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“Say I fucked up, 

I’d have to agree
But second chances 

I do believe in
Just give me one reason
We fight, make up then fuck
Girl that’s the sequence

I’ve been dreaming 

about the most recent
I don’t lie, no I don’t pretend
And your guard up, that’s defense
Let it down, 

girl I swear I won’t let you down”

- Bryson Tiller, The Sequence

Jungkook in Monster 8, by @btssmutgalore

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Tentative Character Profile

Hibari “Akari” Anegawa

prev. Atori

Age: 21
Race: Au Ra
Sexuality: fighting bisexual 
Personality: passionate, diligent, hotheaded, obnoxious, quarrelsome, stubborn, playful & dauntless.
Likes: training, Far Eastern cuisine, fish, tea, winning, swimming, shopping, feathers
Dislikes: condescending types, losing, the cold, heights

Hibari is the third eldest child (of eight) to the Anegawa family of Doma. They Anegawa used to be a prominent warrior family that has served as retainers to many Doman lords for many generations. Under the tutelage of her elders, she has been training for many years alongside her siblings to fulfill her role as a daughter of the Anegawa.

Despite being extremely disciplined and passionate about her duty, she often ran into trouble due to such as her own inability to cooperate with her siblings, lack of poise and almost any tactical skill,  leading her to pick a number of petty fights with anyone who would cross her. This had only contributed to her increasing feelings of inferiority compared to her siblings, who were (for the most part) much more highly regarded for their classic Anegawa temperament.  As her temper only worsened with age, she eventually got into a heated argument with the elders over their her perceived unjust treatment. After nearly getting herself exiled, she decided to leave Doma on her own terms, finding her family unworthy of her “prowess” as a warrior and retainer. 

Now at fifteen summers, she decided seek passage across the Ruby Sea in hopes of finding  a similar position in Hingashi. There, she quickly adopted the alias of Akari in a bid to reject her family and her connection to them. After struggling to make ends meet for a while, she eventually learns of the Samurai and quickly becomes engrossed in the style of fighting and way of life. She eventually is able to gain a position as a trainee after her relentless attempts to join (and countless rejections).

 There, Akari trains for nearly a year before catching wind of Doma’s fall to the Garlean army, and then the destruction of the Anegawa at their hand. After hearing rumors suggesting that a handful of Anegawa had survived the massacre and fled the City-State, she loses all drive to continue her training as a Samurai. This becomes quite clear to her masters, who to her surprise, suggested that she pursue these rumors in order to find peace. However, they warned that choosing this path could potentially close her off from returning to Hingashi until, due to the increased border restrictions around the Raen refugees. Reluctantly, Akari agrees, feeling she needed to gain some closure in terms of her family. 

After sneaking onto a ship of Doman refugees, who had been rejected asylum at hingashi, she begins her pursuits under the guise of a refugee.


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I think I would rather watch a movie put together with the deleted scenes of the MCU far more than the actual ones, and I’m a person who rewatches them regularly. Editing is an integral part of the the movie, and not just in a basic sense. In movies made out of comics which are a lot more than the actions and missions they represent, it’s important to reflect soul, emotions (both good and not so good), and let actions speak. A forced joke will not be appreciated more than a quiet moment of letting a displaced supersoldier walk around the streets of a new world which he doesn’t recognize. A forced romance will not be appreciated more than a scene of current political relevance and reflection of superhero activities in countries where the impact is felt negatively - a mural of a hero being ruined by a significant graffiti, a three second conversation between an ex-villain and a hero that reflects on the ex-villain’s care for her people, an interaction between two women that does not entail a man. Really, just let the quiet moments stay. Sometimes they speak louder than all of the movies’ dialogues. 

anonymous asked:

How much (in general) is a good professional editor? I don't want to get ripped off by getting one outrageously expensive, but I also don't want to go cheap and have them do a crappy job. Obviously I can't let it go unedited by a professional, so if you could give a ROUGH estimate..?

No, I can’t.

Editors charge based on 1) the level of edit you require 2) the word count and 3) their expertise (meaning a less experienced editor will have cheaper rates than a more experienced one). Books come in all lengths and require different kinds of edits, so there is no general price range. All I can really say is that I don’t know anyone who got a decent edit for less than a grand. 

If it helps, a lot of editors charge a few cents per word. So if you’re not sure what to expect, take your word count and multiply it by a couple of pennies. That gives you a ballpark figure of what to expect. If your book requires heavier editing, it’ll be higher than that. If you go with a college student who is editing manuscripts on the side, it’ll be a lot lower - but you get what you pay for.

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