who could say no to him

RFA Reacts to MC Who is Really Oblivious and Innocent

wohoho boi i’m rdy


- I wouldn’t say Yoosung is so much innocent as he is bashful, so he knows things (wink wonk ;* ) but he gets embarrassed easily.
- “Hey sweetie, I’m cold, do you think you could-”
- “Get you a sweater? Ofc baby!!!”
- Yoosung attempt at cuddles #73 resulted in failure
- again
- this guy just needs affection
- it takes him a while but he learns to be a bit more blunt.
- “MC can we cuddle-” BOOM. MC. Right there. Hugs everywhere. Cute kissies. mwa mwa mwa.
- You begin to understand Yoosung’s body language for when he wants something.
- Looks at you and opens arms? Hugs
- Looks at you and pours his lips out a bit? Kissiesss
- His grip on ur waist tighten? oh boy it might be naughty time ;))
- But he’s sure to vocalize, and you love how flustered he gets.

- oh no
- ur too cute and sweet and you pick up on nONE OF HIS FLIRTING.
- “Hey MC, If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together.” oh ya that’ll charm her for sure-
- “You know if you think about it the alphabet is in a random order, but we decided that’s alphabetical. Like, who decided that? The Greeks? Speaking of Greek did you know in Greek Mythology-” mC NO
- be patient Zen try again
- “Are you a parking ticket? Because you have fine written all over you ;)” it’s too straightforward she has to get this-
- “Ugh do NOT get me started on how corrupt the Justice System is. Instead of learning from our mistakes through education we just PAY to get out of punishments?? It’s rediculous-” NO MC YOURE GOING TO KILL HIM.
- Finally he’s blunt with you.
- “MC I think you’re very cute and I like you a lot will u plz d8 me.”
- “I like you too!! Not gonna lie I really didn’t think you liked me back so I’m glad you finally said something.”
- ur first date is at his funeral bc u killed him.

- Baehee doesn’t even know she’s Gayhee until you show up.
- So she’s just as innocent, but not as oblivious.
- You’ve been working together for two years at the coffee shops and you two always get told you’re a cute couple
- “Oh no, we’re just best friends!”
- :* so um
- The entire RFA was under the impression you were dating.
- One day in the chat Jumin asked you were we’re coming up on your two year anniversary.
- “of what? opening the shop? that was a couple months ago jumin u were literally there when we celebrated.”
- “No of your relationship.”
- ur what
- “Well I mean i didn’t know you had anniversaries for friendships but i think it’s cute! what should i get her?”
- “everything i know is a lie” Seven piped in
- “Jaehee isn’t gay!” MC YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN SO WRONG
- “MC ur stupid jaehee is the gayest out of all of us, and since i’m the one saying that it means something.”
- Okay Seven
- finally jaehee had had enough
- “MC, would you like to go out tonight-”
- “Of course!”
- “-on a date?”
- “… I’d love that.”

- King of Straightforward
- that’s can be both good and bad
- But even with how straightforward he is, you still miss his cues.
- “MC, you look beautiful.”
- “I can’t wait to see you.”
- “You’re so talented.”
- “You’re not like anyone I’ve ever met.”
- and everything gets the same response.
- “Awe, thank you Jumin! You’re such a great friend!”
- *sirens sound*
- “Excuse me officer i would like to report a fucking murder.”
- Seven no now is not the time
- Zen was laughing his ass off
- “Yeah jumin you are a good FRIEND to MC”
- Jumin is slumped in the corner
- Defeated
- Given up on love
- that is until you and Jaehee are talking over the phone about this mysterious guy you’ve fallen for (hehehehehe)
- “He’s wonderful and kind and always says the nicest things to me!… But I don’t think he sees me like that.”
- “Why not MC?”
- “He doesn’t show any interest in being something other than friends.”
- “I’m sorry MC”
- “It’s okay, it’s not my fault Jumin doesn’t like me-”
- “ MC W H A T !!”
- “Shoot, Jaehee, I didn’t mean to say it, I just-”
- so jaehee sprints into Jumins office, where jumin all like “>:0 u know there’s this thing called knocking-”
- “Assistant Kang this is completely unprofessional-”
- “MC likes you too!”
- at ur apartment in .6 seconds flat
- Broke the sound barrier
- you open the door to see ur big ole crush just standing there, panting, nearly doubled over
- “Jumin oh my god what’s wrong-”
- “You like me.”
- “Of course I do you’re my friend-”
- he pulled away, hands on your shoulders
- “You LIKE me.”
- i mean ye maybe
- “U-Uh… Ya.”
- that’s when you saw the most beautiful sight.
- Jumin Han laughing. Like, REALLY laughing.
- It was so deep and beautiful and genuine.
- Once he finished he looked back down at you, smiling, tears from laughing so hard in his eyes.
- “Would you like to go to Dinner?”
- “YES!! I-I mean, uh, Yeah, sure, sounds cool.”


- “Seven just ask her out-”
- “No! I’m too dangerous.”
- “MC go talk to him!”
- “No he keeps pushing me away!”
- “I wish MC/Seven liked me back…”
- The RFA has had it
- You get a text from Zen to meet the RFA at your favorite restaurant.
- You see Seven once you arrive, but no one else.
- You two talk but it grows awkward
- bc u two like each other
- but ur stoopid
- “Seven and MC, correct?” A voice called out from behind you. You both nodded.
- “Right this way.”
- You wee lead to a table with only… 2 seats
- “Hey what about-”
- “I regret to inform you that the rest of the RFA will not be joining, but they (jumin) have already paid for your dinner so, please, enjoy.”
- o k a y
- Seven looks at you, trying to gauge your response, but you just smiled and sat down.
- You two talk for 2 billion hours
- at least it feels like that
- Seven gets a random text from Zen
- “Soooo, how are things going ;)”
- He ignored it, choosing to give you his attention instead.
- “-like you” were the words he managed to pick out before he froze.
- “Wait, you like me?”
- “What?”
- “Because I like you!”
- “You like me?
- "I mean-”
- you grabbed his hand.
- “Because I like you too.”
- Seven looked down then back up at you.
- “Wow, you have a crush on me? that’s so embarrassing…”
- Cue you throwing ur spoon at him

Bestfriends Secrets Part 2

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Prompt: An imagine where the reader catches her best friend Stiles kissing her other best friend Lydia.

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

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Shindou for the Who Did It First? Please and thank you!

Shindou You

Who asked who out first?

He asked you. He’d been practicing his smooth approach in the mirror for a few days, wanting to get it just right. The practice did help him as he didn’t stumble over his words, though he heard some of his friends mutter about the cocky look on his face. His genuine smile was something that easily captured the attention of your heart, so you couldn’t help but say yes.

Who initiated the first kiss?

He did. You could tell he was antsy about something, and figured it might have to do with making a certain romantic move. You decide based on how much you know him, it’d be better to let him make the first move on his own time; you don’t have to wait for long because soon he loses his patience entirely and swoops in to give you a quick smooch.

Who said I love you first?

He said it loudly, and boldly, and it was definitely not an opinion but a fact. For him to actually say something like he loved you meant a huge deal for your relationship, because he had been so wary about being involved before but now you could tell his heart was completely in it. 

Who would have the others picture as their phone background?

Shindou lies and says you’re not his background because he’s not that type of emotional gushmaster like other boyfriends, but he does have an album of pictures of the two of you together, and also individual ones he screenshotted from any social media you’ve sent him.

Who proposes?

He does. He always has a plan, and seems to get you to do exactly what he wants without complaint or a hint of suspicion. He has everything planned down to the last detail, even the things that could go wrong, just in case. You’re surprised at how romantic the moment is even though he acts like he’s ‘not that type of boyfriend’ but it makes you happy to see him putting effort into starting your future together.

Who does the dishes?

There is nothing he hates more than doing meticulous chores. He’ll do them, especially if you bother him enough about it, but he does whine the entire time and try to bargain with you so that you’ll do them from that point on.

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning?

You are. Shindou has a hard time waking up in the morning, which he tells you is because he values his beauty sleep. If he wakes up too early he finds himself falling asleep in class in the afternoons, but if it’s an off day, then he’ll be found snoozing away on his couch by lunch time.

Who gets to pick the movie type on movie nights?

Shindou always swears that he has the best taste in movies, but often they’re romantic ones with some thriller undertones; they always have a twist that no one sees coming. He likes to wrap an arm around your shoulder and ask if you know what’s going to happen, the twinkle in his eyes telling you that you’re most likely wrong, and that you’ll never guess the ending.

Who lavishes the other one in gifts?

He loves the way your eyes light up when he gives you a gift, so he tends to shower you in little, thoughtful ones. He always surprises you with how well he knows your likes and dislikes.

Who worries more about the other?

Shindou just seems to have a tendency to irritate people, which would cause you to worry about him maintaining friendships and also getting his ass kicked by rival schools for being pretentious. He always tells you there’s nothing to worry about because he’s confident in his skills, but that only makes you worry more.

(After 2x20 because I couldn’t resist)

They still had things to work through Alec would never act otherwise but one night of peace,having made up could set it aside. He could forget about the missing demons easily with Magnus smiling at him again. With the ringed hand that grabbed his own lacing their fingers together. 

Stumbling through the portal an slight bit only to be steadied by Magnus,”You alright there?” 

“Tripped an little bit,might also be an bit tired.” No use saying otherwise it was obvious realizing their hands were still together. Untangling his hand so he could set aside his jacket and weapons watching Magnus who took his off oh so gracefully setting it aside. 

Quiet for an moment he leaned against the wall starting to tug off an boot wobbling an bit far to the left. “You’re going to hurt yourself.” Magnus pulled him onto the couch,”Also are you sure it’s not the drinks you had?” It was teasing meanwhile Alec set his boots aside socks shoved inside them. 

Sticking his tongue out an few seconds before laying across his boyfriend’s lap. “Then maybe I shouldn’t be trusted with things like walking right now,and think you had more drinks then me I only had the one.” 

Eyes looking up at Magnus going quiet an moment mostly zoned out. Had neglected sleep,not gotten very much lately that was for sure. More tired than ever what with having felt Jace die all that happened. “By the way nice aim earlier how’d you ever become the Head of the Institute?” 

“Hey I tried to cover you.” Alec didn’t even really mean to have some fake defense to his tone but it got Magnus to laugh which made him smile. “At least I’m not the one who is capable of making portals but failed to walk through it normally.” 

Magnus shook his head but was clearly not annoyed in the slightest,”By cover me you mean run across the sand calling my name several times while I was sealing the breach my hero.” 

Alec propped himself up some eyes looking into his boyfriend’s. “Well do believe still owe an couple thank you’s.” Sitting in Magnus’ lap kissing him feeling ringed hands on either side of him in return. An few kisses later just buried his face in the other’s shirt mostly glad hadn’t been any remarks about Jace’s death,anything of the nature. 

Feeling an hand running through his hair,”Think we both could use some sleep,goes without saying we’re more than just exhausted from today.” He was already slightly drifting off but weakly unburied his face looking at Magnus. Hardly wanted to move couldn’t they just sleep together on the couch? “You’re practically half out already,and being clumsy I suggest just wrap your legs around me.”

Gladly he let his boyfriend carry him into the bedroom inhaling the scent of him just in case woke up to find out had just been an dream. It wasn’t but never could be too careful. Crawling under the covers only barely aware of magic taking away their clothes. 

Though fully aware of how he curled up to Magnus legs tucked up this own chest some meanwhile his head rested on his boyfriend’s chest. Practically as close could be grateful for that heartbeat he could hear mixing with his own. “Missed you.” 

Sleepily muttered as felt lips pressed to his forehead,”Get some sleep Alexander.” 

“Think-now that I’m home with you-.” All he got out before drifting off holding onto Magnus so that wouldn’t wake up in bed alone. Hopefully both of them could get some rest for once. Which was needed after all the latest disasters. 

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And now, on the list of dreams I had that sound made up but weren't: I dreamt that Marvin FINALLY got his own video but then you-know-who showed up casually (of course) and I remember right before waking up, I was thinking 'Holy cow! I need to talk to Fin about this!'. ...Well, I guess one part of that came true lol

:O I feel privileged you would come to me about this- cool Anon, thanks!

Jack HAS been reblogging quite a bit of Marvin fan art recently, and didn’t he say himself he would bring him back in a future video? I could see that happen!

I AM so excited to see SepticEgos again in the future! I can’t wait to see how they’ll return with TeamSeptic’s ideas and editing :D

… Even if that makes them targets for a certain Glitch Bitch this October.


Leanny decided to invite Connor, Annabella, Camélia and Kenneth at the restaurant so that they could get to know Jayson a little bit better but the boys just stared weirdly at him the whole time, Camélia tried not to complain too much about the situation but her face did not want to cooperate. The only one who tried to light up the mood was Annabella. Needless to say, Leanny was kind of pissed.

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what if Napoleon and Illya are used to short hugs? to say hello etc. But that one time Napoleon has a bad day or is just really touch starved, so when they hug, and Illya moves to break the embrace Napoleon pulls him closer and doesn't let go of his friend? Just kinda clngs to him.

:) :) :) :) :) destroy me

I could see Illya going rigid at first, because he doesn’t know how to react. Then, he just puts his arms around him again and tries his best to comfort Napoleon, which is a challenge because he doesn’t know how. He doesn’t even know what’s wrong. Silently, he curses himself, because he should be better at reading Napoleon by now.

It takes Illya a while to stop his trembling hands and he tries to focus on Napoleon’s breathing instead. As always, it helps to calm him down and Illya starts stroking his partner’s back. Then, he whispers that everything is going to be alright, even though he needs to convince himself first. Later, he’ll ask Napoleon what’s wrong, but for now, he hums and comforts the other man.

Glitched (Part Four)

Dr. Scheepelstein lays Signe down gently, making sure not to hurt her as her eyes slip closed, he didn’t want to do that, but he had to. If she learnt of Sean’s egos then it could cause some mental health problems, not to mention her safety would plummet greatly. She’d be more of a target than she is already. No matter what ego, no Jack wants to see her get hurt.

Schneep looks over to Sean, who is passed out, he seems to be trembling slightly and even though his face barely shows emotion, he looks as if he’s going through great amounts of pain. He tuts. “No, no, no, zis is nut gud, iz it now?” He says, heaving one arm over his shoulder and pulls him to his feet, okay, now he just has to poof away back to the Ego Street, as he calls it, and find out what the problem is, he has an operating room in his house, it automatically appeared there the moment he did and the house shone with that minty blue light, indicating his “canonization”. This’ll be easy, he’s operated on far worse with hardly anything and he was successful! This’ll be a piece of cake! And once Sean is healed, he’ll simply bring him back, put him back where he found him and wait for Signe to awaken again before he calls it a day.

Schneep poofs into smoke with Sean, a new lime green smoke mixing with his mint one as they teleport. Schneep arrives directly into his operating room, there’s a metal operating table in the centre of the room, surrounded by tools, heart monitors, IV drips, all the things that;ll save his life. There’s a computer there too with a fairly tidy desk, though some papers are sprawled out over it but that’s not important right now.

Schneep lies his counterpart down on the operating table and connects the heart monitor to him, the green bar begins bouncing, beeping in a slow rhythm, Schneep scowls at this, fixing his gloves and mask into place.

He removes Sean’s shirt and sure as hell, there’s vein like darkness crawling across various parts of his body, the veins that usually run from the arms and lungs are a frightening black. Those same veins are running up his neck too, beginning to reach the lower parts of his chin, what is this? Poison? Schneep stares at it in shock. Don’t worry, he can still do this.

The doctor begins to operate, working carefully yet still as fast as he can, he keeps himself talking to calm himself, this poison is so intricate, it is travelling so fast, infecting different parts of his body all at the same time, that Schneep can barely keep up, he is losing his concentration, he almost feels the poison leak into his hands, travel up his arms and into his neck, he breathes in shakily, feeling the mask try to suffocate him, in his frustration he quickly throws it away though he still feels as cramped as before, as if all air is being stolen from him.

Schneep, as gently as he can, makes another incision along his chest near his heart, reaching for some A͜nt̵i-bacterial fluid to try and settle this poison, if he adds too much then who know’s what’ll happen?! He goes to inject it into the vein with a shaking hand, don’t fail, don’t fail, don’t fail.

Yet, the moment he presses on the plunger, he feels a sudden dizziness take over, his vision flashes for a moment, startling him, he sees buzzes and almost glitch-like pictures of himself appear for less than a second, he can almost hear laughter in his ears. What’s worse is that his thumb automatically presses hard into the plunger, inserting all of it into his vein, he didn’t do that! That wasn’t him! No!

Schneep barely recollects his bearings before he hears the heart monitor blare in alert and Sean shriek in pain, he never put him to sleep! Oh god, he forgot the most important part! He was so wrapped up in his own greatness he was sloppy, and now this operation has become even more dangerous! It’s too late to do it now, the poison has engulfed all of the veins to the neck and wrists, he’ll make it worse if he injects it now! “Fuck!” Schneep curses in panic, unable to think properly, “Hang in zere, Zean! I’m going to zave you, buddy!”

The minutes creep by slowly, taunting him as he frantically reaches for more and more medicine to help, yet every time he tries to do something, he gets thrown off by something, it glitches and buzzes and confuses him, it controls him like a puppet, either injecting too much, too little, not in the right place, what is happening!? Every time, Sean’s shrieks are the only thing to snap him back to himself, and every time he does, he feels more and more sick, he can feel the poison in his blood, it is reaching his neck, he feels as if someone is throttling him, their hands pressed against his throat, he coughs, almost unable to breathe. 

His blood is beginning to seep out of his chest, mixed with that deadly poison, it almost throbs with power, he’s made too many incisions! “Blood clots…blood clots!” Schneep panics, scrambling for something to stop that, but it is too risky, if he’s bleeding now then anything he does to stop blood clots may cause internal bleeding due to the incisions! At least they may stop it?! Fuck, he can’t think any more! “Immune boost, yes, boost zis immune zystem!” He says, injecting the immune boost into his cluttered system, right now, he’s trying everything to help him, but he’s doing nothing to help, he can’t do it!

The heart monitor is faltering.

“Jack!” He cries, he doesn’t care what he calling him anymore, he’s still the same person, and right now, he’s killing him! He can’t save him! He’s trying his best but nothing is working! This poison, what is it? He’s never seen something like this, the way it attacks the body is new and terrifying to him, he shouldn’t have done this alone!

A tab on the computer starts blaring at him, he turns around to see two words in bold white, he can’t process it, his hands start shaking, Systems Failing, his body is shutting down!

“No no no,” He faces Sean again, “Stay vith me, buddy!”

Schneep grabs the scalpel and a cloth, dabbing the blood away and going to make another incision, but the moment it makes a cut, Schneep feels his body lose control, those flashes appear again and laughter fills his ears, psychotic laughter that he cannot unhear, one so terrifying and sadistic that he can’t mistake it.  A̖̙̱̠͇̟ͯ̉̍̑n̫̺̮̠͈̆ͣ̑t͍̓͌͂̋̉̓̆i̦̐̾̆ͅ.

T̒̏͋͗ͥ̊ͦ͏̫̬͓̘̠̝̮į̻͚̻ͧͬͥ̐ͯ̏ͅm̛͍̞̟̯̱͆͗̆ͦe̷͈̝̓'̬̎͘s̼͙̥͌ͬ ̠̱͈̥̮͒ų͚̂͋͑̿p͓͚̠̒,͓̺̫ͥ̓ ̵̞̥̟̺̼̱̏ͥͬ̑ͣd̳̉ǫͤͨͤ̚c̘̰̅̒͐̏͗͟ẗ͖̻ô͍͈̥̭͕͛̑ͤ̍̊ͩ͡r̯̭̤!̫̦̩̙̝͉ͥͯ̌

The scalpel cuts deep into Sean’s body like a knife.

The heart monitor makes a single, droning note.

The doctor realizes, dropping the scalpel and barely hearing in clatter to the ground. “No no no no no!” He exclaims, “JACK NO!” The tears start spilling over his eyes, they won’t stop, pure guilt and pain is all he can feel as he stares at the droning heart monitor with horror. He lets out a pained cry of grief, his legs collapsing under him, he keels over.

Anti cackles. 

O҉h͟ thìś is̸ ḩíl̵ar̛įous! D̷įd̡ ̧y̨o̡u ͘t̸h͜ink t̢ha͏t you̢ c͘ơu͡l̸d ̨s͏ave͢ ̵hįm͞!̨?

Y̶o͜u’re a͜ll̢ ̡WE̕A̡K̕!̨

Ṕath͏e̴t͜i̢c cr͞e̛atu͢r͞e̶s!
Do̷ ͜ýo͟ur͏sel̢f ̛a ̕f́a͘v̴o͘r҉ a҉n̢d͜ ki͘l̶l ̀y͡oúr̨s͡el̷f ̕be̷f̡or̵e͘ ̸I ̢d͜ò it̵ ҉f͏o͟r̸ ͞you͜!
And i͟f̸ ̢yo҉u doń’t m͢in͟d҉,̀ ͘I͘'͘l̛l̕ ͡b̴e͠ t҉ak҉íņg҉ t͡his ţr̵aito̧r wi͡th͢ ́me!  I̷'̀m ̀su͘re͘ Si͡g̵ne woul͞d l̢o̕ve t̕o ͢s̵ee̛ ͞h͜er̛ p̧rec̷ioùs̀ l̢i̸t͏t͘l̵e̕ ̀S͢ȩa̷n ąǵain̢,̛ ͘w̷on͏’t ̛s̀he?͠

Sean’s lifeless body glitches away.

Well…uh…this one’s a little short but at least it had drama in it? >~<

I love all the nautical references in Romeo and Juliet, especially the way Romeo conceives his own life as a sea journey. Before he joins Capulet’s party, he fears there is ‘some consequence yet hanging in the stars’ which will untimely lead him to his grave. Yet he says: ‘But he that hath the steerage of my course / Direct my sail! On, lusty gentlemen.’ (Q2 reads ‘suit’ instead of ‘sail’, though.) He is ready to begin his voyage, guided by either God or Cupid (that ‘he’ could possibly refer to either).

In the orchard scene, already enamored of Juliet (and the malign fate which he mentioned earlier already ensnaring him silently), he reiterates the nautical imagery:

By whose direction found'st thou out this place?
By love, who first did prompt me to inquire;
He lent me counsel and I lent him eyes.
I am no pilot; yet, wert thou as far
As that vast shore washed with the farthest sea,
I would adventure for such merchandise.

‘New baptized’ by his ‘dear saint’, he finds his utmost and perpetual destination in Juliet—a nautical pilgrimage to her being. Later on, Romeo’s use of rope ladders to enter Juliet’s chamber suggests a connection between him and the world of the sea again. The cords are 'made like a tackled stair; / Which to the high topgallant of my joy / Must be my convoy in the secret night’, 'topgallant’ referring to the head of a topmast. Finally, he withstood the perils of the sea and is now about to reach 'that vast shore’ where Juliet is.

It seems that he has quite a negative opinion of the sea. When he claimed that he would 'adventure’ to the realms of 'the farthest sea’ for Juliet, he revealed his conception of the sea as a baleful obstacle, in which he is willing to risk himself nonetheless. While his life is associated with a bark, so is the sea, we are to understand, a metaphor for the outside world. In the last scene, he warns Balthazar that his intentions are 'savage-wild, / More fierce and more inexorable far / Than empty tigers or the roaring sea’; yet another image of the ocean as an ominous environment. Desperate as he is due to his ill-starred condition, he encourages the poison to free him from the weight of the world, speaking in nautical metaphors again:

Come, bitter conduct, come, unsavoury guide!
Thou desperate pilot, now at once run on
The dashing rocks thy sea-sick weary bark!

He yearns for his life, or his bark, to be annihilated by the rocks, the poison now being the new pilot of his sail. Unable to reach Juliet, enmeshed in the chaos of the water, he becomes 'sea-sick’. He finds no comfort in the ocean (or the world, for that matter), its callousness depriving him of Juliet.

Juliet, however, does not seem to share such a negative view on the sea. Instead of dwelling on its perilousness, she exalts its infinity and its indomitability:

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.

Exultantly, she finds delight in the idea that the vastness of the sea is but a mirror of her own innermost self. She is just as insatiable and unbounded.

There is also that speech by Lord Capulet, a very beautiful and very lyrical one:

What, still in tears?
Evermore showering? In one little body
Thou counterfeit'st a bark, a sea, a wind;
For still thy eyes, which I may call the sea,
Do ebb and flow with tears; the bark thy body is,
Sailing in this salt flood; the winds, thy sighs;
Who, raging with thy tears, and they with them,
Without a sudden calm, will overset
Thy tempest-tossed body.

The sea, here made of tears, has sinister undertones again, given its ability to destroy Juliet’s bark and thus have a deadly effect on her. But Capulet also recognizes the emotional extremes of Juliet’s being and her ability to possess an implacable sea within herself.

I believe the difference between the lovers’s use of sea references is a wonderful thing. It is beautiful that they never lose their own personal voices, even if they do merge into each other’s words, weaving a sort of oneness together. They may alter each other’s minds and thoughts (perhaps most prominently, Juliet inspires Romeo to speak in a more artless fashion), but they still preserve their true voices, all their metaphors rich in meaning but distinct from one another. In many ways, theirs is a constant search of the self in each other’s company.

Not to be a fuckin nerd or anything but

I lowkey have this theory that no one with Stark blood can successfully be turned into a wight by the White Walkers (in the show at least).

To be fair my only piece of evidence is the fact that show!Benjen Stark is Coldhands; a character from the books who is presumably one of the resurrected dead “gone wrong” (if a zombie can go wrong that is). In the show he says that he cannot cross the wall because of the magic in it that prevents him, magic that was conjured to keep out White Walkers and their zombie army.

But the question that remains is HOW did Benjen Stark retain his consciousness (at least enough to recognize his own family, and know who the bad guys are). There may be another explanation for it, but I will forever be convinced that it’s because something in the Stark blood prevents them from becoming mindless zombies (could also be one of the MANY reasons why the Starks have ruled the North for so long).

Perhaps they are descended from the Children of the Forest (after all Bran the Builder did enlist their help), or maybe they have a little White Walker blood in them (unlikely but who knows, ice ice baby right?).

Anyways thanks for reading my trash post that I have written on literally 0 sleep. Sorry if I got shit wrong, I haven’t read the books in years, and it’s been a while since I rewatched the show.

Languages Of Love

Fandom - The Mortal Instruments

Characters - Magnus, Alec (Who else would it be?)

Summary - Magnus keeps telling Alec that he loves him. Sweet… except Alec can’t understand a word he’s saying. Alec’s going to have to revert Magnus back to English somehow, right?

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(A/N) One day I will write a Shadowhunters fic that is not for Malec. Today is apparently not that day. Also I have no idea why I put a picture of the prompt instead of typing it. I’ll shut up and write the fic now.

Words - 642

“Te amo.”

The first time that Magnus says the words ‘I love you’ in another language, Alec barely notices it. He’s too busy holding Magnus and kissing Magnus and having Magnus close to him that he’s barely aware of the floor underneath his feet, let alone any foreign words that leave Magnus’s mouth.

“Je t'aime,” Magnus mumbles against Alec’s shoulder, pulling himself closer to his boyfriend’s warmth, wrapping the covers around them.

Alec tilts his head to the side, a confused expression covering his face. “What?”


“What did you say?”

“You don’t speak French?”

“I’m a Shadowhunter. I speak demonic languages and Latin.”

Magnus laughs and buries his face in Alec’s neck, not saying another word as they both drift off to sleep.

Alec flops backwards onto the sofa, the popcorn from the bowl in his hands flying onto the floor.



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As every hour passed of specilation, i see that people are losing trust in Jack, questioning everything he says and does. With this in mind, i couldnt help but think of what Anti said during PAX “You found someone new, threw me aside” could this flip the tables that all this specilation and want for Anti makes us replace Jack with Anti? This gives more room for Anti to get the attention he needs and to come back and hes having it all. Since Anti has been in control all along “who do you think youve been watching all this time?” We’ve grown to like him more, maybe more than Jack.

I’m not at all mad at this, let the fire rage more please? I’m enjoying what things to seem branch off of :D

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Popcorn emotion

(^same, I’m always in a popcorn emotion lmao)

One time when I was in high school, it was the last day of finals for me, all I had to do was take 2 finals and summer vacation started

So that morning before it was time for finals to start I saw someone who I had seen a couple times around school, but not often enough for me to say she was my friend?? She was like an acquaintance? Anyway she had a teddy bear, idk where she got it from but she said she didn’t want him so I could have him (I still have him, he’s really cute, he’s wearing a t shirt :3)

I didn’t wanna just stuff him in my backpack?? That seemed too cruel, so I carried him around with me, but then I worried what if I got in trouble or something when I took my exams? He was pretty big, so I thought they might make me put him away in my backpack or something, but I walked into both exams and neither of the teachers even said anything about it! None of my classmates said anything either, it was so weird?? I let him sit in my lap while I took my exams, he was like my test buddy!

They probably didn’t care because it was exam week and the school year was pretty much over lol, you’d see people around carrying random stuff all the time from all the club end-of-the-year events and stuff anyway, so maybe they figured it was something like that ^^;;

(Send me a popcorn emoji for a random story that’s happened to me)

Why I don’t think Reylo will be canon (other then what you’ve heard a million times)

I don’t get why people say reylo is going to be canon. There’s really nothing different about the relationship Kylo has with Rey then the relationship Kylo has with anybody else who hates him, especially Finn and Poe. Kylo’s actions towards Rey are not different to how he treats anybody else since everything Kylo does to Rey he has also done to either Finn or Poe. (In a very similar way)

He freezes Poe so he can’t shoot him (He also inspects the both of them)

Then Kylo kidnaps Poe so he can interrogate him about a map to Luke Skywalker (They seem to have very similar facial expressions while being interrogated)

He has a lightsaber battle with Finn in the snow trying to reclaim the Skywalker lightsaber

and also knocks him out 

I hear people say that Kylo has an obsession with Rey and although I don’t fully agree with that (I think it’s more curiosity then obsession) I can still say there’s something similar going on there with Finn. Kylo knew Finn chose not to fight for the first order on Jakku but didn’t alert anyone until he rescued Poe. Then later Kylo gets really upset when he hears that Finn helped BB8 escape as well as when he sees him on the balcony after he kills Han. Additionally, Kylo also yells at Finn calling him a traitor which is odd because he’s a traitor himself. To me this sounds a lot like he’s actually more obsessed with Finn then he ever was with Rey.

So why do people think it’s going to be canon? There’s really nothing different about his interactions with Rey compared to everybody else. If anything he’d be more likely to end up with Finn since they seem to have a possible history together and he also showed him some compassion at the beginning of the movie by not telling anyone that Finn disobeyed orders.

There’s also never a moment (especially in the novelisation and the script) where Rey or Kylo show any attraction towards each other, ever. There’s never a line where Rey thinks ‘he’s handsome’ or Kylo thinks ‘she’s beautiful’ there’s just nothing. If reylo was going to be canon at some point they’d at least show us a sign that they liked each other that way. I realise that it is canon that Kylo and Rey share a mysterious connection but I feel like this has to do with them being related to each other or possibly her being the chosen one Luke believed Ben to be. Even though there very clearly is a connection between them it’s never hinted at anywhere that this connection is romantic. Plus I’m sure Rey and Kylo have had crushes in the past so they’d know what the connection was if it was a romantic one.

Before anyone mentions the bridal carry I want to remind you of this:

Another thing I have to mention is something you’ve definitely heard of:

For me this really killed the reylo theory because it is impossible for reylo not to be central to the plot. You just can’t put the antagonist and protagonist in a relationship together and not have it be a centerpiece to the story. They’re the two main characters of story how can a romance between them be something that just happens on the side, it doesn’t make sense to do that. Especially since they hate each other and we don’t even know if Kylo will be redeemed in this movie or at all.

Feel free to disagree with me but I can’t see reylo happening in the future.

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What was it like to lose your sight, and who helped you the most once you lost it? I know that's a personal question, but I'm a bit curious.

“‘I don’t remember much, to be honest,’ the Host says. ‘It was… horrifying, and painful. Not being able to see nor manipulate with my words, though I believe I lost most of that skill a couple of months before I lost my eyes, was the most terrifying thing I had experienced in the world. It was even worse than getting shot in the back, which was the first time I had ever experienced pain.’

“’It was… Dark who took care of me at first, but I could sense his manipulative undertones. Everything he said and everything he did was just to make sure I owed him,’ the Host explains, pausing to gulp a little. His throat feels uncomfortably tight, but he doesn’t want to stop talking yet. ‘Though… Dr. Iplier was the first person to find me curled up in a ball in the corner of a studio, my bandages torn to shreds by my own panicked hands and bruises on my wrists. I thought he would be angry, but he was very calm and caring. He helped me clean myself up and applied new bandages that felt so much more comfortable and fitting compared to the ones I had been putting on. He gave me pain killers as well, to help my mind ease into the normality of everlasting pain. I barely feel the pain at all now, and I have Dr. Iplier to thank. He takes care of my injuries even now, and we are very close.’“


12x07 | Rock Never Dies | Lucifer

“Dear old dad, he finally apologized for abandoning me. And what’s the very next thing he does?”


Just wanted to point out at these words in particular. Even when what Lucifer says could also mean that God ditched Sam and Dean too, I think Lucifer was referring to the boys ditching him as well. Lucifer first says that he isn’t interested in God’s opinion because he has left him behind (again), and then points at Sam and Dean and accuses them of the exact same thing. They were a ’team’ at the end of s11 after all. Lucifer sums everything up basically by saying he can’t care less for the opinions from the ones who have abandonned him.

Badass Girl Headcanons | Carl Grimes

Request: could you do a headcanon thing for Carl Grimes (the walking dead) where he meets you for the first time and is blown away by how badass you are? If not, then it’s okay, but if you can, thank you in advance! xx   

Warnings: Cussing, badassery, guns (duh)    

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Okay, so I ended up thinking of some Yusaku x Go headcanons! (This is split into multiple parts) Since Go's duels are the only ones that Yusaku can have fun with, he always outwardly tries to be all stoic and serious when accepting Go's duels but on the inside he's freaking out, like "YES, A DUEL WITH GO, LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AGAIN!" Their duels are basically like dates, they duel in romantic places like near water fountains and say very subtly romantic things to each other the whole time.

So I’m gonna answer these separately because they’re all wonderful

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  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

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