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Okay but why have a Han Solo movie when we could have a Cassian Andor movie?

Han is a great character, but Han Solo is a complete jackass when we first meet him. He’s rougishly handsome, yes, but an entire movie about that will probably get old (especially when Harrison Ford isn’t Han) and full of cliches. Cassian lost his parents, and was a layered character without Luke Skywalker’s help with a backstory almost everyone is curious about.

What if the hypothetical Cassian movie showed him having a motherly bond with someone in the Rebellion, instead of a fatherly one? Maybe there was some woman (preferably of color!) who wanted to help 6-year-old Cassian? What if it showed him slowly becoming more and more hardened, showed every battle he fought in, every time K-2 had to pick him from the ruins of a fight?

Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk are completely ready to be in another Star Wars movie, and Alan especially has been insistent on a Cassian (and K-2) backstory. The two loved working together as man and droid. Let’s give the audience something they want, and have actors excited to do the job that are fit to do it.

Just an idea.

Wishlist of Shadowhunters Spinoffs:
  • America’s Next High Warlock: the judge panel consists of Magnus Bane, Raphael Santiago and Ragnor Fell. Every time they disagree Magnus rolls his eyes and takes a sip of his cocktail
  • Sunny Side Up: kids show hosted by Clary Fray and a cohort of colorful puppets, who team up to teach children how to draw runes
  • C.S.I.: Downworlders: follows Luke’s day job
  • Izzy’s Home Cooking: cooking show. Unexplainably canceled after s1
  • The Santiagos: Raphael and Simon’s daily life when Simon’s band is not on tour. 99% of the show consists of them bickering
  • Keeping Up With the Lightwoods: loads of angst. Loads of drama. Endless eyerolling. Renamed Keeping Up With the Lightwood-Banes after s3

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Speed paint for the night. I decided to jump start the color pallet with green, which is a color I don’t usually use as a motif. I usually work pallets around blue, purple, or red.

I haven’t drawn Shera in her lab coat in a loooonnggg while. As a last thought, I bet they work pretty well together. Very hands on folks…

colored because lookit these nerds I love them

Something that truly irritates me about Clary’s position as a white savior is that, besides the fact that none of the characters of color asked her for her saviorism, all of them have proven time and time again that they are capable and powerful leaders in their own right. 

Luke is an alpha of a pack of werewolves. Magnus is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Simon, a fledgling vampire, is learning how to stand on his own, in a terrifying world that wants him dead. Raphael is a leader of vampires. Maia is an independent and fearless werewolf. Dot is a determined and unflinching Warlock. And so on. 

Moreover, it’s usually the characters of color who are DOING the saving. In particular, Luke and Magnus have to be in multiple places at once to save multiple people. Luke is literally saving people both as an alpha and as a police officer. Magnus takes numerous people in and he oversees his territory to keep it safe. I’ve lost count of how many times they’ve saved people’s lives and been critical to the Shadowhunters’ efforts at solving cases or winning the war. 

Luke and Magnus don’t need Clary’s help to save the Downworld. It’s Clary and Jace and the rest who need THEIR help, who should be asking them for help as equals rather than parading themselves around as so-called saviors. Last season, Clary patronizingly said that she’s part of a “new generation of Shadowhunters”, but this far all this “new generation” has shown is that its full of white saviors. While they tout themselves, Downworlders do all the work and either get no credit or they get villainized or their oppressors are withholding crucial information from them and acting like they’re the key to liberation.

It’s so hilariously hypocritical. If the Shadowhunters just shut up for one second and look past their own biases, and maybe let Luke and Magnus handle things from their positions as leaders in the Downworld, things would actually get done. 

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So this just came to mind but in your film animation thing the main character's arms and color resemble the monster a lil bit compared to the other mask who's arms and color seem to be more normal. Does that mean being trap in that sort of situation could affect you so bad that you become the person you hate the most?? And that even tho you're damaged you can still get better and others will love you in a healthy way??? Or am i just overthinking this???lol Loved it btw :'))

😗 although this wasn’t my specific intention with the characters, I did want the purple and blue character to share similarities or seem v … like stuck together - like, blue’s twisted curved head fits arooound purple’s circular head shape…. their colours on the other gander were actually intended to violently contradict one another however - like Blue is v dark coloured where as Purple is lighter. I wanted to imply the idea that Blue was trying to trick Purple with it’s “mask” as well - Blue’s the only character to have “a mask” that isn’t attached with a string, it’s literally just it’s face. It’s lying to Purple, yet because it’s also Purple’s entire known world, Purple can’t see through it until they are at their at the “final” moment.

…That was a ramble idek if I answered your question - I do like your analysis tho! No such thing as ‘overthinking’ art! :D

This is actually v flattering to be honest as I love seeing people’s interpretations of my art :’) i imagine this feeling is kinda the same feeling musicians get when the audience sings back their songs in their own way, so srsly thank you for this message, buddy xoxo

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Heeyy!❤ How would the Nordics react to their s/o, who really liked to color? You know, there are those books with drawings that you can color, and they are for adults and they say it's calming and everything. Would the Nordics find weird that their s/o could color for hours while listening to music? I do it too, and everytime someone finds it out, they call me childish and shit, and i start to feel quite embarrassed and awkward about it😂

Don’t worry anon I’m in my twenties and I have coloring books. My friend got me into it and I find that it is rather soothing. I used them a lot when I was doing my undergrad work and got all stressed out.

There’s this great quote from CS Lewis which says something along the lines of “children care about being seen as childish but adults know that it’s nothing shameful and will happily do things considered to be for children” So basically just do whatever makes you happy 😊

Denmark: Oh my gosh! Coloring? Who said coloring? I call the red crayon! He’s really just a big kid at heart so he sees nothing wrong with it at all and will definitely join in.

Finland: I headcanon that Fin likes to draw in his spare time so he would totally join his s/o. He’s a freaking master at coloring by the way. So neat and pretty.

Sweden: He doesn’t really care about doing things that seem childish if he enjoys them. And I can see him getting overwhelmed by work and needing some stress relief. And like Finland he’s really good at it. He has very steady hands.

Norway: He thinks it’s really cute and probably likes to watch his s/o color if he doesn’t start doing it as well.

Iceland: He’ll be hesitant at first, “don’t you think you’re a bit too old for that?” But eventually he’ll do it with his s/o and absolutely love it. Iceland would rather die than admit he likes it to his s/o, he doesn’t want them to have the satisfaction of knowing they got him to do something.

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