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YOI Hogwarts AU (part one)

Because I am such trash 

  • Yuuri is a muggle born, who was sent a letter even in Japan due to the sheer amount of magical potential he had
  • When he, without a drop of magical blood in his body, is sorted into Slytherin of all places, there’s a chorus of shocked gasps 
  • Yuuri, also with his anxiety, struggles a lot to make friends within his own house
  • He ends up hanging out mostly with Phichit (a pure blood muggle enthusiast whom he met on the train) and the other Hufflepuffs, who make him weclome enough 

Fast forward until Yuuri is fifteen, and in his fourth year 

  • His favourite lesson by far is the care of magical creatures, and he’s not quite so good at anything else 
  • He may also have developed a huge a small crush on a certain silver haired Ravenclaw, two years above him, whose eyes he totally doesn’t notice match his robes
  • Yuuri tries to pretend he only admires him for his incredible quidditch skills (that boy is the most graceful seeker Yuuri’s ever seen) but who is he kidding
  • All is okay until the Ravenclaws start offering tutoring sessions, and Yuuri ends up being paired with Viktor Nikiforov, of all possible people 
  • Viktor’s main task is to try and help him with casting a patronus, without much luck 
  • Enter the Yule ball, where Yuuri’s drink get hexed, and we can all guess what happened (though all Yuuri remembers is waking up in the medical wing) 
  • After that, Viktor is obsessed with teaching Yuuri the spell 
  • Eventually, after what can only be considered courting, and sharing their first kiss, Yuuri finds he’s able to do it, only for his patronus to be a pig, of all things 
  • Yurio, a first year Slytherin, finds this hilarious
  • Until he, also tutored by Viktor, wants to see ‘grown up’ spells, so Viktor casts a patronus, only for it to be a piglet rather than his usual dog 
  • Yurio wants to throw up

Anyway just a few ideas I had, I have so many for this AU though oh my goodness 

Part two here

Three’s a Crowd

Request: “Can I request a song fic? Newt x reader, and "burn” from Hamilton? Like angst and then maybe a happy ending eventually?? Thank you!“

Word Count: 2,450

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @charlockeholmes but also tagging @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @thosefantasticbeast2

You stand at the fracture in the world, a cliff that you can step off or step away from, a chance to go back and change it all or continue forward and destroy everything.

A breath passes between the two of you.

You raise your arm and slam the bottle onto the ground.

“A breathtaking shade.” You finish, goofy grin stretching across your face as you fall onto the bed next to your best friend.

“An adventurer? For you?”

A bit of heat creeps into your face. “Something wrong with that?”

She glances at you, chewing on her lip and eyeing you before replying. “Nothing. Just be careful, okay? You never know what travelers will fall in love with next.”

You shrug at the comment, annoyed with the lack of enthusiasm she’s showing. He just clicked with you. You’d found a simple ease and banter with him, one that no one else ever gave you.

Life finally is offering you a happy ending.

The bottle whirls in circles as it tumbles down, down, down, further from your hand, further from the table, further from the safety of your strong grip. You and Newt watch it. You wonder if time seems to have slowed for him, too.

Newt brushes his hand over your cheek, eyes darting between your lips and your watery eyes. “Come on, love, no need to cry. I’ll be back in no time.”

You wrap him up in a hug, breathing him in. “It’s going to feel like forever, I know it.” Your words are muffled by his neck, but he tightens his grip on you nonetheless.


You step back and wipe at the tears in your eyes. “Maybe you should obliviate me. Then I wouldn’t miss you.”

He smiles at your joke, sending a crash of mourning through you again. Six months without seeing that smile or hearing his voice, the only means of contact letters that take weeks to deliver.

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docloudscomeinpurple  asked:

so if weblum galra is lotor's disgraced/exiled sibling, and, if by the armor aesthetics, they're still affiliated with one another, do you think that sibling's disgraced and/or exiled status may change given that lotor is at least temporarily in charge?

Possible, but maybe not.

I mean, something I’ve been kind of suspecting at this point is that Lotor, as little as we see him, is a politician, an actor, and an opportunist. The first thing Lotor does with the empire is immediately make a big public spectacle out of presenting himself, and deliver this big triumphant speech that seems to rapidly have a lot of the audience rooting for him.

This makes it very suspicious that seemingly nobody has seen Lotor before. Because everything about that introduction suggests Lotor wants to act very quickly to get the empire to like him.

Haggar also gives an order to send for Lotor, which- we’ve never seen someone ‘sent for’ in the empire before. Virtually always, they just get on the communications and call them.

Also, the people told to send for Lotor later don’t recognize him- Throk and his buddy were in that crowd, while in the April Fools promo that showed us Lotor for the first time… those exact same people both express confusion at Lotor.

Considering that clip cut off after Lotor took his helmet off, that might suggest they do recognize Lotor and he was just wearing a disguise, but that’s not the case- future clips show us that’s Lotor’s personal armor and aesthetic.

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The first time Rhodey leaves the compound with his braces on, Tony takes him dancing.

It’s at a charity gala, because the remaining Avengers need every last scrap of good press they can get. Of course, Tony likes the charity, but he could have written a check and avoided the snobs and the stuffiness and the suits. The gala is for the press.

Neither of them are exactly having a great time, the pall of everything that’s happened still hanging over them. And truth be told, an element of the dancing is Tony testing the braces, putting them through their paces as much as he can.

Somehow, Rhodey still manages to smile. “Man, you still can’t dance.”

“Hey,” Tony protests. “I’ve known how to dance since I was five, which is more than you can say, uncultured swine.”

“You should ask for your lesson money back, then,” Rhodey says flippantly. He pushes his hand a little harder at Tony’s back, pulling him closer. “Course, I’m likely to step on your toes for once.”

“Braces are doing fine,” Tony murmurs, and part of his brain is busy tracking how they’re holding up, adjustments he might want to make. Mostly, though, he’s watching Rhodey, looking up at him, watching him smile.

“Well, this genius inventor made them for me,” Rhodey says.

“Sounds like a great guy.”

“Hope he knows it.” Rhodey looks serious now, and then he leans down to brush a kiss against Tony’s cheek, quick and then gone.

It’s still enough. “They’re all watching,” Tony whispers.

“Let them,” Rhodey says.

Tony shrugs. He’s dancing inappropriately close to an incredibly attractive, loyal, courageous, hero of a man. Like he’s going to stop other people from recognizing that.

The song ends then, the orchestra drifting to a halt. Someone clears their throat at the podium.

Tony groans. “Speeches.”

“And then the night’s over,” Rhodey soothes, already leading the way back to the table. “Come on. Bet there’s some food left.”

So they sit and Rhodey puts his hand on Tony’s knee beneath the table cloth, where only they know it’s there, although anyone who looks can probably guess.

And tonight–tonight sucks, Tony thinks. They’re here, begging for any positive attention, begging to be in people’s good graces. They’re on a political precipice from which there is no recovery, and Tony’s honestly not all that sure they can climb out of this one. The team is gone, destroyed, and Tony’s faith in the very idea of it shattered at the same time in so many little ways.

And tonight, he brought Rhodey out to dance, not even sure if it would be possible.

The speech drones on, Tony couldn’t care less. Rhodey’s here, warm and assuredly there. And he’s dancing, and smiling a bit too, even if it takes more effort now. And really, Tony thinks, that’s not that bad a night.


I’m making a Tales crossover video where the Tales of characters replace characters from different series based on their Japanese voice actor. :D
Can you guess who’s who?
Click on the pics for the title of the original series!

Part 2 | 3

Things I Love about Shoot, #1

Sometimes, I like to ponder what it is about certain ships that just grabs me. I’ve been in and out of fandom since I was thirteen years old. I like to read all sorts of femslash ships, but relatively few of them ever inspire me to write anything.

Holy, shit, though. Root and Shaw. Shaw and Root. Shoot. Raw.

They’ve grabbed me like few other pairings ever have. I cried and was sad for days when The Very Bad Episode aired, and that was my indication that I had gotten way, way too attached to these two.

(In hindsight, the hours spent reading fanfiction and feeling warm and squishy and moved by it probably should have been my first clue. Whatever, shut up.)

Here’s the thing: I love the fact that Root and Shaw were not written to be Gay Characters.

Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against shows that have The Gay Character(s) whose storyline(s) revolve a lot around their queerness, their struggles to accept it, etc. I recognize that those are necessary stories to tell and retell because there are lots of little gayling viewers who struggle with those issues and who see themselves and their experiences mirrored in those characters in ways that can be and are a saving grace.

But the thing is, that’s not my situation. I’m in my thirties, and I’ve long since passed the point where being queer is something I need to fret about or even think about all that much. It’s like what you get a tattoo: at first, you’re like “holy shit, that is a thing on my body.” And then after a year, you’re all, “oh, yeah, I guess that’s there, isn’t it? *shrug*” That’s how I feel about the fact that I am a huge ‘mo at this point.

So, yeah, I want other kinds of stories. I want stories in which queerness is not A Thing for the women involved, and certainly not The Thing that defines them. I want to see fully developed female characters hanging out and being awesome and desiring each other in ways that don’t give them sad, angstyfaces or make them fret about who they are in light of their attractions.

Person of Interest gave me that. Person of Interest’s writers did something I can remember very few other shows’ writers doing: they saw that there was chemistry between their female leads, and instead of making them BFFs or turning the whole thing into a big joke, they fucking took it seriously. They put them together and gave them a complex dynamic that ended up making both characters feel so much richer, more nuanced, and more developed. In a world full of Rizzoli and Isleses and an infinite number of other shows that play around queerness in ways that are dependent on them never honoring it, Person of Interest stands out as something special and revolutionary.

I love it for that.

headcanon that after the war jason shows nico a bunch of news articles about how homosexuality isn’t a freakish thing and can be explained by genetics and also articles about pride parades and states where gay marriage is legal (all printed out because the internet is overwhelming for nico)

nico and jason becoming super close friends/brothers/non-romantic soulmates as they get older and piper is really chill and completely understands

nico eventually getting a cute boyfriend and having to introduce the dude to everyone else and try to explain that no, jason isn’t just a friend but it’s not something he needs to worry about, seriously relax the guy is engaged to like the most disgustingly gorgeous girl ever

nico and his bf going on a double date with piper and jason to some club where nico’s bf is having a hard time convincing him to dance so jason just walks over and plucks nico out of his seat and drags him into the dance floor and basically annoys him to death to help him relax some

nico actually dancing with his bf for a while until piper cuts in and then the guy and jason just sort of stand to the side and watch nico and piper dance for a while until they just start dancing with each other instead

If by “willing to do anything” you mean Grace willingly shoots and edits 5 video’s a week for us whilst juggling other projects on top of that and then travelling the world to meet fans and put on shows for fans. Not to mention making thousands of people feel completely comfortable with who they are or giving people that few minutes a day where they can forget everything else that is going on in their life then yea. I guess Grace is willing to do anything.

Where Have You Been All My 9 Lives?

Yamaguchi Tadashi.  So many random talents.  So little time to show them all off.
(aka the drabble that started because I headcanoned that Yamaguchi is the one from Karasuno’s team who can pick locks and has a ton of random talents but Tony ( toxixpumpkin ) decided Daichi told him he couldn’t use them until college.  Also because I need smooth!Yamaguchi and flustered!Kuroo.)

aaka: I shall continue to ship and write rare ships until the day I die


1400 words, Also on AO3

“Where have you been all my life?”

As far as pick up lines go that was not exactly top ten on the list of ones Tadashi has heard.  He’s about to tell the man leaning against the bar, and into his space, as much when he turns and gets an eyeful of ridiculously familiar bedhead.  There’s a slight flush on the man’s cheeks that only accentuates his sharp gaze and unfairly attractive grin.  A grin that gets even wider when he realizes Tadashi is checking him out instead of simply brushing him off.

“Right in front of your face,” Tadashi replies with a smile of his own.

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i pinch my TV screen as i reach out to pinch Seb’s cheeks. His emotions are so pure and transparent that i can’t suppress my feelings at how genuinely happy he is just to lock the P3 position on the grid. 

He makes P3 feels so special that sometimes i forget that this is the same 4 time World Champion who once graced countless poles, and converted the same poles to podium wins. He’s such a delight to watch, such a pleasure to support and that enthusiasm and joy is equally contagious. The world was once his oyster and now he’s telling you that it’s ok, baby steps; it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you don’t stop. The sports can be in shambles, but you can count on Sebastian Vettel to make you smile. We have locked the grid at P3 and P4, what tomorrow brings is anyone’s guess. He makes it worthwhile. 

anonymous asked:

(This is gonna be longish I'm sorry! so 1/?) I wanna preface this by saying that I am an incredibly cynical person when it comes to believing that the writers of SPN have any idea what they're doing ever, or will EVER do Cool Things. And I think everyone can agree that the idea of Crowley!Cas is a Cool Thing, so obviously it was never gonna happen in a million years. BUT ACTUALLY the more I've thought about it recently, the more I've thought it's a very distinct possibility.

(2/?) And I think this because the First Blade is obviously still going to be factor in the rest of the season to come. Cas is the only person who has any idea where it is. Meanwhile they’ve been setting Crowley up to go full villain. The way I see it, they’ll need to reintroduce the First Blade again at some point, but seeing as there is no current big threat on the show, there is absolutely zero reason for Cas to bring that blade anywhere near Dean.

(3/?) Crowley, on the other hand, probably has a hundred reasons for wanting to get that blade back (toss Dean darkside again, kill Dean, torture Dean, etc.). Crowley is a very smart table, and was able to guess where Cas hid the angel tablet, so I guess that’s always a possibility, but seeing as the writers have been presenting a Crowley who is much more enemy than friend, I’m willing to bet the means he uses to get the Blade are going to be a lot more aggressive.

(4/?) The writers ALSO mentioned, when Cas’s grace got replenished, that his issues with his fading grace would not become a problem again until after 10x14 (which is where we’re at now). So, I can see it going down one of two ways: Crowley tortures Cas for the information – unlikely, seeing as the Blade is detrimental to Dean’s well being, Cas would probably be more likely to die before giving up that information. That leaves possession as the only viable option, imo.

(5/?) Now I doubt there are gonna be love confessions or whatever it is that we’re all dreaming up, but still! I honestly think Cas getting possessed is where the writers are headed at this point! The blade is too important to the plot, and the writers have spent far too much time building it up for it to drop off the radar, and I think the ONLY way for it to surface again is through Crowley (there are no other antagonists this season except KINDA Rowena,

(6/6) but she’s too busy antagonizing Crowley for much else). SO YEAH, like, when everyone started going off on the Crowley!Cas idea I was thinking “Wow what a fun and awesome bit of speculation that will never happen in a million years” but the more time I’ve spent thinking about it, the more viable I think it actually is!! I’m so sorry I’m sending you all of this but you’re one of the only blogs I’ve seen speculating on this in particular issue.