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I’m trying to piece together what happened to Jumin’s mom.

The really popular opinion is that one post that posited that she has mental health issues and is incarcerated somewhere.
Personally, I like that theory. A lot. It’s true to MysMe’s underlying mental health theme. And this is Tumblr. We want to take care of our mental health community.

But I think the story is a different kind of sad.
I think Jumin’s mother is exactly like all the other women. I think she married Mr. Han for money. I think Mr. Han cheated on her a lot. And I think they divorced when Jumin was young, and Mr. Han won custody.

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You Never Walk Alone (Spring Day Theory)

Okay y'all so this is my strict opinion on this. Now I know what you might say “It’s not that deep” or “You crazy” well you know what? I’m crazy as hell so this what I’m trying to get across.

So, there’s this short story called “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula Le Guin. To summarize “Omelas is a happy, utopian society with a problem: its happiness is predicated on the misery of a child who lives in a cage under the city. Upon seeing the child, a handful of people leave Omelas and never return.”  Now I know you’re probably thinking “there is no child” no there isn’t literally but again symbolism.The concept of this comeback is very dream like and is very much focused on the visual aspect. The aesthetics is you will.

Two things: The background and the blue shoes. “With the clamor of bells that set the swallows soaring, the Festival of Summer came to the city Omelas, bright towered by the sea.” Now I know ‘Summer’ vs ‘Spring Day’ what the heck? However let’s go back to Le Guin’s story. If you notice how there’s a lot of jimin focus that could imply that he is the child. The tale states that a handful a people left the city of Omelas. Why? Because they were disgusted by the treatment of the child. The child has to remain miserable in order for everyone else to remain happy and at peace. But what if the handful of people took the child and had them leave the city? I feel that Bangtan in a way is bending the rules of the story and its conditions. The setting of this could be before this “festival” is to begin. They want their happiness to stay but not like previously, they want to create their own sense of bliss.  Meaning: helping the child, so it’s no longer miserable regardless of what is to happen. Now then, the blue shoes. No jimin ain’t selling drugs (I actually saw something around this; had a good laugh). The color blue symbolizes honesty, integrity, intelligence, dedication, solace, and divinity. The worn shoes can indicate that you achieve your goals by being attentive, meticulous, and thorough with your tasks. It may also denote your acknowledgement of your true self. So maybe, this can suggest that this is finding your purpose with the help of those who care about you. Hence Bangtan is together, the title “You Never Walk Alone” and in the lyrics of Spring Day “Stay with me” 

Let me know on your opinion of this and please read that story because it’s really beautifully written!!!!

The Emerald Necklace

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Request: anon asked “hey love could you please write a jon snow imagine? the reader grew up with the starks and somehow formed a romantic relationship with jon during that time. but she had to leave winterfell because her father married her off to some lesser northern lord (one of the reasons why jon decided to take the black). fast forward to sansa and jon trying to gather allies for battle of the bastards, they meet again and they realize their feelings only grew, not forgotten. thank you hun! ((this is long omg))”

Warnings: arranged marriage

Word Count: 1931 (longest thing I’ve ever done!!)


Your name: submit What is this?

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what do you think about the font they've used? it's pretty similar with the one used for ravi's "bomb"... i really hope there won't be any problems with this :/

The only thing that is similar between those two songs is the font and title. The teaser font’s aren’t identically tho. Even if they were neither of them invented the font. The title ‘Bomb’ haven’t been invented by neither of the artists either. There have been enough songs before with the same title. And the concept and music is totally different so comparing them is like comparing black and white. Also, the song by jyp/psy and double b was actually made way before ravi’s song was released. Idk it feels like people just try to come for the boys ONCE AGAIN. I’m not gonna take part in this artist vs artist shit unless someone gives me real prove that one of them actually copied the others work and said artists themselves complain about it. Otherwise it’s just simple coincidence.

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First of all: have a nice spring break and get some good rest :) Next: how would the captains ask their s/o to marry them? Please? :)

tbh my spring break felt like 3 seconds also Kensei here!

Shunsui Kyoraku: It was actually really random, they were cuddling, and talking when Shunsui got up to use the bathroom, when he came back he had a little box in his hand, his lover didn’t even let him say his speech he wrote out.

Sui-Feng: Sui Feng doesn’t go all out, but she makes her vice captain make the ring for them, she has him make it with all their favorite colors.

Rojuro Otoribashi: Of course Rose has to propose with some kind of music, he would probably write them a song and when they are on a date he will play it for them on his guitar, and when he is done he will pull out the ring and just smile at their cute reaction.

Retsu Unohana: I feel like Unohana is another person who doesn’t care about the title of marriage, her lover actually proposed to her, and even if she doesn’t care for it she is going to say yes.

Shinji Hirako: Shinji is so creative with his, he only wants to get married once so he goes all out for this. He made their bedroom full of pictures of all the times they shared, and in the middle of all the pictures it says “let’s make more memories together” and then he gets on his knees and proposes.

Byakuya Kuchiki: It was during spring when the cherry blossom were in full bloom, him and his lover were walking enjoying each other company when Byakuya stopped them and took their hand, sliding a little ring on their finger, he didn’t even have to ask because he already knew the answer.

Sajin Komamura: Sajin has to think long and hard about this because he is going to be with this person forever, and he wants the proposal to be special. Sajin decides to propose over dinner.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: Rangiku was the one to suggest that he get his lover a cake that says will you marry me, but when it came time for Toshiro to hold the cake out so they could see it, he drops it because of how nervous he was, lucky he had the ring in his pocket….

Kenpachi Zaraki: Kenpachi would probably propse right after he was in a huge fight, and in the heat of the moment he would pick up his lover and, and say “lets get married right now!”

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: Before i have stated that Mayuri doesn’t want to get married, but if his lover is annoying him so much about it he will get married! He doesn’t plan anything, he gets a ring stick it on their finger and says “Happy now” and walk off.

Jushiro Ukitake: Jushiro does it during their anniversary, it takes a lot for him not to cry, but he gets on his knee and pops the question.

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Would you say Kaiba is attached to Atem?

It’s probably surprising to no one that I think he is. And I think it’s something substantial that Seto was able to form an attachment to someone other than Mokuba. This is a character so closed off, so cocooned in mistrust, who shoves everybody away. As I’ve said before, Seto has difficulty connecting and forming attachments on the individual level. But the attachment he develops for Atem shows he is capable of forming them.

Atem became a focal point for Seto once he defeated Seto at cards, and this encounter would act as the catalyst for so many different things.

Atem became a target for all the boiling rage that had built up inside of Seto like a pressure cooker. But from there, with each encounter, their relationship evolved into something far more complex and meaningful. The obsession with domination and the human connection in the challenge were a duality. It was detrimental and provoking and exhilarating and rewarding all at once.

Something these two share, and only these two share, is a dependence on games to communicate, as both have a stunted relationship with the world around them. It’s something only they can understand.

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The fans who are pissed that Jon would possibly "kneel" don't know his character at all & need to go back & read all the books again. All jon wants is to get an army together w/the help of everyone in Westeros to fight the WW. It is SO in character of him to put the lives of all of Westeros before his title. Jon isn't about crowns or kingdoms. All he wants is to do is defeat the WW at this point. This coming from the guy who is so tired of fighting all his life but still wants to ave everyone.

Thank you and YES. I’ve been saying this for ages and it honestly puzzles me how people don’t get who Jon is. As if he cares about being King or anyone’s title for that matter. He’s already knelt to Stannis for the same reasons. Jon will always side with the greater good. Do they honestly think he accepted KitN because he wants it?? No, all it is is a means to an end. An end that has nothing to do with ruling and everything to do with defeating the White Walkers.

Some Thoughts on Story

By Dean DeBlois

I was asked to write a short essay regarding storytelling [for the Artella audience], and while it’s flattering to think that anyone would want to hear what I have to say on the subject, it also comes with a disclaimer. These are ideas and techniques that resonate with me. They, by no means, represent laws of storytelling. 

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some sort of old timey AU where they get subtextually gay on a balcony

The ballroom was gilded and bright and overflowing with important people. Noblemen with attractive daughters who were all too willing to buy their way into the Grimm-Pitch family; widowed duchesses hoping to find a new (and wealthy) husband; girls looking for men with heavy pockets.

Gods, all of the girls. Shiny, embossed, glossy girls who only didn’t care about Baz, only his title and money. Girls who tossed around flirtatious smiles and girls who giggled at everything Baz said. It was complete and utter torture, especially under his father’s keen eye.

He was meant to find a wife tonight.

Simon’s night was one thing: making the rich people happy. That meant keeping glasses filled with wine and stomachs filled with food. (He couldn’t get over the food. Whole platters crammed with every imaginable pastry, but not one bite was to go to him).

“Excuse me,” drawled a low voice. Simon’s eyes flitted away from the buffet table. The lord’s son, Basilton, stood with one hand resting on his hip, regarding Simon with little interest. “I need a drink.”

He had never seen this servant before. With the shabby brass buttons (not unlike the color of his curls) and sleeves that fell well passed his hands. Baz almost thought he looked too young to be here.

What corner of the street did my father drag you off of?

“I need a drink.” Baz wasn’t particularly fond of drinking, but he was growing weary of listening to men boast about their daughters’ beauty. He could care less about wedding. He cared more about this cute serving boy with the stardust freckles.

The boy nodded curtly, fixing Baz a glass of wine that matched the color of his uniform.

“What’s your name?”

The boy looked up at him. His eyes were an unremarkable shade of blue. “Simon, sir.”

Baz pursed his lips. “Simon,” he repeated, it was a normal name. As normal and unremarkable as the color of his eyes. “Where are you from?”

“The orphanage.” Simon shuffled his feet. He probably wasn’t used to getting attention from the wealthy, let alone the son of Malcolm Grimm-Pitch.



Baz took a sip of his wine, wrinkling his nose. It was bitter and vile tasting. “Do you want to come with me to the balcony while no one’s looking?”

Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch completely baffled Simon. All of these beautiful woman begging for his attention and he wanted to go to the empty balcony. With Simon, the servant he’d hardly spoken ten words to.


“You’re not very talkative.”


“That’s fine.” Baz abandoned his drink on the table. Simon thought he looked tired (and strikingly beautiful). Then he was gripping Simon by the wrist loosely and dragging him through a grand pair of French doors.

The air outside was thick and humid, and the stars glistened like the gems hanging around the necks of noblemen’s daughters. The balcony overlooked sprawling farmland. All owned by Basilton’s family. Simon felt nauseous.

“You’re dad won’t like me leaving my post.”

“He won’t notice.” His finger traced the edge of the railing. “My father is too concerned with me finding a wealthy woman to attach to my arm.”

Simon studied him closely. “You don’t seem very excited about the fact you have an entire ballroom of beautiful woman to pick from. And on top of that, they’re all fawning over you.”

“They’re fawning over my wealth.” Baz waved a hand flippantly through the air. “Besides, I’m not interested in any of them.”


“No.” Baz dragged a thumb over his bottom lip, breaking eye contact with Simon. “I’m more interested in boys.”

“I’m interested in both.” Simon watched a star streak across the sky. His face burned.

“Simon.” Baz met his gaze now, hard and steady.


“Call me Baz.”

Simon smiled. “Baz?”

“I think we should get to know each other better.”

clearmindcosplays  asked:

This question is to both of you cuties :D Do you and Jack fight over who's the real king? And if so who wins??

Yusei: “Well… I don’t really care about things like a title, as long as people respect me as a person. But Jack keeps continuing to always challenge me to a duel…

Yusei: “On the toilet

Yusei: “While I try to read something to cool down from hard work on the Duel Runners…

Yusei: “Even when I try to sleep!

Yusei: “…and when I was about to prepare something in the kitchen…

Yusei: “…but there he hit a nerve and got defeated, so I won. “

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Hi! I love your writing :) Could you please do a how would the varia react/what would they do if they fell in love with someone who had become a really close friend to them?

Thank you so much.  I hope you enjoy, this was such a cute ask.

Xanxus: Xanxus wasn’t sure how it had happened, he wasn’t the type of man to have friends, let alone fall in love.  And still, both had happened - as much as he had fought them kicking and screaming.  Yet, you had forced yourself into his life, dodging his violent rages and just smiling brightly.  At first, your…different personality had irritated the Varia leader.  But that had slowly changed, causing him to just now come to a sudden revelation.

He had fallen in love with you.  Suddenly, Xanxus felt this strange mix of nauseous and another feeling.  One that felt much more pleasant but that Xanxus was unable to put a name to due to the unfamiliarity of it.

Growling in frustration, Xanxus shouted for a steak, even more rare than usual.  As he waited for his meal to be done, he started shifting through the large pile of assassination missions on his desk.  None of them really required his presence or level of skill.  Still, he really needed to kill someone.

     “Y/n.  I think I like you.  And you had better feel the same way.”

Squalo: It came as a surprise when Squalo woke up one morning, wishing he could turn over and see your face.  While he would have like to push the feeling off as a result of psending the previous night before with the overemotional Cavallone boss, the swordsman’s instinct (which was much better at telling him his emotional state than his heart) told him that that wasn’t the case.

And even though it had come as a surprise, Squalo rather liked this new development.  Despite this, he had no idea how to now proceed.  He had spent most of his early teen years first working on his sword skills and then his later teen years were spent following Xanxus, planning a coup and then leading the Varia.  And already with the realization that he was in love with you, his worry for you had increased drastically.

But still, Squalo found himself rather liking the thought of always seeing your face.  That there was the potential that you would one day be his.  And the feeling that accompanied that thought was more than worth his feelings of confusion and the threat of the unknown.

     “Y/n, I love you.  And I would …appreciate it, yeah, appreciate it, if you would let me date you.”

Levi:  Levi was not at all surprised by his feelings for you.  He had respected you from very early on.  It was clear that you did your work in a way that was complete and effective.  It had made even Xanxus take note and if your competency was able to please the Varia leader than you nearly became a god in Levi’s eyes.

The respect for your competency caused Levi to seek you out.  After all, those like-minded individuals who worked so hard for their boss should stick together.  He was later taken aback by your personality, having not expected a - well, a personality at all, really.  From there, you had ended up becoming what LEvi would consider a friend - not that he had had much experience with those.

And then, it was just a natural progression that he would fall in love with you.  So, it really wasn’t surprising to the thunder guardian.  Now, all that was left to do was to tell you and keep the rate of progresssion going.  Xanxus would also have to be told of this new development.

     “My devotion to you, Y/n, is second only to my devotion to the boss.”

Lus:  To be honest, Lus was just waiting for the day that he would fall hopelessly and completely in love with you.  From the  moment he had first me you, he knew that you were perfect.  Everything about you attracted him to you.  Still, he wasn’t going to say anything to you until he was sure that he had fallen completely for you - not wanting to take any chance on hurting your feelings.  

When the time came that he did realize he had fallen completely for you, he resolved to tell you his feelings as soon as possible.  However, he wanted to do it in the best possible way, a way that you would be able to look back fondly on as the start of your relationship.

In the end, the sun guardian decided on planning a way that the rest of the Varia would be gone and he could make a nice meal for you.  During that time, he would plan a way that he could detect if you felt the same way for him.

     “You are the most perfect and exquisite person I have ever met, Y/n.  Would you do me the honor of being my partner.”

Bel:  It took Bel a few days to realize that  what he had thought was blood-lust was actually something very different indeed.  That delay in processing cost him quite a bit as you were now terrified in his presence as he had spent the last few days trying to kill you.  You had spent that time having to hide from the psychotic prince and his knives.

He ended up having to go to Lussuria for advice on how to tell you that he had apparently been too hasty in trying to kill you and would you please go out with him.  Bel ended up having to listen to Lus’ mix of excitement (that Bel had a crush) and scolding (that Bel tried to kill said crush).  Still, Bel was determined to find a way that he could save his chances with you.  And also because everytime that you would hide behind Squalo when the prince got near you was seriously irritating him - especially when you had used him for protection up until this point.  

     “Ushishi, Y/n, you don’t have to hie from me.  I much rather like your blood inside of you.”

Fran:  Fran had never imagined that he would fall in love with someone.  However, the fact that it was you made a lot of sense.  You had been the only person who had ever really made an effort to actually know him.  You had spent a lot of time trying to learn how to read the Varia’s mist guardian.  No, that wasn’t right.  You had spent a lot of time learning how to read Fran.  You hadn’t cared about his title or who he was.  And eventually, all your work paid off and you able to read him and his moods as easily if he were an open book.

It was when he came to this realization that Fran first also realized that he had fallen in love with you.  In a moment of uncharacteristic doubt, Fran was unsure of his next move.  While he knew that he had to let you know how he felt, he was also slightly worried about how you would take the news.  Sure you had become his friend, becoming his partner was entirely different thing.  

     “I have fallen in love with you, Y/n. And I hope that you feel the same way.”

Threepio said something that didn’t register, because she was thinking of the last time she’d seen Han - of his eyes as he stared up at her from inside Cloud City’s carbon-freezing chamber. And then of everything else they’d shared in the few weeks before that. How she’d begun to tremble when he’d taken her hand aboard the Millennium Falcon, drawing steadily closer until he’d finally kissed her. He’d been right about her - she did need a scoundrel in her life, someone who wouldn’t salute her, who didn’t care about her title or role in the Alliance.
—  Moving Target

I ship, support, and adore Zankie whether it’s :

Platonic or romantic

Friends or something more

Real or just a figment of my imagination

Day or night

Rain or snow

On Earth or in an alternative universe

I don’t care what they claim they are or who they claim they are. I don’t care about the logistics. Zankie doesn’t need a label.

They are humans with a connection and I don’t care what Zankie technically is or where it will go. I just care about their happiness and really that’s all anyone should want from them.

Captain Swan + hands speculations around Emma's magic

Someone pointed it out last night that it wasn’t for nothing that Emma and Killian’s hands were so much showed to us and focused on.

The thing is: they always reach for each other hands to calm down the other. Emma with Killian when he’s freaking out, Killian with Emma to reassure her, to bring her back here with him, to show her he cares.

Emma’s magic passes through her hands, and she is terrified of touching anything right now, so my natural bet on those events is that their connection, their hands, will come back into play as a way to calm Emma down.

They hold onto each other and it should bring her back to a peaceful state. He’s the person who believes in her and who loves her fully and completly who accepts her magic as it is and doesn’t care about the titles that come with it. I do know Henry is much the same but he’s for now, too much of a trigger for Emma, her biggest fear would be to hurt her son, and I do not see Henry managing to bring her back, not because their love isn’t enough, but because Emma is way too freaked out for that.

How beautiful would it be if it was through their joined hands that Emma comes back to a calmer state, knowing that Killian’s arc is all about his hand/hook. They could hold onto each other and even onto his hook to help her.

Honestly, this plot would be so amazing and I totally see it happening.

You’re not a real female until you can provide medical documentation that you’ve completed gender reassignment surgery. I hope that you can accept that the university is not against you personally as demonstrated by so many here who care about you, including me.
—  Title IX coordinator and VP of Student Development, submitted by estrogene