who cares shit happens

Min Yoongi being a total tsun (9)

MY:*loses Jungkook in a mall*



0000.0010 seconds later


JK:Hyung I just went to the toilet


Also MY:Did I ask?

Sylvia Plath is my favorite poet. She was not only a descendant of Modernism and the Romantics, she was a poet that cared about her own feelings so much that she cared about yours. She had some fucked up shit happen in her life, but who cares about that? We all suffer and that has everything to do with poetics. Have you ever heard of Modernism? The Nazis called Modernism primitive and the work of the brutes. The only brutes on this earth are the dogs and those are the things that I love. Do you wonder what I am? You are reading the work of a great poet, possibly one of the greatest ones of your time. If I am standing in front of you right now, you are listening to the voice of one of the greatest poets of your time. Do you take time to analyze greatness? I don’t think you should bother–you will never get it right. I am both a Modernist and a Romantic. All poetry that is good today is some combination of modernism, ethics, and faith. Take note. All poetry that matters today has feelings in it. You can refute or deny this with your lack of them. You can wrestle against feelings and make funny words for it. Take a look in the mirror. You were born a child and you will die one, too. When you are in your grave all that you will be able to say is mommy. You are going to die you know and so am I. That’s it. You were born to die. Take the things you say because you can’t write poems and figure out how to write some. Go to the grocery store and buy some food. Sit alone by yourself and think of how it is, the way it really is. There are a million cells of fluid rushing in your veins. On earth a thousand rivers rush through. The only thing that keeps you contained is the faith God has in your every breath. When you are mean, you let him down, so don’t be. Read Plath. Hell, Read Stein. She was a woman and would have approved of you–you man, you woman, you dog. Bark your last breath while we all swim along a river. There are children playing around you. They know more than you will ever know.
—  “The Poetry That is Going to Matter After You are Dead,” Dorothea Lasky

*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

If anyone wants to know what my perfect manga is:

Its Killing Stalking. Hands down. It hits all the right kinks for me, and yeah its horrible, but you know what? Who cares? Its a manga. Its NOT REAL. Lots of horrible, terrifying shit happens like that in manga. (Death Note, I’m looking at you). Are people scared because there’s no magic? That its too real? To be honest, for me..that adds SO MUCH to it. There’s no magic books, or giant overlord. Its like something out of Criminal Minds! It’s fantastic work and gets me engaged like no manga ever has before. 

I’ve finished The Foxhole Court and I’m reading The Raven King (which is confusing because of the Maggie Stiefvater book but whatever) and no one is getting together yet and I’m annoyed.

Resolutions 2017

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My top five for 2017:

1. Be kinder and more patient with myself and others.

2. Slow down and take my time to really, really enjoy things.

3. Stop taking things out of my basket while I’m in line at the register. I’m too grown for that shit.

4. Less writing and more singing.

5. Install a hot tub. IDGAF. This shit is happening for real.

Tagging anyone who cares to share.

*something happens in the world* 
americans: ah yes, but stop posting about this, why aren’t you posting about this!! and this!!!??? and this??? there’s so much else going on in the world guys pay attention and stop showering only one place with ur sympathy you guys are so self centric

*something happens in america* 
americans: SHIT shit guys ok who cares about whatever is happening everywhere else something just went down in the U S of A nothing else matters guys the whole world needs to pay attention to us and nothing else because something just happened