and safe in your arms

the greatest injustice was not seeing Martin Jones’ playoff beard



Hertl playing with a broken foot

and Thornton playing with a torn ACL and MCL

and Couture still playing despite still being in incredible pain (IF IT HURTS FOR HIM TO <i>BREATHE</i> WHY WAS HE PLAYING.???)


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Hoi Can you do the high school au for perceptor, brainstorm, whirl, wheeljack, rung, ... uh.. who else am I missing.. bleh can't think xD (and if you can/want, the rescue bots?) Thankies~ (I read some of ur aid but haven't had time to reblog them I wanna have a day where I can reblog stuff I sent myself in a text so sorry I haven't been active reblogging ur stuff)


A new student

Recently moved schools

and away from his one true crush Quark

Spends his first science class talking to Percetor and getting them both in trouble

Sits on his seat like a weirdo and gets in trouble

Sometimes just sits on his desk instead

Doesn’t use a backpack, just a briefcase

Has used said briefcase to whack people

Has gotten into to tug of wars with teachers who are trying to confiscate his briefcase

Just won’t let fucking go

Runs through the halls like Naruto to get to class when he’s late

Photobombs Chromedome’s and Rewind’s cute snapchat selfies

His locker is a disaster

He keepers forgetting which one is his

Then breaking into other peoples lockers because he thinks it’s his

His phone screen is a cracked mess

Goes through so many phones because he loses them to his experiments



Crazy woodworks teacher

Always like twenty minutes late to her classes

Has lost a couple fingers

Which is very concerning to her students

“I have some very important teacher work to do, so shut up”

*watches fail videos on youtube*

Gives no fucks and swears in her classes

Also gives the finger to her students

If a kid screams at her she will scream right back but louder

Probably isn’t the best teacher

Probably grades based on who she likes best, not who actually does a good job

Dyes her hair turquoise 

Her students love it

“Don’t call me Miss, just call me Whirl. Actually no, call me Principal Prime.”

Throws chalk at her students, and at teachers

Craziest teacher ever

Her classes are just fucking wild


Coolest Physics and chemistry teacher ever

Wears light up shoes

FLuffy mad scientist hair that sticks up everywhere

Plays Back to the Future sometimes in class

Lets kids go on their phones during class

Makes science fun

Friendless teacher ever

Starts fires in class 

and lots of explosions

You hear an explosion during class from the other side of school you know it’s him

Permanently singed eyebrows

Encourages his students to experiment, which usually leads to disasters

Has also set himself on fire in class more than once

Makes science puns

Drinks a lot of coffee and energy drinks

“What will happen if I drink these together”

“Sir no”


Hand writing is so messy

Has probably invented flubber in class


School Guidance Counselor

Tiny, tiny, tiny

Pretty much every student who comes to talk to him is way bigger than he his

even the freshmen

Is actually a good guidance counselor

really does care

Usually, tries to talk to the jittery troublemakers cause he thinks they have home problems

Only managed to get Sideswipe in his office once, but he climbed out the window when he turned around

Drift and Rodimus are his other frequent visitors

He offers all his visiting students candies

And his office as a place to rest if they get called out of class because they’re angry, or having a sensory overload or an anxiety attack or something

Has lots of posters to make the ugly ass school office he’s in homier

Also has lots of stress balls and fidget toys to give to students he thinks needs them

Remembers all his students and says hello if he sees them outside his office

Has a pamphlet for literally every problem

Keeps his model ships on display because some of his students like to look at them while they talk

Poor lonely dude eats his lunch alone in his office


Probably the smartest kid in school

Will most definitely graduate top of like every class

Except for PE

He can’t run for shit

Gets pelted with dodgeballs

Great at throwing them back though

Nerdy little small rimmed glasses

Wears a lot of red sweaters to school

even in summer

how the fuck does he do it

Smarter than all the teachers too

Constantly correcting them

Very skinny and lanky

Spends his lunches reading, studying or doing homework

Probably actually really strong because of all the big ass text books he’s always lugging around

Locker is so neat

Even if it’s mostly just books

Brainstorm has a bad habit of following him around when he isn’t busy angsting over the fact he had to move schools and be away from his crush

But at least there’s another nerd science student he can obsess over

Always trying to be his lab partner

His backpack isn’t even a backpack it’s a satchel thing

Brainstorm teases him over it

Even though his backpack is a fucking briefcase

Hot, articulate accented voice


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Just something about Anne Maria

I hear a lot of people call her shallow, and sure, I’ll kind of give them that… maybe. But just think about something; she literally only likes Vito for his personality. Mike has the same body (and abs) and yet she doesn’t show any attraction towards him (and when she does it’s because she’s thinking about how he acts as Vito) because she doesn’t like his personality. She’s very physical, but she’s oddly all about personality. It’s one of the things I think people forget about her. She fell in love with Vito because she sees him getting into a fight with Scott and Brick just for the hell of it, not his abs (although it’s probable that is a factor). Just something to think about.

also she is adorable ok? Why does no one else think she’s cute?





also, note her interview on the contestants page

The important bits:

Ten years from now, what are you doing?: Definitely make-up, and make other people beautiful too.

It’s the last day on earth, In one sentence, what would you do?: I’d have everyone over for a pizza and movies.

yeah, totally self centered there. Ignoring the absolutely atrocious grammar on the first answer, she’s thinking about making other people happy. And you’d expect her to answer something like “I’d spend the rest of the day with my hairspray can so I’ll look good for the apocalypse.” or something else vapid. But no, she would rather just get everyone over for a pizza party. Everyone. Not just the hot kids or her boyfriend, no, she wants to invite everyone. Her end of the world plans aren’t something selfish, her end of the world plan is to have one last good time, and everyone’s invited.

And that’s not even getting into how when Brick goes missing and Jo is all ‘leave him to die’, Anne Maria’s just like “Brick may not be attractive in any way but he is still a person!” Yeah she called him unattractive, but still, she was nicer to him than his actual love interest (don’t deny it, Jock is canon). There was also that one episode where in the Mess Hall she was putting spray tan on herself and when Cameron was choking on the substance, she apologized to him. She could have said “Deal with it.”, but no; she apologized. at least in her own Anne Maria-ish way. And during the first challenge, you’d expect her to not want to help at all (might break a nail or something) but no; again, she decides she’s gonna take a whack at it. Sure she ignored Cameron’s warnings about the weight calibration and called him four eyes, but she tried. OH YEAH AND THAT TIME SHE SAVED JO’S LIFE.

Sure she pushed Zoey, but if she hadn’t, Jo would have asphyxiated. She saved Jo’s life even though she totally hated her, and no one acknowledges that! And technically she also saved everyone in the mines by keeping Zeke occupied. We’ve seen how ruthless and psycho he is, and she actually saved everyone by playing along with his crush, so no one else died (or at least no one would have gotten killed. Radiation poisoning is a bitch.) And really the only person she was mean to was Zoey, and to be fair Vito was interested in her so it’s not like it wasn’t kind of justified. Mike never actually admitted he liked Zoey, at least not in front of Anne Maria, but Vito sure admitted to liking Anne Maria (and more XD). So really from her point of view she was just defending her man.
And she’s not even that dumb, I mean, yeah, she’s totally book dumb, but she’s one of the only campers to have figured out how to bypass the items ban (Sierra is the other), and that was actually pretty smart of her.

'Yeah but look at all that spray tan. It’s not like maybe she just likes looking good or anything, or feels like she needs to in order to be appreciated, or any of the other reasons she might have for the spraytan. No, that must mean she’s a vapid whore!’….GO TO THE CORNER. GO TO THE CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE. DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU APPRECIATE THIS WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING.

Oh, and also, want to know some bullshit? Up until recently, on Fanfiction.net, she was listed as Ann Maria instead of Anne Maria for the entire time from her first appearance in January of 2012 to up to a month ago, AND has only 43 fanfictions about her, and only 36 of them are K-T rated.

Behold the might of the Empire!

All of my imperials so far… I snuffle around for cheap deals, so many of these are second hand toys that found their forever home on my desk.

I love this photo because everyone is doing their thing + are apparently annoyed at both their comrades and the galaxy in general. (And don’t think we can’t see you lurking back there, Emperor Palpatine.)

Basketball player! Jaehyun

Basketball player! Jaehyun
• It was basically his life, basketball came before anything
• He started playing at a young age and anyone could see that he had a talent for it, shooting three pointers at seven years old, if he didn’t have school he’d probably be in the basketball court five minutes away from his house all day long and probably way after dark.
• Above everything else, it was his stress reliever, everyone has their own ways of ridding their worries and basketball was his.
• When school got a little too or he didn’t do well on a test he’d grab his sneakers and ball and he’d race down to the court, it was usually empty because most people in the neighbourhood knew that Jaehyun pretty much owned it.
• The downside to this was that when it came to basketball, Jaehyun was a perfectionist. If he wasn’t in the right mind set and wouldn’t be able to shoot, he’d become even more frustrated than he was before.
• So he’d stay until he calmed down and was able to make a shot. Just being in the court would help him to think straight and concentrate on the reason why he was stressed out, after doing that he would be able to come up with a solution and think of the positives.
• He was so excited when he first case to high school that on the first day he didn’t even bother picking up his timetable, he ran to the gym to find the coach and ask him when try outs would be, finding out that they would be in a few weeks, all of his concentration went towards making the team.
• He’d spend five minutes eating his lunch and then head to the gym to practice shooting some more and one day he’d see you sitting on the bleachers.
• Because this doofus had been spending so much time making the basketball team he didn’t even stop to make friends though he knew of a couple of guys named mark and ten who were trying out for the team too, so he talked to them in class.
• He knew that he had to make friends to get through high school and so that he could have some sort of social life.
• So he did something out of character, walked up towards you while you were finishing off homework and sat beside you, twirling the ball in his hands.
• “hi my names jaehyun, want to be friends?”
• You got a shock at the sound of a new voice beside you as you looked up to see an undoubtedly attractive boy who had the most charming smile you’ve ever seen. Clad in a plain white t-shirt and basketball pants, he stuck a hand out towards you with the ball in the other hand, you took his hand and shook it lightly and you couldn’t stop the smile making its way onto your face.
• You were already stressing about school even though you were only a week in so hadn’t made many friends either. You found comfort in the gym at lunchtime, when it was quiet, giving you time to think and peace to concentrate on revision and homework.
• Jaehyun was a fresh face that you hadn’t seen before, probably because he spent all of his time in the gym when he wasn’t in class, funnily enough you knew a thing or two about basketball because your brother used to play.
• The conversation came so easily to both of you as you discussed what subjects you were taking and what your plans for the future, you weren’t sure what you wanted to do yet but you listened in amazement to Jaehyun as he talked about his passion for basketball and how it had always been his dream to play alongside the pros.
• You felt yourself wanting Jaehyun to pursue his dreams and be able to make them come true as much as he did, with the amount of adoration he had when he spoke about it and the way his eyes lit up.
• Soon enough it became a daily routine to bring a packed lunch to school so that you could sit on the bleachers and talk to jaehyun as he practiced shooting. It was incredible how close you became in such a short period of time.
• He even asked you if you would go with him to try outs, knowing how much it meant to him to make it on the team you agreed straight away.
• There was never a doubt in your mind that Jaehyun wouldn’t make the team, he was one of the best amateur basketball players you had seen, when they called his name along with his other friends ten and mark who you had become close with also, you raced down from the bleachers and pulled them in for a group hug.
• And then you realised they all stunk so you pulled back and yelled at them to go shower.
• A few years on you were still the best of friends with the noobs but would consider yourself closer with Jaehyun and you had the most things in common.
• In the time that you had been friends with jaehyun you had begun to develop feelings for him that weren’t on a friendship level, being so invested with the team he was pretty much oblivious to the fact.
• You were pretty sure than ten and mark had caught on before him which says a lot.
• The coaches noted the amount of effort Jaehyun put into his games and always played with 110% and since the old team captain had graduated that year they decided to give him the title.
• When he found out he raced through all of the corridors looking for you and the guys so that he could share his excitement, after searching through most of the halls he found you at your locker and picked you up into a hug spinning you around, you clung onto him for dear life, in fear that he would drop you or you would fall.
• Though he did end up grabbing the attention of everyone else who was in the corridor too.  He finally placed you back on the ground, helping you stand because you were really dizzy, your heartbeat accelerated at his smile, you hadn’t seen him smile like that since he got onto the basketball team.
• you danced around the halls with him because you were his number one fan and probably just as excited as he was, you ran together to find mark and ten to tell them the news, ending up with you being squished in the middle of  their group hug.
• After school the four of you had made plans for a celebratory dinner, the buzz still hadn’t died down after you shared lots of laughs and inside jokes at the noodle bar you had decided to go to.
• Not realising the time you all had to call it night, because his house was in the same direction as yours Jaehyun walked you home, you turned to give him a hug and congratulated him once again, he smiled and kissed the top of your head “I wouldn’t have made it without you”
• You were glad he decided to leave at that point so he didn’t see your cheeks turn into tomatoes. After watching him leave you’d run and probably scream into your pillow because 1. Jaehyun kissed the top of your head 2. What did that even mean? 3. was that on a friendship level or did it mean more??
• But you didn’t realise that become captain came with a lot of popularity from, the girls of the school and suddenly, you didn’t hang out as much, he didn’t text you as  much,  you didn’t eat lunch together anymore.
• You thought back, was it something you did? It broke your heart to see him talk to people who only liked him after he was made captain of the basketball team, how could he have forgotten about you so quickly? Did your friendship mean nothing?
• He rarely even talked to ten and mark anymore, his own teammates
• He walked over to your but you refused to look him in the eye, you were not going to be friends with him whenever he felt like it. “Hey”
• You continued to ignore him, stuffing books into your locker. “Are you coming to my game tonight?”
• You scoffed, slamming your locker “oh sorry are you talking to me?”
• “duh who else am I talking to? you’ve never missed one of my games before and you know you’re my lucky charm”
• “sorry, why don’t you go ask one of your cheerleaders to do it for you? I’m busy tonight”
• You started to walk away when he grabbed your hand, making you face him “woah woah woah what did I do?”
• You laughed dryly “jaehyun I’m still surprised you even remember who I am with the amount of times we’ve talked in the past month,god you hardly even talk to ten or mark and they’re on the team! You’ve changed. You used to play basketball because you loved it, because it was your passion. Now you play it for popularity and attention.”
• He looked at you as the realisation hit him, he had neglected the friends he had since freshman year for “friends” who were the popular crowd. Guilt washed over him as he promised himself he wouldn’t be that person. He sighed and pulled you closer, resting his head on top of yours, you knew that he felt bad for what he had done but you couldn’t forgive him just yet. With basketball season coming into play and Jaehyun acting differently you were basically on your own for the past month.
• “I’m sorry, I really mean it. I’ll go and apologise to the guys too, they both deserve an explanation too. I just got so caught up in finally taking the steps forward to achieving my dream”
• “I get that jaehyun but I want to be with you when you take those steps” you huffed, finally wrapping your arms around his waist and he smiled, knowing that he had been forgiven.
• “It’s not too late you know, if you come to the game tonight I’ll make it up to you. I pinkie promise”
• You walked into the basketball court and tried to find jaehyun’s eyes as you took a seat, his eyes lit up when he found you in the crowd, giving you a wave.
• He had told you earlier that there were going to be representatives from huge teams coming tonight to scout for fresh talent so you hoped for his sake that he played as well as he normally did
• You felt jaehyun stare at you a few times through the game, he still guilty over the way he treated his best friend, not only that but he person he was starting to fall in love with. He created a plan so that he could try and win you back.
• You played with your fingers nervously as you looked at the scoreboard, the two teams were neck and neck and there was only 30 seconds until the end of the game.
• 15 seconds left. Jaehyun avoided the opposing teams defence and sunk the ball through the hoop with seconds to spare.
• The home crowd went wild, the rest of the team picked Jaehyun up, carrying him around the court, he laughed as he was let down, hugging mark and ten. Then his eyes met yours, he took a permanent marker out of his pocket and wrote something on the ball, he laughed at the confusion on your face as he threw the ball to you.
• You caught it, spinning it around to read the message and even though his handwriting was awful you made it out clearly “will you go out with me?”
• You nodded and ran down the bleachers, leaving the ball behind, he met you in the middle of the court and kissed you, holding your face in his hands, sending the crowd wild once more, you smiled into the kiss as ten and mark came over to tease you both and began ruffling your hair but you couldn’t have been happier.

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Prince! Hansol

Merman! Taeil

Merman! Sicheng

A Shownu Confession


Requested by @magskam:

Shownu where he confesses to you for the first time

Vibes: Cuteness, shy Shownu
Word Count: 1,443
A/N: I ended up taking a very light confession route … I realized this as I finished up the scenario. I’m so sorry. ㅠㅠ I still want to do a confession thing with all the members, so that will probably be another post.

Originally posted by myhyunwoolyone

Exhausted from yet another long day at the office, you shuffled down the concrete stairs to the subway platform with Shownu’s steps rapping alongside your’s. Your hands were balled into fists in your thick coat pockets as your bore through the brisk air that barely diminished even as you descended from the streets piled with snow. Your breath fogged the air before you until you finally placed your feet firmly on the platform level.

Slipping out your Metrocard, you huddled behind Shownu as he slid his card through one of the entrance’s machine. After you swiped yourself through to the other side of the platform, you and Shownu headed down two more flights of stairs where only the still cold air of the underground train greeted the two of you. You glanced up at the marquee for the trains running that evening and saw your train arriving almost nearly the same time as Shownu’s.

You quietly headed towards the far left of the platform, knowing it would guarantee more space in the train upon its arrival. Aside from the soft taps of you and Shownu’s footsteps, there were only a handful of civilians sprinkled on the other side of the station to accompany the platform’s silence.

As soon as the distance between you and the end of the platform reached below five meters, you slowed to a stop then turned on the balls of your feet to face the stark black subway tracks. Your body was still shivering, albeit slightly, from the cold, and you focused your energy on keeping your teeth clenched to avoid letting your coworker know just how chilly you were.

Despite your efforts, you felt a warm scarf wrap around your neck and drape over your shoulders. You met eyes with Shownu who was busy properly tucking the scarf around your frame. “You don’t have to,” you spoke softly.

Shownu merely shook his head, his full lips spreading into a generous smile. “You need it more than I do.”

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(Written for @bookedbyfandoms for Fitzsimmons Secret Santa. I was so ecstatic to have you as my giftee and to write this holiday fic! I hope you enjoy <3 )

She’s awake as he opens the door slowly and softly, and when it creaks, he pauses for a moment and then begins again.

Not that it matters, of course. Sometimes Jemma dreams of blue; and it’s not the blue of his eyes but the blue of the sky, the water, and the ground beneath her feet.

Sometimes, it’s falling from above, screaming and crying, only when she’s saved it’s too late to save him as he tumbles after her.  Sometimes, it’s dragging him up from the bottom, holding her breath, and fighting to reach the surface only to lose her grip and watch him sink.

Sometimes, its amidst the swirling blue sand that bites into her skin as she reaches out for his hand, and watching as he gets pulled away from her before she can grasp it.

In all of them, Jemma loses Fitz, and she doesn’t know who she is without him.

(Scientifically speaking, she knows she can survive, even if he’s gone. She survived for 9 days after they sank to the bottom of the ocean and she survived 4722 hours on that hellish planet. So she knows what it’s like to survive. But there’s a difference between surviving and living, and it reaches from the depths of the ocean to the distant galaxies in the sky.)

So Jemma’s been awake for a while, really. And Fitz was awake with her, hand placed upon hand placed upon his chest before he kissed her forehead, her cheek, and her lips, and shifted out of their bed. Jemma’s lain there since, wondering how she’s still trying to pick up the pieces, and how he’s still there beside her even when she’s still dreaming blue.

Jemma keeps her eyes closed and body still, pretending to still be asleep because she knows what’s coming next. She can definitely hear the little patter of footsteps as they come closer, and she can feel the dip of the bed as her daughter climbs on.

The last bit of her dream of blue and survival and loss washes away.


Jemma opens her eyes and gasps, feigning surprise. She reaches her arms out and Maisie clumsily falls into them, giggling in that little girl giggle of hers. Jemma throws her head back and laughs at her daughter’s toothless grin.

“Mummy!” Maisie demands once again. “Time to wake up!”

“I’m up, I’m up!” Jemma relents, and she turns to face Fitz as he stands by the bed, beaming at them.

“Good morning, Jemma.”

“Good morning, Fitz.”

It still manages to take her breath away— he still manages to take her breath away. Anything and everything, anyone and everyone, changes but her love for him never does. It always remains constant.

His love for her never does, either.

And their love for their daughter never does.

It’s seeing him now, Maisie twisting around and reaching towards him, calling out “Daddy Daddy I woke up Mummy like you say to!” that Jemma’s heart races and feels like it might burst out of her chest.

It’s watching him now as he smiles, picking their daughter up and covering her tummy in kisses, hearing her screech in laughter, that Jemma leans over and places her lips on his cheek.

(Before when she dreamed of the blue he was beside her, and she woke up with a shiv in her hand. Now she dreams of blue and he’s still beside her, but she wakes up with their daughter in her hands, and she doesn’t think any of her billion questions she had when she joined SHIELD could ever answer how incredibly lucky she feels.)

“I love you,” she whispers, and hopes that he still, after all this time, understands what she means between these three words that could never say what she feels.

Fitz turns to meet her, and although he does that cheeky grin of his before he kisses her, Jemma knows he’s trying to do the same thing.

(They’re psychically linked, after all.)

“Mummy! Daddy! Are Aunty Daisy coming today?” Maisie interrupts.

“ ‘Is’ coming today, Maisie.” Jemma corrects and kisses Maisie’s forehead. “Aunt Daisy is coming today.”

“And Aunt Elena and Uncle Mack and Grandpa Coulson…” Fitz narrows his eyes and taps a finger on his lips, tilting his head. “There’s someone else, too… who am I missing?”

Maisie gasps and places her hands on her hips. “Daddy! You forgot Grandma May!”

Jemma snorts as Fitz widens his eyes and nods vigorously. “Of course! Grandma May! How could I ever forget her? Come on, Monkey, time to get dressed.”

Fitz whisks Maisie away, and Jemma pauses for a moment before she places the covers aside and steps out of the bed.

“Imma tell Grandma May,” Jemma hears Maisie say in a singsongy voice. “That you forgot her.”

“Wh—what? Maisie please do NOT tell her that oh go—JEMMA!

Jemma smiles.

(She still remembers dreams of blue where she only survives and never lives. But she also remembers when she would do anything to—

to have the things she has now.)


Jemma’s in the midst of balancing Maisie on her hip and putting the last of the decorations on the tree when the doorbell rings, immediately followed by Fitz’s frantic footsteps thumping towards the hallway.

“Okay, May, listen.” Fitz declares as he opens the door. “I might’ve joked to Maisie that forgot that you were coming but I swear I was joking. May, I was joking.”

“Oh my god, Leopold. You should’ve seen your face– I can’t believe that after years you’re still a little afraid of May. You’re practically quaking in your boots.”

Maisie gasps and strains to leave Jemma’s side. “It’s Aunty Daisy it’s Aunty Daisy!”

Jemma sets her down and follows as Maisie bolts to the front, where Daisy is laughing as Fitz groans.

“It is Aunty Daisy! And who would’ve known from the horrible pun I’ve just heard?” Jemma calls out mockingly.

“Excuse you, Jemma,” Daisy calls over Maisies’ chants, lowering herself to the ground and opening her arms, smiling at the little girl. “My puns are terrific. You wish you had my—oof!” Maisie reaches Daisy and Daisy rocks, thrown back a bit at her strength. But she remains steady, and embraces Maisie tightly.

(somehow, Daisy always remains steady, always loves immensely)

“And I—I wish I had this beautiful little nugget!”

Maisie’s face contorts and she shakes her head furiously. “Ew, Aunty Daisy! I’m not a nugget!”

“I could just eat you up!” Daisy emphasizes each word, bopping her nose with a finger when she ends her thought.

Fitz laughs as he shuts the door behind them. “If you could not eat my child, that would be great.”

“Oh, shush.” Daisy stands up and brings Maisie up with her, gazing at him. “You’re just mad that I wasn’t May for that great little apology you had going on.”

“I didn’t know it was going to be you!” Fitz groans once again, dragging his hand down his face in exaggeration. “And when do you ever ring the doorbell?”

“Does May ring the doorbell?” Daisy ignores the question, and gives her own.


“–Always.” Jemma answers the same moment Fitz replies.

Daisy pauses, slowly blinking at the both of them before she speaks. “Oh. Well then, I’ll be sure to go back to my vigilante days of not ringing doorbells next time.” Shifting easily into a crooked smile and shifting Maisie easily onto her hip, Daisy reaches out and pulls Jemma into a hug.

“Hey, Jems. Happy holidays.”

Jemma brings her arms around Daisy and Maisie, and is suddenly overcome. How could something so simple as Daisy reaching out and embracing her make her feel so– make her love– feel so vast? Jemma inhales and just breathes in the milky scent of her daughter, and the sharp scent of her best friend. The first time she had hugged Daisy like this, Daisy was Skye– and SHIELD was still SHIELD. They were children, all of them. The first time Jemma had ever hugged Daisy like this Jemma was the girl who fell from the sky, and she first began dreaming of blue.

Jemma closes her eyes and is overwhelmed in the black, and she wonders if this is what Daisy dreams in.

(Jemma’s throat feels dry, and the pit in her stomach grows because when she wakes up from dreams of blue Fitz is always beside her, but when Daisy wakes up there’s no one.)

She’s pulled back into reality when Maisie speaks, her voice laced with concern. “Mummy? Is you okay?”

She pulls back and meets Daisy’s eyes, narrowed a bit with suspicion, affection, and concern. Jemma offers a wavering smile and attempts to take Maisie from Daisy’s arms.

“ ‘Are’, Monkey. It’s ‘are you okay’.” Maisie latches onto Jemma and nuzzles into her neck, the pit in Jemma’s stomach loosening slightly.  “And Mummy is fine she just missed Aunt Daisy a lot.”

She risks a glance at Fitz, although she already knows what she’s going to see because she knows Fitz better than he knows himself, and he knows her better than she knows herself. He nods faintly, and then moves to embrace Daisy, exchanging greetings.

(Later, Jemma will grasp Fitz’s hand while they lie awake at night, and wish that she could take the pain Daisy must still carry. She will hope and hope and hope that she and Fitz and Maisie and May and everyone who loves Daisy is enough for her. That even though they might not be there when she wakes up from her dreams of black, they are still there. And at first Fitz will say nothing but grasp Jemma’s hand back, and then he will let his own tears fall.

Later, Jemma will grasp Daisy’s hand while they sit side by side, and tell her of all her wishes and hopes. And at first Daisy will say nothing but grasp Jemma’s hand back, let her own tears fall, and then whisper that they are all more than enough for her.)

The whistle of the kettle blares over Jemma’s voice, and she has to raise it if she wants Daisy to hear all the way from the kitchen. “Daisy! Where do you want to sit? Next to Coulson? Or Mack?”

“That depends; where’s Elena sitting?” Daisy calls back, just as loud.  “Because I don’t want somebody to play footsie with me when it’s meant for somebody else. Again.”

Fitz snorts from where he’s setting the plates on the table, and glances at Jemma, rolling his eyes. She rolls hers back, smirking and shaking her head. Taking the kettle off the stove she begins to pour the hot water into the teapot.

“Is that a game? I want to play! Aunty Daisy can we play footsie?”

“Not right now, Monkey.” Jemma replies and keeps her voice even and steady, stirring the pot languidly. “Maybe Aunt Daisy can play later. Even though it’s been three years since she played it that one time and still manages to bring it up at every occasion.”

“Jemma I have to. What’s the point of embarrassing situations if nobody brings it up every now and then? What kind of a friend would I be–”

“But Daisy,” Fitz interrupts, coming up next to Jemma and grabbing the utensils. “You bring it up every single time.”

“Fine,” Daisy saunters into the kitchen with Maisie on her shoulders. “Guess I’ll just have to get something from you guys. Then I can alternate.”

“Yes, Aunty Daisy!” Maisie pipes.

Fitz gasps, clasping a hand over his heart. “Traitor!”

Daisy beams as Maisie giggles, Jemma feigning a glare at both of them, placing her hands on her hips.

The shrill ring of the doorbell goes once, twice, and Fitz places down the last knife before he walks quickly to the door.

Daisy tilts her head and smirks. “How much you want to bet he starts the apology and it’s still not May?”

“No deal,” Jemma replies immediately.

They both listen to the sounds of Fitz rambling, the door opening, and the interruption of a “Turbo!” and a “Fitz!” before a long groan.

Jemma smiles.

(She still remembers dreams of blue where she only survives and never lives. But she also remembers when she would do anything to have the things she has now.)


Fitz’s busy grabbing beers from the garage for Mack and Elena when the shrill sound of the doorbell rings at exactly five o'clock.

“May! Coulson! Right on time!” Jemma says before she even opens the door.

“Of course,” May answers. “You said dinner at five, right?”

She pulls Jemma in for a brief hug before stepping back and letting Coulson have a chance to.

Jemma beams, beckoning them in and shutting the door when they’ve stepped inside.

“Everyone’s seated at the table, and Fitz is grabbing some beers if you guys want anything?”

“Just my—there she is!” Coulson exclaims, grinning and his voice rising an octave higher.

Maisie races down the hallway, giggling with arms already outstretched.

“Grandma! Grandpa!”

(Seeing her daughter racing toward May and Coulson, Jemma can’t help but quickly glance at their faces. Coulson’s always been easy to read, wearing his heart on his sleeve. He bonds so quickly and loves so fast that Jemma’s never doubted that he cared for her, for all of them. But if Coulson is day, then May is night– and she keeps her heart hidden behind a closed fist, afraid of letting go. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love, and it’s clear as day when Maisie comes at her that May loves her.

May loves all of them, and she always has.)

In Coulson’s arms, Maisie slobbers his face with messy kisses as Coulson laughs, Jemma and May exchanging amused looks.

“Thank you so much for the kisses, Maisie.”

“You’re welcome Grandpa!” Maisie chirps, then swivels her head towards May. She squirms and reaches out, and May gingerly takes her.

May smiles as Maisie wraps her arms around her and nuzzles into the crook of her neck. “How’s my favorite girl doing?”

“Glad you’re here!”

May takes a deep breath before she replies back, her voice firm like always but laced with a kind of softness and warmth that only May could have. “I’m glad I’m here, too.”

Maisie leans back and faces May head on. Before Jemma can say anything at all, there’s a twinkle in Maisies’ eyes and a grin on her lips.

“Daddy forget you were coming.”

May scrunches her nose and turns to look at Jemma, who can’t help but smile and chuckle under her breath.

“It’s ‘forgot’, Maisie,” Jemma reaches for her daughter. ‘Forgot’ you were coming.” She leans forward and whispers to May. “He didn’t really. Obviously. But she thinks he did.”

“Ah, I see.” May nods, and, with her own twinkle in her eye, says wirily, “This is going to be a fun night.”


“Fitz, can you pass me the sauce?”


“Thanks. I was worried you’ll forget me again.”


May quickly glances at Jemma and winks before returning to glaring at Fitz. Elena and Daisy snicker while Mack lets out a hearty laugh. Jemma reaches over and places her hand on Fitz’s, leaning towards him and placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Happy Holidays, Fitz.”

He turns and immediately gives her a crooked smile, oblivious to everything else in the world but her.

“Happy Holidays, Jemma.”

“HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!” Maisie shrieks, causing an eruption of laughter around the table.

Fitz squeezes her hand, and Jemma beams at her daughter before looking at each and every one of her friends. Her heart thumps in her chest and she’s filled with such warmth and content seeing their smiling faces.

(She still remembers dreams of blue where she only survives and never lives. But she also remembers when she would do anything to have the things and the people and the happiness she has now.)

Sitting at this table with Fitz, Maisie, Daisy, and the rest of her family, Jemma smiles.