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I keep thinking about how there’ll come a time when all the 15-year-olds running ace discourse blogs grow up and realize they spent their teenage years trying to erase an entire group of people out of existence and cyber bullying people who are three times older than them and who were actually there paving the road for the lgbtqia+ community and making history, and I wonder how they’re gonna feel then

raendown  asked:

First sentence prompt: "It wasn't that it was a bad idea, per se."

“It’s just that it was a horrible idea and you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Kakashi, I’m trying to be diplomatic about this,” Hashirama huffed, slightly put out that he had been interrupted.

“Why be diplomatic when Dara-chan was clearly being an idiot by taking on an entire army?” Kakashi replied coldly, his eyes squinting into a Not Amused ™ smile that he leveled at Madara. 

“If you ever try to avenge me again, first: make sure that I’m actually dead; and second: don’t.”

That wouldn’t be enough to completely dissuade Madara from going on murderous rampages, Kakashi knew- but the make-up sex was definitely worth it.

[Send me the first sentence for a fanfic and I’ll write the last five.]

Does it ever hit you like a punch to the gut that at any given time, any day or night of the week, anywhere in the world, there are people on tumblr blogging about the fact that they’ve seen love between these two boys??! People of different languages, different cultures and multitudes of backgrounds are talking about those two boys and how they believe their love to be true. It’s amazing if you truly think about it.

Considering I did the picture with the sweaters last week, I thought I’d go back and give this one a try as well… once again, a watercolour piece.

Credit to Boa once again for the lineart! ♥


and we both know that

          we will n e v e r end up together

                                        - December 21, 2014