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@fangirlingforeverz… i did this instead of sleeping after we finished noragami. 

(i’m p sure this pose is like an actual screenshot in the show but idr)

“We hope you get well soon, Tanaka-sensei!”

Cover art for the Get Well Soon Message for Tanaka-sensei project organized by @kairei-chan and @xpeppermin (you guys are angels +。゚☆ )

Thanks for entrusting me with the task of making the cover :’)

Ah, if you guys want to send a message to sensei too, don’t forget to check the original post. Let sensei know we care for them! <’3

Percival Graves is (probably) a good man

Another instalment of my headcanon series…

  • Percival was on a secret mission when he got captured and detained by Grindelwald, which is why no one noticed his absence
  • Plus Grindelwald only took his place for a few days
  • He is still enraged when he is freed and understands what happened
  • People get fired when he comes back. Some get hexed too

  • He insists that Tina is promoted a few weeks later
  • They have an open-heart discussion about what happened while he was “away” and they end up being quite good friends

  • When he learns about Credence’s “death”, he’s the one to get funerals set up and to make sure there’s a place to go to mourn him
  • He also takes his dispositions to make sure every one of the kids that were helped by Mary-Lou is safe and taken good care of

  • Tina eventually tells him that Credence is actually alive and well and away
  • But she also insists that they can’t meet as it would probably traumatise both of them
  • He doesn’t like the idea but gets convinced by the necessity of preserving both Credence and himself
  • He still asks her to tell Credence he would like to meet him if he ever wants to
  • She does tell him, two years later, when Credence asks about the real Mr.Graves
  • They eventually meet and it’s painful and awkward but also offers them both a sort of closure

  • His favourite colours are bright orange and light green
  • Percival has the worst fashion sense
  • He goes to work all pretty and dressed up because he knows how to follow a trend
  • But when he’s at home he wears the ugliest jumpers ever
  • They’d burn your eyes if you looked at them for too long

  • He was a bit concerned when his hair started greying but when no one made fun of him at work he just started forgetting about it
  • Except when his colleagues annoy him. Then he blames it on them
  • He doesn’t have lots of friends, but those he has go back to school and he would trust them with his life
  • There was a rumour he was secretly married to Seraphina Picquery. They never laughed so hard together before the day they learned about it
  • They’re not even actual friends, but they do have a lot of respect for each other
  • They both think the other’s job is incredibly difficult and they wouldn’t want to exchange their places

Other headcanons :

Credence  Queenie  Newt  Tina Jacob

Imagine Woozi secretly giving you a kiss on the forehead when you’re asleep.

Quick concept doodles for the Xros Wars AU ‘cuz I rewatched the ep 32 and I felt like doing this yo and these might not be their final designs tho, still trying to figure out how to draw them all in my style :3c and yes, I can see Peri being all “Nene, master of disguise”

Amelia Rose & Justin Kayes, the founders

also known as the least messed up generation.

pilot pals hanging out before poes mission to jakku

(“you wanna know what my magic eyes see, dameron? you’ll somehow screw everything up immensely but somehow get out of it as beautiful as ever” "so same thing you see every time?””pretty much”)

anonymous asked:

Pia you're such a knowledgable writer, do you ever feel guilty for not loving one of your ocs enough? I'm writing a story and I'm so, so in tune with my protag. (J) but his love interest(E)? I'm struggling to empathize with E as much as J.. but I still love E and don't want to scrap him. It's just so very unfair to E. What should I do?

Hiya, fellow writer, I definitely sometimes feel guilty for not understanding my OCs enough?

But okay, love is complicated/tricky. It’s sort of a myth that you have to love your OCs. You don’t. It’s even kind of a myth that love is the thing that will bring them to life (but it helps, I think - but so does any emotion).

If you don’t want to scrap the character, there’s a few things you can consider:

- Are you still able to write E? If so, this is a good thing.

- It’s okay for you to get to know and love a character during the course of a story. I didn’t love Gulvi when I started writing her. Tbh, she kind of pissed me off and she had a personality I knew I wouldn’t enjoy in real life. So she annoyed me (sorry Gulvi). At the same time I liked the character type and I knew she was important to the story and to Ash, and so I liked her…through Ash in a way? Like I got to see her through Ash’s eyes, and that helped.

So it’s okay for you to learn to love E through J’s eyes. Chances are if you’re struggling to ‘get’ one of your characters, readers may struggle too - that’s actually not a bad thing at all. So you can go on a journey of discovery together. What does J like about them? What are they appreciating/not appreciating? That kind of journey of discovery can be one for you too. Even if they’re already in an established relationship. (I actually think the journey of character discovery is really fun within a story, but intimidating too. It’s taking me forever to ‘get’ Mosk, in The Ice Plague, and that’s intimidating and makes me feel like…what if he’s the wrong character? What if I don’t understand him? -> but realistically, the readers will be skeptical too, so we are literally in this together.)

- It really depends on how much it’s interfering with you writing. If it’s stopping any of the words flowing, then you can try some characterisation exercises (there are tons of like… suggestions for character development via google, and they can help). If it’s not interfering as much with writing and you’re more just worried, it’s okay to let the writing process itself help you along. If it’s not interfering with your writing and you’re not even worried about it interfering, and it’s more guilt for not loving him (yet or ever), that’s okay, you don’t have to. 

- Authors write entire stories that might feature a main character they never gel with. When you come from fandom, you generally write because you *looooove* the characters you’re writing, so this idea forms that you write characters because you love them. (Even in fanfic it’s not always true, but it’s more likely to be true). But with original characters, it’s different. You didn’t get to watch seasons of those characters and fall in love with them first. You didn’t get to read a series, or watch a movie. You have to do that initial hard work for yourself. I’m sure there are characters in movies and books and shows that you didn’t love at first, and then came to. And that happened through the narrative process.

The same thing happens for authors of original content all the time. So in the beginning if you don’t love a character, it’s like, it’s totally okay? You will teach yourself, and you will teach your readers, too. :) You also have a lot of really cool things going for you here - you do like the character, you don’t want to scrap him, and hey, some stories do focus more on one character over the other, even in a romance. It’s okay to love one of your characters more, or to get that one more because you personally resonate with them.

This stuff is hard, but you don’t need to feel guilty about it. It’s more like…a journey of discovery. You can’t expect yourself to love someone off the bat, if you’ve never had a narrative journey with them and they’re not the kind of character you’re naturally in tune with. But you can go discover them, learn to love them, learn how to see them through another character’s eyes, or find other emotions to associate with them.

Also empathy can be evoked a lot more easily if you’re seeing a character through a character who does empathise with them. And describe it from their perspective instead of yours. I also think… a random question: is the audience meant to empathise with them at this point? Sometimes…how you feel can reflect how an audience is meant to be feeling. That’s a really weird point to bring up and it may not be remotely relevant but…it’s actually okay to allow yourself to not love or empathise with a character, especially if it’s story appropriate in the moment? (And if it’s not, I hope some of the other suggestions help). <3

Good luck in the word mines, anon!


Pfffffttt I can’t make serious comic.

I just realize Love Like You isn’t the only SU song that suits the trio… Or maybe I’m just wrong o)-(


Watercoloring this was fun… especially when exams go near….