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i thought i'd send something in for the sleepover thing you reblogged! last year i left a relationship id been in for 3 years, i was living with the person and they moved out after we broke up, it felt like my whole life was falling apart. but i recently met a guy who is everything i could ever imagine!!! hes my absolute dream, i never thought i would get out of the toxic relationship i was in but i'm so happy that i did. he cares about me more than anyone ever has, its such a wonderful feeling

i can relate, breakups are hard but you come out of it a better person especially if you’ve come out from a bad relationship. 😞 im so glad you’ve found someone better, and you’re happy though!! you deserve happiness, i hope you get to make lots of great memories together!! 💓😇

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tony “being a superhero would be outlandish and… fantastic” stark, signing little kids’ iron man helmets and iron man drawings, keeping young fans’ iron man mail on random places in the house, stepping in to save a kid dressed as iron man from an angry drone and still taking care to compliment them for their good work so as not to crush their iron man dreams, calling the avengers “earth’s mightiest heroes” and nailing their catch-phrase while Monologuing Against The Villain, remodeling his entire tower and vacant stark industries warehouses to bear the logo of said superhero team and house its members – TONY STARK, THEN MEETING A KID WHO EMBODIES, IN THE PUREST SENSE, THE VERY SAME HEROIC IDEALS THAT HE LATCHES ON TO, AND THEN DOING EVERYTHING HE CAN TO KEEP THAT FLAME ALIVE IN THAT KID

tony “i’m not the hero type… clearly,” who was deemed not to have the right personality for the avengers, who was told he was just “pretending to be a hero,” who didn’t include himself in the avengers line-up when he was bragging about the team to loki, who was accused of tearing the avengers apart – TONY STARK, WHOSE HEROIC AMBITIONS WERE CONSTANTLY QUESTIONED AND SNEERED AT BY OTHERS, DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE TO PETER PARKER, A KID WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY IDEALS MIRROR HIS OWN


READ IN 2016: Champion (Legend Trilogy #3) by Marie Lu

When the entire world turned its back on me and left me to die, you took me in. You were the person that cared about what might happen to me. You were everything.Everything. You became my entire family - you were my parents and my siblings and my caretaker, my only friend and companion, you were both my protector and someone who needed protecting. You see? I didn’t love you in the way you might’ve thought I did, although I can’t deny that was part of it. But the way I feel goes beyond that.

fic - supergirl - pursuit and power

Lena Luthor likes power. She’s attracted to it, she wants to possess it.  She’s spent so much of her life without any power at all that the moments when she can steal it and hold it close are precious to her. She guards them like a dragon its horde, protective, caring, and never, ever, willing to let go.

As she assumes the leadership of L-Corp, Lena wants power, she needs it in this city full of alien forces beyond her wildest dreams. She craves it with the deep-seated ache of a woman scorned, moved to a city where she was no longer top dog. No, that role falls to an alien, Supergirl, who is very friendly and sets Lena’s teeth on edge. After Supergirl comes Cat Grant, and then, only then, there is Lena.

So Lena’s attracted to those who possess power, because in a tank where she’s no longer the biggest fish, she needs everything she can get.

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Its already your 23th birthday. Time passes so fast, isn’t it? Oh well, where should I even star?
I feel like we dont deserve you, we amrys and I. Everything about you is just too much. You are too kind, too soft, genuine, hardworking, talented, beautiful…Just too good for this world :’-) You are the person I look ap to. Someone who followed his dreams no matter what would other people say or think. Someone who worked his ass out to be where he is now and prove everyone who didn’t believe in him wrong. I am proud. You made me want to become a better person, I am so greatful to you. I actually learned so much about life, love, care and friendship from you. And I am not even kidding! I am still very young and its really important for me to have my idol. I am happy coz my idol is you and none else.
I love everything about you, your personality, rapping, dancing, singing, your voice, you laugh, your smile, those cute little dimples and that cute shape of your mouth when you are in a bad mood…ughh the list could go on and on…
I want you to be happy in life, really happy, healthy, to find someone who will be your other half. I want all your dreams to become true. I honsetly want you to have all happiness from this world coz you truly deserve it.
Thank you once again, for all your hardwork, music, amazing performances, for taking care of other mambers and for always being a mood maker.
You are really our golden hyung❤
We all love you Hoseok! Be happy! Happy birthday! 사랑해~!💗
Ok..so this turned out to be a long ass message. I am not even sure if people would read this. I just needed to say it and get it out of my chest. I could write so much more but it would never end then lol😂

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That's it, that's my bag, Atem taking care of Kaiba. Fuck, anyone taking care of that damn child. He needs hugs.

Title: Not Leaving
Minific, Oneshot
Rating: G
Pairing: Seto Kaiba x Atem (Prideshipping)

Tags: Established Relationship, Nightmares

Summary: There is a difference between being unable to sleep, and staying awake together.

Seto often wakes in the night.

He doesn’t scream, he doesn’t cry, he doesn’t move.

But he goes from dreaming to wakefulness in a way that is somehow startling enough to rouse Atem from even the deepest sleep.

Usually, once he notices he’s awake, Seto will mumble a word. “Him”, “Them”, “You”,  and Atem steadily learns.

“Him.” Don’t touch, but stay close. Seto won’t sleep again that night. He will try to get up and work on a project. Atem will force a book into his hands instead. Seto will acquiesce and sit up in bed to read, while Atem listens to chapter after chapter of audiobook, staring up at the crack in the ceiling as worlds paint themselves in his mind, trying not to fall asleep because it matters that he doesn’t leave him alone, even for the realm of unconsciousness.

“Them.” Clumsy from tiredness, Atem will try and wrap an arm around him. Seto is not a natural cuddler, but Atem will curl around him as much as he can. Seto hasn’t had a lot of experience being small, but on these nights his heart misses it. Atem will wake some time around 4am, his arm in agony, Seto asleep and drooling against his chest. He won’t move, just in case.

“You.” Blinking away his own dream, Atem will reach for his hand, their fingers entwining as Seto’s breathing settles, an intimacy rarely afforded outside of these moments. Atem will whisper to him, his drowsy tongue forming foreign words that no-one beyond this room can understand. Sometimes they don’t sleep those nights either. But for a different reason.

The fourth word is always spoken with a quiver in his voice. Seto’s hands clenched on the sheets, even his breath seeming to shake. Atem will be alert in an instant, pushing himself out of the warm and into the cool room as if just told there was an enemy at the door. He will go around the bed, take Seto’s cold hands and pull him to his feet. They will pad softly into the hall and, if all is quiet, silently open the door across from theirs. Mokuba will be softly snoring, looking less than his 13 years and sound asleep.

Then they will go and get some tea, and sit and wait until the sun rises.

Between the two of them, there is rarely a peaceful night’s sleep.

But a surprising amount of peaceful nights.

“ronan lynch loved to dream about light” is one of my favorite things ever, because you have this boy, this boy who everyone thinks is mean and awful and scary and dark and incapable of softness and affection, and he dreams himself a little brother whom he cares about more than anything, he dreams himself a little girl who he protects as if she were his own sister, he dreams animals to live at his house and he feeds them and pets them, he dreams himself a bird who he raises himself, he dreams his best friend epi-pens and armor to save his life in the potential face of danger, he dreams his crush hand lotion because he notices his hands getting dry, and the thing about ronan is he’s always described by others as a snake, as a weapon, as a tool for injury, but that isnt who he is at all, he’s soft and gentle and affectionate and loving and caring, and its in his dreams, the one place where he is king and god and can control himself and what he produces that he chooses to produce good, produce light

What I can’t believe is that Jaemin - a sixteen year old boy - has had a herniated disc in his back since he was a trainee which I’m guessing is over a year and a bit? My concern is why didn’t SM treat his situation with care and rest whilst he was still a trainee (perhaps they did I don’t know everything) and so when he debuted they wouldn’t have him missing out on all of these great things NCT Dream are doing?

I was around his age when I had a herniated disc as well - it was at the bottom of my spine and it was pressing on the nerves to my legs/hips which resulted in my whole right leg not working - and I am a dancer as well. I think its quite common in dancers who push themselves too far. I was too young for the doctors to be willing to perform surgery on me (as this condition is common among older people usually in their 40s/50s) and so they put me on six weeks of physiotherapy. I assume this is also why the problems with Jaemin have not gone away, but I could be wrong.

Unfortunately this type of injury requires you to do a little more than just those six weeks. It has left me with lasting muscular problems in my back and right leg. I am required to do yoga or aerobics etc. to make sure I am not in pain (which this condition causes a lot of) and what concerns me more about Jaemin is, is he going to have enough time to do these kinds of things? Will they properly help him recover?

These are questions I’ll probs not get the answers to but I can only hope he’s doing better 😊😊
(Soz about my ramblings, I just had a lot of thoughts)


I’ve reached 1000 follower!

I can’t believe guys we made it! ;-; 1000 actual people who care about my art… Seems like a dream to me. So I hope you enjoyed my thanks a this short crossover angst doujinshi. I hope I doesn’t disappointed you guys >-
The lines were taken from my favorit show, from The 100’s ends scene.

 This doujin takes place after the big fights and end arc. Natsu wants to leave even without Happy, because he can’t look at his eyes - he hurted his best friend, his nakamas and his love. He need time to think about it. But this time, he can’t leave without telling, he not gonnado the same mistake.

Guess a fanfic could tell the situation and show their feeling much better, but this is what I can do ^^; Overall I’m proud if it. I did it in my style, I drew every part myself in SAI, and this is the result. 

Hope you liked it. Love you guys

FT by Hiro Mashima; The 100 by Kass Morgan

forcing and sexualizing a topic about/and on a person who used the term as a literal meaning of father/dad is completely uncalled for and is honestly one of the shittiest things i will probably ever witness. if the idol you claim to care about has asked you to stop your disgusting and twisted jokes - then its time to fucking stop your disgusting and twisted jokes. i hope you know you made a happy and meaningful situation for your idols both uncomfortable and very unpleasant - you may now chuck yourself in a hole. jackasses.

Okay guys here me out I had the best and angstiest Sherlock whump dream last night! I might fic it at some point I really need to tell the story now:

Sherlock had been kidnapped by a rogue military cell who wanted revenge on something that had caused them nuisance, probably Sherlock solving their crimes and exposing them or something. They took him to a war ship and away from British seas to make it harder for Mycroft to recover him. 

To Sherlock himself they told that he’s there to create a new scientific formula/weapon/whatever evil a military organisation could want. To stop him from escaping they broke his hips and his hands so he could barely move. Whenever they didn’t make him work they kept him locked in a tiny cabin at one of the bottom decks of the ship. I was the one furthest away from the power room and it was so cold there. 

Sherlock  would just lie there, in pain and desperate to go home. ‘If I’m good’, he would think, ‘If I’m good enough and do what they want they’ll let me go home.’ And when he thought of home he thought of the living room of 221B, warm, heated up by the fireplace, himself in front of it and John holding him close. And that’s what he kept dreaming of when he curled into himself, broken and cold and so alone. 

Then one night his cabin door opened. The soldiers hauled him up and told him they needed him to go back to work immediately. Sherlock deduced this was not true but a ruse to get him to go peacefully. But it’s not like it made any difference, he was hurt and overpowered. They dragged him out of the ship and onto the land, where he was handcuffed and left kneeling on the rocky shore. The leader of the organisation stepped up and told him they would have to kill him because his brother and the British forces were getting too close, and they didn’t really need him anyway, they had all the evidence they needed to execute him for his crimes against the organisation - eye for an eye. 

A gun was pressed to his forehead, and there he was, kneeling and cuffed and about to die, and for the first time in his life Sherlock knew he would not make it home. And so he cried silently. 

But the shot never rang. 

Meanwhile in a British army base John, Greg and Molly were waiting for the recovery team to return from their rescue trip. (Here’s a good spot to stop and tell that Molly and Greg were married and had a school aged daughter, yayyyy!) Before leaving they had confirmed that they had a positive identification about Sherlock’s location. John was giddy and strung up, because finally they would have news, they could even have Sherlock back. So there he stood when the team plane landed, and after all these weeks of looking he finally allowed himself to smile a little. 

The smile on his face fell when Mycroft stepped out of the plane, grim faced and without his brother. And John could not stop himself from curling inwards like a beat dog, nor could he stop his eyes welling up with tears he would not cry. His face was truly heartbreaking to watch. But he didn’t break. Instead he held it all in, walked with Mycroft to the command room and discussed strategy to find his friend. 

When he stepped out Molly was waiting for him. This time he couldn’t keep it in - he folded himself into Molly’s embrace and began sobbing. Big, white hot tears kept falling when he cried and cried and cried, and Molly rocked him from side to side, hushing him like child. ‘We’ll find him’, she’d say, ‘We’ll find him and bring him back home to you.’ John wanted to believe her but he couldn’t help doubting. What if not?

But Sherlock proved himself once more miraculous. Somehow (dream logic) he had managed to escape his execution and find the army base on his own. So there he suddenly was, exhausted and crashed on the floor, and the base around him simply exploded into action. Someone brought the word to John, and let me tell you, he ran. When he saw Sherlock he didn’t stop to think for a second: He fell to the floor in front of him and, mindful of his injuries, gathered him on his arms, stroked his hair and kissed his forehead as they cried together. 

And then my goddamn alarm went off and I woke up. WHY?? This was the most perfect Sherlock dream I’ve ever had!

@addignisherlock @savedbyholmes I thought you’d appreciate some angsty dreaming. 

I know that tumblr is mainly American-centric, so doesn’t really care about what happens outside of its big bubble, but it was announced today that Martin McGuinness has died.

McGuinness was an active member of the Provisional IRA, a commander, second in command in Derry. His hands had the blood of innocent people on them (not just soldiers, but children and women and men who lived their lives and didn’t deserve to be blown up and such). But, for all of this, he was one of the few politicians in NI at a time when peace was a pipe dream (that’s… An unfortunate term to use I realise).

I have no love for McGuinness nor Adams. I hated them both with a sort of apathetic ire instilled in me by my mother who lived in Ireland as a kid and had a front row seat to The Troubles. My grandparents lived in the time before and during The Troubles. My great grandfather might have been in the original IRA. My half brother has distant relatives in the RIRA presently. My family has a long history with paramilitary organisations.

And yet I still disliked McGuinness. I imagine I always will.

But he did do a lot for NI. He helped secure peace in an area of the British Isles that saw hundreds of people killed, imprisoned, attacked, and treated like scum. He may have been part of the IRA during a time of conflict, and he may have shifted to Sinn Féin and focused on politics, but I can never be happy with his past. I also know that I can’t know what effect his participation and push for Peace in NI had on those who live there.

I only know that he was part of an organisation that willingly murdered civilians at a time when the enemy was the British government and the soldiers they sent in to put down the Irish. The terrorism is not something I can respect, even if I can understand it and see its effects, because people suffered who shouldn’t have suffered.

I have no love for the British government either, especially over NI, and I will happily drag them until the end of time. But two wrongs don’t make it right and gods damn it, but when you have to pick up a gun to protect your family, your very lives, aim it at the damned soldiers who are pointing guns back at you. Leave the damned babies in buggies and pregnant women alone.


In Hawaii 160830









“Kavinsky was a tiny monarch in a vast and uncertain world, but he ruled his kingdom with all the comfort of an iron fist. Proko didn’t care what he’d taken, how much he’d had to drink. They were all wasted in one way or another. They were symbiotic organisms, and Proko wanted it to last forever.

“He still had that day, when they’d linked arms and sworn in front of God and everyone that they’d never grow old.”

the raven cycle network week 3 challengeminor characters

excerpts taken from  i dream of you, to wake  by scissures

The world is my place ,so many journeys i have reached ,so many feelings ,so many obstacles ,so many people i have cherished,thats me ,a woman with no home ,someone who tastes the joy of living,someone who cares…lands beyond were on my child’s dreams,i wanted to feel the other side,to explore borders,to tame oceans and continents and i did in some wonderful ways.I learned from experience that we are too small in a masterplan but we are united,bonded for a common desire..never turning back ,never giving up ,never die …my heart always desired eternal life,always desired to merge on this beautiful planet,my heart holds an Atlas,supporting ground and its creatures,this pearl ,this planet so alive is my home and yet after reaching so many places ,after reaching so wonderful targets there is a flame burning inside my deep being,a need to return to a place where i was born ,my land after all is waiting and this quest soon will be over ,soon i will return to the ground that led my footseps to cross Earth one day…now maybe sooner that i expect i will trace on charts a new path to rest till the day you will call me …

percabeth as fugitives au

based off of @vithcytries‘s interesting dream & fanart

  • it’s percy’s fault they even got to that point in the first place
  • annabeth always understood the vengefulness percy held deep in his heart for gabe ugliano, his ex-stepfather, but never imagined he would act on it
  • when he shows up at her dorm in the middle of the night with a panicked expression, she knows he’s fucked up. too worried for percy to think out what she’s doing thoroughly, she sneaks out of her boarding school with percy in a camaro she’s pretty sure isn’t his.
  • he rushes through the story of what happened as he drives them both up to long island sound, to that beat up cabin on the beach in montauk he and his mom used to stay in for much-needed vacations
  • sally had come home a mess of tears and stress because, apparently, gabe had gone to her work and threatened her for leaving. it had taken years for her to work up the courage to leave, but standing in front of him again, she felt small and kept expecting a hit.
  • blinded by complete rage and fury, he’d gone to gabe’s apartment and… well, he could barely remember what he’d done. he only remembered seeing gabe groaning on the floor and then running as fast as his legs would take him. he learned while running that his knuckles were bleeding.
  • when they get to the cabin, they formulate a plan because there’s no way in hell annabeth is going to lose her scholarship at the school and go back home to her dad and stepmom
  • they gather supplies at the cabin, stuff duffel bags with food and clothes, and decide on names and stories
  • they drive back to the city and ditch the camaro on some farm road on their way back, then run into the woods for cover.
  • a nice old man who lives on the strawberry farm near the beach offers them shelter as a vicious summer storm closes in. they watch him play pinochle with his bitter nephew (and beat him every time) and rest until the storm passes.
  • the man, whose name is chiron, as they learn later in their stay, offers to drive them into the city.
  • when percy asks how he can drive if he’s paralyzed from the waist down, chiron laughs and says, “my eyes have witnessed much change in the last several decades, but i have only your generation to thank for giving me the opportunity to drive again.”
  • after they part with chiron, they realize how alone they are. they’re on their own now, with no money, no help, and no resources.
  • they’re sitting outside a cafe, trying to look inconspicuous even with their duffel bags and downcast eyes, when percy hears his mother’s voice.
  • “-home, percy. please, just come home. i just want to know that you’re safe. if you see this, please come home.” the news cuts back to the news anchor: “police are asking for any tips on this young man whose mother, as you can see, is very distraught. perseus jackson, who was last seen on friday, is wanted for the aggravated assault…”
  • percy tunes the tv out as annabeth nudges his arm, trying to reassure him with their next steps but he’s worried. now, his mom is all alone and worried sick. she holds his hand as a sign of comfort but doesn’t say a word.
  • annabeth realizes it’s not safe to be out in the open when she realizes how many people are looking at them and gets them to their feet, weaving through the crowded new york streets. they duck into an alley and melt into the shadows
  • it hits them how much more careful they need to be, how, now that annabeth’s been spotted with percy too, they’ll both be under constant radar for as long as their faces stay plastered on the news.
  • “i’m scared, annabeth. i don’t want to be alone.” “we’re staying together, okay, percy? you’re not getting away from me.”
  • “promise?”
  • “promise.”

Night night sleep tight