who cares i just want 2 draw for the rest of my life

bit of a rant

ya know what im really tired of?

fandoms demanding ships from show creators/crews

are ships.. really so important that you’re gonna just harass the people that gave you this material in the first place. make them hate fandoms in silence and worse make them hate what they create? this is especially irksome when its directed towards a)disney shows and b)shows with heavy plot. im not really directing any of this towards any show in particular mind you, theres far too many fandoms going after this trend to single any out at this point, there are some high contenders though.

more under the cut because this rant ran away from me and became way longer than intended

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little things that can help you if you have bpd (part 2)

Here is the link for part one.

  • Learn how to tolerate the distress; Usually, people with BPD suffer from suffocating situations on their daily life, due to mood swings, constant anxiety, dissociation symptoms, etc. If you want to get help with that, self-soothing techquines are commonly used on DBT. Okay, but how can I learn how to self-soothe?
  1. First, control your breath; If you look into the part one, I gave some tips about it, but here are some new things: breathe through your nose for three seconds. Hold your breath for five seconds and let the air out of your nose for three seconds. Take the air out of your diaphragm (stomach region) and not just out of your chest. After controlling your breath, release the tension on your shoulders, slowly rotating them to the back for three/four times. Then, rotate them forward. Repeat as necessary. After all of this, if you can, please take a rest, just close your eyes and lay in your bed or in a comfortable place.
  2. Look for something that distracts you; I talked about having a list about what makes you happy in the part one, so if you could use it for this, that would be great, but if you can’t, that’s okay too, there are other distraction options. Please remember that you need HEALTHY distractions, so please stay away from junk food, drugs, self-harm and others. For some people, it helps to count numbers till 100, but not everyone has patience or can really get distracted when they do it, so here are some activities that may help you: cleaning your house (a suggestion by a lot of therapists to people who suffer from anxiety or depression, it’s not just some “neurotypical useless advice”, it really helps and some studies and people can prove it). Read a book or write something; usually, we get distracted in our daily life by daydreaming about things, so when you actually need to stop paying too much attention to the world around you, it’s great to bring your creative part if you can. Reading a book and writing can help you to create images in your head, you can even write or draw about what is bothering you, so your violent thoughts will be on a paper, not on your actions. (also, there is nothing wrong about having violent thoughts, since you don’t act like them, you can’t control your feelings or your mind and that’s okay). Look at what is around you and challenge yourself to small games; sometimes when I go out, I like to count how many red/blue/green cars I can see, or what combinations I can create with their plates, for example, a plate with letters and numbers: what word can I remember with every letter? or call a friend or someone in your family and try to talk with them, if you think it will distract you.
  3. Accept the reality and your current problem; Even unconsciously, people with BPD tend to escape the reality during a stressful situation, specially by dissociating, that’s okay if you do it sometimes to distract, but doing it often can affect your everyday life. Instead of freaking about a problem, sit down and try to think about it rationally, for example, if your friend is not replying you, you can stop for a moment and think “Okay. They’re not replying right now, but maybe x thing is happening and I can deal with it.”. When you accept the reality, in that case, that your friend is not replying to you, you avoid paranoid thoughts. “Okay, my friend told me to meet them right now, they’re a little bit late. That’s it and it’s okay, I’ll deal with it.”. Encourage yourself by your thoughts telling yourself you will deal with the situation, it will give you more confidence. Also, accept that not everything is perfect, I know that’s VERY hard, because people with BPD tend to overeact to every minor incovinience, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Study your current situation and see the negative points, talk to other people about it, research about people that went through the same things. Everything has negative and positive points.
  • Practice mindfullness; There are some videos online, but it’s better if you look for a professional. It makes it easy to develop a wise mind, but you have big problems with dissociation, please research about it, because I’ve seen that it may cause problems.
  • Pay attention to your relationships; People with BPD have a lot of troubles with relationships, which is something that affects our mental health. The fact is that relationships are very important to everyone, since we are social animals and if you pay attention on how you act with people and how they act with you, you can have a better regulation on your emotions. First, identify what are your triggers, for example, self-harm, when someone ignores you, abuse… Tell the other person about it, so they’ll avoid these things. ALWAYS talk about something the other person did that hurt you, don’t keep things to yourself, it’s more likely to create problems if you don’t talk than if you talk. If the person really cares about you, they will cope. In the end, you will have a better knowledge about what makes you happy and what makes you feel bad.
  • Try to find a hobby; I know that is one of the main things someone you will tell if you say you have a disorder, but this is really important, specially for people with BPD and I’ll tell you why. This is something I’ve been discussing with my therapist and the thing is: if you don’t keep your mind busy during a time (not all the time, that’s not healthy) it will create a sensation of void and BPD makes us feel empty sometimes. BPD never let us feel things slightly, so a simply feeling of boredom can become a sensation of completely void. Keeping your mind busy will help you to entertain you and avoid those empty feelings. If you don’t like anything, please try new things, there are a billion of things out there to try.

please leave a comment if it was helpful, check the part one and i’m sorry if my grammar wasn’t very correct, english is not my native language.

remember that everything here is theoretical and it’s hard to apply these tips in your life, things will not suddenly change. but i believe in you and things take time, so don’t give up on getting better.

Bad Reputation

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Request: It wasn’t

Warnings: A N G S T

A/N: If you’re not a fan of angst, don’t read this. ALSO!! The second part to this made me cry it’s not done but i will finish it if you request a p2, proceed :)

I ran inside the apartment tears streaming down my face, I was sobbing uncontrollably, seeking the comfort of my boyfriend.

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Wanna-One Kang Daniel Prince!AU (Part 1)

For anon; I don’t really know much about royalty things so bear with me lmao. You can find part 2 here and part 3 here. Enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

A/N: Edit above is not mine, all credit to the fan who survived long enough to finish making this! (sorry I don’t know who made it, if anyone does let me know and I’ll give credit)

  • Okay so let’s make up a fictional country
  • And in this fictional country, there is a royalty system; and the prince is guess who Kang Daniel
  • Doesn’t have many actual responsibilities as of now because mostly the King and his assistants take care of everything
  • Daniel’s job is basically to not fuck up in public and to uMMM u know carry on the dynasty 👀
  • He’s still in college but doesn’t really talk to anyone other than his close friends that he’s known since middle school
  • (like a F4 thing from Boys Over Flowers LOL)
  • His parents (the King and Queen in case that wasn’t clear rip) actually told him to not really talk to other people because they were afraid Daniel would be taken advantage of
  • But never fear Daniel has his good ol comrades: Ong and Jaehwan
  • Those two also had some kind of connections to people in positions of high power, whether that be through business, music, etc.
  • Despite how powerful they are, they surprisingly aren’t all that bad of people; all of them are pretty nice even if they slack off sometimes on their schoolwork lol
  • But people generally think of them as unapproachable (which they kind of are, because they’ve known each other since forever and trust one another wholeheartedly)
  • Anyway Daniel bodyguards and people who escort him to school, but that got awkward so he insisted on being by himself at least while on the school campus
  • Girls (and guys) flocked around them 
  • How convenient, a bunch of handsome people all hanging out together. Makes for some good pictures
  • You kind of… distantly knew Daniel, but obviously not well
  • One of Daniel’s older friends who wasn’t in college, Jisung, was your cousin
  • Daniel and Jisung’s parents were friends, but the two connected very well lol
  • Jisung and Daniel were practically like family despite their age difference, so you used to hang out with Jisung at the Kang’s palace when you were young b/c Jisung was in charge of babysitting you a lot lol
  • You three would do Cute Things™️ like play board games and play tag and draw pictures and giggle 
  • The King and Queen always liked treating you all to foods and buying you games; they even installed a swimming pool in the palace so that you three could learn to swim together there
  • But ever since Jisung started going to middle school, the time was greatly reduced for the three of you to hang out
  • (I’m thinking ages around… Jisung being 12, Daniel 6, you 5 or something. up to you lmao it doesnt matter)
  • So you pretty much had no contact with Daniel for many years
  • But now, you were both in the same school
  • Of course this probably wouldn’t change much because obviously you hadn’t known or talked to him for many years
  • You were shocked at how… well he grew up
  • He was really tall now, and really handsome,,, and also really off limits lol
  • You saw him again for the first time in your math class, you were a couple classes ahead so the both of you were in the same class even though you were younger
  • You had seen him on tv and in photoshoots but you had no idea how much better he looked in real life, which was really something considering he looked perfect in pictures as well
  • He didn’t seem to recognize you though, which made perfect sense since you guys hadn’t met in years
  • Maybe he’d remember my name?
  • But when the teacher called for attendance in the math class that day, Daniel showed no reaction when you got called
  • You had to admit you were disappointed, but it wasn’t a big deal
  • You thought you wouldn’t be like all the other girls, fawning over Daniel, because you knew what a n00b he used to be, but here you getting all embarrassed over how attractive he was lol
  • For the rest of the semester, you just kinda stared at Daniel from afar, never approaching him or giving him gifts or anything because you thought it would be weird for you to do that
  • He was always just giggling and fooling around in class
  • He was one of those students who wasn’t that amazing at school but was charming and happy, making the teachers and other students love them anyway
  • Would always participate in class with wrong answers, and bicker with the teacher jokingly
  • Only a certain type of person could do that LOL and it wasn’t just because he was the Prince, he was genuinely a fun guy
  • When the winter holidays rolled around, though, things changed
  • You read on the news that the palace was looking for a potential spouse for Daniel, so they could ensure the continuation of their dynasty
  • And just a day later, you got a call from Jisung, asking if you could come over to his place
  • He told you that the royal family was having a New Year’s ball, and asked if you wanted to go instead of him because he already had plans
  • You had nothing better to do, so you said it was fine lets not kid yourself you wanted to see someone
  • Jisung, being the lovely cousin he was, had already ordered a dress for you :’)))
  • Jisung the OG Fairy Godmother
  • For the next couple of days, you were just a ball of nerves; you had never been to one of these parties before
  • Jisung went every year, but you never went because typically people under 13 couldn’t go (unless you were royalty)
  • You pretty much hid in bed and googled how to act at parties until December 31st rolled around
  • You did your own makeup and hair, which was… difficult but you ended up satisfied
  • You didn’t look extravagant, but you were pretty
  • You arrived at the palace, and pretty much just stood there awkwardly because you had no friends and no escort at the party
  • But food is always a reliable friend so you headed over to that area
  • And you found… a whole tray of different kinds of cheese. You instinctively squealed at all the cute little cubes
  • You stacked up enough food to fill you with happiness and sat at a table by yourself, in the corner, slightly in a blind spot from the rest of the party
  • A perfect hiding spot !
  • As you looked around, you started feeling kinda weird
  • Everyone at the party was so FANXY (dean if ur reading this i love u)
  • You were also wearing a quite expensive dress but everyone there oozed this aura of class and sophistication
  • ANd here you were building a jenga tower out of carrot sticks
  • Oh well. You didn’t know what you had to gain out of being at the party; you came out of curiosity to see the palace again and Daniel, but you hadn’t even seen the latter yet
  • All that happened so far was the pain of your feet in the high heels you were wearing
  • You leaned down in your chair, taking your heels off and massaging your feet, the tablecloth sort of covering your head
  • You were just rubbing away the pain when you heard two familiar voices
  • “All of the women here are just… not what I was hoping for,” a woman said
  • “Yes, it would be nice if we got to see if they were actually good people instead of just them trying to say what will impress us,” a man replied
  • “Daniel doesn’t deserve someone who just wants to take advantage of the throne. The princess should be someone with a good heart, not someone with good makeup artists” 
  • Without thinking, you exclaimed “Oh yeah, that’s such a good perspective, I totally agree with that,” head still under the table
  • You heard gasps behind you, the people were shocked
  • Hmm, maybe I can talk to these people so I won’t be alone anymore
  • You tried to get up, banging your head in the process, and said “Oh, I’m sorry about that, nice to meet you, I’m (Y/N)”
  • And thEN you looked up… to find staring at you the King and Queen
  • sdklfjksldjfKLJSDKEILFDKSJKlsd WTF NO
  • “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry for interrupting you, uhhh thank you for serving us so well hah” you mumbled out, starting to run away
  • And then you realized you hadn’t put your shoes on yet, stopping in your place
  • The King and Queen were still standing there, staring at you
  • You walked back to your shoes, and started to put them on
  • “Leaving my shoes behind? I guess I think I’m like Cinderella or something”, you tried to joke, making an awkward smile
  • You started to cringe, about to run again, but then you heard laughs
  • The King and Queen were totally cracking the fuck up at your bad joke
  • Was it really that funny? uh okay i guess whatever works???
  • “What’s your name again?” the Queen asked through her laughter
  • “Uh it’s (Y/N), are you guys hiring for a royal jester position or something”
  • They started their laughing fit all over again, before the King suddenly stopped
  • “(Y/N)? Isn’t that the name of the little girl who always used to come over and play with Jisung?”
  • “Uh yep that’s me all right, Jisung gave me his invitation this year to come on behalf of him, he was busy”
  • The King and Queen gasped and then both hugged you, just like they had in old times
  • “You have grown up so well! Do you still enjoy cheese? I remember the chefs always had to restock every time you and Jisung came over,” the Queen said
  • “Uh. Yeah I still like cheese I guess, haha..”
  • “Oh my goodness! Have you met Daniel yet? I’m sure he’d be so excited to see his old childhood friend! Let’s go meet him now, (Y/N)”
  • oh god no nog no no nson on o no no no . n on no awkward nono no no
  • “Oh gosh no that is totally all right I’m doing just fi–”
  • “What do you mean, you’re sitting by yourself like a loser, you probably know nobody here” the king laughed out
  • … bruh
  • The royal parents escorted you to see Daniel, earning looks from the rest of the people at the party, as you internally freaked the fuck out
  • oh my gosh he has been in my math class the entire year he would think it is so weird that i’m approaching him now oh god and his parents are here too they’re making such a big deal about this–
  • “Okay (Y/N) just wait here, we’ll find Dan and bring him in, just wait”, the Queen said, plopping you down on a fancy couch in one of the other rooms of the palace
  • The Queen and King walked out, giggling to themselves as they searched for Daniel
  • “I think she’d be a really good choice for Daniel, she was such a fresh breath of air!”
  • “Yes, and they’re both friends! How adorable,”
  • Time passed by in slow motion as you sat in the room by yourself
  • You got up and started pacing around to attempt to calm your nerves
  • You hadn’t even seen Daniel the whole time you were here, and now you were going to be alone together? He would find out that you were in his math class the whole time and then that would be super weird
  • You picked up random objects in the room and looked at them, as the butterflies in your stomach stirred up some tsunamis
  • You were in the middle of looking at all the books on the shelf, when you heard footsteps walk into the room
  • You whirled around, and found yourself making direct eye contact with Daniel, in a black and white checked suit (the same one as in the picture hehe)
  • “Uh, hello?” Daniel’s deep voice called out to you
  • “…Hi,” you meekly responded, tucking some hair behind your ear
  • Jeez (Y/N) why are you so nervous…
  • “Do you want to sit?” Daniel motioned to the couch, walking over to it himself
  • This was the most serious you have ever seen him, and you were shocked by it
  • “Uh yeah, so I guess your parents told you but apparently we used to be childhood friends, I’m (Y/N), Jisung’s little cousin, we used to play togeth–” you started to explain, before Daniel interrupted you
  • “I know who you are.”
  • You finally met his eyes, taken aback by his strong gaze
  • Is he mad? Wha–
  • “Why didn’t you say hello earlier? In math class?” he continued
  • Well this managed to turn more awkward.
  • “Oh…” you started, fiddling your fingers, “I thought you didn’t remember me, so I thought it’d be weird to talk to you again,”
  • You glanced up at him, only to find his eyes curved into cute little crescents, his deep laugh finally escaping his mouth
  • “Jesus, I can’t believe we both thought the same thing. I thought you didn’t remember me. I was hurt, (Y/N)!” He exclaimed, playfully shoving you
  • You sat there in shock, as Daniel started rattling off stories of what you two used to do, ruffling your hair (messing up your hard work, although he barely noticed that)
  • “You remember me?” You quietly asked, letting your thoughts loose
  • “(Y/N), Jisung talks about you all the time, even if I wanted to forget I wouldn’t be able to, you crazy cat”
  • You looked up at him and couldn’t help but blush
  • He was so pure and happy, and it made you feel wonderful
  • The two of you just sat there in the room for another 30 minutes, chatting about old times and how you’d been for the past… many years
  • You hadn’t talked in years, but for some reason the both of you just connected well, genuinely interested in what the other had been up to
  • Too soon, it was time for Daniel to go back to the party and do some wishes for the New Year
  • “I’m so glad we met again, I was honestly so lonely at the party because I don’t know anyone, even your dad called me a loser”
  • “I’m actually pretty lonely at these parties too; Seongwoo and Jaehwan usually have their own commitments to be at today, I’m glad you’re here, (Y/N)”
  • You smiled at him, the both of you kind of inching towards another for a maybe hug, but you guys just did some awkward movements and ended up in a weird handshake
  • Daniel scratched his face, embarrassed, and said he would see you later, running off back to the party
  • You sat back on the couch, laying down sprawled everywhere, letting what had happened in the past couple of hours sink in
  • Did that really just happen?
  • You excitedly thought of all the things the both of you had to talk about, feeling fulfilled that the mystery between you two had been sorted out
  • You were so happy that your childhood friend that you cherished so much was not lost forever!
  • If you didn’t have a crush on Daniel before, you definitely did now.

Part 2, Part 3

A/N: So I was planning for this to be done in one shot, but it turned out more intense than I had anticipated LOL

Hopefully this will be wrapped up in the next part; I really enjoyed this concept! 



  • Please Know That I’m Yours to Keep by pressurerin
    Summary: Hogwarts!au; “Remember how I was making amortentia for my final potions project? Well, Isak ate some. And now…” Even gestured towards the way Isak was currently trying to lick his neck. OR; Even accidentally gives Isak a love potion.

  • I Guess I’m Floating by overestless
    Summary: Living with Isak causes Even to discover some of his habits.

  • all things soft and beautiful and bright by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: Isak should’ve known it was a bad idea from the second he saw the Pinterest recipe, but - Well. He’s never claimed to be any good at saying no to Even.


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its au time you sons of hecks

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Robin’s Nest: Part 20

Prompt: Bruce and Batmom, with the Robin’s as their biological children.

AN: It’s hard to believe I’ve finally finished this series. Some part of me wants to keep it going forever, but I know better. This is where it ends, and it’s been a hell of a ride. I hope you enjoy this final part of Robin’s Nest. 

This final part is dedicated to @railover85 the one who’s request started this whole journey. 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12 , Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19

You stare at the tomb stone with a small smile on your face. “It’s hard to believe it’s been a year.” Your voice is croaky, even to your own ears, a sign that you’re much older than you once were. “I swear those children keep me busier now than they did when they were young. So many sporting events, and plays to go to. And let’s not forget watching the little ones when they go on patrol. Nick’s about to take up as Robin! I can’t believe he’s already ten.”

You pause, waiting for a response you know won’t come. “Eight children, Bruce. Sixty-five years of marriage, and more adventures than is right, and you have the gall to leave me behind. We were supposed to go together Bruce. Holding hands, in our sleep, discovered by a maid or something … I don’t like being without my partner, Bruce.”

You bite your lip, “That being said, I’m making sure to live. To spoil those grandbabies of ours. To keep our children in line. To make more memories. To give them more memories.” You lay your hand flat against the head stone. “I love you, Bruce.”

You swallow back the tears that want to burst, as the sound of someone calling your name draws you out of your thoughts, “Grammy!”

You turn and open your arms as your grandson barrels into your arms, “Giovani.” A minute later Nicholas runs up too, and you open your arms to him as well. Your children, and the grandchildren who are too young to run off by themselves come over the hill.

You smile as they each take turns embracing you. Dick is first. He’s tall, like Bruce was, but lean. His detective’s badge is still looped on his belt. His dark hair is now peppered with gray, and at his side is his wife, Zatanna. You give her a smile, before kissing the little girl in her arms.

Jason is next, he’s still dressed in his suit from work. The school day only having finished the previous hour. He’s somehow avoided the gray that’s snuck up on Dick. His face is just starting to show his laugh lines though. He hugs you tight, before passing you to his wife, Kori. The woman hugs you tightly, and you smile, before noticing the little girl hovering by a tree. Jason excuses himself to go fetch their daughter.

Tim is next. Long and lean, his hair had long gone gray. He gives you a smile, and you can see the hints of stress in his eyes. He’s been brokering a rather large deal for Wayne Enterprises, and Conner had been spending more than a little time at the manor in his absence. You hug your son’s husband, and he assures you that he made Tim take off the whole day.

Cassandra is next, she signs hello, before wrapping her arms around you. She’s stayed single all these years, and you smile, because you know she’s happy that way. She still lives in the manor, happy to split her time between helping you, spoiling her nieces and nephews, and protecting Gotham.

Duke follows her. He wraps you in a tight hug, and kisses your cheek. He’s a professor of literature now. His wife, Mari is next. You’re careful of her rather large baby bump, knowing that her third child, a boy to be named Bruce, is due any day now. Their two daughters hug you next, latching onto your legs. You sneak them each a piece of candy before giving them each a kiss.

Damian pushes in front of Helena to hug you next. A veterinarian, and owner of an animal shelter, Damian had found his passion in life, and had run with it. He was in the beginning of a serious relationship, with a girl you had yet to meet.

Helena was quick to push her twin aside, and take her spot in your arms. Your baby girl is a doctor, and a damn good one. Hovering slightly behind her was her fiance, Vic Sage. He gives you a polite smile before stepping to the side.

Terry was next, his fiancee Dana behind him. He was the spitting image of Bruce in your opinion. His personality aligned perfectly, and through his work in the Wayne Enterprises technology department, he had helped lead the world into a new era. He presses a kiss to your cheek, and Dana does the same.

Finally, there’s Max. Your baby. A senior in college, he was working to become a lawyer. He’d never had any desire to join the family business. Instead he had chosen to fight crime a different way, and you couldn’t be more proud.

You watch as they each say hello to Bruce, taking turns to update him on what’s new. Each of the grandkids hug his head stone. When all’s said and done, only you and your children are left behind; the spouses, and grandchildren allowing you a bit of family time. Terry’s voice is solemn, “It’s weird without him here.”

Dick nods, “He survives everything under the sun, only to die in his sleep.”

Jason wraps an arm around your shoulders, “We know you miss him mom.”

Cass snuggles into your side, and signs the words “Together forever.”

You kiss her cheek, “I had sixty-five years with your father. Eight beautiful children. And now I have wonderful grandchildren and daughter-in-laws, and son-in-laws. I’m very blessed. And I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.” With smiles you begin walking back to the car, when the song of a bird, catches your attention. In the tree just off to the side of Bruce’s resting place, is a robin tending to her nest, with eight different eggs, and just to the side is her mate. You can’t help but smile, Batman and Robin together forever, with a Robin’s nest always waiting to welcome them home.

The Only Exception (Part 7)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,190 (sorry)

Warnings: language, mentions of injury, mentions of trauma, some confrontations, Sam being precious, reader self-reflection, mentions of threats, creepy emails

A/N: Guess who’s back…back again…Reader decides to take control of her life and do what she thinks is best. I really liked this part. That’s probably why I went a little crazy.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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Beauty And The Buck

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.7K
Warnings: Angst, fluff, swearing

A/N: Sorry this took so long to write and post!

“What’re you watching?” you jump as the gruff voice sounds through the dark living room. Your heart begins to race before you even turn around to confirm who was standing behind the couch. It was Bucky, you would know that voice anywhere.

Glancing over your shoulder, you give the super soldier a small smile, “Tangled,” you inform him, “I’d ask you to join but it’s almost done,” you curse yourself, watching a movie with Bucky would be a perfect way to get to know your crush better,

“It’s really good quality,” Bucky keeps his eyes locked on the huge tv, while you keep your eyes locked on him. It was dark in the lounge room, the only source of light coming from the tv, but you can see that he’s tired; bloodshot eyes and dark circles giving it away.

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Runaway Snake Part 2

She wasn’t scared, not even a little. Betty Cooper had spent her entire life being terrified and she was damn tired of the constant tightness in her chest, a bar filled with rough looking men in leather jackets wasn’t going to send her cowering, not now and not ever. Plus, she had new clothes, clean hair and a stomach filled with fresh fruit someone had left for her while she was in the shower, It had been so long since shed eaten anything that wasn’t from a can or a paper bag the shiny green apple almost tasted bitter against her tongue,  if she wasn’t ready for whatever came her way right now, well then  she never would be.

She saw him first, something drawing her to the knitted grey beanie shaped like a crown, the glaring snake  on his back and the tuft of jet black hair sticking out from underneath the high collar of his leather jacket. Bettys feet were carrying her towards the boy on their own accord, a determined swish in her hips as she stepped through groups of confused teenage girls and impressed older men.

He turned around so suddenly the intensity of the boys grey blue eyes  had her stumbling slightly, he was handsome there was no denying that, from his wavy black hair to the spattering of birth marks dancing across his cheeks and chin. He looked dangerous, the kind of boy Betty had read about in the teen magazines they kept stocked in the bus station waiting area, he was nothing like the boys who wanted to take her out in Tallahassee, all dirty  hands and leering eyes . Despite his positively James dean stature there was something else about him, so glaringly familiar.

She was in front of him now, her hands dipping into the pockets of her skirt, he was staring at her, eyes wide and alert and maybe.. did he almost look nervous? No, it was a stupid question, Betty Cooper was not the kind of girl boys get nervous over, that territory was reserved for the girl watching them in the corner with the purple hair and see through top.

“ Hi.” she smiled “ I’m looking for Fp Jones? he told me to meet him here?”

The boy in front of her seemed to be taken aback before his shoulders relaxed and the hint of a smile graced his features

“Join the club.” he mumbled.

“Excuse me?” Betty shouted over the rumble of the crowd, leaning in closer

he grinned “I said Join the club, I’m constantly looking for my dad. it doesn’t get any easier, I’m Jughead Jones. The Fp you’re looking for is my dad and unfortunately once he disappears behind the bar he’s gone for good.” Jughead shrugged apologetically, sticking his hand out for her to shake. Betty gripped it gratefully

“Its nice to meet you Jughead Jones, I’m Betty Cooper.”

A bottle smashed loudly to her right, she whipped around nearly falling over when she came face to face with a boy about her age, black hair similar to Jugheads, his eyes however didn’t hold the same warmth, his held something much darker.

“And who do we have here?” he grinned, a sickeningly sinister smile. “Names Sweetpea, you can call me yours for the night though”

Betty knew men like this boy, the ignorance  dripped off of him in buckets and his cocky ego was easy to spot miles away. shed grown up around these type of men and she knew very well just what they were capable of.

“I’m Betty Cooper and I think..” Betty bent down, picking up the bottom of the shattered beer bottle and placing it back in his hand “ You dropped this, you might want to be careful, someone could get really hurt with all that glass. slip, fall ,get brain damage, surely you can be sympathetic to that right? being a victim of brain damage yourself.” her eyes were trained on his and she vaguely registered the deep chuckle coming from behind her, It seemed to take Sweetpea by surprise as well as the rest of the Serpents as they watched the boy behind her cross his arms, a satisfied smile on his face, they weren’t afraid of Sweetpea they were afraid of.. Jughead?

“You oughta watch your mouth Sweetheart, you’re new here and you don’t know who you’re talking to.” he bit out through gritted teeth.

Betty didn’t back down she only stepped closer
“ ah I see, short term memory, another symptom of the brain damage. I happen to know exactly who I’m talking to, I believe you said your name is Sweetpea?”

The angry Serpent growled taking a step towards her before a familiar Booming voice spoke from behind her “Take one more step, I dare you.”

The bar went silent , everyone shocked at their leaders outburst, Sweetpea stopped mid step, his eyebrows scrunching in confusion.

Jughead cut him off “you don’t touch her, clearly she can take care of herself but I have no problem making sure she doesn’t have to. you don’t come near her unless she wants you too and that’s an order.” there was no room for argument and Sweetpea didn’t have a chance to start one before he was being pulled outside by a senior Serpent, a leaders order is law it was the number one rule of the Serpents.

“Take a walk with me.” Jughead mumbled low in her ear as his hand found its space on the small of her back gently pushing her out the doors of the Smokey bar.

He really had no idea what had gotten into him , why he snapped like that, pulled rank, all he knew was that he didn’t regret it, he’d do it allover again if it meant getting Sweetpeas eyes off of her.

“I’m sorry about that ..in there.. I didn’t mean to.. get all caveman..”

The tiny blonde to his right giggled
“don’t apologize, no ones ever stood up for me before. Thank you for that. he’s just another jerk, nothing I cant handle.” she smiled up at him

“We’re not all like that Just so you know, the Southside has been fighting a battle we’re destined to lose for as long as I can remember , some people rise to the challenge  and others.. well they turn into Sweetpea.” Jughead rolled his eyes, a tired smile on his lips.

Betty nodded, her eyes finding his, so full of understanding it made his heart stutter.

“I know a little about fighting the fight.” She whispered.

He didn’t know her, didn’t know her favorite color, her middle name, how she took her coffee, he didn’t know her but .. maybe he did. He didn’t know everything, or really anything but he did know that she smelt like vanilla and  apples, he knew that she was strong and fiery and that  her hair was almost gold under the broken street lights in his small part of town. Betty broke the silence

“your town has two sides? We’re on the south right? How is the North?” she questioned, her shoulders shivering slightly.
Jugheads jacket was off and around her shoulders in seconds flat, the heavy leather swallowing her tiny frame as she looked up with grateful deep green eyes.

“The north is…different, its quiet. My best friend and his girl live on the Northside, its not so bad. The Northside.. they don’t really except people like us, its been like that forever but they don’t bother us as long as we both stick to our sides.” He told stories of his childhood best friend Archie and his crazy rich girlfriend, by the time they arrived at Bettys trailer both of the teens cheeks were sore from smiling.

Betty giggled, resting her back against the trailer door, her hands moving to remove the jacket on her shoulders

“Keep it, I’ll get it tomorrow when I take you to breakfast” Jughead blushed “ if that’s okay with you.”

she smiled at him, stepping forward and pressing a kiss to his cheek
“Breakfast sounds great. I’ll see you tomorrow.” and then she was gone, disappearing through the trailer door.

He stood there for a few minutes staring at the door, a grin splitting his cheeks, he hadn’t smiled this much for as long as he could remember and damn it felt good.

“She’s something else isn’t she?”

Jughead turned around quickly, his eyes widening
Fp Jones stood before him, a smirk gracing his features and an expectant look in his eyes.


p3/p5 family au info thing

first and foremost, i’d just like to reiterate that this is an au so i can do whatever i want with it, don’t go militant on me for having fun pls thanks 

alright so i woke up with like 409386093 asks about the parents dying [niijima parents’ death isn’t a spoiler but there are p3p spoilers in here so watch out :0….]  and i suppose this is needed shdfjfgkhfjal i’m laughing so hard- so the range of questions i got are “YOU’RE GOING TO KILL THEM OFF?” “THEY’RE GOING TO DIE” “THIS MEANS THEY’RE DEAD” and

OKAY SO, i originally made this au so i can have them both alive and happy so, it doesn’t really follow p5verse that much. i didn’t really think too deep about this au to ponder about how they’ll die because i just really wanted to have an akiham family to play with LOL (i like to call this branch “please save me from p3p depression”)

however, after some development with friends, it got a little bit more angsty and this is where it starts to follow p5verse more. so back to the original p5 plot: yes, both parents will die like how p5 has told. (i call this branch “Depression Setting In” GKSGLSKG:AL;)

so basically:

  • first branch = lighthearted; “No Angst Allowed, Good Time Only”
  • second branch = angsty, bittersweet; “lms if u love eating shit and dying”

i like both branches tho so i will most likely draw for both sometimes! mostly just the first branch tho bc i wanna run away from depression pls so i apologize in advance if i ever confuse you all with that HAHA so you can interpret my drawings with whichever branch you prefer: if you love being in post-p3p/p5 canon denial bliss or eating shit and dying, it’s up to you my dude

for the second branch, to answer the questions:
1) “how will hamuko die?”

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Flirt With Me - Part 2

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Requested: Yes (20+ OMG)

  • @skymoonandstardust: This is so sweet and so perfect!! I would love a second part– if you want to that is, and if you do write one can you please tag me?
  • @themaddesthattter: Literal perfection A part two would be awesome 💕
  • @blackbluberrys: i need a part two for this FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCC
  • @zsupernaturalz: Ajjejsheh can you make a part two!! And tag me if it’s no problem
  • @hippie-bibbie: Part two please oh my god
  • @shineecharisma: can this have a part two ohmygod
  • and a lot, lot more!

A/N: IT’S HERE! The highly requested and long awaited sequel! I hope it meets your expectations, I’m actually terrified because I’m afraid that it doesn’t meet the standards of the first one… Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!


Part 1


How to flirt

Your fingers move swiftly across the keys of a school laptop as you type, glancing around the library, praying that no one was around to see what you were up to.

Less than a week ago (93 hours and counting… yeah you kept track), your best friend Peter Parker had flirted with you to help you avoid a certain obnoxious fellow Decathlon member, leaving you feeling very confused.
You’ve known Peter almost your whole life, but you had never imagined you would witness the slightly very seductive and flirtatious side of the sweet little, innocent boy from Queens.

You’d be lying if you said that you hadn’t enjoyed the little experience, even if it left you feeling extremely vulnerable and flustered - being a rather confident girl, that was something you definitely weren’t used to. You always liked Peter, he was an amazing friend, however, the episode left you desiring for something more… which has led you to this moment; sitting alone in the library and Googling for flirting tips during your free period. As pathetic as it sounded, you had a plan to finally admit your feelings for Peter, you’d win his heart the way he’d unknowingly captured yours.

You sigh as the page buffers, stupid school wifi.

But in order for your plan to be successful, you needed to be able to flirt. And unfortunately, that doesn’t happen overnight.

The page finally loads and you cheer silently in success, jumping slightly in your seat. The librarian glares at you accusingly but doesn’t raise a finger.

“These internet people better know what they’re doing…” you murmur to yourself as your eyes skim through an article. Of course, it was useless.

You yelp in surprise as you felt someone breathe on the back of your neck while peering over your shoulder. Hurriedly, you slam the laptop shut but the damage had been done.

“Learning how to flirt on the internet?” Michelle drawls with a smirk and you feel yourself heat up. “I’ve tried it before. You’re lame.”

“Wait, but you said you tried it too-” you start before she cuts you off with a smirk. Ah, Michelle, such a complex and bright mind yet ever so confusing at times.

A thought suddenly pops into your head.

“So are you any good at flirting now? Perhaps you could help me?” you inquire hopefully. Sure, Michelle didn’t seem like a flirt, but at this point, you honestly didn’t know what to expect from anyone anymore.

“Me? Flirt? Pfft, no. I’d rather be doing something productive, like drawing people in crisis.”

You simply nod, not exactly eager to find out what she meant about ‘people in crisis’.

She ignores you for the rest of the period, checking out a few interesting looking books as you resume reading a few blogs and online magazine articles, but to no avail. By the time the bell rang you still hadn’t learned anything new.

Sighing in frustration, you pack your things.


“Okay, Ned. Play along with me for a moment.”

“Wait, what?”

“I’m going to do something, just go with it!”

Ned looks dumbfounded as you saunter over to him, twirling a strand of hair around your fingers.

“Hey, handsome,” you whisper, closing in on him. He backs up nervously against the lockers.


You give him a flirtatious wink.

“(Y/N), you’re scaring me.”

You sigh in defeat as you slam your face into the lockers with a loud bang. A few freshmen stare at you curiously but you couldn’t care less. Ned, on the other hand, looks as confused as ever as he awkwardly tried to pry your face from the lockers.

“Hey Ned, (Y/N)!” you hear an all too familiar voice call. The feet carrying the person skid to a stop. “Uh, what’s wrong with her?”

Peter glances at Ned, who shrugs before walking off, still pondering over your crazy behaviour from earlier. Peter pokes your head gently but you ignore him, even though you wanted nothing more than to face him and look into his beautiful eyes.

“(Y/N),” Peter tries again when he suddenly spots Flash coming around the corner. His face lights up in realization and the faintest traces of hope, however, you (your face still shoved against the lockers) didn’t see his eyes shine in excitement. “Ah, I see. Flash approaching quickly at six o'clock. Want to put your old plan into action again?”

His voice is eager and hopeful, but once again this remained unnoticed by you for your face was starting to flush, the blood roaring like strong waves in your ears.

Without warning, Peter successfully removes your face from the cool metal (damn his inhuman strength) and twirls you around to face him, his cheeky, flirtatious smirk from a few days before, returning.

You feel your knees shaking beneath you and your heart beating faster. You wanted to scream in delight but also die right there and then. You weren’t prepared, the websites had taught you nothing. You were defenseless and you wouldn’t be able to play along with him nor tell him how you really felt. Your heart stopped and all your trains of thought left you as he opened his mouth.

“There isn’t a word in the dictionary to describe how beautiful you are.” Peter whispered, his voice low and husky.

Your face was burning like a freshly lit fire as he gazed into your eyes, taking your hand in his gently. You tried to keep your hand as still as possible, but it was shaking madly in his grasp. However, his grip only tightened. You rack your brain to the websites you browsed merely hours ago, and blurt out the first thing that came to mind. The line that would allow Peter to understand how you truly felt, the line that would start your relationship as a real couple-

“And you must be the square root of two, because I feel irrational around you.” you uttered, your voice awfully tremulous.

He chuckles and you wanted nothing more than to slap yourself. Out of the hundreds of pick up lines you read, you chose to use the only one with math? Freaking mathematics? Nobody would ever take that seriously, not even Peter and he wore science pun shirts for goodness sake!

“Good one, (Y/N). I’ll have to get that printed on a shirt soon,” he laughs, vocalizing your thoughts. “But back to business.”

Before you knew what you were doing and before he could say anything ridiculously attractive, you push him against the lockers, sealing the small gap that was between the two of you. He looks surprised at first but it doesn’t last long as his face sports his seductive smile again.

“Whoa, careful darling. Please keep your distance. I might fall for you.” he mused, as you fought hard to keep your blush from darkening.

You take a deep breath and close your eyes. It was going to work this time. It had to.

“Roses are red, my face is too… and that only happens when I’m around you.”

You shut your eyes tightly, dreading his reaction. You didn’t know what to expect, perhaps he would think that you’re still playing along, or maybe you had just ruined a perfectly amazing friendship with Pete or-

Your body tenses as his hand finds his way to your cheek, cupping it gently. It glides swiftly to your chin, his touch feather-light, and tilts your head so that you were less than inches away from his face. You hesitantly open your eyes, only to meet his gentle ones that showed no sign of anger, confusion or pity. Were you mistaken or did his eyes sparkle with love? And did yours too?

“I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile,” you resumed. His eyebrows quirk up in an adorable way and he opens his mouth to reply but you start speaking again. “And walk into a pole.”

The two of you double over with laughter and butterflies flutter in your stomach as Peter pulls you into him, wrapping you in a hug.

“You totally ruined the perfect moment,” he chided while continuing to chuckle. “I was about to say something equally as romantic y'know.”

“Oh, believe me, I’ve heard enough of that from you already.” you admitted, grinning wildly. “And are you admitting to liking me too?”

He smirks and pushes you against the lockers, trapping you against him and the metal that creaked in protest from behind you. The space between the two of you, incredibly small. But you definitely weren’t complaining.

“That I am. I have for years. And besides… your lips look so lonely. Would they like to meet mine?”

He leans in and you mimic his movements, lifting you face up to connect your lips to his-

“Hey (Y/N), I was wondering if you wanted - ARG, WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME?” Flash shrieks from the other side of the hallway as he spotted the two of you against the lockers.

You and Peter pull away abruptly, and you sigh disappointedly. Your eyes shoot daggers at his back as Flash retreats, his heavy footsteps echoing angrily.

“And another perfect moment ruined.” Peter sighed dramatically, pulling you to his side while snaking his arm around your waist. You snuggle into his embrace.

“You owe me a kiss now.” he declares with a smile.

“Yes, I do.”

Your plan was definitely successful.


Thank you so much for your support on this series!… (wait is it even considered a series??) 

Also, my inbox is open, feel free to send in a request! THANK YOU! <3

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Lashton Threesome::: Lessons

Pairing: Ashton, Luke, and Y/N

Word Count: 5.9k+

Rating: So. Much. Smut.

Requested:It was indeed

Guys…I apologize for what this may do to your body.

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Yuri!!! on Museum Experience

I… was extremely fortunate to be able to go to the Yuri!!! on Museum located on the 8th Floor of Shibuya Tower Records. (Thank you at my Twitter friend for booking tickets and coming with me!) 

Information about Sections in the museum and Photos taken inside are below!

We kind of went a bit late today? Around 7pm. We got our “ticket number” and waited to enter the museum. While waiting, we heard YOI music blasting out (I believe Yurio’s FS program) 

Once we “checked in”, the staff gave us 2 things: A stampbook and an audio guide. I obviously chose Choice A for the Audio since it had Victor and Yuri ^^; 

NOTE: As we have heard, there is a “secret” audio. All we know so far is that it includes Victor and ???. If you are going to the museum, YOU CANNOT GET THE SECRET AUDIO ON YOUR FIRST VISIT. You must enter the museum 6 times in total (6000 yen + tax). On your 6th visit, you will be able to receive the secret audio :’) Probably only possible if you are a resident in Japan. 

I will post some bits of the audio on a separate post ^^ 

The first thing you see when you enter the museum is a screen + a makkachin plush. These images have been floating around actually ? As you’ve probably heard or seen, if you touch the Makkachin a random GPF skater or Victor will pop out! When I touched it Victor came out and Aria-Stammi VIcino started playing (I wanted to cry because I WAS JUST SO EMOTIONAL HEARING IT). The part of the song that goes “STAMMI VICINOOOOOO” plays. I want to die he’s so beautiful 

For JJ (I heard while in the other room), Theme of King JJ plays lmao and for Seung-Gil, Almavivo plays. 

Before the second section, there is a display of screenshots from various competitions. 

There’s also a display of the GPF Medals from the anime! Made by the actual person who made the IRL GPF Medals :o 

NOTE: Photos were not allowed in 90% of the Museum. This is actually one of the strictest YOI events I have ever been to because there are actually Security Guards that are stationed in some places LMAO 

Second Section! It was a room full of brand new never seen before artwork drawn beautifully by the YOI Staff! The pictures that were on display are the same pictures that are included in the Bromide (will post later).

Each Picture is a new drawing of a GPF Skater. There’s also one photo of the winners (JJ, Yuri, Yurio) at a different angle. :’ ) 

Next Section is called the “Memory of Victor NIkiforov” LMAO why does it sound like he’s a dead man 

This was probably my favourite section of the museum.  There were 4 New Drawings of Victor that has not been released in Public yet (one actually has, but has not been released in any artbooks yet). It had a Victor standee and large artworks of Young Victor on the wall.

The 4 New Young Victor Artwork:

  1. Victor in EROS Costume ( ADGSKFDF… I love him… so much)
  3. Victor, looking bored and eating chocolates during an interview? while Yakov is sitting beside him 
  4. Victor running with Makkachin in Russia :’) 

Hopefully the rest of the images will be released online soon because HECK I NEED MERCHANDISE OF THAT 

After this it’s the long awaited life-sized Victor Statue ;)

I want to die a little bit inside because I FORGOT TO SMELL HIM (the Staff put Victor’s pefume / cologne on him. yes, the perfume was released several months ago by Movic) The security guy? took a picture of me and victor ;’ ) 


Next room has Yuri’s and Victor’s Duetto Stammi Vicino Costumes :’ ) They’re crafted really well and they even included the rings ;; 

Beside the costumes, they have images from the exhibition program… literally sobbing here… Also has the special banquet photo!

Next Section -> Kiss and Cry Room! Enjoy taking pictures of you and the GPF skaters!

They provided items such as Yuri’s onigiri on a table ^^; and the background of the photo place changes colour !!! I think it looks best when it’s purple?

The Final Room! -> A Room full of Original Keyframes from the anime. 

There are keyframes from Victor’s Aria Stammi Vicino FS Performance, Nishigori Family, Yuri crying as he decides to continue skating as he has his silver medal, etc. There are also posters on the wall from the anime!! They have the Yuri Poster in Hasetsu from Episode 1 and the Yuri vs Yurio Poster from Episode 3 :) 

The last room is the shop :’ ) Thankfully all the items except for the full body yuri!!! on festival badges are not blind packs. 

Purchase merchandise worth over 5000 yen and you can choose a poster that is either the YOI Festival or YOI Museum Visual^^; 

My Thoughts : The Museum was smaller than I expected, but it was definitely worth it. Please go if you can. If you are in Japan or going to Japan from July - September, book a ticket at a Japanese Convenience Store and visit the museum! It’s one of the best yoi events I’ve ever been to. 

thanks for reading :) 

During my first year of college, I tried many new things to get out of my comfort zone and learned many life lessons throughout the year.

In high school, I mostly focused on school, running, drawing, my blog (which I started during the middle of 11th grade). I was not really “social”, and only hung out with 1-2 friends at a time. I did really well in all, and I was very happy.

In college, I decided to branch out, since I would describe myself as introverted in high school, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and be more social.

I’m a bioengineering major, entrepreneurship minor, runner for a division 1 cross country and track team, freshman representative for the Chinese Student Association, write articles and take photos for Spoon University, and work in a bioengineering research lab. I was also posting 3 times a day on my blog, and also made sure to post on my food art Instagram every day, and my personal/running Iinstagram every 2-3 days. I barely had time to draw, which is one of my favorite things to do.

I attended a bunch of events first quarter to try something new, and learned that all that social activity took away my time to do things that I am passionate about. I and found myself looking back in high school, and living in the past because I wasn’t as happy. However, that was an important learning experience for myself.  

Here are some life lessons I have learned during my first year of college that I hope helps you.

1. Most important: Never take anything personally. The more people I met, the more I started to realize that you’re just not compatible with some people. Think of it this way: If you know that you are only trying to be friendly, but the other person doesn’t seem to like you, then that is their problem because they’re obviously blind and can’t see your awesomeness. They are not worth your time. Same thing with getting rejected from something. Once you stop taking things personally, I promise you will feel happier because it’s not your fault if you’re just trying to be a good person.

In high school, I never had the desire to branch out and meet new people from my school, therefore, the people whom I hung out with share many similarities with me.

You don’t have to get along with everyone, and you’re not limited to anyone either. Be nice to everyone, because you don’t have time to make enemies and/or deal with drama.

2. People are worried about themselves. I personally don’t think it’s necessary to try so hard to present yourself. People don’t judge you as they may seem to in high school. Everyone’s mostly minding their own business.

3. Find your own method of time management. In college, no one is going to tell you what to do. You can have class from 1-9 hours a day, and you need to plan the rest of your time well.

4. Realize your limits. Everyone has a different limit, and it’s something I believe you should experiment with early on in life to find out.

In high school, I was very successful in running, so everyone seemed to know who I was. I came into college feeling like another face. I was injured, and not doing as well in everything as I would like because I was involved in too many activities. I do believe in trying new things to explore, but realize that you have a limit. Learn to prioritize.

5. Learn to say no. I like to be a nice person, but I also believe that in order to be able to help people, you must take care of yourself first. By spring quarter, I started to feel tired of having to do so many things, so i worked up the courage to say no to some of the things, so I could have more time to study for my test, finish homework, or simply because I need to go run.

Missing a party to study is ok, in fact, no one seems to really care. I never party because I rather study and do quiet activities in my room such as drawing on weekends when I have a little extra time, and my friends understand that. Don’t feel weird if you are not into things that everyone else seems to be, and you don’t have to make yourself do things that you don’t want to (unless it’s school work because you’re here for a degree), either.

6. Don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something. I don’t party or drink. But that doesn’t mean I don’t isolate myself from people who do. I have friends that like to party, but they never force me to do something that I’m not comfortable with. You’re not “weird” if you chose not to drink because your true friends will accept you for who you are.

7. Appreciate your parents. Don’t take them for granted and become friends with them. 

8. Get to know your professors. Don’t be intimidated, they want to help and it’s fun to make friends.

9. Don’t be shy. That’s not how you get what you want. Plus, don’t be afraid to speak in class, and someone probably has the same question.

10. Make friends in classes. You can make great study buddies and share notes when either of you are absent.

11. Use a planner (paper or electronic, whichever you prefer) because physically writing helps you remember things more.

12. Take advantage of your resources such as interlibrary loans, databases, writing centers, tutoring, friends, professors, gym, and anything else.

13. Don’t buy your textbooks from the bookstore since they usually cost more. Get them from a friend, or find them online. 

14. Be confident. Fake it until you make it. That’s how you get many things in life.

15. Prioritize your health. Without it, you have nothing.

16. Make a list of things to always carry with you. For example: Food (quiet food in class), headphones, planner, phone, laptop, gum/mints, chargers, notebooks, etc.

17. Learn to adapt to change. Don’t expect it to be easy. I thought I was a very independent person in high school and that I would love college, but so many things change. I struggled my first quarter, then I got used to the routine. It will be hard at first, but you will learn and grow and become a better and more mature person than you were before.

18. Don’t be afraid to try new things. The more you know about yourself, the better equipped you are to make decisions about what you want in your life.

I have more life tips here!

How to Study Effectively

How to be Happy

How to be Productive and Achieve your Goals

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Start Running

anonymous asked:

What signs would you be able to provide that Caryl is romantic/going canon?

*soft voice* “we cut the son of a bitch open. Made sure”

*carol cries* *daryl gets up in the middle of the night to search for sophia*

“A flower?” “It’s a Cherokee rose” *tells a beautiful story to give her hope* *comments on how Sophia will like the trailer all clean *

*searches for Sophia until he almost dies. Then continues search because he took the responsibility for himself to find Carol’s daughter*

“You did more for my little girl than her own dad did his whole life” *literally puts Daryl in the position of a father on Sophia’s life.

“You’re every bit as good as them”

“I can’t lose you too”

*daryl fights with Carol, later brings her to the Cherokee Roses bushes, to apologize and stare at her the whole time * “Hey, I’m sorry about what happened this morning” *all of this while not giving 2 shits about apologizing to the rest of TF or treat anyone nicely*

“You’re afraid. You’re afraid cause you’re all alone. You have no husband, no daughter. You ain’t my problem. Sophia wasn’t mine” *deals with his pain by lashing out, not understanding why he puts himself in the position of protecting carol like Rick did with Lori and responsible for Sophia like a father is responsible for their kid*

*goes back the next day, listening to Carol’s advice and staying around the group cause she wasn’t going to let him pull away*

*Carol is definitely his “problem”, since he rescues her at the farm and always keep an eye on her, as we’ll see in the future*

*Massages Carol shoulder/suddenly the air shifts when he notices he is touching her and looks at her while doing it* pretty romantic. Screw around? *stops to make sure carol is really serious*
“I’ll go down first” “even better”

*Grieves at Carol being possible dead, can’t stand see a drawing with Sophia’s name, almost can’t stand the possibility of having to put her down if she is dead*

“What do you want us to tell Carol?” *even Glenn knew* “She’ll understand”

“Daryl’s gone? He left?” *cue to Carol trying to hold herself together at the realization Daryl left* “Daryl has his code, the world needs men like him ” *she understood*

“I’m glad you came back” *ten minutes of whispered conversation while eye fucking each other, and giggling at the end*

“Just so you know, I liked you first” “sorry pookie” *domestic Caryl cause why not*

*Michonne teased him, Daryl didn’t even bat an eye to that. Carol does, goes 10 shades of red in 2.5 seconds*

*rick banished her and ran away from seeing Daryl the best he could cause he knew he was fucked*

*Daryl finds out carol was banished, and wants to go find her, also almost hits Rick, also doesn’t care anymore about her being the killer, he knows her, knows she had a reason, wants to deal with ty, takes responsibility for what happened and for the kids too*

*almost cries*

*is dead inside while stuck with Beth*

*cant even believe when he finally has her back, hugs her in front of everyone, didn’t want to stop until Rick cockblocks him*

*carol was dead inside since she was banished/lost the girls, but Daryl makes her smile again*

*cant pretend that everything is ok next to him*

*carol almost leaves, he stops her*

*keep an eye on her the entire time*

*their bottle episode is dedicated to show how much they know each other and how he wants to start over with her, and how she just can’t bear to lose him, and how she’s scared of losing people specially him*

*his search for Beth goes to the background, his focus is carol*

*beth dies, Carol stops him for killing everyone*

*Carol swallows her pain to help daryl, because he is her priority*

*carols tell him to try even though she can’t*

*carol does everything to keep the group safe, specially Daryl as we’ll see in the future*

*carol avoids Daryl cause she knows she can’t fake nothing around him and he knows her better than anyone around*

*cant pretend she is ok when he asks her and hugs her*

*their life is completely messed up without the other’s presence*

*Daryl thinks about her when he is about to die*

*Carol admitis she is running away from love*

*Daryl is devastated when he hears she left*

*Daryl wants nothing more than revenge and praises Carol to everyone at how she would fucking end this shit if she was there*

*almost kills Richard for her and threatens even the weather if carol as much as has her hair wet because of the rain, in case she is upset by it*

*still, in front of her, can’t hide how hurt he is by her decision of leave HIM*

*carol opens up to him even though she pushed everyone else away*

*cant contain herself in front of him*

*confesses to him she couldn’t lose him and that he was the main reason she left*

*Daryl, who wants nothing more than just win this war, knowing full well Carol is not only necessary, but maybe the person who could help them win this shit for real, lies to her to protect her and keep her safe, because between losing everyone and dying, or having Carol losing herself or hurting herself, there isn’t even a debate*

*almost can’t leave her, goes back to hug her and NUZZLES HER SHOULDER*

*carol nuzzles him as well I mean the fuck, they smelled each other*

*carol almost goes after him*

*its stated in canon by Morgan that the same way his philosophy is what keeps him grounded and who he is in this world, Carol is the reason why Daryl keeps holding on*

All of this with two characters that don’t behave like that with anyone else besides each other. What I see between them that it’s romantic? Let me ask you something back: how can you see them as anything but romantic?

There is some serious inverse dynamic here in this fandom. Carylers don’t have to prove a thing. Haters, on the other hand… 🤔🤔🤔

Breathe into my hands, I’ll cup them like a glass to drink from 5/15

Eddie Kaspbrak is not gay. He doesn’t care what his mother, his girlfriend, or those assholes at school say. Just because he has Elton John posters doesn’t mean he wants to hold hands with boys. And just because he doesn’t like to kiss his girlfriend doesn’t mean he’s gay. He just doesn’t like germs.

He couldn’t believe his mother was sending him to True Directions. He doesn’t need to learn how to be straight. He just wants to have a fun summer before going off to college.

He definitely isn’t prepared for Richie Tozier to come into his life like a whirlwind and blow all of these pre conceived notions out of his mind and turn his whole life upside down.

But I’m a Cheerleader AU <3 Title is from the most iconic scene in lesbian cinematic history imo

Read on Ao3

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Chapter 5: Step Two: Rediscovering Your Gender Identity

Eddie was so relieved that the first week of True Directions had come to a close. In seven weeks, he would be normal and could leave this place and never have to see Richard Tozier again. Eddie hated his stupid big mouth and his aggressively lanky body and his annoying laugh. Richie had spent the rest of the week tormenting him with those goddamn flashcards, and he couldn’t believe that Mary had stuck the two of them together.

In an effort to stay as far away from Richie as possible outside of required “buddy activities”, Eddie had started spending more and more time with Stan, and by extension it seemed, Bill. Saturday morning found them walking towards the woods with Stan excitedly talking about the birds that were native to this area of Maine and what they should be looking out for.

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Is It Over Between Us? (Part 2) (Peter Parker imagine)

Is It Over Between Us? (Part 2) (Peter Parker imagine)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader 

Warnings: none

Part 1 | Part 3

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Peter was looking at you the entire time, he followed you every movement. You kept a straight face, not wanting to show him how bad you actually felt because of this situation.

‘’What do we do, Cap?’’

‘’We fight’’ he replied and then started walking. We followed, and the other team was walking as well. As Steve started to jog, Peter looked to the side. 

‘’They’re not stopping.’’

‘’Neither are we’’ Tony told him. And then it started.

Before you had the chance to do anything, Peter grabbed your hand and took you away from everyone else.

‘’What are you doing here?’’ He asked you frantically while taking off his mask.

‘’I was recruited by Clint and Wanda’’ you snickered. ‘’Is this part of the grant you won?’’

‘’You have no idea how dangerous this is, okay. You have to go, please’’ he pleaded, getting close to you, holding your face and pressing his forehead against yours. He gave you a quick kiss on the lips. ‘’I don’t want you to get hurt.’’

‘’You are the one that has to go, Pete. This is way different than those lame criminals back home.’’

‘’I have to prove myself to Mr. Stark, I want him to be proud of me’’ he whispered.

‘’You care more about what that idiot thinks of you, than about your safety? What’s gonna happen if you get hurt? What lie are you going to tell May?’’

‘’I’ll tell her I got jumped in an alley’’ he replied, making you shake your head. You pulled away from him.

‘’I’m sick of the lies, Peter. If we make it out of here alive and you get hurt, I’ll tell her the truth’’ you threatened him.

‘’You wouldn’t dare!’’ He growled.  

‘’Oh yeah? Try me’’ you crossed your arms.

‘’I’m done’’ he muttered, walking away from you.


‘’I’m done! You and I are done, Y/N!’’ He snapped.

‘’Fine. Lord knows I don’t want to be with a sell-out like you. You are here risking your life because some rich guy gave you money, a nice suit and a free trip. I’m here because if we don’t stop Zemo from finding the other soldiers, everything will be fucked’’ you preached, feeling a weight suddenly lifting from your body. Looking at him one last time, you ran to help your new friends.

Peter’s eyes filled with tears, but he wasn’t going to cry now. Clearing his throat a few times, he put his mask on and went towards Captain, to stop him from doing anything. You on the other hand were crying. You knew you crossed the line but you didn’t want your boyfriend… your ex-boyfriend to get severely hurt. 

The fight was chaotic. There were explosions, cars falling out of the parking lot, people getting thrown left and right. You noticed Peter was flying all over the place, trying to web people up. Nothing wanting to cross paths with him again, you saw the jet you were supposed to get on. Trying to be subtle, you headed towards it. With all that was going on, who would notice? You felt something strong yanking your ponytail back, making you yell.

The Blank Panther was beating the crap out of you. You did kick him in the face few times and punched him with all your strength but that merely tickled him. In a blink of an eye, he had you pinned down on the ground, and you panicked. You started trashing underneath him, wanting to get him off but he scratched your left side. Letting out an ear-splitting scream, you successfully pulled him off.

‘’Y/N! Are you okay?’’ You heard Steve asking you, concern evident in his voice. But you couldn’t even form a sentence because of the pain you felt, so you let out a sob. ‘’I’m on my way, don’t move.’’

‘’I got her, Cap’’ Clint assured him, running towards you

‘’We gotta go. That guy’s probably in Siberia by now’’ Bucky reminded him.

‘’We need to draw out the flyer. I’ll take Vision, you get to the jet.’’

‘’No, you get to the jet! Both of you!’’ Sam shouted. ‘’The rest of us aren’t getting out of here!’’

‘’As much as I hate to admit it, if we’re going to win this one, some of us might have to lose it’’ Clint admitted. He pressed his hand to your side to apply pressure, making you cry a little. ‘’It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.’’

‘’Are we going to jail?’’ You asked, already knowing the answer. Clint nodded as he helped you up. Slowly walking towards Wanda, out of the corner of your eye, you saw Peter on the floor. So many emotions rushed through your body, until Tony checked on him and he moved. He was okay.

Minutes went by like hours, slow. You heard the annoying screech of tires against the cement. Numerous black cars were surrounding the perimeter, leaving no room to escape.

While they were arresting Clint, Scott, Sam and Wanda, some cops lifted you from the ground. When Peter saw you, he felt that his entire world fell apart. You were covered in blood, with four huge gashes on your body. He was about to run to you, but Tony stopped him. You, along with everyone else, were taken to the Raft prison, that was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Days go by and you didn’t move from that bed. They obligated you to eat and to shower, threatening you with some punishment. You didn’t eat much, you just stayed in fetal position. You felt numb.

The lights went out, and your cell opened.

‘’Come on, cupcake. Time to go home’’ Sam laughed a little, while Steve picked you up from the bed.

‘’Sorry I took so long’’ he apologized. You smiled, letting him know you weren’t mad.

Two weeks later

Peter blamed himself every day for snapping at you, and for not saving you from that damn prison. Going back to school was awful for him. Everyone looked at him with pity, all of them wondering where you were. Between classes, Peter would stand in front of his locker, looking at a picture of the two of you.

‘’Hey man’’ Ned greeted him all of the sudden, startling him.

‘’Hey’’ he replied, closing his locker.

‘’I finally got the Death Star, do you wanna build it tonight?’’ He asked him excitedly.

‘’We can build it some other day, I don’t feel good’’ Peter admitted. Ned’s smile dropped, but he understood why he was acting that way. Of course, Peter didn’t tell him about the airport battle, but he did say you two had a nasty fallout. Ned gave him space, Peter would be okay eventually.

After school, Peter went straight to his apartment. When he walked in, he noticed May wasn’t home yet. Opening the door to his room, he threw his backpack on the floor and took off his shirt.

Finally looking up, he saw you standing in front of his window. He did a triple-take, not recognizing you at first. The first thing he noticed was that you cut you hair. Before, your hair reached to the middle of your waist, but you cut it off to the top of your shoulders. You were scarred by how vulnerable you were during in the battle, so you just decided to chop it off.

‘’Y/N’’ Peter’s started crying instantly and he hugged you, tightly.

‘’Hi Petey. Did you miss me?’’

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Part 3

More prompts from the Immortal Court

Anonymous said:What about a human prince and fairy prince meeting? 👀

baconator153 said:Can I have some prompts about a human just realizing they were trapped in the fae realm? With the fae who fed them the faerie food wanting them as a prize or a pet? I loved your other fae prompts!

Anonymous said:Could I possibly ask for some nice fairies? Perhaps a fairy helping a human escape their abusive family or saving them from imminent danger? /even though that would probably result in the human owing them something >.>/ thank you! 

Anonymous said:Some prompts about the fairies that aren’t complete dicks to the human? Ty <3  

Anonymous said:Could we get some exclusive seelie and unseelie prompts? I really love your fairy prompts!!!!

1) “Apparently,” the prince said. “We are to be betrothed.” It would be an alliance between their kingdoms, between the mortal world and the immortal court. They tried for a friendly, diplomatic smile and held out a hand to shake. “Perhaps we can set aside our childhood differences? For the good of our people.” They were well aware of the people watching.
“But, of course. We are not children anymore.” The fey prince returned with a singularly beautiful smile, clasping their hand and then leaning in to press a kiss to each of the prince’s cheeks, drawing them into a fond and conciliatory embrace. “I’m going to tear your heart out with my teeth before I ever marry a human, royal or not, no matter what my mother says,” they hissed in the prince’s ear. They pulled back, smiling again, as people clapped.  
Alright then.

2) It had been the perfect picnic. Their date had seemed so lovely, so attentive, so wonderful in the sunlight. Until they tried to leave. They’d hit an invisible barrier, an impossible barrier, again and again and again. They didn’t understand at first. They didn’t believe in fairies. Now…they tried reason, peruasion. People will be looking for me, they’ll be worried. I would be inconvenient to keep, I don’t even know anything about fairies. I’m flattered you’ve taken such a liking to me, but I really do have to get home. I’ll come and visit you, you don’t have to keep me like this. 
Rage - you can’t fucking keep me! I’ll kill you before I let you keep me. You tricked me!  Despair - they crumpled on the forest floor, resolutely ignoring the fae. Stomach churning from having tried to throw up anything fae, head pounding from crying. Now - “just let me go, please.” Nothing left but to beg. 
“Don’t be silly,” the fae murmured. “My sweet treasure, I will take such good care of you. You won’t miss your home once the sun sets. I hate to see you like this.”

3) They sprinted through the forest. Clothes torn, tears in the corner of their ears, fear growing at the tramp of boots behind them. The branches of trees whipped cuts in their arms, tangled in their hair. They pushed themselves to run faster - they couldn’t get caught, they absolutely couldn’t get caught. The twisting of the undergrowth sent them flying. They hit the dirt hard, face down. Whipped around in terror of the pursuers right at their heels and - light. The trees coiled protectively, the vines snagged at their pursuers and sent them flying back. Thorns grew where there had been no thorns before; thorns fierce and wicked enough to impale a man in armour. They watched stunned. Jumped violently as a hand rested gently on their shoulder from behind. 
“It’s alright, you’re safe here. Stay in this area of the woods for as long as you want, you will find plentiful food and water and soft flowers upon which to lay your head. Just don’t try and hunt or start any fires. And don’t attempt to take anything with you when you go.”

4) “This has been amazing,” the human said with a smile. “But I really should be getting home now. People will be worried.”
“You’ll visit again?” the fairy asked eagerly. “So little changes around here - we would be happy if you came again. Maybe you could bring some of that ice cream you talked about?” 
“Ice cream and a cactus, gotcha. Next Friday?” 

5) The seelie looked over at the sovereign of the unseelie court, heart hammering in their chest. Even the sight of them gliding through the party brought a touch of frost to the summer festivities. A darkness. They came over and held out a hand to the seelie. “You said you liked dancing.” There was absolutely no chance that the unseelie was truly there to dance, nor to party like this.The sovereign of the summer court gave them a look - when pray, have you talked to an unseelie sovereign about dancing? The seelie accepted the hand. “Yes. Perhaps you’d do me the honour?” A century of treaties and peace negotiations were not about to be blown because they felt their heart might drop out of their chest.

6) “Apparently,” the prince said. “We are to be betrothed.”
“I thought it an excellent idea when I suggested it.”
The prince missed a beat, heart stuttering. “You suggested it?”
“Of course,” the fey prince said. “I know you’re mine, but we may as well make it legal in your realm.” 
They had never met before in their life to the prince’s memory.