who could say no to him

I did what I had to do

A/N: Part two of Here’s what we’re gonna do

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader

“We must get your sister as well.” Cas said as he looked at Sam and Dean, “She is the back up plan for both angels and demons. If either of them get to her first and she says yes then all of this is for nothing.”

Sam and Dean shared a confused look, “What are you talking about Cas?” Sam questioned.

“Our sister’s been dead for almost thirteen years.” Dean added gruffly. He hated talking about you. You were his twin, the one he could have saved if he had been there to intervene in the fight you had with John. Instead he was at the library and you went searching for him. You never found him. Instead you had been taken by a shifter and killed.

It was his fault.

“No she has not.” Cas replied with a confused face, “She resides in Columbus, Ohio. I believe she works at a bank.”

“A bank?” Dean deadpanned.

“Yes, I believe so.” Cas responded.

“Cas,” Sam said before letting out a breath, “Our sister died when she was seventeen.”

“No she did not.” Cas argued back, getting annoyed that the boys didn’t believe him.

“I’m warning you Cas, drop it.” Dean huffed out.

“Fine. I’ll show you.” Cas responded before placing his hands on each Winchester’s shoulder’s and zapping them to your location.

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Hate me if you want but I wanna talk about it. Or at least get this out.

From 2014 to 2016, I was emotionally and sexually involved with a man who is in a relationship. For the first 6 months, I was completely unaware of it. But after I found out, I didn’t end it. It fucked with me emotionally of course but nevertheless, I stayed. He was everything I wanted…. Correction, he is everything I want. He challenges me mentally. He teaches me. He tells me when I’m wrong. He lifts me when I’m down. He knows about my depression and does not treat me differently. We have intellectual conversations​ on a level that I’ve never had with someone I’ve been connected to. He reminds me of my dad. I see myself in him. I see myself with him. I love his ambition. I love his drive. I love being in his presence. Simply sitting near him gives me the greatest calm I’ve ever experienced. I’ve opened up to him emotionally more than any other person I’ve been involved with. He’s sweet. He’s beautiful. He’s everything.

And he’s engaged to be married…. I didn’t find out until nearly 6 months after…. (This doesn’t excuse what I did at all. I’m just saying it because it breaks my heart.)

Wtf have I done to myself?

I ended things at the beginning of the year because his fiance gave birth to his child. I was not about to be the person who could potentially tear a father away from his son. We have enough of that in our community. I could no longer contribute to the heartbreak and unhappiness of another black woman… I also did it for me. There’s no future in this. If I'ma be in pain emotionally, I’d rather be in pain on my own. I still feel guilty though. I made a decision to stay with a man that was not mine. I made the decision to reduce myself to something that I am not. I made the decision to hurt another black woman. I’ve been hurt that way before… Why tf would I want that to happen to someone else…..

Now I’m doing a LOT of self evaluation. Clearly something has gone awry in me that allowed me to participate in such a situation and I HAVE to correct it. I have to heal myself so that I don’t allow myself to be taken advantage of. So that I don’t give myself lower than what I deserve. So that I don’t treat myself lower than what I am worth. This was all me. And I’m learning that it’s not him I have to forgive. I have to forgive me. I have to stand up and decide not to walk in the footsteps my mother left before me. I’m going to create a new path. I’m going to walk in a direction no woman in my family has ever walked. I will no longer operate beneath who I am….

high school gafou au where gaston just starts to realize he’s in love with lefou but can’t bring himself to say anything, thinks it’s wrong or dirty, so instead he just decides to find the objectively best girl to be “normal” with: belle. But throughout the year all of belle’s rejections just make it more difficult because if he can’t even get this random girl to like him romantically how could he ever expect lefou to??

He’s in the middle of biology when he overhears belle talking to adam, (and why she would associate with someone like him gaston won’t ever understand)

she says, “you know I think I know someone who would date lefou”

And gaston fees a surge of panic, but he remembers that he’s been very persistently asking belle to date him. there’s so way she’d be talking about him. And sure enough, they’re talking about some kid stanley, and gaston is filled with jealousy which doesn’t make sense because stanley and lefou aren’t even dating, it’s just the idea of them dating

And gaston grumbles to himself, “but wouldn’t anyone date lefou?”

and he thought he was quiet but let’s be honest is gaston ever quiet

so belle turns around like “what? wait….. do you-?”

And gaston is in too much shock to say anything

“you are!” belle claps her hands together and Adam smiles beside her

and let’s just say the rest of the year goes with belle playing matchmaker between gaston and lefou

It was a terrible job! Look at them all! Look at what happened to Elizabeth Siddal [muse of painter Millais who almost drowned posing for him]. It was a great honour of course, I am aware of that, and I’m glad I did it. But rewarding? I wouldn’t say so. The fact I co-wrote songs didn’t come out until Keith [Richards]’s book. I could never have said that.
—  Marianne Faithfull on being Mick Jagger’s muse.
About Himchan and Jonghyun’s situation

I just wanted to write a little something because I’m really upset about this.

So, just to remind or tell some people who still don’t know about this, Jonghyun form CNBLUE, a old friend of Himchan, in a video, told himchan “Lose weight, Lose weight!”. 

Some people (like me) are really mad about this and some other are saying “It’s a joke! They are friends!”.

Just let me get this straight: those kind of hurtful jokes are not okay, regardless of who says it. Especially in Himchan’s case! We KNOW he has a eating disorder and have been struggling with his weight for a very long time! 

Not even one month ago, Himchan was at this hospital for a stress fracture because of his sudden weight loss. And still, people didn’t learn and tells him to lose weight. What if someday he does too far? He was already hurt because of this, I don’t want to know what could happen next. I just want him to be heathly. remember Badman era? He was so thin, it’s scary. Now he is at his healthly weight and people wants him to lose more weight. Do you realize how dangerous it can be? Especially in his case where he is often dancing, practising, etc. 

I had a friend who was always moking me, saying hurtful things. As a joke of course. Those comments were even about something that I was struggling with (like wieght or skin color, etc). But does that mean I was okay with it? Does that mean it didn’t hurt me? No. I was deeply hurt by this until I had enough and cut ties with her. Best decision I have ever made. 

I just hope that his friends will stop saying that.

I really envy my boyfriend. He never reads the chat when people flame and even if he does, he just laughs and doesn’t get mad from what other people say about him. On the other hand, I can’t ignore it no matter how much I try and always end up arguing or defending myself from stupid people. Wish I could learn to be more like him and just cut off everyone in game who is not friendly.

“Uncle Leon is all I have in this world!”

Nice try, Level 5, but you can’t expect me to believe Emmy would say that line willingly after everything she’s been through in the previous games. (She must have been trying to appease Bronev or something.) There are so many moments when Emmy is seen smiling with Layton, Luke, Grosky, Aurora, Desmond, the Misthallery kids, the Monte d’Or gang and the rest of the Azran Legacy cast. 

There is not a single cutscene - not even a picture - when she is seen bonding with Bronev, or could be considering her relationship with him. The most we get is an ominous line at the end of Miracle Mask when she asks, “Who were the Azran?” 

Nice try Level 5, but I’ll take Emmy’s character development over your random-ass plot twist. 

(I know the whole point is that she still has Luke and Layton at the end of AL regardless of her betrayal, but I still don’t give a monkey’s uncle about her ties to Bronev.)

So we finally see what it looks like when a Philosopher’s Stone is made.

Surprise surprise, it’s very, very, painful.

“It was given to Major Zolph(?) J. Kimblee. He was known as the Crimson Alchemist.”

DUDE, THAT’S RIGHT! I REMEMBER! I remember in a prior flashback, we totally saw Kimblee have red sparks fly about him as he destroyed Scarface’s immediate family.

Kimblee was the one who made Scarface what he is today. I’ve only just remembered.

We also had a scene where some Government bigwigs were musing if Kimblee could be a potential Sacrifice, so I’d definitely say the Homunculi have long liked Kimblee’s psychopathic demeanor. I don’t think Kimblee himself is aware of the Homunculi in turn, however.

Aku Headcanon #6

For the most part, he does exercise proper manners without being prompted; saying “please” and “thank you,” bowing his head as a gesture of respect, asking politely to examine objects that don’t belong to him, etc. He is only rude when given reason to be, or when he’s impatient to be rid of someone (which, to be fair, is pretty often).

It is considered a high honor for him to bow his head for anyone. He usually only does this towards other deities/gods/supernatural beings who could potentially be a threat, other world leaders that he deems competent, elderly people, and others whom he generally finds worth knowing.

[See S05E05 for quotes. Here are some of the roleplays in which he inclines his head at people he respected: ]

You Still Linger

A/N: An anon request for a fic based off Jealous by Labrinth. God DAMN this song is sad. This is short, but I think it works best as it is. @coveofmemories


I wished you the best of
All this world could give
And I told you when you left me
There’s nothing to forgive

God…he’d never known how much he could love someone until you came along. But apparently, he’d never been meant to have the best of both worlds. His job was who he was. And that didn’t sit well with you. It was too hard for you to watch him leave, never knowing whether or not he would come back. After nearly 10 months together, you’d told him it was too painful. Tears were shed. Bile had risen in your throat as you choked out the words you didn’t want to say. But you knew it was the best thing for you. You apologized profusely. The amazing thing was, he’d understood, and told you he didn’t blame you and that he’d always love you.

How true that was.

When you walked out the door, he truly wished the world for you. In the back of his head however, he always hoped you’d come back eventually, realize that the fear that wracked you was worth the love you shared. That maybe things hadn’t worked out with anyone else, because you two were meant for each other. But now, he was sitting in the coffee shop near your apartment as the rain came down in sheets outside, a steady thunderous noise beating against the rood. And you passed by - soaked to the skin from the storm. 

It was dark and gray outside, but looking at you, one probably couldn’t tell. Your smile was enough to lighten up the darkest of days. You were happy, walking arm in arm with a close friend after a day out. Without him. It was then that he realized he’d never been jealous in this way before. 

As he sipped his coffee, he watched the rain bead against the smoothness of your skin, running down slowly like his hands used to when he’d been privileged enough to know you. The wind passed through your clothes and caused you to hug yourself tighter, chilled to the bone. Once, his arms had been the things to keep you warm, but now the wind was closer than he would ever be again. In seconds, you passed the storefront, leaving his line of sight, but you still lingered there at the forefront of his mind. 

He wasn’t outside, but water was still streaming down his face. Who got to be there to see you smile at the end of the day? Who was making you happy now? All he knew was that it wasn’t him, and that ripped him apart inside. 

At night, someone else would get to sleep beside you. Who was he? Was he treating you right? Like the treasure you were. Did he appreciate your kindness? Your generosity? You were more capable of love and had more of it to give than anyone he’d ever know, and for 10 brief months, he’d been on the receiving end. Someone else had that privilege now. 

Conflicting feelings raged within his mind. He wanted you to be happy. You deserved to be. But watching you be happy - seeing it with his own two eyes - was harder for him than he’d ever imagined.

It’s hard for me to say, I’m jealous of the way
You’re happy without me


Missed connection:

You, with the bloody knuckles, angry and wound up like you were set to burst.

Me, blue balls, and bluer, hypothermic, balls.

It’s Marco who leans over to whisper conspiratorially in his ear, “That’s Eren, you should talk to him.” He says it with a smile that dimples both cheeks, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he’d funneled vodka down Jean’s throat like it was going out of style, he could be mistaken for the picture of angelic innocence. 

As it is, he’s funneled vodka down Jean’s throat. As it is, Jean’s spent the better part of two and a half years in love with him, wasting his lit major on truly terrible poetry about longing and unrequited love. Not that he thought it was terrible. His professor told him that.

“Nah,” he says instead, glancing quickly over at Eren – eyebrows knitted, frowning, fingers clasped around a dart – “I’m here for you, babe,” he winks, and it feels less stupid than it is because Marco laughs and because he has half a bottle of hard liquor sloshing around in his stomach.

Regrets, like hangovers, are saved for morning afters.

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Free Dessert with a Proposal (SonnyxPete)

Summary: For their one year anniversary, Sonny and Pete decide they want to try out a new (extremely expensive) restaurant out of the barrio. And they decide to pay for it, not by dipping into Sonny’s share of the lotto winnings, but by faking a proposal in hopes for a free meal. (Usnavi is not at all impressed with his cousin’s antics but can’t say no to him)

Word count: 835

Warnings: N/A

A/N: Fake proposal…heh

“Hey cuz, I got a question.”

“Yeah? What’s up mijo?”

“Do you have a ring I could borrow? Pete’s going to propose but…we don’t have a ring.” Usnavi nearly choked on his coffee, staring across at Sonny who was still stocking the shelves with that day’s shipment.

“I’m sorry what? Sonny, you two’ve only been dating like a year!”

“That you know of.” Sonny muttered, digging through the box. Usnavi narrowed his eyes, but decided to leave the questioning for that until later.

“Besides, you can relax. It ain’t for real.”

“Not…for real?” Usnavi repeated, tilting his head with a frown.

“Yeah. There’s just this restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to. Rumor has it they give free meals to people who get engaged so…” Sonny shrugged, turning with a smile.

“You two are going to get engaged…for free dinner?”

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Speak To Me - Sneak Peek

Mon-El gripped the clothes, they had a different smell than what he was used to. He smelled them, trying to contain the growing ache against his chest, as flames burned within his heart. The room was the dark, the small crib was empty and he could hear the rain pouring down outside.

He wanted to get up, but he felt so at home in there, as if he didn’t had to face the storm outside. He felt a presence and looked it up. His red eyes meeting Kara’s, who’s eyes were blank and devoid from emotion.

—     Please, say something — he begged. His own voice barely a whisper while he stared at the woman in front of him.  It was getting harder to breath, to think. The pain was overwhelming, and it was threatening to take him over completely. Looking at her, seeing the eyes that were once so full or life now being that dull, that made his heart succumb even more.

He saw as her moved around the empty room, towards the bookshelves of children books, the empty and white closet, the little toys perfectly organized on a shelve. Then, as if it destroyed her to even look at him, she said:

—     There’s nothing to say.

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I really love langst as much as the next person who does but I really dislike how langst writers and artists portray the other Paladins into acting like assholes to Lance.

In reality, everyone really does cares for Lance.

Pidge, Hunk, and Lance are GREAT friends. The Garrison Trio are close and they all get along so well. Pidge and Hunk acknowledge Lance as their teammate and friend. Sometimes they can get fed up with Lance’s acts. But they wouldn’t push him away.

If anything were to be wrong with Lance, Hunk would be the most likely person to know and comfort him. Heck, you can even say Hunk and Lance are best friends. Out of all of the characters in the series, Hunk would be the person who would be Lance’s comfort. Hunk is a kind and respectful person. He would never be mean to his friends.

Pidge, although she could get fed up with Lance, gets along really well with him. Lance, if anything, would be the person who is the biggest brother-figure to her. Remember how Lance helped Pidge out at the mall episode? They get along so well and Pidge would never act so hateful towards Lance.

With Keith, even as rivals, they respect each other as people and as Paladins. Their rivalry sparks a relationship with understanding and cooperation. Keith and Lance may be rivals, but Keith wouldn’t go as far as to hurt, yell, or insult Lance.

Shiro is an understanding and supportive figure. As the leader and as the black paladin, he’s the one out of the Paladins who probably would give him the most support besides Hunk. He’s encouraged Lance before, referring to him as their sharpshooter, praising him. Shiro wouldn’t be the type of person to shun Lance away.

I may be rambling about things but this has been on my mind recently and really, all the Paladins do have so much love and care for Lance and it kinda breaks my heart to see them portrayed as being hateful and ignorant towards Lance :’D

Alex Standall Cute Fluffy Fanfic

@palma4 said “Hey, can you do an Alex fanfic? Where Y/N and him are already together, like a lot of cute stuff and everything like that 😄”

The sun was streaming in through the window in blades of light. Alex was still fast asleep as the morning light diffused around his head and formed a halo. Y/n looked at him and they could have cried he was so beautiful. Y/n touched his nose and he woke up slowly, rubbing his eyes.

“Morning sleepy head.” Y/n giggled.

Alex smiled then stretched like a cat.

“What time is it.” He said with a yawn.

“Almost 8.”

“What time do your parents get home?”

“Not till 3.”

Alex looked at you. He was wide awake now, and anyone would say he had the look of someone who was in love. He reached over and brushed y/n’s hair out of their face. Then he kissed y/n.

“You know I love you, right?” He said with a whisper.

Y/n smiled. “Yes.”

Then, suddenly, Alex leaped from the bed, turning back to you.

“So here’s the plan. We make pancakes. Then we go on a picnic. And we make out under a tree in a children’s park.” He beamed at y/n.

“Sounds like a plan.” Y/n laughed.

They raced each other to the kitchen and began making the pancakes. More times than not, Alex would blow flour into y/n’s face then grab them by the waist and makeout with them. It took them 3 hours to make the pancakes and when they finally finished, they fed each other bites of the other’s plate. They were disgustingly adorable. Then y/n grabbed a basket and blanket as Alex pulled things out of the fridge for their picnic and they set on foot to the park that was down the street.

Finding a spot in the shade, Alex tackled y/n and they both fell down in laughter. They weren’t that hungry so the food kind of just sat there; they were more focused on each other. Alex laid on his side, looking at you. He had the same look on his face. On y/n couldn’t quite describe. It was as if he were looking at an angel or the happiest moments of his childhood playing in front of him. He looked so serene. Then he scooted closer to y/n and wrapped his arms around them. They fell asleep like that, as the children in the park played make believe and laughed.

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Does Bendy play fetch with Boris?

Bendy: He only plays fetch when it comes to catching baddies or the guys we are supposed to assassinate on my command. The reason why Boris is my consigliere because he has that super wolf sense of smell that no one could ever escape from ,not even me. Although he’s always gets mad when i praise him by saying “whos a good boy~”.

Just One? (Jason Todd x Reader)

Jason Todd/Red Hood x Reader

Prompt: Reader gets wounded on patrol and RedHood!Jason tries to help but the reader doesn’t want him to bother them.

I know this is shitty but it’s my first 


You made your way to a rooftop, clutching your arm. You cursed to yourself as you sat down, examining the cut. It was bad, but it could be worse, you thought. 

“Well this is unexpected,” you heard a voice say. You jumped at the sound, but relaxed once you realized who it was. I was wrong, you thought. 

“Really not in the mood for you right now, Hood.” 

You had several meetings with the Red Hood, and he didn’t intimidate you like he once did. Constantly he would make witty and sarcastic remarks, and he was somehow always around you. After a while he began to irritate you more than anything.

“That looks pretty bad,” he said, ignoring your statement. 

“I said I’m not in the mood! And I’m–” you hissed as the cut started to sting. 

He walked closer to you and squatted down, trying to see the cut. You groaned and kicked his helmet, causing him to fall backwards. 

“Why won’t you just leave me alone?” you asked, pulling part of your cape off and wrapping it around your arm. You tried standing up, but fell backwards. Your legs were immensely sore from being on patrol all night.

“Because you’re going to bleed out even more if you don’t stop being so stubborn and just let me help you,” he replied, standing up in front of you. You sighed as you came to your senses and stood up.

“Alright. Fine. Just get it over with.”

He pulled out a bottle with a clear liquid and took your ripped cape, dunking the liquid on it. He grabbed your arm and held it out, about to wrap it up. He started to put it on as you jerked your hand away. 

“What is that? Why do you even have it?”

“Do you want to bleed out?” he asked impatiently. 

You looked into the eyes of his mask as you put your arm back out. As he wrapped the cape around your arm, you flinched from the burning. 

“I know, it stings. Sorry,” he apologized.

Once he was done you stared at the ground awkwardly. 

“Thanks,” you mumbled. You were unsure how you felt about the Red Hood now. He was sarcastic, irritating, but in some way charming. 

“You know when someone does something nice for someone else,” he said smoothly, tapping the side of his mask– his cheek. Your face turned crimson as you sighed. You quickly pulled him close as you laid a kiss on his helmet.

“Oh, just one?” he asked sarcastically. 

You smirked as you jumped to the side of the roof.

“Just one.”

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That post about Harry not wanting to watch those clips was so...dumb like are they even listening to Harry when he says that the band gave him everything he has and were they completely ignoring the smile on his face while he was watching? I don't get it, Harry's my fav out of the boys but I could never hate them and in fact love them very much. I doubt Harry would like it very much to see his own 'fans' shitting on his own band who he clearly loves very much. I don't get it.

Honestly! This! Is! So! True! He looked so bloody happy when the videos were showing. It was a little reminiscent moment where he got the opportunity to go back to the good old days. 

Harry would be so disheartened and upset, and maybe a little disgusted, and he’d hate to see fans shitting on where he came from and how he became known and shitting on those he clearly still adores and loves and would do anything for.

I never understand how these fans could ever consider themselves as fans? They’re horrible, drama-creating solo stans who think Harry is the best thing since sliced bread and that One Direction were nothing without him. Yes, we have the Harries and the Harry stans in this fandom… But, the majority of these Harries respect the boys and support them all as OT4 rather than shitting on everything. 

I adore Harry and he’s my absolute favourite, and I’ll probably support him a bit more than the others because he’s my favourite, but I also adore the other boys and support them with what they do in their careers and I always will support them to the ends of the earth because I’ve loved them for 7 years (ALMOST!). This break doesn’t give me or anyone else the right to shit on their achievements.

The sad thing is… These solo Harry stans who shit on the other boys, and say that Harry doesn’t appreciate them or and thinks he’s better than them, will go back to kissing Louis’ ass and Niall’s ass and Liam’s ass when One Direction come back… And that’s just so wrong. You don’t get to disrespect them and then consider yourself as a fan. It doesn’t work like that. xx

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Hp asks 3, 7, 8

3. (I just answered this one)
7. I have to say Harry Potter, obviously. It was the first chapter book I read in elementary school and I fell in love. I never knew that books could transport you to an entirely different full of magic and new friends. This series has given me so much and I will always come home to it. But besides the obvious choice, two that are of favorites are A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas and Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli (I highly recommend both).
8. Who do you think was the best father figure towards Harry?
Ahh, there were so many amazing father figures in Harry’s life! Hagrid was there for him no matter what but I wouldn’t say he’s ‘fatherly’. Arthur was kind of like his stepdad but they weren’t entirely close.
It all comes back to the Marauders. Sirius did everything he could from day one to ensure that he was there for Harry. Starting with the flying bike. When his best friend died, he knew that Harry was his now. Sirius simply did not get enough time with Harry. He would have been a truly extraordinary father *cough* with Remus Lupin.
Honestly there were so many better people to name your child after than Severus.

bitty being nervous about nhl scouts part 2

read part 1

The television was black and blank. Only faint static filled the room. But then an ESPN logo animation and a few bars of a nighttime show jingle brought it awake.

Four men behind an odd futuristic desk began talking.

A man spit toothpaste into a sink, opened a door, and stepped into the room, facing the screen with his whole body.

“–and as for our moresurprising prospects leading into the summer, we have some really non-traditional hockey markets, you could say, showing up–”

“Really, there isn’t a nontraditional hockey market anymore–”

“What we’re talking about is–”

“Well look. Look. All I’m saying is,” One of the men piped up, spreading his hands, “Is Eric Bittle worth a look because he played with Jack Zimmermann, the Falconers’ leading scorer, who snagged a nearly-unprecedented A on his sweater in his first NHL season? Do the teams courting him think they’re getting a version of that?”

“I’d say no, Chris. Everything about this kid is different. His play is less polished and less physical. And yes, I know he’s still going to grow into his man body. He has a completely different relationship to the game. What they are probably looking for is a forward who has detail with the puck.”

“Then they’d be better off with Mike Rooney or, heck, Danniel Carson. People who can help a team right now, who have more under their belts. A Frozen Four win is great but–”

“We need to bring up his height. Maybe being under six feet tall in the NCAA works differently. You can’t teach height–”

“As a former short hockey player,” the third man to the left said, “no, you can’t teach height, but you shouldn’t need to. And yes, he might play a less physical game, he might only work in Samwell’s unique system of defensemen and linemates–but he has come this far after a concussion as a freshman. And then there’s the story. He’s from Georgia, if an American team winds up with him–there’s your angle. His dad’s a noted football coach. This kid is on Twitter all hours of the day and night–this is PR a team will love–he has a baking vlog, for Christ’s sake. This is the new NHL, walking and talking, and there are so many fans he can reach. possibly new players who didn’t think there was a place for them in sports even if they are talented.”

“I forgot that–his concussion kept him out of play for a bit.”

“You can’t teach bouncing back from an injury like that, either.”

Bitty turned off the TV and watched the bright bouncing dots vanish. Then he lay flat on his back on the bed. The moment he hit the pillow he was out. It felt like a moment later that he was awake again. Except he wasn’t in a bed, he was in a room, and his mother and father were seated next to him. And everything was bright for a moment, and in a loudspeaker a voice called out words that he couldn’t understand very well–and then he was on a stage, and a red cap and a jersey was given to him–

and the words formed themselves again as he tried again to understand them–

“…ick of the 2017 NHL Draft, the Montreal Canadiens select Eric Bittle.”

Bitty stared at a camera he didn’t own and tried to push the stiff cap down on his head. Tried to make it feel attached and close like his helmet did. Because it felt like it was barely perched there and could fall off at any moment

and be an omen.