who cares about the teeth just look at that mouth

cute things girls do:

  • dancing
    • literally any kind of dancing. sexy dancing??? girl work it, i’m drooling! the cha cha slide? move ur cute butt over so i can do it with you! classical dancing?? you look like an absolute goddess. awkward dancing, where you’re stumbling over ur feet and waving ur hands around? you’re absolutely adorable. tapping ur foot and kinda moving a lil when you’re listening to music with ur earbuds?? could u get any cuter????
  • playing with their hair. or other another girl’s hair. u are so pretty and cute.
    • bonus points if they do a sassy hair flip
  • concentrating
    • u know when girls are really concentrating, and they make that adorable face?? u know the one. their brows are furrowed and they’re leaning into whatever they’re doing and they might bite their lip or stick their tongue out. and when they’re excited about whatever they’re concentrating on and they make adorable expressions and noises????????????????????? SO CUTE
  • walking
    • those girls that walk like they own the place!!!! and the girls that are tripping every three seconds!!!!! and the girls that walk like they do not give a shit!!!!!!! and the girls that are practically skipping all the time!!!!!!!!!! and the girls that can’t walk!!!!!!!!!!!!! and everything between and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y’all are ethereal
  • laying down 
    • literally for any reason??????????? when they’re tired and sleeping and they look like the most precious things on this earth? or when they’re cold and have blankets tugged up to their chin????? or when they’re trying to look sexy and sUCCEEDING??????? or when they’re physically or mentally exhausted and they just need a break and they’re still completely valid and wonderful and strong??????
  • talking about something they love
    • their eyes light up and they have that huge, brilliant smile!!!!!!!!! and they keep rambling and talking really fast and really loud!!!!!!! and they wave their hands around and they’re so so happy to be talking about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u are so adorable and gorgeous i love u, keep doing what you’re doing
  • laughing
    • OH MY GOD. where do i even start???? laughing. it’s so goddamn adorable. and gorgeous. and wonderful. and radiant. and so many girls are self conscious about smiling/laughing bc society tells them that they’re “””””ugly”””””????? but society also says aliens don’t exist so???????? who cares. u are RADIANT. when girls laugh and all their teeth show and it’s super loud and they throw their heads back!!!!!!!!! when girls giggle super softly and their mouth just tugs into a tiny smile and their shoulders shake a lil!!!!!!! when girls laugh and they’re clapping their hands and crying and holding their stomachs bc they just find it so funny!!!!!!!!! when girls are laughing out of happiness and they look so confident and free and radiant!!!!!!!!!!! when girls laugh and their eyes crinkle!!!!!!!!!!! when girls laugh and their dimples show!!!!!!!!!! when girls laugh and their adorable chubby cheeks get chubbier and maybe a lil extra chin shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u all are AMAZING i love u
  • when girls are girls
    • do i even need to explain this?????? i love u all

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#5 w/ carl grimes pls

Prompt #5 : “Why do you hate me?”

Warnings : angst, so much angst, crying, arguing??

The shopping centre was definitely bigger than your group had originally thought. Thinking there was hardly any chance that they would run into trouble, Rick had decided the group of four should split up, meaning him and Michonne would search one part of the mall, while you and Carl searched another. You were only supposed to be looking for supplies, things like medicine, and food, and any guns which may or may not have been left lying around.

But, due to your tremendous luck, you and Carl had run into a herd of roughly thirty walkers on the second floor. At first, you had done your best to take out the ones closest to you, figuring that if you could get rid of as many as possible, you’d have a better chance of outrunning the rest. Although, before you could raise your machete to the next walker, a hand had clamped down over your own, and you were suddenly being dragged in the direction of a drugstore.

With only mild complaint, you followed Carl through the shattered window of the store, hopping over the shards with ease. You cast a quick glance over your shoulder, spotting the herd of walkers following you at a frighteningly quick pace, before immediately facing forwards again. “Carl!” You exclaimed in worry, having no idea where he was leading you, or if he even had a plan.You almost lost your balance as Carl failed to warn you of the abandoned shopping baskets littering the ground, but thankfully, Carl was there to drag you to your feet, pulling you towards the back of the store.

“Don’t stop running!” He told you, pushing you in front of him, before jabbing a finger towards a windowless door behind the counter, “Get to that room, don’t stop!”

You didn’t hesitate to do as told, your machete still at the ready as you sprinted towards the counter, leaving Carl at the mouth of the aisle to hold off the walkers. Reaching the counter, you jumped over it, your jeans skidding over the glass surface of it, before your boots hit the floor with a thud. You heard the sound of gunshots coning from behind you, but you ignored it, instead focusing on opening the door to the backroom.

You jerked the doorhandle for a moment, hitting your shoulder against the wood roughly. With a groan, you looked back at Carl, watching him nail a walker in the head with ease, “It’s locked!”

“Then find the key!”

“Don’t shout at me!” You hurriedly began searching the counter, throwing open the cupboards to search through them too, before your eyes fell ona small, glass cabinet under the counter, which held five sets of keys. You heaved a sigh, shoulders slumping in annyoance. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” You grumbled, earning a rather pissed off shout from Carl.

“Any time now, Y/N!” He called to you, his voice tinged with sarcasm.

You threw a glare his way, but said nothing, immediately beginning to rifle through the keys, searching for the right one. It took a little over a minute to find the right one, which just so happened to have the words ‘back room’ printed on the front, and within the next few moments, you had unlocked the door, ready to lock it again. “Carl!” You barked at your companion, tucking your machete back into your belt before lifting your father’s hunting rifle up to aim, which had previously been slung over your shoulder.

Carl turned, seeing you ready to cover him, and quickly lowered his own gun, breaking into a sprint towards the counter. Bullets sailed past Carl’s head, a little close for his liking, but each one hit its mark perfectly. Just like you had done, althought with a little less grace, Carl jumped over the counter, before running straight into the room behind you. You shot one more walker, hitting it perfectly in the forehead, before following Carl into the back room.

As soon as you made it in, Carl slammed the door shut, locking it. But before you could heave a sigh of relief, Carl was shouting at you, his hand raised to point at you angrily, “What the hell was that?” He barked first, brow furrowing at your confused expression, “What took you so long?”

You stuttered for a moment, too confused to formulate a quick, witty response. “I couldn’t find the key,” You confessed slowly, clutching your gun to your chest protectively. “And besides, I only took a minute. What crawled up your ass?”

Carl opened his mouth to shout back at you, before cutting himself off. Either he had decided that what he wanted to say was too cruel to speak aloud, or he was trying to give off the illusion of actually having a decent point but not wanting to fight with her. Either way, his behaviour had pissed you off.

There had been a time when you enjoyed being alone with Carl. Recently, though, he’d turned into somewhat of an asshole.

You remained silent, slouching against the wall off shelves and allowing yourself to slide down until you hit the floor. Carl wrinkled his nose sourly, before rubbing his face with his hand, sitting against the wall opposite you, just as the walkers reached the door, and then started to hammer on it.

For a while, you sat in silence as the walkers hammered on the door, knowing you were in there. You occasionally looked back at Carl to find him already looking your way, but he never said anything. At last, you grew tired of his annoyed gaze, and quickly dropped your rifle to the ground with a sharp thud to catch his attention. “Why do you hate me?” You began, narrowing your eyes at him as he made a face similar to that of a deer caught in headlights, “I just think it’s funny how—”

“How what?” Carl responded with a slight snap, before lowering his voice, “I don’t hate you.”

You paused, raising your eyebrows, staring him dead in the eye in an attempt to discourage him from lying. He stared back, which irked you. “Then why do you treat me like I’m some dumb thirteen year old?” You continued to pry, refusing to just drop it, “You— You look at me like I’m some wounded animal, and you tail me like I’m a kid who can’t shoot, or fight, or defend myself. I’m not four, I’m not weak. I’m strong.”

Carl stared back at you for a minute, his lips holding a slight curl to them, as if he were amused by your sudden outburst. He sat still like that, his legs folded underneath him, before he lifted his hand to adjust his hat on his head. “I don’t hate you,” He repeated, ignoring the way you rolled your eyes, “Honestly. I don’t.” His face dropped slightly then, as if he were about to confess something. He opened his mouth to speak, before flinching slightly as a particularly loud bang emitted from the door as one of the walkers hurled itself against it. Immediately, Carl tried to change the subject, “We should barricade the door just in ca—”

“No,” You interrupted, eyebrows furrowed into a frown, “Say it.”

“Say what?”

“What you were gonna say, just then,” You pressed, glaring at him in annoyance. He really wasn’t making it any easier.

Carl opened his mouth again, taking in a short breath. “I don’t hate you.”

“We covered that,” You snapped back quickly, “What I’m asking now is, if you dont hate me, why do you treat me the way you do? Why do you get so pissed off when I make an honest mistake. Or, in this case, do nothing at all.”

“You were taking too long.”

“Bullshit!” You snapped, falling silent when Carl said nothing in response. You heaved a long sigh, lifting your hand to massage your forehead, finally deciding to drop the subject. If he wanted to be an asshole, who were you to stop him?

“I care about you,” Carl suddenly murmured, his bottom lip between his teeth as his eyes remained locked on one of the tiles on the floor just next to where you were sat.

Your lips parted in surprise, your mouth feeling a little dry all of a sudden. “What?” You asked him, your voice laced with confusion.

Carl looked hesitant, blinking slowly, before bravely lifting his gaze to look you right in the eye. “I care about you. That’s why,” He told you honestly, leaning his head back against the wall to look up at the ceiling, while your eyes remained fixed on him, your expression one of shock and annoyance.

“No,” You started, swallowing thickly, a sort of anger burning in your chest, “You don’t get to do that. To treat me like shit, and then tell me you love me like I’ll— like I’ll just fall into your arms and we’ll live happily ever after—”

“I never said I loved you,” Carl insisted.

“That’s not my point,” You bit back, eyes narrowed on him, “Why couldn’t you deal with your feelings the normal way?”

Carl widened his eyes in offense, giving a bitter scoff as the walkers hammered on the door, their incessant noise nothing but background music to their argument. “Do I look like a normal kid to you?” He questioned you, face tugged down into a glare, “I was eleven, and the world ended. You think I ever learned how to talk to a girl?”

“I was eleven too!” You shouted, growing angry with his idiotic excuses, “You’re not special, none of us are. Both of us were children thrown into a war, that doesn’t give you a good reason to be a jackass!” Your eyes were burning, now. You could feel the tears stinging in your eyes, threatening to spill at any moment.

A long moment of silence passed. Carl’s anger morphed into guilt, his brow furrowed sadly as you stared at the wall, trying to stop the tears from slipping down your cheeks. You’d never really been good at keeping your emotions inside. “Why?” You asked finally, “Why’d you do it?”

Carl gave a rather pitiful sniff of his own. “Because I knew you’d never feel the same,” He told you honestly, looking up just in time to see your anger skyrocket once again.

“But I do!” You exclaimed quickly, a hot tear spilling quickly down your cheek,  “You know how shitty that makes me feel? Especially because this is how I get to find out that you feel the same. I thought you hated me!” Carl leaned forwards, letting his hat fall to the floor miserably as his head dropped into his hands. “And for what?” You cried, tempted to hurl your rifle at him, “Because you liked me and— and you didnt know how to deal with it?”

“I’m sorry!” Carl shouted finally, voice hoarse as he successfully silenced you, head now raised, “I— I thought it would be easier. For both of us. I thought— I thought if I was distant, if I hardly saw you, and when I did, if I acted like a dick, made you hate me, then it would all go away, go back to normal.” He swallowed thickly, hands balled into fists, “But it didn’t. It got worse, and by that time…”

“You thought I hated you.”

Carl’s voice was barely above a whisper now. “Yeah.”

You nodded slowly, lips pressed into a firm line. You quickly lifted your hand to swipe the tear off your cheek, sniffling loudly as you did so. After a minute or two of nothing, you slowly kicked your foot out, nudging his leg gently, but keeping your eyes on the ground. “Come over here,” You told him slowly, voice still shaking, “Get away from the door, just in case.”

Carl looked up, almost surprised by your words, but didn’t complain. He slowly got to his feet, picking up his hat, too, before shuffling across the room to where you were sat. He leaned against the wall of shelves, slowly allowing his feet to slide across the cool ground as he sank to the floor beside you.

His thigh was warm against yours, and his foot nudged yours as he rocked it from side to side nervously. He had that same look as before, like he was about to say something. “What do we do now?” He asked, his hat resting in his lap as he fiddled with its rim.

You shrugged carefully. “We wait for the walkers to get bored, and then keep looking for supplies,” You told him tiredly, blinking to rid your eyes of any unwanted tears, “Or we.. we wait for your dad and Michonne to come rescue us.”

Carl let out a short breath of amusement, similar to that of a scoff. “I meant.. with us,” He murmured, chewing on his lower lip again, “We.. both know we like each other now, so—”

“What do you think we should do?” You interrupted, watching as he slowly lifted his hat up to study it.

He shrugged slowly, a slight smile coming to his face now. “I guess we just let things play out,” He told you, turning to place his hat on your head, before he adjusted it so it fell just over your eyes.

You couldn’t help but smile, too, feeling his arm nudge against yours, as if it were edging towards your shoulders. “Yeah?” You asked, cocking a brow at him in amusement as he slowly lifted his arm to wrap around you, squeezing you once.

Carl gave a nod, fringe falling into his eyes, “Yeah.”


A/N: Second part to Withered’, from Nakamoto’s pov.
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Genre: Angst, Romance, Smut.
Word Count: 2,136

***Please don’t read this if you are sensitive to the concept of infidelity, abuse, and violence***

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Not A Fairytale - Prince Calum Hood au

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever I’ve been really busy with exams coming up and I have had this written for a while but was never able to post it.

Anyway I hope you like this (it’s my first Calum one so I’m exciting)

This was requested by an adorable anon and will most likely be continued

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Love Audrey

Y/N=Your Name

Y/BF/N=Your Best Friend’s Name

This is similar to the type of dress Y/N would be wearing (I don’t own this photo)

I watched as the flames lit up the village helplessly. I could feel the tears brimming in my eyes as the heat from the fire radiated against the glass windows while I watched my beautiful kingdom burn down. The kingdom that in a few years will be mine to rule… Would have been mine to rule. The smoke from the burning homes began to cover up my view and within moments it was all I could see.

My bedroom door burst open and I turned to see my mother, she was panting heavily and her crown was slightly crooked, I’d never seen her in a state like this before. She ran towards me, lifting the skirt of her heavy gown up to make it easier to move. She grabbed my hands and looked at me with tears threatening to spill from her eyes “Y/N, my dear, I’m sorry but you need to leave” she said as she turned away. I looked at my feet, knowing nothing I could say would change anything “You must understand, it’s for your own good” she said as I felt her turn to face me again “Yes mother, I understand” I said quietly. “I’ll have your Lady in waiting prepare you a suitcase, you’re leaving immediately” she said before hurriedly leaving the room. I sighed and proceeded to walk towards my bed and sitting on it, I glanced over towards where the dozens of cushions lay as I thought that this may be the last time I ever sit on this bed.

In a frenzy, my Lady in waiting ran over to me “your highness, I’m so sorry to hear of the news” she said softly, “oh Y/BF/N” I cried as I hugged her. “It will be okay Princess, here let me pack your bag, might I remind you that we need to get you out immediately before the attack reaches the castle” she said before swiftly walking over to my large wardrobe and pulling out several gowns and pairs of shoes and packed them into a bulky trunk. Once she was done, she brought out a long black cloak with a hood that would completely cover me as I moved through the darkness of the night. I placed the cloak on and followed Y/BF/N out of the room and out of the castle.

Once we were out on the street, I held part of the cloak to the lower half of me face to keep myself from breathing in the thick smoke. A carriage appeared out of the darkness and Y/BF/N guided me to enter it, however she did not enter the carriage with me. “The Queen doesn’t know I’m doing this but I got you this” she said as she handed me a black leather satchel “it contains some things I thought you might need, be safe and good luck” she whispered before leaving quickly. I called out to her but she had disappeared and before I knew it, the carriage had left and the journey began. I didn’t know where I was going, all I knew was that I was escaping my once beautiful kingdom.

I cried the entire journey, I cried for my mother who only wanted to keep me safe, I cried for my father who had left early in the night to lead his army against the soldiers who attacked the village and I cried for Y/BF/N, who had no way of escaping the conflict. I cried so much that I fell asleep from emotional exhaustion.

I was awoken when I felt the carriage pull to a harsh halt. I was about to ask the driver what had happened when I heard something land on the roof of the carriage, something big. I froze as I looked up at the roof, I knew what was happening, we were being attacked. I heard a muffled conversation coming from outside and I tried to make out what they were saying, “What’s inside of this carriage?” a voice demanded “No-nothing, I swear, I-I just dropped off supplies” I heard the driver nervously say, from what I could gather I suspect a weapon was being held to his throat. “Well, if you didn’t know, the Princess of the Kingdom just north from here managed to escape before we could get to her. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” the other voice said aggressively “N-no, I don’t know anything” the driver quivered. “Check the carriage!” the voice called out, a broke out of my frozen state and came back to reality. They were going to find me, I had to get out without being caught. Without thinking I had quickly put Y/BF/N’s satchel over my shoulder and lifted my hood to cover my face. As soon as the carriage door had barged open, I kicked down the man who opened it and ran to one of the horses pulling the coach and released it from the being connected to the rest of the transport and mounted it, hurriedly fleeing the seen.

“After her” the same voice called out, they chased after me for miles but luckily I knew this land like the back of my hand and I managed to hide in a concealed cove. I waited there for God knows how long before I had determined that it was safe to move and I removed my hood. I stepped down from the horse and looked at the surroundings, it was full of greenery, beautiful flowers and colours and had small but beautiful little stream that reflected the moonlight and stars which brought a surprising amount of light to the cove. It was something that I had only read about in books as I had never been allowed to leave the castle unless it was to visit the neighbouring kingdoms or when my father and I would ride our horses and he would show me our land until I had memorised every single part that we owned.

I felt my eyes grow tired and my stomach ache with hunger but I ignored and sat by the stream, admiring it delicately. I then remembered the satchel the was still hanging off my shoulders, I decided to go through what Y/BF/N had given me. I emptied it out one item at a time, there were leather gloves, a small sack of gold coins (which were worth more than you may think), a drink flask which was full of clean water and a dagger. Seeing the dagger was what made me realise how real my situation was, my kingdom really was destroyed and I really was on the run. I realised how once the sun had risen, I would be easily recognised.

I took my hair out of it’s fancy braid and only left the front pieces tied back in a plait at the back of my head while the rest of my hair was left out. I swapped my long and elegant white gloves for the short, black leather ones that Y/BF/N had given me. I finally brought the dagger up to my waist and began to cut away at the outside layer of my large gown, leaving it with a flatter, white layer on the outside like many peasants in my kingdom would wear. I finally removed my tiara and placed it inside my satchel, not wearing it felt foreign, I almost felt naked without it.

I decided to leave the cove whilst still in the middle of the night, I brought the horse to water and made sure it had a large drink before we left. I looked at the horse’s harness and discovered that it had the royal crest on it, I swiftly brought up my dagger and removed it, tossing it into the shrubbery.

I decided to walk as far as I could on foot, pulling the horse along with me. I walked through the forest and it wasn’t long until I saw light, it was a fire. My curiosity had gotten the best of me and I walked towards it, leaving the horse to graze around. I crept slowly towards the light as I heard voices. I found the source of the light to be a campfire and I hid behind a nearby tree, only peeking my eyes out. The campfire was the centre of a group of young men, I let out a small gasp ‘The Army’ I thought. I heard twig snap behind me before a knife was being held against my throat “didn’t anyone tell you it was rude to spy on people” a voice growled, I recognised the voice; it was the same person from the carriage. I stiffened with fear “it’s also rude to not answer someone when they ask you a question” the voice said before turning me around to face him, the firelight illuminating just enough to make out his features. I was facing a boy who would have been close to my age, his eyes widened and lips parted as he stared at me, then he shook his head and gave me a cold and aggressive glare. I couldn’t speak for a moment, I just stared at him, he had perfectly tanned skin and messy brown hair and enchanting brown eyes and-wait stop! No! I can’t find him attractive he’s a bad person I need to stop! He’s holding a knife to your god damn throat Y/N!

“Did anyone ever tell you it’s rude to hold knives to girl’s throats” I said trying to be confident. “You didn’t answer my question!” he said through gritted teeth, “And you didn’t answer mine” I replied. He opened his mouth to say something else but he’s cut off “Prince Calum what happened? Is everything okay?” a tall blonde boy asked as he approached us, the knife still against my throat as I was pressed to a tree. “Everything is fine, I was just about to take care of a little intruder” he said looking me up and down, the other boy walked away, “you won’t kill me” I muttered. “Why wouldn’t I?” he said tilting his head smugly “Because I’m the only one who can help you find the Princess” he froze “wha-” he said but I had already managed to push him to the ground and hold own knife to his throat. “The first thing I need to know is, do you need her dead or alive?” I asked with a serious face. “Alive” he gasped, I removed the knife from his throat and helped him up “why did you let me live? How do I know to trust you?” he said rubbing his hand against his throat. “I let you live because I’ll only help you if you guarantee me protection, you’ll trust me because you have no other choice.” I said as I handed him back the knife “Do we have a deal?” I asked, “What’s your name?” he said suspiciously “Cecelia” I lied (if that’s your name, just use a different fancy sounding name), “Cecelia, we have a deal” he said shaking my hand.

You may be wondering why I didn’t just kill him, why I said I help him find someone who is actually me. I’ll give you an answer, when you’re a Princess you are taught different things to everyone else, social graces, etiquette and most importantly, how to pull all the strings behind the scenes in war and other conflicts. One of the main things my mother told me was “Killing a man is painful for a moment, but then he dies and he doesn’t live anymore. Breaking a man’s heart is worse, he has to live with that pain for the rest of his life.” And that is exactly what I’m going to do.

Suit n Tie - Harry Styles

Summary: it’s harrys bday and his gf is turned on by his outfit and wants to fuck him, while he is wearing his tie.
hope u like it.

Y/N pov

I was getting ready for the dinner tonight. It was Harry’s birthday and he invited his family, the boys and me in a nice dinner. I had to look perfect so I wore the purple dress Harry bought me when he came back from USA.

I finished my make-up, just a simple eyeliner and mascara. I’ve never used lipstick because Harry hates it when his lips are red after he kissed me, which he does a lot. My hair was wavy and I had to admit, I looked pretty nice. I turned around to check my bum.
‘Hmm it’s not that bad.’ I smiled satisfied with my bottom.
‘No it’s not bad at all.’ I heard a deep voice and I looked at the door only to find Harry and may I say a rather sexy Harry. He was wearing a white dress shirt, a black suit and a black tie. I checked him out for a couple of seconds head to toe. He was always sexy no matter what he was wearing, but he looked like a real man in a suit.
‘Oh Harry, you scared me.” I walked towards him and wraped my arms around his neck.
“Happy birthday baby.” I kissed him on his pink, plump lips while his huge hands found my bum I was admiring before. Harry gave it a little squeeze making me moan in his mouth. He broke the kiss and licked his lips. ‘Thank you baby. So what present did you get me?’
‘Hmm I guess we’ll find out later, now move your pretty ass because we’re gonna be late.’ I smacked his bum when he was getting out of the room and he just laughed.
We left his house and went inside his car and he opened the door for me. Some girls don’t really care about these little things, but for me they’re everything. They all show the love and respect he has for me. The whole time Harry kept looking my bare thighs. I, of course, noticed that. ‘Don’t worry Harry you’ll be able to lay between them all night long, just be patient.’ He let out a sight in frustration. ‘But baby, I can’t. You’re so perfect.’ He put his smooth hand on my thigh and rubbed softly up and down. I didn’t want to start something we couldn’t finish so I removed his hand. ‘Eyes over there big boy.’ I pointed at the road, ‘We have the whole night.’ He smirked and mumbled ‘Oh the things I’m going to do to you tonight.’
‘What did you say?’ He smiled at me, showing his adorable dimples. ‘Nothing baby girl.’

We arrived at the restaurant where the boys and his family were waiting.
They all wished Harry a happy birthday and gave him their presents. Louis’s present was really weird. He gave Harry two pair of handcuffs.
Harry and I just stood there awkwardly until Harry spoke.
‘Ermm Louis thank you for the handcuffs, but I don’t get it. Why handcuffs?’
Louis patted his shoulders. ‘Harry trust me, these will help you tonight and everynight after that’ and he winked at me. I blushed at his words and just looked at the ground. Harry let out a laugh and thanked him again. Louis joined the others while Harry grabbed my waist and whispered in my ear. ‘I can’t wait to use these handcuffs tonight babygirl.’ I shivered. He gave my bum a little smack before we sat down and got ready to order.
I ordered my favourite, lasagna. While we were all waiting I kept looking at Harry every now and then. He was driving me wild in that suit, I just wanted him to fuck me wearing that. He obviously noticed that and put a hand on my thigh teasing me. ‘Naughty (y/n), I know that look. What are you thinking?’ His hand came closer to my crotch.
‘That you look so fucking sexy in this suit.’ I whispered back, also putting my hand on his crotch, rubbing him through his pants. He threw his head back in pleasure.
‘Harry are you okay dear?’ Anne asked.
‘Yeah mom, it’s just that. . ugh I’m tired of waiting. I’m hungry.’
I loved seeing him like this. ‘Harry you’re gonna eat all night, just be patient.’ He looked at me and I removed my hand from him and I removed his.
The rest of the dinner was quiet and nice, except the moments when Louis made everybody laugh with his jokes. All the time Harry and I kept exchanging dirty looks and I just couldn’t wait anymore, I couldn’t wait to get home.
We all said our goodnights and we went straight home to take our frustration out in the bedroom.
After we arrived I went to our bedroom swinging my bum for Harry, while he followed me.
I took off my shoes and Harry came behind me kissing my neck making me moan.
He unzipped my dress and took it off. ‘Go lay on the bed love and wait for me. Now be a good girl for me because it’s my birthday and you’re my slave.’ I bit my lip and nodded.
I layed on our bed wanting for him. He came back after two minutes with the handcuffs. I gulped because he has this dangerous smirk on his face. He handcuffed me and started to undress. ‘Harry keep the tie, please.’ He smirked and removed his jacket and his dress shirt. ‘Haz what are you going to do to me?’
‘You’ll see love.’ He layed on top of me and kissed me, his tongue immediately parting my lips. He pressed one of his legs between mine and made sure to hit his knee to my clothed sex. I moaned against his tongue and moved my hips a bit rubbing against his knee.

‘You’ve been a bad girl tonight love, teasing me like that with that dress and palming me under the table.’ He kissed my neck making me even more horny and causing goosebumps to surface on my skin. After he left a few lovebites on my neck he moved to my breasts ripping my bra off. That bastard ripped my favourite bra. He liked to play with my breasts everytime we had sex, so he cupped one of them in his large hand squeezing and twisting my pink hard nipple. He licked the other one before wrapping his lips around it and sucking hard while I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip trying hard not to moan, but failing.
‘Holy shit Harry, don’t s-stop.’ He continued his assault, repeating the process one the other one now. Then he moved down to my stomach, licking and kissing slowly every inch of my skin there.
‘Tell me baby girl, tell me what do you want?’ he said as he kissed my hipbones and spread my legs, my clothed sex right in front of his face.

‘I need you Harry, please.’ I bucked my hips desperate for his touch, but nothing. He placed a wet kiss on my inner thigh. ‘Here?’


He moved to my other thigh doing the same thing, smirking. ‘Here?’
‘Fuck Harry you know where I need you.’
He smirked again and kissed my clit through my underwear. I smiled. ‘Oh yeah, right there.’
He removed them with his teeth and threw my legs over his shoulders. ‘So wet for me.’ He placed a kiss on my clit again and I could feel him smirk when he heard the metal hit the bedpost as I tried to free myself. He used his long fingers to part my lips so he could have better access to my clit. He looked me in the eyes as he licked it slowly then faster. I arched my back and moaned his name as loud as I could not caring about who heard or not. He wrapped his lips around the tiny nub and sucked hard. I moved my hips up and down ridding his pretty face, moaning.
‘Fuck, oh shit, yes Harry. Just like that. ugh don’t stop.’ I cried

He used his perfect teeth to nibble, which made me explode. He moaned against my little clit as I came in his mouth, my legs around his neck shaking and his curls tickling me.

He got up and licked his lips. ‘Mmm sweetcheeks, you taste so good. As always.’ He removed the rest of his clothes except his tie.
‘Harry please let me ride you.’ He looked me straight into my eyes and smiled. He let me free and I grabbed him by his tie. ‘Now I want you to fuck me very hard. I don’t wanna feel my legs for a whole week. Understood?’
‘Yes sexy. I’ll do whatever you want me to.’
I pushed him and he fell on the bed, I got on top of him and grabbed his dick. I teased slowly my slit with the tip moaning. Finally I put him all in me screaming.
‘Fuck you’re so warm and tight baby.’ Harry grabbed my ass as I moved back and forth slowly teasing him. ‘Baby stop teasing me, it’s my birthday please.’ I loved seeing him beg. ‘Harry tell me what to do babe.’ He grabbed my waist and I put my hands on his chest for support. ‘Bounce on me baby, bounce for me.’ I did what he told, I bounced up and down on him giving him what he wanted. I threw my head back from the pleasure while Harry was moaning and staring at my chest.

‘Shit Harry I’m almost there.’

‘Oh no you’re not.’ He flipped us so he was on top and started thrusting fast and hard hitting my g-spot. I pulled him by his tie and kissed him. He wrapped my legs around his waist and my fingernails left marks on his back. I could tell he was close because little wrinkles formed between his eyebrows, while his necklace was just above my face moving back and forth so I put it in my mouth and bit it.

‘God you look so sexy like that. Ugh babe are you close?’
I couldn’t speak. All I did was moan in response.
‘Say my name babe, say it (y/n)’ Harry demanded
‘Fuck Harry just like that, fuck me.’

I couldn’t hold it anymore and neither could Harry so we both came together, his warm juices filling me. He buried his face in my neck moaning and my mouth, formed in an ‘o’ shape, only let out screams of pleasure.
After we calmed down he pulled out and I put my head in his shoulder, my fingertips touching his nipples and his tie.

‘Happy Birthday baby.’ I kissed his cheek. ‘So did you like your present?’

‘Mmm best present ever love.’

‘I’m glad you liked it.’ I smiled at him.
‘I wasn’t talking about the sex love, I was talking about you. You are the best present life has ever given to me.’ He kissed my lips gently.

‘Aww baby. Thank you. Oh and by the way you should wear suits more often, you look really sexy.’ I winked

He laughed. ‘Yeah I’ll keep that in mind.’