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Ada Lovelace facts I learnt from spending the evening reading a biography of her:

  • Despite the popular image of her mother Annabella not allowing her to read poetry/fiction because of her father (Byron), she did - her favourite book was apparently Dickens’ Dombey and Son and when she was dying Dickens actually came and read some of it to her
  • Also her famous never seeing Byron was true but when she was an adult she did read his poetry/have his portrait/visit his old home (famed for the drinking out of skulls debauchery) Newstead Abbey and was buried in the family crypt with him
  • She was into gambling and got into debts from it, but also used her mathematical ability to try and gamble scientifically, making her a bit like a Vegas card counting maths genius
  • She was known for being eccentric and outspoken and once spent a dinner party sat next to her father’s old best friend Hobhouse (who obviously she never met in the context of her father) where her conversation shocked him because she was talking about the afterlife and how the idea was just for comfort
  • When she was a child she wanted to invent a method of flying that was modelled on a bird and signed letters to her mother ‘Carrier Pigeon’
  • Not only did she work with Babbage as she is famed for, but she was interested in a lot of other science, and up until her death (aged thirty six) she was possibly still trying to fund actually building Babbage’s Analytical Engine

pretty over that story everyone in the creative industries seem to have about how theyve Always Known that X was their Goal, and how they always had a Big Passion for it and they were doing X before they could walk! like, that is fine and great and of course a valid and genuine story, BUT the myth thats gone up around that being the only path for creatives has basically invalidated everyone who didnt grow up making home movies or painting every week or whatever. it makes me afraid and ashamed to say ‘nah i wasnt really into movies as a kid’ or ‘haha ive actually never used this technique before uni’ or whatever bc i just KNOW people are gonna give me That Look and think less of me and its like, whats it matter though?? how does what i was into or what i was doing when i was 10 years old affect the legitimacy of my work and my passion now as a grown professional?? sorry that i grew as a person and it took me time to find myself, and sorry that u havent changed since u were in second grade i guess??

Imagine Woozi secretly giving you a kiss on the forehead when you’re asleep.

Thought about Misa’s career

One thing I’ve always been fairly bewildered by in fandom is the approximation of Misa’s fame that most fans seem to have. I agree she is popular, but I disagree with the extend to which people seem to think she is? 
I’m going to line out my reasoning here. If you have counter-evidence please forward it to me, I’m interested in it!
(It should be noted, too, that my knowledge on the entertainment industry is not exactly the fullest either, so I might be mis-assessing some things??)

According to HTR13, Misa’s modeling debut is made on 28.01.04 for the March edition of the youth magazine ‘Eighteen’* (this is also the issue L refers to when he claims to be her fan at university). At that point, Misa’s 18 if my math doesn’t fail me. I’ve seen some people claim it is very impressive she’s able to be a star at this age, but from what I’ve heard of Japanese entertainment culture stars of Misa’s type tend to start out between ages 15 and 18, so I don’t find this unusual.
*Eigtheen seems to the Death Note version of the real Seventeen mag. According to the Wikipedia article it predominately features teenage models, furthering my point about Misa not rising to fame at extraordinarily young age.

Anyway, my point is more that Misa only debuted modeling 2 months before sending her tapes to Sakura TV (13.04.04). Officially, she moved to Tokyo for work, so that might have been the real start of her career, too. Fact is, Misa is a newcomer. She didn’t have a lot of time to become established as a model at all. 
When Light looks her up online in May, this is his assessment:

Misa has had a rocket start at least. After debut, she’s been able to secure more jobs and even appeared on TV once. Not bad.
Light certainly seems to think it’s too much, but I think that’s tinted by the fact that her being a public figure at all is already a hindrance to him.
We have a pretty good reason to believe so, too, I’d say: Sayu in middle school is confirmed to have a huge interest in pop culture - if Misa was incredibly famous yet, Sayu would have recognized her upon first meeting for sure. Instead, she only finds out when Light specifically tells her.
Misa may be on the rise, but she’s not actually risen yet.

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Coffee Shop Girl- Shawn Mendes Imagine- Chapter 11

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I stared shell shocked at the words that had just poured from Shawn’s mouth. Not being able to string a sentence together, I just shrugged.

“What does a shrug mean?” He asked eagerness obvious in his puppy dog brown eyes. In my head thoughts were crashing around like a bomb had just exploded. What would be the right thing to say? It was a matter of heart telling me one thing and head telling heart that it was a terrible idea. Shawn was by far the sweetest, most lovable and dedicated guy I’d ever met or wanted to meet. But then at the same time I knew that he could never be who he truly wanted. I mean just look at me: a scruffy uni girl who cared more about grades than looks or social life. He had deluded himself into believing that he wanted me and in a few days he’d realise I was nothing like what he thought or wanted and this pent up hope would be wasted. Completely wasted. He was still looking at me, hardly even wasting time with blinking so he didn’t miss a thing. Feeling like I was in a pressure cooker, slowly building to insanity, I made a rash decision.

“Time, I need time Shawn.” Picking up my coat, I left the coffee shop leaving Shawn alone, just like when we’d first met.

Back at the flat I was met by a smiley Lexi and her chosen boy of the day. Trying to conceal the mess going on in my head, I greeted them both with a strained smile. Lexi’s face gave away the fact that what was going on prior to my arrival was anything but innocent.

“Ash, this is Bobby, he works in the records shop down the road.”

“Sounds fun, I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing before then.” Eager to get away from a ‘happy couple’ no matter how new. I had a lot to think about. It didn’t take long to figure out what I had to so to help me make sense of the swirl of ideas running through my head. Grabbing a sheet of paper, I drew myself a table which read Pro’s and Con’s. It seemed a childish tactic but it had worked for me through all high school decisions.

2 hours later and my table had gotten me nowhere.


  • Shawn
  • Get what I want
  • No more looking for a girlfriend for Shawn
  • Not having to find a boyfriend


  • He may not actually like me in the way he thinks
  • He could be lying
  • It could all fall apart
  • Lose a friend

2 hours for 8 fucking points.” I muttered to myself, tearing the paper up out of exhaustion.

“Ash, come here!” Internally groaning, I rolled myself off the safety of my bed and slouched into the living room. As soon as I got in there I knew I’d made a huge mistake. Bobby had gone, but in his place was Shawn sitting on the sofa.

“What are you doing here Shawn?” He stood up defensively at my words.

“I need an answer Ash, just so I don’t get my hopes up only to be told no. You’re making this into some kind of mental battle with yourself. It isn’t. in fact it’s quite simple. Do you want to be with me like I do with you?” My breath hitched once again, just like in the coffee shop.

“I don’t know. What if you just think that now and then tomorrow or the next day you change your mind? I don’t want to be messed around. Not if you’re going to say all of this now.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lexi slowly slipping out of the room, a smug grin on her face. She knew what she was doing.

“I would never do anything like that to you Ash. It may seem strange saying this now after only knowing each other a few days but I’m telling you, I’ve not stopped thinking about you and what we could be. The idea of finding you a guy that you fell in love me felt like daggers in my heart. When I see you, I’m instantly calmed down, I know that I’m safe with you around. And those eyes, they’re all I want to see in the morning, first thing when I wake up.” I looked down, suddenly self-conscious of where my eyes were looking. “Please don’t be embarrassed.” he lightly lifted my chin so that I was looking him in the eyes. “You’re beautiful Ashley, and you don’t understand how many times I have found myself thinking of what I’d do to kiss you every morning and night.”

“Shawn,” I started,

“No, you think that I’m going to leave after a few days, I’m going to prove to you that I’d never do that. I’m going to prove…” Sick of words, I kissed him with all the passion I could find. Slightly shocked he pulled back.

“I want to be with you Shawn.” Those seven words were all it took for Shawn to kiss me again. A long kiss full of relief and pent up emotion. His large hands gripped tightly at my waist pulling me as close as possible whilst my hands wove themselves in his hair. He broke away and giggled sweetly,

“Not bad for your first kiss.”