who did he get permission from


Shaedon Wedel is an 18-year-old student in Newton, Kansas.

Shaedon has been friends with his date, Carlie, for many years because he is best friends with her brother, Carlie’s mom, Angie Wittman, told BuzzFeed News.

Carlie, who has Down syndrome, was dying to go to the dance because her brother, Carson, and his girlfriend were going, her mom said.

However, she said she told her daughter she could only go if she was asked, since she is a freshman.

“She was sad about it because Carson was going and she wasn’t,” she said.

Little did Carlie know, Shaedon had been talking for a while about taking Carlie to prom with Carson and his date. After getting permission from her parents, he came up with a promposal themed around her favorite snack: Doritos.

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Blue Blooded (M)

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: You’ve been happily married to Crown Prince Seokjin for months now. Or so it would appear to the public. What only you and the palace staff know your shameful secret: you never consummated your marriage.

Member: Jin

Word Count: 8.6k+

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

A/N: Requested by @forever-young-got7! Because Jin really is royalty, isn’t he?

Ever since that night you’ve keep asking yourself. What did you do wrong? Was it the way you looked? Something you said, something you didn’t say? Did he just… hate you?

If anyone had asked you prior to your marriage to Prince Seokjin, you would have never even entertained the notion of him hating anyone. The man just seemed too perfect, not only in looks, but in disposition as well, never one to lack poise, always composed. The few times you and your family had visited him prior to the wedding, he had been nothing but a gentleman.

And certainly it didn’t seem like he disliked you, in fact it seemed to be the opposite, even if there seemed to be some distance between the two of you but you attributed this to the fact that you had not known each other for very long, and had expected things to gradually change once you two had actually wed.

The warm expression on his face as you walked down the aisle gave you a hopeful outlook on what the rest of your marriage would be like. However, it all came crashing down later that night.

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If you are out of the loop, someone from Make A Wish who is recovering from cancer got a chance to visit the Crewniverse for a day. They leaked some information (on the Wanted Arc) that they learned while there with the Crewniverse’s permission. Anyways, AwestruckV///ox was making fun of them in the above tweet (I would link it, but he deleted it shortly after). He is also spreading misinformation that the leaker did it without Rebecca’s permission. In general, the fact that he is making fun of someone with cancer is really infuriating and it isn’t something that he should instantly get off scot-free for.

Tree Tattoos

Summary:  Whenever you turn 16, whatever happens to your body happens to your soulmate’s body. Connor Murphy’s soulmate loves trees and flowers, but is also suicidal and anxious. He writes reminders about how they should take their medications, and that today was going to be a good day.
He’s paired up with Evan Hansen, the boy who he tried to get away from after signing his cast, in Biology 2. He offers to hang out after school, and Evan accepts.
The sad thing is that everything flips there.
Word Count: 7.1K
Trigger Warnings: self-harm, mention of suicide attempt, and panic attacks.

Fifteen tattoos were littered all over Connor’s body.  They were small, and he had been getting them since he was 16, and his mother wrote out a thing saying he had parent’s permission to get tattoos.  Cynthia only did that because all the drawings were soulmate markings.

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First Meeting

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Bold and Italicized= Khuzdul

Italicized= Elvish

Also this could be a very, in the future, spin off of this but like it could also be read as a oneshot. Whatever floats your boat.


You shrug out the elf’s grip. You could walk on your own. You watch the elves in the front and all of them have fiery hair or brown hair and it’s obvious that the one leading the group is of a different race of elves. You’ve heard that the Prince and King were of the Sindarin race but you did not think it to be true.

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All of You - Part 2 (Dad, This is Daryl) | (Part 1) | (Part 3) (Part 4)

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Summary: As requested, here is part 2. Post-Negan era smut piece. The reader (Negan’s Daughter) convinces Negan to allow Daryl to be her bodyguard while he is away in Alexandria for a few days. Smut and romance ensue. When Negan returns, he finds out that they are sleeping together and loses his shit.


You awoke the morning after your close encounter with Daryl, you awoke feeling wonderfully satisfied, yet hungry for more of him. You could taste his lips on yours and your hands roamed your body, in bed, wishing they were his. You felt them wander lower and lower down your stomach and grip your hips roughly, moving over to touch yourself, thinking of how fucking good he was to you last night.

There was a sudden pounding on your door and you grunted.

“What?!” You scream out, frustrated.

“Y/N. I gotta talk to you, wake the fuck up and open the door!” Negan yelled from behind the wooden door.

You grumpily threw the blankets off you and walked to the door, unlocking it and opening it harshly.

“What?? Can’t a girl get any fucking sleep around here?” You cried out, disgruntled.

“Shit, Y/N. It the fucking apocalypse, no one gets any fucking sleep.” He said playfully and sauntered into your room, making himself completely at home.

He wandered over to a small two person table you had set up in the big space, next to a big window that overlooked the gates of The Sanctuary, and beyond it sweet heavenly freedom. Your father sat down on one of the chairs and gestured for you to do the same. You plop back down onto your bed and stare at him from across the room, awaiting whatever the hell it was that was so damn important.

“I have to go to Alexandria for a few days…. Don’t know how long I will be gone. You gonna be okay here for a little while without me?” He asked with a hint of both concern and sarcasm.

I scoffed at him and smirked. “Yeah, I’m sure I can handle it, dad.”

“If any of those fuckers give you a hard time….” Negan says with a low voice and reaches for something tucked behind his back.

You see him pull out a small automatic handgun, pointing it sideways at you, nodding, and setting it on the table beside him.

Your father had been a big believer in self-protection for his little girl, even before the world went to shit. He took her to martial arts training as a child, self-defense classes, and eventually the shooting range. There was no doubt that Y/N could handle herself in combat if she had to. But Negan was also aware that here she was highly outnumbered and he wanted her to be safe.

Suddenly, Y/N got an idea, a way to use this concern to her advantage. She changed her demeanor and put a slightly worried look on her voice, nodding solemnly to her father.

“Actually Dad, I know how worried you get, me all alone with all those pigs who could easily overpower me.” You lean forward and put your face in your hands, rubbing the sides of your face.

You look up at him with curiosity, “Do you think, there would be anyway you could get me a bodyguard? Someone to make sure no one bothers me while you are gone? … I know I talk a tough game, but sometimes I do get a little nervous.”

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Speed Bumps (Peter Maximoff x reader)

Fluff overload yo. This is only sweet because I ate an huge amount of love hearts whilst writing this.

Let me know if you have requests, feedback or want to be added to the tag list!

ALSO Huge thanks to the absolutely amazing @steverogershield for beta-ing this. (is that what you call it?) I’m eternally grateful to Enna! Follow her for amazing imagines! AND thank you’s are in order to @denialanderror who had a read beforehand and convinced me to post this!

Characters - Peter Maximoff x reader and Charles Xavier

Warnings - itsy bitsy gory 


That was one word to describe Peter Maximoff and also one of the only fitting ones, besides fast bitch and pain in the ass. You didn’t really know how you fell in love with him. It might’ve been his charming looks. Or, if those failed him, which they absolutely didn’t, it could certainly be his amazing silver hair or taste in the best music to ever exist. All you really knew was that you fell hard and fast (HA!).

After a few years of dating, Peter proposed to you with a gummy ring (the Haribo one), while you were eating Twinkie’s under the stars. No joke. Well, that ring didn’t last very long because you ate it within three minutes of his proposal because you were hungry. Peter did, however, get you a proper engagement ring, which he had actually bought. It was probably the only thing Peter hadn’t stolen, besides you. Or had he stolen you and your heart? You really didn’t know.

Time had now sped like lightening and before you knew it, you were married to him. You always laughed when you replayed the memory of him speeding around the venue and scaring the shit out of the guests, even the people who were used to his antics. But for once, everyone bore with him, because after all, he was marrying the love of life and he couldn’t control his excitement. Peter might be a man, but inside, he was the most childish kid you ever had the fortune of meeting.

Everyone knew Peter could be a handful, but to him, you were worse.


Because you could stop time. That’s it.

He never stopped moving, not until you came around. You were his weakness. Time manipulation stopped the speeding boy in his tracks on more than one occasion. You cherished an entire album full of photos, all of them endearing and slightly embarrassing pictures of Peter completely frozen while the rest of the world moved around him. Word spread, and eventually even the youngest of the students were posing him with props and giggling at the faces he made.

It was without doubt that you two were the power couple of the mansion (sorry Charles and Erik). You two were also the worst company to be around. No one would think Peter and you were in your early thirties, the way you guys behaved, pranking everybody and everything under the sun.

But what you loved most was that you could get Peter to slow down. He wanted to savour every single minute of his life he spent with you and that led to him always hitting the brakes. Peter loved you more than video games and that was actually saying something. To your dismay or delight, you didn’t know which, the whole mansion started calling you a speed bump, because you always made Peter come to a halt and want to spend as much time in the, in his opinion, slow world.


“(Y/N)….” Peter pleaded as you shook your head no. Your husband of three years wanted to go to the funfair that had just opened a few miles away. Usually, you would’ve jumped at the chance to go, but right now you didn’t really feel like it. A few weeks ago, you found out that you were pregnant and you didn’t want to risk anything by going on the rides. You wanted to surprise Peter, but you weren’t that creative, so you didn’t really have any ideas how.

Up until now.

You remembered that you’d been there before, getting to know the place and making a few friends in the process. Peter loved it, following a rigid schedule, trying to fit as many activities in as possible. You knew he’d be there, at the end of the night, like always. It would be the perfect place to surprise him.  

“Okay, I’ll go, but don’t make me go on any rides or I’ll leave without you.” Of course you didn’t mean that threat. Well, maybe a little, as Peter could get back to the mansion within seconds. Peter was absolutely overjoyed that you decided to come, because even though he could’ve gone without you, he didn’t want to. He wanted his precious wife by his side.

“C'mon sweetheart. You get the car ready and I’ll see you down in 10 minutes alright?” Peter came to a halt before you as you said these words and softly pressed his lips against yours. He placed his hands on the sides of your waist and smiled at you fondly when he pulled away, his forehead against yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

At that moment, the professor wheeled into the room and looked at you both. He smiled slightly, before clearing his throat, which caused you and Peter to break apart from your embrace.

“(Y/N), I need to ask you something. In private.” He added, glancing towards Peter with what could only be described as the most mischievous smile you had ever seen. You nodded and told your husband you would be down in 10 minutes. Peter quickly kissed you on the forehead and sped off.

“What is it Charles? Is something wrong?” Charles had never been upset with you and even though he looked anything but angry you were still worried. You didn’t want to get in the bad books of Professor X. He had been your mentor for so long and had helped you in so many ways. 

Charles chuckled and shook his head. He motioned for you to sit down and took a deep breath, before saying: “Does Peter know yet?” You looked up at the telepath, who was grinning from ear to ear and a confused look came over your face.

“How did you know?” Charles had promised you never to look into your mind without permission, so you didn’t understand how the hell he knew you were expecting. “Well,” Charles began, looking at you rather guiltily, “I can already feel the baby’s mind in my head and you didn’t exactly say I can’t read it.”

You looked at Charles with a face that said one thing: I’ll get you back for this. However, Charles turned your (fake) frown into a smile by asking again when you were going to tell Peter about your pregnancy.

“I’m going to surprise him tonight at the funfair.” You told the professor this without giving him any extra details. He, in return, gave you a huge smile and a small pat on the back. With this, Charles exited the room.

Shaking your head and smiling slightly, you quickly changed into comfortable clothes and slipped on your flat shoes. You would, after all, be at the fair for at least three hours. You picked up your phone and dialled a number. Time to put the plan into action.


The sky was slowly turning dark as you and Peter walked through the funfair. The crowds were thinning and slowly, but surely, the funfair was closing. A few rides had already closed. Rides that Peter went on. Without you of course. He initially didn’t want to go on them without you, but you forced him to. Just because being pregnant kept you from going on the attractions, didn’t mean that you would stop Peter from having fun.

Here it was. The illuminated lights welcomed you, and a few strays, inside, standing tall as one of the last few places open. It was late, as most things were already packed up and left to sleep. The decorations here were strange, always changing, and this time a lot creepier than you remembered. Tugging on Peters sleeve, you walked through the entrance, turning your backs to the rest of the fair.  

You had arrived at the Haunted House.


Kruegers Kraziness Horror House, or simply KKHH, wasn’t your typical haunted house. It wasn’t a bunch of skeletons jumping out and scaring people. Kruegers Kraziness was a perfect name for this attraction, because it was plain gory. There were dismembered and beheaded people lying around that looked oh so real. There were real bats used in this haunted house and this had caused people to run out screaming many a time. It was your favourite place to visit when the funfair came in town.

You and Peter walked through the winding halls, trying to find your way. KKHH definitely looked different from the last time. The dim lighting didn’t help and the two of you constantly stumbled over the (fake) limbs lying around. After a few scares from grotesque zombies and Peter screaming in a high pitched voice, you arrived at the best place of all.

The High Court of Injustice.

The High Court of Injustice was one of Kreugers greatest attractions. Bloodied and beheaded bodies compacted into a room, the innocent called to the stand for horrific crimes, sentenced to even worse punishments. Behind a curtain, a familiar face winked, easing the small worry that set in your chest. Not long now.


“You there!” Your significant other jumped up when he heard the banshee like voice of the judge who no one saw come in. The judge was pointing at Peter, who didn’t know whether he should look scared or happy. Peter had never been called out to sit in the tribune, but now he was having second thoughts. You nudged your husband and he looked at you before gulping and going up the rickety stairs. He went and sat down in a chair and awaited his punishment for god knows what.

The judge started accusing Peter of countless charges, some not too far off from the petty crimes he’d actually committed, though promised to leave in his past. The utter shock washing across his face was enough to make you laugh, luckily camouflaged under the judges voice.

“I declare you guilty for all these crimes and..” Peter was actually shaking now. How did the judge know that he’d actually stolen these things? He looked over at you, but you looked as shocked as him. Good thing you were a good actor.

“I sentence you to the eternal doom of fatherhood. Go through the tunnel where you shall await your punishment.” Peter was now more surprised as he slowly stood up and walked towards the tunnel, trying to process what the judge said. He glanced over to where you were supposed to be, but you were nowhere to be seen. A zombie pushed Peter into the tunnel, where he would get ‘punished’.


You stood at the end of the tunnel, waiting. “Punishments” varied, some going so far it almost felt real, all of them taking more than a few minutes. Those sentenced to beheading swore they felt a burning sensation on their neck. A head -their head- would fall from the ceiling, lights would flash, everything felt a little too real for comfort. The fear was what mattered most. The fear was what drew people here, and what made the creators turn them away. The gore was considered too much for anyone under eighteen.  

In the meantime, Peter tiptoed through the tunnel, which was even more bloody than the actual haunted house itself. Organs were spilling out of the bodies scattered everywhere. He shuddered before spotting a faint light. He ran towards it, wanting to get out of the nightmarish place as soon as possible.


Peter didn’t know what he had been expecting at the end of the tunnel, but it wasn’t this. Yellow balloons were scattered around everywhere (with Pennywise standing behind them obviously) with the occasional baby bottles on the cupboards and in people’s hands, and there you were, standing in the middle of the commotion, with one of your friends, who was dressed as a vampire. The both of you laughed when you saw Peters flabbergasted expression which turned to an amused one within a minute or two.

“What’s all this (y/n)?” You were now sweating profusely and looked around for someone to help you tell Peter, but there was suddenly no one left except the two of you.

“Well, you see- ermm…” You mentally slapped yourself. You had rehearsed how to tell him so many times but now you we’re struggling to form full sentences. Peter noticed your tense expression and gently grabbed your arms and wrapped them around his torso, pulling you in for a hug.

“You can tell me anything (y/n), you know that.” Peter murmured into your hair, whilst gently rubbing his hands up and down your back. At this gesture, you leaned into his touch even more. This was bliss. Man, you were going to have a love/hate relationship with your not-yet swollen stomach, which would probably become a barrier whilst hugging Peter so closely like you were now.

You looked up at Peter and he held your gaze. His eyes were full of nothing but love for you and you felt at ease. You just had to gather up your courage to tell him slowly or you could tell him quickly and be done with it. Of course, because of your awkwardness, you did the latter.

“Wha-, what did you just say?” A small smile crept up on Peters lips. He barely caught the words, but he hoped to the heavens you said what he thought you said.

“I’m pregnant okay? We’re having a baby.” You let out a deep breath. It was out and the burden rolled off your shoulders. You looked at Peter carefully, awaiting his reaction. Your initial worries washed away as you saw the joy on his face. He pulled you in for a huge hug as you heard clapping all around you. All the people who worked at KKHH were cheering and coming up to congratulate you and Peter.


After around 15 minutes, you both were standing outside of the gates of the funfair, hand in hand. Peter turned to you and smiled. There weren’t words to describe how happy he was. So all he said was: “I love you.”

You smiled slightly and gently pressed your lips against his. Peter held you close to him and you only broke apart once you needed to breathe. Peter smiled at you fondly as you said: “You mean you love us both. The baby and me. Plural.” Your husband chuckled and wrapped his arms around you.

“Yup. I love you both. You’re my little speed bumps.”

“Peter!” You laughed as you both started walking into the darkness, towards a new life. You, Peter and the baby.

Need me a haunted house like KKHH. I love haunted houses. If you don’t like this blame Enna, not me :) no okay I can’t do that to Enna just blame me

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For all the S and M boys what if their s/o who used to be very bouncy and just did what ever they want suddenly stopped after they had punished them terribly. She didn't speak unless spoken to and didn't do anything without their permission. But after a while they realize how much they were very much in love with how bouncy she was, even if she did anger them a lot. Would they regret what they had done? Would they try to get her back to normal? Would they apologize?

That’s a creative one♡

Shu: Shu would probably regret what he did yes. People usually think that because of his attitude that he really wouldn’t like his S/O to be all happy and extroverted, but on the contrary. To me Shu acts like someone who suffers from depression. You know, no longer having joy in the things they do etc. So to have his s/o suddenly become quiet and more hesitant with their choices would cause him to be upset. For once he would actually get up and confront his s/o about. It might take some time but he will end up apologizing I believe. He misses his s/o bubbly personality and actually regrets hurting you.

Reiji: Reiji is a different story…It takes a lot to prove him wrong in his eyes. The fact that you’re finally doing as you’re told is quite satisfying. From time to time he might be a tiny bit remorseful because you somewhat resemble a maid now and not his s/o, but since Reiji can be so stubborn he would refuse to see himself in the wrong. But like Shu he will come to realize that he liked it better when he constantly had to ‘teach you a lesson,’ and put you in your place. So it’s sort of an in between with him, but yes I think he would regret it, but no you would not hear an apology.

Ayato: I don’t think he realized he hurt you until later on. He’s pretty oblivious to how others feel sometimes. Because of his egotistical nature he wouldn’t be wary of the insults he would utter needlessly to you. But I believe he would realize his wrong doing and try his best to make up for it by doing small things. He probably won’t apologize though, but he will, of course, try to be better.

Kanato: Not going to sugar coat it, he would definitely not feel sorry. You did something wrong and you deserved the Consequences that he bestowed upon you. Simple as that. The fact that you are acting like the doll you should have makes him happy.

Laito: He, at first, may find your submissive attitude pleasing, but he does miss those times you would struggle and yell at him. He loved it better when you were yourself not the robot type you are now. So yes he does regret it, and he will try everything to get you back to your jovial self. Even though it’s for selfish reasons he really does miss the old you.

Subaru: This male wouldn’t care too much at first. He hurts everything he touches, as he puts it, so that’s nothing new. But as time goes on he would began to regret it. Subaru would probably beat himself up for making such a mistake. You’re his lover and still messed up. So yes, he would try to fix it. No matter how long it takes.

Mukami Brothers

Ruki: Just like Reiji, Ruki wouldn’t be able to see his wrong doing. Since he was young he has been hurting others without sympathy so it was no surprise when he ignored your cries and please. Even when you started acted as you are now he felt no remorse. Ruki was actually happy that you finally learned your place. From time to time he might mention about how you changed your behavior. But it usually ended with him saying something between the lines of “I’ve should have punished you like this a long time ago.” No, he would not apologize….

Kou: If he hurt you it was probably because a button was pushed. Kou Is very two faced, so I’m sure he would not regret what he did to you either. But I’m sure he’d miss his happy s/o who would cheer for him and encourage him even when he was being rude to her. Again he would only try to get you back to normal for selfish reasons, but at least he’s not leaving you like that. I don’t think he would apologize because he knows this may happen again.

Yuma: No, not really. That doesn’t bother him too much. Yuma can be pretty rough, and very rude so he wouldn’t really see what he did to you as bad. He’s happy that you finally do as he said though. No back talk whatsoever. But sometimes he does miss those days you would happily help with his garden, or just simply hug him. Yuma doesn’t want to lose anyone else that is important  to him, so he would apologize to get you back. I don’t think he’d feel bad though. He just didn’t like the new attitude you were presenting him.

Azusa: I don’t think he can tell the difference when it comes to hurting you. To him pleasure comes pain and vise versa, so your broken like attitude wouldn’t faze him. Azusa would probably treat you the same way. Hugging you, and kissing you, etc. But he really wouldn’t have any problem with how you are now. He probably believes that you felt so good from the ‘pleasure’ he gave you that you can’t help yourself. Azusa might be a little disappointed when you don’t act a certain way when he does stuff to you, but I don’t think he would understand that it was because of how you were treated.

(Sorry if this seems kind of rushed. I got stuck a few times^^; anyway I hope this is what you meant thanks a lot for asking)

A Lester Family Interrogation // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, parent!phan

Words: 2.6k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: It’s Lester Family Movie night with Dan and Phil and their kids, and everything is supposed to be going smoothly…except it all comes to a halt when Dan finds out that one of the kids stole money from his wallet for the food. Now they have to figure out who did it.

A/N: I know this probably isn’t as long as you wanted it, anon, but I hope you still enjoy it :D

(Also completely off-topic: goddamn Dan looks real good in all those pics from that panel thing he was on like holy cow phil is a lucky man)

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Reaction to You Having a Past Violent Relationship and Sometimes Flinching Away From Their Touch. . .

A/N this is a sensitive topic and I know some people will feel offended or hurt, but this could also help someone feel better about their situation. If this may upset you, please do NOT read further! I wish every one love, comfort and happiness.

Kai ~


Namjoon would be cautious whenever he would touch you. However he would make it his mission to get to the point where you would become so accustomed with his touch that you would never flinch from his touch or be slightly frightened when he suddenly touched you. He would never push you because he wouldn’t want you to be scared of him. He would also speak to the other members about your sensitivity to touch and would make sure they know to be cautious around you whenever you went visit them at the dorm. However he wouldn’t give them the details about it for your own privacy. He would be very protective of you and would hold you close to him, by the waist, when you guys are out in public.

*gently intertwines his fingers with yours and looks to you to see your reaction*

“This okay baby?”

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He would move slowly with you. He would always make sure you were comfortable with what he would do. If he saw fear in your eyes or you slightly flinch, he would retreat his touch and make sure he reminds you that he would never lay his hands on you like that. He would then probably continue to pull you into a hug gently or lightly kiss your cheek. He would watch you closely with the other members and make sure you are comfortable at all times. If he sensed you were uncomfortable he would move you guys into his room or tell the guys to settle down more.

“I love you and would never hurt you. You know that right?”

Originally posted by jhopefluxo


Amazingly, with his persistence and patience, you were already comfortable with physical contact with him. It took a long time for him to get you completely comfortable with him and to never flinch when he would touch you, but you still had a hard time with other people, especially with men who reminded you of your ex (even being in their presence would upset you). So while waiting for him backstage after BTS’ performance, when you saw a man who looked distinctly like your ex, you froze up while your heartbeat sped up. When he came back, seeing the state you were in (pure panic) he pull you close to him, blocking the man out of your view and whisper in your ear.

“You’re okay. Just breath in and out. Just listen to my voice baby. Just listen to my voice.”


He would treat you normally, knowing that eventually you would get used to his touch. He wouldn’t push you though, he knew his boundaries and would never go past them. He would be so in touch with your moods and emotions that he would know when and when not to touch you. However, he is protective of you and wouldn’t let anyone get too close to you in public, and he would remind the other members to be aware of your discomfort with touch.

*holds your hand without warning and smiles to you

“I love yooouuuu~ And you love meeeeee Jagi~!”

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This boy is practically your personal guard dog. He made sure that even his band members wouldn’t get too touchy with you. Whether it was a hand on your shoulder or a friendly arm around your shoulders. He would force you to show him a picture of your ex so he would know what he looked like, from then on, he would keep an eye out for anyone who looked even slightly like him. If there was someone who looked like him he would make sure to distract you and keep you from looking in that direction. If anyone did get too close to you he would call you over to him, pull you over to him or put himself between you two and simply smile down at you with his award winning smile.

“Jagiiiiii~ look at meee~ am I cute?”

Originally posted by khyunie


He would never push you, and was very cautious with you. He would never take your hand of put his hands on you unless you gave him permission. Even if you told him were already comfortable with his touch, he would still ask for your permission to touch you. The only time he wouldn’t ask is if you guys were out in public, or he could see you were nervous about something. Afterwards he would apologize for holding your hand or touching you without asking first.

“Ah, sorry, you just looked uncomfortable. Are you okay? I didn’t startle you too much, did I?”

Originally posted by younas


This scared little bunny would not touch you. He would be too terrified. He would be too scared that he would scare you, and that would be the last thing he would want. For you to be scared of him. However, he would be patient and you would be patient with him, and over time you would eventually become accustomed with his touch and he would notice. As soon as he notices you are comfortable with his touch, he would always have you close to him ready to protect you from anything that would seem harmful to you in his eyes, even if you had no problem with it.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe with me Y/N.”

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{Hope this is what you wanted Anon! Keep the requests coming in!

Kai~ }

Writing Comparison Series : Ri

Writing Comparison Series:
E:  Lanterns
Nao:  12 Shutter Clicks

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Characters: Jumin, Jihyun, MC | Warning: Angst

[ All that I Have ]

by R.I.


Jihyun chuckled, peering at MC through the lens. She stopped short in her steps, turning around with a wry smile, her white sundress twirling with her.

“Jihyun, we came here for a vacation together,” she huffed, placing her hand against the camera lens.

“That’s why I’m taking pictures. I’m only acting like the tourist I should be,” he countered, gently removing her hand from the camera—because it’s pretty damn expensive, and he didn’t want the lens to be dirtied, nor did he want to scold MC for it. No, he would never say anything that could possibly hurt her feelings.

She raised her eyebrows at him, a pointed look upon her face. “Jihyun,” she began in a low, threatening voice. “I am fully aware that you’ve taken nothing but photos of me throughout this entire day.”

His lips curled into a pout, turning off his camera as per her command. “But MC, you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes upon… As a photographer, I can’t help but want to capture your beauty.”

Despite her eyes being narrowed into a glare, the blush on her cheeks was unmistakable, and Jihyun felt himself smile at the sight. His fingers itched to capture her expression, but he held back for her sake.


[ Warning: No more pictures to show. Please scroll back! ]

Jihyun furrowed his eyebrows at the red words on his camera. Wait, what…?

The sound of footsteps approaching made him turn his head, causing him to snap out of his daze. Footsteps? …Where’d MC go?

“Jihyun,” a familiar voice called him. A hand reaches towards his camera, covering the picture. His turquoise eyes frantically snap towards the speaker, focusing on none other than Jumin Han.

An impish grin makes its way to Jihyun’s face as he recognizes his best friend. “Jumin…? What are you doing here? Did you follow MC and I to Hawaii?” he chuckled.

The warm summer breeze swept both men’s hair gently as a tense silence filled the air.

“Jihyun… You’re not in Hawaii. This is a hospital room,” Jumin murmured softly, pained eyes staring straight in his best friend’s confused ones.


Jihyun’s heart throbbed in pain at those words. He shook his head, a crazed smile upon his face. “No… look around you, Jumin. What are you talking about?” he replied in friendly banter, cocking his head. He held up the camera for his friend to see. “Look! I just took a picture of MC under the sun, it turned out beautiful!”

Jumin’s eyes fell to the camera screen, a deep frown tugging at his lips.

“…She’s not in the picture, Jihyun. She’s not in any of these pictures on the camera.” He said this with great sorrow in his voice, closing his eyes to hold in the tears prickling in the corner of his eyes.

The turquoise-haired man quietly retrieved his camera, scrolling through the pictures again.

MC really wasn’t in any of the photos.

Oh, that’s right… she’s already been gone for a while.

Every single photo was just another beautiful landscape… Not his beautiful wife.

Realization began to sunk in, as the clear blue sky morphed into a bland, white ceiling… confining walls taking the place of noisy streets… the heat of the sunlight turning into a mere open breeze from the window.

He’s not travelling the world. He’s in a hospital.

He’s not with MC. He’s under constant surveillance of hospital nurses.

Everything… was merely an illusion.

A hallucination.

Jihyun shakily reached towards his own face, finding that it was wet with tears.

In a soft voice, Jumin began to explain tentatively… even though he already knew what the outcome would be. Truth was, the medicine was causing him to have hallucinations…

“Jihyun… you’ve been looking through your camera roll every day… MC won’t be there. I’ve already removed every picture you had of her. It’s not good to think about her everyday,” he murmured, a deep sadness sitting in his eyes. “We all miss her, but it’s only sending you into breakdowns every time you’re reminded of her. Forget her, Jihyun. Please.”

Angry eyes turned at the dark haired man. Tears filling his vision, Jihyun seethed at his best friend, “I will never forget her. You wouldn’t understand how I feel, Jumin. You’ve never fallen in love with anyone. You’re a heartless bastard. Who…” he choked on his words, the hurt overwhelming him. His voice trembled even as he continued to grieve, “Who gave you permission to touch my camera? Why would you take away all that I have left of her?You’ve stripped the beauty from every last photograph. You’ve destroyed them! No… no, you’ve destroyed me, Jumin.”

Jumin’s eyebrows were knit together in frustration, expressing his uncertainty. What could he do? If he argued back, it might only further upset his friend and worsen his condition.

It… it had already been a full year of this. Walking into the hospital to visit his best friend, only to get screamed at, verbally abused without being able to defend himself.

It really did hurt, to see his only friend since childhood end up like this. They had been together all throughout the years, supporting each other in everything, even as they grew up and led lives of their own. Even as they met new people, they still stayed by each other’s side. Jumin had always cherished his memories with Jihyun, proud of their long-lasting friendship.

All their playdates as children, discovering new facts together through books, writing letters to each other thinking they were oh-so-mature… excitedly telling each other about their crushes, begging the other’s father to forgive them whenever one got in trouble… getting homeschooled together, studying to enter the same university, going through their first public schooling experiences beside each other… meeting Jihyun’s first girlfriend, building the RFA, growing their own businesses… The list could go on forever because… God, they had been through so much together.

Jumin could never relive any of those moments, he knew that. He was completely, painfully aware of it. Regardless, he wanted to continue supporting his best friend, even in this state.

Honestly, Jumin had almost had a heart attack when he first received the news last year, that there had been a plane crash. His private plane had collided with another’s, who had taken off incorrectly just as theirs was landing. According to his information, Jihyun had broken his legs in the process of trying to save MC from being crushed under the weight of the other plane.

However… he had failed. A fallen plane wing had sliced his legs in half, while his wife suffocated to death just out of reach.

Jumin couldn’t even imagine suffering through that. Watching the love of your life die right before your eyes, while a part of your own body was being ripped off, was an unbearable physical and mental pain. And Jumin Han felt gravely responsible for it, because he had been the one to lend a private plane to them, thinking it would be more efficient.

As he looked over to his best friend, he knew that Jihyun was recalling the horrific events… again. Day after day, the memories haunted him, taunting him that he was still alive while his wife…

“J-Jihyun!!” she sobbed, reaching for him, tears welling up in her eyes. She helplessly reached out to her husband. To help her? To help him? It didn’t matter, everything was a mess and the only thing she could clearly focus on was her husband’s pained scream.

“AUUUUGHHH!“ he cried out, pain overcoming his entire body as he fell back. The heavy material that had fallen had cut deep into his lower legs from its weight and force behind it. His breaths were ragged and he forced himself to turn his head. Where was MC? Where…? He could hear her whimpering, but…

His eyes fell upon her petit body under the comparatively massive broken jet plane. Oh God, nononon-

His heart stopped when he saw her eyes roll back and shut, her head lolling back.

His scream for his beloved wife was louder than anything within this chaos. “MC!”

Every day, Jumin Han regretted his decision. His best friend was devastated, his mind practically broken from the traumatic events. Although he never mentioned it to anyone, Jumin would cry to himself at night, begging the gods to forgive him for his sin and wake him from this nightmare. To bring back his friends. To undo his mistake.

But no. He would have to swallow it down and live with this pain for the rest of his life. Jihyun was suffering an even larger burden that Jumin could never even begin to imagine. Who was he to complain?

He stepped out of the room, not wanting to cry in front of Jihyun. Leaning against the door, he covered his face with his arm to hide his teared up eyes. “MC… if only you were here to make this all better,” he whispered hoarsely.

Wiping at his eyes with the sleeve of his arm, he hardened his stare on a nurse. “Excuse me, please take away the patient’s camera,” he ordered in a strained voice.

Jihyun’s eyes widened as he heard the demand, desperately clutching onto the camera only to have it snatched from his hands.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Kim, but you must understand that this is the best thing for you,” the nurse explained firmly, almost apologetically.

“Don’t take away all that I have left. You can’t take my camera away from me too, Jumin. You can’t do this to me… you can’t!” Jihyun was slamming his fists against the bed, even as the nurses tried to restrain him, as he begged his best friend to return his camera. He had already lost the love of his life, the remaining photos of her, and now even photography was being taken away from him.

His turquoise eyes flashed darkly with anger as he stared into Jumin’s eyes. “I hate you,” he whispered hoarsely, with the voice of a broken man.


AkaYona Ch. 141 - Review

My dearest Yona nerds, I’m back again with another review/some thoughts on the latest chapter! So let’s get started right away…

We finally got what we’ve been waiting for since like forever: The confrontation between Yona and Soo-Won. I really like how Yona has grown. She’s not the weak, naive princess who used to cry just because of her messy hair. Of course we, the readers, already know about her astounding development. But this time it’s a little different, because the one who is confronted by the new Yona is Soo-Won himself.

It’s funny how the first thing that comes to his mind when noticing that Yona came without Hak is “Omg, where’s Hak? Did she come all by herself? Without Hak? Is he also being held in Xing Kingdom? Hak, where are you? Hak! Hak!!! HAAAKKK!!!”. It’s kinda cute and also shows us how much he still cares for both Hak and Yona. And Yona was able to read his usually well-hidden thoughts once again. And he’s all like “How did you know what I was thinking?”. Very well written, Kusanagi-sensei!

Now, let’s focus on this point for a while… To me it was obvious that Soo-Won was already well aware of his father’s crimes. But the interesting part here is his reply to Yona’s question. Under what circumstances is it righteous to throw the heads of prisoners over the castle walls? I’d really like to see an explanation for defending his father’s ideals. Maybe he’s been living in a constant denial. Well, until now of course:

Yona shamelessly stood up against him, which also made him face the harsh reality. Like Yona said, it’s the first time he was unable to hide his emotions completely. But yeah, of course Keishuk is the one who interferes in the conversation. .__.

Ah, so King Il knew it all along. This could explain why he acted so overprotective of Yona. And it may also be the reason why they banished the priests from the castle grounds. It also looks like Soo-Won and Il were in the middle of a serious discussion. Did Soo-Won try to convince King Il one last time and asked him for permission to marry Yona? Or was it Yu-Hon who King Il was talking to and Soo-Won just overheard the conversation (which would mean that he was still a child back then). Kusanagi has just given us a small piece of information, but in the end, it gets even more confusing…

Just as Keishuk acted all shitty again, Lili came to Yona’s rescue. That’s my girl! We need more Lili moments in the manga, she’s such an underrated character if you ask me.

And the moment he realizes that Lili is good friends with Yona - I’ve never seen such a pissed face in the entire manga. It really made me lol! xD And in order to safe Yona from being captured by the soldiers, she spilled the beans. If this revelation won’t backfire on Soo-Won, I don’t know what it will:

After that, Yona tries to convince Soo-Won once again. And just look at how his expression suddenly changes after hearing her powerful words:

He finally gave in and asks her why she believes that this approach will work. He’s normally not that kind of person who will listen to someone else’s opinion so easily, but this time, it’s different. And let me say that I’m not only proud of Yona, but also Soo-Won. It’s proof enough that he’s not the cruel person everyone thinks he is. I’m already sensing the beginning of a great character development.

After everything he did, Yona still trusts him as a king (and also human being). We can only assume what he’s thinking right now, but I guess it’s something like “Why do you even say such things? After all, I ruined your life… And regardless of all the horrible crimes I commited, you’re still able to view me in such a way?”

Whoops, I guess Lili isn’t even recognizing how her words could affect Soo-Won’s position as a king. She’s still kind of naive, but I’m sure she’ll learn from the consequences. But as we can see, she still believes in him and mentions how he also saved her life. I don’t care what everyone else thinks, but I still ship them so hard! Their dynamic is so great! <3

Keishuk, just get your shit together! Judging by the way he looks, he’s clearly plotting something to get rid of Yona. He’s kinda scary and I hope he’ll die soon… Sorry, Keishuk fans, but he’s a clear threat to everyone else!

Hak’s not the only one who finds Tao’s supporters fishy. They’re definitely hiding something. Maybe they’ll try to get rid of Kouren by using Princess Tao. Idk, but something seems off here.

I somehow expected a hiatus after this chapter, but it looks like we’ll be getting chapter 142 sooner than expected (June 5th)… I’m so looking forward to it!

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More Senator Skywalker please? Obi-Wan dancing/singing/Idk brewing tea. And my vote is for Obikin ;-)

The other is warm against Obi-Wan’s side and that is what he likes. He likes how warm Anakin is and how the other instantly accommodates for his size on the couch, sliding an arm around Obi-Wan’s shoulders before he’s even had time to think.

Seconds later Anakin always asks if Obi-Wan wants a blanket.

Sometimes Obi-Wan accepts one, depending on how cold he feels. Other times he shakes his head and instead questions lightly what Anakin is working on, reaching out to gently brush against the others Force.

Anakin always explains even as he subconsciously reacts to Obi-Wan’s Force request, the others massive but untrained power wrapping around his own in return and mingling, making Obi-Wan warmer and safer then any other time.

Had Obi-Wan been a Jedi, he wouldn’t have been able to do so.

It would have been attachment, the code would have made him stop, made him pull back from Anakin and try to separate himself.

As it was, he only luxuriated in the sensation of warmth and safety.

“You’ve been working for a few hours.” He piped up finally, interrupting Anakin’s legislation reading.

“I guess. I want to get it done.” The blond sighed. “Because its so far from the core worlds, Tatooine isn’t considered a core world despite being included in the Senate and not all the rules applies. Though more and more rules are becoming viable with an added security force. The most difficult to get kicked though is the damn slavery trade.” He grimaced.

Obi-Wan shifted a bit before reluctantly shifting away from Anakin’s warm, hiding a small smile at the others disappointed face. “Well, if you’re going to work more, I’ll get us lunch and tea. You need to eat if you’re going to do work like this.”

“I…yes, food sounds good. Food is good.” He gave Obi-Wan a puppy look, blue eyes wide and adoring and the redhead turned and moved to the kitchen, hiding his flush.

He’d be an idiot not to notice how the other watched him.

And for all that had happened, Obi-Wan wasn’t an idiot.

Anakin liked him, as in really liked. He didn’t just find Obi-Wan attractive because that was something Obi-Wan was used to. Being sexually attractive.

No, Anakin liked all of him, liked it when Obi-Wan spoke up, liked it when Obi-Wan was close, liked spending time with Obi-Wan.

It made Obi-Wan’s stomach flutter a bit.

It wasn’t a response he was used to having to someone liking him.

‘Then again, when has anyone looked at me like how Anakin Skywalker looks at me?’ He pondered as he started making sandwiches for the two, a kettle set on the stovetop to make tea.


That was the answer.

No one had ever looked at him how Anakin Skywalker looked at him. No one had ever so tenderly brushed his hair away or checked in on him to make sure he had eaten.

No one had ever made his stomach flutter so wildly as Anakin did.

And no one had respected his boundaries as much as Anakin did, Anakin who always kept his hands above waist and rested his hands with the lightest of pressure on him. Anakin who asked for permission or waited for it if he needed to touch Obi-Wan somewhere new.

He glanced back and smiled when he saw the blond watching him. “What do you want on your?”

“Do we have more of that taun-taun steak from yesterday left?”

“I think so, yes.”

“Then I’d like that and some of the spiced sauce.”

Obi-Wan smiled and set to work. ‘Domestic…its very domestic. When did I ever believe I’d get to be domestic?’ He pondered as he let himself sink into the mindless task of preparing food for both himself and Anakin, the sound of the kettle slowly starting to whistle on the stove barely annoying him at all..

Never was the answer to that question.

He thought that once he no longer had looks enough to be a pleasure slave, he’d be sold to a mine and then death…

He found he preferred this. This soft, blissful form for domestic warmth, with Anakin.

He hesitated and blinked at his own reflection in the cupboard surface. ‘I wonder…can this be the rest of my life?’

The former slave turned senatorial aid glanced over to Anakin, finding the blond reading through something on his pad. ‘Can I stay with Anakin?’ He wondered.

‘I hope so…’

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Hi Leah! Quick question about Wonder Woman now that everyone's seen Whedon's script for it. Since Allan Heinberg was the screenwriter, I was wondering why he doesn't get much credit for the movie as much as Patty does? Or just in general, why are directors praised for films with great writing instead of the screenwriters? I don't know much about the film industry, so I was hoping you could shed some light on this. Thank you! :)

I’m happy to!

Luckily, Collider posted a great piece on this that makes my life a lot easier, so go ahead and read that first and then come back. I’ll wait.

Did you read it? Good.

So to answer your specific question, which is why don’t people talk about Allan Heinberg like the author of this piece, the answer is because he was really only one of over maybe two dozen people who helped make this script a reality– a significant one, but only one nonetheless. Answering the broader question that results from that– why the fuck did two dozen people write this movie?! requires a little more background knowledge.

In the broad medium of dramatic writing, there’s a drastic sliding scale in which two things operate in balance: your rights and your paycheck. Playwrights retain full ownership of their work– if you want to put on a production of their play, you must get permission from them or their estate; if you want to change a line, you need their okay first. They are the true maker of the thing– but the price of that artistic purity is financial security. Playwrights make very little money, and see less of it coming back to them in terms of long-term profits.

On the far opposite end of that scale (with TV writers being somewhere in the middle) are screenwriters. If you are hired to write a script– or if a script of yours gets bought– with a little variance from contract to contract, you are essentially signing away your soul. You are selling your work as is, with the understanding that the buyer can then do whatever the heck they want with it. The reason any artist agrees to this ridiculous signing away of their creative work is that the paychecks are big. Hollywood big. But believe me, there are plenty of screenwriters who have gone to the premieres of movies they ostensibly “wrote,” only to not recognize a single word. That happens all the time. That happened, it would seem, even to Allan Heinberg. As Roven explained, after Heinberg left Wonder Woman, the “scenes that stuck” were largely written by Patty and by Geoff Johns.

So the reason screenwriters often aren’t given credit for a final product of a movie is that more often than not, to give them that credit would be misleading. Obviously the more famous you are the less that happens, and sure there are writer/directors who can protect themselves, but movies– especially big blockbusters like Wonder Woman– are largely written by committee. You send it to five different people to see if they come up with a concept you like; you give it to someone to punch up the humor; you give it to someone to clean up the action. Script drafts are hypothetical, and a means to an end. Nothing is sacred until it’s on camera and you can’t take it back– and even then, there’s a lot that can be done in the editing room to streamline or re-break scenes or structure.

All of those writers get paid for the work they do. But not all of them can get credit. The writers are unionized, and so only a fixed number of people can actually be listed as the writer of a thing, regardless of who did what. All of that is settled contractually at the start– your title and credit is a part of the negotiation process, and occasionally fiddled with at the end, but always through legal means. Sometimes this can get very ugly– for example, the well publicized dispute between director Amma Asante and original screenwriter Misan Sagay over Belle a few years ago. Largely, the union exists to protect writers and their work… with a kind of unwritten caveat rule of “you get what you get and you don’t get upset,” knowing that movie productions are complex, living things and last minute changes can always alter what had been the creative product you thought you were participating in.

On the other hand, unless something truly scandalous goes down, unlike the writer(s), the director is the one who sees the thing through from start to finish. The director is the captain of the ship to the screenwriter’s metaphorical ship builder– no matter how much you participated in creating the thing, only the director tells it where to go and gets it to its destination safely. The director (barring interference from a producer) is the one with final say on everything from locations and costumes to blocking and line delivery, and then sees the film through the post-production process and editing. Hence the elevation of the director’s voice over all else when it comes to final criticism or praise of a film.

It’s not always fair, and it doesn’t always make sense, but that’s how it goes.

Halloween -  Bill Skarsgård Imagine

Authors note: I loved getting to write this, and I am sorry it took so long. Now that this is finally up, in November, we can get all excited for Halloween next year! :P (Also whoever get’s the American Horror Story referrence, get’s extra points haha.)

There he is! You thought to yourself as you leaned in with the biggest grin you could muster, and started waving with your one hand, whilst holding a tight grip in the balloons in your other hand. You made an effort to really stare at Bill’s face whilst he drove up to you and parked the car.  

Well you look gruesome” he said as he got out of the car. 

“Right back at ya!” you replied, walking up to him, giving him a big hug, and a kiss. This was Bill’s and yours first Halloween together as a couple, and so the two of you had decided to wear couples costumes. 

“Be careful with that! You might smudge my makeup” Bill chuckled, as you gave him another kiss. There had been many different ideas tossed around for these costumes. Many very classic ones, such as Morticia and Gomez Addams, or even a plug and a socket. However in the end the two of you had decided to go as the same thing instead of something matching. Pennywise. You were dressed up as Tim Curry’s timeless classic, whilst Bill went for his own new version. Both completed with accurate costumes, and makeup. 

“Let’s go” he yelled as he reached his hand out for you to hold it. You immediatly took a hold of his hand, however when you did, you had let go of your balloons. They were now drifting right up into the air, and before any of you really noticed what had happened, they were out of reach”.

“Oops” you smiled. 

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tamaki or midoriya for the who did it first special? you can choose!

(Tamaki already has one so Midoriya it is!)

Midoriya Izuku:

Who asked who out first?

You asked him out first. He’s the one who approached you first, with the intentions to ask you, but found he was too nervous to even stutter out a single word. Sensing his intentions (and having heard the teasings from his friends) you decide to take the reigns of the conversation, asking him if he’d like to go out with you sometime, just the two of you. His face turns head and he rapidly nods, his ability to speak not coming back for a few hours.

Who initiated the first kiss?

You did. He curses himself for freezing up every time something important came up, but he had slowly began to get comfortable with you. He still asked permission for hugs or to hold your hand for the most part, so he wanted to ask you about kissing… but the thought was too overwhelming. You’re the one who goes off of instinct, sensing the mood in the air and kissing him before he ran away to dwell on the fact he couldn’t make a move.

Who said I love you first?

Midoriya did. It comes after a long time of being honest with himself about his feelings for you, and how he was willing to share his life with you forever. He knows he shouldn’t get ahead of himself but it’s not in his personality to ignore the future potential your relationship has, which is what he rambles as he admits he loves you; knowing how he is, it’s easy to see he put a lot of thought into your relationship which proved that he loves you even more than he says.

Who would have the others picture as their phone background?

He has quite a few pictures of you stored in his phone, but can never choose which one he wants to keep as his background. He’s always changing it, trying to find the one that perfectly matches the mood of the day. It’s funny how serious he takes it, but he admits just seeing your face as his background makes his day 100% better.

Who proposes?

Midoriya. He’s finally confident enough in both your relationship and his own skills as a human being to properly communicate his feelings to you. It feels a lot like a speech but it’s full of fun memories from the past, and even mentions the hardships the two of you went through because it had only made you a stronger couple. When he proposes you’re shocked, and this time you’re the one who blushes and nods their head, having lost the ability to speak (without crying, at least).

Who does the dishes?

Midoriya is used to having to help his mom with the dishes so it’s basically ingrained into him now. He’ll start doing them without even thinking about it, and feels bad if he makes you do them. He doesn’t mind doing a lot of menial chores around the house at all, because it’s a welcome break from backbreaking hero work and training.

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning?

Midoriya may crave more sleep but he always wakes up extra early, just to have the time in the day to do the things he likes to do (watch a few old All Might videos, update his hero journal if he must, warm up for training later, etc). At this point his body automatically wakes him up early no matter what so he has a difficult time sleeping in.

Who gets to pick the movie type on movie nights?

Every superhero documentary that comes out, Midoriya has it the very next day, ready to watch it. He lists off the facts before they’re even said half the time, and enjoys chattering away while the movie is going on about any inaccuracies he may catch. He loves re-watching the All Might documentary that was made, too.

Who lavishes the other one in gifts?

You’re both pretty even on gift giving; if there’s something the other wants, you’ll get it for them, but otherwise, it’s saved for special occasions. He’s easiest to shop for though, due to his love of heroes.

Who worries more about the other?

Midoriya was born to worry about things that are completely out of his power. He has faith in you to control situations that you can, and to be the best person that you can, but he can’t help but wonder if there’s always something more he could be doing for you and your relationship. He eventually learns to take things one day at a time because life was highly unpredictable, and worrying only brought him grief he didn’t need.

i’m a firm believer that not every character is perfect. i’m also a firm believer than you can stan a character despite their flaws (unless they’re a rapist or an abuser, of course). this doesn’t seem to be the way that the stranger things fandom handles jonathan byers though, which i find extremely annoying to say the least. jonathan is a good brother and a good son, for sure, and he’s definitely a good character. (and just btw, that “only love makes you that crazy” WAS ABOUT WILL AND JOYCE AND NOT NANCY. jonathan was defending his family, not nancy. he didn’t get mad until steve attacked his family). but he is not the perfect angel that the entirety of the stranger things fandom makes him out to be. 

jonathan was definitely not looking for will when he watched the party at steve’s house. and he definitely took those pictures of nancy so he could jack off to them later, because he’s a socially awkward teenage boy who’d definitely never seen a naked girl before. i don’t really see how anyone could disprove these points considering why else would he have taken them??? and btw nancy definitely knew that that was why he’d taken the pictures and she had every right to be disgusted and upset. she had every right to choose steve in the end, especially when you consider he looked away when she was getting unchanged, while jonathan watched without her permission. 

i also find it annoying that people are saying jonathan was right in this scene. yes, lucas and dustin said she was acting different, but all teenagers act differently than they did when they were younger? it’s called growing up. and lucas and dustin are allowed to say this because they actually knew nancy, unlike jonathan who didn’t. he watched her one night at a party. he didn’t know anything about her, and yes, you can tell a lot from watching people if you’re observant i guess, but he didn’t know nancy prior to that week. 

you can obviously still stan jonathan and jancy if you like, but it’s getting exhausted watching both the character and ship be praised as these untouchable angelic things. 

Left in the Dark / ≠ Marcus Cooley ≠

Words: 1070

One second you were standing in the hallway laughing with your friends and the next you were being forcefully turned around and had your ex-boyfriend yelling at you. 

“Is it true?!”

Taken completely off guard, your mouth had slightly parted and you were left standing in the hall gaping at him. “W-what?” you stuttered. 

Marcus looked furious and you couldn’t for the life of you, figure out why. Seeming to realise that he had made a scene, finally noticing the stares from everyone in the hallways around you-his fingers dug into your arm as he dragged you into the closest empty classroom.

The slam of the door caused you to flinch. “What’s going on?” you demanded, your arms finding their way around yourself in an attempt of a weak hug.

“Did you have an abortion?” he spat, cutting straight to the chase.

You felt as though the world had stopped at his question. 

“Why would you ask me something like that?” you questioned, feeling your stomach turn.

“Just tell me the truth!” he yelled, moving closer to you. 

You took a few steps back, not because you was scared of Marcus but because you felt that at any moment your legs would give out on you. “Where did you hear that?” you asked him, the unsettling feeling continuing to grow within you. 

“It doesn’t matter. Just tell me,” he insisted, his voice quieter-weaker-than before.

“We-” you found it hard to word what you wanted to say. “We’re not a couple. Nothing I do concerns you anymore.”

The look he gave you was indescribable, “So it is true?” The expression on your face must have said everything he needed to know. “You actually-” his words were cut off, he too was not able to find the right words he needed to talk to you.

“Please tell me where you heard it from-who you heard it from,” you begged, hating the idea of anybody in school knowing what you had done. 

“It doesn’t matter,” he told you. 

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter?! Of course it does. I only told-” you stopped yourself from saying anything else.

Marcus glared, “Only told who?” he demanded, encouraging you to continue. “Hannah?” he spat. “You told Hannah Baker that you were pregnant-that you were getting rid of it.”

“How did-” 

“How could you?!” he demanded, raising his voice. “How could you just do something this without telling me? Without asking me? You didn’t even tell me you were pregnant in the first place!”

“Ask you? As if I needed your permission, your approval?”

Marcus only stared at you.

You returned his glare, “It was not your decision.”

“It was my baby too! You were just being selfish!”

“Selfish?” you scoffed. “You, of all people, want to talk to me about being selfish?”

Marcus shook his head, “Don’t start,” he insisted, raising a hand as if to silence you. 

“Don’t start?” you asked. “I think maybe I should. I think you’d love to hear everything I have to say. I mean it’s all about you…so why wouldn’t you be interested? That’s all you care about anyway, so I don’t see why you would have any objections.”

He rolled his eyes, “Put it back on me like you always do,” he mutters sarcastically. “It’s all my fault! I made you break up with me, I made you get an abortion.”

“No,” you denied quickly. “I made those decisions myself-but you were a huge reason to why our relationship didn’t work out. Don’t act as if you’re clueless about what went wrong with us.”

“And the baby? Are you going to blame that on me too?”

You felt tears pool in your eyes, “No,” you admit. “I just…I can’t-couldn’t…”

“You couldn’t what?”

“Be a mother! It’s not time…I’m not ready. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t bring a baby into this world-not yet.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, you could have sworn his voice cracked a little. 

You moved your hands to grip the table on either side of you, needing something to support you. “It wouldn’t have changed anything. Why should I have put this on you? Give you something to worry about or feel guilty over…I wouldn’t have done that to you. You weren’t supposed to ever find out.”

“I deserved to know,” he reasoned. 

“Maybe,” you sighed, hating how you sounded-how you came across. “But like I said. It would have made no difference. My mind was made up. Nothing you said would have changed that.”

“Why did you tell Hannah?”

A single tear fell down your cheek before you could stop it, you wiped your eyes to prevent anymore from falling. “She was my friend. I needed someone to confide in. She helped me, more than I could have ever-” you stopped to take a breath. “She was there for me when I needed her, she helped me through it-she didn’t judge me at all.”

“You went to that whore about something this private instead of turning to me? Is this why you broke up with me? Because of Hannah? Did she say something?”

“Oh my god,” you muttered, rubbing a hand over you face. “I’m going. I can’t listen to this, I can’t do this anymore.”

You stood straight and started to make your way to the door, but his hand reached out and gripped you as you passed him, “We’re not done.”

“Yeah we are!” you snapped, pulling your arm from his grip. “You know that we weren’t fit to be together. I felt trapped and I felt as though I wasn’t myself when I was with you. We just weren’t right for one another. That’s why I broke up with you. The baby,” you sighed, shaking your head. “There are so many factors but ultimately…I wasn’t ready-mentally, physically…I know you probably won’t be able to understand and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, I really am-but I made the best decision I could in the situation I was in.”

Marcus’ eyes seemed to never left yours as you spoke.

“Goodbye Marcus,” you whispered.

“No! Wait. We have to discuss this.”

You shook your head, your hand hovering over the door’s handle, “No,” you said. “We’re done, Marcus. Relationship and conversation wise. Please don’t bring this up again,” you requested as you pushed the door open, your tears threatening to fall as you leave Marcus alone in the classroom. 

Party Like it’s 1977

Drabble for May the fourth! 


“We’re having a what?”

“A Star Wars party,” Cassian repeats calmly. And doesn’t smile when Jyn crosses her arms and scowls at him, no matter how much he wants to.

“That’s what I thought you said.” She sounds irritated.

Cassian doesn’t necessarily consider himself a people person. He knows how to handle himself pretty well in most situations, sure, but he almost always prefers to be left to his own devices.

But Jyn is extremely not a people person. She basically always looks like she wants to fight the entire world. It’s part of what he likes about her.

“What’s the problem?”

“I hate parties.”

“But you like Star Wars,” he points out. “And you like Bodhi, and Chirrut and Baze, and Kay.”

She scowls harder. “You take that back.”

Cassian lets himself smile this time. “Alright, you haven’t yet killed Kay.”

“I just haven’t found his off switch yet,” she mutters.

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