who doesn't love a puppy

Settling Down
  • Jane: Okay, just hear me out before you say no.
  • Maura: Jane...
  • Jane: No! Maura, just... just... okay, look. *huffs* All I'm saying is that we should get a puppy.
  • Maura: You had a dog, remember? You never had time for Jo, she was always alone, and I'm pretty sure you forgot about her as often as you remembered her. No, Jane.
  • Jane: That's not fair! It was a different time. We were different people. Besides, that was before the new job, the whole teaching thing, and the whole coming back to Boston thing. Come on, Maura! We need a puppy. Think about it. Wouldn't it be great to have a little guy running around? Someone to play fetch with? Someone to watch movies with? Someone to keep you warm on cold nights and do that cute little running in their sleep thing...
  • Maura: I have you for all of that. Why would we need a dog? I really doubt there's anything you can say to persuade me to agree to us getting a dog.
  • Jane: I can handle it! You know I can, and, frankly, I think you're being unfair about Jo. You know I took care of Jo just fine.
  • Maura: What about the tortoise?
  • Jane: Uh... tortoise?
  • Maura: Watson?
  • Jane: Oh! The *tortoise*. Well...
  • Maura: Exactly. The answer is no.
  • Jane: Man! This is so unfair. How are we going to get ready for kids if we don't even have a puppy to practice on? I mean, it's a puppy. Who doesn't love puppies?
  • Maura: You can't crate train a child, Jane.
  • Jane: Well, I mean, you *could*...
  • Maura: *heavy sigh* No.
  • Jane: So no on the puppy?
  • Maura: No on the puppy.
  • Jane: No on kids?
  • Maura: Maybe on children. We've only been officially dating for a few months. Give it time, Jane. I'd like to eventually adopt a child and raise them with you, but I'd like to get through our first year as an official couple as a start. You can understand that, can't you?
  • Jane: Yeah, sure. It's just that it feels like we've been dating for years, you know? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am SO ready to settle down with you, Maura. I think... I just think it's time.
  • Maura: Well... maybe we can start looking into it?
  • Jane: Adoption?
  • Maura: A puppy.
  • Jane: Yes!

*hearing what a dark and terrible person his mom use to be*
Henry: *heart eyes harder*

You cannot tell me that Mal isn’t that girl that takes eight million selfies with her friends, you just can’t. Or that the number doesn’t go up infinitely with Chara, because twinsies. You just can’t. Because that’s definitely exactly what happens I’m sorry I don’t make the rules.

Also I’m really liking how the highlighting and eyes came out I think I’m gonna keep with that


[get to know me meme] 10 Male Characters (4/10): Andy Dwyer (Parks and Recreation)

Puppy Love

Based on this prompt: “Do you think Boomer is like one of those bad guys that could kill a man without even blinking but wouldn’t even think of hurting an animal? I can just imagine him rescuing puppies and nursing them back to life <3” Well here it is. Boomer and a lil’ puppy to prevent salt pouring into the would of this week’s Bennie Sunday. I know it was difficult, so I hope this helps you guys feel better, after all, you said you’d need it. Have a good week, y’all :) 

Rating: G
Character(s): Captain Boomerang 
Fandom: Suicide Squad/DC
By: @felywrites
Title: Puppy Love

Naturally, he was drunk, singing rather loudly to himself as he stumbled his way down the street towards where he’d been staying for the past few days. He still had a beer bottle in his hand as he turned down an alleyway, his song interrupted by a hiccup, which was followed up by a rather high pitched giggle that had the man wheezing. That all ceased when he heard the soft whine coming from beside the dumpster that took up most of the small side street.

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Imagine VIXX getting themselves a puppy and during the night Leo sneaks it to his room and cuddles with it and then wakes up really early in the morning to return it to the living room

I like that we devoted an entire movie to Charles apologizing to Raven for being a douche, yet she was the one who left him bleeding to death on a strip of sand because Erik actually likes the color blue