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This is what I find most interesting about the Marie's Crisis event Thursday night: BOTH management teams were there. Like many other CC shippers, my mind is whirling around with scenarios and possibilities. After all, we have not seen the likes of this sort of "CC" conglomeration since...NEVER! The only thing "missing" was Colfer. (Or so it seemed.)

Ask #2: so was this guy chris or not? bc i’m pretty sure it was him at the Marie’s Crisis last night. any good thoughts?

Ask 3: so was this guy chris or not? bc i’m pretty sure it was him at the Marie’s Crisis last night. any good thoughts?

Ask 4: Good morning! I have so many questions.  Like everyone else I saw the birds nest pic and everyone knew that was fake. I also saw a post about D and C being with their families in the fashion district. Then Alla post about a fun time at Marie’s Crisis. There’s a pic of a tall man behind her with his hair coifed high. Please tell me your thoughts. Especially about hanging out at a fashion event. Do you believe it was our boys? This is the most we’ve seen/ heard in ages. They’re ready to end this! 


I am trying to be better. Since all of these are similar, combining my response.  I do not think the tall man in the video and stills is Chris. Similar but not the same. 

However, do I think Chris was in NYC with Darren? 100% yes. Why? First, ask yourself. When was the last time we had a verified sighting of Chris? I’d say a month ago when he was in NYC promoting STFF. 

Second. We have the birds.  My honest opinion about his animal posting.I think its intentional and at this point, more for us than for those he is trying to fool.  He knows we expect him to post some photo that “proves” he is in LA. And i think he posts them almost as a sign, “I am saying I am in LA but actually I am wherever in the world my husband has gone.”. And this past week it was NYC.

Do I think Chris was at Marie’s? I would say possible but doubtful, though not the man in question.  As one of you point out. Marie’s is incredibly small. It is the tiny dive bar and when it is crowded as it appeared to be Thursday night, there is nowhere to hide.  BUT I would say at this point, Chris is a master at blending into the crowd.  If you have ever had the opportunity to walk around the West Village, where Marie’s is located, you would come to the same conclusion as me. It would be so easy for Darren and Chris to blend in if they want to. A pair jeans. A hat  Or a hoodie.  Contacts to hide their eyes. Just 2 more good looking guys in the village.  There are so many of them they would blend in.   So could he have been present and hanging in the back? Absolutely plausible.

But much more interesting to me was Allla. Yes,she brought her clients with her.  No one is denying that.  But she chose to take a photo with Michael. Chose for her after party to be at tiny little Marie’s Crisis. Was standing with Darren in one of the photos I have seen. And perched at the piano while Darren was playing.  Watching him. She even tweeted about being there,.  And the next day, posted the photo with Michael.  This is not the behavior of someone who’s client is NOT friends with Darren. Even if she went, she would not have made her presence known. She loves and respects Chris too much for that.

So why did she post?  As I said multiple times yesterday, Alla is very deliberate in the message she sells.  I do not doubt for 1 second she is team CC, But her job is PR. And as part of that job, she is charged with selling the PR narrative.  But on many occasions she has strongly hinted at CC.  Many. And Friday into Saturday she did her job at showing that she is a fan of Darren and friendly with his PR rep.  And you know why she and Michael are friendly?  Because they have been working together for years on hiding CC. And while Michael has taken a step back post Glee, he is back again and promoting Darren.  I would guess because Darren’s star is very much rising. But I would also guess it is because the Miarren chapter is ending and a new chapter is beginning. We don’t yet know what that chapter will look like.  A break up? (I assume yes). A new beard?  Single Darren?  The truth? You all know my predication, it will be stages. And well, if we are to get stages, both Darren and Chris have to agree to the strategy and their teams have to work together to climb their way out of the absolute mess that has been made (one that could have been completely avoided if a certain person was fired years ago as she should have been and if CC were allowed to be friends in public).

And what evidence do I have of this besides observation?  The captain of the CC Ship himself, Christopher Paul Colfer, who went out of his way to comment on Alla’s IG post.  Saying “usually when I see these sweet faces I have a drink in my hand.”  Well Chris that is interesting. When was the last time you saw Michael? I mean you hate Darren right? Oh yeah, that is right. You live with Darren and have been for years.  And every decision made is made together. And no doubt Chris has seen Michael and Alla this week, all with a cocktail, perhaps at the apartment he shares with Darren, planning for the future.

And you know what the biggest sign this week of Chris being present and someone being very unhappy?  The little stunt pulled yesterday with one of the worst photoshops I have seen. Again having little to no faith in her fans that perhaps they had seen the original and would remember it just like we did.

okay, but

Is no one going to talk about the fact that Kayla’s father is a Canadian archery coach? As in, Darren Knowles is a CANADIAN ARCHERY COACH. CANADIAN. ARCHERY. COACH.

Look, Canada has a small population. I’m pretty sure the population of archery coaches isn’t the biggest. Like, big but not that they have so many that a fantastic archery coach who drew the attention of the God of Archery himself (and then proceeded to have a kid together.) can not be a source of inspiration for budding archers.

Yes, what if Frank Zhang idolised Darren Knowles? What if Darren had TAUGHT Frank? What if Frank comes to know that Kayla not only has Apollo for a father (who he wanted to be his godly parent) but also Darren Knowles Canadian Archery Extraordinaire? I just want this to be true! It’ll be so cool if Apollo name drops Darren in front of Frank and he freaks.

(Also, Frank low key shipping Apollo and Darren, cause that’s what you do with fave celebrities/teachers. Bonus: Kayla being thoroughly confused by her potential brother in law’s potential brother in law’s obsession with her fathers.)

This is completely out of the blue but it needs to be said. I don’t know if anyone will actually read this because I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a ‘big’ or 'popular’ blog but I’m going to say it nonetheless.

When I joined this fandom I thought 'wow, these people are so sweet, I’m so glad I’m in such a nice fandom,’ but I was so wrong. A lot of people ARE really sweet and I’ve made some.amazing friends through this fandom which I’m so grateful for, but a lot of you are crazy.

I get that it’s 'the norm’ for teenage fangirls to be crazy, I mean I’m one myself, but some people honestly take it over the top.

If you haven’t caught onto what I’m talking about yet - yes, I mean crisscolfer, miarren and chill shippers.

I’m not saying, by any means, that it’s wrong to ship any of these things. There are no rules that say you can’t enjoy the idea of two people being a couple, regardless of whether they date or not. However, with these ships it’s gotten to a point where people are sending unnecessary hate to Will and Mia - who, might I add, haven’t actually done anything wrong - and hate to other fans just because they don’t ship the same thing as them.

It’s gotten to the point where people are making up false rumours and reading into things way too deeply for anyone to even take a second to breathe.

There is no need for you to be sending messages to Chris and Darren demanding that they’re together, etc…

Regardless of who they’re dating in real life, it’s annoying and it affects them more than you know. You wonder why Darren and Chris never publicly hang out and post photos or why they’re not more affectionate with Will and Mia? It’s because if they do any of these things, hundreds of people start attacking them for it.

Chris and Will held hands a YEAR ago and people are still going crazy about it and coming up with millions of reasons why it was fake.

Say Darren and Mia were to announce they’re engaged tomorrow; I can’t even imagine the amount of hate and drama they would get for just being happy.

It’s not a matter of being homophobic, or delusional, or whatever other ludicrous names you guys call each other. It’s a matter of being disrespectful to somebody you claim to be a huge fan of.

You guys all say that Darren or Chris is your idol yet you can’t just accept the fact that they’re adults who can make their own decisions and are happy regardless of who they’re dating, because YOU’RE not happy with it.

You didn’t become a fan of them for who they’re dating, I’m sure, so why make such a huge fuss about it?

Who they’re dating shouldn’t even be a factor in their careers to be honest, and too much focus goes into this instead of the incredible things they do every single day.

(Ps. I’m sorry there isn’t a 'read more’ on this post. I typed it up on my kindle so I couldn’t add one but I’ll fix it when I’m on my laptop next.)

so basically:

M “dates” Darren and suddenly she moves to Los Angeles gets a job at Fox and then Fox SpecialOps and now does glee BTS but some people don’t see anything totally wrong with that picture it’s a total coincidence like there aren’t a million other jobs she could possibly have had on different networks on different shows

W “dates” Chris and suddenly he follows him everywhere including many award shows where he can rub elbows with the bigwigs and tags along with him behind the scenes (sort of like a personal assistant?) and now he’s an extra on glee but there’s nothing wrong with that and is totally coincidental *or maybe Chris asked for him to be in that scene omg how cute lol/sarcasm* all of this just happened to fall into place and there’s nothing unprofessional about any of it

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Am I the only one who thinks that the Glee fandom made the cast of glee something that they weren’t. Looking back on it I don’t think any of the cast member were as close as we made them out to be. They were close and probably friends, just not as close as we wanted them to be. It sucks they get hate for hanging out with people that they are actually close with rather than hanging out with each other. This fandom needs a serious reality check, it’s like no one can have an opinion without another ship saying that what they think and believe is wrong. And when people do have opinions they are rude little shits about it. Don’t preach about peace when you’re the one that spreads hate about a certain someone or ship you don’t like. There are ways to get your point across without being a bitch about it. I hate when people use Cory for everything. “Oh Cory would be so ashamed of them” I love Cory and he will always have a special place in my heart and I will be a Cory fan to the day I die, but don’t act like your Cory/Jesus and know what the fuck he would say. The slut-shaming has to stop too, it’s not cool and it’s not even the guys in the fandom who do the slut-shaming it’s the girls and it’s sick and gross. Cut that shit out, cause it’s not cool. Naya, Lea, Dianna, Jenna, Becca, Amber, or any girl in the cast can wear whatever the fuck they want, they could have their asses/boobs out, they could be butt ass naked they don’t need your permission or anyone’s validation because they are grown ass woman so stop acting like you’re their parents. These hate blogs need to stop, it’s one thing to dislike a character, but another to completely loathe a person that you DON’T EVEN FUCKING KNOW. Unless you have spent a whole day with the cast individually SHUT THE FUCK, BECAUSE YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. Another thing is with these crazy ass crack ships, ship whatever the fuck you want I couldn’t give a flying fuck. But please realize that these aren’t characters they’re real people so excuse them if they aren’t all fucking each other like you would like. In other words Achele and CrissColfer aren’t real so pipe the fuck down and realize that they are just friends (if this fandom hasn’t fucked that up too) and nothing more. Stop disrespecting them and putting your beliefs and what you want them to do on them. I was completely horrified about what happened to Dot’s friend (or fiancee not sure) on twitter and what happened to Lea and Dianna when they didn’t say happy birthday to each other on twitter, ON FUCKING TWITTER. SO YOU ARE MAD, BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE WHO AREN’T EVEN THAT CLOSE DIDN’T SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EACH OTHER ON A FUCKING SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITE. Get over yourself, really it’s not cool to send death threats to Cory, because he’s with Lea and she'e not with Dianna. It’s not cool to slut-shame Naya and Lea, because they are confident with their bodies. It’s not cool to make someone private their twitter cause your a disrespectful little fuck. It’s not cool to send Will and Mia hate, because Darren and Chris aren’t fucking each other. Will and Chris are dating, Darren and Mia are dating. You can ship CrissColfer all day everyday, but it doesn’t change anything. That is one of the biggest problems with this fandom. Fans/shippers think that they can change who these people are and they can’t. No stupid little poll is going to make them do what you want/believe. Why is Lea and Amber getting hate for posting picture of themselves on their twitter and instagram accounts. Isn’t that what those website are for to post things about themselves. What are they supposed to post pictures of a box. Everyone on instagram has more pictures of themselves than anything, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT’S FUCKING FOR. TO POST SELFIES AND SHIT OR HOW YOUR DAY IS GOING. All these Cory fans (not everyone, just a few immature ones) who claim to spread nothing but love and peace, make me laugh. How are going to have a whole hate blog about someone and then claim to spread love and peace. Please look up what peace and love mean, because you’re part of the reason this fandom looks dumb as fuck half the time. And again it’s not just them it’s a lot more. You can ship what you want, hate who you want, love who you want, but all I’m asking is to respect everyone’s opinion and not be rude little shit bitches.

Dear Team Beard, 

Dropping by with what is becoming my daily note.  I’ll start tagging them Dear Team Beard so you can easily find them. 

This is a man in hell.  This is the opposite of love. 

This is a man with the  exact opposite expression with someone he considers a friend and a mentor. Someone who understands as he himself was closeted for years.  Someone who is openly gay and happily married to his husband.  Someon Darren aspires to be to be like.

At this point. It’s clear to me what you are trying to sell us is to pacify Von beard. Because for Darren’s career.  As he has chosen to move forward.   It makes no sense. He has made a conscious choice to build his career playing LGBT+ characters. No beard required. The only reason to continue is because she refuses to walk away.  And don’t think it’s not noticed that she was uninvited at the event to market ACS   Instead, to appease her, she was brought to an event that was not directly related.

Mia- you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You have Ben. He loves you. Everyone watching knows it.  Accept his love and move on with your life. It’s evident Darren cannot stand to be in your presence. Look at his face and mannerisms. Every time he in your presence. You are losing what ever little self respect remained. And you are dragging ben with you.  

And on this. No words. The fact that Ricky was there. Do we need any further comment? Zoe.  No one who has participated has gotten anything. You won’t either. Run while you still have your dignity in place. This situation is a mess.  Walk away   I promise it’s so much better than joining this sinking ship.

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Hello! I am kinda new in the Glee fandom (Just finished season 5) and i so ship CrissColfer! I am kinda confused on what Chillarren is because i have seen it on a couple of Chris Colfer posts. Could you explain? Thanks!

hey nonnie! Welcome to the fandom! I send you my warm welcomes :) Okay, not sure if you’ve come to the right person for this but i’ll give it my best shot! Continue under the cut for more.

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Hi Lynne, I would like to share my thoughts with you 
External image

I was not surprised to see the Chill photos because I believe Will is still in the background/working… Will and Chris were friends before Will started working for Chris so it’s not shocking to see that they are still friends. Chris can’t be seen anywhere with Darren and we know how Chris loves costume parties … the Chill photos shows a couple of buddies having a good time. Chris looked happy because for goodness sakes he’s at a party! He’s having a great time! Why wouldn’t he be happy? I believe Darren was at the party .. the hat/height in the photos next to Chris is much different to the one that Will is wearing. We have to look at it as a masquerade …everything if you know what I mean ;)

I once wrote that everyone in the secret has to be close/friends …at least for this to work. If we believe in CC we have to expect this to some degree. This is why Mia or Will never bothers me because once I accept what is going on then I am not surprised. I put my personal feelings about M and W aside when it comes to the boys and understand what is going on. Mia is seen everywhere with Darren nothing has changed so I expect the same with Will….

These are not the last photos we will see of Chris and Will because as I mentioned they are friends and Chris can’t be seen with Darren, Fox has that locked down tight. Look we can’t even get a photo with Chris sitting at the table with his co-workers having a meal. If Chris and Darren are not together what is the big deal…even if we say they are? We (the fans) can’t be that powerful that Chris has to be taken out of every photo just to show that they are not. In fact if they weren’t together then Fox would have used them more to promote because they are the favorite. Chris is a proud man if he was in a relationship with Will he wouldn’t hide him, in fact he would stop all the rumors. What is happening is Will has to appear that he going out with Chris but not enough so that Chris can’t come out of this without being seen as lying. In the end we get a confirmation that they are very close friends. Will is Chris partner in crime 
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 My son (who is also gay) once told me “why is it hard to accept that Chris could have a buddy that he loves hanging out with? Gay men have close friends they are not sleeping with”.  We were talking about Will.  I think one of the reasons I am not kneen Will so much is because of the Chill fans they just want Chris to be with someone - anyone but Darren because they hate Darren so much. I believe everyone has the right to ship who they want just leave me in my space.. I don’t do hate. 

This season and next we are going get a lot of Klaine there’s no way Fox wants us to know that two of their stars playing a gay love interest on TV are together in real life. Can you imagine what conservative viewers would say about that. And most importantly Chris is a serious actor when it comes to his work… not only the viewers but sponsorships not to forget that they sell Darren as a teenage dream so…there is no Cory so Darren has to step up.

I love Glee but I will be happy when the show ends because the boys happiness means more to me. I am happy the boys had their Christmas/New Years break and I am positive that something has change with the boys. They look happy and settled. I believe that they are living/spending more time together. 

Still going strong…
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Thanks for reading, much love XOX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Lynne’s comments below~ Thank you sweetheart for your wonderful analysis.  You literally took many words right outa my mouth. We don’t have any control or rights over Chris or Darren’s lives. We don’t control who they choose to have as friends. We may not like who they hang with, but that’s not our call. We are here as fans supporting them.  We all see the same information and make our own conclusions based on what we are shown. However, we also must be smart and look BEYOND the surface.  "See the trees for the forest"  Not one picture tells the whole story. And I will add, now that I just found out that CCN “found” those photos is WHERE did they “find” them?  Did they source them?  How did they find private photo booth pictures from a locked photo account from a private party? Did someone give those photos to them?  This is a “news” blog?  Unbiased news?  I think not.  Also, the timing?  That party was 3 weeks ago.  Keep questiong. And never waiver in your faith, folks. Love is real. 

4 messages anon

May I first of all suggest that you direct your complaints about hateful posts to the people whose posts your are upset about. To the best of my knowledge and intent I do not do any of the things you mention myself and I have indeed spoken out against them several times.

I don’t send hate to either Darren or Chris or their fans, nor do I encourage others to do so. As far as I remember I have mentioned Mia twice on this blog, once to defend her against posts that criticised her outfit and once against Darren himself when he, uncharacteristically, acted like a common caveman in defending her honour after Satangate. I hated that tweet for reasons completely unconnected to shipping and I don’t care who knows it.

And I did that despite the fact that I admittedly don’t like Mia as a person (to the extent that that is even possible when judging someone from their social media only) and that, yes, I am yet to be convinced that she is in fact his girlfriend. Because I don’t have to like someone to know that some of the shit they have to put up with is just not acceptable. And I don’t need to be policed externally to adhere to basic values of human decency.

So I am somewhat at a loss how I am contributing to the “atmosphere of hate” that you mention. On which, btw, my side of the fandom has by no means a monopoly. But do you know what else I haven’t done and would never do?

1. I would not speak ill of people on my blog and call them offensive names just because they ship Darren with Mia.

2. I would not block anyone from following me just because their bio says “not CrissColfer friendly”.

3. I would not send anon messages to anyone who thinks differently from me and criticise them them for what they ship or telling them to stop blogging about it.

In fact, I follow a few Miarren shippers, who are equally content to live and let live, quite happily because I am an adult and they blog about other stuff I am interested in and the odd picture of Darren and Mia on my dash is not going to give me heart failure and I know that THE WORLD IS NOT DIVIDED INTO GOOD PEOPLE AND DEATHEATERS!!!

But I am not my fandom’s keeper. And my mere “membership” of said fandom and who I talk to or what I talk about with my fandom friends is nobody’s business but my own.

Darren’s sexuality, on the other hand - or more precisely the political implications for the LGBT+ community (of which I am a member) of his sometimes blatant and offensive no-homoing - is something that I will continue to talk about whenever he gives me a reason to. And sadly, there continue to be periods when he and/or his team give me a lot of reasons to.

Make no mistake, I like the guy. A lot. I am his fan. I think he is insanely talented. I worry about him more than I should sometimes. If I am right and he is somewhere on the queer spectrum, he is possibly in a truly shitty situation and I can completely understand why he’s not out. As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone, as long as he doesn’t just come across as yet another straight hipster douchebag who uses the queer community to advance his career, as long as he is mindful of his position and doesn’t act like a shitty ally, he can be, or play at being, straight all he wants as far as I am concerned.

But here’s the thing:

If Darren is in fact straight, me saying on tumblr that he maybe isn’t shouldn’t hurt him at all unless anybody still thinks that being queer is somehow shameful. But with all the privilege that truly straight actors in Hollywood still enjoy, being suspected of being queer shouldn’t even be on their horizon as a concern. And if it is, that’s not because of queers like me but because of the millions of bigots out there that will not support a queer actor. Imagine if PR agencies had to go to the same length to conceal that their client is actually straight. Now, that would be something to get upset about.

So until we live in a world where being called queer is no longer seen as commercially damaging, I don’t think a Darren that is actually straight - particularly while he’s getting paid for playing queer roles - is first in line for deserving my sympathy or foremost consideration for the damage, commercial or otherwise, he may suffer for being thought of as queer. Take a number, mate, and get in the queue!

But as long as we’re talking about the morality of all of this, how would me being silent on his sexuality help another Darren who is in fact queer? Yes, it might make his life a little easier while he’s in the closet. It might make it easier for him to develop the cognitive dissonance that is necessary to live the kind of life where you are every teenage girl’s wet dream in public, but possibly have a boyfriend (or several) in private. It may make it easier to justify lying on a daily basis, to yourself and to others, easier to see all this as just one more bit of acting, one more role to play, one more page in the storybook that is his pretend life. It may make the day-to-day of this one actor, who has already been lucky enough to make it to a certain level of fame, easier for a while.

But what about all the others? What about the ones like Chris Colfer, who can’t “play straight” and can’t hide their true self behind that sort of facade? What about the younger ones, who no longer want to do that? How is Hollywood ever going to learn that their actors’ sexuality doesn’t matter, unless fans make it clear that not only do they not care but that they can see through the charades and all the little PR games and that they aren’t fooled? Who are we selling out to this fucked up industry by NOT talking about people’s sexuality and representation and why it matters?

And how does this help a queer Darren in the long run? How does the atmosphere of silence that we would create help him to decide if and when to finally come out? How could he know whether or not he would have any fans left if he were no longer theoretically sexually available to what his team perceives as his target demographic? How could he argue with producers, networks, agents and managers, who want to keep people like him in the closet to protect their own bottom line, that he should be able to come out, if he doesn’t know, or can’t prove, that there are people out there, who are rooting for him to do just that and who would continue to support him and still buy tickets to see him do his thing even if he was a big fat queer?

And how easy, do you think, would it actually be for a queer Darren to keep up this kind of schizophrenic life over a long period without causing severe emotional and psychological damage to himself? What exactly are we supporting/enabling/facilitating by not talking about it?

THAT is why I discuss the sexuality of actors on public forums. And that’s why I highlight all the little tools that PR agencies use to create a potentially false image of their charges and to mislead fans over aspects of their life. Because that is what is at stake here. Not just the emotional well-being of one actor of ambiguous sexuality and his maybe/maybe not girlfriend. But the emotional well-being of queer people everywhere, inside and outside the entertainment industry. That’s why it is important not to suppress these discussions but (within the realm of the abovementioned basic values of human decency) to allow them to flourish. Until the day when sexuality finally truly doesn’t matter anymore. But with everything that is going on right now, I’d say that day is a long way hence yet.

So don’t just think about the damage I may be causing by speaking my mind. Think also about the damage you may be causing by telling me to shut up. And that is truly all I have to say on the matter, so can we please end this here?

[And btw the reason why I am “blasting this to everyone” instead of only you is that you are sending me these messages anonymously and there is no way for me to respond privately. If you don’t want me to post responses to your messages in this way, I suggest that you either come off anon or stop sending them].

Desperate induendo

OK, I’ve looked and have not found any significant amount of pics from  A/M wedding, have seen some. Have seen alot of other pics I do not remember seeing. WOW, desperation is rampant with desperation (no, I did not stutter). A picture of empty seats, where they sat at Bachelor viewing and then…where did they go, can anyone be more affected (look it up)! She is now playing dangerously. I did not come to this before, letting it slide, now I feel protective, she better collect her nickers. She is going to sink her ship on her own. Who posted a pic of Darren smoking, looks theatrical. I do not care whether D smoked or not..NOT M’s to share! I know what she is trying to share. She knows him intamately? If she did she wouldn’t share. Does that tell you anything miarren’s. GAMES, GAMES, GAMES…DESPERATION, DESPERATION, DESPERATION. Am I shouting loud enough. It is a plea for you, miarrens, to see her ploy, conniving, scheming, devious, trickery  (have I used enough adjectives, I have more, okay I’ll stop…reluctantly). Scheming. Calculating. (Not sorry). So pathetic to try and pull an A game when what you got doesn’t even fit in the alphabet. FAKE! PLOTTED! PATHETIC! To say something positive… Darren I bet is laughing his ass off. Love you Darren and Chris, oh I can’t forget Foggy and Mother Goose. Love is all you need. Simple but effective.


That account is more than desperate, it is just pathetic. And she once again revealed it to be her when she said she would be busy for the next few days and suddenly Mia is at a Bachelorette party in New Orleans.  Hmmm..coincidence? (I for one am beyond pleased at her weekend activity, far from Darren who is having a fabulous time with his friend Elvis).

She is literally scrapping at the barrel to find pictures that are halfway convincing. Trying to show us how charitable and wonderful Von Beard is. She is neither of those things. She is only charitable when she gets attention from said charity and can make it into a bearding event to show off how in love they are.

I for one loved the kissing collage. One fake pic after another (and be prepared I fully expect the “private” one she reference to be leaked and soon).  I mean if she wants to tell herself that there is an intimacy in any of those pics, her prerogative. I see a man who in all 4 has his mouth sealed shut and is giving her as little contact as possible when 2 people are engaging in a millisecond kiss that is purely for the camera. It still baffles me that anyone can buy the Hedwig kiss, taken several days after opening night (she couldn’t even recreate her exact outfit). Why has not one miarren called out that there would NEVER be another person in the room with D, snapping a pic, of his first pic after his first performance of Hedwig. I assure you, that kiss was private and in his actual dressing room, with the door shut and no prying eyes. Willing to be Darren did not have his hand behind his back nor have his lips sealed shut.

And the next three are equally as bad, all pics taken with a purpose. I mean in front of large men with cameras? Darren with his hands stretched in the air.  In a pool that the wedding photographer sought out even though they aren’t the couple getting married?  And the last one, where his lips aren’t even on her mouth and he is gripping the chair.

And now she is trying to sell that M and Chris are friends. What?  What planet does she live on?  Resting bitch face anyone???!!!!!!  Has she read TLOS (well they are likely above her reading level) but he certainly is not having his friend characterized like Ezmia, a woman who literally sealed her past lovers in jars and Morina who has Froggy locked in a mirror perhaps for eternity.

And now she is trying to find gazing pics and pics of them holding each other. And almost every pic she is using is old  The New Year’s pic again? And no sweety you weren’t trying to be covert by calling him D$.  You were calling him exactly what you think of him.  A vehicle to fame and fortune.  Good to know he opinion and motives haven’t changed since the beginning. She saw an opportunity and she pounced. Got in with Ricky so when the need to really go full force with a beard (season 4, before that is was very light) she was the person Ricky immediately called.

As for those smoking pics, they are from college. That is how desperate she was to find those pics. Hard to know if real or staged.  But at this point, she is just trying to find common ground. And while I am almost certain who does not smoke, I know who does- the platonic roomie!  

And you gotta love the facts.

Also, there are a l of false darrens. She has posted quite a few pics and alluded that it was darren when in fact it is not.  A Coachella one from the year he was in NYC rehearsing for Hedwig. And Umbrella one where the man is way too tall to be darren. and her b-day party when we all know D was in Italy.

The whole account is just a sad statement.  For a person to pretend to be a fan so that they can have an account “ALL ABOUT ME” is beyond comprehension to me.  But she is slipping up a a lot lately. She even stated in one of her recent posts that Darren was mentioned at the Operation Smile dinner as one of the biggest donors. Ummm….did you know that? I sure didn’t. So I can only assume how MIL figured it out.

Honestly, the one thing I take from this. With the posting of countless old pics.  Darren has given her nothing in almost 2 weeks. So she needs to keep the ship, that to me has already sunk, slightly above water. so she can get sympathy when they break up.  And to do so she has to resort to old photos to try to sell her sad tale.

I need to get this off my chest...

I’m a Glee fan. I am a klaine fan. I am also a Darren Criss Fan.

But you know who I’m the biggest fan of? You know the one actor/writer/singer that has inspired me more then words can say, and whose very existence makes me smile?

Chris Colfer.

I love that man. This entire blog is pretty much dedicated to honoring and praising him, my own little quiet shrine where I share my joy and excitement about his work, successes and happiness.

I know there are a lot of people out there who love him just as much as I do. I know there are other Glee fans who share my passion, Klaine fans who share my obsession and Darren fans who share my enjoyment.

But today, frankly, some of you have disgusted me.

You might notice that one of the things I DID NOT list myself as a fan of was Crisscolfer. And there is a reason for that.

I firmly believe that shipping Real Life People is dangerous. Not weird, not wrong. Dangerous.

Who cares if Chris and Darren are secretly dating? Who cares if Chris is in love with Will? Things like that are, as fans, NONE of our business. None of this is stuff that has been revealed to the public, in one form or another, and therefore not our place to comment on. To do so would be gossiping, possibly painful, needless, baseless gossiping that could cause SERIOUS damage.

Plus, I’m pretty sure all parties involved have far more pressing matters to deal with then hiding fictional relationships, or maintaining fake ones for the public’s sake. 

The truth is for a long time I’ve stayed quiet about this. Why should I go preaching my opinions to other people? Their not going to care about one rage filled girl on the internet. I’m not invested enough to get involved in shipping wars, or to try and sensor people. Sure, it gives me the skeevies and worries me, but it’s not my place to tell people what they can or can’t like, or that their opinions are wrong. But this post isn’t about opinions, it’s about actions. 

The truth is, if you wanna ship real people but are kind, considerate, and for heaven’s sake don’t ask them about it, then there really is no problem, so hey let your freak flag fly and have fun.

The minute it becomes a problem is when a few select people let their craziness take hold and start harassing people about something that isn't real, or if it is real, is not public knowledge and therefore NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

Sending threatening messages, incessant spamming, sexual harassment, gaslighting, victim blaming and victim playing? Yeah, that’s all very, very wrong. That is all different forms of bullying and assault.

All of this stuff is why Real Person Shipping is dangerous, because no matter how many nice, considerate shippers are out there, there are always a few boneheads who resort to those tactics. 


What. Is. WRONG. With. You. People?

After all the bullshit he has put up with for YEARS from crazy ‘fans’ and (I hate to say it because I hate this phrase) tinhatters he finally decided to block some of you whiny asses and you…

Defend them? Fight for THEM? Talk about how their feeling have been hurt?


If someone is making him uncomfortable on Twitter and he wants to block them that is what the function is for. The man barely uses his Twitter, so to take the time to block random ass nobodies must really mean he’s sick and tired of this bullshit.

And I realize I’m going to get SO much hate about this post. Like I said, I AM (as embarrassed as I am about it right now) a Klaine fan, and a Darren fan, which means I have some followers who are Crisscolfer shippers. And I’m sorry if this angers you.

But Chris is my number one priority in this, and I am SICK AND TIRED of being silent.

So, if you’re pissed and wanna unfollow, feel free. I have far too few followers to actually give a damn. This shit needs to stop now and I’ll do whatever little bit I can to make that happen.

Thank you for listening. 

anonymous asked:

you all seem awfully happy considering that darren just totally shot down your ship. chris and darren both said they're friends and you guys still don't seem to get it.

hi, anon. take a seat for a second here. 

imma make this relatively short and sweet for you by asking you simple question. ready?


holy shit. are you all fucking stupid? that last interview is what we have been wanting for years. chris and darren talking about their relationship, shooting down the haters who say that they hate eachother, talking about how they like klaine AND the klainers. and, icing on the cake, they admitted that they do intentionally sometimes hide from the public when they are out together. 

chris and darren laughing, being carefree, talking about how they are great friends, reflecting on their first time hanging out… thats all we’ve wanted. 

i think your and your fellow shippers problem is that you think admitting to being friends negates the possibility of something more. do you really think we were expecting darren or chris to admit to being madly in love and gush over each other with sickly-sweet pet names all the sudden? no. we did not. we heard exactly what we wanted to hear- they care deeply for each other, they are friends (most lovers are also best friends), they reflect fondly on their time together over the years, and they love us as much as we love them.  

this has been a crisscolfer shipper’s dream. now if you would go back to being bitter over there in the corner, that would be great. 

anonymous asked:

The entire situation that surrounds Chris and Darren IS a result of Crisscolfer shippers.Whether you want to believe it or not you sickos continue to stalk and shame them. You should be ashamed of yourself for even suggesting that they are foolish for not wanting to be friends with each other because your fandom are a bunch of mindless idiots. They're scared to even be in the same room because it just makes more rumors. Get a life and open your eyes. Chris and Darren hate people like you.

Look, I’m just pointing out that I think its crazy to think that’s the reason. If Chris and Darren are so scared/annoyed/whatever the fuck you think with CrissColfer shippers to the point that they’ve decided  they have to have a secret friendship,then i feel really sorry for not only you,but for them too. The fact that it would bother them so much that they’d go to such great measures is completely ridiculous. I honestly believe with all of my heart, that if it really were such an issue between them that by now Darren would have already addressed the situation with sincerity & not sarcasm (does he not always very articulacy speak his piece in other situations?) A discussion with how uncomfortable it makes them feel or something a long those lines..if indeed it makes them feel so. Have you heard any of that? No. What have we heard? A bunch of uhm’s and nervous laughter in between some stuttering response to questions about how people think they’re actually together(“aha..ha..uh..yeah..ha ha..”), or the Darren interview where,when his sexuality was brought up,got so tongue tied and obviously nervous he completely lost his train of thought. I mean,ship me with my mom,i don’t give a fuck? I don’t know you..who cares what you think? Why do they care so much but still do not make an effort to defuse talks? Because it doesn’t bother them near as much as non-CrissColfer shippers insinuate. I would believe that they hate each other before I would believe that we are the reason they don’t interact. I don’t ship CrissColfer because I want to believe Klaine is real. I ship CrissColfer because the only logical answer to me is something has to be happening for them to be so god damned awkward about it. No one just acts the way they do about something so unimportant if something isn’t/hasn’t happening/ed.  As far as shippers who stalk and annoy both Darren & Chris about it, for every single CrissColfer shipper that does things like that there is a Chill/Miarren shipper doing the exact same thing. But somehow, me getting giddy over manips and heart eyes from across the room is an abomination..Bottom line,is literally anything involving Darren & Chris ever, is smoke and mirrors all time and that’s sketchy as fuck. So no,nonnie dear,I disagree with your opinion just as you disagree with mine. But you know the beautiful thing? Thats perfectly fine. Because after all, you know what they say about opinions…

anonymous asked:

Why cant you fags leave supernatural the way it was written and stop ruining it for the rest of us? If the writers wanted dean and cas together, dont you think they would have written it that way? so sick of the fucking gay bullshit everywhere. neither the actors nor their characters are gay so what exactly is your damage? and y the fuck do u people have to force your gayness where it would not naturally exist? supernatural, doctor who, teenwolf, to name a few.

Wow, who pissed in your cheerios this morning?

First off, don’t use the word fags, you piece of shit. Or are you too much of an ignoramus to realize why that would be offensive?

Okay, how about we get into this. Why are you so bothered by it? Why do you let our interpretation of fictional love get you so worked up? Did someone come to your house in the night and paste photoshopped pictures of Dean and Cas all over your door and then run off cackling? Did they physically strap you to a chair and place a computer covered in Destiel porn in front of your face and then tell you they’ll kill your family if you don’t read it?

My guess is, no. No one has done any of those things to you and, if they have, I’d call the police instead of filling other peoples’ inboxes with hate.

No one is ruining it for you. I hate Wincest. With every fiber of my being, I hate it. But I do this really cool thing where I blacklist it and don’t follow Wincest blogs. Oh wow! What a fucking concept! Avoiding things I don’t like and leaving the people alone who do. Gee. Someone should’ve thought of that sooner.

Oh, I just realized my sarcasm might have gone over your head, you being a simpleton and all.

The writers did write it that way, actually. The hugs, the looks, the sacrificing themselves for each other. That’s love. Deny it all you want, but it is. In fact, “I love you” was scripted and then cut later. So, yes, the writers did write it that way.

“The gay bullshit”? You’re sick of the gay bullshit? 99% of the media is straight bullshit. So you know what? We’re sick of your straight bullshit. We’re sick of walking into the theater and seeing yet another straight couple. We’re sick of falling in love with a new show only to see another straight white guy save the day. We’re trying to get some representation because there are people like you out there who scream “UNNATURAL” and “FAG” because to you, it is unnatural. You aren’t used to us being in the media because we’re never there.

You’re right that the actors aren’t gay. I’ve heard that Misha is openly bi, but is married to a woman.

However, there’s this really cool thing that actors do where they act. It’s awesome. There’s this guy named Neil Patrick Harris who is gay in real life but plays a straight person on TV. There’s this other guy named Darren Criss who is straight in real life and plays a gay guy on TV. And that’s only to name a couple. The actors don’t have to be gay to play a gay character, have you had any kind of education at all?

I ship them because I love them. I love how much they love each other. And I want it to become canon because I would like equal representation in the media.

If it never becomes canon, I couldn’t give a flying fuck. I’ll still ship it. I’ll still write and read fanfiction. I’ll still fall in love with the beautiful art. And I’ll do all of it because that’s how I interpret the relationship.

You can hide behind anonymous and yell and scream til you’re blue in the face, but none of us are going to listen to you because A) you have absolutely no right to tell us what we can and cannot do and B) you seem to be severely lacking in IQ points and no one likes to listen to idiots.

Pull your head out of your ass and avoid Destiel if you don’t like it. Being a cowardly dick isn’t going to change anything and is a useless waste of my time and yours.

OK PSYCHO.  THIS IS WAR.  You are going down.

The psycho blog is back and they are going after people because of who they love/ship.   Here is their latest post (DO NOT GO TO THIS BLOG)

It may not be a crime to look that stuff up, but its against Tumblr policy to post it and threaten to use against people.



Put the blog name in the email (BUT DO NOT GO TO THIS BLOG):


and report it NOW.  No matter who or what you ship - this is wrong on EVERY level.

Who created the most drama on set?

By the time Becca came along, most of the drama had died down. Her and Chord would scream at each other a lot, like family do.

What was the last lie she told?

The previous answer.

Does she ship klaine?

She’s kinda over it, really. They’re romantic, they’re in love, it’s sweet. But there are couples she likes more.

Number she’d have liked to be part of?

The Adele mash up.

Characters least like their actor?

Darren likes to say him, but Becca’s like, you may have a girlfriend but that’s really the only difference. C'mon. Really, the most different is definitely Jane Lynch. And that’s why she’s an actress, and the rest of them are playing themselves.

Being at work in S4 was some of her favourite times on set - so many huge personalities, it was exhausting but wonderful.

This is getting seriously annoying.

Guys. This is Chris Colfer tag. Not Klaine. Not CrissColfer and definitely not Darren Criss. Why do I have to see someone who is not Chris every single time I go into Chris Colfer tag? Let me tell you: NO REASON.

Klaine is not Chris. Klaine is the ship name of two FICTIONAL characters. Chris Colfer is a REAL person. If you really want to tag someone, go tag Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson. Cause at least tagging them makes sense.

There is no such thing as CrissColfer. (I mean the romantic side of it.) I don’t know why you keep insisting it’s real and constantly spamming Chris’ and Darren’s tag with this thing which is also not real. If you want to ship them romantically, go to CrissColfer tag.

I know some of you will say I should block it if I don’t want to see it. But I shouldn’t have to. Because all I ask is for you to stop spamming the tags that belongs to REAL persons with FICTIONAL stuff. That’s it.

Chris Colfer is not Klaine. Chris Colfer is not CrissColfer. Chris Colfer is not Darren Criss. Same goes for Darren as well.



That makes no sense, okay. I don’t care how hard you ship them, or whatever. It’s disrespectful - to both of them. Darren’s even writing “I didn’t write this,” inside, I mean. Why? Why would you do that?

Let Darren sign things from his own show, and don’t have someone who has nothing to do with TLOS sign it. Common sense, people. Common sense. Use it.

anonymous asked:

Not to mean any offense, but I have to ask. You tell us you ship Crisscolfer, and reject Chill and Miarren... does this mean that you don't accept the reality of two people's lives, and think you know better who they should or shouldn't date? Or is this all still fictional? This is not a question on why or who you like, I just want to honestly understand how people ship Crisscolfer, when its two very real people who are not to be confused with their characters or the image of them by the press.

Hi, there are many ways to ship CC. There is the friendship way, just the fun way and the loving way. I believe Chris and Darren are together and that they have beards to protect Darren’s image, due the contract with Fox and his PR. I don’t believe Chill and Miarren are real, and I do not think Chris and Darren are Kurt and Blaine. But I do think they have that love for each other. I’m not claiming to know more than they do about their own lives, but I refuse to believe a lie when I’m perfectly capable to see the truth because actions speaks louder than words. 

anonymous asked:

Did you ever stop to consider that some of the stress Darren is probably feeling comes as a result of pathetic little fangirls like you? People who don't accept the things he says as truthful. Who basically call him a liar every minute of every day of his life? Who hate on (and sometimes publically) a person he loves and is a VERY important person in his life. Who expect him to live HIS life according to YOUR pathetic fangirl fantasies? You talk about the stress he has? Well look in a mirror.

OH. MY. GOD. Stop it right there anon!

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