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Vkook and Yoonseok? :)

@ken-z-the-aesthetic-queen, you the true hero here. How did you know I was trashfor both of these ships? I’m gonna do the Yoonseok one in another ask, since I got an anon that asked for it, but I’ll do Taekook here. ;)))

  • Who’s more dominant: Taehyung. Jungkook feels better following his lead.
  • Who’s the cuddler: They are both hoes for cuddling, tbh, but Jungkook puts up a front like he’s not all about Kim “What Is Personal Space” Taehyung. He ‘lets’ Tae cuddle him to fall asleep, then moves away determinedly. After he falls asleep though, he generally rolls and kicks around until he winds up plastered to Taehyung’s side again.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: It legit does not matter to either one of these cuddlewhores.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Gaming. These nerds both have their own computers hooked up in the same room of the apartment. The couple that games together stays together.
  • Who uses all the hot water: Even though Taehyung uses up ample time dawdling under the shower spray, it’s actually Jungkook who taps out the water heater. His shower routine is pretty extensive thanks to that skincare regimen of his.
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: Which new games they should buy on Steam.
  • Who does most of the cleaning: Jungkook does because in his heart of hearts, he’s a fastidious perfectionist who cannot abide A Mess™. He can deal with clutter as long as it’s organized clutter, but not a full-blown mess.
  • Who has a season pass on their DVR/Who controls the Netflix queue: They have separate accounts on their Netflix so each of them has their own queue. However, when they’re watching together, most of the time they watch anime or superhero movies, because that’s something they agree on.
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Taehyung does. He feels responsible for it since he’s The Hyung.
  • Who leaves their stuff around: Hoarders in training, the both of them. Taehyung leaves his shit everywhere though. It drives Jungkook nuts, but he doesn’t like confrontation, so if Tae hasn’t cleaned it up in three days, Jungkook just gives in and does it himself. It’s the longest he can make his neurotic self wait.
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Jungkook buys the milk because he drinks all the milk. If it were left up to Taehyung, the only thing in their fridge would be a jar of kimchi, a half-eaten piece of pizza just sitting there uncovered on a plate, and one serving of banana milk. 
  • Who remembers anniversaries: Jungkook is better at remembering dates, so he usually plans their celebrations. Taehyung remembers things, like the time he and Jungkook went on that date in the park, and the cherry blossoms were in bloom, and one fell off and landed on Jungkook’s head. So now every time he sees cherry blossoms, he buys some for Jungkook, because cherry blossoms are pretty and Jungkook is pretty, and what could be better than two pretty things together?
  • Who cooks normally: Jungkook is better at it than Taehyung, so if they have to eat in, he usually takes charge. He borrowed some cookbooks from Jin-hyung so he can teach himself how to make more shit, because he’s getting sick of the same three things over and over.
  • How often do they fight: They bicker a lot, mostly about gaming, but big fights are reserved for when Taehyung is being a pest and Jungkook just wants to be left alone for a while. Introverts need their recharge time, Tae.
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: Taehyung texts Jungkook a lot, but Jungkook hates the sound of his notifications, so his phone is usually on silent. He texts back when he remembers though. Normally it’s just something like, “Hey, sorry I missed you, phone was on silent. Miss you too. Be home at 7.”
  • Nicknames for each other: Taehyung is the king of nicknames, and seems to come up with a new for Jungkook each week. Most of them are incredibly stupid and embarrassing–do not ask about “shipoopi”–and Jungkook knows Tae picks them because he gets all flustered, but he just can’t help it, okay??? He just wants to look cool in front of his hyungs, and Tae calling him “bunbun” does not do that!
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Taehyung likes to spoil his baby…with lots and lots of takeout. ;)))
  • Who steals the covers at night: Taehyung, that bitch. Jungkook is more likely to kick them off. He runs like a furnace, so it’s all good.
  • What would they get each other for gifts: Gaming subscriptions, shopping trips (Jungkook has zero patience for trying to figure out what Tae would like, so he just gives Tae a dollar amount, takes him to the store, and says “go nuts”), tickets to something or a day trip somewhere… It’s more about things that they can do rather than stuff they can have.
  • Who kissed who first: Taehyung was all, “Ah, Jungkookie, so cuuuuute!” and he squished Jungkook’s cheeks and gave him a little kiss on his pursed lips. Jungkook didn’t know what to do, so he just let it slide that time with much blushing and stuttering on his part.
  • Who made the first move: It was left entirely up to Taehyung. He was starting to wonder if he was reading things wrong because like none of his flirting or touches or the little kisses he’d given Jungkook had amounted to anything. Finally he just threw down his controller one day, turned to his friend and said, “Dude.” Jungkook, startled out of his competitive mode, put the game on pause automatically as he gave Tae that deer-in-the-headlights look. “What? What’s wrong? Did you wanna take point on the boss battle?” Taehyung made a frustrated noise in his throat. “No, dude, like…I really like you, and I kinda thought you liked me too, and every time I get unbromantic with you, you just blow it off. Are you not into me? Cuz like then just say so and stop fucking sparing me out of politeness. I am dyin’ here.” He finished with a desperate whine. “Oh,” Jungkook blushed, “Um…oh. Then like…yeah. I just…didn’t want shit to get weird between us ‘cause like I know I’m kind of a nerd and I overanalyze stuff a lot, so I thought maybe I was just blowing things out of proportion…” “No, dude, I wanna touch your dick.” “Oh, well…great,” Jungkook replied and smiled embarrassedly, “Me too. About your dick, I mean.”
  • Who remembers things: Jungkook does, and he reminds Taehyung so Tae can do his hyung-ly duties without feeling undermined. It’s a bit circuitous, but it works for them.
  • Who started the relationship: Immediately after confessing, Taehyung gave a huge sigh, then blurted out, “Great, so do you wanna be boyfriends?” Jungkook giggled–yes, giggled–and replied, “Do you maybe wanna try an actual date first before we make it official?” To which Taehyung shrugged nonchalantly. “I guess, if we gotta. Is that in the rules somewhere??”
  • Who cusses more: Jungkook has the worst potty mouth, especially when they’re gaming.
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: Jungkook would find The Thing That Hurt Tae and destroy it. He would rain fucking fire down on anyone or anything that hurt his Loveslice Forever™*. There’s a long story about how that nickname came to be.
  • Who is the dirty talker: Taehyung is the Master of Filth. Jungkook still gets embarrassed asking Tae to put another finger up his ass.
  • A head canon: “Hey, homeslice, can you hand me the remote?” Jungkook asks early on in their relationship, flopping on the armchair they’d rescued from early retirement in a garbage dump. Tae’s sprawled out on the sofa scrolling on his phone, but he knows his boyfriend still weird to think of him like that had a rough day. “Homeslice?” Taehyung repeats dumbly, glancing up from his facebook feed. “Yeah, you know…homie, my main slice, bffs 5lyfe, whatever.” “Homie?” Taehyung repeats, and Jungkook can see the smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. “You sure you wanna call the dude who dicks you down ‘homie?’” “Well,” Jungkook shrugs, feeling embarrassment start to rise up in him, “what else should I call you?” “How about ‘baby’ or ‘love’ or ‘my beautiful little slutnugget?’” There’s laughter buried in his words, and Jungkook can’t help but grin along, feeling more at ease with the playful banter. “Loveslice?” he asks teasingly. “Ooh, make it Loveslice Forever and we got a deal,” Taehyung chortles, reaching out for Jungkook’s hand. 

Send Me A Ship

To everyone who tells readers to get a life:

1. Don’t tell people what to do
2. Do you know how many fantasies and worlds open up from a single book? You live through so many people. Feel the same way. It’s an incredible feeling, and I feel sorry for people too ignorant to feel it. I have went into so many different worlds, and these worlds were a gettaway for me when, well, when I needed one. So in a way, readers do have lives, more than one.


Will: Are you sure this is the right place?
Nico: Yeah, why, you scared? Here, take my hand you big baby.
Will: Me, scared? pffft- you just want to hold my hand.
Nico: So what if I do.

Somewhat aesthetic Solangelo youtube AU where Nico finds ghosts in grave yards and abandoned places and Will is the obligated camera man who follows Nico because he loves him.

So much for posting on Halloween. I swear, the only time I decided to do something in season I got sick. I’m still sick and it sucks. And when I came back I see this drama in solangelo and I’m just….. *inhales*

Don’t feel discouraged when you see people hating on the ship. Don’t let that stop you from shipping solangelo. Instead of fighting, I suggest try to ignore them and just support the ones who do ship them. Support those who writes solangelo fanfics, those who draws solangelo, those solangelo blogs, etc. Don’t stop loving solangelo. Don’t let them make you feel down. :)

Also I found out that this can’t be seen in the solangelo tag. I hope it would make you happy if you haven’t seen it yet. 

Ereri Hate

SO! I have been made aware that recently, my ship’s tag has been spammed with a bunch of immature idiots who have nothing better to do with their lives, therefore will go troll on other people and be assholes for the best of it. 

BUT!! I just think they may be feeling a little under the weather. What do you guys think? ;) 

In this case, why don’t we give them a little something to cheer them up eh? HERE WE GO

Some kissing

Some more kissing

Just a liiiiiiiitle more


We can’t forget the cuddles now, can we?

No. No we most certainly cannot. 

How could we?

Aw come on, one more for extra measure.

AND LASTLY, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. A nice, good, hicky. After all, what’s a relationship without one? :3

Feeling better now? :D

Guys.... I love you. And I want to help.

My natural impulse is to try and make everyone feel better. To give those who need it the words of comfort to help you.


It is not my place to make you comfortable with shipping. I could lay out all the facts and reasoning that makes me calm and confident. And it would probably make you feel better. For now. This time. But until you are able to do that for yourself, the feeling won’t last. Ultimately, you have to do and feel what is best for you. Protect your heart if you need to. But I will not be responsible for your feelings. That is too much to ask of me. I’m sorry.

I do have a lot of very very interesting facts to share. And I likely will. But not until things blow over. Not until I feel like it.
So, if I ignore your asks or messages it isn’t because I am heartless. It is because I am tired. If I had it in me to help everyone who asks for it, I would.
I have always made my thoughts and feelings about what is going on very clear. None of that has changed for me.


“Wait, what are we doing?!”

“We’re raising awareness of this horrible ship so that everyone knows how bad it is, and that they shouldn’t ship it because it makes people like us feel bad, and that makes them bad!”

“But how is THIS going to do to accomplish that? No one who already ships this is going to stop because of our content. Why should this ship determine how we spend our free time?”

“It doesn’t! It’s just…I mean..it’s so…”


“I know, I hate this ship too!”

“But we’ve been spending so much time on this lately, making countless text posts, sending anon hate, even making art and music about how much the people who ship this suck.”

”This ship is the reason we made this blog.”

“Oh gosh…we are obsessed!”

“Look, I don’t want to stop talking to you, and creating fan content with you, but I don’t want to make it about this ship I hate anymore. Let’s focus on the ships we like, let’s put more content out there for them! Let’s raise awareness of the good ships!”

“Yeah. Let’s just blacklist the content we don’t like, and dedicate a blog to talking about how much we love the good ships!”

  • Sakuya: *takes a deep breath*
  • Sakuya: I lo-
  • Tsubaki, probably: Yes, you love Mahiru, we know, you love Shirota Mahiru so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Mahiru, we KNOW, you love Mahiru you fucking love Mahiru, ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE MAHIRU. WE GET IT.

Guys. Guys? People.

Holy shit.

I did the thing.

I finished a story.

It’s a fluffy 1500 word one-shot that’ll make your teeth rot out and I named it after a No Doubt song that’s older than some people who may read it, but holy fucking balls, I finished it.

I don’t even know how to describe what my brain is doing right now. I haven’t finished a fully fleshed-out piece of fanfic since a secret santa piece over a year ago. I haven’t done anything self-contained enough to put on AO3 in three.

Three goddamn years.

So if you have a minute to read it and feel like being encouraging to someone who fell hard enough for this dumb ship to unstick three years (THREE!) of writer’s block, please do. I need some headpats and kudos and encouragement for this so I will hopefully be able to make myself continue doing it.

Holy shit, guys, I finished a story.

you give me the most gorgeous sleep (AO3)

(With immense love to @daftpunk-delorean and @malevolentmango for hand-holding, cheerreading and general encouragement.)


Friendly reminder that its ok to not like a ship or to think is wrong.

What is not ok is to go around to bully and harass people who like it and being a despicable human being all around. It doesnt matter if you feel justified to do it, its wrong and you are inflicting direct damage. Witch hunts are NOT OK.

To anyone who has recibed that treatment: I know its hard but please, ignore the treats and accusations. None of it was your fault. The best you can do is keep doing what you like and dont allow other people to have power over it.That’s their goal: to gang up on people to control their actions. Don’t let them. Don’t feed them. We are here to have fun, aren’t we?

Fish.....or Cut Bait.

I was inspired by @fromheretoeternity1121 fish post this morning, and it made me smile.

I have only been shipping for a year. What started out as pure fun has turned in to such a cesspool, that it makes me wonder why I even bother. I can understand why people are feeling hurt and blue based on yesterday’s events. And, since I have never felt bullied , nor been screencapped, I don’t have that level of despair. IW means nothing to me, and I could care less about him.

But, everyone is human, and let’s face it, people screw up, including Sam and Cait. Who knows why they do the shit that do. But, it happened, she deleted, and I am moving on.

If they want me to believe they are not together, then they need to do a better job of posting and waxing poetic about their alleged SO’S. The fact that they both continue to post flirty pics, tweets, and other assorted things that more than suggest they are together makes me want to ship the hell out of them. And, I plan to get a little snarky with it. NOT mean, but if they can play with fans this way, I can play as well. Wouldn’t it be great if we all just laughed at the insanity instead of wallowing in it? And, don’t you wonder what they would do if they saw their “crazy shippers” no longer giving a rats ass and fanning all the way to the proverbial bank??
Feel what you need to feel, but f-them!! Don’t let anyone take your fun away!

Now, wonder what the seat filler thinks of her boyfriend’s latest IG posts with his non-girlfriend all cuddled up again? And, where are the cute pics of the rising romance at the Bafta’s? Oh, that’s right, we need to ask the the man on the moon, but I feel funny talking to a shirt!😜 (if you don’t get that one, check out IG)!!

SHIP ON!!🙈🙉🙊❤

tbh geoff trying to get ryan involved and chewing out the guys when ryans clearly upset abt something is? so good? like he doesnt even know what up but immediately starts asking him what hes doing and stuff. “i wanna know which one of your hurt ryans feelings” “why do you care?” *indignant* “i care about ryan” like excuse me. i just think thats real good

Reblog if you’re an artist and you ARE NOT okay with people modifying and reposting your art without permission.

Or do it if you’re not and you believe that it’s wrong because I’m trying to prove a point to people who seem to think that we’re okay with this or that we “should be flattered”.

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No hate but we can't ship camren on a camren blog now? This CS shaming is getting out of hand. 1st we feel the need to add 'I know I'm delusional' before everything we share, we have to 'be' sorry for not shipping laucy and overjustify ourselves because we believe in PR's power in a musical industry (wow crazy I know) You know what? You're the most respectful and peaceful camren blog I know, Heart on you, the anons and all the insecure shippers - I don't care who you ship, just do your stuff!

Thanks sweets 😘  I do believe that some CS are going way to far and frankly I don’t think those people are real fans - I think that if you’re respectful to the girls and the other ships than you perfectly have the right to ship whatever you want.

anonymous asked:

So I've been meaning to message for a while letting you know that I appreciate this blog so much, and recent developments made me finally do it. Something about this ship soothes me in all the right places, and having a safe, steady place to get my fill has meant a lot over some recent stressful times. You, my dear admin, are also a very sweet person who genuinely tries so hard to be civil and gracious in what you're doing, but never afraid to talk about your opinions. Thank you for that. <3

This means so much to me anon.

I really do try hard when it comes to this blog. I try to be a better example of how you can act during certain times such as this and any other time really. Try to take the road less traveled by as they say.

But I’m happy to hear thats how the ship makes you feel! It does the same for me too honestly. I fell in love with it since the beginning and honestly nothing will ever stop me from loving it. As nothing should ever stop you or anyone from loving it.

This ship has made a special place in our hearts and will never leave.

Here’s to more wonderful Genyatta in the future.


It’s come to my attention that people seem to ignore rules on blogs and send those blogs asks that break rules. Usually shipping rules. So I wanted to call attention to that.

Generic anon asks are pretty okay. Harmless things like “what’s your favourite movie” or whatever. But when it starts getting NSFW or romantic, you need to read the blog’s rules first

I have friends who do not feel comfortable with shippy things, state that in their rules, and continue to get shippy asks. Friends who do not feel comfortable with NSFW things, and continue to get NSFW asks. Friends who repeat over and over again that they don’t ship upon first interaction who continue to get shippy asks from RPers they’ve never spoken to.

Just because you aren’t an RP blog - in the case of random asks - doesn’t mean you are exempt from reading the rules. If you are sending something in, read the rules. 

At the very least, read through the blog to get a feel for what the mun is okay with and what they aren’t. 

Basically, be respectful and pay attention to a blog’s rules. Don’t send asks without doing that unless they’re mundane enough to almost certainly not be a problem - that is, nothing triggering or shippy or NSFW.

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im confused what if you dont have a preference for lgbt ships?

If this were true my follow up question to you would be ‘why’? What is it about all LGBTQ+ ships that makes you not like them? Because what you’re essentially doing is writing off literally thousands of relationship dynamics, scenarios, character interactions, headcanons, etc. because the pairings don’t happen to consist of straight, cisgender people. In fact, if these same relationship dynamics, scenarios, character interactions, and headcanons did include straight, cisgender people, I have a feeling you would like them. 

Which means you have an inherent distaste for anything that isn’t straight or cis. Which makes you homophobic, and potentially transphobic. 

Saying that you “don’t have a preference for lgbt ships” is like saying “i’m not attracted to black people.” What you’re essentially doing is taking an entire community, ignoring their diversity, generalizing them, and reducing them to one central stereotypical quality that you do not enjoy. People who don’t like dating black people have a lot of internalized anti-blackness. I suspect that you have a lot of internalized homophobia.

Don’t you dare come into my inbox saying that a distaste for queer ships is merely a preference and don’t you dare express confusion at my and others’ annoyance. You want an answer to your question? Start unlearning your bigotry. 

anonymous asked:

Do you ship Zosan? If so could you write something on them please?

Yes I do, and yes I can! ;) Thank so much for the ask, my ask box is opened! (you can check my “fics” page to see what I write or am willing to try but you can always ask, who knows)

As I had no other indications, I just kind of went randomly there and had the idea at like 3 am!

CAREFUL however, it has spoilers for the last scan (851) however!

It hurt. It hurt so much to hear those words, again. A feeling of betrayal, but not only. Pudding was right. Nobody would ever love someone like him. She had played him and he had fallen right into her trap and kind words. He had thought that at least one fucking person in this damned place would be nice, or just normal. Of course she wouldn’t be. And she was going to make a bloodbath the next day. And Sanji didn’t even want to prevent her, right now. He would never see his friends again, he would not come back to Luffy’s crew. And Pudding had been lying. He would die the next day, and he didn’t care. Maybe he’d put up a fight just for good measures. But what was the point any more?

“Oi,” a voice called from above, not too loudly, but loudly enough to draw attention.

Sanji raised his head, his tears blending with the rain. He looked above, on the roof, and saw a shadow, only a shadow. When the man – definitely a man – jumped in front of him, he stared, his cigarette falling from his mouth. What was he doing here? He wasn’t supposed to be here.

“You’re damn stupid, ero-cook,” the man smirked, and it hurt again. Only Zoro called him like that, but it didn’t feel like Zoro. What would Zoro be doing here? “But you’re not a fool. And anyone calling you a failure has never seen you fighting or cooking. Don’t let them get to you, it’s not the man I know.”

Sanji opened his mouth to answer, but Zoro – not Zoro – put one hand against the wall, right beside his shoulder, the other calmly resting on his three katanas, bent a bit so he was looking up at Sanji, and smiled. A genuine smile, not a creepy smirk. A smile that made him close his eyes and Sanji froze.

When he finally gathered enough courage to raise his hand, he only met rain and air. Nothing consistent. Not skin, not clothe, nothing. Zoro wasn’t here any more. Zoro had never been here, just his mind playing tricks. He was going crazy, now.

Sanji clenched his fist, still in mid-air, catching raindrops, making his handcuffs slid a bit down, just a reminder of how restrained he was. How powerless he was. Pudding was right. His father was right. He was a failure.

But why had he seen Zoro, of all people, telling him that he wasn’t? Who should he trust? Why was he here right now? He needed to get out. Away from this arranged marriage, away from his family, away from all this madness. He needed to get back to his crew-mates, to his friends, to Zoro.

He had made a promise, to himself, to people, he had to hold onto it, and to keep living.


I’m just gonna post the ones I have pictures for, THEN restart my laptop and see if i can do the rest =v=“ EDIT: It works now ^^


Reaper: Heya~ <3

Geno (In his head): Why is this guy so freaking HOT?! (Idk don’t judge meh please XD)

Whelp, it looks like Geno’s bleeding from more than just his mouth and chest now XD

Who do you ship Geno with?


Day 11

GENO IN YOUR FAVOURITE GAME, HUH? (i wonder what that could be hmmmm?)

Idk why, but I feel like Sans would just be really super scary when he saw Geno in his AU and would just be like, “Get the f out” XD because he knows about all the AU shiz ‘n’ stuff   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

UT Sans: Hey, ME. What are you doing, hanging around a place like THIS? This isn’t were you belong, RIGHT?

Geno (In his head again XD): WTF?!?

Swear warning in this next one!


Another Day 11 because I couldn’t choose between Undertale or FNAF ^u^”


(Yeah, Geno would definitely rage or something XD)



Freddy: Nope! It’s mine now, bitch XDDD  No regreeeets

Le me: This is what happens when I stay up late when I’m sick

(Im sorry not sorry)

Day 12

I feel that Fresh would try to hug Error, Error would get super pissed (As always) and Geno would just be like *le shrug* because this happens all the time so it’s just like any other day XD

(And here are some zoom-ins on their faces because the first pic was a bit blurry. Sorry about that lol)

BONUS (Again):

Geno would then proceed to take a selfie hahaha idk anymore XD

(Also, Ink would be slightly worried about Error’s current state at this moment XD)

anonymous asked:

This is just my two cents, but I think that if people want to do something they can and if it makes them happy. There are always gonna be things that offend you or make you uncomfortable, but you can just avoid looking at someone else's happiness if it makes you unhappy. Please don't be angry it's just my thoughts on the matter

Dude?? This is something that has legitimately effected me. This is something that isn’t harmless because it effects the people who are being shipped. Like this isn’t “I don’t like Swiss cheese” or “I like this TV show” this is “I like to dehumanize real living people and make them into characters that I can manipulate into how I want them and disregard how they feel and disregard the fact that they are actually a fully realized human being with complex relationships”

Like stop? I know I can’t stop people from doing it and I have no intention of doing that, but if I can maybe make people aware of what it does to the people being shipped, from personal experience, I’ll be happy lmao