who doesnt need this on their blog i ask you

caduceus  asked:

hello!! I was wondering if i could ask you for some advice- i was thinking about starting an avas demon rp, but I wasnt sure if the fandom was very active because there doesnt seem to be a lot in the 'avas demon rp' tag.

AHHH YAY!!!! u came to the right person for ‘tis i: fergie the mom of the ad rp community!!

so happy u have decided to want to join us!! there is actually a few that have risen during the week! there’s @forlust @forhubris @forgreed @forwrath @forebirth @nevious @foracme & i kno of someone who wants to make an odin & another who can’t decide between odin or gil ( told them outta the two we need a gil ). THO TBH WE NEED A FRICK FRACKING PEDRI!! AHHHH GIMME MY HUSBANO DEL PEDRO!!! ( i don’t speak spanish don’t hate me ). a reason that their promos don’t show up in the tag ( bc i don’t see all their promos in there myself ) is maybe bc a tag breaks in the tagging process. i myself put all the “fandom rp” tags in the first 5 slots so that they do show up, yet when i go into one of the tags afterwards it’s not there. tags break on posts sometimes like it’s actually not tagged & so it doesn’t show up in said tag. characters i would love to see more are PEDRI, vengess ava ( she so different from regular ava she needs her own blog yo ), tuls, that fucking flower chick, FUCKING OCS GIMME THEM!!

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There are some people who come into our lives because they need something from us, and there are some people who come into our lives because we need something from them. I'm so glad I found your blog, because I needed to know you. Ily Connor

hey sorry for taking a while to answer but i kept this in my inbox for a while bc i loved it sm. this means a lot to me, thank u so much, and i feel honored to have made a positive impact on you x