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I love your art so much! And I have question. How did Benny and Usnavi meet?

in my headcanons when theyre like 7 benny was the new kid in school and usnavi was charged with showing him around 


Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride - Part Nine

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s “Along came a Spider” article in DWM 378

Russell is delighted: “It’s marvelous! The Empress of the Racnoss surrounded by fire, and water, and screaming,” enthuses Russell, “and what brilliant casting, and prosthetics, and model work, and digital work, and there - amongst all this destruction - is the Doctor! In that moment, he becomes an ancient Time Lord, full of revenge. Never mind the effects, never mind the water; it’s the interplay between Sarah Parish [Empress of the Racnoss], and David Tennant, and Catherine Tate, that’s what it’s about. Ooh, it’s lovely! I absolutely love it.”

“Don’t you like spiders?” the Empress asks a small boy. Actually, it’s one of Phil Collinson’s nephews. He’s visiting his uncle at work.

“No,” he answers, “cos you’re not hairy. I don’t like hairy.”

“Would you be scared if I were hairy?” she asks him.  “I’m hairy underneath the costume!”

David has starred opposite Sarah before - in the 2004 musical serial Blackpool, and the Tony Marchant drama Recovery. “I’ve known her for so long,” he says, “that it’d be slightly bizarre if I tried to turn some sort of charm offensive on her. I think she’d see through that immediately. You just try to be a nice person. You want to make everyone feel comfortable, but it’d be slightly pompous of me to see it as my job to make sure that everyone is having a good time. Hopefully, the atmosphere on set is such that people feel relaxed and happy, and that’s the best way of working. I’m not very good at working if there’s any kind of tension there.”

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Based off the Gravity Falls Coven AU, But Dipper is having more trouble with his magic than Mabel but is determined to learn. Mabel possibly finds it easier because she’s all about sparkles and flashiness. Dipper is very interested because hey it’s mysterious and unusual. He’s got the theory down very well, but can’t seem to get past the small stuff; possibly because of his nervous nature. 

Dipper finds Bill in the woods who amazes the twins with his magic. Dipper asks Bill to teach him the practice and after Bill sees Dipper’s possession of Grimoire #3, agrees to it. Unbeknownst to Dipper, Bill’s sticking around to find out if he’s got the other grimoires or more information on their possible locations. Dipper starts to question Bill’s intentions when he keeps finding them in dangerous situations and begins to think Bill’s leading him to them. And what was Bill doing alone in the woods anyways? Where does he even live? Who is he? 

Dipper accidentally becomes the apprentice of a demon :V

High school!Voltron head canons because I have no self control


  • Super athletic. He does at least one sport a season, soccer in the fall, swimming in the winter, lacrosse and baseball in the spring.
    • Don’t ask how he does it because nobody knows
  • The person everyone asks to proof read their essays before they turn them in. He just…has a way with words.
  • Never has pencils.
    • Even when he goes out and buys a brand new box…he just loses them so easily.
  • He always loves the books they read in English, and like, he actually reads them.
  • The kid who just does not get math no matter how hard he tries.
    • Shiro becomes his tutor and things actually start to make sense.
  • He’s best friends with almost all of his teachers.
    • They really just love his banter.
    • There’s two teachers who absolutely loath him though bc they’re old fashioned and he never stops talking.
  • “Hunk, how long could I survive if I just dropped out of high school? I could get a job at McDonald’s, it would be fine,”
  • Convinces everyone to go to the school musicals/plays in the name of supporting Allura.
    • In reality he just doesn’t want to go by himself.
    • It becomes a tradition bc the squad all lowkey love plays and musicals.
  • Took French so he could be trilingual

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We needed like 40 more episodes with Near to use all of his story potential

Still salty

“A fallen hero”.

While I feel like “fallen” might actually mean “dead”, I also think that “hero”, in relation to Chase, is a peculiar word.
Why is he a hero? Did he fight back when Anti attacked him? Did he try and destroy him somehow?

Schneeplestein is now just a “shadow of a MAN”. And Chase a “fallen HERO”. It could maybe mean that Schneeple didn’t fight back? He just let Anti corrupt him, since he was already low-key evil?
But then we have bro average, a guy who does sick tricks and wants to see his kids. When did he become a hero?
I’m definitely missing something here.

The Doctors as Surreal Horror Monsters

I’m having a weird day okay? I need something to occupy my mind. 

@the-voice-of-light-city this seems up your alley

The First Doctor

A disembodied mourning sound, resembling both an old man weeping and the crying of a helpless infant. Often heard on empty streets late at night. It’s true body is an hour glass where the sand moves upward and downward at the same time. The weeping lures in unwitting victims, whose souls become new grains of sand. It has also been known to take on the form of a young school girl.

The Second Doctor

A player piano made entirely out of organic materials. The only song it can play is ‘Pop Goes The Weasel.’ People feel compelled to break into song and dance when in its vicinity, and it brings a sickeningly saccharine aura to whatever space it’s placed in. People entranced by it’s song have been known to drop from exhaustion, only to wake up with no memory of their actions. 

The Third Doctor

An eccentric spirit haunting a military base. It abhors war and tries to improve the lives of the soldiers who live at the base in little ways. It’s primary physical form is that of a large, fluffy sheepdog, but on occasion it appears as a frightening painting based the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carol. It enjoys car rides and sometimes accompanies soldiers in their vehicles.

The Fourth Doctor

A strip of soft fabric wrapping around an entire solar system. At either end of the fabric is a giant mouth with the teeth of a Thresher shark. The planets in the solar system are part of its body. It sometimes eats spaceships that pass within its vicinity, but others are strangely spared. It’s true eyes are those of a giant squid, hidden somewhere on Earth; when it blinks, empires will fall.

The Fifth Doctor

A beautiful patch of shimmering, iridescent grass that grew on the edge of a cricket field after a UFO sighting. It’s alluring to the eye but when investigated reveals itself to be infinitely deep. Some who tread upon it emerge with non-venomous snake bites, while others never return at all. The number of reported missing children has gone up since it was first discovered.

The Sixth Doctor

A sentient dictionary of made-up words in various unknown languages, its exact content changing slightly every time it is opened. It’s cover is an alien material of an incomprehensible color. It can have a sarcastic and bitter personality toward those who interact with it, but is in fact benevolent. No matter its current content, it always contains the definition for its favorite word.

The Seventh Doctor

A well-loved, but old and rotten teddy bear that has been soaked through with rain water many times. It was once the sole companion of a young girl with anger problems. Its stuffing contains the spirit of a scorned elder god who was cast out by his peers and now seeks to return to his rightful place. Contact with the toy has been known to bring about abrupt endi   

The Eighth Doctor

An abandoned and desecrated greenhouse that was once a beautiful nursery, but is now covered in graffiti. On closer inspection, all of the graffiti is the quotation “He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you“ by Friedrich Nietzsche, repeated in various styles. 

The War Doctor

A planet that once fell into a crack between timelines. The way the planet is seen changes depending on the perception of those who visit it. The non-religious will see a utopian paradise world inhabited by anthropomorphic tigers. The religious will instead visit a world inhabited by dragons who are on the brink of a nuclear war. The agnostic will find a barren landscape.    

The Ninth Doctor

A being that stalks the streets of major cities at night looking for those in need of spiritual rebirth. It is invisible, but can sometimes be detected as the shadow of a cat cast on an alley wall. When it finds a subject, it will give them dreams of complex constellations in the night sky. These constellations symbolize the path the dreamer must take. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget its dreams. 

The Tenth Doctor

An entity in the vague shape of a human, whose body is unnaturally sharp. Those who reach out to touch it will be eviscerated. It once sought genuine love and affection, but the destructive nature of its being drove it mad. Desperate for closeness, it now seeks victims to control and dominate. It believes itself to be the last of its race, and mourns for them each day.   

The Eleventh Doctor

A pocket watch which appears to be broken, but always displays the correct time when viewed. When shook, rattling parts can be heard inside of it. It is connected to a larger body somewhere else, which supplies an infinite power source. Those who carry it around often enough can channel this energy, and may find themselves feeling spry and young again.

The Twelfth Doctor

A non-euclidean work of art on the grounds of a college campus. Those who see it are unaware of its supernatural nature, so it goes entirely unnoticed. Secretly, it is an ancient entity which protects the campus and those who live on it from danger, although it abhors the idea of making friends. It is a locked gateway stopping a great evil from leaking through. 

Haikyuu Hogwarts AU

Here are a bunch of headcannon. Wrote last night for this AU.

- pureblood Gryffindor Bokuto being a part of a mostly Ravenclaw family, who doesn’t understand what why he ended up being so different from them.

- Muggleborn Akaashi who is surprised when this really attractive pureblood starts following him around.

- Slytherin Kenma who is sometimes treated badly by purebloods because he’s halfblooded, yet constantly being stood up for by his childhood friend Kuroo, who is pureblood and is very against the mistreatment of minorities in the magic community.

- half-blood Yamaguchi who was thought to be a Squib in his early childhood, and was often made fun of. It turned out it was just a late bloomer; one day, when he was ten, he sneezed and random objects around him exploded.

- Slytherin pureblood Oikawa, who’s best class is astrology. He likes to sneak up to the astrology tower at night, where he often runs into a certain half-blood with freckles.

- Pureblood Slytherin Kuroo, who is seen as this big scary guy. But really, he’s a sweetheart. If anybody is having trouble with social issues, or is having issues in a class and doesn’t have the confidence to ask a teacher (there are some pretty intimidating Hogwarts teachers) than you can go to him, and he’ll be perfectly happy to help or give advise.

- Gryffindor head boy Daichi, who is very protective of everybody in his house. Do not mess with them or risk being hexed.

- Hufflepuff half blood Suga, who was surprised to become headboy. But he embraces it, and does his best to take care of house.

- Gryffindor Ushijima, who is a formidable beater on the Gryffindor quidditch team.

- Slytherin pureblood Tendou, who’s best class is defense against the dark arts. He intends to one day become an auror.

- Gryffindor Hinata who is loved by everybody in his house due to his innocence and endearing personality, though people from other houses don’t like him.

- muggleborn Kageyama, who knew nothing about Hogwarts before he arrived, but expected to be put in Slytherin. He was shocked when he became a Gryffindor, but ended up getting along with everybody after the initial introductions.

- Hufflepuff Lev who looks up to Slytherin Kuroo and Ravenclaw Yaku, because of their skill on the quidditch pitch.

- Hinata who’s best class is charms. He’s not very good at his other classes, but somehow he manages to get near top marks every year.

- Asahi, the anxious muggleborn Hufflepuff, who is constantly worried that people don’t like him. He’s often followed around by a halfblood Gryffindor Noya, who insists that his vast knowledge of herbology is Amazing.

- Asahi eventually becoming confident in himself as a Wizard, and working towards a job in magical medicine, since he knows that there are many plants that can be used for medicinal purposes, and more hat haven’t been discovered.

- Nishinoya who is Gryffindors seeker, who’s “rolling thunder” move is loved by everybody in the house.

- Ennoshita being Gryffindors quidditch captain. He plays keeper, and is loved by his team.


I’ll be posting more of these in the future. And don’t forget that I’m still taking requests in my ask box!

(Part two and three have been posted)

Human (possibly shepherd in training?) Mikleo AU short comic before the year’s end. May 2016 bring more Zesty!! \o/

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So, as a Morrowind veteran, how do you feel about that cliffracer attack the Warden has? Did you see the ESO Live video showing it?

As someone who has been thoroughly victimized by cliff racers in Morrowind I do feel a certain dark joy in knowing that soon I may inflict the same horror upon others. A spammable, screeching menace to the face. Where is your Saint Jiub now?


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…

You know what I find sexy…

When namjoon never forgets to acknowledge international fans & how he sutters while trying really hard to find the right english words to express how he feels even if it doesn’t always come out smoothly.

When jimin talks about how he doesn’t have abs anymore or that he’s eating a lot and is healthy & you can tell because his face is all cute and swollen and you can just see him finally loving himself. 

When jungkook makes an effort to take english classes, buy new music equipment and have a goal to produce his own music just so he can give more to his fans and become better musically

When taehyung is just taehyung and doesn’t change who he is on or off camera not matter how weird some people may think he is & his ability to stay strong even at the most toughest times.

When jin went out of his way to learn how to play the guitar and piano and just completely blew us away with his skills, showing that he is truly more that just a visual but a multi-talented idol.

When yoongi puts everything into a song and you can just hear his raw passion and agression combined with all the emotions of himself and you can just tell he was made for music. 

When hoseok can’t stop smiling every time he dances or performs on stage, literally owning any performance he does & just always showing passion into anything he does that you forget he the same person who could become EXTRA at any moment. 

Leader!Kurt is my favorite thing. Watching how this little munchkin went from a hotheaded agent to being the head of the NYO and doing such an amazing job was one of the highlights of season 2 and one of the most fulfilling characters arcs. And for that, here’s a little drabble of Kurt taking care of his people. A missing scene from the end of episode 2.21 Mom. 

I Will Keep You Safe

There was glass and papers and debris everywhere, and too busy assessing the damage to his office, Kurt didn’t notice her at first. It was not until he rounded his desk that he saw her. 

“Brianna?” he said as he slowly approached her. She was sitting behind his desk, hugging her legs to her chest and sobbing silently. She didn’t answer him. She didn’t even acknowledge his presence. She just pressed her face into her needs and cried harder.

“Hey,” he whispered, approaching her carefully, “it’s over. They’re gone.”

He crouched down a few feet from her, careful not to startle her. She was obviously in shock and had he not gotten down to her level, he wouldn’t have heard the words she choked out.

“It’s my fault,” she cried into her knees in a muffled voice, “it’s all my fault.”

Kurt hesitated a moment before he reached for her, his hand gentle on her shoulder.

“It’s not your fault-”

“I gave her the codes,” she said as she lifted her head slightly, “me. I was the one who gave them to her. And the director’s blood is on my hands.”

“That’s not true,” Kurt insisted, “hey, look at me,” he added when she went to bury her face in her hands. “It was not your fault. Shepherd was going to kill him either way. If you hadn’t given her the codes… you saved the lives of everyone else in that room.”

Brianna shook her head, more tears spilling down her cheeks. “I let you down,” she whispered.

“No, you didn’t,” he said, “you didn’t let me down. As far as we know, she was going to execute everyone in that room. You made her stop.”

The sound of footsteps on the shattered glass made him look up and peer over his desk. He saw Jane standing there, looking around the office. He lifted up slightly, making sure she saw him, and signaled for her to give him a moment.

He crouched back down and placed his hand on Brianna’s shoulder. “Go home,” he said, “get some rest, ok? And come back in tomorrow so we can start rebuilding our office, ok? You know you’re the one who runs this place, right?” He smiled slightly and waited for her to look at him, a tired smile barely cracking her lips.

“I’m not fired?” she asked him quietly.

“Fired? No,” he said, “I’m not going to fire the only assistant I’ve had that’s got the guts to make me sit down and sign papers. I’m not kidding. I can’t run this office without you.”

He stood up and gave her his hand, helping her up to her feet. It was then that she noticed Jane standing there. Brianna looked away, swiftly wiping her tears with the back of her hand. “Thank you, sir,” she said and walked past him, the glass crushing under her feet as she exited the office.

Kurt sighed and made his way around the desk, meeting Jane in front of it.

“Is she ok?” Jane asked him.

Kurt shrugged, “I don’t know,” he admitted, “but she’s gonna have to be. This is still far from over.”

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt Jane’s hand on his arm. “How about you?” she asked him gently.

Kurt shook his head, looking out from his office at the state of the NYO. This was his office, his team, his home.

If anyone should be feeling responsible it was him.

He said nothing. And Jane understood. She squeezed his arm. “It’s not your fault either,” she told him, repeating the words he’d said to Brianna.

He wasn’t sure how much he believed her, but he nodded.

“Come on,” he said, “let’s get you settled.”

There might not be much left of it, but he was going to do his damnedest to keep what was still there safe and protected.

Especially Jane.

Nietzsche for the Signs
  • Aries: "Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?"
  • Taurus: "From which stars have we fallen to meet each other here?"
  • Gemini: "She has the power to both possess and shatter my entire universe, that is all."
  • Cancer: "We like to be out in nature so much because it has no opinion about us."
  • Leo: "You know a moment is important when it is making your mind go numb with beauty."
  • Virgo: "Be careful when you cast out your demons that you don’t throw away the best of yourself."
  • Libra: "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness."
  • Scorpio: "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."
  • Sagittarius: "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
  • Capricorn: "Call me whatever you like; I am who I must be."
  • Aquarius: "But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
  • Pisces: "People think that the world itself is overflowing with beauty, but they forget that they are its cause."

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