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I know it’s not a super big deal but I saw some people trying to say these were pics of Kaistal and some trying to disprove it. I don’t like lies or drama about Jongin no matter how big or small so I’m just going to set it straight.

I don’t know who the girl in the bottom left is and kinda feel bad for reposting it, but the girl in the top left and right side is a fan who took a picture with him while he was in LA back in May 2015. Some may remember fans making a big deal about him being upset at the airport because it was supposed to be a vacation with his family, and their were alot of rude fans at the airport when he shouldn’t have even known he was there. Jongin is very private especially when it comes to his family and the only reason people knew was because of sasaengs thats why he was upset, NOT because he was trying to hide something. But these are some of the pics he personally agreed to at the time because fans who were polite asked him for a selca. [read their comments] One of the fans mentioned he couldn’t understand her English at all and she had to ask him in Korean. (Another reason he may have came off as “rude” to the international fans at the time.) Here are some others along with the original in the first pic.




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he hadn’t meant to make his way to the vigil; it had seemed like a good opportunity when he left the apartment to avoid the whole thing altogether, the crying fans and the cameras and the drama that would inevitably flock to the scene, maybe to stop by the coffeeshop and see Riley instead. but then he’d realized he might not find Riley at the coffeeshop at all, that they might be there instead, and his feet had carried him that way instead, towards the spectacle of it, towards 

he snuck easily into the throng of people through the thin ranks at the back, the easy invisibility that years on the streets had earned him serving him well as he ducked between bodies until he sidled up next to an unoccupied figure. if he was going to subject himself to mopey Freya fans, he might as well make it fun.

     “it’s a little dramatic, isn’t it? I mean, the whole candlelight vigil thing?”