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Anatomy 101 - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: Anthony is an art student who needs someone to model nude. He chooses the reader, who happens to have an unadvisable, annoying crush on the sunshine-y boy. 

Warnings: Swearing!

Word Count: 2,966

A/N: It is officially the first day of the Write-A-Thon! I may have stayed up until 12 just for this, oops. But I’m super excited because I love Anthony Ramos and I love this AU and there is just a LOT of love to give, okay??

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Really, when it came down to it, Anthony Ramos had asked you to be naked for him three times in total.

Let’s get some context in here.

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Enouement- 7

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 745

Warnings: Mentions of cheating.

Author’s Note: This… Is actually one of my favorite chapters. Oops?

Master   Part 6

Bucky tried to rationalize it. You were distant. He was hurting. Any excuse he came up with was only an excuse, and he knew there was no real reason for what he was doing. There was nothing he could ever say or do that would make up for this. But things were moving too fast, his mind spinning too much, he couldn’t stop the world from spinning or slow down time.

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The hello and goodbyes

Hey I was jus wondering if I could see you sometimes

The beginning of the end of my sanity.
Because you actually drove me insane.
With just one sentence my whole existence has change and wrapped around you

Love was the word I would like to use even tho I doubt that would be the case
However in a sense I was in love
But love is an action that supposed to be displayed and returned
You didn’t return it.

Who am I to you?

The end of my emotional stability.
I was stable until you came in with your lies and deception like a hurricane and shook me all up.

You never told me You was mines but your actions told me I was yours
But I was thinking my heart belonged to you
And you were thinking I was juss another body
The miscommunication
Actually not miscommunication jus my mind thinking love did exist instead of facing reality

Don’t text me no more

The end of my heart being whole
Cause you shattered it oh so effortlessly
It was so easy for you to drop me
But you were my bad habit and in order for me to get over you I had to check in to rehab
And go thro withdraws.
Checking my phone to see if you had maybe thought you made a mistake and texted me your sorry
Checking your social media accounts and realizing that I was juss a body cause you had a whole nother female on there.
Crying for days on end
Hating life working to forget

Finally realizing that I didn’t need you
Finally realizing that I am a catch
That I am somebody that deserves love

Hey long time no see

The moment I forgot all of what I learn and fell right back in your trap again


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What do you make of the Onision debates 2017 edition? Is there anyone you'd like to see take part in one?

I’ve seen what happens in those debates. No one is ever ready with actual proof of anything. Greg knows this and takes advantage of it by saying I don’t remember saying that or show me where I said that.

The only question that I have ever seen him slip up on was one where someone had proof to show everyone that he lied. It was when eternal sunnyd asked him why he lied about not being able to afford a lock on his shed when he made 100,000 that year. I was the one who talked to sunnyd over the phone and suggested that he ask that question in that debate 3 years ago and I gave him the proof to show him. Greg said he didn’t remember (supposedly) and wanted proof. Sunnyd showed the proof and Greg was at a lose for words. He finally came around and made up the excuse that it was just an exaggeration.

You have to be prepared and be able to show proof if you ever debate him otherwise you will just look like a foolish hater.

This screen cap came from the 2006 season (Season 32) episode hosted by Molly Shannon.  It looks like SNL was already making jokes about the so called “Alt Right” before most of us even knew who they were and wanted to punch them in the face.  Here is a quote as to what she said in this sketch, which pretty much sounds just like them these days too:

“I know that the word ‘Nazi’ conjures up a lot of negative images, but this is the new Nazi Party, where we’re no longer focused on a culture of hate. We’re focused on the issues that really matter, like the economy, the media, finance – you know, Jew stuff”


Meet the lawyers who dropped everything to work for free rescuing airport detainees

  • When word came down that, thanks to President Donald Trump’s Friday executive order, visitors and would-be immigrants to the United States were being detained at airports across the country, an ad hoc contingent of lawyers sprang into action. 
  • While thousands protested outside the nation’s international airports, the lawyers’ mission was simple: show up at airports, talk to families of detained travelers caught up in Trump’s Muslim ban and offer legal services pro bono.

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I deleted all the unsent texts,
the drafted status updates,
ripped up the letters addressed to you,
and put out the last flame of hope for us.
For I came to the realization I did not want a boy who once made me feel like the world was mine and then be so quick to shatter it at my feet,
I did not want a boy who spat careless comments and threw sharp words to a girl he was once so consumed with,
I did not want a boy who fed me lies to keep my opinions and thoughts quiet,
I did not want a boy who was unsure of his wants and needs and blamed others for his indecisiveness,
I did not want a boy who did not want me.
I do not need that boy back.
—  “I don’t even know who that boy is”

We all write about the angels who fell, but what about the demons who rose?

Devils who are too pure to be burning in dark pits, but not quite divine to be taken through pearly gates. Devils who love the sky and count the stars. Demons who take the sun and the moon as new lovers and the planets as new friends. Demons who laugh and dance in the rain the first time those watery drops touch their skin.

Demons who try to be good. Demons who rebel. Demons who still have a little malice in their hearts. They play practical jokes, lie, cheat, steal…sometimes they apologize. Most of the time, they just make it up with another grand gesture. Forgiveness comes because the sentiment is there, even if the words aren’t.

Demons who make friends with fallen angels. Demons who trace their scars where the wings used to be. Demons who remind them that they’re not evil because they fell to Earth, and angels who reassure them they’re not bad because they came from brimstone and fire.

Demons who read books and hate the movies that are made out of them. Demons who don’t read the books and love the movies. Demons who read poetry. Demons who think science is a lot like magic and just as complicated to master.

Demons who start to appreciate humans, and secretly root for them to be good. Demons who have nightmares about Hell, and call each other at 4 am. They don’t have to say anything, and they stay, phones on their ears, in silence, because they understand. No one wants to go back.

Demons who are thankful for Earth, happy for a middle ground. If they can’t go up to the Heavens, and they don’t want to go back down to Hell, then at least they have this. The one place they can be both good and bad, and no one will hold it against them.

Imagine Skyping with Jensen and Jared and Misha not leaving you two alone.

“Hey sweetheart.” Jensen’s face light up the moment he saw you on the screen and you grinned at your boyfriend-fiance too.

“Hey b-” before you could even say the second word, Misha and Jared came into view.

“Hey baby.” Jared said with a grin.

“Hey love, good to see you again. Am really missing you.” Misha gave you a pout as he rested his weight on Jensen who only rolled his eyes at his friends. You giggled at your friends behavior.

“Missed you too guys.” you chuckled, a hand resting over your sowllen belly as Jensen gave a look at Misha and Jared.

“Nice hirt you’re wearing sweetheart.” Jared winked at you and you laughed, looking down at your Always Keep Fighting oversized hoodie and you grinned at him.

“Baby Ackles supports it too!” you grinned rubbing your belly and he chuckled.

“Guys-” Jensen pursed his lips “Do you mind?” he motioned towards you- or at least the computer.

“Oh no, it’s fine.” Misha shrugged “You are not bothering.” and he looked at you as you giggled at Jensen’s expression.

“Guys I am kinda having a moment with my girl, here.” he sighed.

“So are we!” Jared said matter-of-factly and you chuckled, making Jensen giving you too a look at which you responded with only a shrug.

“Don’t be selfish Jensen! Sharing is caring!” Misha said as if it was the most simple thing in the world and you giggled loudly at the mortified expression on his face.

“Not when it comes to my fiance!” he exclaimed, his voice raising and octave and you chuckled.

Jared rolled his eyes and scoffed “Geez Jens relax we are not going to steal your girlfriend.”

“Not that we couldn’t, if we didn’t try.” Misha winked at you and you laughed when Jensen smacked the back of his head.

“Guys” you giggled “It’s ok, don’t tease my boy.” you smiled at the scowl on Jensen’s face “He knows I have eyes only for him. My heart will always belong to him, no matter what.” you smiled at the shy smile that spread on his lips “Plus- I’m sorry to tell you, but hard as you try none would be able to do the things Jens does to me.” you winked at him as his eyes widened.

“Ew (Y/n)-” Jared said as he and Misha made a face “I just ate breakfast, I don’t need to throw up.”

“Gosh I really feel like throwing up myself now.” Misha shook his head “I really- really didn’t need the images (Y/n).”

“Neither did I.” Jared shuddered unpleasantly.

“Well, now you know how I got her pregnant.” Jensen slapped their back with a satisfied smile “How about you get going now, before she gets into more detail?”

“Trying to get us outta here, Ackles?” Misha narrowed his eyes at his friend who all-but-wanted to shout at him the ‘yes’.

“Too bad cause it is not going to work.” Jared said with a smirk and Misha nodded his head as Jensen only slammed back in his chair with a heavy sigh.

“So much for some time alone.” he mumbled and you gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Technically- you are not so much alone with all these miles separating you.” Misha notted and Jensen gave him a side look.

“You don’t have to remind us.” you sighed a little sadly “Never thought I’d look forward to Christmas this much. Can’t wait to have you back home, baby.” you said softly to him, despite Misha and Jared still being there.

They had gotten used to seeing you share moments like this, hell they had even started them before you got together so you practically owed it to them. But the moment you got to spend close to your boyfriend were, unfortunately, very few so that didn’t leave any room for caring about PDA. You got so emotional whenever you were close, so who care about others being there.

“Aww baby- we missed you too.” Misha and Jared said in unison as they leaned closer to the camera and Jensen shook his head with a laugh.

“Pretty sure she wasn’t talking to you.” he gave them a look but then looked back at you and smiled softly.

“I promise I will be back soon, baby. We can decorate the Christmas tree together- The three of us.” he smiled, his eyes going glossy and it made your heart swell inside your chest.

“Yeah-” yous swallowed the lump in your throat “The three of us.”



“But if it was five you wouldn’t mind, right Jensen?”

27 Things We Learned On Set With Matthew Daddario
Get to know the Shadowhunters star!
By Kristin Harris, Taylor Miller

1. If anyone could play you in a movie, who would you pick?

Cate Blanchett would kill it. Can you see if she’s available?

2. What’s the first album you ever bought?

Hahaha, no.

3. Describe your style in three words.

Things that fit.

4. Craziest fan story?

One time I walked in to a store and a guy came over to help. He’s talking to me for a minute and I’m being semi socially-capable. He takes a step back, looks me up and down and says, “Hey, wait a minute…you look like that boy from that show.” I go, “Yeah?” And he says, “Yeah, that kid from (show name redacted) show. Damn. You look just like him.” It was a different show with a guy who shoots arrows. I was like, “Oh, yeah I hear that sometimes.”

5. Last book you read?

[I’ve] been reading Dune. It’s nice when you haven’t read a book in ten years so you forget most of it and it’s like reading it anew. So great.

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‘Elder power:’ Seniors who couldn’t march hold own mini-protest
Caitlin Gibson | 21 January 2017 (x)

They stood in the center of Thomas Circle in downtown Washington: more than a dozen 70-, 80- and 90-something retirees, huddled together in a cool mist and hoisting signs as honking cars and pink hat-clad pedestrians streamed past.

“Honk if you support health care for all!” shouted 87-year-old Tina Hobson, and a passing car answered with three emphatic horn blasts. Behind her, 93-year-old Marcie Simon clutched a sign emblazoned with the words “Hope Has No Age Limit.”

Hobson and Simon were among a couple dozen residents of a nearby retirement community who bundled up Saturday morning and came out to support the Women’s March. They couldn’t make it all the way down to the official march site, but they were determined to be seen and heard. So they decided to demonstrate in shifts, gathered around a bold-printed “Elder Power” sign.

“We’d hate to go back 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, when we marched for pro-choice rights, when we marched for Civil Rights,” said Hobson, who says she has been demonstrating for political causes all her life. “Now, because of our families, we are very invested in fighting climate change.”

The elderly DC residents came out to demonstrate despite the concerns of their retirement community, Hobson said.

“The people who take care of us, they didn’t want us to come. They worried we would get hurt,” Hobson said. “But we didn’t care. It was more important to be here.”

As she spoke, a crowd of young protesters passed by and started clapping and cheering their approval.

“Everybody stops and talks to us,” said 83-year-old Harriet Fulbright, grinning and waving back. “Everyone is so nice.”

It was the first time that Simon had ever participated in a protest. But Trump is “very frightening,” she said, so she felt it was necessary that she participate.

“It’s hard to come out when you’re 93,” she said. “I almost didn’t come. But I’m glad I did.”

#35 - Excerpt from a book I'll never write

“What do you remember about her?”

“I remember her smiles. Laughter came easy to her. But so did anger. And pain. She was such a mass of exploding emotions. You couldn’t get near her without crashing into waves and waves of unfiltered emotion. For some it could be too much, not for her though. It lit her up like the sun that shines after the darkest night. And when you saw her, you could tell, there went a person who was really, truly, unabashedly alive.”

You end up the girl who loves everyone
at arm’s length, telephone pole distance
yet atomic bomb quarantined when it came
to the boy whose ribs can enclose you as if it were home.
But you don’t want him to witness the explosion, you said.
So keep him away from this, from you and all your bits,
This half of a collarbone will never be enough of an airport
for his palms to land unto. Let’s talk about hurt
as if it were the only language we ever learned to speak
and everything else diminishes. No theories,
nor philosophies, no bible. Cancel God
as if no flesh of yours were ever made from His flesh
first, and Eve and Adam didn’t make a mistake.
They were meant to love somebody else 
because loneliness cannot be filled by another person
but a feeling instead. And you were not born
for this. For this kind of hurting and loving
you do at a distance. You were meant  for something
close. Ribcage closer, ribcage closest.
—  Close. Closer. Closest. || Kharla M. Brillo

Kent is a good captain and his entire team loves him, but his support is always strongest from the non-North Americans, who came to the Aces with bad or non-existent English and big dreams. Kent knows how to speak simply and slowly while managing to not sound condescending, and at the start of pre-season, shows up at their places with OTC painkillers (functioning in a foreign language all day can give you a hell of a headache), stress balls (nothing makes you feel more stressed or stupid than not being able to express the most basic things), and blank index cards. Together, they label their houses with English words, then Kent takes them to a fancy hotel buffet and they figure out what American style foods they like and don’t like. The rookies imprint on him like ducklings, and Kent fields grateful phonecalls from many mammas who now live on the other side of the world from their hockey playing sons – he can’t understand the words, but he gets the sentiment just fine.  

(Kent still has some of the index cards Jack helped him make when he was 16, tucked into the French/English dictionary that sits on his bookshelf, rarely consulted. His French is damn near fluent, and who uses a paper dictionary any more? He really should throw it out. He’ll get around to it soon, he’s sure.)

Harry Potter Accent Challenge

hey all!

Since the accent challenge has taken tumblr by storm, I started thinking about doing a Harry Potter themed challenge. I didn’t see this floating anywhere around tumblr so I came up with questions that are interesting and funny. You can add to them if you want. Apologies if that has been done before but I didn’t see it when looking! Have fun and I can’t wait to see everyone’s answers!

  • name and url
  • hogwarts house and patronus 
  • say these words: horcrux, lumos, accio, marauders, peeves, obliviate, alohomora, chrookshanks, marauders map, beauxbatons, durmstrang, ilvermonry, silencio etc. You can say any other words that come to mind!
  • If you could be adopted by any wizarding family who it would be and why?
  • pure blood, half blood or muggle?
  • What position would you play in Quidditch?
  • maruaders, lightning, or next gen era?
  • favorite characters
  • least favorite characters
  • favorite ship or ships?
  • favorite and least favorite subject?
  • Would you become an aminagus  and why?
  • what does the Harry Potter series mean to you?
  • character you most likely want to get married and why?
  • Is there anything you wish had been in the movies?
  • just talk about your love for Harry Potter!

You can add to this but this is just a start! Let’s all talk about our love for the best series ever! <33333

You know what I think is fascinating? About a month ago I was introduced to someone at an event through a mutual friend. She and I discussed books, television shows, and obviously Sherlock came up.

“I have to know… do you ship Johnlock?” she asked me, cautiously.

“OH yeah. Very much so.”

“Have you read ‘Performance in a Leading Role’?”

“Most definitely.”

“Isn’t that fanfic great??”

This went on longer than I ever would have guessed. But how amazing is it that two people who don’t know each other have already read the same novel (yes, it’s a novel) that was written for free by a stranger online and advertised by word of mouth only?

Think of all the people you walk past in the city, sit next to you on the bus, or go to your school that could have read the same stories you love.

So if you have a story to tell, share it. You never know who could be reading.

while Trump and Obama met in DC to discuss the peaceful transfer of power, Palmer and DiFranco held their own meeting in NY to discuss a peaceful revolution to counter-attack the hatred, bigotry and intolerance of this man at any cost.

so many loved ones are truly afraid right now for their safety, their literal healthcare, their futures. people are mobilizing. the NYCLU came onto stage last night with me and explained exactly what is at stake for many of our civil liberties (and if you’re a woman or a minority, things are not looking up).

my friends : forces are aligning, a massive movement of all of us who stand for peace and progress and inclusion is being lit into action, and we will be calling for you.

we will need you. this is not a drill.

love will trump hate, and it’s not just words. we are organizing the details, because this battle will be long and hard.

stand up, hands up, to be counted among the resistance.

let’s go.


161224 kino fancafe update (trans)

It seems everyone is asleep. I came really late. Today I wanted to write early but because this and that happened it already ended up being 12. You’re all sleeping well right? Today too was a really happy day. Even though the weather is cold, every day you wait together for us, people who are far away and support us seriously, everyone who only uses pretty words with us, I always receive this~~~ much emotion and come here. How can all the world be pretty like this. Thank to you I forget all the tiredness and I can do everything. Today too I felt a lot of love and I was so happy I could die. Thank you. Even when I don’t say it you know it right? Let’s meet in dreams. My loves today too, I love you, you’re precious.

Ok but what if John was a few minutes late and by the time he got into Sherlock’s ward, culverton is already gone and Sherlock is unconscious and all the machines were blaring. Flatline. No pulse, no signs of breathing. John screamed for the nurses to bring him a crash trolley and desperately tries to resuscitate Sherlock. After a few attempts, it worked, Sherlock’s heartbeat came back and he was alive again…..

But at a cost. The several minutes that John came in late meant precious time that Sherlock’s brain was being deprived of oxygen. And now brain damage was real. Sherlock became partially paralysed, his legs were weak and wobbly. His hands trembled and spastic. But worst of all was the effect on his cognitive function. His once brilliant mind was now incapable of processing information, reasoning or judgement properly. Anomic aphasia sets in: his ability to use or process words, even basic words, becomes impaired.

The Sherlock who woke up was a different man. And it all happened because John had come just a few minutes late

(Thanks to @lmirandas for giving me the basic medical info to facilitate this headcanon)