who doesn't like her really just really

  • JD: Defends Veronica from his dad when he acts like a creep
  • JD: holds Veronica protectively whole everyone makes fun of her
  • JD: attacks the bullies who are being mean to her
  • JD: Doesn't answer when asked if he's okay, instead just asks her if she is
  • JD: tells Veronica he was nothing before her and that she means the world to him
  • JD: Tells her that he wants to be good for her and that her love is too good to lose
  • JD: literally sacrifices his life for her's
  • Some people: idk I don't think he really loved her 😕 he was just using her to kill people 🙄
the signs as people from my university
  • Aries: That girl who loves partying and socializing with people, she's a fangirl of so many buffed-up singers and she's so pretty. She's kinda judgmental and she's homophobic but she follows so many gay people and likes their posts and nobody in my generation really understands why. She can be really impulsive sometimes and she hates classes but she's a good friend and a funny person
  • Taurus: That girl who is always late, she has social anxiety and she's silent af. Grades are not her forte'. She tries to socialize very hard and everyone is annoyed by the fact that she tries to discuss things that she really doesn't know shit about. She is afraid of some professors, she is christian af and she is kinda lost, but she's a good girl who believes in the supernatural and she always invites us to coffee at her place
  • Gemini: The girl who loves spending time with people, she always loves to discuss about every topic, she knows so much about many things, she's doing great with her grades and she's among the top 5 students in the entire generation. Also, she has PERFECT, sonorous American accent and everybody loves it. She always initiates coffee gatherings but nobody really comes because she's not that much of a leader and her voice is so soft so nobody could really hear when she's talking. She's also a passionate gamer AND in the same time she finds time to maintain her grades and social life
  • Cancer: That (jock) guy who's the tallest one, he's blonde, buffed-up and he's the definition of a straight white boy. He's childish as fuck and he can become very boring sometimes. Once, my colleagues have shooed him out of the cafeteria because he was bothering them. He also tells so many stupid dad-jokes and laughs at his own jokes, flirts with some professors, has been single since forever (not that he's ugly - he's average looking but he's so much boring sometimes because he doesn't have any real friends and he gets excited about people so he doesn't know WHEN to stop). He literally flirts with every single female human being that he can find and he pushes them all away because he's pushy af. He's also introverted and doesn't really know his way with girls
  • Leo: That girl who's one of the top students in the generation. She's always smiling, she has the best grades, she always tries to present this "perfect" image of herself. She is very intelligent and she loves reading, she gets drunk like every second day but that doesn't stop her from maintaining her perfect grades. She's very successful and she's a good leader, she knows all the fresh gossip and she always sits in the first row with her best university friend. In fact, she and her best uni friend are hated by everyone because they're just so successful and everyone's jealous of them. She also secretly hates everybody and gossips with her best uni friend. She and her friend have tons of screenshots ready to blackmail people if anyone says anything against them lmao. But everyone (every zodiac sign) in this generation pretends we like each other so...
  • Virgo: That professor who's VERY detail-oriented and she's a big perfectionist but she can't fix her awful handwriting. She's very successful and she has TONS of potential, she literally KNOWS EVERYTHING about her subjects but sometimes she can really drain us physically and emotionally. She gives us tons of assignments and homework and she always gives us lectures on the most difficult courses. Jfc she behaves like we study in Cambridge / Oxford. But don't get me wrong, she's NOT a bad person. She's actually a VERY good person and at the end of each semester she buys us coffee and tea, she talks with us about our experience with the course and she just wants us to learn some things that we should learn, that's why we perceive her as "difficult" and "problematic"
  • Libra: That girl who loves hugging, has great communication skills and is a social justice warrior. She thinks that she's everyone's friend and she always tries to criticize everyone's opinion, thinking that she'll seem and sound more intelligent. She also listens to rock and metal, she loves children and she smokes a lot, she's very sensitive and she's very friendly. Once, on the Facebook group of the university, she tried to accuse Pisces of something he didn't do and he literally ruined her in front of all those people, that was one of her biggest mistakes she's ever done in uni because she didn't know that that guy can be pretty evil when someone tries to insult/hurt him. The next day in uni she was on the verge of a mental breakdown because that guy really hurt her with his words, making her look stupid and pretentious, and everybody stopped talking to that guy for like, a month or two
  • Scorpio: That girl who's late in class 90% of the time, and those 10% she's not present in class. She is very quiet and she doesn't show particular interest in anything. She doesn't have a taste in fashion and style, unlike most Scorpios that I know. She just wants to go home all the time and nobody knows what she's doing in her life, she's so mysterious and she's not a good teamworker because she doesn't really care about her grades
  • Sagittarius: That girl who can't stop talking and she's always arguing with someone but we all love her. She's very communicative but she's insecure at the same time. She has tons of likes on Facebook and Instagram. She's a VERY open-minded girl, she hates racism, homophobes, nazi scum and racists. She's a really good friend with Leo and Pisces but Capricorn is her bff and her roommate. She has an excellent taste in fashion, style and music and she has S_L_A_Y_I_N_G eyebrows. I think that she's bi/lesbian but maybe she's closeted. She always hugs Capricorn and gets beaten by Capricorn because Capricorn can't stand people touching her
  • Capricorn: That girl who loves vintage notebooks, loves taking studyblr photos and uploads them on tubmlr and Instagram, she loves journeys and we haven't heard her talking for THREE GODDAMN YEARS. She is very antisocial and introverted but she has excellent taste for art, film, music and she's like 24/7 on her phone because it's obvious that she can't stand most of us but she's always sweet and supportive when someone approaches her. Sometimes she doesn't want to talk and she just smiles as a response. She's Sagittarius' best friend and roommate and they've became really close friends. She also loves journeys and she's a daydreamer but she's very intelligent. Her grades are not that good, she's not an attention whore and she tries to be "invisible" but she simply can't
  • Aquarius: That guy with his cockney accent who has insane memory and loves football. He's actually a loner, he's a bit creepy and weird, le loves britpop and indie nd he was one of the best students in the first two years of uni but his grades dropped. He's like, very secretive and he can be pretty arrogant and you just can't sit next to him because he's telling jokes all the time which takes your attention away. He is a loner and once he publicly told us that he used to have cyber sex with his girlfriend because she lived in another country and they've never met in real life (I mean, who tells such things omg Aqua get your shit together). He tries to insult people and he tries to be sarcastic but he can only be sarcastic with the stupid ones. He also thinks that he's a know-it-all and that he's the most intelligent person in the world. He can be really judgmental sometimes and he pushes people away with that
  • Pisces: That guy who always sits in the first row with his best university friend and is one of the top students in the generation. He's also a model, nerd, gamer, works out and whatnot. He is sweet to everyone and talks to everyone but he can be very sassy at times. He was the one who had a verbal fight with Libra because Libra triggered him and he destroyed her verbally. He's really skinny and dreamy and he has a very deep voice and an excellent taste in fashion and style. His style is kinda dark and he's so aesthetic. He listens to some music that no other people in the world listen to but he also listens to some mainstream music. In fact, he listens to whatever he wants and he doesn't really think about what other people think about him. He tends to roll his eyes a lot and he cares about his physical beauty more than he cares about his love life. He's too egotistic and self-centered and he's extremely picky, which makes him single most of the time.

There are two types of people:

Religious people who call you by the correct pronouns and although they may not understand your transition, they respect you as a human being regardless.

Religious people who purposefully call you by the wrong pronoun and make it their mission to disrespect you, even after you or someone else has corrected them.

Don’t be the second. I don’t care if you don’t agree with my transition, it’s rude, shallow and disrespectful.

*whispering* you don’t have to do this. you can turn around now and confess your sins and hope they just sentence you to community service or something


The things you need to know about Charlene.

When the only reason Morgiana isn’t together with the main four currently in the final arc is because she hasn’t Fallen into Depravity like Judar and Hakuryuu, wasn’t killed off and sent to another dimension like Alibaba, isn’t directly from Alma Toran like Aladdin, and is under influence because she has some normalcy to her. But hey, let’s forget the fact that, despite how others who were told their thoughts were being controlled by Sinbad gave no shits because “no way would Sinbad do that to them”, Morgiana actually tried to break out of the will Sinbad forced on everyone and wanted to join Alibaba and Aladdin despite it being against what Sinbad forced on her.

Oh, but wait, she and Alibaba are together now and they aren’t fighting in this more peaceful time where words are more powerful than fists, so she must have been forgotten or Ohtaka doesn’t care for her. She’s always wanted a peaceful life where she and her precious people are happy and she’s actually getting it? Wow, how dare she have her wishes come true. This is such poor writing of a good character. Morgiana is no longer great, just “Alibaba’s Woman” for wanting to settle down, and all her character development went down the drain because she’s not a special nutcase like the others and throwing fists left and right.

Shame on Ohtaka. Shame on her for not making Morgiana completely unaffected by everything because Plot Armor. Shame on her for not leaving her only useful trait being Able to Be Paired Up With Any Guy/Girl in the Series. God doesn’t Ohtaka know better to leave Morgiana as an overpowered lil shit who’s only good To Be Paired Up With Someone because Screw That She’s another Character With Good Character Development and Balanced Design, obviously that means nothing because females are only good for shipping with favorite characters and projecting ourselves onto to pretend we’re the gods of the series.

Ugh, just how dare Morgiana not be with the guy I wanted her to end up with or unaffected Sinbad because obviously she should have immunity to it for no special reason.

((I’m sorry, I’m so sour right now because this is what I’ve been seeing a lot and I really don’t like it. I don’t mean to target anyone specifically. I just wish really wish people didn’t write Morgiana over like this))

(GotG2 Spoilers ahoy!)

AU where everything’s the same except Meredith and Yondu are magically alive again and they spend 99% of their time butting heads over the “correct” way to parent Peter while Peter tries desperately to convince them that he is a full grown adult and no longer needs parenting from anyone.

Bonus: Yondu and Meredith begrudgingly fall for each other and Peter is secretly delighted because now he’s got the happy family he’s wanted since he was a kid. Well, more like “incredibly dysfunctional and unquestionably bizarre” family, but he’ll take what he can get.

  • me, spinning a broomstick around like a baton: i just need to see star and moon bonding in season 3 because we know they love each other but star knows so little about who her mother really is and moon doesn't trust or open up to her daughter nearly as much as she should and this could be a really great dynamic to explore

melspuppies8282  asked:

(I'm asking a lot! XD I'm sorry!!) Could you do a RFA reacting to a MC who has burn marks from an incident that happened when she was really young? (This also happened to me! XD I was a wild child.) Like, she doesn't remember it but her mother spills the beans on how her daughter is accident prone one day when shes visiting them, and MC just laughs and shows them the burn marks?

Of course I can do it! Thank you for all your requests by the way, I really appreciate them :) Sorry if this one seems a little short


  • It was the first time Yoosung had met your parents and of course, they were doing the obvious embarrassing parent thing of looking through photo albums
  • Your mum pauses on a picture of you stood in the kitchen with a huge tray of cookies
  • ‘I remember that day very well’ your mum recalled
  • You look puzzled so she insists on telling Yoosung the story
  • Your mum had helped you make cookies and put them in the oven
  • Your mum had told you to leave them until she took them out but you hadn’t listened
  • You’d put your hands in the oven to try and grab the cookies and you’d been badly burnt
  • Your mum showed Yoosung the marks on your wrist as she finished the story
  • Yoosung was shocked to see the scars on your wrists (he’d never noticed them before)
  • Yoosung thought the burn marks were cute, as he has many cooking related scars as well
  • He also loves how accident prones you are, as your mum continues to tell stories of how you’d injured yourself as a child
  • Yoosung pays extra attention to the scars on your hands now, knowing that they have such meaning to who you are and how your personality was shaped
  • If you ever have children with Yoosung, you can bet he tells them the story of how you burnt your wrist as a child all the time


  • Zen had been really nervous about visiting your parents as he wasn’t close to his parents and didn’t know how to act around yours
  • It became less awkward as soon as he met your mum and he found out how nice she was
  • Your mum made him feel at ease by telling him stories of your childhood and bonding with him over their shared love for you
  • ‘And she was so clumsy as a child’ your mum spills
  • Your mum tells him about the burn marks on your legs from when you started a fire in your garden as a child
  • 'She was such a wild child’
  • Zen loves the idea of you being a rebellious child (even if you don’t remember it)
  • It reminds him of his teenage years
  • He teases you about it sometimes
  • 'You sure you don’t want to start another fire, MC?’
  • He pays extra attention to the scars from then on, kissing them gently and running his hands across them


  • Jaehee had been really excited to meet your mother
  • You hadn’t told her much about your childhood and she was eager to find out how you were raised
  • She knew you were close to your family but you didn’t really speak about yourself as a child
  • With a nice cup of coffee, Jaehee and your mum began to discuss the child version of MC
  • You couldn’t help but blush as your mum described your wild childhood and all your misadventures
  • Jaehee had noticed the burn marks on your arms before but you didn’t know when you’d burnt yourself
  • Your mum spilled the beans without being asked
  • Jaehee is actually happy to find out that you were wild as a child (which you are surprised by)
  • She thinks that’s how you were able to help her rebel against Jumin
  • She finds how accident prone you are quite annoying sometimes, as it definitely doesn’t help when working in the cafe
  • She’s also confused by how easily you forget important things about your childhood


  • You can bet he’s noticed the burn marks on you already
  • And he’s already planned to ask you mother about them, as you couldn’t answer him about where you got them
  • This man wants to know everything about you and your childhood
  • Your mum is more than happy to answer Jumin’s questions about the scars
  • Your mum is happy to tell Jumin anything he wants to know actually. he could charm the socks off of anyone
  • She tells the story of how you burnt your hand with a sparkler that you’d stolen from the fireworks box without your parents knowing
  • Jumin is shocked to find you were such a wild child
  • Damn, what if his children inherit that trait from you?
  • He genuinely starts to plan what he’d do if your future children developed your wild streak
  • He actually likes the scars on your body as they’re completely yours
  • He loves to trace them when he’s stressed because of work, it calms him down


  • Your mum and Seven become really close after their first meeting
  • You regularly find Seven in your home even when you haven’t invited him around
  • One day you walk in on Seven and your mum talking about the burn marks on your arm
  • Seven insists on looking for the scars, even though they’re really faded
  • Your mum explains how you were an adventurous child who loved to play with things that you shouldn’t touch
  • Such as a lighter that one of your mum’s friends had left in your house
  • Your mum insists that you show Seven all the other scars that you have from falling out of trees and accidentally cutting your hand with a knife trying to help her cook
  • Seven finds it really amusing
  • He compares your scars to the marks of fictional characters that you both love and old war heroes 
  • He compares your scars to some of his that he has from adulthood
  • It becomes almost a competition of who has the worst scars
  • Seven starts to notice how accident prone you are even now after your mum tells him

anonymous asked:

I hope this doesn't sound rude, and I'm not gonna bash your ship or anything, but wasn't Jane like really rude to Roxy and kind of verbally abusive towards her?


no she was just having a lot of issues with circumstances and the one really awful thing she said was apologised for immediately afterwards because most characters in homestuck are written as actual people who say dumb things when theyre upset or stressed


I don’t normally venture onto Twitter much, because it tends to be a full on toxic dumpster fire somewhere around 98% of the time, but I decided to brave it today.  *shakes head*  Really, anti-CSers?  You’re really arguing that Emma is a terrible, horrible person for abandoning her “child” in the alternate Enchanted Forest?

You are aware that Henry’s a grown man who can make his own choices, right?  Did you miss the part where Emma told him she would love for him to come home with her, but she respected his choice to stay and fight for his own Happy Ending?  Did you ever think maybe it’s actually healthy for a grown man to forge his own path without having to hold his mommy’s hand while doing so?


1. Having a second child is not “replacing” the first.  Parents do not cease loving and caring about their oldest child when they have other children.  Trust me, I know.  My parents had 7 more kids after me, and guess what?  They didn’t stop loving me.

2. There’s nothing wrong or unfeminist about a woman making a choice to marry the man she loves and have a baby with him.  You wouldn’t make that choice?  Fine.  That’s your right, but if you’re honestly concerned with women choosing their own path, then you respect the choice a woman makes.

3. Really?  The writers destroyed Emma’s happiness just to give Hook his Happy Ending?  Yeah, that’s why she couldn’t keep the smile off her face when she was telling Henry about the new baby.  Because, I mean, I always nearly jump up and down with excitement when I’m talking about things that took away my happiness. *eyeroll*

Look, bottom line is this:  Emma Swan got her Happy Ending.  She has a family, she has a son (and another child on the way), she has a husband she loves and who loves her, and she has more friends than she can count.  The Lost Girl finally found her home, and I, for one, think that’s absolutely beautiful.

anonymous asked:

Hi steph!! First of all I really love your blog even though it distracts me from leaning for my studies. :D I wanted to ask if I am the only one who thinks the scene in TLD where Lady Smallwood gives Mycroft her number doesn't really fit in this episode? I mean it happens in the last few minutes of TLD shortly before John gets shot. And then this is never mentioned again?! Like this never happened... Why do they wrote this scene??

Hi Nonny!!

Goodness gracious, please get your studies done!! Way more important than this trash blog, LOL!

Yeah, you’re totally not the only one, Nonny. It really felt like it was just… tacked on as an afterthought. 

I feel like it was added in only to show Mycroft’s list in his notebook:

And to show the name inconsistencies with Lady Smallwood’s first name (to be fair, it could just be an easter egg pointing to their very much awareness to the name mishap)  :

Which then begs the question: What was the point if they were never going to do anything about it??

Another Chekhov’s gun to add to the pile for S4.

anonymous asked:

Any advice on how to support a really small YouTube channel. There's a girl who makes these really nice animations, but she doesn't get any attention and I feel like it's discouraging her which is a shame because she puts a lot of effort into her videos. I just want her to know that her stuff is really good even though she only gets 1-8k views on all her videos.

1-8k doesnt sound too bad, and if shes good then more ppl will come in time definitely 0^: {as long as shes like … usin good tags & titles to make sure her videos r gettin seen by ppl who would b interested} but as far as support, it depends on what sorta outreach u have yourself. posting abt someone/their work is the best way, u just gotta do it in the right words!

for example, if u have a particular social media acct with influence like a twitter w a decent following, u can say smth like “i love these animations so much they look so cool/smooth/pretty/inspiring etc” n share one!

as obvious as it sounds, its important to phrase stuff positively and not negatively. that doesnt mean “this is good work” vs “this is bad work”, it means framing it by adding vs framing it by detracting. you wanna say “check it out, this is amazing!” which gets ppl curious to see bc they feel they could benefit from watching it (they ‘get’ something; ie, entertainment, enjoyment), and NOT “plz watch this girls videos she doesnt get any views and not enough subscribers” because even though youre trying to say ‘her channel is good and she deserves more’, it’s a negative call to action bc people feel like theyre being asked to lose or give something (time, attention, empathy, etc.)

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A coffee shop au where MJ is a barista and Peter comes in every morning. One morning MJ accidentally gives him tea and he doesn't say anything, so she just keeps giving him teas. Every morning he orders a coffee. Every morning she gives him a tea. And he never mentions it. Just takes his tea with a smile. He's driving MJ crazy. Why isn't he bitching about his coffee? Who is this guy?

looooools. but really. who is this actually puppy that doesn’t bitch about his coffee order being wrong? peter parker. dat’s who. 

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Friendly Reminder That...
  • Percy: Percy is actually not dumb, he just doesn't do well in some school subjects. People need to stop treating him like this, adorable comedy-relief idiot who needs Annabeth's help to do simple math, he's actually really smart. I mean, practically all the monster's he's defeated were because he outsmarted them.
  • Annabeth: She is REALLY not a girly girl. Do you know how many Girly!Annabeth AU's there are? You can't fight monsters in a dress. I actually imagine the only day that Annabeth would wear a dress is on her wedding.
  • Jason: People always talk about him being very protective of Nico, but I don't see this as happening. I actually think Jason doesn't have enough time to be taking care of Nico, and when he does have time, he's prob hanging out with Piper or Percy or the Seven.
  • Piper: Piper is not mean. Period. She's actually one of the nicest, excluding Hazel. Piper being a bitch because she's an Aphrodite kid is really dumb, because that's the exact stereotype that she's trying not to play into.
  • Leo: Leo -get ready for this- actually gets angry sometimes. *Gasp* I mean, sure, he's a jokey character, but half of the time he's not joking, he's pretty angry. The book says, "People called him a freak and an arsonist, because when he got angry, stuff burned."
  • Frank: Frank is a Roman Praetor. The Seven saw him as a better fit for praetor-ship than both Percy and Jason. Just saying, Frank isn't this awkward little nugget of Canadian. Not anymore.
  • Hazel: Hazel's really powerful. Not only does she have her Pluto powers, but she also controls the mist. That's two gods powers in one girl. She's not some fragile little girl, because she's 13 flipping years old in body, ninety-something in spirit. I'm pretty sure that 13-year-old's make up half the fandom. (Including me)
  • Nico: He's not...social, because he's afraid that people won't accept him. I wouldn't be surprised if he only opened up around the Seven, Reyna, and Will Solace.
  • Reyna: Reyna exists. She had just as much to do with stopping the Second Civil War as Nico, and just because she's not part of the Seven and isn't your cute little gay Italian doesn't mean she's not important.
  • Just a little reminder.

anonymous asked:

I hate how @ehuante treats you guys, like she calls you guys her friends but only  talks to you guys when she feels like it. I've  heard about your project with her but its not done yet right? I don't  kniw if you two are close or not but it seems like the only people she only cares about are people who are more recognized like ak-tastic and xnek0, You should just leave her she doesn't  really give a shit  about you guys only her follower count and acts like shes intimidating due to it.

Urgh you hate anons really want me to hate her or something? What makes you think  that? You  don’t really  know her you shouldn't  say things like that, less when you are using the anon mask to send this.About the project thing, i don't  know. I did ask her about it but i stopped because i felt like i was annoying her and she's  busy. So please leave me alone.

anonymous asked:

...I don't really know who to go to about this but my two closest friends both think my girlfriend is cheating on me. None of us go to the same school anymore but we still meet up a bunch and the info isn't adding up and I don't know how to ask her about all of it. She just... She means a lot to me and it doesn't seem like something she would do and I don't know what to do now. Is there any advice you can give me?

I’m really sorry about this. Cheating is never any fun to deal with. It’s very hurtful. I would suggest talking to your friends first to see why they think that your girlfriend is cheating on you. It can be very hurtful to be wrongly accused of cheating, although not nearly as bad as being cheated on.

Communication is very important in relationships too. You should definitely mention this to your girlfriend and explain that you aren’t accusing her, but your friends seem to think she might be cheating on you. You just need reassurance, and that’s okay. If she lashes out, that could be a problem for another reason. Relationships need to be based on trust and communication, and if you can’t safely communicate then it’s not healthy.

I hope it works out for you.


anonymous asked:

I just came up with a cute request idea... Kind of like a "you've got mail" AU? Basically the RFA members know of MC in real life and have some kind of individual rivalry with her, so she can induce anything from irritation to hatred, but the RFA don't know that she actually is MC, and MC doesn't say anything to them about who she really is. In the messenger they get really close, confide in each other, and fall in love, but then they finally meet and discover that MC is in fact their rival...?


He would be convinced the one from the chat was the real you, and would accept it after he got over the initial shock, he was in love with you after all.


He would be a little heartbroken you had deceived him, but he loved you and got over it after he beat him in a game of LOLOL that you didn’t let him win. You let him win.


She lost almost all of the trust she had built in you. It was difficult to gain it back, but after some time you did.


He probably took it the worst. Automatically assumed you were after his company, and nothing you did seemed to change his mind. It was bad for a few weeks, him constantly ignoring any form of contact you tried to have. But when you left your own company, passing it onto your little brother, he realized you couldn’t care less about any of that and tried to mend things.


He knew when he couldn’t gather any info on you during your background check that you weren’t the average person, but when you hacked into his CV’s and turned them off he became suspicious and made a trip to the apartment. To say it was a devastating blow was an understatement, the one who he was always fighting to protect clients from was the same person he fell in love with. It took a long time for him to come around, but his love for you was too much for him to walk away from.

I know some of these are longer than others i’m sorry. -Admin!Kayleigh

anonymous asked:

Your blog is amazing and I wanted a chance to say so, but can I request a scenario where Oikawa is pretty well known, but future s/o doesn't know that so that when they meet she doesn't know what the big deal and fuss is? Also, this can just be their meeting😊

HELLO NON-CHAN! Thank you sooooo much! I hope you like this bc i really do :3


“Ani, I don’t want to go with you to see this stupid volleyball player!”

“Yes, you do, you’ll fall in love with him, i promise.”

“Who are we seeing anyway? I really dont get it…”

“Oikawa Tooru, Third Year, setter, AND incredibly handsome and cute.” She says proudly.

You raise an eyebrow at her. Was she serious?

“We’re going all the way to Tokyo to see a cute guy?!” A few people in the street stare at you two.

“Yeah. We are.”

You groan in response as she pulls you out the door towards the gymnasium.


You wait outside the gym, waiting for the rumored attractive guy. Ani had found some fans waiting for the Oikawa guy and left you alone.

You scoff as you hear some of them squeal. He can’t be THAT attractive.

You lean on one of the walls and scroll through your phone, releasing a bored sigh.

Finally, 30 minutes later, the gym doors open and the girls start screaming, including your friend.

You roll your eyes and look back to your phone.

“Hello~!” A high voice says. You look up from your phone and see a tall guy with brown wavy hair approaching you from the right side of he gym. He smiles at you and the girls gasp and run towards you.

The guy wore a volleyball uniform, the word ‘setter’ on his pocket.

You look up at him and he looks down at you, a bright smile on his face. He must be Oikawa.

The girl start to give them presents, ask for photos and autographs. He smiles at them shyly and scratches the back of his head, his left side now facing you as you stare up at him.

“I don’t get you…” you murmur. He hears you, and the rest of the girls keep quiet as they glare at you. Your friend looks at you and sheepishly says, “Hey, _____, we should-”

“_____, huh?” Oikawa says as he turns to look at you once again.

You nod and cross your arms in front of your chest.

“You don’t get me, you said? And why not?” He asks confused.

“Because you’re just another setter, in another team, with another pretty face.” You look into his eyes, proud of what you said.

His eyebrows raise in shock and the girls gasp and glare at you.

To your surprise, Oikawa smiles and pins you against the wall, the girls squealing as he did so.

“That’s because you don’t know me, sweetheart. So, why don’t you get dinner with me? Tonight at 7?”

James Olsen, Kara & james {part 1}
  • I find ridiculous that fans keep saying, that Kara being with Mon el makes her weak, or less of a feminist, since it's anything but that, because unlike James who took control of their somewhat romantic relationship, Kara took full control in her romantic relationship with Mon el.
  • See even though James was fully aware of Kara's crush on him (because it was obvious as hell to everyone with eye or good hearing) and he was fully aware of his growing feelings for her (yes not at the begging) but midway throughout the months/weeks he was with Lucy, despite his awareness of feelings for Kara, he still continued his relationship with Lucy while still at the same time continued to explore his feelings for Kara, he was CHEATING on Lucy.
  • cheating doesn't necessarily means kissing or having an actual affair with another person, by just knowing you have some romantic feelings for another person and continuing to explore it instead of distending yourself from that person (Kara) that makes you a cheater because continuing to spend more time with a person you have crush/feelings(while in a relationship with another person(Lucy)) will eventually lead to physical cheating.
  • Lucy moved to a new city just to be with James and he DOESN'T even appropriate what she did, DOESN'T even fully commit to the relationship like she was committing to it (yes because he has feelings for someone else, of course no one can control who they fall for) but what they can CONTOL is NOT hurting a decent person who they care about, (they were LIVING together for god sakes) even Win told him to just break things off with Lucy because it was NOT FAIR to Lucy to be strung along/lead on, yet despite that he still continued his relationship her, HURTING Kara and Lucy at the same time because he was leading Kara on as well.
  • It was just luck that this show is about feminism and supporting strong female characters because in any other show these two amazing strong women would have be turned against each other , they would have been at each other's throats over guy.
  • Kara was always like the shy nerd girl waiting on the jock (James) to reciprocate her feelings, she always acting awkward and nervous around him, lacking any confidence with him. just look at how their first kiss went down (before the mind control) she was nervous (in her own apartment, her home where she should feel safe and comfortable) so much so she had to reference/quote someone else (Barry's advice) just to get through it as she found it difficult to be honest to say what she's feeling with her own words, so she used someone's else words.
  • James always in charge when this relationship could become romantic, first he friend zoned Kara because he's in a relationship with Lucy while still giving her a bit of hope that there's something between them, second he wanted time and space from her (because of the red kryptonite thing), third he acted all jealous of Barry as if she's his or something and didn't like her clicking with another guy, and finally fourth when Kara "broke" things off with him (because she was going on a suicide mission to save the world) he again took charge to start things between them (by following the gift with a kiss, a gift of a picture where Kara finally saw how James sees her, a picture that made her a bit uncomfortable because she felt like he doesn't really see the REAL her, what he sees is the SHY, AWKWARD Kara who is squinting) without discussing/talking to her about her feelings or where they were at this point of their relationship, he just simply ASSUMED that they will just pick up from where/how they last left it, not really thinking about how they really left things, because how they left things between them was an almost something, how they left things before her mission was uncertainty especially on Kara's side.
  • so really all this bullshit about how being with Mon el makes her weak or less of a feminist check your facts because being with James did exactly that, it has made her feel uncomfortable, shy, awkward it was always on his terms while she just pained and waited for him to notice her or reciprocate his feelings for her while still helping him with his relationship and supporting it (which of course hurt her) she was treated like his back up, so when his relationship with Lucy ends he would already have someone else.
  • we got very lucky that neither of the women were mean/greedy, that despite this triangle, despite being both put in an awkward position by the same guy they rose up from that awkward place and appreciated each other as good people, as strong women and actually became friends because like I mentioned before in any other TV show they would have turned against each other INSTEAD of helping Kara in freeing Alex and J'onn J'onzz, Lucy would have just let them be taken to Cadmus just in spite, in any other TV show this would have taken a completely different direction and there would have been ship wars, and actually insulting and saying shit about one of these awesome women.
  • so please tell me again how Mon el made Kara "Weak" or less of a feminist?? because James is the one who made her weak and less of a feminist. Mon el is the one who made her more confidante in herself, who made her feel comfortabel in her own apartment, who let her take the lead/control of their relationship, something which I will discuss on my next post.
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