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Last of today’s recent commission spam. I can’t believe I get to draw so many cool OC’s… Like… Y’all are amazing. <3

Yeri: It was you, right?

Mark:*looks away, pretending he didn’t saw, then sudden killer eye contact*

Haechan: *looking super innocent* It wasn’t meee!!!!

I think he had a desire to, but I think he was too inhibited,’ Ono said, before clarifying. "No, not inhibited. He said, ‘I don’t mind if there’s an incredibly attractive guy.’ It’s very difficult: they would have to be not just physically attractive, but mentally very advanced too. And you can’t find people like that.

Yoko Ono on John Lennon being bisexual (source)

“mentally very advanced too”

i really don’t know who could be physically attractive and mentally very advanced too

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

Hussie, John/Rose, and the Romantic Entanglements of Fictional Children

So it has come to my attention that this picture

has been cropping up in some of the more, shall we say, less savory circles of Homestuck fans. You know the ones. They’ve been spreading this image around recently as a sort of trump card to everyone who ships Johnrose, almost bragging about how Hussie himself called out this ship as being ridiculous. And yes, it would appear so: this quote is in fact real, and it is quite obviously a mockery. 

So for now, lets set aside the fact that Hussie is an unreliable source who trolls his fans for shits and giggles. Lets set aside that he has actually hinted at Johnrose in canon before this comment was made, and knows damn well why people ship it beyond a simple ‘they’re in the same comic together.’ Lets set aside the fact that Hussie isn’t a moron and wouldn’t be so naive as to make such brazen hints without knowing exactly he was doing with those Johnrose pesterlogs. Lets just take him at his word. Ask yourself this one simple question:


Hussie cannot write romance. In my personal opinion, this is self-evident. His attempts at actual romance were haphazardly shitfucked clusterwhores selling themselves nickle and dime a pop on some dirty streetcorner. 

They were clunky and poorly developed; rushed, lazy. They vacillated too often between being a boring affront blocking our way to the actual story and sitting on the backburner for so long that they were forgotten about entirely. They either never took risks or subverted the romance trope so far that it became an unrecognizable parody for both the concept and characters tragically forced to endure such blatant bullfuckery. 


So why the hell would anyone possibly give even the slightest shit about what he wanted for the romance of his characters when he himself couldn’t write that romance worth a damn? There is a reason why 7/10 of the top ships on Homestuck’s AO3 page aren’t canon. There is a reason why other ships before them have DOMINATED the Homestuck cultural sphere in it’s entirety. People wanted to put together characters that made for INTERESTING STORIES, not because they had MATCHING GENITALIA. 

Davekat is widely reviled by the fandom at this point: even its own shippers largely hate how it was handled in canon, and think they deserved better (which, for the record, THEY FUCKING DID.) Rosemary is only a staple of most because they were the first canonical gay couple, and, of course, therefore falls under the category of a ‘Tumblr Logic’ ship. Jake and Dirk have only stayed popular because of the wonderful fan content that did them justice in fleshing out their relationship (looking at you @dirkar), and not Hussie’s halfassed and, frankly, offensive portrayal thereof. 

Hussie didn’t write an interesting romantic story with the characters he wanted together: that much has been made more than clear to more than enough people. 

So guess what? We decided to write our own. 

Armin: Hey who do you guys ship me with?

Jean: You and Eren are so fucking gay always staring at each other like who the hell does that

Connie: lol u and eren are so gay

Sasha: Eren, duh

Krista: Yeah, you and Eren seem like me and Ymir, it’s really cute!

Levi: I don’t mean to butt in but you and Jaeger seem pretty close

Mikasa: What the heck guys they’re like brothers like my two best friends would be in a relationship

Eren: What the hell Armin we made out last night

Armin: EREN!!!!!!!


I have revealed my true and final form to everyone. Greetings, I’m Bika and this is me. The one who runs this blog and completely been bombarded by Guardians who are smooth as silk when filling my inbox with love. From what if you date me and call me babe if you date me kind of stuff because everyone deserve to be loved. Even you, who are reading this.

As for my hair, it has two colour. Red and violet blue. Sadly, the colour has fade. And yeah, I place stickers on my Controller due to that my lil bro use my PS4. It came from a bundle if I buy 2 games which I did. 

Enough of that, I hope you guys are happy that I pulled down the curtains and show you this. 

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excuse me while I watch this video, for the millionth time because I broke the replay button.

@wherestoriescomefrom I blame this one on you, because your Eurus is just as lovely as your Jim.

Eurus carefully bit back a sigh, leaning her cheek on her fist as she flicked her eyes over the woman sitting across from her. What did her brother dear see in her? It had only taken fifteen seconds to deduce everything worth knowing about her, and she was dull, dull, duuuullll.

“Ugh, I seriously just want to take a cricket bat to their kneecaps.”

Oh. Oh! Well, this was … this was fascinating.

Jim had been right about her. He would be sooo smug. Good thing he was dead.

Molly seemed to realize what she’d said and turned a bright red, stammering an apologetic, half-hearted denial.

“No, no, I quite agree,” Eurus said with a wave of her hand.

Her eyes flickered minutely as she wound back through the conversation she had mostly tuned out. They had been talking about cats (obvious choice, given the sheen of cat hair covering her disgusting jumper), but Molly had somehow devolved into a delightfully vicious rant about … vegans who tried to feed their pet carnivores a vegetarian diet.

Molly shuffled uncertainly, twirling her coffee cup between her hands. “Some people make eugenics look like a good idea,” she mumbled with an uncertain smile and a little flick of her eyes in Eurus’ direction.

Oh, I like you. The thought struck Eurus like a lightening bolt, temporarily seizing up every muscle. The next two flashed through her just as quickly, and with no less of an impact.

I wanna do things to you.

I wanna do things for you.

Well. Now that was interesting. Jim hadn’t warned her about that.

Lovely, lovely Jim. Leaving her with all these delightful surprises. No wonder he’d gone and offed himself.

Eurus’ mouth stretched into the unfamiliar shape of a genuine smile as she sipped her coffee, half-listening while she pondered…

What could she do for Molly Hooper?

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Someone has been hitting the Barisi fandom with hate this week. Lots of people are getting it, some getting pushed out of fandom by it. Understandable...everyone's gotta find their own joy. And some people are def getting it worse than others so yeah ... But glad it's inspiring you 💜 Sending love to everyone who has to see it.

Thanks for this lovely message, anon. I’m pubishing it so that everyone can see ❤️❤️❤️

Also, hell yeah it’s inspiring me! This is actual footage of me after checking my inbox:

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And actual footage of the Barisi fandom:

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We will persevere, like other fandoms have before us :D

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Meet Kellan

Kellan Evander // Son of Hercules and Megara 

{FC: KJ Apa}

Kellan is the demigod son of Hercules and Megara. He’s easily one of the most popular people in all of Auradon. Partially because of the whole half god thing and partially because he’s really just that likable.

He plays all the sports. From tourney to croquet. And he’s obnoxiously great at all of them. “Seriously is there anything he’s not good at” He’s one of those people where all the girls want him and all the boys want to be him. He doesn’t let it go to his head though (which honestly just makes everyone love him even more)

Total momma’s boy. He texts his mom every single day and makes sure to call her at least twice a week. Half the time when you ask who he’s talking to he’ll say his mom. She’s at each and every one of his games cheering him on.

He learned how to wield a sword from his father the second he could walk. Phil always sits on the sidelines while Kellan and his dad are sparring. “He’s giving you a run for your money Herc” Kellan takes pride in the fact that his dad is proud of him. Though he hates when he starts bragging to the other gods, especially his grandfather, Zeus.

Kellan excels at everything physical. School on the other hand is a different story. He tries, he really does, it’s just that “It’s sooooo boring!” He’ll complain the entire time he’s doing homework. Half the time during class he ends up falling asleep. He’s usually able to convince Eva to help him out. “You’re pretty good at the school things Eva” “I can tell you aren’t, pretty boy” Someone always has to be supervising them though, if they’re left alone they get no work done whatsoever.

Despite everything, Kellan doesn’t like to swear. There’s simply no explanation for it. He likes to joke that Lana swears enough for the two of them. He is also most definitely a cat person. “They’re just…chill” He actually has a black cat named Bowie back at home “Yes, I did name her after a musician stop laughing Lana”

Kellan and Lana are extremely close. They met at one of the parties on Mount Olympus that their parents were forced to go to by Zeus. They quickly bonded over their shared hatred of having to act all proper. Ever since then they wrote back and forth to each other all the time.

When Lana first came over from the Isle Kellan wasted no time in introducing her to everyone. At one point he pulled her on top of one of the tables while shouting “Everyone meet my favorite person Lana!” “Kellan I swear to the gods” “Hey Ben have you met Lana?” “Yeah Kellan I kind of brought her here” “Adelaide look this is Lana” “Yes, thank you Kellan. I already knew that. We’re roommates” Once Lana got her phone she was the second person he texted most, after his mom of course.

Kellan has only ever told one person that he’s bisexual. That person is Lana. He was nervous and a little scared when he told her. She gave him a smile and told him that she had a feeling ever since she caught him looking at Gil for a little too long. Kellan then proceeded to glare at her while blushing furiously.

Feel free to request things for him! 

Meet Eva | Meet Lana | Meet Jasin | Meet Adelaide

Shipping Wars - Group

Request: Hiii could you write something where y/n is a youtuber and really good friends w/ the buttercream squad and everytime she films a video w/ one of the boys the fans ship them together. Like the fans ship her with all of them. You can include some cute things she has w/ the other boys that make the fans ship them etc. Do it how you can love :)

Smut: No

Requests are CLOSED!

A/N: I know I’ve got quite a few requests to do but I decided to come back with an imagine I thought of myself.

I hope you like it :)


“They’re so cute!” “They’re totally dating!” “The way they look at each other though!” Those were just some of the things people commented when you were seen with the boys. You’ve been friends with the Buttercream Gang for a while now, ever since your collab with Josh. Ever since then, the boys would always ask you to join their videos since you were always up for anything, no matter how painful or embarrassing. The only downfall was that no one really believed you were just friends with the boys. As you scrolled through some of your videos that included the boys, you read the comments and couldn’t help but laugh at how many people shipped you with the boys. Even when more than one of the boys was in your videos, people still shipped you with each boy.

“Sorry but (y/n) and Caspar would make a better couple than (y/n) and Oli, are you guys blind?” One account wrote.

“Guys, have you ever sat down and read how many people ship me with each of you?” You asked, walking into Joe’s living room with your laptop in hand. You had left the living room to edit since the boys get too into their FIFA matches.

“Yeah, but everyone always does it.” Mikey said, not really paying much attention to what the fans were saying.

“I only like it cause I’m winning.” Joe said, slipping a little pride into his tone.

“You are not.” Jack retaliated. 

“Guys-” You began but you were cut off by Caspar’s voice.

“I think everyone prefers me and (y/n), if I’m being honest.” He said. 

“Well let’s put this to the test.” Conor said, taking out his phone. “Who do you guys ship with (y/n) the most?” He read aloud as he typed it into his phone. “And we’ll have the results in 24hrs.” 

“And no one asked me about this.” You said, rolling your eyes before heading back into Joe’s office to edit more.

The next day, your phone was blowing up from the group chat you had with the boys and you couldn’t help but laugh at their texts.

“I told you! I won!” Joe said with an unnecessary amount of exclamation points.

“Whatever Joe, everyone knows it would never happen anyway.” Josh said and you knew he was a little salty about losing.

“I love all of you equally.” You slid into the conversation and the next thing you knew, the boys were sending you a million hearts to reciprocate the feeling.

Male Sheith Fans

I made a post a little while ago asking male fans of Sheith (like myself) why they ship it. I noticed a few trends, so I thought I’d share them here.

Naturally, most of us were drawn to Shiro and Keith’s canonical relationship. They are close friends who seem to have a history together, so it has a lot of appeal as a friends-to-lovers ship. They seem to regard each other as equals, and they only really show their vulnerable sides around each other. User @jimhawkinsismybae even said, “their interactions scream married”.

Also, a lot of male Sheith fans are LGBT (including me). A lot of you said that you see yourselves in and/or project onto either Shiro or Keith, and that Sheith reminds you of your own relationships. (That last part is really sweet, by the way!) It’s common for relationships between East Asian men to be played for titillation (that “Hawt Yaoiz” stuff you see young girls screaming about on anime sites). A lot of us would like for this kind of relationship to be seen as healthy and normal, rather than as a fetish. User @xejoi said that he likes that Sheith doesn’t really play into typical gay stereotypes. Overall, I think Sheith would be a positive representation of a mlm relationship.

Whelp, that’s my little analysis of guys who ship Sheith. What do you think? Do you have anything to add? I’d really like to hear more from you guys!

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Who is your least favorite character? What ship do you guys like the most? What ship do you guys dislike? What are your guys's fav character? Do you read the manga or just watch the anime?

wow thats a lot at once ok

1. mineta, 2. tododeku, momojirou, bakushima, tsuchako 3. katsudeku and im honestly not a fan of todomomo, 4. todoroki, 5. both. -mod todoroki

I hate mineta, love tsuchako and kiribaku. Dislike baku////deku. fave is probably momo or jirou, Im caught up on the manga and anime -Mod Jirou

m*neta, bakushima and tsuchako, k*tsud*ku can choke, bakugou, and i’m caught up in the manga + need to finish season two
-mod bakugou

1) m*neta and fuckdeavor 2) bakushima 3) none, im open to most things 4) everyone EXCEPT the two fuckers listed in the first one 5) caught up with manga and anime –mod nejire

1. mineta 2. probably the oddball here but im a huge todomomo shipper (no duh my main is literally todomomo-centric). 3. not a fan of katsu//deku, todo//deku, and aizawa//tsuyu whatever their ship name is. 4. i can’t decide but prob all the class A girls and todoroki 5. both