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161029 BTS Jongno Fansign - V (1/2)

Post-it: Taehyung-oppa! Please draw me a good-luck charm so that I can have a boyfriend who’s handsome and cute like you!

V: Hi~

Fan: Hi…!

V: (looks at post-it and draws)

Fan: (watching)

V: (places his hands on the fan’s hands) What’s your name?

Fan: It’s Ahmin!

V: Ahmin?

Fan: Yep!

V: (takes out one hand and signs while writing her name as “Minie~”)

V: (looks at the fan seriously) Why don’t you have a boyfriend?

Fan: Yeah… I haven’t dated once!

V: Huh? Really?

Fan: Yep!

V: How old are you?

Fan: I’m 17..!!

V: Uhm… It’s okay, I dated for the first time when I was 17 too

V: Uhm then… I’ll give you Jimin! Take Jimin! If you come to Jiminie-oppa, you have to tell him “Taehyungie-oppa gave you away to me, today’s our first day!”. Got it?

Fan: (stares blankly)

V: Got it? You have to tell him!

Fan: Got it…

V: Mmhmm.. You have to tell him!

Fan: I got it!!

V: Eyy, pretty~~

Fan: (blushes)

V: Cute ㅎㅎㅎ

Fan: (bows head)

part 2

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“A work of art.”
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a special shoutout to @victoriel, a kind soul who has given so sooo much to a lot of fandoms, including daiya. Happy belated bday vic!!

Fun Discoveries from the Halloween Recordings

So I spent some time this morning recording all of the new Halloween voice clips from the main menu so we can find out what the characters say :) Now, full disclaimer: my Korean is essentially non-existent and I’m largely going off of the few words I know/can pick out. That’s why I have the other admins here who can actually translate this stuff :P There are a few things I’ve noticed, however:

  • Both Jumin and Seven mention their costumes (Jumin = Vampire, 707 = Elly), which might mean that the recordings were done after the poll results were completed for the costumes. 
    • Of course, it could also mean that Cheritz recorded something for all of the possible costume options in advance
    • If the recordings were done after the poll results, however, that doesn’t give them a lot of time to record – it would have been done in the last week or two. Which would imply that the VAs are likely at Cheritz to do other recordings as well – perhaps some new content for future updates? (Personally I’m super down for an Unknown or V route)
    • Again, this is all speculation. Nothing is confirmed unless Cheritz says so
  • Rika gets Halloween voice recordings on the main menu. Three of them, actually. She mentions V, Jumin, Seven, Yoosung, and Zen in them (sorry Jaehee D:)
    • This is interesting because I’ve actually never encountered her voice on the main menu (other than her saying ‘Cheritz’)
    • Of course, I know that the recordings show up randomly, but it seems extremely unlikely that I wouldn’t have come across a single Rika voice clip after recording several minutes worth of main menu dialogue during various times of day
    • This might imply that even Rika’s VA is around for voice work, because they could have easily left her out of the Halloween main menu recordings since she doesn’t show up in them regularly.
    • Buuuut this is still speculation, because they may have recorded these Halloween main menu clips well in advance.
  • On that note, everyone (meaning all the RFA members + V + Rika + Unknown) gets exactly three Halloween voice clips, from what I can tell (it’s still possible I’ve missed one or two, but seeing as I have exactly three for everyone I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I have them all)

Vague things I’ve picked up on that you can look forward to:

  • Zen literally howling like a wolf
  • Unknown sounding mildly confused about the concept of Halloween
  • Many of the characters saying stuff about Trick-or-Treating
  • V says something about Rika and then mentions ‘Frankenstein’ twice, and he giggles at the end >_<

Buuuut I’ll leave the translation of those up to people who know way more Korean than me :) On that note, though, if you know Korean and can help us with translating some of the voice clips, that would be greatly appreciated! Send a message to my other blog@zentherainbowunicorn if you’d be able to help out :) I provide all of the voice clips, so you would just need to assist with translating.  (Edit: we’ve now added a few more admins to the team to help with translation, thanks to everyone who messaged me!)

Thanks, and Happy (early) Halloween!

-Mod Rainbow Unicorn

i hate to be the scolding mom but in light of recent events i’d like to remind people in the soukoku & bsd fandoms about general rules concerning posting artwork because seeing stolen art one (1) time is one (1) time too many:

  • find out who the artist is if you find a picture you like. “credits to the respective author” or the like is not appropriate credit.
  • if you can’t find the artist to credit consider: maybe don’t post it
  • reblog it directly from their blog if they have a tumblr, don’t repost. and don’t delete their comments.
  • ask permission if you want to repost
  • include their name/handle and link back to their deviantart/pixiv/whatever their main page is
  • if the artist doesn’t speak your language i.e. a japanese artist on pixiv, either find someone who can translate a request to repost or just don’t repost it. (i speak japanese so hell, ask me!)
  • respect the artist damnit. we know you love their work, so do we, they’re a blessing on this earth for their talented fandom contribution, so show your love through RESPECT

if you have reposted someone’s work without following these steps here’s how you fix it:

  • take it down immediately.
  • apologizing is always a good idea.
  • do it right this time or don’t do it at all.

i want to give people the benefit of the doubt, i think there are some young or naive people who don’t understand how damaging this is but Here, Now You Know.

in the meantime be on the lookout if you see hijacked art don’t be quiet about it. tell them to delete it and if they don’t take steps to fix it report that shit. it’s theft

I’m crying

From the doujin キルラ気分卒暁式!! by 鶏肉のから揚げ

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 4, Part 5)

Enjoy! My proofreaders proofread faster than I can edit them again… please go thank @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi and @bananasaurr they’re so good at what they do…

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I got a new student today who doesn’t speak a word of English, only mandarin chinese and it is so? fucking? stressful?

ImFact Twitter [From.제업] 오늘 개학한 팬분들이 많은 것 같아요.
임팩트를 보러 오지 못 하는 팬분들을 위해 오늘의 내 모습 공개!!!#제업 #임팩트 #아리랑 #핑크

trans.: [from Jeup] I think today is the beginning of school for many of our fans. For those IMFACT fans who can’t come and see us I will show my face today. #jeup #imfact #arirang #pink


Hello AROHA! Astrodaily needs your help!

Once again, we are opening our moderator applications. With Astro having just come back, we are looking for new crew members who can offer us a lot of time and dedication. In addition, we are looking for people who can help us translate! As of right now, we mostly need Japanese/Korean translators.

If you are interested in joining the Astrodaily crew, please do fill out the application form! We will contact candidates as they appeal to us! Thank you!

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