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I know we all love somegraham, but looking back I definitely think there were some sparks between paulerina. Its was very low key but Paul was definitely feeling her. I saw an old interview the other day that was just like 2mins of Paul saying how much he wanted to get with Kat asksjsjd. I don't think they dated or anything but 👀😂😂

Yesssssss. Look, I know real life ships are weird and shouldn’t be taken seriously so please don’t put too much weight on anything in my answer here… but at the same time, most everybody has their fave messy conspiracy theories on what went down behind the scenes while the show was filming! I’ve seen people’s ideas floating around about Kat and Ian, or Jomo, or Chris, or Nate.

And I do love Kat/Ian (who clearly are up to their ears in chemistry) but I’m with you… my money is on Paulerina, especially in the earlier seasons. Something about the way they even just stand together now seems so familiar, so intimate and relaxed. Maybe it’s plain old chemistry, maybe it’s history, idk?

But also the total lack of Stefan/Bonnie scenes after s1-2 (with Torrey joining the show in s3), supposedly because they end up too busy laughing together to act when they have scenes together??? Seems fishy, lol.

Btw pls link me that interview thx haha <3

      If Sherlock was just a mystery show, then it really wouldn’t be a good one. Even in ASiP, before the show went 100% obvious Johnlock, there’s no twist, and hardly any suspense when it comes to the actual crime solving. They go to the crime scene, Sherlock already knows everything about the victim, they go home, finds out who Rachel is, figures out who the murderer is, then beats them. There’s no moment where you think “Oh my god, I should have known!” which, by the way, the show has proven it can do with Mary’s reveal. What takes center frame in the episode is John and Sherlock, their meeting, and how much chemistry they automatically have.

      Another more extreme example is TSOT. The crime doesn’t even come up until halfway through the episode. So, so much of it focuses on John’s regret and Sherlock’s heartbreak, and the episode doesn’t even end with the mystery being solved. It ends with a “pregancy” reveal. John grudgingly going to dance with Mary, leaving Sherlock miserable while he leaves the wedding early, alone.

     If you showed someone with no gender bias this show, I seriously doubt that they would think it was anything other than a romantic comedy. It’s just not a good show if it’s just about the mysteries.

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Who do you think has the most chemistry; Sommergraham, Grahamwood or Candice/Joseph?

Each of these pairings have natural chemistry and usually when that happens it’s less about who has more chemistry and more about what chemistry you prefer and so it sort of becomes more about dynamic.

I find the Somergraham chemistry flirtatious and a little coy. Kat and Ian look at each other and their energy doesn’t match the scene and you’re like … Friends do not act like this. And Ian and Kat emote well together, they feed off of each other in emotional scenes and you can see that.

The Grahamwood chemistry is visceral and upfront. While Somergraham is like this is … off, this, yo friends don’t do this guys, Grahamwood chemistry is like so I will leave the room and you two just figure it out please because the tension is killing me. Chris and Kat always look like Bonnie and Kai are picturing different sexual positions it’s ridiculous.

Joseph and Candice, I think have a more magnetic chemistry, where Candice almost seems to get lost in his stare and Joseph always seems shaken by Candice’s presence, it’s a very seductive chemistry which is why when I watch a KC scene I start off indifferent and then get sucked in the longer they’re onscreen.

So I don’t think one is more than the other I just think they’re different.

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Some folks are up in a tizzy because some of us are still huge J&S fans and think we're not voting for S & Bonner b/c of it. That's not true. I am an S fan, but if I choose to vote during a season, it is for a couple that inspires me enough to do. There has to be something special about them. It is possible that will end up liking them, but based on the 1st dance, not so much. Like the best couple to win (combo of skill and chemistry - which know is subjective and doesn't always happen).

Do you mean @laceyeb pot? I don’t think it was addressed to fans like you, just people who are not voting as some sort of protest because James and Sharna didn’t win? Anyway, people can support who they want but I thought she made some good points. I agree with you about voting for the couples I enjoy the most.

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I love Bughead.. So much chemistry.. You know who has so much chemistry and I think its a very strange friendship.. Cheryl and Veronica. Even Archie & Veronica have beautiful chemistry, yet I don't ship them at all. the anti;s are not doing watching the show as a whole, they see what they want to see. all they do is spew nonsence.. I don't take the anti;s seriously.

and you shouldn’t! most of their arguments against them are complete stretches. i don’t like to talk about antis too much on this blog, because i’d rather it be a safe haven where bughead shippers can find edits of them and theorize about them without having to be reminded of the hate we face– but i will say that one of the first posts i saw when venturing into the bughead tag for the first time was that jughead looked absolutely miserable with betty in the episode 8 leaks and couldn’t be sitting further away from her on the couch, which i thought was crap at the time (even though i didn’t hardcore ship them yet) but now i’m like…… ah, yes, the face of a miserable man

he’s sitting so far away from her that they’re practically in different area codes 

even if that isn’t the shot they end up using in the episode, we still know that betty and jughead are so close that jughead feels comfortable lounging on her 

i like both veronica/archie and veronica/cheryl. i find that v is a very shippable character. i still don’t understand when people say they don’t like her 

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Just wondering, why don't you like Starco?

It’s two points in particular. The first one is an idea I was never a fan of growing up.  The idea that a guy and a girl can’t just stay friends. It feels like it happens so rarely, and most of the time, the reason the guy and the girl wouldn’t get together is because a) they’re siblings/family, or b) one is a hell of a lot older than the other. My reason for not liking Starco is also the reason I’m indifferent to or don’t like a lot of couples; especially if the couple didn’t have any chemistry as a couple. If you believe in the power representation has for the audience in entertainment, then how do you think lil atomi-kitten - someone who was friends with a lot of guys growing up - constantly had this idea of “a guy and a girl who are friends inevitably must fall in love” constantly shoved in my face. So, the fact that both Marco and Star had their own love interests that they were pining for, while also remaining really good friends was pretty refreshing for me for awhile.

That is, until my next problem. The blood moon episode. In this episode, it’s stated that the blood moon picks two souls, who are binded together for eternity. And guess which two characters just so happen to be under the light of the blood moon when it shines. Marco and Star. After that point, I was pretty much waiting for them to go through the “will they won’t they” motions. For one of them to confess their love for the other, because I knew it was inevitable, made worse by the fact that any romance that blooms between them feels disingenuous. Marco can’t be with the girl he had a crush on because of the blood moon’s interference. That’s not who he’s destined to be with no matter how he may have felt about her before. 

I liked them as friends because they worked so well off of one another and made a pretty good team. That felt genuine. The stuff with the blood moon doesn’t. Bottom line, I don’t like Starco, because it feels like the plot is telling me I have to like them as a couple because they’re destined to be one. Maybe that won’t be the case, since we have yet to see what happens in season 3, but for now, it’s a romance I don’t feel invested in.

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I also ship sonamy, but out of curiosity, why do you like it so much? Is it just because it is the most canon, or does it go beyond that? 😊

Definitely the latter reason, though I do think it is the most canon Sonic ships (even if it’s mostly in the one-sided sense) XD 

See, I love SonAmy because I see it as the most likely pairing for either Sonic or Amy (primarily Amy, seeing how she only has eyes for Sonic) but I think they can honestly work as a romantic couple, with their potential romantic chemistry being great. 

I mean, Sonic and Amy already have a lot of things in common (which most people seem to miss): they’re both energetic hedgehogs with an aptitude for running, they both love adventure and helping out other people because they genuinely want to, and they’re both immensely kind and good-hearted individuals who nonetheless pack a bad temper should you do anything to anger them (major thing being harming their friends). And certain moments aside (which I prefer to think of as NOT CANON AT ALL), Sonic and Amy get along very well. Really, the only problems with their relationship is Amy’s “clinginess” and Sonic’s selfishness with his freedom (that’s not me taking a dig against Sonic lol That’s literally written on his Sonic Channel profile). So, imagine if both of those things are rendered a non-issue and Sonic and Amy develop romantic interest in each other? I can honestly see them being the best and cutest pairing in this franchise (well, second to Tailream in the cute department, of course lol) x3 

And I find that this is very likely to happen in a hypothetical future of canon. Amy maturing and halting her “clingy” moments will definitely happen, as it is a natural character growth. And while many will argue otherwise, I think Sonic will become more open to romantic relationships and stop being so “stubborn” with his own personal freedom. Obviously not to the degree that he would live a stationary or complacent life, taking orders from his significant other, no! XD But Sonic would allow himself to fall in love with an equal (which Amy is perfectly capable of becoming if not already one) and raise a family, while still going on adventures and travelling the world (the latter he might do less frequently in the future since there’s only so much of the world to explore, and his super speed makes that a quick thing to accomplish)


You and the pack are at Derek’s as Thomas pulls you away to a corner.
(Y/N): Hey, what’s wrong?
Thomas: I want to ask you a question.
(Y/N): I won’t go out with you, Tommy!
Thomas: I know! It’s something else.
(Y/N): Okay…
Thomas: You know my friend Newt, right?
(Y/N): You mean the boy who’s my Chemistry partner since two years? No, why you’re asking?
Thomas: Hilarious!
(Y/N): Silly questions, silly answers. What’s with him?
Thomas: You know, he’s a bit shy, but there’s a girl he wanted to ask out and-
(Y/N): What has that got to do with me?
Thomas: You’re this girl…
(Y/N): Oh…
Thomas: Listen… He really likes you but he’s afraid… He thought if I asked you as best friend you would…
(Y/N): I- I don’t know…
Thomas: Think about it… please. He’s a nice guy and my best friend.
(Y/N): Okay… I’ll think about it…
Thomas: Thank you. You’re the best!

You go to your friends and want to sit down next to Lydia but Stiles jumps up and takes the seat. You give him a confused look and sit down next to Scott, who shrugs his shoulders.
Your friends start to make a plan against the alpha pack.
Stiles: Okay, (Y/N), you go with Scott.
(Y/N): But… I thought I’d go with Allison.
Stiles: Uhm… but Scott and I could need your help.
(Y/N): Sure? I’m just a human. I’d stand in Scott’s way.
Scott: If she wants to go with Allison-
Stiles: No! I mean…
Isaac: Why are you so nervous?
Stiles: I don’t talk with weirdos, who wear a scarf at these temperatures.
Derek: Could everyone shut up!
Thomas: What’s your problem?
Stiles: I haven’t a problem.
Derek: You’re lying.
Stiles: Thank you very much.
Scott: Buddy, what’s up? You’re acting weird since a few days.
Thomas: Not at home. He’s just like this when we all meet.
Stuart: Actually… He acts like an idiot when Scott and (Y/N) meet.
(Y/N): What do you mean?
Stuart: Come on, guys. It’s so obvious! After Scott and Allison broke up, he did everything to set you two up.
Scott: What is he doin’?
Stiles: That’s not true.
Derek: You’re lying.
Stiles: I hate you!
Lydia: Guys, you act like children.
Thomas: You can’t set her up with Scott! I want to set her up with Newt!
Stiles: Newt? Really? Scott is the better choice!
Scott: Excuse me? Can I say some-
Thomas: Just because he’s your best friend, it doesn’t mean he’s the best for her!
Allison: Boys! Stop it!
Derek: Yes, because there’s no point. She already likes someone.
(Y/N): How you want to know?
Derek: Your heartbeat.
Stiles: Hang on… what?! Who? And please tell me it’s not Isaac!
Isaac: What?
Derek: It’s actually one of you three idiots.
Stiles&Thomas: What?!
Stuart: Who?
Derek: I don’t know. I only see her and hear her heartbeat goes faster when you’re all around.
(Y/N): Please shut up! I don’t like anyone!
Scott: Now that you mention it… I heard it, too.
Isaac: Me, too.
(Y/N): Guys, please!
Thomas: You always said, you don’t want to date me. But what if you’re lying?
(Y/N): I didn’t lie!
Scott: It’s not Stiles… I think…
Allison: Boys, stop. She doesn’t want anyone to know!
Lydia: You’re really rough!
Peter: My god, it’s Stuart! I can’t believe you kids didn’t see it.
Stiles&Thomas: What?!
Stuart: Really?
(Y/N): No! I mean… N-No… I… I…
You leave the loft crying.
Lydia: Really good job!

Stuart: (Y/N), are you okay?
(Y/N): Do I look like I’m okay?
Stuart: Sorry… Uhm… is it… is it true?
(Y/N): Why do you want to know? Do you want to make fun of me?
Stuart: I’d never make fun of you! Of everyone else, yes. But not of you…
(Y/N): Why?
Stuart: Maybe… because I like you…
(Y/N): Honestly?
Stuart: Why should I lie?
(Y/N): I like you, too…


tagged by @sherastudies to do this q&a thing. thank you so so much!! 💖 🍑 💫

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1. What subjects are you currently studying?

i’m studying biochemistry/pre-med in college, but I’m currently taking intro to zoology, African American studies, chemistry 2, and calculus 2!

2. who would you say is your biggest influence?

I would say my parents, but they’ve only influenced my personality. Someone that has influenced my thoughts and actions is Rap Monster! Kind of cliche, but he truly is an inspiration to me. 

3. What’s one country you would like to visit?


4. What’s your favorite book?

Heart of Darkness! i love it so much. 

5. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

I think about all of the ‘bad’ grades I got. lol, but usually that stresses me out more than it motivates me. 

6. What language would you really like to learn?

Korean is such a beautiful language. Also, maybe Cantonese? 

7. What holiday do you prefer, Christmas or Halloween?

I love love love Christmas. Rather than receiving gifts, I just absolutely love the family activities that surround the holiday. 

8. How old are you?

19, it’s my last year of being a teenager!

10. Who is your favorite band/singer?

Bangtan Boys! I love love them so much. I strive to have a relationship like theirs with my friends. 

11. Have you had a good day today?

Um, somewhat! i moved back to my dorms because today’s the end of Spring Break. I had good food and that’s all that was ‘good’ about my day lol. 

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Flashlight - Chapter 1

Summary: Chloe confronts Beca about her secret internship aka what should have happened in PP2.

Pairing: Beca/Chloe

Words: 2979



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Hi, I am applying to do medicine next year, and I am quite worried as I haven't taken A Level Biology. I take A Level Chemistry, but I am worried that during the interview they may ask me Biology questions linked with the A Level course, and I haven't learnt any of the material. I am looking at currently Cambridge as they are the best university which does medicine, and doesn't require biology. As someone who has been in the process of interviews, can you advise me what actions to take next?

Hi, quite a few universities don’t require biology - they want chemistry and one of maths/bio/physics. Here is a link to a document which outlines the requirements for each UK medical school. I think there’s a risk you’d get biology related questions in an interview, so maybe you should do some extra-reading around the subject. I had a friend who had a Cambridge interview and she said she had a lot of bio and chem related questions, so if you are thinking of applying to Cambridge it might be worth having a look at the A-level bio textbook/have a bit of prep with bio teachers at your school if you go on to get an interview. At the end of the day if the uni doesn’t require it then you shouldn’t be at a disadvantage. Good luck :)

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Thanks, Nicole for all you do! I'm so enjoying this- both their romance and a place to read and talk about it. In such a crazy, mixed up world, it's nice to have something so simple as real love. They have a lot to juggle, but I'm convinced now there's real love there. I think the show has a lot of edits and such that can make their interactions a bit dorky, but I don't mind. They have chemistry and it's all in good fun!

No problem; a pleasure! I’m definitely one of those people who enjoys reading others’ discussions, even though I’ve never been a big participator myself, so I totally get that. I have exactly zero doubt as to their love, and I think they do a pretty great job of juggling, from what we can tell.

Dorkiness is one of my favourite things about them, both as a couple and as individuals, to be honest…

Dear people who believe Malec was ruined in the show,

Dear people who believe Malec is ruined in the show, 

I’d like to ask you a few questions. Why do you think Malec has been ruined? What made you conclude that Malec is ruined?  Did you not see the beautiful chemistry when they met? Did you not see Alec stammering over Magnus? Did you not see Magnus flirting with Alec and Alec being flattered by it? Did you not see Magnus trying to comfort Alec when he was outed by the memory demon during the summoning? 

Did you not see Alec accepting the date that Magnus asked him on? Did you not see Alec on his own accord going to Magnus’ house? Did you not see Alec freely giving his strength to Magnus? Did you not see Alec showing care towards Magnus after being exhausted from healing Luke? Did you not see Magnus opening up to Alec and explaining to him that Alec has unlocked something within him? Did you not see Alec staying at Magnus’ because he wanted to?

Did you not see Alec confining to Magnus about his confusion of following his duty or his heart? Did you not see Magnus’ concern for Alec when he was hurt by the forsaken? Did you not see Alec trying to distance himself (this is up for interpretation) from Magnus because he didn’t want to lead him on and hurt him due to his engagement with Lydia? Did you not see the visible feelings Alec has for Magnus when he was talking to Lydia about him? Did you not see (again, interpretation) Alec explaining to Magnus the reason for his engagement because he respects him enough to tell him and doesn’t want to lie to him? Did you not see Magnus being hurt by Alec’s engagement but understand his actions?

Did you not see Magnus still helping Alec with his sister’s case not simply because he is interested or is getting a reward (interpretation) but because it is the right thing to do? Did you not see Alec understanding that Magnus did not (interpretation again) accept his bow and quiver because he knows Magnus did the right thing out of care and justice?

Did you not see Magnus respecting Alec in a sense where he never did anything to Alec without consent? Did you not see that Magnus does not keep pestering Alec about his engagement simply because of his feelings but because Magnus believes Alec deserves happiness? Did you not see that even after Alec gets angry with Magnus and tells him to back off, even if Magnus was hurt he kept his distance?

Did you not see Alec deciding on his own that he chose Magnus in front of everyone? Did you not see their build up to a healthy relationship? Did you not see Magnus and Alec finally being happy in each other’s company? Did you not see the support all the characters had for Malec in the show? Did you not see Magnus’ positive reassurance to Alec after coming out? Did you not see Alec asking Magnus out after the wedding?

Did you not see the healthy communication between them after they found Jocelyn in regards of Camille kissing Magnus? Did you not see the genuine concern Alec had for Magnus about him seeing everyone he loves age and die? Did you not see Magnus genuinely showing concern for Alec after he told him that? 

Did you not see all those beautiful moments? Did you not watch the same show?

what i really, really want more of is “indifference at first sight” though. like, no insta attraction, no sexual tension, no neon flashing sign that says “THIS IS THE LOVE INTEREST” because the chemistry is so strong, whether it’s love or hatred. just like. people. who meet each other. coffee shop aus where they don’t even notice each other because the barista has served 20 customers already and it’s 7 in the morning and there’s a huge line. college aus where there’s no commotion, no crazy lightning strike meeting, all “oh, i think they’re in my chem class? idk i never really noticed them, why do you ask?” chance meeting aus where they’re nothing more than strangers passing on the street, don’t think about each other, don’t feel fated to meet. just. people, being people, meeting other people. becoming interested slowly, over time. i just. yeah.

 Study showing decline in dog fertility may have human implications

Britain’s dogs are becoming less fertile. Researchers who have systematically examined canine sperm over a span of 26 years say that overall sperm quality has been in decline.

Environmental chemicals are implicated. And the study may throw light on the fertility changes in male humans.

“If you think about it, we are exposed to a cocktail. Who knows how many chemicals are out there and what they are doing? It gets even more complicated when you start to look at the effects of mixtures of chemicals,” Dr Lea said.

The study used semen samples from a monitored population of labradors, border collies, German shepherds and golden retrievers used to breed dogs intended to help the disabled. Photograph: Wayne Neal/Alamy

I’m a Michonne fan first and foremost and...

I gotta say this because Richonners think other people should only ship Michonne with Rick and Rick only.  I don’t see why you can’t support both Richonne and Dixonne.  It’s silly to think Michonne should only be attached to Richonne and Richonne only.  At this point it’s not like Richonne is benefitting her THAT much for her whole identity to be about whether or not Rick and Michonne finally sleep together, so why not have fun with her character like we do the rest of the characters who aren’t in relationships already?  You know you can support more than one ships, right?  Danai has chemistry with all the men on the show and they adore her.  Respect that.

NOT sorry.  

Bonnie’s Love Life.

I have literally like pitched Bonnie with every single person under the sun – even women. Being a witch to me is a very, very sexy thing. There’s a lot of mystery to it, there’s a lot of energy in dealing with the unknown, and dealing with this kind of powerful force so you’d just think that [romance] would come with the territory.” x

At this point Kat just want romance for Bonnie doesn’t matter who it is, of course Bamon is a number 1 choice for everyone probably including Kat. I think the lack of romance for Bonnie was annoying to her, being tied down to Jeremy/McQueen for so many years, and Beremy being such a chemistry-less relationship, with an awful storyline. So I do feel for her and of course I want to accept any Bonnie romance as long as it’s written well, and Kat has amazing chemistry with that person. Kat also spoke on how she doesn’t know if Bamon is happening or not happening, the writers are still stalling on that ship, only because it’s the last major ship they have left, so they will milk it for everything it’s worth, they will drag it out, and if they get renewed in January, by springtime chances are they’ll set Bamon up for the 8th season as their new “will they, won’t they” couple.

We all just have to wait and see what happens.

More Wreckers nonsense. Shivani this time.

Like Cooper and Ken-Rex, she’s evolved since I last mentioned her. Before, she was a hyper-competent hire of the twins, with a perfect knowledge of interplanetary financial law and a gen-mod that cancelled her need for sleep (with her emotional affect as collateral damage). Now, she’s in charge; the head of a planetary salvage outfit with a questionable company policy towards pre-spaceflight civs. (Ken and Cooper are, after all, basically cavemen. And she HIRED them.) She has fun with it, in a SHIVANI YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT TO PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T EVEN FIGURED OUT BASIC CHEMISTRY YET kind of way.

i think everyone’s had that daydream about going back in time to the medieval (or primeval!) world with a flashlight or a Prius or whatever and messing with the ancestors. Shivani calls that ‘Tuesday.” 

9% body fat with cyclist’s legs despite 200 years in space, because when your figure is nano-technologically maintained (like your hair), you can look however you want.