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Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?

why do so many people hate miranda lawson? is it because she’s beautiful? smart? capable? because she knows it and isn’t ashamed of it, all while thinking she didn’t really earn any of it? is it because she was loyal to cerberus and thought she was helping humanity until she realized she was wrong, at which point she immediately sided with shepard? is it because she’s an abuse survivor? is it because she doesn’t apologize for being a victim? is it because she loves her sister enough to save her from the same abuse despite the potential consequences? is it because she wears a tight jumpsuit? why do you really hate miranda lawson


the 4 stages of listening to someone who’s bullshitting you

shoutout to nb lesbians who feel like no girl is gonna want you bc you’re nonbinary and you don’t fulfill the Lesbian Criteria™ you’re as much of a lesbian as anyone else and you’re gonna find your girl don’t worry ab it

I like that she’s a free spirit and she’s just her own woman, her own self, and when it comes down to the love of her life, she still has this instinct where she wants to protect Matthew, and this is where it comes out. So no pressure for me to be, you know, the baddie, the villain. I never see my characters or stories from that angle. I just thought she’s a woman who forgot who she was and then it kicks in and she remembers and instinct comes back and she has to find Matthew. That’s it, that’s her quest.

fave blacklist scenes as i remember them + soft red & lizzy

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

I came here to parley. But do not mistake a desire to avoid violence for the inability to deal it”

like i highkey love the avengers and when someone doesn’t i just akfjwkfnwjdj

Since Tumblr ate my first post for breakfast I’m gonna have to type it down again or else I might never find inner peace.

You all know I will never attack or call someone boring for liking m/f ships or being straight. I support my friends and my fandom by creating art for m/f ships whenever they need a cheering up or there’s a special event, even if I don’t actively ship it myself. It’s ridiculous that I have to type this out but: me shipping only same sex ships doesn’t mean I hate straight, bisexual or ace people. It means that these ships make me feel the most comfortable.

I’m a bisexual girl on the ace spectrum and I’ve been with both guys and girls, including another bi/pan girl on the ace spectrum. I’m fully aware of that in a m/f ship there can be at least one bi/ace person but same goes for a m/m or f/f ship. So don’t come at me and tell me I’m aphobic or fetishizing gay people because I am gay people.

People have their reason for not actively wanting to consume media that consists of a m/f couple. Some are in a phase of their transition where they don’t want to be reminded of the gender they feel dysphoria in, some have been abused by men or women and don’t want that gender in their safe space, some like me have been in relationships with straight men where they faced borderline homo-/biphobia so they don’t want to ship girls with dudes because it reminds them of that they will probably never be accepted for what and who they are. I’ve only felt fully accepted and like myself in the relationship with a girl and that’s why I create content featuring that. Some people experienced nothing of that and are just overwhelmed by the amount of heteronormative, overrepresented couples in media and are tired of seeing it everywhere and that’s okay too.

Of course I can’t keep my bisexual ass from facing biphobia and being fetishized irl whenever I date an uneducated straight dude - I don’t know it any other way tbh - but I do have control over my online experience and if I want to make that a happy one, I’m gonna create media that makes me feel comfortable with my orientation.

Besides I’m in a fandom where all the canon couples are m/f so except for one exception I ship OCs, all same sex couples and all over the LGBTA+ spectrum.

Instead of calling lgbta+ people who don’t want to ship m/f couples boring how about you don’t invalidate their experiences and wishes and let them do what they enjoy to do in peace? Us both being on the spectrum doesn’t mean that we have the same experience, life is different for everyone. And as long as these people don’t attack you simply for liking a m/f ship (which I’ve personally never seen, only ever the other way around) there’s nothing phobic or bad about it. I’d rather be boring than unhappy.

sometimes i sit back and just have a laugh about how much i actually dislike downton abbey the vast majority of the time that thomas barrow isn’t on screen


Like, starting by how stunning she looked as the HBIC that she is (and at 65 btw)

(And those legs alkjskfhjkslad)

Then showing up with her husband, married since 1978 and still rocking the Oscars together

Then, what’s the first Meryl reference of the night? : “Magic Meryl effin’ Streep” (so yeah, a pretty good description for Meryl at the Oscars) and the fact that she still gets adorably embarrassed when they joke about all her nominations

She blew us a kiss and blessed us while doing so

Her epic reaction to feminism

Giving THE BEST introduction ever, so beautifully delivered it almost won an Oscar

Fangirling over Julie Andrews like us

And as if that wasn’t enough, she ruled the selfies of the night once more

being an adorable dork in the meantime 

So thank you Meryl Streep for always making the Oscars an event worth watching, this is why

  • Aries: every time you brag to your friends, you're creating hate in their hearts
  • Taurus: being too honest to your loved ones is how people are always able to hurt you
  • Gemini: nobody will ever love the true version of you if you keep up the games
  • Cancer: you can't claim to hate how everyone hurts you when you keep letting them do it
  • Leo: the attention you crave for yourself is what keeps destroying your connections with people
  • Virgo: your inability to accept blame is why everyone leaves you eventually
  • Libra: it's okay to be sad but you push everyone away with your refusal to explain why
  • Scorpio: a bad reputation will only attract the kind of people who got you it in the first place
  • Sagittarius: don't shit on the few people who have stuck around to be there for you
  • Capricorn: keep taking risks like this and you'll have no sense of self left
  • Aquarius: it's like you can steal energy with the way you constantly bring everyone down
  • Pisces: if you find someone who doesn't already love someone else, you won't have to always be the other woman alone when morning comes

You can take a shower and put on something of Eddie’s. 

The Path, S01E08 (The Shore) vs S01E09 (A Room of One’s Own)

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  • quit shaming regina for having sex
  • quit shaming regina for crying over robin
  • quit shaming regina for wanting a romantic relationship w a man
  • just q u i t

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Lol what do you think about all of the klaroline fans whining to comic con interviewers on Twitter about how Caroline needs to be an independent woman who's storyline doesn't revolve around a love interest, and in the next breath want her to go to the originals where she would solely be going for klaus, and where she has zero connections to the other characters?Not only that, but klaus is deadass one of Caroline's abusers along with Damon.

Hehe do you follow me on twitter Anon since I just posted about their blatant hypocrisy yesterday on this very subject, either way thanks for giving me the opportunity to really express my feelings on the subject! I think it shows how unbelievably transparent their argument is and that they don’t give a shit about Caroline’s character, they only care about her if she’s with their preferred shipmate. I mean I saw this stated in a string of tweets by the same person yesterday and I was baffled. They cry about Caroline’s character being regressed because she fell in love with her best friend and they cry about independence when Caroline LITERALLY chose herself over starting a relationship with Stefan because she wasn’t ready and she needed to mourn her mother properly. How exactly is that not being a strong and independent person? They want her to go to New Orleans where she has zero connections to anyone besides Klaus because why, so she can BE HIS LOVE INTEREST. They say she has nothing left in Mystic Falls because her mother died (which is untrue its still her home and she still has friends there) which means her mother’s death would be used as a prop for Klaus and Caroline getting together. Pot meet kettle, they want to try and sell that Liz’s death was a prop for Steroline (when in reality it delayed them getting together) when they want to use the exact same thing as a prop for KC to happen. Except you know, in KC’s aspect Klaus didn’t do jack squat for Caroline when her mother was sick or after she died, whereas Stefan was there for her the whole time. They talk about Klaus putting Caroline first all the time, um where? When he tried to kill her (thrice) made her beg for her life after he stabbed her and poisoned her, when he didn’t allow her boyfriend (the man she was actually in love with) to return to her until he left Mystic Falls? Was that “putting Caroline first” or how about the fact that Klaus will never put anyone ahead of his daughter Hope, so despite whatever convoluted ideas they garnered from Klaus on TVD this is all invalid and irrelevant.

Now onto my other favorite dumb argument that they try and say “well Elena fell in love with Damon and he killed her brother why can’t KC happen” um what? One, using one shitty action to try and justify why another shitty action should happen doesn’t make a convincing argument. Also Elena is not Caroline, while she may excuse Damon’s treatment of her and others Caroline is not the same person. Besides don’t they all hate Elena so why would they want their supposed fave to be just like her? As bad as Damon snapping Jeremy’s neck is Jeremy is still alive, Carol Lockwood is dead. Lets not forget Damon never tried to kill Elena multiple times or actually sat and watched her slowly suffer from his werewolf bite forcing her to show sympathy towards him as a way to save her own life. I don’t like DE but the abusiveness of their relationship pales in comparison to KC. They want to talk about Caroline being a strong character yet they want her to throw all her morals out the window so she can, for some reason, fall for a man who manipulated, physically abused her and never once apologized for anything he put her through. Right, I’m sure that’s way more empowering than Caroline accepting herself completely and choosing herself over a guy who has been her best friend for years and has saved her life numerous times. Not only that but a guy who is willing to wait until she’s ready to start something with him, has apologized multiple times for his behavior (which isn’t even close to Klaus’) and even took part of the blame as to why Caroline was so emotionally drained this season. Yeah, sorry I’ll take that any day over a relationship with basically miniscule development where the woman said she hated herself for the connection she had with him and asked him to promise to leave her alone forever.

And before the tag police come for me klaroline is in the question so this will come up in mobile but I am tagging it as “anti klaroline” just FYI

I like that we devoted an entire movie to Charles apologizing to Raven for being a douche, yet she was the one who left him bleeding to death on a strip of sand because Erik actually likes the color blue

I don’t get why all of the female companions have to be attracted to the Doctor!
—  fangirl that is attracted to the Doctor