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TOP! 5!! WAIFUS!!!

1. Holo

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2. Azusa

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3. Noel

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4. Kagami 

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 5. Kaiki

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Ravenclaws probably have, overall as a house, the worst grades in the school tbh. 


I will make a movie about you. Do you want to know what it’s called?

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watch my Minutt for minutt trailer here.

Hamilton makes me wish i was american. 2016 made me glad that i am not.


As many of you know, I’ve created playlists for each character in @thebrightsessions. It’s a big part of my process as a writer and also just fun to do.

Agent Green has never had one. When I was figuring out who this guy was, I realized he was one of those people. You know, those people that don’t really listen to music. So he didn’t get a playlist. But he gets a song. 

If Owen Archibald Green were a song, he would be “A Day in the Life” by The Beatles. I don’t know why exactly, he just is. When I thought about making a playlist for him, this song immediately came into my head. This was the only song that came into my head.

If we did normal episode titles instead of silly in-universe ones, Episode 30 would be called “A Day in the Life”. But we don’t and it’s not so here’s this post instead.

  • people: Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after two years of marriage !!!
  • me: Will Wang So have a happy ending .. Will Hae Soo love him as much as he deserves .. Will I be ok by the time moon lovers is over ???

“Somehow none of it seems to matter when we’re in Dublin. Class and all that just fades away. I’m Mrs Branson and we get on with our lives like millions of others.”



Let’s all hug David!! (Part Two)

[ Link to Part One ]

Featuring Doctor Who behind-the-scenes hugs from James Hawes (director), Billie Piper, Tracie Simpson (production manager), June Whitfield, Euros Lyn (director), Freema Agyeman, Colin Teague (director), and more