who caps

oK SO FIRST I WALKED ALL THE WAY TO THE PARK!!! THERE WAS CONSTRUCTION GOING ON AND IT SEEMED EMPTY SO I THOUGHT ok I wanna see what a real life school is like!! and it turns out omfg there were tons of kids there playing on the outside and i AM WAY OUT OF THEIR AGE GROUP OMFG I DID NOT THINK THIS THROUGH and some kids came up and asked what i was doing here and i was like “uhh well im not actually supposed to be here I actually snuck out bc my parents-” and then this woman i think a teacher??? goes up to me and politely says something about how nobody is supposed to talk to the kids or w/e while they’re in the playground bUT I DIDNT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HOW SCHOOLS WORKED AND I MUST HAVE LOOKED SO WEIRD SGSGAHDHSJ
anyway i was like “oh my gosh sorry i didnt know whoops” so that school was kind of crossed off the list for my “schools to look at to see what a normal school is like” list
on a higher note i talked to someone and i crossed a busy road safely TWICE!!! AND S O MUCH MORE HAPPENED TODAY

sam cant actually fly, hes just so annoying the earth repels him