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[MERMAID MAGIC] is a writing mix about magic, sea monsters, and a city at the bottom of the ocean. Dear traveler, whatever lured you into this land surely tricked you. There is no treasure to be found here, and our Queen does not take kindly to invaders.

This playlist contains 17 of my favorite tracks for writing underwater worlds, mysticism, and fantastic power! You descend into the water, chasing The Song of the Tides, and the sea welcomes you. Soon, you find yourself before the vision of a great city underwater– and a pyramid glowing with all the colors of the rainbow. This city is like no other. Step into the gardens of coral and sea flowers. Sneak past the barracks of jellyfish riders and trident-wielding Tritons. Behold the pyramid’s gates and the slumbering guardian. But, there’s something else there– What is that song? Where does it come from, and who is it that sings… The Song of the Tides?

Follow the music and you will find her, our Queen.

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River Song Appreciation Week -  Favourite Trope

1940s’ Femme Fatale

“Steven Moffatt’s script for The Time of Angels described River Song as looking like a ‘sexy, dangerous, 1940s’ Femme Fatale’” - Doctor Who, The Vault.


Final Farewell to the Eleventh Doctor’s Era: Countdown of My 25 Favorite Episodes. Number 15 - The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone

The first scene ever filmed of the Eleventh Doctor’s era was of Amy, River, and The Doctor standing on the beach preparing to face the weeping angels - something that will be reflected again in Amy’s final moment as the three of them stand in a grave yard in front of a weeping angel.

But the importance of this episode isn’t in the weeping angels. Rather, it is in the Doctor successfully facing his future in an adventure that compels Amy to do the same.

At this point, Amy and The Doctor are so perfectly matched in their desire to run wide eyed away from their troubles - he’s recently regenerated into a younger body and is a bit too reluctant to act his age and Amy is scared of committing herself to one life forever when she hardly understands her own feelings, so they run away together.

The theme of running away and growing up is one that will continue playing a significant importance for Amy and, more subtly, for the Eleventh doctor as they both finally stop running in the end.

Marriage, a symbol of a truly adult relationship, is what the future holds for our two heroes, but they are still scared of what this means for them as individuals. This is not the man who kisses his wife in with an intensity we’ve never seen from his character nor the woman who didn’t question joining her husband in an unknown future.

The Doctor and River’s relationship unfolds over the course of these two episodes and in two scenes that bookend this two parter- playing out in the same location -  you see how the nature of their relationship changed completely as the Doctor who started the episode declaring she couldn’t drag him into anything now looks forward to their next meeting.

In their final scene of the episode, River can’t help but smile and laugh as the Doctor approaches her like a boy with a crush (and a smile that shows just how much he’s interested in her) because she knows so much about him and here he is so young and flirting with her like it’s the end of their first date and he doesn’t know what to do next.

In the series 6 opener (which comes before this episode for River), we see her hardly able to speak as she realizes how far he’s slipped from her, but now, while you see her lost in painful thoughts at the end of the episode, she’s more accepting and knowledgeable of where their relationship is and gives in to his charms, flirting like she always does.

But there is another relationship developing here between Amy and River. River spends much of the episode comforting Amy as she struggles to survive the weeping angel’s control over her and Amy has taken a great deal of interest in River. Steven Moffat instructed neither of them to play any jealousy towards the other and even deliberately named Amy Pond after River Song for reasons which will play out in the next season, but in Amy’s first encounter with River, she takes instantly to her and I cannot express enough how much I absolutely love the decision to write it this way.

After they leave, a near death experience and seeing the Doctor confront his future wife has lead Amy to see the Doctor a bit more like a “bloke” and reveal more about herself and her own life to him. She finally reveals she’s running from her own future spouse as well. Amy’s next move (trying to seduce the Doctor for a one night stand) is highly inappropriate, but shows just how confused she is about her life and brings the episode full circle as it’s now Amy’s turn to deal with her feelings about her future.


haha have some gay blueberrylime rocks (๑ Ỡ ◡͐ Ỡ๑)ノ♡

(sneak peak of a lapidot flipnote that im still finishing up asdfasdf this isnt even the actual song for the flipnote woops)

anonymous asked:

How would all of the guys react to the character songs of the others? (Ex. Ayato listens to Laito's song, Shu listens to Reiji's)

Shu: (Yuma’s song). “What is that…? That is what you call music? Pff..”

Reiji: (Ruki’s song) “What am I supposed to say? He isn’t even singing. *chuckles* Maybe because he just can’t sing.”

Laito: (Ayato’s song) “Nfufu~ Ayato-kun, I didn’t know you enjoyed singing that much~”

Kanato: (Azusa’s song) “This is..this..- *doesn’t want to admit Azusa can sing well*..this is average, I guess.”

Ayato: (Subaru’s song): “Heh~ Subaru gets really emotional during singing, could that be? He, not bad!!” 

Subaru: (Kou’s song) “Ahhh, dammit! Stop fuckin hispering into my ear you goddamn pervert!!”

Ruki: (Reiji’s song) “He sings well, but it doesn’t seem like he would even enjoy it.”

Kou: (Laito’s song) “Ehhh? Since when can that guy even sing, mhm? He still needs a bit practice though.”

Yuma: (Shu’s song) “Hah?! I don’t want my fuckin neck to be kissed, dammit!!”

Azusa: (Kanato’s song) “…..I think..he sings..very..well..”

(they all basically try to deny each others talent)


We’re doing a sequel!


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