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  • People:So are you straight?
  • Me:I don't know.
  • People:So are you gay? Bi?
  • Me:I don't know.
  • People:How don't you know?
  • Me:Dude, I don't. I don't really care "what" I am. Love is love. If I fall in love with a guy, then I do. If I fall in love with a girl, then I do. I don't need a label.
  • People:...
I used to think very fondly of you. Especially on the days when you helped me get out of my own head.
It was nice with you. It was easy.
I could tell you anything, no matter how awful it was. I was honest and I let you see me with the sunlight dancing in my eyes.
You were even a little surprised when I finally talked about what everybody’s been trying to get me to talk about and you were even more surprised when I didn’t cry about it. I talked with a crack in my voice but I didn’t cry and in that moment, you loved me.
You loved me as messy and as terrifying as I could be and in that moment, I believed I’d never need anything else.
—  I’d never need anything else / thewordsyouneverunderstood