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so those student athlete memes huh


Favorite lyrics off of Owl City + Ocean Eyes

i loved girl meets world as much as the next disney-channel-watching-teenager.

i know they didn’t get to show all they things could’ve done with gmw. i know they were restricted from many things they wanted to do. i know the show could’ve went much farther than it did. i know that. we all know that.

but what many gmw fans have been preaching is how they wanted more representation, more diversity, and now we have it with andi mack. we have a cast that’s predominantly poc, interracial marriage, a plot line about an issue that’s seldom spoken about on disney, and a boy who practically melts while talking to another boy (and will very likely end up being very gay/bi/pan/anything but straight really).

it’s about middle schoolers–and you can’t say it’s “too young a demographic,” because that’s how we started with gmw–just middle school kids who are represented as just that, and going through life one step at a time, tackling different conflicts that come up. the twist is needed. it’s refreshing, and can be very real for some kids who may feel out of place for being in a situation like that. it’s a nice way to show that there are people out there like them, and that these things can happen, and that they’re not alone, and that they are valid.

boycotting this show because it’s not a continuation of gmw makes me sick, and confused. when’s the last time you’ve seen a show on disney channel centered around an asian-american family? when was the last time you’ve seen on disney the story of a girl who was raised to believe her real mother was her sister? correct me if i’m wrong, but this is what disney needs, especially after losing a show like gmw that was unable to reach its full potential.

the acting is pretty good, the cast is goddamn adorable, it’s created by THE terri minsky, the amazing woman who was responsible for the awesome show lizzie mcguire. plus it’s got less restrictions, way less than gmw had.

this doesn’t mean this show will ever be gmw. no show will ever be gmw, and i don’t think it would be fair to even compare the two shows just yet, if at all. but i know for a fact that rowan and corey and sabrina and amir would want you guys to give this show a chance (dare i say especially sabrina, since she sings the damn theme song), because it’s change, but it’s a good change, and it deserves to be given a fighting chance.

we can’t do this if people don’t put the pettiness aside, and give this show a chance. this show is important.

don’t look at this if you ship them
anyways I don’t care if this has been done before genji is hana’s honorary older brother and they play Mario kart before she has a mission
this was literally self indulgence at 1 am on a Thursday don’t talk to me

Happy birthday to the wonderful, amazing, inspiring, fantasmagorical, beautiful, brilliant, strong, incredible Queen Alex Kingston ❤ While I’m not obsessively tweeting and reblogging everything about you like I did when I was 13, you’re still my hero! Much love and have a wonderful day!🎉❤❤❤

also, is it any surprise, or any coincidence, that even likes nas, a rapper who’s father was muslim, who has cited religion, including islam, time and time again in his songs? 

  • Curse the day of they birth confused/who’s to be praised?/The mighty dollar – or almighty Allah’Nas - Ghetto Prisoners (I Am…)
  • Put it on her ring finger cocked the glock/ and started prayin/ to Muhammad and Allah, the most beneficial… – Nas – Undying Love (I Am…)

any coincidence? i think not. 

Do groups feel the need to always put rap in their songs? Cuz I really dislike it. Some songs just would be so much better without the rap,& yes I understand wen there is an actual rapper in the group but I’m talkin bout idols that can rap & sing. I don’t understand why the rap in the song is so vital, & I really like it when groups don’t always feel the need to put rap in their songs. a great example of a group who does this, Red Velvet.

all i have to say about the ‘better man’ conversation from last night is:

to everyone who thinks the song does not depict any sort of abuse: you’re lucky. you are so lucky you’ve never been through what we have. you are so lucky you can listen to this song and not recognize it as irreversible trauma from your past or present. you have no right, however, to tell abuse survivors that they are not interpreting the song correctly, that they are wrong, that they are stretching the meaning of taylor’s words. abuse survivors know abuse. if we recognize it, take our word for it. do not invalidate our experiences simply because it pains you to see a man painted in the negative light in which he deserves. do not tell victims that what we have experienced is incorrect. do not tell us that this song isn’t for us. do not tell us that we can’t use the word abuse when the song paints the clearest picture of emotional abuse. do not tell us that there is no other evidence of calvin being abusive to taylor. do not pretend we don’t have a dozen tweets and temper-tantrum fits illustrating the way calvin was emotionally manipulative and abusive. stop invalidating the trauma of victims and thank your lucky stars you aren’t sitting at your computer writing a post like this, begging for people to fucking understand and stop undermining what you went through. 

who knows that sense of despair,
that can only mean you’re alone?
you have given up waiting
for that kindred spirit\,
inside the coldness has grown.

who needs a savior?
who needs a savior?

who wants to lay down and die?
who sees no problem with this behavior
and does not have to ask why?

who seeks solace in song,
when they know that they never will sing?
who can sense something is wrong
but still struggles to feel anything?


who knows that sense of despair?

Kid! Jungkook (BTS Children!Series)

- Smol and adorable bunny

- The shiest kid in his class

- Has only one best friend in Bangtan, Taehyung

- With whom he plays every day

- Has tons of toy cars

- Doing taekwondo ever since he was able to walk

- Wrestling with his best friend all day

- And bragging about how he always wins

- “It’s not fair, Kookie. You’re doing martial arts.”

- Always sharing his food with his hyungs

- Because he wants to care of his hyungs as best as he can

- Even though he is the maknae

- Hates to have his cheeks pinched

- But everyone does it anyway 

- Because who could resist him

- Singing children’s songs all the time

- And starting dancing cutely 

- Because he doesn’t have any training yet

- Everybody loves Jungkookie

- Because he knows how to get to people’s hearts.

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A/N: I just wanna say that I love his smile the most. Look how his eyes crinkle when he smiles like that <3 *sigh* I love him T^T

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• one in a million

nonnie requested: Can you write a Grant Gustin x Reader where the reader is an actress, singer, Internet personality, and is very smart. One day on the bus she has a live stream and Grant and some other costar is also on the bus. She doesn’t notice. She talks about her favorite shows, actors, and characters. She talks about how she has a weird crush on Barry and how cute he is. In the comments they’re making ship names and it’s cute. And then Grant starts laughing and she gets really embarrassed and star struck.

A/N: Sorry I’m delayed as I have been a bit sluggish. I made reader kind of like an internet personality YouTuber who does skits and covers of songs if that’s okay. So yeah kind of more an average person than a famous actress. And I don’t know what to add for favorites so that part is vague. But the lucky co-star with Grant is *drum roll* . .Stephen Amell as well I’m mentioned briefly as your friend. *wink* The prompt for Barry and drabble for Billy are almost done! Key: YT/N – YouTube Name and Y/FS – Your Favorite Song.

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                » Relationship(s): Grant Gustin & Reader (crush), Stephen Amell & Grant Gustin (friendship), Reader & Jinx (friendship; mentioned) «

So you weren’t star famous or have a major record deal with your singing, big deal. That didn’t stop you from making a YouTube channel of YT/N and posting videos from silly skits with friends to your friend, Jinx me, the author singing with you for duets of songs including, Y/S. You were pretty popular around YouTube like Markiplier and others similar, with a pretty good stand of subscribers. Everyone liked your laid back personality and smile. But today was an extra treat for your fellow subscribers, you were going to do a small live stream on the way there on the bus. Luckily it was comfortable and that Jinx would meet you there later.

You were just talking about how excited you were to see The Flash and Arrow cast talk at Comic Con as you talked to the camera on your laptop. But you talked about your favorite shows and how happy you were to excited you were to see the next season of it to your favorite actors. “And is anyone else excited to see the rest of season three of The Flash? I know I am. I’m so happy to see Barry again, he’s so cute.” You gushed as you did have this dorky crush on Barry and how awkward he was. But that’s what you loved about Barry, awkward but still very much a sweetheart.

As you gushed, you noticed some rather particular comments from your fans such ad ‘Y/N + Barry is my OTP.’ To some ship names with your name and Barry’s name together. You gave a light chuckle as you had some of the best supportive fans out there. They were the reason why you are today, and you gain more confidence through it. But there was two people on the bus you didn’t seem to notice as you went on about Cisco to Harrison to the other characters.    

Who? None of other than Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell themselves, chuckling slightly at your mild fangirling. You heard that and turned to see who was doing that sound only to face the two gentlemen behind you. Oops. Stephen gave a small wave and smile as Grant chuckled more, “Hey there.” Those words were the only thing you heard before looking at your camera. You were just paralyzed and possibly star struck. You couldn’t muster a word out until you softly spoke into your audience, “I. .just met Grant Gustin and Stephen. They are sitting behind me. .” You say as you cover your mouth to hold a squeal. You should say something after all isn’t in one in million chance or something to talk to Grant and Stephen like this? Especially Grant. .assuming you can break out the star struck shell.