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Slutever - V Card

Karley is frequently asked by readers of her blog about when, how, and with whom they should lose their virginity. But she doesn’t always give the best advice as she hasn’t been a virgin for a looong time. In this episode of VICE's Slutever, Karley attempts to re-enter a virginal state of mind. Her journey on the purity train includes stops at a church’s chastity group, a surgeon who reconstructs hymens, and a feminist who gives Karley some “get real, girlfriend!” advice. 


Harold Finch and Sameen Shaw, parallels

Part 1

Really random midnight rant here but.

I keep seeing posts about why people should still be allowed to ship Sheith from voltron because Shiro is supposed to be a teenager so there’s no pedophilia going on and I just… Since when is shipping an adult with a post-puberty teenage individual considered pedophilia in the first place???

And besides that, while I know it can be dangerous in real life for a teenager to date someone who’s in their twenties, people from those age categories have been forming healthy romantic (and sexual) relationships for centuries. And this isn’t even real life. It’s a tv show. About animated characters. Who fly robot lions. In space.

Why in hell are people being condemned for shipping two physically mature fictional characters??? Could we just not, tumblr. Just this once.


Kamen Rider Drive: Shift Car Gijinkas:
Max Flare + Funky Spike + Midnight Shadow
(other shift car designs)

Oh my, is it? Could it be? YET MORE ridiculous anthropomorphized toy cars? YUP, HERE WE ARE AGAIN.
Got the ORIGINAL TK TRIO here, all bein’ themselves. (Spike, quit griping, it’s not THAT early in the morning – Flare, what are those bandaids even for, you’re a robot – GDI, SHADOW, STOP MULTIPLYING YOURSELF) … Bunch o’ troublemakers. But we love them anyway, don’t we~?