who eats their mother's birthday cake

So, today is my birthday and my wonderful parents gave me “The Ship of the Dead” as my present. Reading the first few chapters, I felt a warm sensation in my chest like happiness. I commented this to my Mother who replied “That will be the two slices of cake you eat, you fool.”

Of Space and Birthdays

Okay, so I read all the comments on what to do for Lance’s birthday, and I don’t know what happened, but here’s a birthday fic anyway! 

Happy Birthday, Lance my son! 

Once upon a time, Lance would wake up on the first day of July and announce the start of his birthday month to whoever was closest to listen, usually his family or Hunk.

Birthdays in his family have always been a huge deal, and while they weren’t celebrated all month like Lance liked to do, the day of was always filled with treats and cheer and love pulling him into a warm embrace. 

But now? Birthdays feel like a trivial, foreign concept. There’s too much to do with Voltron now, too much responsibility always pushed along a time crunch. There are too many risks in taking a day to celebrate something as small as aging up a year.

No one else has made any deal whatsoever about their birthdays, so why should Lance? 

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Imagine Chris surprising you for your birthday.

A/N: Part 4! Ah, he’s just so freaking sweet. (Side note: Guess who’s going to see Ed Sheeran live?! I’m dying slightly, it’s going to be the best night of my entire life.) You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3’)

Ava snuck Chris into your shared apartment- as planned- when he arrived at 7:21AM on a Friday morning, just in time for your twentieth birthday. He had a bouquet of red roses, two envelopes, and a little gift bag from Thomas Sabo with him, as he quietly made his way down the hall and into your room. He smiled when he saw you sleeping peacefully. For the first time, you looked like you didn’t have a care in the world, and you didn’t because it was summer holidays and you had the day off. Chris knew about the rule you’d developed over years of working on your birthday and having your day ruined by rude customers; you would always ask for a day off on your birthday if you could afford it. And you could afford it, especially now that Chris was your overbearing fiancé who no longer took no for an answer when he wanted to financially support you. You were only still working because- one, you wanted to still have some independence, and two, your mom told him she wanted you to have a part time job- even if you only worked thrice a week- just to remain grounded. Who was Chris to argue with his future mother-in-law?

Your birthday plans had been to: sleep till nine, have brunch at your favorite bistro then shop till you dropped with your best friend, eat ice-cream cake over FaceTime with Chris, then head back to your family home to have a home cooked birthday dinner with your parents and older brother. Had been, because Chris had changed it without your knowledge. In fact, everyone except you knew what your new plans consisted of; everyone loved it, and they were sure you would too.

Chris chuckled softly as he lowered items he had in his hand on your desk beside your MacBook, where he’d FaceTime you last night while he was packing his bags getting ready to surprise you. It was only fair, you’d spent a weekend with him on his birthday- belated, but it still counted, so obviously he couldn’t let you spend your birthday without him. That and- he would’ve given any excuse to come see you even though the last time you were together wasn’t that long ago; Independence Day with his family at their holiday cabin. What could he say, other than he missed his beloved fiancée? If he could have you with him every day of every second, he would. You’d both probably get annoyed by the lack of space if that actually happened, but it was the thought that counts, and that thought was incredibly sweet and romantic.

Chris carefully crawled his way into your bed as he didn’t want to startle you, he wanted you to wake peacefully knowing it was him and not a murderer. He shuffled himself closer to you and did what he always did when he wanted you to roll over and enfold yourself into his arms. You must’ve forgotten your fiancé was actually still away from you and acted subconsciously because you did as he’d orchestrated, snuggling close to him with your arm draped over his stomach. He smiled and kissed the top of your head, holding you close to him. He took a moment to appreciate the bliss coming from the simplicity of the situation before he whispered, in a sing song voice, “good morning, sunshine.”

You stirred, and for a second, you forgot it was only August and that Chris was still meant to be away filming. You also forgot it was your birthday because all you could think about was Chris’ comforting and loving arms around you. You smiled as your eyes fluttered open, you tipped your head and kissed his jawline, “good morning.” It wasn’t until he was leaning in to give you a quick peck on your lips that you remembered what day it was. “Holy crap!” You pushed yourself away from him and fell out of your bed before he could catch your wrist and pull you back in.

“Shit, Y/N,” Chris cussed as he leaned over the edge to look at you, laughing when you did; you rubbed your elbow then the back of your head which you may have clipped on the corner of your bedside table. “Are you okay, baby?” He chuckled, resting his chin on the top of his hands which were placed one above the other. “I tried hard not to scare you, but clearly I needed to try harder.”

“Just a little bit,” you chuckled as you got to your feet. Chris moved back to his original position when you climbed back into bed, resting your head against his chest as his arm wrapped around you. “It is so good to see you,” you hugged him tightly and he chuckled, rubbing your back. “I thought you said you couldn’t come because of filming.”

“It’s called a lie, sweetheart,” he chuckled into your hair as he planted another kiss on the top of your head. “Of course I was coming,” he told you as you pulled away and sat up, turning to face him. “How can I not? You’re my fiancée and it’s your birthday, not even hellfire would’ve kept me away from seeing you.”

“I’d kiss you, but I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

“I don’t care, so c'mere.” He grabbed your wrist and tugged you towards him, but you pressed your hand over your mouth just as he leaned forward with closed eyes. His lips landed on the back of your hand instead, and he chuckled. “Seriously?” He quizzed with a raised brow. “Aren’t we past that by now?”

“You are, but I am not and I never will be.” You pulled your wrist out of his grip and hopped out of bed. “Just give me a second, I’ll be back with minty fresh breath and then we can make out like a couple of teenagers.” He chuckled, shaking his head. “Which-” you glanced back at him with your hand on your doorknob, “I am no longer ‘cause I’m twenty today.” You grinned, which made his smile reach his eyes.

“Yes, you’re right,” he nodded. “Happy birthday, baby.”

“Thanks,” you chimed then opened the door. “I’ll be right back.”

Chris got off your bed as you disappeared to the bathroom, walking back over to his gifts so he could give them to you as soon as you returned. He smiled because he believed he nailed it this time, though he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to top it the years after. He sat down on the edge of your bed, facing the door as he fiddled with the envelopes. Which one was he to give you first? Perhaps the smaller notion, that way you’d have a bigger high to end on. He pressed his nose into the roses and chuckled because he loved how traditional you were. Other girls thought roses were overrated clichés, but not you- you could get a rose everyday and still swoon at the sight of another tomorrow. One of the many, many things he loved about you.

The door opened moments later and you returned, flashing your perfect teeth at him. He smiled and got to his feet, passing you the bouquet of roses first. Your face lit up as you took it from him, pressing your whole face into the bouquet which made him laugh. He then passed you the little bag from Thomas Sabo and you lowered the bouquet to unveil the charm he’d gotten you to add to the bracelet you’ve had since you were sixteen. He’d designed it himself and sent it into the company, begging them to help him make it for you. It was a globe that had ‘you are my world now’ engraved across the axis and your heart melted. How had you never thought of something so sweet to write about before? Real life Chris was definitely kicking Fan fic Chris in the butt.

“Chris,” you squealed his name as you held the charm up to get a closer look. “This is so sweet!” He laughed as he took the charm from you, and your wrist to help you clip it on. You didn’t usually wear your bracelet to sleep, but you’d forgotten to take it off last night. “Oh my God,” the words barely escaped your tightly gritted teeth, “I love you so much.” He laughed as you cupped his face in your hands, kissing his cheek in a playfully aggressive manner.

“Yeah, wait till you see these other gifts,” he grinned and held out the first envelope.

“Did you write me another story?” You asked as you started to carefully rip open the paper seal.

“No,” he chuckled with a shake of his head. “I think I’ll leave the writing to your brilliant mind.” You chuckled, rolling your eyes; he knew very well how brilliant he was too. “It’s got nothing to do with your talent and future career, it’s got more to do with my career.” You felt your jaw drop as you pulled out two plane tickets to Salt Lake City, as well as two VIP passes to the Comic-Con there. You were so distracted by the Comic-Con passes that you didn’t notice that one of the plane tickets was from Boston to Salt Lake City, and not Los Angeles. “I’m schedule to speak at a panel in September, so I thought you’d like to join me. I checked your class schedules! It’s during the beginning of your fall quarter and you don’t have any classes, so you can go without worrying about school.”

“You are nailing it,” you chuckled, giving his hand a quick squeeze before you returned your touch to the tickets. “Wait-” your eyes narrowed when you realized there were two tickets and two passes. “Why are there two? Aren’t you just going to fly from wherever you’re filming in September? I didn’t even think you’d need a pass considering you’re a panelist.”

“The second set is for Ava,” he told you with a chuckle and you felt your lips part with a gasp of realization. “I don’t know if she’ll be able to make it, but I think it’s nice to let her have the option of going. I know it’s not San Diego’s Comic-Con, but the two of you have always talked about attending one so…” He trailed off, smiling.

“You really need to stop making her fall deeper in-love with you, 'cause one day she’s going to kill me and steal you.” You joked then laughed when he did, pulling you into his chest for a tight hug.

“It’s going to be hard for her to kill you when your fiancé is Captain America,” he chuckled and you laughed harder. “And it’s also hard to steal someone that can’t be stolen.” You looked up as he dipped his head, kissing you. You smiled against the kiss, and he did too before breaking away. “And she doesn’t have me to thank, I only paid for the air ticket. Seb got her the pass, as panelist we only get one extra. Mine was for you, and Seb offered his to Ava considering…” He trailed off with pursed lips but you knew what he was talking about.

“How’s he doing with the breakup?” You asked. “He hasn’t said much about it, has he?” Chris shook his head and you sighed, feeling bad for Sebastian. “Was it bad?” You quizzed, wincing. “I know it’s been months, but they were together for quite a long time.”

“It was amicable, they’re still friends.” Chris told you and you nodded in acknowledgement. “But it’s still a breakup, y'know?” You nodded again. “Jenny and I had an amicable one, we’re still friends but- it definitely stung when it ended. So I don’t know, I think he just needs time. And-” he smiled at you, poking you in the cheek, “the perfect girl to fall in-love with.”

“You’re going to give me diabetes with all this sugar you’re showering me in,” you giggled and he chuckled, kissing your forehead before he released you to give you your last gift; the second envelope. “Another one?” You chuckled, taking it from him. “Chris, you do realize I’ve got more birthdays. I’m not dying tomorrow, so you can save some of these amazing gifts for next year.”

“Well- I would save this for next year, but it’s kind of time constricted.” You raised a brow, and he chuckled. “No, it’s not another convention. I think you’ll be bored attending all those events with me, it’s fairly repetitive.”

“I think we’ve established that I’ll never be bored with you,” you told him with a smile and he winked. You opened the envelope and immediately caught sight of a familiar blue color. You swore your heart stopped and you held your breath as you looked up with wide eyes to meet Chris’ gaze. He bit back his smile, wiggling his brows. “No,” you breathed.

“Yes,” he whispered, nodding.

“Ed Sheeran?!” You screamed as you pulled the tickets from the envelope; you screamed so loudly that Ava heard you from the other room and laughed. “Ed Sheeran, Chris? Ed Sheeran?” You asked in disbelief, making Chris laugh and nod. “Oh my God!” You screamed, jumping up and down. He smiled because he was very proud of himself to have given you something that drew that reaction from you; he reacted the same way when The Patriots won the Super Bowl. “Ed Sheeran, Ed Sheeran!” You cheered, throwing your arms around him as you continued to jump up and down.

You were a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, and even in saying that- it seemed like an understatement. You loved his music to the point where you owned every album of his- both digital and vinyl. To you, his music was inspiring; you used often used his songs as prompts to write. He was one of the few artists that had albums you could listen to without feeling the need to skip over any songs, and to be able to listen to him live- it was the absolute dream. You had a bucket list and attending an Ed Sheeran concert was on it, you just didn’t think it’d be that soon.

You’d tried to get tickets when he announced his 'Divide’ world tour. You’d personally saved a sum and was going to treat yourself to the concert of your dreams. You’d tried and you’d failed despite how much time you invested in the purchasing of the tickets, spending a whole day by your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. You refreshed it so many times, you swore you were going to break the internet. Finally when the tickets came on sale, you saw that they were out of your price range; your heart broke and you turned off all your devices.

By the time Chris had heard about it and offered you his credit card number, the tickets had sold out. Sure, there were other venues in other states that you could fly to and attend. But you didn’t want to spend unnecessary money, especially when it wasn’t your money you were spending. You may have agreed to let Chris take care of you, but that didn’t mean you didn’t feel bad when he whipped out his credit card for you. So what if he could afford it? You needed to make your own way in the world, that was how your parents raised you. Your mom always said, “be rich, don’t marry rich.” But hey, this was different. This was him getting you an amazing and thoughtful birthday present, so you could accept it without guilt. Well- without a ton of guilt.

“Yes, Ed Sheeran,” he chuckled, hugging you back so you’d stop jumping. You drew back slightly and cupped his face in your hands, smiling with tears of joy in the corner of your eyes. “We’re going to his Boston show. You’ll meet me there, we’ll attend the concert, then fly to Salt Lake City together.” You raised a brow then quickly diverted your attention back to the Salt Lake City plane tickets, one was indeed from Boston. “I was a little worried you’d notice that,” he admitted with a soft chuckle.

“It wouldn’t have spoiled the surprise,” you smiled and he smiled back. “You are honestly the best fiancé a girl could ask for.” You hugged him again, and his smile widened as he hugged you back. “And I’m retiring Fan fic Chris, by the way,” you joked because you weren’t. “Real life Chris is a thousand times better.”

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Part 5A

unknown-jpg  asked:

A fluffy scenario where lance and his s/O are celebrating his birthday back on earth with his family. ; ₩;

Sorry that these are all late! But we’re super-psyched for S3 and the Mods will reunite on Wednesday! So, we’re keeping up!

I made this kinda langsty, but it fluffly nonetheless! ~Mod Saffron

Eyyyy, Lance!” Lance’s mother opened the door wide as soon as she saw her youngest son in the door frame, smiling wide and itching to hug. She embraced him tightly and kissed his cheeks soundly. “Como estas, mi hijo? Come in, come in! You must be hot, love!”

“Always smokin’, mamma.” Lance winked at his mother as she tugged at his forearm, closing the door to his childhood behind him.

Walking him down the leading hallway to the living room, Mrs. McClain bounced happily along as she dragged her son to where everyone was waiting in clusters of conversation. She then bounded into the wide room, waving her hand and tugging Lance in front of her. “Everyone! Birthday boy is here!”

The minimal conversations cut short and all cousins, siblings, friends, and other relatives joined in a united and powerful ‘Happy Birthday’ song, but not before everyone shushing everyone else.

Felicidades, Lance, en tu día que…” 

Someone off to the side quickly hissed at another to flick off the lights and candles were hastily lit with many cigarette lighters. Lance’s father balanced the homemade cake made by his sisters onto his wide palms and began to stride towards his son, a beam deeply imprinted within his features.

Lance  took this chance to cover his mouth with his hands as a shocked person would (though he was totally expecting this) and jokingly waved his hand around his eyes to make it seem as if he were tearing.  Everyone momentarily stumbled in their song with a chuckle, only to continue on with the counting of Lance’s previous ages. 

“Are you one? No! Are you two?” The children chanted excitedly.

“Yes!” A cousin called from the back of the room. Shattered laughter echoed throughout the room once again.

Lance stood on his tiptoes to raise his head higher and halfheartedly called to the crier, “Oh,shut up, Arlo!” 

The young relatives of the family giggled and laughed when Lance’s father lightly swatted the back of Lance’s head while simultaneously trying to balance the cake properly. “Watch your language. There are kids around here.”

Lance laughed at his father’s attempts to chide him and grasped his hand instead, squeezing it tighter. “Ah, I know. Thanks, pappa.”

A kiss was pressed against the side of Lance’s head as the cake settled down at the head of the dining table, where Lance was seated. “Happy birthday, son.”

“Whooo!” Lance fist-pumped the air excitedly while his aunts kept trying to take normal pictures of his moving figure, only to end up with blurred photos from his eractic movement. “Let’s cut this cake!”

A tug on his sleeve directed Lance’s attention to beside him where two oceanic eyes struck him deep in the chest. “Uncle Lance?”

“Yeah, bud, what’s up?”

“Can I have the jelly part of the cake,” the soft voice asked.Then, several other kids popped up from this secret conversation. 

“Ooh! Ooh!”

“Me, too!”

“Me, too!”

“I want the jelly also!”

“Hey, I aksed for it first!”

Lance’s oldest sister, Maria, raised her hands and crossed them over several times. “Alright, enough! Everyone’s gonna get cake, but those who yell and shout will not get anything, and I can say that because I made the cake!”

The birthday boy nodded, impressed by the sudden silence and excited tension in the air. “Well done, Maria. Well done.”

She turned to him with a roll of her eyes and a heaving sigh. “These kids… I don’t know how you get them to listen to you. It’s like you have magic.”

“Magic is correct, dear sister of mine.” Lance leaned back in his chair as his sisters dipped their fingers in a bowl of water and hastily pinched the flames out. “I have been to space and all, meeting magical princesses and–hey!”

Lance’s surrounding relatives jumped in surprise as he sat up, gripping the armrests on the sides of his chair with a tight clasp. “Where’s my friends? And (Name), did she come, mamma?”

Mrs. McClain’s face fell a bit as she rubbed her knuckles nervously. “I’m sorry, Lance. I called all of your friends and (Name) a few hours ago, but they did not pick up. I’m sorry, mi hijo.”

Lance fell back into his chair, a little sullen at the fact that his friends, Team Voltron, and his girlfriend weren’t coming to his awesome birthday bash. “Ah, it’s okay. I might see them later tonight, if I make it to the coffee shop.”

His mother rubbed his shoulders, feeling a little sorry for making her son’s mood drop but soon…

“Well,” Maria clapped her hands to grab the attention of all the drooling children, who were eyeing the cake hungrily. “Why don’t we let Lance cut the cake, so everyone can start eating, and then we’ll play some games!”

Lance pushed away his sorrowful thoughts and put a smile on his face. “Alrighty, here we go!”

The children eagerly yelled, “Yay!” as Lance slipped the cutting knife into his hands and carefully angled the blade to form two perpendicular lines, creating a perfect triangle. Another tap alerted Lance and he paused his movements to look to his side once more. “Yes?”

Maria’s daughter gazed upwards towards him with wide brown eyes and a worried expression on her face. “Uncle Lance, you can’t cut the bottom of the cake! You’re the birthday boy and Mama said that you are never allowed to cut the bottom!”

“Yeah!” Her brother chimed in. “It’s a bad super-zition.”

Lance’s lips curved in an upward grin. “You mean superstition?”


“Okay, okay, I won’t.” Lance patted her curls. “I won’t cut the bottom.”

His niece closed her lids in relief and wiped her brow dramatically. “Phew!”

The adults laughed and prodded at Maria’s upbringing towards her children, but she just rolled her eyes and pointedly glanced towards her own mother, who was shaking her head and remaining adamant to her beliefs.

After cutting several pieces, Maria proceeded to lift underneath the slices and plop them onto ocean-themed plates to hand out to all. The younger cousins got first pick and ran outside to sit at their designated table, fervently diving into their slices.

Lance politely made conversation with his aunts and older cousins to humor them, but as he picked at his cake slice, he couldn’t ignore the slight prick at his heart when the thought of his friends’ absence hit him once again. As good as his acting skills were, Lance felt his facade slip away with every poke at his cake. The many familiar faces  of his family reminded him of seven missing visages from his birthday bash.

Gosh, he hadn’t felt this lonely in a very long time.

Several minutes passed. Lance was caught up in his own thoughts, mulling over every possibility that his friends could take to skip out on this special day, but he couldn’t help noticing the laughter and mixed chatter in the room level down a bit with each passing second. People were now talking in hushed tones and glancing out the window leading to the front yard every now and then.

Suddenly, he was blind. He yelped when the cold hands snapped shut over his vision and made shivers travel down his arms, raising goosebumps. Lance pried at the strange hands with nimble fingers and he heard several uncles chuckle at his attempts.

“Hey! Wha–” He scratched at the fingers, hoping to fling the blinder off of his precious face. The person grunted with slight pain. “Let go!”

“God, for someone who loves me, you really do hate surprises.”

His breath hitched in his throat and his efforts to reach the person froze. Lance’s broken heart started to easily repair itself as soon as he heard well-known voices giggle and snort, much to his helplessness. A hopeful smile stretched onto his features and he let his arms drop.


He could suddenly see once more, blinking harshly to get accustomed to light, and swiftly twisted in his chair to see the beaming face of his girlfriend with Team Voltron behind you. “Surprise!”

Tears pricked at the corner of his eyes. “Guuuuys! What the actual heck!”

Laughter rang throughout the room accompanied with broken applause as Lance sprang up to tightly embrace you, the other Paladins circling him to ensue one huge group hug. Hunk lifted everyone up as quickly as he could and squeezed you with a iron-like grip before dropping everyone to the ground.

“I thought you weren’t coming!” Lance exclaimed, wiping away teardrops with a finger. He wasn’t faking this time.

Keith rolled his eyes but smiled nonetheless. “Whoops, we lied.”

The two chuckled and clapped hands, tapping each other on the back with affection. “Don’t be a jerk, it’s my birthday.”


When he separated from Keith’s hug, he turned to every Paladin individually and personally thanked them for their arrival. Pidge was a bit hesitant to let Lance bawl his snot all over her, but she gently comforted him with friendly pats on the back.

“Aw man.” Lance sniffed and wiped his eyes, laughing shortly when he rubbed his red nose. “You guys made me cry.”

Shiro crossed his arms, trying to ignore Lance’s aunts curious eyes over his broad shoulders and bulging muscles, and chuckled. “Well, serves you right for all those times you bailed out on missions for your faux tears.”

“Ha ha, very funny.”

You cradled your boyfriend’s cheeks in your palms as you tugged him closer to press your lips against his. Lance slowly tilted his head, nose brushing yours, as he felt his cheeks hollow to suck your lips carefully. Many of the kids who came back in to see what the hustle was about (and eager to see new guests) made grossed out sounds as you kissed Lance tenderly.

When you pulled back, it was only a few centimeters between your faces and soft smiles on your faces as your foreheads stuck together, eyes locked to see happiness and home within them. He had his hands running up and down your arms, rubbing them in comfort.

“Happy birthday, my love.” You whispered when your heart exploded with joy.

“Why, thank you, mi amor.” Lance winked as he rolled the last syllable of ‘amor’ with his tongue. You giggled into his neck, snatching the boy into a firm embrace, stroking his soft hair and letting the locks slip through your fingers.

Lance glanced towards the ceiling, his deep blue eyes glistening with tears again. What a birthday indeed.

kurdish vocab: birthday parties

this a repost of a post i wrote last year on kchikurdi that i found again.

let’s start this off with some words in both sorani and kurmanci in a birthday party setting.

hopefully one day the people of kurdistan can celebrate their birthdays in peace.

vocabulary [sorani | kurmanci]

  • birthday: cejnî dayikbûn | rojbûna [lit.: day of being/becoming] – rojbûna can be used for sorani too
  • party: aheng | partî [partî comes from turkish influence who got it from westerners]
  • cake: kuliça or paste or kek
  • spoon: çimça or kawçik (slemani) | kevçî
  • balloons: mîzala | balon
  • knife: çaqo | kêr
  • fork: çatal | milêvdanî [çatal is a turkish word]
  • gift/present: dîyarî
  • party hat: klawî aheng | kumê partî
  • ice: sahol | qêşa
  • ice cream: dondurma | dondirma or qeşayê xawarinê
  • candles: moman | mûman
  • decoration: don’t know the sorani word | xemil

verbs [sorani | kurmanci]

  • to be born: le dayik bûn | ji dayik bibe [literally: to ‘be’ from mother; to exist from your mother]
  • to eat: [nan]xwardin or xoxwardin | xwarin or êmxwarin
  • to drink: xwardin | vexwarin
  • to be full: ter xwardin | ter bibine
  • to be happy: xoş bûn or xoşhal bûn | kêfxwêşbûn
  • to laugh: hîlklandin or [pe]kanîn | kenîn
  • to dance: samakirdin | bi govendê
  • to clap: çap(la?)kirdin | bi çepikan
  • to sing: (çirin?) bixwendin | stran bêje [bixwedin lit.: to read]

Happy Birthday @talesmaniac89!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Much love from your Supernatural family!!

It wasn’t fun being holed up in the small cabin in the middle of the woods for your birthday. With no cell service, or TV reception, you were often left to reading, or wandering around outside. 

Sure, Sam and Dean were often there with you, when they weren’t heading to town for simple supplies. But you were itching to get back out and on the road, away from anything that looked remotely rugged. 

“Y/N!” Dean yelled as he came into the room, his arms weighed down with bags. “We’re back!” 

“Really? I couldn’t tell.” You grumbled, standing up from your spot on the couch to see Sam following behind Dean. But it was the person behind them that peaked your interest even more. “Cas?” You squealed. “Cas is back?”

“Yep.It’s your birthday surprise.” Dean answered, before moving to put away the groceries they had bought on their way back. Rushing forward you moved to hug the Angel when you noticed he wasn’t quite himself. With a crooked smile on his face, he was still dressed in his hospital scrubs. 

“Cas? You okay buddy?” You asked him, surprised when he was the one to initiate the hug. 

“I’m perfectly fine. I brought you some honey.” He answered, reaching into his coat and pulling out a bag of fresh honey. Carefully taking it from him, you glanced towards Dean who made the universal crazy sign next to his head. 

“Y/N, Dean said it was your birthday.” Cas said as he came to stand next to you once again. “I made Dean buy a cake because I heard it’s customary to eat cake on the day your mother pushed you through…”

“Cas!” Dean interrupted, and you were eternally grateful. “That’s not how we talk about birthdays!”

“Okay.” He answered, taking a step back from the annoyed Dean. “I also heard it’s customary to play games on people’s birthdays.”

“Sometimes yes.” You answered carefully, wondering where this crazy version of Cas was going with this.

“We should play Twister.” He announced, earning a choked chuckle from Sam. Dean just stared at him like he had completely lost his mind, and you were wondering if that was really the truth. 

“That’s alright Cas. Maybe later.” You mumbled. 

“I just want you to have a good birthday Y/N. Is it a good birthday?” He insisted.

“Having you back means it’s a great birthday.” You told him, his face lighting up at your praise.

Here have a cheeky selfie that no one asked for purely because I spent an hour on my face yesterday

I am now 17!! I had a good birthday, the morning was spent revising for my exam in the afternoon and then I went to the park with my girlfriend before we went home. Also I bore my shoulders at school- scandalous I know 😜😜

I also hung out with my old best friend too which was lovely :) today I am going to the funfair and then we are going to watch Shrek because I’m a heathen who hasn’t watched it. Tomorrow we’re seeing Rent too! ❤️️💛💚💙💜

I didn’t have any cake yesterday because my mum forgot about it, part of me is thankful because my brain was giving me shit last night but oh well, maybe at some point. I’m absolutely terrified about therapy on Wednesday because my highly insensitive mother said that I’m “going to get a bollocking” from my therapist- either she’s exaggerating or my therapist is actually pissed at me and I’m scared lmao

Friday Five

It’s the husband’s 50th birthday. We went to our friend’s in Arizona last weekend for a drunk fest and then on Tuesday, we went to dinner for him and his stepfather’s birthday and basically we’ve been celebrating for 8 days already.

One issue I’m having with the in-laws is that they leave food on the kitchen counter and my dog - who is very good but has a weakness for carbs - will eat it. I keep telling them they can’t leave food on the counter and they keep not listening and then I get texts that say “Gracie ate the birthday cake”. Just put shit away ok?

My mom and the husband’s father are MAD at us because his mother is living with us. Like we wanted some parents to move in and we picked her? Um nope.

My kids are awesome though. It will be nice when I move in with them when I’m old and have completely mismanaged my retirement funds.

I’ve been watching Mr. Robot for 3 seasons and still have no idea what’s going on. It might be time to give it up.

Extra Piece of Cake

Request: Hii! First, I have to say that I love so much your imagine; you’re so talented ! I like to read everything you write on your blog 💕 So, I have a request haha Can you write something where it’s the eighteenth birthday of Y/n and Shawn Can’t be there because of his work (at least it’s what he says to Y/n). But her family organize a surprise party for her on the night of her birthday and when she thanks everyone for coming (family and friends) Shawn comes out from another room and he surprises her with the help of her family

Your name: submit What is this?

You stood in your room, admiring how the maroon dress fit you nicely.  You brushed your fingers through your hair a few times, trying to get the last of the kinks out, and twirled a strand of hair on your index finger.

You bought this dress with Shawn, having full intent to wear it to your eighteenth birthday celebration, and you were, but there was something missing.  When you walked out of the dressing room wearing the dress, your boyfriend let out a low whistle and commented on how he couldn’t wait to see you in it at your party.

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"Happy Birthday, jackass." - Solangelo

Will couldn’t fight the wide smile to broke out on his face when he saw the dark haired waiting by he gate, leaning against it as a small group of three girls surrounded him, talking animatedly.

Nico’s gaze wondered over the crowd of people that passed him, almost pleading as he watched out for the familiar face among the sea of unfamiliar ones.

“What’s a cute New Yorker doing all the way here in Austin? I love your accent.” Will stopped in his tracks once he could hear the girls around Nico talk. The son of Hades ran a hand through his shaggy hair and shrugged. “Oh, don’t be like that, hon.”

“I’m meeting someone here,” Nico explained. “And I’m from Italy, not New York. I haven’t even been to New York in two years.”

“Who are you meeting?” Another girl asked, sounding slightly upset about Nico waiting there to meet someone. That fact made Will’s smile wider. A boy with hipster glasses gave him a weird look, but Will couldn’t care less with the words that came from Nico’s mouth next.

“I’m meeting my boyfriend.” Will watched the girls freeze before bringing their hands up to their mouths.

“That is so cute!”

Will watched as Nico’s eyes widened upon seeing him, lips turning up lightly into a smirk. Will could feel his heart pounding against his rib cage just looking at the son of Hades.

“Nico, hi.” Will bit down on his lip as he joined the small group. The girls gaped at him before muttering something along the lines of all the attractive boys in their year being gay. Will ignored them and watched as Nico held something out to him.

“Happy birthday, jackass.” The small box was wrapped in a metallic green paper, decorated with a bow Will knew Hazel had tied. Nico could barely do up his shoelaces.

Will’s eyes flickered up to Nico’s as he pulled at the paper. “Tell me you didn’t come all the way from Long Island just to give me this.”

“I wanted to see you too,” Nico said softly. “And I didn’t come alone.”

“You better not have come here the way you usually do.” Will warned. The box was free of paper, but Will was too distracted by the laugh that came from Nico to remove the last layer that separated him and his surprise.

“No, Jason got the ‘okay’ from his dad and we flew. Now open your present.” With a firm not Will opened the box.

Inside was a leather bracelet with a silver sun and moon charm on it, engraved so finely it was obvious it wasn’t a cheap present. In the centre of the sun was a yellow diamond and in the centre of the moon there was a black one - whether or not they were real Will didn’t even want to consider.

“Oh my gods, Nico…” Will didn’t know what to say. So he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and breathed out a thank you into the crook of his neck instead. As soon as Will stepped away from Nico he put the bracelet on.

“Ready to go?” Nico asked. Will tilted his head in confusion, eyebrows furrowing. Nico chuckled at the expression and took Will’s hand in his won, tugging him through the gate.

Whereas Nico still wasn’t completely comfortable with public displays of affection holding hands was something he found himself to be okay with. Coincidently, I was also something Will loved.

“Where are we going?”

“To your house,” Nico answers as if it were obvious. “You didn’t think it was just Jason and me that came here for you, did you?” Will shrugged. “There’s a bunch of us here. We’re throwing you a party because your mother said you weren’t celebrating your birthday this year.”

“Well with all the low key apocalyptic events that have happened the past few years my birthday seems like a minor thing to celebrate.” Will nudged Nico with his shoulder playfully. Nico stumbled, almost knocking into an elderly man that looked at their entwined hands and turned his nose up in silent but obvious disgust.

“So celebrate actually making it through two wars to reach your sixteenth birthday.”

The two demigods made idle conversation as they walked, Will talking about his last few months without Nico at school and Nico about his time going between Camp Half Blood and Camp Jupiter.

Most people looked at them with distaste, their opinions matching those people saw about on television. The odd person or two would smile at them kindly, the fact that their hands were enveloped by those of the same gender not a problem. As it should be.

The usual half an hour walk seemed to go too quickly with Nico around, Will noticed. It felt like a few minutes previously he was watching his boyfriend talk to the girls about meeting him. And now he was outside his house which had been decorated in balloons with the number sixteen on them.

Nico gave Will a smile before gesturing for him to go first, bowing with his hand extended as the words 'sir’ slipped past his lips. Will rolled his eyes but walked past Nico nonetheless, opening the door to his house and walking in without hesitation.

The shout of 'surprise’ didn’t faze Will as much as he assumed it would have. Yet again, not much could frighten him after serving two wars against Titans and Giants.

“Happy Birthday, honey.” Will’s mother hugged him tightly, humming content lay as Will wrapped his arms around her too.

“When you said you were going to force a party on me I didn’t know you were being serious.” Will’s mother merely chuckled in reply.

“Happy birthday, Will.” Hazel said sweetly, embracing Will with her hands in his shoulders and a warm smile. “Have you had a good day?”

“It’s good now.” Will admitted, looking over at his shoulder to see Nico talking to Jason and Piper. “Thank you so much, Hazel. For wrapping the present, I mean.”

Hazel laughed. “It was nothing.”

Several more people wished Will a happy birthday while Kayla and Austin refused to until they were told why they didn’t know Will had such a 'cute and cuddly mom’. Lou Ellen and Cecil spent the rest of the day calling his mother 'Auntie Naomi’, which didn’t seem to bother Will’s mother but bothered him more than he would admit to his friends.

They ate an array of junk food and talked. They danced and retold stories. They listened to music and encouraged Austin to play his saxophone, which Piper recorded so he could put it on YouTube later.

It was more fun than Will could have ever imagines, having those he cares around him for his birthday. Usually it was just him and his mother eating an unhealthy amount of cake and pizza before going to the cinema.

The only fault Will could find in the day was how hanging with his friends meant that he was away from Nico.

He kept looking over to the son of Hades, who seemed content eating finger food and talking to Jason throughout the day. When he saw Will watching him from across he room he would wave lightly and smile. It killed Will to see his boyfriend being so adorable when he couldn’t have a moment alone to just talk.

So he got the second best thing.

“How did you and Nico start dating, honey?” Will’s mother asked, sitting on the countertop with a toothpick hanging between her lips.

“That’s an adorable story!” Jason announced loudly. Will looked back to see Jason pushing Nico through the crowd until he was at Will’s side. “Go on, Nico. Tell your boyfriends mother how you got together.”

Nico glared at Jason. The Roman merely shook his head and walked off to find his girlfriend.

“Will and I had both had a pretty obvious-to-everyone-but-us crush on each other for a few months before we actually started dating.” Nico explained to Naomi. Will took Nico’s hand in his own, squeezing it reassuringly. “We were practicing out sword fighting because Will sucks at everything that medical or using a bow. I bet him and someone - probably Percy, but I don’t know - shouted at us to just get together already. So Will asked me if I wanted to go get a McDonalds and we started dating from there.”

“Ah, McDonalds.” Will’s mother put her hand to her chest. “The epitome of romance for fifteen year olds!”

“Mom, stop.” Will rolled his eyes.

“How did you even get out of camp and to the nearest McDonalds?”

“Zombie Chauffeur.”

Will laughed at the shocked expression in his mothers face and pressed his lips against Nico’s cheek. The son of Hades blushed at the feature, but Will was too happy to care.

For more than once that day Will was happy that he was a demigod. Without the godly 'dna’ in his veins he would never have met Nico di Angelo.

Ahh! It’s one am and I don’t want to revise shit about America for my history exam so here you go!

Also can’t be bothered to spell check so yeah.

Sorry for my English.

` i know it’s kind of late but happy birthday

{ it’s just another day, right }

AU: Birthday, Older characters
Pairing: Haizaki x Reader
Genre: Semi-angst, fluff
A/N: Sorry, baby, I had to torture you a little on your birthday. But happy birthday dearest Haizaki Shougo aka husbando <3 Kudos to those who can guess the title reference.
WARNING(S): Profanity, mentions of alcohol

Haizaki never thought of birthdays as special. It was another boring day when his mom just happened to prepare a huge birthday cake for him, one he always chose to ignore with a blush across his face. That was usually until his brother came around to give him a smack on the head, telling him to be more polite.

However, this year, it would be different. His brother had taken off a few months ago for the states and his mom was too busy fussing over that fact to really prepare anything for Haizaki. Or even remember his birthday. Everyone knew who the favorite son was.

But he knew it was coming. That abandonment. No one ever stayed.

Thus, on his “birthday”, he decided to stick around his group of friends, who tended to be a bit violent and maybe had done illegal things once or twice. You, being his “girlfriend” despite never having felt that way with his behavior, decided to celebrate it. For some ridiculous reason, you thought that going over to his friend’s place was a great idea.

You brought his birthday cake and his gift only to find him already shit-faced on the couch. “Shougo,” you nudged him. He was sitting alone, thankfully. He turned to you, his face red and he had on a huge smirk on his face. “Happy birthday, baby.”

Since you’d never been through his birthday, you were more than surprised to see him burst out laughing. “Oh man, what are you, an idiot? Who the fuck cares about birthdays?”

Frowning, you turned his head to face you. “Hey, it’s your birthday. Come on. It’s your special day. Don’t celebrate it like this. Sorry I’m a bite late since I was still baking the cake earlier.”

Haizaki wasn’t fond of cakes anymore, not since this morning when his mother decided to talk to his brother instead of wishing him a quick happy birthday. “Not interested.” He downed another gulp of his beer.

“Okay, at least, come on, let’s eat the cake. It’s your favorite. Chocolate devil.”

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((for @h-a-n-j-i–z-o-e 

Hey! Happy Birthday! Enjoy this 3AM brainchild I had:

**takes characters from main story line

To the tune of “Woman” by Kesha, Hanji on drums, Levi on Trumpet, Moblit on Piano, A – main singer Gideon comes in carrying Jean who has no idea what is even happening.

A: “its your mother__in’ BIRTHDAY!

Baby, alright,

Open up your presents hope they are all fine

Its your mother__in’ BIRTHDAY!

Baby alright,

Hope you get to eat lots of cake n sh*t tonight


Levi: Trumpet solo part

Gideon and Jean breakdance

A: “mmm, yeah~”

**puts everything back the way it was and runs away. xD ))

Okay it’s been a really bad birthday. I found out I failed an assignment… The exact same type of assignment I used to get A+ on for semesters straight. My granny called and told me she had to be out on a palliative care roster because my grandad can’t look after her by himself anymore. None of my friends were free, and I’m spending tonight eating cake with my mother who makes me fucking miserable.

I’ve cried on every births since I turned 14. Why did I think today would be different?

The Kids Are Alright - Part 1

Word Count: 2260

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“What do you mean you don’t think it will work, Bobby? It’s a demon-dispelling ritual.” Sam said into the phone as he sat alone in the diner researching any possible way to get Dean out of his deal. Dean rapped on the window to catch Sam’s attention as he walked to the door. “Well, maybe we got the translation wrong. Can you get it to Y/N for me? Maybe she can translate it.” The door jingled in the background indicating Dean had walked in. “No, I know she ditched her phones but I know you can find her. Look, we can’t just let Dean fry in hell while we – there’s got to be something that w-“

Dean approached the table and Sam panicked, speaking erratically into the phone. “Oh, uh yeah. No. I gotta go. Ok. Never mind.”

“Hey.” Dean said. “Who was that?” He looked at Sam suspiciously.

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Chocolate to my Vanilla

I can’t believe I was able to write this! Ayeee so birthday fic for my fave Akaashi! And this is a submission for Day 1 of @bokuakaweek

Words: 1297

Rating: G 

“Bokuto-san,” Keiji said, brow raising in slight amusement, “I don’t understand the need for me to come over for cake when we just had some in my birthday celebration with the team.”

Koutarou pouted. “Akaashi! Don’t say that! Are you full?”

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Of fennel bulbs and quiet celebrations.

7 years ago today, I had a double birthday celebration with my Biology teacher. In a cafe in a remote village of Kritou Terra, where the air always smell like oranges and the population seems to consist of elders that wake up with the sun and sleep when the streetlight turns on.

καλημέρα!” is shouted with a wave whenever we pass these elders on our way to the study center in the morning, and “Καληνύχτα!” on the way back to our lodges (one of us said the former once, which drew amused looks), a little past 9pm. Dinner was memorable, to say the least. Chef Mario would bring out a huge bowl of a simple salad of shredded lettuce, carrots and, introducing itself to my untrained palate, fragrant, crisp shredded fennel bulbs. All tossed in what I can only guess is some salt, lemon and olive oil. This was followed by thick slabs of lasagna on some nights, spaghetti and stuffed baked tomatoes on others. Among the six girls on the trip, two were strong eaters. I was one of them, obviously. The other one sat next to me here; cute as a button, appetite of a Roman warrior - in the best way. Somehow we’re always the last one to finish off the food, because Mario refuses to take up the dishes otherwise.

*internal screaming.*

On the evening of my birthday, my thighs burned from walking uphill for 2 hours from the river stream we’ve been collecting our data in, but a friend forced me into a pair of her black jeans and a white crocheted top my Mother sneaked into my suitcase, just in case I “needed to look nice”. They practically dragged me into the cafe where they made me sit at the head of the table (my head was also on the table - 2 hours of walking uphill for 3 days straight will do that to you) and I just wanted to eat monstrous amount of food and sleep, when out came Mario with a beautiful, albeit simple, cake. With candles. And happy birthday written on it for me and my Biology teacher (who didn’t have to dress up), who had his birthday 2 days ago. It was a birthday surprise I’ve never hoped for, and glad to have had. We feasted on grilled chicken and rice pilaf with vermicelli. And chocolate cake, of course. I didn’t know then what Mario put in that chicken, but I think I do now. He was, at the end of the day, all for simple ingredients and big flavors. Come relive that memory with me.


[ 3 medium sized fennel bulbs + 2 tablespoons chopped flat leaf parsley + ½ a lemon, juice and zest + ½ of a small red onion + 4 kalamata olives, pitted and chopped + 3 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil + ½ teaspoon sugar + salt and pepper to taste ] OPTIONAL: a ¼ cup of feta, crumbled.

Slice the red onion thinly and soak it in a bowl of water for 15 minutes to mellow it out.

Meanwhile, if you have a mandolin in your possession, break it out and slice the fennel thinly with it. If you don’t then use a knife to cut the fennel bulb in half from top to bottom and then slicing it as thinly as you can crosswise.

Combine the onion, fennel, parsley and olives in a bowl. Add the fennel fronds if you’ve saved them as well. Add in the zest and juice of a lemon and sugar and toss to coat. Add the olive oil just before serving. Season with salt and pepper. Crumble the feta on top, if using.


[ 4 chicken thighs, or any part you like + 2 tablespoons olive oil + 1 tablespoon lemon juice + 1 tablespoon dried thyme + 4 cloves of garlic, minced + ½ teaspoon salt ]

Combine oil, lemon juice, thyme, salt and and garlic in a small bowl. Plate chicken in a shallow baking dish and cover with mixture. Let sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Preheat the grill, and place the chicken on grill and cook for 6-8 minutes per side, or until the juices run clear. Alternatively, you can cook this in the oven at 350F for about 25-30 minutes. I had some leftover marinade so I cut up a potato into wedges and tossed those into the marinade, added a bit more pepper and olive oil and roasted it in a separate pan along with the chicken. Turn on the broiler on low for an additional 3 minutes for some crisping action.


[ 1 oz vermicelli + 1 tablespoon unsalted butter + 1 tablespoon olive oil + ½ small onion, chopped + 1 cup long grain rice + 2 cups low sodium broth + parsley for garnish ]

Break the vermicelli into 1-inch pieces. In a medium saucepan, heat the butter and olive oil over medium high heat. Add onion and saute while stirring until it turns a bit brown, maybe even a bit too brown for comfort (but not burnt!). This is okay. This is going to give the rice some colour. Add the pasta and rice and cook while stirring frequently for 30 seconds. Add broth and bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to low and simmer until the liquid is absorbed, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand for 5 minutes. Add parsley and fuff pilaf with a fork.

Serve the chicken with the rice pilaf and salad.