who doesn't need more of this man


Auron never knew what to expect with Bergliot, as such was the case this time. As she burst into his room, he gave a surprised yelp and turned towards her, brandishing a tome in defense. When he realized who it was (just before she stopped), he went to ask her what the hell she was doing, barging in and screaming like a banshee, when she hugged him. Now more confused than angry, he shouted, “Why are you screaming!?” 


“Not entirely certain! But then again, does a gal need an excuse to come runnin’ up to her man, screamin’ ‘bout how handsome he is?”

No, Bergliot, you were literally shrieking. Those were not coherent words. 

“… Well, I don’t think I need an excuse. I think you just need to lighten up a bit.”