who do we sing for

A Summary of Les Mis Songs
  • Look Down: *rhythmic and dramatic grunting*
  • At The End Of The Day: everyday is a shit day
  • I Dreamed A Dream: life goals
  • Lovely Ladies: the immediate shielding song (but so catchy)
  • Who Am I: i must question who i am. i am a number.
  • The Confrontation: surprise bitch. bet you thought you saw the last of me.
  • Castle On A Cloud: dream house
  • Master Of The House: LET'S GET TURNT
  • Stars: i must get the bread man
  • Red/Black: pretty boys who sing about justice
  • Do You Hear The People Sing: WE'RE GONNA WRECK SHIT. FOR THE PEOPLE.
  • In My Life: cosette, you're such a lonely child
  • A Heart Full Of Love: hi girl behind fence i like you
  • On My Own: notice me senpai
  • A Little Fall Of Rain: i like you marius. *dies*
  • Bring Him Home: i need to make cosette happy this boy seems to do it
  • Empty Chairs at Empty Tables: where are my friends. oh they're dead.
  • Epilogue: *intense crying*

From Junhyung to B2uty with love:
“Follow us, we will take the lead" 

From Yoseob to B2uty with love:
"We are happy too because of you. Thank you~~" 

From Gikwang to B2uty with love:
"We will be BEAST who do our best to dance and sing " 

From Dujun to B2uty with love:
"I wish you happiness and we want you to be with us when we are happy." 

From Dongwoon to B2uty with love:
"We are in this relationship we’re we share both happiness and sadness" 



This week I was talking to @isabelleligthwood about the crossover, and how we still had two months to prepare for it actually happening and to hold our emotions about it (because: musical nerds) and we were seriously freaking out about confirmations and titles and who is gonna sing info being released…

Now, HOW DO WE PREPARE FOR DARREN AS VILLAIN TOO? much pressure, give us a month more NNNNN 

TBH, i talk to my friends, diana and maeva (@suspenduedansmabulle) about how awesome it would be if darren was a villain/guest in the flash since it came to my knowledge that carlos was a starkid….. basically, since ever! now, in my birthday week, i’ll be blessed with not only him being on flash, but in a superflash MUSICAL crossover lasdpld´la´dlasdpla


can’t actually believe it’s happening tbh

When Voltron Legendary Defenders comes to its imminent conclusion, there needs to be a recap episode. For the recap, either we get another Ember Island Play (Voltron Ver.) or a freakin’ musical. I don’t care, knowing these writers, they’ll think of something amazing, but seriously, if they do some kind of musical, I will die. You have Josh Keaton, Steven Yeun, Kimberly Brooks and Jeremy Shada who I know can sing, it’s perfect. However, if we do end up getting another Ember Island Play, that’s fine with me, but this is a magnificent opportunity for a finale recap.

sound check highlights: bangkok

songs played
Catch Fire
Outer Space

  • they played part of a Seal song while michael & ashton danced
  • michael played his own song on the keyboard

  • “what’s been your favorite moment from the tour so far?”
    michael: this concert because this is the biggest venue we’ve played so far

  • luke kept yelling “BANGKOK!”

  • “best place to go in thailand?”
    michael: all of the palaces

  • “why did it take you guys so long to come here?”
    ashton: how do i make this sound funny
    michael: this is all we do when we get questions we just sit there like *does a pose*ashton: we wanted to make sure we had fans here
    michael: yeah, that know our songs
    ashton: now we’re gonna come 20 times more

  • how do you decide who sings which part?
    calum: we all sing the parts and we just pick who sounds better basically

  • luke: alright which song do you guys want us to sing? pizza??

  • when luke started strumming the chords to outer space, ashton went “oh, i like that”

  • michael played his weird keyboard song again and calum played the bass to it

  • ashton danced a lot


spaces lost- the way we placed our heads between open clavicles, and prayed with our mouths buried in flesh; so tenderly. as if the sky could break in every minute that we took to breath. i carry myself in air tight containers now, to make sure you don’t leave- the // this memory. in this time, where your ribs carry birds, and mine moths- who’s song do we sing // listen to. is that where your shoulders come from; too proud // or too scared to show me more than skin. tell me where your ghosts reside now, with me having moved away // where are the pinching lungs, the breathlessness? do you see the sun rise between my teeth- is that why you flinched? am i hurt // am i hurting? spaces lost- where my lakes used to be; and how i cannot drown anymore, without your neck to taste // my head to rest // my mouth to devour everything. with you, unsure; the shrug of your shoulders, and my displacement.


For those who do not know the song we are looking to sing - here is the official video. 

Which is actually quite simplistically beautiful. Its giving me ideas.

Take a watch. Have a listen. 

Oosh out
Thank you for existing