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Working With Sekhmet

  Before I even knew the word kemetism I was interested in working alongside some of the Egyptian deities. One goddess had caught my eye; a strong beautiful warrior lioness who took down enemies with the swipe of her claws, Sekhmet.
  During the time I was doing this research and dwelt into possibly working with Sekhmet, I was going through a rough emotional time. To avoid much detail; I felt weak, used, and controlled and I wanted revenge on those who made me feel that way. I wanted to rise above them, to conquer them and give them no more power over me, to show them how I was stronger.
  So of course Sekhmet was the perfect goddess I saw fit to worship. She was strong and independent, what I wanted. So I prayed. I connected with her and began a fellow companionship; casual conversations. I asked for her strength and for her to lead me on a powerful path, and she delivered.
  I overcame the shitty feelings I had and felt like the strong thriving woman I desired to be. But there was another side. With these great confident feelings I also began exhibiting violent impulses to physically hurt those that had emotionally hurt me. But, being me, a 90 lbs 5’4 girl… I wouldn’t exactly stand a chance in a fight even if I had all the gods rooting behind me. This began to become a problem; I would emotionally lash out more often and felt like I must avenge my own symbolic death from those that had “killed” me.
  Sekhmet is an astounding goddess in all her glory and I still worship to her today, but I understood that worshiping Sekhmet alone can be dangerous. So who else to worship then?
  The answer lied in the own origin story of Sekhmet, the Eye of Ra sent to bring chaos among the people, and you know the rest. After Sekhmet fell asleep out of drunkenness, she transformed into Hathor, the loving cow goddess, a complete contradiction of Sekhmet; two sides of the same coin. The two goddess are worshipped separately but in their stories they are the same being. Sekhmet is a predator, a lion while Hathor is prey, a cow. Hathor represents joy and love while Sekhmet represents war. The two coincide with each other and are an ideal couple to worship together. Sometimes you need the strength of Sekhmet while other times you need the love of Hathor.
  I’m a strong believer of unity; you cannot have happiness without sadness. Living on one side of the scale is dangerous. If you’re happy all the time you’ll never truly enjoy it, you need the rain to enjoy the shine of the sun. In some occasions you definitely need one side more, but once you find that balance it’s a perfect place to stay.
  So my advice to anyone looking to be a devotee to Sekhmet is also look into Hathor. They are both beautiful and strong goddesses, but in different ways, both important ways.

The Pilot - River’s Photo

 Something that really caught my eye in last night’s episode of Doctor Who was the picture of River that the Doctor has on his desk. Or, more specifically, the particular choice of photo.

It grabbed my attention that this photo is actually a screencap from the episode Let’s Kill Hitler. In fact, this screencap is directly after the Doctor realised that River had poisoned him.

Did you see it? If not, here’s a screenshot.

(I couldn't seem to get the exact shot, this is the closest I got)

Why would the Doctor have this specific photo of River on his desk, when it would be a reminder of when she was trying to kill him? He could’ve chosen any photo, yet he decided on this one. What significance does this hold for him, if any at all?

Also, could this be in any way significant to the plot of Series 10? Both The Pilot and Let’s Kill Hitler were written by Steven Moffatt, so is he just putting in an easter egg, considering this will be his last season as showrunner on Doctor Who, or is he trying to tell the audience something about this season?

I just feel that this small detail is really important in some way. But of course, knowing Steven Moffatt, he could just be messing with us and this might not hold any significance whatsoever.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions, and tag anyone you think may be interested!

PART 3!!!

Surprise I wanted to put it up now. Sorry I know it’s late a pretty lame update and it hecka sucks but #4 is about to be great. Love you guys!

Rating: PG maybe

It was impossible to sleep that night. The reveal of my art piece was approaching quickly and my nerves were catching up to me.

I got a text from my mum first thing in the morning saying she was so proud and excited to see me. I had picked out what I was going to wear weeks ago.

The black dress hug my porcelain curves, the red lipstick I boldly chose matches my red shoes and hang back.

I felt like I was going to something as significant as the Grammys. My dark hair falling in perfect ringlets as I curl it.

I arrived at the studio early, much earlier than required. I observed the blank space on the wall that would soon hold my masterpiece.

Artwork that I’ve tried to express multiple times in my teenage years but just finally was able to do.

My parents are the first to show up. They race to hug me.

I introduce them to the owner of the art gallery who I met while sketching at a coffee shop. My artwork caught his eye and he said he wanted to see more. I want to say it is because he liked my work more than the fact I was drawing a nude woman.

Many strangers show up. Already with still a half hour left until we start, there is a much bigger turnout than I expected.

The art covered walls feeling much closer together as my nervousness increases.

Calum, Ashton and Michael all show up. Michel brings a girl who I do not recognize.

“Is my art reveal the place you bring a girl on a first date?” I question as the blond wanders away to look at the other art pieces.

“Well I get major props for knowing the artist.” Michael bumps me.

I grin and look at all of them. They are all dressed up, meaning they are wearing button ups. Sure michaels is only half tucked in and calum is wearing blue jeans but it’s really the effort that counts.

“It really means a lot that you guys are here.” I smile at them.

“Aww!” Ashton squeals like a girl before hugging me.

“Have you guys heard from Luke?” I ask nonchalantly.

They shake their heads. I brush it off, I’m sure he is on his way.

When the owner starts calling for everyone to gather together I glance at the door one more, waiting for Luke to make one of his last minute entrances.

I make my way up to the front, while I was chatting with people I didn’t notice them put up my painting. It is covered by a thin cloth so no one can see it.

I glance down at my phone. There is a text from Luke:

Finally couldn’t put off taking ‘A’ out to dinner any longer. Wanna hang after?

I swear I could literally feel my heart being smashed. All of the pieces tearing through my body, desperate to find their way back together. But they were too lost.

He had forgotten and her again Arzaylea got what she wanted. On the night that was supposed to be mine.

I know if he had remembered he would have been the first person here. He would have wanted to come out to dinner with my parent and I after and he would have calmed my nerves before the show.

He wasn’t here, instead he was with her probably fighting.

I feel as I am about to cry. In front of all of these people. Everyone is looking at me, am I crying and not noticing it.

The one say I do decide to wear make up of course I would ruin it.

The owner says my name and I realized he was speaking to me.

“I’m so sorry. what?” I ask.

“Nerves seem to get the best of these young people.” He makes a joke. Many people laugh and I pull together my best smile.

“Why don’t you uncover your piece when you are ready and tell us about it.” He says.

My eyes scan the faces of the room once more. Hoping Luke remembered and snuck in without me noticing. I’m yet again let down.

The thing is I’m not even mad. I’m just so incredibly hurt, this was one of the most important nights of my life and he promised.

I slowly remove the barrier and everyone claps before pulling out their cameras. My mother has been filming since she got here.

“I want to catch my baby girls big moment.” Her words ring through my head.

“It took me a really long time to think of a name for this piece. Eventually I just went with ‘Air’.” I say. “It is painted with oil based paints. To me it represents freedom and individuality.”

My painting has a silhouette girl who is off centered next to a house. It is a pallet of colors. She is holding on to a bunch of balloons that I like to are pulling her up, wherever she wants.

The small room that recently seemed so full suddenly seems so empty. One of the only people I wanted to be here celebrating wasn’t.

I try to swallow back the tears of sadness the blur my vision. One single drop wins the battle as it slides down my cheek, the rest of its arm fallows in its quick descent down my face.

“There is a reason I wants the girl to remain identity less. Because I do think of this as a self portrait but adding something like skin color or hair color could ruin the illusion that this could be any other woman out there. Those fighting for freedom, equality.” My voice cracks as I continue to cry.

My mothers eyes mirror mine, smiling as proud and happy emotions stroll from her eyes.

“Those fighting for love. I wanted this to be a painting that could be looked at and see from so many different perspectives and points of view. See yourself in my work. I do this for the world.” I finish my speech.

The audience stars applauding and as much as I feel it’s impossible I muster up a smile.

“Wow. It is very phenomenal that this piece means this much to you. And it is only through true emotion like this do we find success and beauty in one’s art.” The owner of the gallery starts another round of applause.

I think them all, excusing myself to get some air.

On a day that is suppose to be about me I would ruin it crying over some boy. I painted the girl to be me but I don’t feel half as strong or beautiful as I want people to feel when they look at it.

I’m joined outside by Calum. I wipe my eyes and smile at him.

At least people think I’m crying for a different reason.

He pulls me in for a hug, rubbing my back.

“I’m sorry he wasn’t here today.” He says.

The waterworks start all over again. We pull away from each other i try to conceal myself but I can’t.

He already knows anyways. Everyone knows that I’m so in love with Luke. Everyone but Luke.

“I don’t know why I’m letting him get to me like his.” I rub my face, a lot of my makeup coming off with it.

“He said he would be here. It’s not right and you have every right to be upset. It’s not fair. He is supposed to be here.” Calum says.

I wonder if he knows where Luke actually is.

“Yeah well he has other obligations. Like a girlfriend who he is with right now.” I say.

The surprise etched in his face shows me he didn’t.

“He is with Arzaylea? What? 10 times out of 10 he would rather be with you.” Calum says.

“That’s not true.” I shake my head. Luke and I do have the best fun together but there is something about being in a relationship with someone. You want to be with them all the time.

That’s how I’ve always felt about Luke except we aren’t in a relationship.

“They just fight a lot. I’m scared sometimes he is unhappy but then there is days like this where he forgets about me because he is with her.” I wipe the unders of my eyes.

“I don’t think he ever stops thinking about you.” Calum says quietly. “Do you ever think the reason Luke is so unhappy with Arzaylea is because she isn’t the one he wants to be with.”

Calum seems like he is almost trying to hint something.

“What? What are you saying?” I squint at him through my tears.

“Oh my gosh. You are both so blind. He likes you, as more than a friend.” Calum rolls his eyes.

I shake my head in disbelief “Luke doesn’t think of me that way. I’m nothing more than a friend to him.” My soul breaks as I say that.

More and more these days being with Luke seems to not even be possible. Like a dream I need to give up on.

“Drunk Luke can’t keep a secret from Calum.” Calum speaks of himself which makes me laugh.

I still don’t know if I believe what he is saying.

But what if he is right. All those times I’ve caught Luke staring at me isn’t because he is spacing out. When he tries to make me laugh with horrible jokes or pays attention to me over his girlfriend.

Maybe Calum is right.

I don’t know if I have enough willpower to find out though.


Only Us (Part Six)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1947

Warning(s): Swearing, parental neglect 

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk. 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  

“How dare you!” I heard my mother yell as I entered our apartment. Her and my Dad were fighting…again. I shut the door walking to the kitchen where the yelling occurred. Just to my luck I had to walk through the kitchen to get to my bedroom. Curse our damn small apartment.

“Oh shut up.” My dad mumbled. “It’s not like it means anything.” I ran my hands through my hair trying to walk past them.

“What the hell are you doing here?” My mom glared at me.

“I live here.” I mumbled. She glared at me shaking her head.

“You know Will, the worst thing we ever did was make her.” She glared at me as tears sprung in my eyes. That always hurt. I turned walking toward my room used to the verbal abuse they always inflicted on me. I stopped when I saw my door wide open. That never happened. I always locked it. I slowly walked into the room tears falling from my face as I saw the destruction that littered all over the floor. I closed the door locking it again quickly walked toward my bookshelf finding my favorite opening it to find all my money gone. No. I thought paging through it quickly. No no no no. That was all of my money. My eyes squeezed shut and I through the book across the room my head falling into my hands.

“Woah.” I heard a familiar muffled voice from my window. I looked up to find Spiderman outside my building looking inside the room. “Are you okay Y/N?” He asked panic in his voice. My eyes locked with his covered face.

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Best friend (a.i)

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GIF: Not mine
WORDS: 1633
PLOT: You are in love with each other but you’re best friends.

“Ash, can you get us some popcorn?” I yelled as Michael and I continued our Call of Duty game. “Sure.” He yelled back from the kitchen. “You know, he’d do anything for you.” Michael commented. “I would do anything for him too, he is my best friend.” I said, focussing on the game. Michael paused it. I snapped my head to him. “What the hell?” I asked, confused. “That’s not what I meant, Y/N. Think about it, you guys act like so much more than just friends.” Michael said. I have always liked Ashton as more that just my friend but I would never tell him that. We have been friends since we were 4 years old, I didn’t want to ruin that. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mikey.” I said, not making eye contact. “Y/N, I know you like him.” Michael said. “Who does Y/N like?” Ashton asked, walking in from the kitchen. We both froze. “oh, u-uhm nobody…” I stammered. Ashton looked at me weirdly. “I, uh actually have to get going so-“ I said, standing up. “But I just made the popcorn?” Ashton said confused. “Sorry!” I said, running out of Ashton’s apartment.

Ashton and I grew up together. We were prom dates and we spent every Christmas together. Where Ashton went I went and where I went Ashton went. He was there for my first break up and I was there for his. He was there when I got into a car accident and I was there when he did his first gig with the boys. He made me laugh and smile when all I wanted to do was cry. He gave me advice and told me what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. He made even the worst of days better. I was absolutely in love with Ashton, but if he knew that he would probably never speak to me again. I snapped out of my thoughts when Michael called me.

“Sup.” I said, lying on the carpet. “You should have told him.” Michael said. “Mike, just let it go.” I sighed. “Fine, whatever. The reason I called is there’s a party over at Calum’s tonight, you should join.” He said. “Is Ash going?” I asked, hoping he was. Michael laughed. “Yeah, he is.” “Okay, I’ll go.” I said. “Cool, Ash and I will pick you up around 6.” He said. After that we talked for a while longer and then hung up. Michael was like a brother to me, out of all the boys, apart from Ashton, he and I were probably the closest. When Ashton wasn’t around I’d be with Michael.

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anonymous asked:

I'm new around Tumblr but not new to fanfic. I follow the fic chicks and the girls who run it. Your fic caught my eye, I must tell you you're a beautiful writer. May I ask for recs for other writers? I want the best -smutty smut -angsty smut -fluffy smut -basically all the smut lol. Thank you!

Thank you, anon. @txf-fic-chicks are fabulous! I

’m happy to give you recommendations for writers, but I’m sure I’ll leave some out. Keep following @kateyes224 & @piecesofscully (who are both incredible writers, too, btw) – they reblog everything worth reading that they come across.

Smutty smut: @lepus-arcticus, @icedteainthebag, @somekindofseizure, @storybycorey, @need-not, @2moms-0fucks, @leiascully, @chileananderson

Angsty smut: @somekindofseizure, @storybycorey, @need-not, @mulderswaterbed, @leiascully, @chileananderson, @crossedbeams

Fluffy smut: @crossedbeams, @storybycorey @sunflowerseedsandscience 

Sorry, I don’t have a ton of recs for fluffy smut, because I don’t read a lot of it. But these three writers do it so well that I can’t help devouring it. I’ll read anything they write, tbh. 

You’ll notice some crossover on the lists. Just go check out their writing & you’ll see why. They do it all, & well. 

Happy reading! 

Dear Journal,

Have I told you that this week, we could go home for a short break? Sirius will come with me of course! I can finally introduce him as my boyfriend to my parents. He already meet them but he wasn’t my boyfriend at that time. We were thinking about leaving today so we could spend the weekend too. When I woke up, Sirius was already packing for the week.

“Goodmorning pads.” I said, rubbing my tired eyes.

“Oh goodmorning Re!” He said, walking up to me to leave a kiss on my cheek.

“I can’t wait to go home!” I said, smilling.

“Do you think your parents will let us sleep in the same bed?” He asked, giggling.

“I’m sure they will! If not, then you’ll have to sneek in!”

I stood up and started packing too. I just needed my favorite jumper, my scarf and my book since I had other clothes at home.

“Can I put my jumper and book in your bag?” I asked him.

“Sure! Here, there’s a bit of space left!”

When we packed, we said our goodbyes for the week to James and Lily, who were going to James’ and to Regulus and Sophie, who were both staying at Hogwarts. They had a date after all! On our way to the kitchens to grab a breakfast to go, we saw Johnny with abother little boy. They were sitting on a bench outside talking. The other boy had two books on his small lap. I assumed that he finally found a good friend and maybe a crush who knows. When he caught my eye, he waved at me. I waved back and he smiled, pointing me the boy next to him who had his nose in a book. I sent him a subttle tumbs up and he giggled. Sirius took my hand and we left for the train station.

Once we got home, i opened the door and smiled. It smelt like home. Mum ran from the kitchen to give me a big hug.

“Oh Remus I missed you!” She said, her face touching my shoulder. I was a lot taller than her.

“I missed you too mum!”

“Hi Mrs. Lupin!” Sirius said, smilling.

“Oh my dear boy look at you all handsome!” She said, hugging him too.

“You look great too Mrs. Lupin.” He said, sending me a look. I giggled.

“Oh dear call me Hope! It makes me feel old!” She laughed.

“Okay, I will.” He smiled.

“Are you boys hungry? Soup is on the stove!”

“Yes thanks mummy! Can we go unpack first?” I asked.

“Of course!” She said, going back into the kitchen.

Sirius and I walked upstairs to find my room. I opened the door and smiled at myslef. All my books were neatly placed on the shelves. My wall was covered with moving polaroids of the marauders and Lily. My baby blue sheets smelt like fresh lavender. I was home.

“It hadn’t changed since I first came here.” Sirius said, hugging me from behind.

“I know.. I like it that way..”

“Can you Imagine, a week here! We can cuddle all night long without the boys in here!” He giggled.

“Yes! Are you hungry?” I asked.

“I’m starving!” He smiled.

We came down stairs and meet with my father. He was coming back from work.

“Remus! I tought you would be home way over 5 o'clock! Come here son!” He said, hugging me.

“I missed you dad.. oh and Sirius is here too!” I said.

“If it isn’t the new boyfriend! The last time a saw you, you were two feet smaller my boy!” He said, patting Sirius’ shoulder.

“It’s nice to see you sir.” Sirius said, feeling a bit nervous.

“Honey! Soup is ready!” Mum screamed from the kitchen. During lunch, they bombared us with questions. Sirius was answering them nicely without feeling annoyed. I looked at him with a smile on my face. He looked comfortable here.

“Oh Remus I forgot to tell you, We will have a familly dinner tonight! Only your aunts and uncles will be there. But you will get to meet Theo!” Mum said.

“Who is Theo?” Sirius asked.

“He’s my baby cousin! He was born after christmas.”

“Oh he’s still a baby!” Sirius said.

I knew that deep down, he loved babies.

After lunch, Sirius and I sat on my small balcony. From there, we could watch over the city. I was looking at Sirius’ face. His long hair brushing on his soft cheeks. The wind was soft and refreshing.

“I love it here.” He said, letting his head fall on my shoulder.

“I’m glad you do. It wouldn’t be home without you.” I smiled.

He leaned in to lay a sweet kiss on my lips.

“You’ll have to meet all my aunts and uncles tonight. Are you nervous?”

“No.” He smiled.

“And you will probably have to hold the baby..” i gigglied.

“I will look really badass with him in my arms!” He lauged.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

We heard the door bell and multiple voices from downstairs.

“Come on! I have to go show off my boyfriend to my familly!” I giggled.

Downstairs, everyone was there. I presented Sirius to them and they all seemed to like him very much. And then, we got to meet baby Theo. He was so small! He was softly crying in my arms.

“Do you want to hold him Sirius?” I asked him.

His eyes went wide.

“I-I can’t.. I mean he’ll just start crying even more!” He said, feeling nervous.

“He’ll get to know you don’t worry!” I said, smiling.

“I don’t want to drop him!” He said.

“Sit on the couch. I’ll lay him in your arms, you won’t drop him don’t worry” i said.

He sat down and I layed the little baby in his big arms. He had a big smile on his face.

“He looks so fragile..” he said, holding him carefully.

The baby instantly stopped crying. His big blue eyes opened and the baby smiled. Sirius looked at me with a face full of happiness.

“He stoped crying moons! He likes me!” Sirius said.

“See I told you!” I said, sitting next to him on the couch.

“Hey buddy!” Sirius said, brushing his finger on the baby’s cheek.

“Oh Remus look at his little cheeks, they’re so soft..”

We stayed next to eachother the whole night, the baby in Sirius’ arms. His small hands were curling around Sirius’ long finger.

“Can we have one Re?” He said, slowly shaking the sleeping baby.

“Not now! We’re still in school Pads!” I giggled.

“Of course not now! But you know.. One day..” he said, smiling to me.

“One day..” i smiled back.

After everyone was gone, we went to sleep. I really missed my bed! Sirius was holding me close to him, tracing shapes on my tummy.

“This whole bed smells like you… ” he mumbled.

“It’s even more comfortable with you in it..” i whispered.

February 18th 1976

how jack and davey accidentally (and then not) ended up spending all their valentines days together

February 14th 2014


will u hate me if i ask if ur free rn

why would i hate you

i dont want to assume

happy v day

wow jack

i’m actually on two dates right now

mrs doubtfire style

what’s up

she dumped me

on the phone

half an hour ago

come over

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The Prices We Pay - Chapter 1 - Part 2/?

 Rating: M

Warnings: Sex, age gap relationship, BDSM (always consensual), heavy alcohol usage, drug references, violence, daddy kink (dd/lg), and cheating. If you find any of these themes to be triggering or offensive to you in any ways, shape, or form, please reconsider reading this.

Authors Note:

Story Master-list : HERE

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Joker Imagine : Dancing

Anonymous said:

Can you do a story where the reader is a pretty girl at J’s club and he sees her, approaches her and just dances with her because he is really interested in her?

Originally posted by iyikiyoksun

Originally posted by lovers-of-edm

Joker’s P.O.V.

Once again I found myself in my own club, sitting in my special seat surrounded by other criminals. They were here because I wanted to discuss a heist. Frost, my most trusted henchman stood further away holding his beloved gun close to his chest. People were enjoying themselves, dancing and drinking like there was no tomorrow. I kept a tough face on and looked through the people, most of them being women tonight.

Everything seemed normal. It took me a little while until I realized that I was wrong. There was one girl who caught my eye, which I thought was hard. I grabbed the cone a little harder and kept my gaze on this girl. Her H/C hair was curled a little bit and she had really classy make-up, red lipstick and black around her eyes. Who knows what that makeup was called, but I knew it was supposed to be sharp. She was really beautiful.

 The tight dark red dress was fitted on her lovely body just perfectly. She also wore a golden necklace around her neck and I think I saw a bracelet as well. Too bad I couldn’t see down her knee since a table was awfully in the way. I had ignored the man next to me who has talking about the heist because of this girl. Suddenly I stood up and put a smirk on my face.

‘’Hey J where are you going?’’ The man asked me with a rather bossy voice. I turned around and faced him. ‘’To spend my time with something more important’’ I spoke sassily and watched how he fell silent. ‘’Frost will you lead these kind gentlemen out?’’ I looked at Frost. ‘’Through the backdoor’’ I added which had a special meaning. If I asked Frost to do that, it meant that he’d kill them. Frost nodded and made me the men follow him. 

Great, now I could approach little miss beautiful over the dance floor. I walked over slowly and tried to figure out which song was played, also being mixed by the DJ. I soon recognized it to be ‘International love’ by Pitbull or something. The girl in red swung her hips in the rhythm and I saw a pretty smile on her face. People glanced at me wide eyed and some moved further away, but she didn’t even notice me, yet.

Suddenly when she turned around, she faced me. Her eyes were E/C and really mysterious. Instead of backing off, she got closer to me and tried to make me dance. I smiled and took the hint. Although I wasn’t sure which dance moves were the most impressive, the music got to me and I started to dance with this beauty. It made me glad. Yes I was a criminal, I killed people, I robbed people, I did awful things, but I still knew how to have a little fun.

The girl turned around and swung her hips close to my crotch. I put my hands on her hips  and giggled quietly. Her arms were in the air and after a while she turned around. She was really close to me. ‘’What’s your name?’’ I asked her over the music. The girl bit her bottom lip sexily and grabbed my tie. Risky behaviour, but I’d spare her life because she was so beautiful. ‘’Do you really want to know that Mr.J?’’ She purred and pulled me closer by my tie. What a little beast.

‘’Well it would be fair since you know mine’’ I noted and then placed my hands on her hips again, helping her with the rhythm. The girl put her hands on my chest and playfully clawed me, but not hard. ‘’You gotta work for it’’ She teased me. Suddenly she wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned her face closer to mine. Did she have any idea of what I could do to her?

‘’I noticed that you looked at me J’’ She admitted to me, her lips nearly brushing against my ear. I saw a wall close so I turned us around so she was against the wall and I was in front of her. Instead of getting scared, the girl giggled and kept dancing. ‘’I like you, I’m Y/N’’ She finally told me. Y/N. Well I liked her name. ‘’That’s a good girl’’ I smiled happily.

‘’Come on J let’s go crazy’’ She encouraged me, eagerly wanting to go back to the dance floor. I looked at the drunk and sweaty people who weren’t so good at dancing. ‘’Fine-’’ I opened my mouth, but she cut me off. ‘’I’ll challenge you to a dance off’’

Oh boy

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 8

warning;sexual content..

Hailey’s Pov

“Night Princess” is what i fell asleep to.

i closed my eyes with the sound of Luke’s voice.

i love when he calls me princess.. it makes me feel special.

..Morning after..

i woke up with a smile on my face not because it was finally Friday but because of what happened last night.

Luke hemmings fingered me.

he bought me food, i can’t believe how different he was last night.

i turned over in my bed and sat up, i looked over at the window wondering what he was doing right now

is he thinking of me?

oh my god what am i saying?

i need to stop these thoughts in my head.

i got up out of bed in need of a shower, so that’s what i done.

Luke’s Pov

..last night..

when i walked out of the bathroom Hailey was almost asleep.

i really wanted nothing more than to just get into bed with her and hold her close but i don’t do that.

i’ve never cuddled with someone let alone a girl.

i walked over to her and leaned down,she smiled at my touch making my heart beat faster..

what am i doing to this girl..

fuck what is she doing to me??

“Night princess” i whispered to her then i kissed her head and i walked over to the window but not before looking back..

she was asleep,she looked so peaceful unlike when i had her moaning underneath me..

..Morning after..

i woke up with a boner like any other morning but this time it was different.

i dreamt of what would have happened if i’d fucked Hailey last night, god it was such a good dream.

i turned on my back looking at my hard on..

if only Hailey knew what she done to me.

i looked over at the window wondering if she was thinking of me..

would she get herself off with the thoughts of me?

i got up of bed when i realised the time.. i need to get to school

i want to see Hailey..

fuck what am i saying???

Haileys Pov

Finally by break time i was so hungry.

i had class with Lauren so we both walked into the canteen together, she was telling me about this guy who she likes but i wasn’t really listening because Luke caught my eye.

he winked at me and then continued talking to Calum.

god that wink sent chills down my spin..

once we sat down Sophie joined us and in the conversation.

out of no where this girl walked over to Luke and he put his arm around her and she smiled up at him and then she whispered something..

what the hell?? i shouldn’t feel jealous but i do.. i really fucking do.

he’s not mine and i know who it is but i thought maybe.. oh i don’t know.

it’s never gonna be me he puts his arm around.

do i even want that?

of course i do..

“What’s wrong with you?” Lauren asked making me leave my thoughts and turn my attention back to my friends.

“ Nothing why?” I said back

she strugged her shoulders and then she continued talking to Sophie, i stayed silent for the rest of break i couldn’t take my mind of Luke.

the bell rang and it was time for class.

Art class.

a class i have with Luke, right now i don’t want to see him or be near him.

i need the toilet so i said goodbye to Lauren and Sophie when we were out of the canteen and then i walked in the direction of the toilet but i didn’t get very far because i was pushed into a storage room.

i knew who it was. I started to scream because he scared the fuck out of me and then he turned on the light.

yup he just dragged me into a storage room, what does he want now?

we stared at each other and then i was about to say something but then Luke pressed his lips against mine.

i felt him smirk against my lips making me smile but then i remembered about that slut in the canteen and i pulled away even though i didn’t want to because kissing him is amazing.

“what are you doing?” i asked him

his hands rested on my hips while mine stayed by my side, i didn’t want to touch him.

i was so angry with him but the way he looks makes my heart beat faster..

i am fucked.

he looked at me confused and said “ Kissing you?”

i really wanted to laugh because he sounded so innocent but i didn’t

“Why don’t you go kiss that girl you had your arm around a few minutes ago” i said looking away from him

after i said it i wanted to take it back, i sounded so jealous which i am but he shouldn’t know that

“wow i didn’t know you could get so jealous” Luke said pulling me closer

i tried not to smile at him because i wanted to show him i was annoyed with him but it wasn’t really working

“I’m not jealous, you’re just unbelievable” i said to him

he leaned down and i thought he was going to kiss me but he kissed a spot on my neck instead

“you’re so hot” he said and then he kissed the spot again.

i closed my eyes leaning my head back because he kissed me again in the spot that makes all the hairs on my body stand up.

“I want to fuck you so bad” he said between kisses on my neck..

if he keeps doing this someone will catch us… fuck we have class.

“you need to stop this, what if someone catches us?” i said to him and then he pulled away looking up at me

“So?” he said oh yeah like he doesn’t care if someone caught us together..

i rolled my eyes and i pushed him away intending to walk out but Luke stopped me

“Where do you think you’re going?” he said smugly while pulling me against him again..

i could feel his boner.. seriously? how is he horny?

i smirked up at him and said “ to class, i don’t want to be late more than i already am”

he smirked back at me walking me backwards until my back hit the door, the air in the room changed and i was no longer mad at him.

right now i couldn’t care about class right now.

the adrenaline was running through my body, i was aching for him to kiss me again..

“You’re not going anywhere fuck class” Luke said

i was going to repily but then Luke kissed me hard.

I gripped his top and pulled him closer and deepened the kiss, Luke groaned pulling my closer but then he lifted me up in his arms making me pull away because i was not expecting that.

i wrapped my arms around his neck and his hands were on my exposed stomach thanks to my top that moved up when Luke lifted me up.

i was catching my breath and then i made the first move to kiss him again.

“ Do you want me to make you feel good again princess?” Luke breathed in my ear and oh my god that was so hot.

I couldn’t speak i just nodded my head.

Luke let me down and then he leaned down and then he started unbuttoning my jeans.

i can’t believe this is going to happen again! at school in a storage room when i should be in class.


I was brought back to reality when I felt Luke hand rub up and down my vagina I felt something deep inside me and I knew that feeling and I loved it.

“ Does that feel good princess?” Luke whispered I couldn’t speak so I just nodded and he smirked and inserted a finger.

I had to grab onto his arm because my legs were starting to feel like jelly and I knew I needed support or I would just fall.

Luke’s finger started to move and I knew I was close, I couldn’t hold in my moans anymore, he speeded up but things got more real when he added another finger.

“ Do you like that baby?” Luke whispered in my ear, I moaned in response and then he said

“ so wet for me” I was getting close I got feel myself ready to cum again and within seconds I felt wetness between my legs.

I was glad I was holding onto Luke because I would have fallen if I wasn’t my legs felt like jelly.

“ You taste so good baby” Luke said and I looked at him to see him licking his fingers.

“ One day I’ll taste you properly” he said..

What did he mean by that??

he stared at me for a minute and then the bell went meaning we have just missed a class.

this isn’t me.

i’ve just skipped class.

“ See you later princess” Luke said before moving me out of the way and walking out of the storage room.

I was just standing staring at the door, I didn’t want to go back out.

Luke was enjoying this I knew he was, he was fine with fingering me and then just getting on like nothing has happened where as I am freaking out.

suddenly my anger was back, he walks around with girls falling for him and just thinks he can do whatever. i mean he probably doesn’t care what he just done to me, he is probably chatting up some other girl right now.

i had a free period now so i decided to go to the library somewhere i knew Luke wouldn’t be.

i just sat and done some work that i should have done last night.

i keep forgetting i have homework all because of Luke.

just as i was doing homework i heard a teacher say my name making me stop breathing, i put my pencil down and looked up.

it was my art teacher.. fuck!

i didn’t show up for art class and i bet i will get in trouble for this.

i saw her look at me, she didn’t look happy and then she walked over to me.

i have never been in trouble before and i don’t like this feeling. I am going to kill Luke for this.

she stopped when she got to the table i was sitting at and then she spoke

“Can i have a word with you Hailey” she said

i grabbed my work and i followed her to Art class luckily no one was in the hall or this would all around the school in no time.

once we got to class she sat down at her desk and i walked over and stood at the front of it.

she looked up at me with a very unimpressed and worried look and said

“ What’s going on with you lately Hailey? You haven’t been yourself the last couple of days is everything alright?”

Oh god what do I say???

“ Nothing’s going on miss, everything is fine” hopefully she believes me…

She gave me a weird look and then said “ Okay just try not to be late again, you’re one of my best students I would hate for you to fall behind”

I didn’t know what to say other than “Thank you” and then I walked out of art.

it was lunch time but i wasn’t really hungry all this anger had made me lose the need to eat.

i walked into the canteen anyway and saw Lauren and Sophie already at our table, i couldn’t help but look over at Luke and of course he had Ashleigh in his lap while talking to his friends. i turned away before he could see i was looking.

once i sat down Lauren and Sophie stopped talking making me confused..

“What?” i asked them not sure why they were just staring at me

“You’ve been acting really weird lately” Sophie said making my eyes widen

i didn’t know what to say..

i got out of my lunch even though i wasn’t hungry and then i said

“I don’t know what you mean, i have been acting the same as always..”

i hope they believe me

Lauren leaned over looking at me trying to see if i would break but i wasn’t going too.

they would scream if they knew what was going on with me lately.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything you want to tell us?” Lauren said

oh shit

do they know? they can’t know..

i didn’t know what to say.. do i tell them?

no i can’t.

i shook my head hoping they would forget this and believe me..

“Okay.. well if you ever need to tell us anything you know you can” Sophie said

i wanted to cry, this is why i love them.

they are always there for me

“Thanks guys, your the best” i said to them

but then our moment was ruined by the one and only Calum…

we all rolled our eyes and he leaned over our desk, a little to close for my liking.

Luke was standing behind him with Ashleigh on his arm, seriously why can’t she just fall in a whole and disappear..


“So little virgin why did you ditch class? everyone’s talking our Mrs. Hill pulled you today” Calum said

i almost chocked on my juice and i saw Sophie and Lauren giving me the what the hell look

i really do hate Calum, i can’t believe he found out.. or did Luke tell him.

i looked up giving Luke a glare before i turned to Calum who looked very smug at me.

i’m gonna have to lie about this or my friends will kill me.

“i didn’t ditch smart ass there is this thing called actually doing well in school and i was able to get out of Art class for something your brain couldn’t understand” i said to him

i felt really proud of myself for the confidence i suddenly had..

the smug look on Calum’s face was gone and he looked almost annoyed.. he isn’t someone you see a lot of emotion off.

Luke was looking at me with a what the fuck look but right now i couldn’t care.

he’s the only one who knows i’m lying and i hope he doesn’t say nothing.

“Well that’s not what i heard” Calum said finally i thought a cat got his tongue

i crossed my arms over my chest and was about to speak but then Ashleigh did..

“C'mon Calum let’s go i very much doubt this virgin ditched class”

she pulled Luke away with her and then Calum looked at me one last time and then followed them back to their table.

“What was that about?” Lauren asked

oh no.. i’m gonna have to explain myself more..

“i don’t know what Calum is talking about, i got asked to stay behind in History but Mrs.Hill didn’t know that so she asked to have a word with me during my free period” i said to them

total lie but i hope they believe me

i hope so because if i had said.. i ditched class because i was too busy kissing Luke in a storage room than to go to class oh yeah and he also fingered me as well..

i wonder what they would do if i did say that..

“Calum is such a prick” Sophie said

i was glad they believed me because i don’t know what i would say next if they asked more questions.. i’m not good with this lying stuff.

next thing i know my phone goes off.. which is strange.

i see i already had a message from my mum so i opened that first..

“Hunny, i will be working late so you will have to make dinner for yourself” it said

i rolled my eyes and then i opened my next message without seeing who it was from..

fuck it’s from Luke..

what the hell??

“meet you at yours after school?” it read

i had to read it again..

i forgot he had my number and i had his..

i was still feeling confident so i texted him back..

“No why don’t you go to Ashleighs after..”

i looked over at him to see him staring down at his phone with a screwed up face, i couldn’t help but almost laugh.

then the bell rang meaning lunch was over..

i had one more class and then i could go home.. i was happy about this.

i felt my phone vibrate again..do i want to see what he said or not??

of course i do..

“ Nah i wanna see you instead” it read.

okay that may have been the sweetest thing i’ve ever read but he isn’t getting me that easy, not when he’s been flirting with Ashleigh in front of my face.

so i texted him back while i walked to my next class which is English..

a class he is also in..

“well i don’t want to see you,sorry.. use protection”

i laughed as i put my phone away, this could get interesting..

i felt my phone vibrate again but i was already in class so i put my phone away into my bag and sat down with Sophie as the teacher was writing on the board.

Luke and Calum came in a few seconds later and of course they have to sit behind us.

i felt Luke kick my chair but i didn’t turn around.

i couldn’t take it no more, i got out my phone when the teacher wasn’t looking..

1 message from Luke

“ if that’s your way of telling me you want me to fuck you i’m up for it”

i couldn’t believe what he had just text me.

i put my phone away quickly in case the teacher saw and made me read out my message..

that would be interesting..

“Who are you texting?” Sophie whispered to me as i put my phone away

if only she knew.

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Fav British and Irish comedians

John Cleese, for his angry acting.

Stephen Fry, for his mild-mannered, intelligent wit, great voice and fantastic novels.

Eddie Izzard, for his energy, sarcasm and style.

Jo Brand because she is a hell of a strong character. Read her autobiography.

Dylan Moran, because he does not give a fuck. And he is great live.

Bill Bailey, because he is a clever musical genius. I had the luck to see him live.

Miranda Hart, with whom I relate to on almost spiritual level. Her book is also great and helped me a lot.

Richard Ayoade, who not only mastered his nerdy character stück but is also a brilliant writer.

David Mitchell, who caught my eye on panel shows and then in Peep Show. His autobiography is also worth reading. 

Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt, separate or together, these two gentleman showed a totally different world of comedy I instantly fell in love with.

Spring Day

We Were. pt. 2

01, 02

Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1k

Many asked for a part 2, so here it is!

Originally posted by hoseoh

He called it a spring day, but snowflakes still fell. He said it was a spring day, but it was still cold.

 Why did you call it a spring day? My heart is still frozen from the cold wintry months. It hasn’t melted yet.

 How dare you call it a spring day? A spring day is filled with warmth and flowers, the sun shining and spring flings. But no. I was just yours for the winter. 

 What am I saying? I wasn’t even yours… Was I? That stupid girl named Ji-ae, who caught your eyes and then your heart. Weeks passed and my hatred for her grew. She cheated on you. I saw it, I tried to warm you, but you didn’t believe me. 

 Why is that, Kim Taehyung? Why did you call it a spring day if I’m still stuck in the blizzard of the winter. 

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anonymous asked:

at what point did you realize yoongi and jimin were your biases? ^^

so when I saw their mv  jungkook was the first one who caught my eye and as I was getting more and more into bts I was watching their videos on bangtantv and when I was watching yoongi’s birthday vlog from 2015, I was so focused on him talking and fell in love with his voice and when I saw this, his smile…

that was it, he became my bias. And jimin.. I really don’t know how it happened, it just happened, I really can’t remember the exact moment when he became my bias no matter how hard I try ;;;

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 10

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy

Word Count: 1839

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: This part is so fluffy and I love it. I really love the scene in AoU where the Avengers stay at Clint’s house – it added a different kind of backdrop that we rarely get to see them in. Those scenes inspired this. I also really want it to snow here – so…. I always love hearing from you guys. I hope you enjoy it! Tags are at the bottom – let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged. x

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“Y/N! Barnes! Dinner is in five! You better get your asses over to the house if you want to eat!” I could hear Clint shout from below. I sat up and rubbed my eyes sleepily. Peering down beside me I could see that Bucky was still fast asleep.

I couldn’t help but grin to myself. He looked so peaceful when he slept. I got up from the bed and bent over him carefully. “Up and at ‘em Sargent!” I yelled and Bucky jumped straight off the bed. I roared with laughter as he crossed his arms looking at me. “That’s what you get after the thing with Sam. We’re even,” I said as I backed up from the bed defensively.

His set his jaw defensively and a wicked smile tugged at the corner of his lips. “Oh? Even, huh?” he said as he stalked towards me.

“Now, Buck…” I said with my hands up defensively but I was cut short by him darting towards me and knocking me back on the bed. “Ugh… Buck you weigh a ton!” I complained as I tried to wiggle out from under him on the bed. “I CAN’T BREATHE!”

He laughed and raised himself off me enough to look at me. “I’m sorry about earlier, doll. Forgive me?” he asked playfully as he kissed my neck.


“I’ll hold you to that,” he smiled as he stood up and offered me his hand. “Now we better get over to the house or Clint will be pissed.”

We made our way to the house slowly. Before we entered Bucky grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. He let go to open the door and we walked in to a roar of helloes! Everyone was there – Steve, Sam, Wanda, Vision, Nat, Tony, Scott, Bruce, Thor, and Rhodey. Thor – who had been spending quite a bit of time in Asgard walked up and gave us both bone crunching hugs. We laughed as we struggled for air.

“Well it’s about time,” Clint chastised us as he tapped on his watch and grinned.

“Um.. Y/N… have you by chance looked into a mirror recently?” Wanda whispered in my ear. I looked at her wide-eyed and confused. I had opened my mouth to reply, but before I could get a word out she grabbed my hand and we headed straight to the bathroom. I looked back at Bucky who gave me a confused look and shrugged helplessly. Once we were safely in the bathroom Wanda pushed me towards the mirror, “I guess you didn’t sleep when you and Barnes were in the loft, huh?” I looked into the mirror mortified.

“Oh my god! I am going to strangle him! Why wouldn’t he tell me?!” I scoffed at the mirror. My hair was a mess but what mortified me the most was the ever apparent hickey on my neck. Wanda burst into a fit of laughter as she watched me frantically try to cover it up.

“I have just the thing. Stay here,” she said and darted from the bathroom. That wasn’t going to be a problem because I wasn’t leaving the bathroom until the issue was resolved. Wanda reappeared suddenly with her makeup bag in hand. “Hold still,” she instructed as she began applying copious amounts of concealer to the area. She paused and stepped back to analyze her work, “Fixed. I have no easy way to fix that sex hair though.” I groaned and began running my fingers through my tangled tresses over and over. Finally, I sighed in resignation and left the bathroom with Wanda following me.

“There you two are,” Tony shouted effectively bringing attention to us. He grinned and winked at me as Bucky made his way to me carrying two plates.

“I went ahead and made you a plate, doll. You know how Thor can eat basically everything in sight when he puts his mind to it,” he said as he handed the plate to me. We sat down on Clint’s sofa and he dipped his head down close to my ear. “I see something has been covered up,” he whispered with a hint of humor in his voice. I aimed an elbow directly for his ribs and made contact. “Hey now,” he huffed. “I liked seeing it because it reminded me of other things,” he added softly, his voice full of suggestion. I squirmed a little on the couch as I felt the heat rise up my neck and to my cheeks. He laughed and winked at me before turning his attention back to an argument he had been having with Steve and Sam over football.

Once everyone had finished eating dinner we made our way outside to set up the bonfire. It had been a tradition before I had joined the team, and it was a tradition that I really enjoyed. It was cold in New York during this time of year and I found my jacket to be inadequate to keep me comfortable. I sat in one of the rocking chairs on the porch wrapped in a large blanket that Laura had graciously offered me while I watched the men bicker as they tried to start the fire.

“What?” Bucky smirked as he walked back towards me.

“I just like to watch you guys argue. There’s something soothing about it,” I shrugged and stood up so he could sit in the chair. He pulled me onto his lap and we both snuggled under the blanket.

“I mean I can think of much more soothing things than listening to us complain or listening to Tony talk about thermodynamics,” he replied with a laugh.

“Not me,” I said as I snuggled my head below his neck and wrapped my arms around his body. “It’s home. All the good and the bad.” He squeezed me gently and smiled.

“For you,” Nat said matter-of-factly as she offered me a cup. “And for you,” as she offered the other to Bucky.

“Thanks Nat,” I responded as I put the cup to my lips. Hot Chocolate was perfect for this kind of weather. I took a sip. “Holy shit! What is this?” I sputtered almost spitting it back into the cup and nearly knocking Bucky’s from his hands.

“Oops! I must have switched those on accident – that one is for Bucky!” She said apologetically. We switched cups as she walked away to deliver drinks to the others.

“What is that?” I asked while sipping my hot chocolate hoping that it would make the taste of Bucky’s drink dissipate.

“Oh Thor brings it from Asgard. It’s the only thing that can actually get Steve and I drunk if we drink enough of it,” he shrugged. “Everyone else drinks hot chocolate with whiskey and we have this.”

“Asgard?! What’s going to happen to me since I drank it?”

“You’ll uh… you’ll be fine because you only had a small sip. I just wouldn’t suggest drinking a lot tonight,” Bucky responded meekly.

“Oh great!”

“You’ll be fine doll,” he replied and gave me a squeeze. I looked up at him and he smiled. “This is nice.”

“What’s nice?” I asked curiously.

“Being here with you,” he replied sweetly. I smiled and threw the blanket up over both of our heads. “Hey! What are you…” Bucky was protesting but I cut him off with a shush. I kissed him sweetly and suddenly he understood – his shifted his weight and held me to him while retuning the kiss.

“You’re right,” I said as I broke away from the kiss.

“About what this time?” he asked teasingly.

“This is nice.”

The blanket was suddenly being pulled from our heads. “Auntie Y/N! Why are you hiding!” little Natalie exclaimed. Bucky and I both laughed. I popped my head out of the blanket dramatically and looked at her with a grin. “It’s snowing and you’re going to miss it!” She squealed excitedly as she pointed to the night sky. Sure enough it had begun to snow.

I grinned at her and replied, “Well you know what that means right? We have to try to catch some of those snowflakes!” I bounced off of Bucky’s lap and chased her off the porch into the night. She screamed in delight. After running around in circles for some time I laid on the grass and she plopped on top of me. Bucky walked over with a grin on his face and sat down beside us.

“Well did you catch some?” he asked Natalie excitedly.

“Yes! I caught lots!” Natalie giggled. She was quiet for a second and then said, “Uncle Bucky?”

“Yes Natalie?” he asked giving her a heartbreakingly sweet smile.

“Do you love Auntie Y/N?” she asked innocently. At first her question took him by surprise. I felt my pulse quicken and became aware that I was holding my breath as I waited for his reply.

He smiled sweetly at her and then looked at me, “Yes Natalie, I love your Auntie very much.” I blushed violently and smiled at him in return.

“Thank goodness,” Natalie said with a sigh. “Auntie Y/N, will you tuck me in? I’m sleepy and cold.”

“Absolutely sweetheart,” I replied. Bucky gathered Natalie up in his arms and we made our way into the house. I didn’t notice the cold anymore – all I could think about was his reply—I love your Auntie very much. It was the first time I had ever heard Bucky use the word love. The only person near enough to hear our conversation was Steve who caught my eye as we made our way to the house. He smiled at me as we passed and returned to his conversation with Tony and Sam.

Once Natalie was snuggly tucked into bed we made our way back to the bonfire. The snow had picked up quite a bit and had begun to build on the ground. “Now where, were we?” Bucky whispered in my ear as he caught my hand and spun me around to face him. “I remember,” he said with a smile as he bent down to give me a kiss. Before he could actually reach my lips something whizzed by our heads. Bucky turned just in time to be pelted square in the face with a meager snowball. “Stark, I swear to god!” he said and then laughed.

“I’m shaking in my loafers!” Stark yelled from behind a tree.

“Now come on you two before this gets out of… HEY!” Steve yelled as Bucky’s snowball connected with his face. “Now listen here you jerk!” Steve chastised as he bent over scraping snow frantically.

Bucky ran into the night yelling, “I’m coming for you next, Stark!” I had to laugh. Bucky was rarely carefree and the last few days had held so much promise not only for him, but for the team and for us. By the time everything was said and done we were all in front of Clint’s giant fireplace – dripping and cold – but cheerful as we traded jabs and drank into the night.

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OTP Prompts- Space Edition

1. “I’m a human space traveler, and when we met, I thought you were an alien. Come to find out, you’re a human, who thought I was an alien. This is awkward.” AU

2. “You are literally the only being on this entire planet who is nice to me, and it’s a little terrifying. Want some company?” AU

3. “We’ve been on the same spaceship together for a MONTH, and if you don’t stop saying the Star Trek intro, I’m going to open the airlock.” AU

4. “We were the two aliens selected to go to the planet known as “Earth” to try to blend in. I know we’ve always hated each other, but now, I’m scared enough as it is. Truce?” AU

5. “I’m stuck in the Mars colony, and you came to rescue me. Oops, I just kissed you, but it’s totally because I’m grateful, not because I love you and thought I’d never see you again… Ha… Ha… Maybe a little.” AU

6. “I’m an astronaut, and you’re a Time Traveler who has been encouraging me my entire life, from convincing my kid self to get the toy rocket instead of the slinky, but now I’m a good bit older, and you haven’t aged a day. I’m not saying I’m attracted to you, but… Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying.” AU

7. “I joined the first interplanetary Speed Dating Event, and you’re the only one I met who caught my eye, but I didn’t even catch your PLANET, much less your name.” AU

8. “I’m an interplanetary diplomat, and you are the ruler of Pluto. I have to come deliver the news that Pluto is, once again, not considered a planet. Please don’t declare war on us.” AU

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1.08 / 6.03

|Dylan Massett imagine|

“Norman! Dylan! Kitchen now please!” Norma shouted from downstairs. I stood besides her growing more and more nervous. “If you’re going to start working here you should meet my boys.” Norma smiled as she put an arm round my shoulder. Norma had offered me a job to work at the motel she just started because I haven’t got any money or a place to stay, my parents had kicked me out and Norma found me on the side of the road looking for a ride. She said I could have the spare room in her house but had to earn my keep by working at the motel which I was more than grateful for. 

I heard footsteps down the stairs and then two boys appeared into the kitchen. One with brown hair and wore sort of ‘smart’ clothes and looked intelligent. The other boy had messy dirty blonde hair and more casual outfit, he was the one who caught my eye. He was gorgeous. His bright blue eyes met my green ones and he smiled at me. 

“Norman, Dylan. This is Y/N. Shes going to be staying with us and helping with the motel for a while.” Norma introduced us. I shook hands with Norman and then Dylan. “Nice to meet you both.” I smiled at both of them, “You too Y/N. It’ll be good to have someone new round here.” Norman said. Dylan just nodded and winked at me which made me blush. “Right, Dylan show Y/N to her room, its the one opposite yours. I’ll start dinner, Norman can help me.” Norma said. 

I went to grab my suitcase until a hand grabbed mine gently. “I got it.” Dylan said looking at me smiling. I nodded him and said “thank you”. Dylan was walking up the stairs with me following him as he lead me to the spare room. Dylan opened the bedroom door and put down my suitcase. “Thank you, Dylan.” I said looking at him, Dylan nodded and half smiled at me before closing my door. 

~After dinner~ 

I went upstairs and got changed for bed, I just had on a black vest top and my black laced panties. Assuming everyone was asleep, I went out of the spare room and headed towards the bathroom to brush my teeth, when I got there the bathroom door opened and a shocked Dylan stepped out. I stood there frozen as his blue eyes quickly flickered up and down my body. “Wow.” I heard him softly mumble under his breath.

“I um … sorry I just needed to use the bathroom.” I stuttered becoming more flustered. Dylan nodded frantically and headed to his bedroom, he stood at the doorway. “You er … look beautiful.” He said, his eyebrows knotted together; confused by why he had said that himself. I blushed as I watched him quickly go into his bedroom.


A few weeks had passed since Dylan had told me I looked beautiful and he hadn’t said a word to me after that, he’d been completely ignoring me even when I tried to speak to him, hes just been watching me like hes in deep thought when he stares at me.

 I got changed into black skinny jeans, a black vest top and my leather jacket whilst slipping on my converse. I grabbed my car keys and headed out, Norma wanted to me go and pick up some new bed sheets. I saw Dylan sitting down outside a motel room smoking a cigarette, he looked over at me and I smiled softly at him in which he didn’t return. 

I bit the inside of my cheek starting to wonder what I had done wrong. I got into the car and started it up heading into town. It was driving me crazy not speaking to Dylan, he made my days better. 

 I got back late that night and parked my car in the usual spot. Dylan had been on my mind the whole day and I made the decision to finally confront him about what I had done wrong. Dylan was in the same spot where he was when Ieft still smoking. “Dylan can I talk to you please?” I said approaching him. “What have I done wrong? you haven’t spoken to me for weeks!.” I said raising my voice slightly becoming aggravated. He didn’t answer me, didn’t even look up.

 I sighed and started to walk away until he finally spoke up. “I meant what I said when I called you beautiful Y/N.”  He confessed standing up and walking over to me. I turned around and looked at him confused. “Wait but wh-” I was cut off by Dylan’s lips crashing down onto mine, his rough but soft lips battling against my own.

“You’re different, you make me scared, nervous, excited and happy all at the same time. No ones ever made me feel like that and I barely know you.” He whispered. “Why have you been ignoring me though?” I asked looking into his blue eyes. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I put mine round his neck, “I was scared in case I was falling in love…but I don’t care anymore.” Dylan said pecking my lips again, I smiled at him completely confused but happy. “Wow the ‘badass’ Dylan Massett falling in love?” I mocked my voice dripping in sarcasm. 

Dylan laughed and kissed my forehead. “Lets take this to my room.” Dylan smirked nudging me forward. Okay so maybe i was developing a massive crush on Dylan now. 

Baekhyun and Seulgi threesome

Warning: Cursing

Baekhyun’ hand splayed across my back, the other gripping my small hand in his large palm. We swayed back and forth to the beat of the song playing from the record player, our feet moving to the melodic beat.

“You’re very good on your feet,” he mused as we continued to move around the room. He put his lips close to my ear and whispered, “but I bet that you’re better off of them.”

My cheeks turned a bright shade of pink and a slight giggle escaped my lips before I covered them with my free hand.

“Do not hide your beautiful smile my flower.” Baek’s hand came up to move mine from my face, revealing my embarrassed nature to him fully, “you look beautiful when you blush.”

He flashed me a dazzling smile and I couldn’t help but smile back. We continued to dance, swaying all around the room in time to the tune.

“Our pet is here.”

I stopped in my tracks and turned towards where the mysterious voice came from, seeing Seulgi standing there, watching us from the stairs.

“Yes my darling,” Baekhyun answered, wrapping his arms around my shoulder and squeezing.

“She looks stunning tonight,” Seulgi replied, keeping her piercing gaze locked on me.

“Yes darling, I’ve found it quite difficult to keep my eyes off of her.”

In any other circumstance, I would have blushed like crazy and giggled, but I couldn’t. Not with Baekhyun’s wife watching.

“What is she doing here?” I hissed at Baekhyun, who didn’t seem to be bothered by the situation.

“My wife simply wanted to meet you,” when my clueless facade didn’t falter he continued, “you see, not only am I interested in you, but my wife is also.”

“I don’t follow,” I spoke quietly, afraid that my voice would falter if I spoke any louder.

“It’s not only my husband’s eye who you caught at the ball the other day,” Seulgi was now right next to me, “you caught mine also.”

Before I could speak, Seulgi closed the space between us and placed her lips on mine.

“You see, my wife and I came to an agreement that I could see you, only if she could too,” Baekhyun explained as Seulgi kissed me. Her mouth was sweet and tasted like peppermint, and I couldn’t pull away.

“Is that something you would be okay with my flower?”

I quickly nodded, careful not to pull away from the kiss.

“Excellent,” he mused as he started to unzip my dress.
Baekhyun was on top of me, fucking my mouth as Seulgi ate me out below. Baekhyun’s fingers played with my pert nipples, causing a moan to escape my mouth, muffled everytime Baekhyun would fuck into the back of my throat.

“God your moans are hot my pet,” Seulgi mumbled around my lips, the vibrations sending a new bout of pleasure through me. I couldn’t reply so I simply pushed her face farther into my pussy.

“I need to be in you flower,” Baekhyun said, taking his member from my mouth. Seulgi took her mouth from my pussy and I whimpered at the loss.

“Don’t fret my pet,” Seulgi said as her and Baekhyun switched places. She straddled my face, lowering down so that her clit was in my mouth, and Baekhyun slowly pushed himself into me.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as Baekhyun slowly pushed himself into me, his largeness filling me easily.

“You like that flower? Does my cock satisfy you enough.”

I nodded but with little movement as to not lose contact with Seulgi. She was a writhing mess above me, and all I had to do to get her to come was pump my fingers in and out of here a few times.

“God she’s good,” Seulgi panted as she lifted herself off of my face. Baekhyun simply smirked as he thrusted harshly in and out of me.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck,” I whimpered as he continuously hit my g spot. On top of that, Seulgi molded her lips around one of my nipples, and I came undone within two minutes.

My body jerked and twitched as my orgasm ripped through me, my walls tightening around Baek’s cock in the process. This caused him to groan, his thrusts becoming sloppy. He shot his load inside of me, pulling in and out a few more times to milk his own orgasm. Once he was finished, he pulled out of me, falling onto the bed next to me. Seulgi took the other side and they both wrapped themselves around me.

“You’re a good fuck my flower,” Baekhyun panted, his breath hot on my neck.

“Yes very good my pet,” Seulgi added. And with that they both fell asleep. I didn’t know what to do, so I simply closed my eyes, snuggled deeper in the middle of them, and fell asleep too, my dreams filled with flowers and pets.


Sorry it’s so short and crappy guys.