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Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?

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Just a random reminder, there are good men in this world. I have a pleasure of knowing one. A man who respects me and my rights, and every woman's rights. Who doesn't expect me to be in a kitchen, to have kids, to be quiet, to not cuss, to look a certain way. A man who doesn't care if im freshly shaved and who doesn't mind listening to me complaining about my period. And there are more of them out there. Discrimination towards women is real, but not coming from all men. It needs to be said.

… okay? i’m pretty sure most people, including most feminists, realize this. what we focus on are *systematic* problems that permeate society; like literally every social system, not everyone endorses it, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t complicit or at least indifferent to it, nor does it mean that it’s not a problem.

plus, saying “well, some  ____ do xyz” for any group only lets people within that group let themselves off the hook without actually examining their own behavior and beliefs. saying “men do ___,” “white people do ___,” etc etc, means that people (hopefully) will take a moment to think, “do I do that?” which might actually lead them to change their worldview. 

i don’t mean to be short or rude or anything, but this is just a whole lot of words for “not all men.” it’s not a revolutionary argument.

Guys, don’t worry.  Yuzu’s got a long history of redeeming himself in the free skate- he’s been competing for a long time, and his mental state only gets stronger and more mature with experience and time.  

Even if he doesn’t get gold, he is still very likely to make it onto the podium.  If you take a look at his past competitions, you’ll see a trend.  At Skate Canada International 2016, he was 4th after the short yet still managed to win silver overall; at SCI 2015, he was 6th after the short and silver overall.  At Worlds 2012, he placed 7th in the short program, then went on to earn the bronze medal (with one of his most amazing, memorable performances to date, IMO).  Just recently at 4CC 2017, he placed third in the short and then got a season’s best, breaking the 200 point barrier, to earn the silver. 

The point is, we should all have faith in him.  One less-than-ideal skate with a few mistakes doesn’t dictate the success of someone’s season or their career.  Don’t forget, this is the Yuzuru Hanyu who won the Olympics and the World Championships at age 19, was the first man to break the 100, 200, and 300 point barriers, and has won 4 consecutive GPFs- and that’s only naming a few of his illustrious achievements.  We, his fans, of all people, know better than anyone what a trooper and a fighter he is, and how he thrives under pressure.  And above all, even if the judges decide to give him less-than-satisfactory points, that’s not what truly matters.  As Yuzu himself has said, a score is just a score, whereas a performance is a performance, and something completely different altogether.  Who else gets the crowds fired up like he does?  Who else can skate with such finesse, passion, and prowess?  He’s a brilliant performer, through and through, and that’s something that can’t be defined by any number of medals or awards.

So come on, fellow fans!  Don’t let the doubts and worries get you down!  The free skate is yet to come, and with it, another precious chance to see our genius at work!  Let’s direct our most positive energies to him, spread plenty words of encouragement, and have faith in the man who has proven, time and time again, that he is worthy of being a champion!

Tips for dating/being friends with a transgender person
  • •DO NOT point out their chest and or other parts of their body that do not belong there.
  • •Don't judge them on the tone of their voice whether it be high or low.
  • •Don't judge the way that they try to find comfort in the body that they're in. As in (dressing, hairstyles, etc..)
  • •If they are more feminine than masculine DO NOT point it out to them, or the other way around as well.
  • •Referring to them as the wrong pronouns is a no. Please ask before using.
  • •Using their birth name instead of their trans name actually hurts a lot more than you think.
  • •Don't force them to tell you things that they aren't yet comfortable talking about.
  • •Be sensitive to the questions you ask before you ask them.
  • •It's okay to ask questions though.
  • •Whenever it comes to intimacy, just be sure that they are comfortable with it.
  • •Not all transguys will take off their shirts or boxers in front of you.
  • •Just because a transgender person isn't on estrogen or testosterone doesn't make them any less of the man or woman that they really are. More people need to really exercise this statement.
  • •You aren't any less of a woman than the woman that sits next to you on the bench.
  • •You are no less of a man than the man who stands behind you in the grocery line.
  • •You are just as equal. You are both women and you are both men.
  • Last thing,
  • •I am so proud of you for being who you truly are.
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: you know what really upsets me about all this? It’s the fact that Yoongi is so incredible hard on himself and puts himself down so often even though he's one of the most humble, dedicated and hardworking people in this industry. he was sick, he was in the hospital for a couple of days and he cried because he couldn't perform and woke up in cold sweat because of the thought of letting fans down. he was SICK and his main priority was still pleasing us, reaching out to all of us. The fact that Yoongi wrote that and said that he wants to reach out to us as '24-years old Min Yoongi' and not as '24-years old Suga of Bangtan.' He wanted to tell his story as a person to another person, not as an idol telling a story to his fans. He wanted it to be more personal.
  • It makes me sad that he beats himself up over the fact that he couldn't perform on stage and called hiimself a 'very lacking person'. It makes me sad that he said 'I cried so hard even though I know I'd lose if I cried.' It makes me sad that Yoongi is so loving and caring that he went to Kobe during his vacation because he felt so bad. He said that he wouldn't be honourable in his eyes if he didn't go. He left without any plans and even though people tried to stop him.
  • He said that when he was 17 he did a performance where he could honourably look his only two audience members in the eyes. He said that after debut he wasn't able to do that. For the first time in HYYH, for the very first time in a long, long time he was able to look people in the eyes again. The fact that he couldn't perform the second day of Kobe hit him so hard that he lost that ability again.
  • It upsets me that Yoongi doesn't see that he has made the lives of so many people so much better just by being him and the fact that he keeps on apologizing for being sick breaks my heart in so many pieces.
  • He deadass apologized for not being a perfect humanbeing, he apologized for being a weak person that pretends to be strong.
  • He said that even though he doesn't have a religion, he prayed in Kobe.
  • He said that age, gender and religion doesn't matter to him. No matter what, we all occupy a large portion of him even though he enjoys being alone.
  • He said;'because I'm an imperfect being, I'll live out every moment with gratitude.'
  • If it doesn't hurt your heart just thinking about how Min Yoongi, the man who made 300 food and drink snack packs for a fan meet and HAND WROTE messages for EACH pack, thinks he's not enough and still imperfect than I don't know if you're human.
  • I just hope Yoongi knows he's an angel that needs to put himself first more often.
  • I love him so much

I wish Mira had interacted with more characters instead of getting her heart broken by Spartacus….. Mira and Nasir could’ve been best friends….. Mira and Naevia SHOULD have been best friends….. Gannicus and Mira should’ve butted heads ( and according to me and gxnnicus hooked up c; ) ETC

  • Remus: Really?
  • Peter: Really?
  • Sirius: Guys have you ever been physically attracted to an object? 'Cause this leaf is so perfect in both color gradient and shape that I might be turned on by it. Slightly.
  • Peter: He could not be more wrong.
  • Remus: He could not be more gay.
  • Sirius: Seriously guys, this leaf is getting me going. I might need to find a room.
  • Remus: You're a virgin.
  • Peter: I've had more sex than you.
  • Remus: Literally one girl has had sex with you and she was so drunk she doesn't even remember it!
  • Peter: Minor technicality. The point is, I've slept with one more woman than Potter has.
  • Sirius: Okay just a heads-up I might be horny for a leaf so you might want to leave.
  • Remus: We're outside.
  • Sirius: Minor technicality.
  • James: Now I just need to find someone who will sleep with me....aha! Sirius! Fuck me, mate! That will get Evans good!
  • Peter: You literally just let her control your decision-making process again.
  • Sirius: *throws leaf to the ground*
  • Lily: Hey, Potter!
  • Remus: Come on Sirius it's just a caterpillar.
  • Peter: *muttering* Engorgio.
  • Caterpillar: *is now huge as fuck*
  • Remus: *blushing furiously because he's legit bridal-style carrying Sirius freakin' Black the crush he's been crushing on for years and he's not fantasized about this for forever nope*
  • Peter: *totally knows abt Remus's crush* *says nothing but smirks like a little shit* You people have no resolve whatsoever.
Even More Random Sentence Starters
  • "Coca Cola doesn't deserve to have my love child."
  • "If we're gonna be friends let's be fucking friends!"
  • "Please tell me why I have Tony Stark's face tattooed on my ass."
  • "Why did the Ice Cream Fairy never visit me as a child? I was always on Santa's Nice List, how come I didn't make the Ice Cream Fairy's Nice List?"
  • "We need to talk about me finding out that you're running a Miley Cyrus fanblog. Literally what the fuck."
  • "Friends don't let friends cut their own hair."
  • "If I wanna swear at my God damn brother I'll swear at my God damn brother."
  • "Why does my body hate me?"
  • "Have you accepted Taylor Swift as your Lord and Savior yet?"
  • "Why did you make me watch that? What proverbial Cheerios did I piss in this time?"
  • "Can you tell I don't care or do I need to make it more obvious?"
  • "Who do you think Santa loves more? The Easter Bunny or The Tooth Fairy?"
  • "I'm starting to think that my mother never actually loved me."
  • "We should get matching tattoos."
  • "Okay but doesn't that dog look exactly like Spider Man?"
  • "I'm too pretty for anyone to hate me."
  • "If you were a real friend you'd shoot me in the foot so I won't have to go to this interview tomorrow."
  • "Remember that time you found out that your grandmother is actually your sister?"
  • "Please God just let me slip into a coma so I can get some rest already."
  • "Deadpool wouldn't treat me like this."
  • "It's been May for like a week and I've literally only just noticed."
  • "I can't decide if that's super badass or super wimpy."
  • "It's too early for you to be acting like this much of a fuckboy."
  • "Please can we just stop talking about the time you walked in on me making out with that picture of Mr. Rogers already?"
  • marvel fandom: ew nat and bruce is so forced
  • tolkein fandom: the hobbit love triangle was horrible and tolkein is dead so no more books
  • thg fandom: books are over and movies are almost over and so many ppl r straight and white
  • divergent fandom: tris and tobias' povs have no difference in way of speaking
  • pjo fandom: ...
  • pjo fandom: we have a 5 book series, a 5 book spin off, a trilogy, several crossovers, like 5 side books, a spin off that's a trilogy, and two more 5 book spin offs
  • pjo fandom: we have had at least 8 povs that actually sound different
  • pjo fandom: we have boy/girl friendships without romantic or sexual tension
  • pjo fandom: out of main characters there are 2 hispanic people, 3 black people, 2 asian people, 2 biracial people, an arab muslim girl who sometimes wears a hijab, 2 arab guys, a canon gay character, an implied same-gender relationship, a girl who doesn't need a man (& is okay with that), and a guy who called at least 5 other guys handsome

i’m horrified, i’m utterly horrified. this country is going to regress. the atmosphere is dark. i’m so sorry.

  • Bryke: Of COURSE, We LOVE Katara.
  • Bryke: look she's married to the most POWERFUL bender in the word, he will care for her; what more would she need.
  • Bryke: Also she's a healer, she doesn't have to fight anymore; Violence is bad kids.
  • Zutarians: This is Bull!!! You don't care about katara, you've stripped her of her own personality!!
  • Zutarians: Sure, Katara can be caring and kind. But she can also bring the storm!!
  • Zutariasns: Katara is our queen!! We refuse to settle for this garbage!

Shane’s 2016 Sketchbook, Entry 19 - “Worse Avengers - Iron Man”

Inspired by The Drawfee Channel on YouTube, who has so far done this sort of thing for Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, I thought I’d try my hand at reimagining an iconic character as a much worse knock-off! Expect more of these; Iron Chair needs the rest of his team.

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Ahhh it's open! I love your blog *O* Can I please request a really popular female s/o (like kise popular) that Kasamatsu has a crush on? He thinks she doesn't notice him at all when she only has eyes for him. Kasababe needs more requests ohoho! Thank you so much Jam!!

You arrive at the 3-C classroom, 5 minutes before class officially starts, yet 10-15 minutes before the teacher actually arrives. While he was a nice man, punctuality was not his forte. The classroom is near empty, with a handful of students who were either listening to music or reading a book. The rest of your classmates will swarm in any moment, these few moments are the only ones where it’s mundane and quiet.

Your eyes scan the classroom, eventually finding their way to Kasamatsu’s gaze, trained on you as usual. His breath hitches for a moment, as he wonders if today will be different. Your lips part as if you plan on saying something, and you take a step forward. He begins to grow hopeful, as if today possibly could have a different outcome. His heart is pounding against his ribcage, as this occurs every time your eyes meet, he’s grown used to the uneasiness.

But then one of your friends arrives, snatching your attention as they greet you. Before he knows it, more of his classmates follow until you’re surrounded. He quells the disappointment soon after, as the same thing happens each time he arrives at school before you. Part of him feels that he’s a hopeless case with this crush of his, that there’s no way he’ll be able to stand out to you. He’s just in over his head, admiring a cute girl from afar, exchanging a few short minutes of small talk every now and then, the same as he has since he first saw you. 

However, he always turns away before he can catch you returning his wistful glances. 

It’s during these times especially that his mind races. When he can’t help but imagine being able to hold your hand as you joked or complained about your day, whether your hands were soft or rough, and if his hands would envelop your own. Or to be able to cause one of your giggling fits and be blessed with that beautiful smile of yours, your smile and eyes were dazzling to him.

But then the teacher finally arrives and homeroom starts, snapping him out of his daydream. He announces that there would be a change in the seating plan, as the people in the back talked too much and often disrupted lessons. While it was a hassle to move all of his things, he was pleasantly surprised to hear that he would be sitting next to you from now on.

You approached him, with an excited smile, as if you were approaching one of your friends. It made him feel more comfortable in such close proximity to you, and gave him the courage to return your smile with a far shier one. 

“Hi Kasamatsu-kun! How have you been?” You asked him, as if simply catching up with an old friend. He’s surprised that you remember his name, considering how you two have only shared momentary glances. But he does like the way his name rolled off your lips. 

“G-good, a-and you?” His voice sounds and feels taut, and he considers himself lucky that you can’t see his hands trembling.

“Good, I’m just a little tired since I couldn’t sleep.” You whispered as you yawned slightly, hoping to not get caught by the teacher.

Kasamatsu can’t help but smile to himself as he chats to you, even though he’s trying desperately to will away his nerves. Finally being blessed with a window of opportunity, he wonders if he has a chance provided that he builds up his courage. Maybe he’ll be able to find out how beautiful his first name sounds when spoken from your lips.

I’ve been stewing all day thinking about this and I figured I would get my thoughts out. I’m sure there will be people that disagree with me and I’ll probably get a lot of hate for this, but I still feel like it needs to be said. If it it helps one person, then I did what I came here to do.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and replies and messages from people saying that Calvin is doing all of this because he loves/misses/regrets breaking up with Taylor and that he doesn’t know how to handle it/channel his emotion/cope/etc. I’ve seen others defending Calvin’s behavior, saying that Taylor started it/deserves it. Still, I’ve seen others cheering Calvin on for behaving the way he has over the past couple days (and weeks, arguably, if we are to include the instagram posts and twitter posts when Hiddleswift was first made public). While I understand wanting to defend your fave, there is a distinct line that should not be crossed and, in my opinion, it has been crossed in this situation ten times over.

What Calvin has done is not only rude, manipulative, and uncalled for, but absolutely emotionally abusive. He has taken a situation where Taylor has virtually said nothing on the matter, and turned it into a Taylor Swift bashing party. He has turned himself into the ultimate victim. 

With that said, I’m not being naive Taylor Swift fan, as I’m sure plenty of you are dying to accuse me of being.I’m aware that Taylor has flaws just like the rest of us. I’m sure she had her part in this break up and am in no way blaming Calvin for their relationship falling apart. However, I am blaming Calvin for his behavior after the fact. 

Let us start with the instagram comments. He felt the need to get his story out there without Taylor having said a thing. He claims she controlled the media, while the only confirmed media source we saw was People magazine when the break up was announced, which claimed it was mutual. He tweeted that it was as well, so we have no reason to believe that, at that point, the break up was not a mutual decision. They seemed friendly, as exemplified by the instagram like shortly after the announcement. As far as I can remember, there were no damaging articles written about him, other than opinion based articles from bullshit sources. Now, I’m not one to believe “a source close to Swift/Harris”, so I’m not going to drag in the numerous articles bashing Taylor that supposedly came from Harris’ camp. 

However, Calvin made it so that I didn’t have to. He spoke openly about his ongoing beef with Taylor. He made comments such as “I’m free”, making it seem as though she was controlling. He made comments about her being calculated. He made comments portraying her as manipulative. He painted himself as the victim in what he once claimed was a mutual decision. 

Moving on to recent twitter activity. After remaining silent on her split from Calvin, Taylor confirmed she had written “This Is What You Came For”. ALL that was confirmed was that she had written the song. She didn’t bash Calvin. She didn’t accuse him of forcing her to keep the secret. She simply came forward with the fact she had written it. While I can understand Calvin’s frustration, as he was apparently blindsided by her admission of this, what I cannot understand or excuse is the comments he made regarding Katy, her new relationship, and her character. 

Here is a man who knows this woman’s every insecurity. He knows what makes her tick. He knows what hurts her. He was in a relationship with her for fifteen months. He loved her as she loved him. And what does he do? He turns around and uses every insecurity he knows he can use against her. He attacks her character, he attacks her as a business woman. He makes out as though when she’s bored, she finds someone to drag down. He uses the fact that so many people dislike her because of a distorted view the media has placed upon her as serial dater, Regina George in sheep’s clothing to his advantage, knowing that if he says what people already think, he’ll only be “confirming” their beliefs. He knows that she can’t speak out against it, because it’ll only make the situation worse. He knows she’s already getting flack for her relationship and can’t defend herself without being told it’s fake. He knows how long she’s been fighting the reputation other’s have placed upon her. He attempts to guilt her for her new relationship, for moving on, as if she’s somehow done something wrong by being happy when he’s so miserable. 

Yet all I hear is that he’s upset. He’s sad. He’s having trouble moving on. He still loves her. And I’m here to tell you that that isn’t love. You don’t intentionally seek to harm someone you love, emotionally, in their career, in their love life, no matter how upset and hurt you are. You don’t attempt to destroy their image because your feelings are hurt. 

This man is 32 years old. STOP saying he doesn’t know any better. STOP saying he can’t help it. STOP making excuses for him. Feeling hurt, angry, sad, upset, jealous, etc.  Those are ALL valid feelings to feel during and after a break up, whether or not your ex has moved on. He is entitled to feel those things. It is his behavior which is inexcusable. It’s not romantic. It’s not cute. He knows how to behave like an adult. Being upset and hurt and still loving her are not valid excuses OR explanations for what he has done recently. STOP acting as though he is a child. He knows what he’s doing. He knows that it’s wrong. But because there is a HOARD of people standing in his corner saying things like “Poor man, he’s just so sad, he’s hurting. He doesn’t know how to handle his feelings. This is how he copes, let him cope the way he needs,” he is going to CONTINUE to act like this because these people are PERPETUATING  the belief that it is okay for a man, for ANYONE, to tear another human being down because their feelings are hurt. 

We have GOT to stop perpetuating the belief that this is normal break up behavior. This is NOT normal. This is NOT acceptable. This is ABUSIVE. This is HARMFUL. This is DAMAGING to every young person, every woman, who believes that someone who “loves” them will show them that by behaving in a destructive way, whether to themselves or to another person. It is NOT normal to try and garner the sympathies of others by using another person’s insecurities, relationships, past, etc against them. It is NOT normal to publicly humiliate someone else because your feelings are hurt. Do not let ANYONE tell you otherwise. It is manipulative and destructive behavior, and the fact that there are people willing to stand behind him and hashtag “TaylorSwiftIsDoneParty” while he all but ENCOURAGES it, yet tear a woman down for claiming credit on her work, the fact that SHE Is the one being called a snake while a grown ass man sits behind a keyboard and singlehandedly attempts to destroy her career because he is bitter and jealous and upset is what is wrong with this society. And if you continue to defend him, if you continue to stand behind a man who has shown nothing but animosity and pettiness since a break up over two months ago, you are part of the problem. 

  • What she said: I am fine.
  • What she means: I don't know man, the new Malec episode seem to be soul eating af, I mean I am still not over the fact this show named an episode after a ship, like I didn't know miracles actually exist in a cruel world like this u know, like I mean the last episode almost ended my life when Magnus said you when Alec said name it, I mean I haven't even read the dang books and I already hit post limit twice rebloggin gay ass tall dude and catlady guy and gifsets of Izzy's outfits, and now the fukin promo threw that 0.24 secs of malec porn at me I just don't think I can move forward anymore in life after I have witnessed something so climatic u feel, I don't know tbh man I'm a bit offended that the show is only available in America, like Canada doesn't desserve this, but ya like when would we get some more that hot vampire and smol simon action man, but ye mandude i am a lil fucked over rn for someone who has like 2 papers due by the end of spring break so I think I would need counselling after the season finale but its whatever u know

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I want to see if i'm understanding this correctly: In the premiere, Oliver hid the ring because he wasn't sure how to be both human and hero. In the mid-season finale, Oliver proposes to Felicity to because he feels he knows how to be both, but now Felicity has broken up with him. Is his journey, for the last 8 ep., to get Felicity back by showing her that he can be a hero and her lover? If so, doesn't that mean that Felicity will be the one who proposes in 4x23? I mean, SHE has to forgive HIM.

I do believe that Felicity will propose to him, Nonnie, or at least I hope so. Oliver has already shown his commitment to wanting to be with her, and it was Felicity who walked away because he was failing at being the man she needed him to be. She was saving them both from more heartache if she was to marry that man. So yes, Oliver will get his act together as both man and hero, and I think the important part of that is that he won’t kill the person Felicity wants killed. 

Loving someone and wanting to make them happy doesn’t mean doing what they want all the time. You don’t let the most disorientated person in a group lead you out of the forest. Oliver was lost and disorientated when he wanted Felicity to stay in the lair and watch him choose death over life in S3. Felicity wasn’t going to let him destroy them both with his muddled outlook borne out of grief. Oliver is going to return the favour with this killing ultimatum IMO. Oliver is going to refuse, thus demonstrating his ability to be the one who is seeing clearly in this situation, because he knows if he does as Felicity asks, he’ll be destroying them both. 

That’s why the spec about Felicity doing the proposing is a nice one, because it means she was the one to walk away, but with Oliver helping her back to her own light, she’ll be the one to walk back, and show her renewed trust in him with a proposal. 

Fits nicely. May not go down with her proposing, but it does fit nicely. :)  

'legally blonde: the musical' starters
  • "I'm doing this for love, and that's how I'll survive."
  • "I grew up in the [city] slums, with my mom and a series of bums."
  • "You know why cheerleaders always get the guy and keep the guy?"
  • "A girl sweet as you has a future."
  • "That's a good school!"
  • "He's a lucky guy."
  • "Mazel tov!"
  • "I think he should be shot."
  • "Three words - spring break cabana!"
  • "It'll wreck your senior spring."
  • "You're breaking up with me?"
  • "How is this helping?"
  • "Is he gay or European?"
  • "This wouldn't work if I tried all day."
  • "Just try it once, and he'll buy you a drink!"
  • "Happy people don't just shoot their husbands! They just don't!"
  • "Whoever said tangerine was the new pink was seriously disturbed."
  • "I thought you were proposing!"
  • "Each time [name] walks in the door, your IQ goes down to forty... maybe less."
  • "Bring that ring back and show it to me!"
  • "It's 99.99% effective on straight men."
  • "I'd never sleep with a man in a thong!"
  • "Sure, I broke his nose, but I got to spend 4 and a half hours with him in the ER and in the ambulance! It was the most romantic time of my life!"
  • "Look, do it, and I'll go away."
  • "It was a move designed by cheerleaders to break the will of the other team."
  • "I see the problem here, and it's not physical. It's spiritual."
  • "Don't forget, I got into this school, too."
  • "Now, you may have heard the same rumors I did. '[Name] is ruthless, s/he bathes in the blood of sheep!' Well, rest assured, those rumors are only partially true."
  • "My word means something."
  • "Check, please."
  • "Keep it positive!"
  • "Fine, I'll pay your way if you get in."
  • "Back the hell out of her way!"
  • "When I'm wrong, then I say I'm wrong, and I was wrong about you."
  • "I think I'm here to stay."
  • "I crash and burn ten times a day."
  • "Cheerleaders scare me."
  • "He's gay! Totally gay!"
  • "We'll never look good trying to make each other look bad..."
  • "I may be in love, but I'm not stupid."
  • "I bought a new salon. We also feature dog grooming!"
  • "Now we have two kids - and one more on the way!"
  • "I'm not quite sure where this metaphor's going."
  • "Maybe [name] saw someone who was sleeping her way to the top, but I see a woman that doesn't have to."
  • "The answer could take weeks..."
  • "It has not worked out well. I wish that I were dead."
  • "Love led you here?"
  • "How many yachts can one man own?"
  • "I got through law school by busting my ass."
  • "[Name] quit. Said s/he makes more modelling anyhow."
  • "Omigod, you guys!"
  • "I need to marry someone serious - less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie."
  • "I hoped that you'd understand..."
  • "Depending on the time of day, the French go either way."
  • "Hey, don't look at me."
  • "I've got a package."
  • "[Name] scares the crap out of me."
  • "Oh, so I'm not good enough for you?"
  • "What rich, romantic planet are you from?"
  • "I'm from [city]! I'm not exactly trailer trash!"
  • "No man/woman should be denied his/her dog!"
  • "You stalked some guy to an Ivy League school?"
  • "You're a perfect match, 'cause you both got such great taste in clothes."
  • "Pull her hair and call her 'whore'!"
  • "That's so sweet!"
  • "I haven't slept since [year]."
  • "You're fired."
  • "They're just like that couple from Titanic - only no one dies."
  • "Two jobs plus law school?!"
  • "That's it! I'm not covering for you anymore!"
  • "You can laugh, but she's made tons off her DVD and book."
  • "See if you can place a little sense in the space between her ears."
  • "This isn't some little sorority thing!"
  • "[Name] has trouble trusting me."
  • "There s/he is! Intern of the year!"
  • "I don't speak MTV."
  • "I don't go to parties a lot."
  • "Could it be the real thing in your way is the very guy you're trying to impress?"
  • "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover?"
  • "People have judged me my whole life."
  • "You know I'm right."
  • "I'm not about to celebrate."
  • "I gotta go get my asthma spray."
  • "If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies!"
  • "We love you guys!"

anonymous asked:

Don't you feel as though 18 in DB Super, 'BoG' and 'R of F!' has been sort of overly domesticated? She's a thousand times stronger than Krillin and yet he's still "the man" who needs to protect his family. Gone is the 18 in GT who avenged her fallen husband or in Bio-Broly who sort of flipped the roles there and left Marron with Krillin to go earn money as a bodyguard. I've always liked 18 because she's a strong character that doesn't care about gender roles, and yet she's become more passive.

Overly domesticated?  I would say hardly?

First off, let me say that GT is generally not to be taken as canon material, same with some of the movies, though Bio Broly does tie in with the Buu saga.

But ignoring that for the sake of this post, going with GT first.

Here we have Eighteen standing before her brother. Her brother who is being controlled by Gero and Myuu. He is trying to take her away from her family and he nearly succeeds until Krillin desperately yells at Eighteen, talking about how she has him and Marron now. It brings her back from the weird trance Seventeen put her in. Seventeen momentarily shakes of his hypnosis because Krillin questions him about what he is doing. But the moment doesn’t last and he kills Krillin INFRONT of Eighteen and Marron.

Now, place yourself in her shoes for a bit, if you will. What would you do if the one you loved got killed  before your very eyes?

Yes, she lashes out, yes it’s brutal and yes she avenges Krillin, but if it were the other way around, Krillin would have done the same. This case is not necessarily a proof point of her being “less domesticated” than in BOG or F or Super.

Bio Broly.
Eighteen merely goes with Satan because he owes her money, that’s it. And being the kind of person she is, she finds a way to milk even more out of the situation. She tells Krillin to stay behind because it’s her business, not his. She is the one who “Fought” Satan in the tournament and she is the one who let him win. Satan needs to fork the promised money over, simple as that.

Bio Broly also shows us that Eighteen, while stronger than Krillin, is not invincible. He comes to her rescue and saves her. This is a pretty much recurring theme in K18, we see it when he hunts her down with the remote in the Cell saga, he saves her because he doesn’t think she deserves to die for crimes she did not commit, it was her future counter part who did all the killing.

Later he keeps her safe when Cell spits her out, trying to protect her at all cost, but later having to abandon her to help Gohan. But when the threat is over, he goes right back to defending her and protecting her from Vegeta and the others so he can take her to Dende to get healed.

In the Buu saga, he tries to save her, his daughter and everyone else by charging Majin Buu on the lookout. He tells her his plan and says goodbye because he knows he won’t survive but if there is a tiny chance she and their daughter will, he’ll take that. (Anime only)

Yes, Eighteen might be better suited to fight. And she does. Do not dismiss the small fight-scene in BOG and DBS, where she charges Beerus with Tien and Piccolo.

If we’re talking about F, we can apply the same theory here as Bio Broly.

Frieza is an enemy Krillin faced, it’s essentially his fight among the others. (And yes, I do know Tien was there too and Roshi too, and really I don’t understand why other than that  Toriyama wanted to give them some spotlight.}

He was the one who had to deal with Frieza’s reign of terror on Namek, he was the one who got impaled and later killed. He knows just how terrible of a foe Frieza is. He does not want Eighteen to join him because of this.

Krillin will never be able to forgive himself if she were to get hurt in that battle.

He leaves her behind,  knowing that she’ll stay safe, knowing that she is stronger than him and it’s because of that, that Eighteen is the last and best line of defense for their daughter.

And that brings me to the whole Krillin goes to fight while his wife is so much stronger then him bit. This is the exact reason K18 works the way they do.

A thing a lot of people forget about Eigtheen is that she does not produce a KI signal whatsoever. Marron is quite ordinary, she does not have any special talents or powers we know of so her KI is pretty insignificant like the rest of the earthlings.  If they were to have to run and hide, they’d be safe.

Krillin will protect them at all cost, even if he were to pay for it with his own life. At least if he was to die,  he knows that they will have a good chance of slipping away unnoticed and live on.

(Of course not taking in that the earth explodes like in F)

So it’s not a matter of Eighteen becoming more passive, in fact it’s quite the opposite. She might not be on the front lines as much, but she’s surely making her presence known. And sure it would be nice to see her fight more. Who knows we might get that in the DBS saga’s later on.

But just her not fighting actively all the time anymore is not a  reason to call her over domesticated.

anonymous asked:

I laugh when people say if Michonne gets with Rick she'll only be a love interest. Yet you have others who say she's so strong she doesn't need to be with Rick or any man actually. So what is the truth? These so-called reasons are filled with hidden agendas. Michonne's an iconic, established character. If she gets in a relationship with Rick, more power to her because it shows she has the courage to brave the loss she endured in Andre, Mike, and his friend.

I completely agree with you on all points, Anon. Hidden agendas abound for most folks who make those statements. Most often their concern is not for Michonne but for themselves. They don’t want Rick and Michonne together because it makes them uncomfortable. But they can’t exactly come out and say that, so the old “strong, independent Black woman who don’t need no man” rears its ugly head as a seemingly more palatable (for the clueless) justification as to why Michonne should stay single, i.e. why she isn’t good enough for Rick and should stay away from him (spoiler alert…it’s because she’s Black). Some of this same attitude does bleed over into those concerned about Michonne losing herself if she and Rick fall in love. Then you also get the added group of individuals who spout “losing herself” concern because they don’t like Rick and don’t think he’s good enough for Michonne. But not all of those who voice that concern fall into those groups and are being disingenuous. 

I believe there are some who are legitimately worried about the impact of canon Richonne on Michonne’s development. However, I think those worries are very shortsighted. Being in love, being loved, and loving others is development for Michonne. Look how far she’s come already because of her connection with others, namely Rick and Carl. We saw how closed off Michonne was when we first met her. She traveled with Andrea for months and still didn’t reveal much of her story. But within days of knowing Rick she revealed that she used to talk to her dead boyfriend as a means of letting Rick know that she understood his struggles. That was the beginning of a shift for their relationship. We saw another crack in Michonne’s seemingly impenetrable emotional walls when she broke down while holding Judith. We learned the source of that breakdown when she revealed the life altering loss of her son, Andre, to Carl. Rick, Carl, and to a lesser but still very important extent, Judith, have been integral in helping Michonne to come back to herself. Knowingly and unknowingly, they’ve helped Michonne to face things and issues that she had previously avoided for so long. They have already helped Michonne regain much of who she was emotionally prior to the ZA. They are also going to help her regain much of what she lost physically because of the ZA…a lover, a child, and a family. Michonne deserves all of that.

DG said herself that she wants “every pocket of [Michonne’s] humanity explored” and that Michonne “yearns for the whole human experience.” Love is a major part of the whole human experience. And the process of finally figuring out what she wants for herself… a full life that includes a man and children that she loves and who love her… is development. That involves Michonne doing as DG said and “stepping back into…relationships of any sorts and caring for people even at the risk of losing them.” Doing that after already having suffered the types of horrible losses she has is huge development for Michonne.

Finding love with Rick and being a mother to Carl and Judith will be a full circle moment for a woman who, after losing her first family, chose to isolate herself and become one of the walking dead. She would have made that choice once again if not for Rick and Carl. She battled so hard to get to DC and the ASZ, to become part of a community, in large part, for Carl and Judith. She did all of those things out of love. So love has long been part of Michonne’s story and development. It has been integral to her story and development. It hasn’t taken anything away from her and only changed her for the better and added to who she is. Loving Rick and being loved by him will just add even more to who Michonne is; it won’t become all of who she is. 

Thanks, Anon!