who cares if he doesn't exist

This is sketchy as hell.

For people who see this post… why? Why would anyone like this?
This is a weird invasion of childhood moments that weren’t released by choice.

You don’t just get someone’s yearbook. 
You either go to the school those years, or you hunt this down from someone else that has one.

Everyone wants to know whatever they can about Ryan’s past, but can we at least let him decide when he releases or okays pictures from his own childhood?
It’s exciting and fun to know more about someone!
This is not one of those times.

Leaving out the name of the school makes no difference.
It’s still creepy and weird.

“For the sake of his privacy”
If there was any care at all for his privacy this wouldn’t have been posted.
Especially not on a side account with no other posts than to reblog this same thing.

I blacked out the name just for the fact that they shouldn’t get more named recognition for this kind of negative digging.

If people out there care for Ryan’s actual privacy and life, please…
Give this post no notice when you go by it.
Don’t encourage this kind of hunting stalking behavior.

Ryan should mean more to this to any true fan who cares deeply for his well being and privacy of his life.
If he wanted it released, it’d be out on an Extra Life or a stream.


  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: anti-cosmo is portrayed as an evil genius, because a major part of cosmo's character is that he's lovable, but stupid. anti-wanda, then, doesn't make sense, because while she's certainly smarter than her husband, high intelligence isn't really one of wanda's important character traits. the main aspects of wanda's character are that she's cautious, caring, and protective, so it would stand to reason that anti-wanda would be a careless, reckless jerk, which would have been much more interesting than the stereotypical idiot canon anti-wanda, who only exists as a foil to anti-cosmo's genius.
Every king has a secret - Sherlock x reader/Moriarty x reader

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AN: It’s good to be back

Summary: Moriarty had the reader pose as Sherlock’s girlfriend, only for Moriarty to reveal the truth. (I know Irene was sort of used in the way to hurt Sherlock but lets just pretend she doesn't exist for the purpose of this imagine)

Word count: 1,691

Warnings: None

“Sherlock, you can’t just run off like this!” You slammed your hand across the door way to stop Sherlock from darting out of the flat.

“Honestly (Y/n), is now any time for a domestic?” Sherlock asked, tugging his coat on.

“William Sherlock Holmes, you don’t even know who this man is and what he can do to you.” You had to put your foot down. Sherlock was such a child sometimes. He was always so reckless and didn’t care for risks.

“And you do?” Sherlock cocked his eyebrows at you. You dropped your arm with a sigh and folded them across your chest. He had no idea.

“Please just be careful.” You pleaded. Sherlock winked at you before darting from the flat and on his way to the pool where he would meet Jim Moriarty for the first time.

You had only known Sherlock for a little over a month, you had met on a case and Sherlock took a liking to you straight away for some odd reason as both Lestrade and John were shocked.

You had kind of stuck by Sherlock and John’s side ever since.

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ANON NO! Alexander Lightwood never once questions how Magnus Bane spends his money because he respects that Magnus Bane has existed for hundreds of years longer than him and it's hard earned wealth and who is he to tell Magnus what to do and DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ALEC LIKES GOOD FOOD? Alec is a secret foodie and he doesn't care of Magnus spends his own money.


anyway, magnus has the kind of wealth where you don’t even look at the price tag of anything anymore i’m pretty sure the word budget has left his vocabulary centuries ago.

salesman: so what’s your budget
magnus: my what
salesman: like your price range?
magnus: this is taking too long lemme just buy your entire dealership and i’ll pick a car later

  • You: Daenerys and Cersei are selfish bitches, they're just trying to control Westeros while Jon is the only one who cares about the apocalyptic threat of the white walkers
  • Me, an intellectual: Daenerys has spent her entire life on the other side of the world, thousands and thousands of miles away from the north of Westeros, and Cersei lived her entire life in the south and thought, like EVERYONE else, that white walkers are only a myth. Jon Snow only happened to exist in the right place to know about the white walkers' threat, and that's why he cares about it while Dany didn't know or care when they first met, and Cersei still doesn't even know. Stop reaching for straws to make female characters seem evil.

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You don't have to post this, I'm just venting here but it kills me to see people who claim to be Jeff's fans body shame him as if all they care about are his looks. His weight and beard or lack of beard doesn't change his acting abilities. They're taking this amazingly talented and sweet actor and acting as though he exists purely to fit some fantasy they have. He's a person. People can have a type but they need to respect someone they claim to admire.

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So i was on YouTube recently and I saw another "why do people ship Ash and Misty" video and I noticed another person (who hates the 4kid dub) mention takeshi shudo and while I know his influence was important, does anyone really know to what extent pokeshipping was stomped on by him? I don't even care to use this for the sake of argument, I just want to know because it has people saying that pokeshipping DOESN'T exist purely because of what he said.

I couldn’t really say honestly. I assume that as the director he had *some* kind of control over the series overall, but he was also himself subordinate to producers and such, and the individual episodes are written by many different people (and Shudo personally penned only 19 episodes out of 275), and I get the impression that each of them gets to bring something to the table and the director doesn’t control everything. For instance I know Shudo also strongly disliked the TRio being blasted off, but his dislike did very little to stop it from happening.

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Chanwoo has such a problem with people only biasing him out of pity. Oh poor Chawnoo no lines and bullied. Like unless he fits their narrative he's not worth stanning. It's starting with Donghyuk now too - people only stan him because he's pitiable. They act like ikonics don't love them because they don't bemoan how tragic their existence is. It's gross and needs to stop. Just because we treasure and celebrate dongchan's skills doesn't mean we dont care. Feeling sorry for someone isn't stanning.

I applaud you my friend 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼This is one of the truest asks I’ve ever received. I 💯 agree! Also the image they have of chanwoo and dong is so totally wrong. They make it look like they’d be two introverted kids who get bullied by their teammates and never say a word. Like? You sure you stan them? Dongchan is the most savage duo lmao. And they get along with people the fastest. They are open minded and super lively. They don’t need anyone’s pity. They’re two strong individuals who work hard and are able to talk for themselves, what they also do! Don’t start stanning them if all you feel for them is pity or worry tbh. Look more into them.

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We care what you believe because you think Louis's child doesn't exist. And you specifically might stay in your lane, but other larries are all over insta and twitter talking about how gay louis and Harry are. Larries tweeted Louis's sisters about it. They insulted his mom because he expressed love for Freddie. We're pressed about larries because of how they have negatively impacted this fandom and the band. You embarrass us. You treat the boys like they're there for your fantasies.

Well, I understand what you’re saying to some extent. There are certainly larries who don’t know how to behave properly online and who are disrespectful to Louis and Harry and to their families, I’ve seen it, And yes, it’s embarrassing. But you can’t take the actions of a portion of the fandom and decide that an entire group of people should be extinguished or insulted because some of the people who identify as members of that group don’t behave in a way you approve of. 

Think about that. 

Your message makes it sound as though those of you who believe Freddie is actually Louis’ child, and/or who believe that Louis and Harry are straight (or who aren’t straight but aren’t together) are completely blameless when it comes to the disintegration of this fandom. That’s just ridiculous. Larries aren’t what has negatively impacted this fandom and the band. That’s just nonsensical to suggest. I honestly don’t have the time to dissect why there’s so much nastiness in this fandom, but your explanation is much too simplistic and naive. 

None of us - larries, antis, houies or whatever you fucking call yourself - NONE of us should be bringing any of our thoughts on the boys’ sexuality or romantic relationships to their door. That’s completely disrespectful. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make art or write stories or talk about our thoughts amongst each other. And that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t question the official narrative if it doesn’t make sense. Your insinuation that people who believe “Larry” is real are simply fetishizing Harry and Louis is incredibly insulting and I think you really need to take a step back and consider the broader implications of what you’re suggesting by saying that. 

Feel free to believe what you want about Harry and Louis, but don’t simply assume you’ve got some moral high ground because your beliefs align with the official narrative. 

HTF shitpost 2/??
  • HTF creators: This is Petunia. She is a neat and mature person who freaks out when she sees something dirty. She is also the next avatar.
  • HTF fandom: This is Petunia. She is WAYYY less bitchy than Giggles, but that doesn't mean that we won't draw her as a whore that wants to fuck with Handy or Shifty or Flaky-chan bully.
  • HTF creators: This is Lumpy.He is very clumsy,oblivious and just simply stupid character but he cares a lot about his friends.
  • HTF fandom (50%): *pretends that he doesn't exist*
  • HTF creators: This is Handy. He is grumpy and stubborn man who loves to help others but lacks sympathy.Even tho he don't have hands he always tries to do his best and prove that he can be useful. He will break all walls to reach his goal even if he'll pay his life for this.
  • HTF fandom: This is Handy.He is a gay pervert crybaby who wants to fuck with Petunia and Russell.
  • Flaky,Flippy and Nutty are next.

Things I could be easily convinced to write: Viribus

The Monroe family was a pureblood family, who didn’t care for the blood prejudice which existed among the pure-blood community. Katheryn, the head of the family, was a retired Quidditch player whereas  Maximilian was a business man, he dealt everything to do with alcohol, who worked in both the Muggle and Wizarding World, which was unheard of at this time. But Max justified his ventures since it was a way to make more money, more quickly.  

The Monroe family had been blessed with their only daughter, Eleanor “Nora” Monroe. As was tradition with the Monroe family, Nora had both been sorted in the noble house of Gryffindor upon their arrival at Hogwarts. Nora had taken after Max, with the academics side of Hogwarts and the love for Potions and much to the dismay and hidden disappointment of Katheryn, Nora was unable to stay on a broom for longer than five minutes and didn’t really care much for playing Quidditch or even watching it.

Everything changed for the proclaimed Gryffindor Princess when her mother was murdered during her OWLS year and at the start of the summer holidays, her father disappears from the Monroe Mansion without a trace - was it voluntary or did it have something to do with the whispers of war which were so often heard about from within the halls of Hogwarts. All summer she spent it either partying to forget the pain of losing both her parents or working at the business her father had spent his life-time building up -  in order to buy more alcohol to drink herself stupid.  

When the beginning of the Hogwarts year finally rolls around, she was forced into dealing with her personal and internal problems all while attempting to study for her NEWTS; the Slugclub; trying to not set her eyebrows/hair/James Potter on fire in Potions (in Nora’s defense she was hungover and he  was being a pain); pretending to care about Quidditch (since it was one of the three things that James, one of her childhood best friends, actually cared about - Lily Evans, Nora’s best friend - and pulling pranks on everyone with the Marauders being the other things.); the parties which demanded a large supply of alcohol (both muggle and magic kind, she’d packed enough between her luggage and hidden some in James’ and Lily’s) and avoiding detentions for her late night smoking sessions in the Astronomy Tower or at the Black Lake.

Not only was she forced into dealing with those issues but the meant to be purely sexual relationship that she started with Sirius Black during the summer started to become less sexual and more “More holy shit, I think I care for him”

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Would you rather live your life believing in God and finding out there is none? Or living your life believing God doesn't exist and in the end finding out he does

I would rather live my life believing God doesn’t exist and finding out he does.

I think it sounds very egotistical and very human for an omnibenevolent being to care whether it’s creations believe in it. If there was a God and a heaven and he cares more about belief than goodness, I’ll take my chances in hell. Dictators need their egos stroked. Dictators need to cast away and destroy people who don’t agree with them. And if God is such a dictator in which belief in him is denial of evidence and logic, I would gladly take my chances elsewhere.

However if God cares more about goodness than belief than that’s great. I don’t base my life off reward in a possible afterlife and anyone who just does good for a reward is not actually good but a mere servant afraid of it’s masters will. I don’t intend to live an immoral life and I do wish to bring about the most goodness just because it is the right thing to do.

If a God were to reward me for that, then good. If he rewards servants who fall to their feet, then I’d rather do without God.

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"I honestly think kishi kept all his options for pairings open,I think he favored nh and ss but I think he doesn't really care about pairing" sorry I got this from an anon from marada-fate, not to be petty with the ss fandom but kishimoto doesn't FAVE SASUSAKU nor care for THAT pairing particularly. the only pairing kishimoto screams about and rather put that much attention on is NARUHINA. This boggles my mind whenever SS have to DRAG IN NH AS IF WE ARE ALIKE TO KISHIMOTO LIKINGS. NO UR NOT.

There’s still those people out there who cling to the whole ‘sister ship’ thing when it comes to SS (because according to them, we should be grateful it exists or ns would have happened when it wasn’t seriously considered) and with more and more NH content coming out, especially with this new series, they’re desperate to prove that Kishi loved their ship as much as he loves NH.

Except he doesn’t. If he did, he would have spent time giving them more positive development through the series, not have most of their interactions be negative with insults, put downs, and murder attempts. He would have shown Sak’s love to be genuine towards Sas and not obsessive, would have had her confessions be about him and not all about her and her feelings. He would have shown Sas actually showing some sort of positive feeling towards Sak outside of the friendship that came with being on his team. I don’t buy that they’re suddenly in love because he apologize for trying to kill her three times and poked her on the forehead. And he sure as hell wouldn’t have made Gaiden, and had their child question everything about their relationship because Sak is unable to, or refuses to, answer even the simplest questions about Sas and prompts Sarada to leave the village (at like 10 years old, on her own) to try and hunt her father down because her mother can’t answer simple questions, who instead gets angry and destroys their home. He sure as hell wouldn’t have made all the baby mama drama, and he wouldn’t have brought up the possibility of Karin being the mom (which there is still a possibility that she’s still her bio mom. Nothing was ever really cleared up) And he wouldn’t have had Sas refuse to kiss his wife after not seeing her for 10+ years, thus embarrassing her in front of their child as he leaves the village again, not to be seen again until the Boruto movie. But sure, he definitely loves SS as much as NH. 

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Hisoka pranks everyone he knows to the point they don't trust him being near by. The only one who doesn't care is Illumi because one time hiso pranked him but illu ended up pranking him back so good that hisoka never does it to him anymore -itty

Illumi pranks him back by convincing Hisoka bungee gum candy never existed, its something he made up. He has the entire phantom troupe in on it and even buys the brand Bungee Gum and removes any traces off it online (with help from Milluki.) It gets to the point that Hisoka is so confused and upset he second guesses everything, trys to think of a new creative name for his nen as bungee gum is just a myth at this point. It goes on for three weeks until someone cracks and reveals its a prank. Hisoka doesnt talk to Illumi for a month. He’s done. He cant out prank Illumi anymore.

Andrew Dennis Biersack.
  • He's her world. Her everything. His blue eyes made her fall in love. His adorable laugh. And his cute smile melted her heart. She'd give up the world to be with him, to tell him how much he means to her, and to hug him. She lies in bed at night,wondering if she'll ever get to tell him how much he means to her. She smiles, and laughs because of him. But what hurts her, he doesn't know she exists. To him, she's just another fan. Just another girl who loves him. You see, she would give up the world to touch him, or even tell him how much he means to her. But, there's thousands of girls out there who love him, not just her. He taught her it's ok to be herself, and not to care what others think. But, he also taught that loving someone so much can hurt. When she looks at him, her eyes light up, her heart melts. She's happy when she's listening to his voice, or hearing him talk. Incase you don't know who I'm referring to, his name is Andrew Dennis Biersack.
I wonder if pro folks are more anti than anti
  • anti: Naruto can't tell love for people from love for food, OMG he's emotionally retarded
  • pro: Naruto has always been that emotionally stupid
  • anti: Naruto glorifies nationalism and justifies genocide and slavery
  • pro: Morals doesn't exist in narutoverse, naruto characters have no morals
  • anti: Hinata is a selfish person who cares about her obsession with naruto than naruto's well being. She cares about her romantic feelings more than her sister, or cousin or teammates.
  • pro: can we just stick to hating on Sakura?
Siwon's RT a.k.a how everything unfolded between him and his irrational haters
  • Haters pre Kim Davis Tweet:
  • OMG Siwon is a total Homophobe !! He said in an English article that he doesn't support gays !!11
  • *Article turns out to be completely false/non-existent and was completely discredited*
  • Haters: He's still a homophobe !! I Don't care if that article doesn't exist he totally looks like he hates gays !!
  • Siwon: *Is friends with Hong Seok Cheon*
  • Siwon: *Tells his male fans they're beautiful*
  • Siwon: *Tweets his congrats on the legalization of Gay marriage in U.S*
  • Siwon: * Is best friends with A MARRIED, GAY, CHRISTIAN who gives SERMONS and supports LGBT*
  • Haters: obviously he's doing all that to get positive attention!! And to hide his TRUE NATURE !!
  • Haters after Kim Davis RT:
  • *reads Koreaboo* OMG this confirms everything!! One RT on a very controversial article that discusses ALL sides of a political/religious/societal conflict is obviously enough proof to show what a bigot he is !!
  • Siwon: I'm very sorry for my insensitive, thoughtless retweet and will let you know that I only intended to demonstrate how there are many facets to this complicated situation but now I see that my retweet was not appreciated and I WILL ACKNOWLEDGE MY MISTAKE AND REFLECT ON MY FAITH
  • Haters:
  • Haters:
Aquamarine {Sentence Starters}
  • "What? What do you want me to tell you?"
  • "He's way too popular! You should pick someone else."
  • "Following you around is fun."
  • "They love to give compliments. But it's nice when you need a little boost."
  • "Why go through life unnoticed?"
  • "I found two new men to love. Their names are Ben and Jerry!"
  • "It's the closest thing we have to magic."
  • "Do you love me?"
  • "I'm never gonna see him again, and he doesn't care!"
  • "You can tell me how that makes you feel."
  • "You scared the salt out of me!"
  • "Wait, if you don't have love, how do you know it exists?"
  • "It's nice. More people should be like that."
  • "You're never going to get a tan wearing all of those clothes!"
  • "Are you always so sure of yourself?"
  • "But I've learned it's not where you are, it's who you're with."
  • "You have to help me make him love me."
  • "Wait! You need shoes!"
  • "And I know there's a reason why everybody wants it so much."
  • "We are not fictional! We're just discreet!"
  • "Can you make boobs come out of hiding?"

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I have this headcanon that kageyama is super duper affectionate with his s/o (cough*Hinata*cough) like little notes and surprise kisses and hugs and all the jazz but he's really good at hiding it from the team. He's like this because he doesn't want the one he cares about most to feel as alone as he used to be. Sometimes it's freaky when he calls does it in his scary face

kageyama is the most affectionate doting boyfriend in existence ever oh my god i  l o v e  i t

when hina agreed to this relationship he expected a super shy boyfriend who didnt really like being affectionate but boy was he wrong. kageyama constantly snuggles up to him, kisses him out of the blue, holds his hand, sends him sappy texts, and just takes care of hina all the time. but he’s really good at hiding it because neither of them are out at the moment

and hinata is just really surprised?? but its nice. so a few months into the relationship he asks kageyama about it, teasing him about how he didn’t expect it cause of his scary face, kageyama explains how he used to feel so alone and he doesnt want hinata to feel that way and hinata’s heart just fucking explodes with love