who da fuk is this

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who da fuk calls their blog paperseverywhere that's like a dusty ten year old meme

*shruggity* :))) my 16 y.o. self came up with it. so out of sentiment it’s not gonna change anytime soon.

dont let it bother you. Hope you have a nice day UuU

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uncrowned kings being dorks with their s/o? ❤️❤️❤️

I hope you were asking for something like this! ^w^ Again, I love the uncrowned kings unf. Still drowning in Hayama Hell T^T wahh. Thank you for requesting~

When you take the dog out for a walk with Hayama, you’re never sure which one you’re actually taking out for a walk. That is to say, your boyfriend always seemed far more excited than your relatively lazy dog. You were actually considering getting a leash for him the next time you went out together, because he kept bounding up to strangers who also had taken their dogs out for a walk in the park and barking excited and irrelevant questions out in all his hyperactivity. At one point, when you threw a rubber ball you had brought along to give your dog some exercise across the grass field of the park, he actually shot off after it far more quickly than the dog. You shook your head and sighed in exasperation (but couldn’t inhibit a smile) as he ran all the way back with the ball in hand and jumped on top of you, laughing happily. The two of you fell atop the grass, dissolving into fits of laughter as your poor dog watched on in confusion like yh m8 who da fuk this man playin my role as dog imma kill him y know. 

omg i need hayama in a leash now sorry not sorry for being kinky


Kiyoshi couldn’t help but smile as he watched your reflection pout in the mirror. You were dressed in a long, flowing wedding dress; a beautiful white fabric adorned with layer after layer of lace and tiny bows. It was a lovely dress, and more so because you were the one dressed in it. Your hair was undone and your makeup was light but in his eyes you were the most gorgeous person in the world. He imagined running his hands over the fabric on your wedding night, gently slipping it off and rewarding the exposed skin with gentle kisses. 

“Teppei, can I please take it off now?” Your voice cut through his fantasies, sounding both amused and irritated. He blinked a few times to break out of his reverie and widened his smile as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, dropping his chin onto your shoulder. 

“Sorry, sorry, [Name],” he said kindheartedly, “I just wanted you to try it on because I knew you would look beautiful in it.” 

Your eyes filled with tears and before you knew it the waterworks were streaming down your face. You tried to inhibit your sobs but it was too late, and the sadness was too intense for you to stop yourself anyway. Your lips quivered and shook as you cuddled into Reo’s form, burying your face within the crook of his neck to hide your embarrassing sniffles. You were surprised when you heard a sniffle of his own. His shoulders shook slightly even as you raised your tearful face in surprise. His lips were quivering and he had a hand over his eyes, presumably to hide his tears. 

“M-Mibu, you too?” You managed to gasp out through your tears before tightening your hold on him. “Oh, Mibuchi…” you said sympathetically, wailing openly now. 

“Ara, what can I do, [Name]-chan?” His voice was slightly hoarse. “It was very sad, after all. Maybe we should just turn it off.” 

You nodded, and he picked up the remote to change the channel to a channel that was not broadcasting a rerun of The Titanic. 

You stood in front of Nebuya in the ridiculous skin-tight one piece swimwear he had forced you into, crouching with your hands placed upon your thighs. Your palms were covered with flour, and a jump rope had been used to make a makeshift ring in the living room. 

“Really, Eikichi, do I have to wear this stupid swimsuit?” 

His posture was similar to yours, but he definitely exerted more confidence even though he was dressed in a pair of tights. His muscular body was distracting, so you focused on his eyes instead. He closed them as he threw his head back and laughed. 

“Well, you didn’t agree to wearing the actual outfit, so–” 

I’M NOT WEARING THAT. A piece of cloth tucked between your buttcrack does not count as an outift, Eikichi.” You emphasized heavily, frowning, and he laughed louder. You sighed back, settling into a deeper crouch.

“Honestly, though,” you insisted further, “why are you making me sumo wrestle?” 

You understood a few minutes later (after you lost terribly to him lulz) when he had you pinned on the living room floor, lips and body molding against yours. 

“Why don’t you do it, [Name]?” Hanamiya crooned in your ear slyly, rubbing a hand down your thigh under the table. “Don’t tell me you’re afraid.” 

His fingertips were distracting on your skin, but you managed not to give any reaction. You struggled to keep your expression impassive, and gave an exasperated sigh. “I’m not scared, Makoto.” You couldn’t help but smirk as you tilted your head to meet his eyes. He stuck up his chin and smirked back just as evenly. “I’m just wondering why you’re so adamantly refusing to do it.” 

His eyes glittered, but his smirk wavered ever so slightly. “I-I’m not scared, [Name].” He sounded strangely uncertain, but he was quick to change the subject. “Besides, don’t you think you’re being too cocky?” He leaned in closer until your lips were almost touching. His next whisper would have sent chills down your spine if it weren’t for the ridiculous situation. “I feel like you’re asking for punishment. Do you want me to punish you, hm?” 

You rolled your eyes and tried to ignore his smug smirk as you leaned back from him and called out to the waiter. “You’re an idiot, Makoto.” You muttered as the waiter approached you two. 

“Can I have some more ketchup, please?” You asked politely. Geez. Your crazy boyfriend was surprisingly hesitant when it came to basic social interaction. 

Crappypasta 2 - The Squeakquel
Voice Doge
Crappypasta 2 - The Squeakquel

splaaartttt & askjinxandco submitted:

Crappypasta 2 - The squeakquel

I was shitting in teh car, coz i had 2 move house, coz there was no school anymore. (I eated it in teh last story coz slenderman ate me and… Y’know what, i cba to explain this shit 2 u, go read teh other stroy if ur that bothered)

So my mum sayed “yo u little shit, wtf are you playing at, eating teh school and killing all teh peeps?”

“well, slendaman eated me first.”

“YOUR FATHER!” she screamed. There was a strong smell of poop. I gues she sharted a bit.

“Yeah lol” i retorted.

“Weel, I guess if you know, then thats that.” she sayed, driveing on still.

We got to teh new house. We had to rent coz we needed a plaice asap but watevs. Anyways, we rang teh doorbell, and teh landlord came out. It was…


“OH SHIT” me and ma mum said together.

“jinx” i said.

“shut da fuck up biatch.” my mum said.

Then sleenderman eated her. “lol thanks slendy” i sayed.

“who da fuk said you could call me dat!” he screamed.

“we still never established how the fuk you can talk since u don’t hav a face” i replid.

“why da fuk don’t u ask yourself. U dont have a face either you little shizzle.” he said, shooting a tenticle out his face and then doing a flip 4 no reason. “anyway, go away. I’m having a rave in ma house.” he turned back to shout into da house. “yo guys, trun up teh music!” he screamed.

Loads of swoggy dubstep flew out the house, then slenderman spontainiously combusted. Lolwat. I walked into da house and mutant potato was doing a dance to the dubsteps. I danced too, and we feel in loove. Yayyy.

Later, we got married and had lods of potatoes kids and then killed them and had potatos 4 dinner.