who dat is doe


when u wanna take a cute selfie but ur kinda ugly n ur face just won’t cooperate so u settle for becoming a squish and pretending that was the look u were goin for all along // alternate title: look @ this bi(tch) 💖💜💙

Black Butler MBTI

Get somewhere comfy and get a snack, because this one is going to be a long and bumpy ride! I hope you enjoy! :)

Ciel: INTJ

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Sebastian: ESTJ

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Finny: ENFP

Mey-Rin: ISFP

Baldroy: ISTP

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Tanaka: INFJ

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Elizabeth: ESFJ

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Aleistor: ESFP

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Undertaker: INTP

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Ran-Mao: ISFP

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Abberline: INFJ

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Grell: ESFP

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Madam Red: ESFJ

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William T. Spears: ISTJ (I couldn’t find any gifs of him smiling :()

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Prince Soma: ENFP

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Agni: ENFJ

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Alois: ENFP

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Hannah: INFP

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Claude: ISTJ

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Luka: ENFJ

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Joker: ENTP

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Doll: INFP

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Beast: ISFJ (Couldn’t find one of her smiling, either :()

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Dagger: ENFP

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Snake: INTP (He’s smiling, right!?!?! I JUST WANT MY BABIES TO BE HAPPYYYYYYYY :’()

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Before I finish, there were 3 I was not able to find gifs for, so here are the honorable mentions.

Peter: ENTP

Wendy: INTP

And last, but definitely not least, every true fans’ absolute favorite…


Oh yeah, shake dat *ss.

Personality Type: Who gives a f*ck? I saw INFJ once. Does that seem accurate?

Bet you weren’t expecting humor. Well, you got my attempts. Sorry, m8s.

I hope you enjoyed this way too long journey with me. Let me know if you have any feedback or recommendations, or just message me if you need someone to talk to. :)

whimzzz replied to your post: Jonouchi’s that friend still spouting memes years…

jounouchi, 10 years into the future, to marik: lemme smASH

Marik, growing up in a tomb, never had the internet and even when he left his underground prison, never truly got the appeal of the world wide web and never really got the hang out it. Therefore, he has no idea what Jonouchi is going on about half the time. What is a Mudkip? And why does Jonouchi keeping asking if he likes them? And exactly who is “dat boi”? Life is a mystery.

Jonouchi: *does the gangnam style dance and ends in a dab*

Marik: Are…are you having some kind of fit?

i have a MoTHerFUCkiNG question, how come CATHOLIC SCHOOL BOY AUS AREN’T a BiGGER deal? 

Does no one else lust for the thought of two boys sneaking off to closets and bathrooms to make out while pushing their fucking crested sweater vests out of the way and giggling about how naughty they’re being and making jokes about going to hell?!

cuz i stan that shit. i stan that shit hard as fuck and i WILL write my samsteve catholic school boy au

The Zodiac Signs Dissecting Frogs in Class

Aries: *Impatiently slices frog into two* Done where’s my A.

Taurus: *Keeps a cool face the entire time* Hmm interesting *throws up inside*

Gemini: This looks nasty *takes pictures anyway* Feels so weird *continues to touch anyway* Smells disgusting *Leans in and smell it again anyway* Bleh.

Cancer: I’m cool. I’m doing it. *Bare skin touches frog* SREEEEEeeeeeEEEEECH

Leo: Let me do it, I got it! *Accidentally cuts hand off* I said I got it, geeezz!

Virgo: How do you make a clean cut? *Guts squirts everywhere* HOW DO YOU MAKE A CLEAN CUT?!?!?!?!

Libra: Don’t you dare throw those frog legs in my direction. No, not funny. Stop. NO. I SAID; DON’T YOU DARE. PUT THAT RIGHT BACK THE FUCK DOWN.

Scorpio: *Guts flying everywhere* Yeah I’m becoming a doctor alright.

Sagittarius: *Instructions weren’t clear enough, accidentally sacrifices frog for the summoning of satan* Who dat.

Capricorn: Nopenopenopenope no thanks *Make partner does it* DO IT LIKE A MAN.

Aquarius: Trust me I play Surgeon Simulator.

Pisces: Cool *pokes frog* Hehe. *Continues poking* *suddenly stops* Shit what if this is the frog prince.


There are thousands more of these BEAUTIFUL Olicity stares but here…

Come on! What kind of ‘friends’ look at each other like that! Thats messed up writers… messed up… GET THESE TWO TOGETHER RIGHT NOW.

Probably by the end of season three we are going to get a kiss but what if we don’t and we are on season 10 and still waiting for it to happen. ARG. 

Still a bit worked up from the finale but what a moment people.. What a time to be alive. Oliver saying he loves Felicity and I don’t even care if he thought of saying because of the plan. That was real peeps and no one can tell me otherwise. I mean that line on the beach “We both did”. Saying that he was acting as much as Felicity and dat smile doe… Sorry? Who even makes Oliver smile anymore..

I will wrap this up but just want to say that olicityisforeveranditwillbeendgame.

'drops mic’