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my favorite thing about carmilla essentially being a 300-year-old scholar is just the idea of how much she knows

lthere’s carmilla the multilingual expert, who learned ancient sumerian because she was bored. there’s carmilla the philosopher (i especially love carmilla as an existentialist, specifically), who has plenty of time to kill contemplating the nature of human existence and mortal humans’ interpretations of it. carmilla the artist - “not him, he’s a poet!” carmilla the world traveler, from paris to saigon and anywhere in between - so many different cultures and different people and cities, all changing over the centuries. carmilla the not-quite-activist, who maybe never took a huge part in facilitating social change but has followed its trajectory over time, from the first inceptions of feminism or gay rights to where those movements are today (and she’s familiar enough with them to criticize where they’re lacking).

like, she’s just this giant nerd at heart, and it seems so backwards that it’s because she was turned into a vampire that she ever had the opportunity to learn and experience so much when it feels like it should just be part of who she is. i love it i love her i love my nerd vampire baby

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An anon from a while ago said they thought Alicia would be good at cards and Elyza was like "well shit" when she saw her deal/shuffle. That could lead into Elyza stuffing cards up her sleeves during strip poker, but Alicia knows her shit/knows she's cheating. Alicia loses on purpose and is down to her underwear and then just plays Elyza and gets her down to nothing really quick and E is just baffled and smug Alicia is all "You really shouldn't cheat w/ some1 who knows what they're doing."

my sassy lil genius teenager luv u alicia