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dating bucky barnes would include...
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dating bucky barnes would include;

- lazy good morning kisses

- being called his “doll”, and an assortment of other dorky nicknames and pet-names

- visiting vintage cafés and restaurants together

- semi-possessive hugs

- movie nights and netflix binges when he has nightmares

- picking out the worst romcom you can, cuddling on the couch together under a fleece blanket

- laughing so hard you tire yourself out, falling asleep wrapped in one another’s arms on the couch

- cute diy projects and ikea frustration

- learning russian so you can make fun of tony, in front of said genius billionaire playboy philanthropist

- nat being the only one who can understand you two, and joining in sometimes

-  at first, when he’s trying to teach you russian, he can’t stop laughing because you sound so cute trying to pronounce the words

- when you inevitably tell him off for it, he just laughs a bit more and pulls you into a big hug, murmuring into your hair that he’s sorry but he can’t hold back the giggles because you sound so darn cute

- calling him “sergeant”

- being the only one allowed to call him “james”

- helping him pull pranks on sam

- being steve’s bffffffffl

- lots of tiny, cute, and random gifts

- not training together because he gets kinda hot and bothered

- never going on missions unless you’re together, because you need to make sure you’re both safe

- drinking coffee together, and having one another’s orders perfectly memorized

- surprising each other with dates

- constant hugging

- scary movies

- lots of cuddling

- sharing your deepest secrets

- sometimes, in the middle of the night, you’re both lying awake in bed because of the nightmares

- you’re always the first to move; you lay your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat

- he hugs you after a bit and you both drift off; it’s pure bliss

- staying in bed for hours after you wake up

- sneaking pictures of him when he’s not paying attention

- putting his hair in a man bun

- some days, he lets you braid it

- being the center of his attention

- being bucky’s absolute best friend, no matter what

‘Listen to me,’ cried Syme with extraordinary emphasis. 'Shall I tell you the secret of the whole world? It is that we have only known the back of the world. We see everything from behind, and it looks brutal. That is not a tree, but the back if a tree. That is not a cloud, but the back of a cloud. Cannot you see that everything is stooping and hiding a face? If we could only get around in front -’
—  The Man Who Was Thursday, GK Chesterton
Deanee on “Regular Girls” part III

Here we are: the weekly appointment with “Regular Girls”!

Compared to last time, Renee has mentioned Jon (Dean Ambrose) several times and it was really nice.
Above all, Renee was pretty chilled: she had a nasal voice and sometimes I had a bit of difficulty to understand everything right away…

So she has stressed that she is the kind of girl who buys everything.
(Renee, I understand you perfectly)
Jon, for this reason, impresses himself by the amount of things that Renee buys. It is obvious: Jon has five things who he always uses, like any man and they can never understand our dilemma 😂

Moreover, when they have to go to watch a movie, Jon complains. Why?
Renee takes a long time to choose the clothes and makeup.

Jonathan, it’s not our fault if we want to be perfect.


In addition, Renee said to consider herself lucky: Jon likes when she wears jeans similar to his or high waist pants.


(Remember when he congratulated her for the high-waisted pants)

Renee said that, last year, she and Dean went to Miami. She had bought a swimsuit to wear it there, but she didn’t like it. Eventually, she and Jon did a fairly relaxing holiday 💕 Eventually, Renee said Jon has in his cellphone (yes, even Dean Ambrose the asocial has a cell) the ugliest picture of her 😂 Since he does is pull out that photo, Renee was thinking of putting it on a plate or other 😂 I really love their relationship 😍

And it’s all I listened, I hope you like the summary!

Keeping a blog organized

This is just a small little ramble, with my experiences with certain blogs, and maybe just a handy little note book of some hints to keeping your blog looking flash, tidy and user friendly as can be.

As a viewer who may have little to no understanding of what a blog may be about, I will visit one with a particular objective in mind. If I can’t fulfill that objective as quickly as possible, I will usually give up and move on. 

This is not just me, this is how the job market out there works, a potential employer has only so much time on their hands so you need to make a good impression as fast as you can. So you need to make it as easy to present yourself as a blog in a similar manner to help visitors get a good feel about your blog, characters, story as quickly as possible. Sure, others may be more willing to spend more time, but the average time you have to make a first impression is roughly 5 seconds.

So, here are some little hints i’ve observed that may help you with your blogging.

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i just saw the most disgusting thing ever and im not gonna reblog it because i dont want that shit on my blog, but can people STOP ruining the reputation tcc is trying to create?? we are all already on thin ice just due to the fact that we are interesting in learning about cases and the psyche of mass murderers and serial killers. ( something people literally do for a fucking job anyway so like why are we being condemned for it?? especially when many of us are majoring in something that has to do with this??)

im gonna ignore imagines blogs writing imagines for these people. i don’t like it, but i cant tell people what to do. but when you draw the victims being sexually exploited by their killer, you’re fucking disgusting. keep that shit to yourself. its disrespectful and absolutely harrowing. 

this community is already being held on a thread. don’t make it worse for people who don’t condone the atrocities these murderers bring and who can actually understand that what they did was awful. you seriously do not belong in this community if this is what you do. 

there are actual fucking people here that are actually interested in learning about true crime. actual adults who are majoring in things like forensic sciences, psychology, law, etc. teenagers who are interested in learning this because maybe they want a career as such or maybe because this is something they enjoy doing. you’re ruining their experience and their reputation on here before they can even make one. that’s so selfish. as much as its fucking stupid to blame a whole group of people for one persons actions, it still happens and it happens to tcc. we ALL get blamed for one person who thinks drawing a school shooter forcing his victim into a sexual act is okay.

this has NOTHING to do with people being too sensitive or being special snowflakes. its wrong. its disgusting. its disrespectful. get it to-fucking-gether. 

don’t disrespect the lives lost in the columbine tragedy or any tragedy for that matter like that. it reflects a whole community; one that doesn’t even fucking enjoy when people do that. you can’t even be considered apart of tcc because this is literally NOT what we do here.

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Who can understand Anxiety better? Morality or Prince?

I’d say they both excel in certain areas and together they can help with most anything

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Do nonverbal people understand language?

Many nonverbal people understand language. In fact there have been many nonverbal autistics who, once they were provided with a means of communication, commented on things they had heard because no one thought they could understand. 

However, there are also nonverbal people who cannot understand spoken language. Many of them can understand language in writing but not spoken. 

It’s something that varies from person to person. 


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I love your blog so I won't unfollow😂 you can try to make me fall in love with your queen, goddes, etc. ;) the thing piper did to get on my bad side was when she first saw Percy, and called him "unimpressive" aha😂 I agree with hazel much more when talking about Percy. Anybody who says bad stuff about Percy makes me mad so idk😂 don't worry I still love her tho

Aww buddy !! Thank you very much for loving this blog !!

I don’t know when you will have arrived here, but these last days (well the last week) I had to deal with a discourse about someone who hated Piper, but I can understand you because the same thing with you and Percy is what happened to me with Piper, you know:

Anybody who says bad stuff about Piper makes me mad so” So tatally I feel you hahahahahah.

And welcome again and enjoy the stay ♥


The violin scene at the end of The Final Problem is truly one of the most impactful moments (if not the most) in all of BBC Sherlock. I honestly am still speechless that Moftiss wrote something so profound. Eurus was beyond communication with the outside world after the events of this episode, back to the untouchable genius in her glass cage. But Sherlock. Sherlock, this incredible and kind man, who had lost so much to this woman, understood her and still reached out to help. He wasn’t encouraging her to play her own song, he was initiating a duet–so she wasn’t alone, even in her music. It was a conversation, it was understanding, it was connection. This man went beyond words, where others had failed and stopped trying, and showed her that she wasn’t alone. Sherlock has become- or perhaps he always was- one of the best men I’ve ever seen.

maybe we all have that one person that we’d always take back. bruised mouth, bloody ribs, you’re screaming at me and i’m taking it because no matter how bad it gets, there is always good to follow. and that’s what a lot of people don’t understand, the people who ask me why i can’t see the signs of an unhealthy relationship, why i can’t just walk away - that the good days outweigh the bad ones. i would walk away from you screaming one thousand times just to fall into your arms at the end of the night. i’ve learned how to catch your punches. i’ve learned how to find the beauty in pain. and i know: i should find happiness within myself or at least within people who are good for me, but i can’t help the way i feel and i can’t just leave something that makes me so happy. i will take you back until you literally throw me away.

-we are number one plays in the distance-

So I’m not exactly the most sexually awakened person around but I can recognise when something is sexual. Audios from @yuurivoice definitely fall under this category. (yuurivoice does voice RP for Katsuki Yuuri; there’s also SFW stuff if you’re still a minor or at work, although I really wouldn’t recommend listening to them at work because you wouldn’t want to stop.) I was catching up on his stuff–the way you do when you’re trying to procrastinate and end up doing something actually interesting–and all of it is really good and although I’m not turned on by them I can see why people are, but one thing I didn’t understand at all was the daddy kink. I’ve said this before, but like why??? Why on earth would anybody have a daddy kink? What exactly is the appeal? Why on earth would you want to call your partner something you call your father? Isn’t that really weird??? I mean, it’s not the weirdest kink I’ve heard of, but this one just baffles me.

Jaehyun explaining the NCT concept that many might have been curious about: 

So what NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM have in common?

First, NCT that stands for NEO CULTURE TECHNOLOGY, is a group concept with unlimited number of members that is divided in 3 units at the moment: NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM. 

Talking about NCT 127 and NCT DREAM that are currently active, NCT 127 started promoting in Seoul (127 standing for Seoul’s longitude) and its goal is to become a global team and promote worldwide (it started with 7 and at the moment has 9 members, but -> the limitless concept do not forget!!)

Meanwhile, NCT DREAM, a group-unit of 6* teenager members with an average age of 16 years-old, has the goal to perform and living everyone’s dreams with their songs.

NCT 127, with an average age members of 20 years-old, has powerful strong songs and performances, the opposite of NCT DREAM “freshness”.

But what these 2 units have in common? Mark and Haechan are both part of NCT 127 and NCT DREAM, showing us different imagines. They are showing a strong charismatic performance with NCT 127, while with NCT DREAM, they express a dream-like innocent first love confession (both title songs “My First and Last” and “Chewing Gum” talk about a first innocent love).

You should check for yourself their stages and find out better about each unit’s concept! ~

* They wrote 6 and not 7 members, because the 7th member is Jaemin, currently taking a break-off promotions because of health issues. 

Regarding that All Might panel

The circulating panel everywhere:

This is Mangastream’s INITIAL translation. It caused a lot of confusion for everyone, and I would like to direct everyone’s attention that Mangastream has since then corrected their translation:

Fallen Angel’s translation:

To those who can understand Japanese, here’s the raw:


Literally, “For some reason, there’s a bad/negative feeling.”

Ok, but consider this...

Lena taking Kara to the batting cages

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Non-binary Pansexual Polyamorous Teddy Lupin who doesn't understand why he can't just date all the cute people?

okay, so I had this idea about Teddy that since he can transform - gender is a bit of a fluid thing for him and so is sexuality, so my headcanon is that he has the hots for James II when he’s feeling more masculine and for Victoire when he’s feeling more feminine

Vic: hey!

Teddy …hi *blushing*

Victoire by lovely @space-marauder