who by fire

Fall in love with someone who...

Aries: Lights that fire in your soul, and sends a jolt of thunder into your heart

Taurus: Makes you feel like a princess, and splashes those blushes on your cheeks

Gemini: Can match your level of crazy, and lives in your noon-time daydreams

Cancer: Causes you to love the reflection in the mirror, and closes their eyes when they kiss you

Leo: Places that twinkle in your eye, and carves that smile into your face

Virgo: Will put in a lot of effort, and will strike curiosity into your spirit

Libra: Has superpowers, someone who can seemingly stop time and make you feel like the only girl/boy

Scorpio: Offers you a challenge, and offers you mysteries you can’t seem to solve

Sagittarius: Pumps hope through your veins, and helps flow laughter out of your smile

Capricorn: Takes your breath away every single time, and tells you really corny jokes

Aquarius: Is willing to take you on a journey, and is the type to make pillow forts with you

Pisces: Lights the stars in your sky, and paints you skies with clouds

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He Said He Loved Us [for the fake fic title]

Okay so I’m thinking a fic where Zayn is a single father of two twins (both girls) who are barely two years old. He’s struggling, because his previous best friend in the world had promised to help him out, but when things got tough his best friend basically up and left them. Now, Zayn’s frantically looking for a place to stay, but it’s hard because he’d need a roommate to share the bill of the rent, but that roommate would have to be willing to put up with Zayn’s two baby children (and their godparents that always come over) until Zayn is able to find a decent job that will pay for his own apartment.

His solution? Liam Payne: a firefighter who stays at the fire station half the time, and needs someone to look after his new puppy (a rescue dog he’d found while on the job) while he’s out of the house. Up until this point, his next door neighbour Harry had been feeding and walking the dog, but now that he’s landed an internship it’s gotten harder.

And it’s perfect: Liam has two spare rooms in his apartment, there’s a small backyard that Zayn’s girls can play in, and it’s only a twenty minute bus ride from Zayn’s work. It’s really, really perfect.

Until Zayn starts crushing on his new roommate.

Also featuring: Zayn’s daughters making friends with all the men and women at the fire station, Zayn’s best mate Louis coming over a lot more often to “visit his goddaughters” (re: try and catch Harry’s attention), Zayn’s mouth permanently watering over Liam’s muscles and kind eyes, Liam being absolutely adorable with the little girls, and his puppy being the girls’ personal guard dog (despite being the size of a football).

[send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it]

Why Is Obama Threatening Russia With World War 3 Right Before The Election?

So let’s get the obvious out-of-the-way one half of our government still thinks it’s the 1980s and that the Cold War never ended, then there’s the other part of our government; the Obama part the radical Islamist sleeper cell part, so on the one hand you have the Republicans in Congress waging a cold war and on the other hand you have a terrorist in the White House waging a covert war against the American people. Obama is his name, and terrorizing the American public is his game. How do we know well let’s check our list to see who’s been naughty or nice. 

  • who opened the borders Obama check  ✔
  • who set up sanctuary cities Obama check  ✔
  • who fired half the generals in the military double-check  ✔ ✔
  • who doubled the debt check  ✔
  • again who fucked up healthcare and made it twice as expensive triple-check  ✔ ✔
  • who destroyed American families check   ✔
  • who signed free trade agreements that ship jobs overseas check  ✔
  • who ships guns and money to terrorists check   ✔
  • who put in place free speech zones check  ✔
  • who militarize the police so our country could look like Nazi Germany ✔ check  ✔

There’s one thing missing from our list however Obama still hasn’t dragged us into World War 3 but don’t you worry, they’re on the road to success. They’re mooning the Chinese and they’re shining the Russians. They’re just begging for a war. But you’re saying to yourself “well that was Isis, I saw it on the TV” well ladies and gentlemen Isis is a subsidiary of the United States government, haven’t you been watching the news? They have been bought and paid for with our tax dollars, “but why?” you say, Why? because Obama wants to destroy America to avenge the injustices of his ancestors and to set up an Islamic super-state for his Brotherhood. 

What we should do is be able to test drive our politicians. We give them until summer and if we don’t like the sound they’re making well we can just re-vote in November, it be the same price with twice the guarantee. Four years in office is far too long for a tyrant elected officials.

i’ve never understood the last-second “wAIT!!!” scream from burr during his and hamilton’s duel. like, it sounds like a scream of desparation. it sounds like the scream of somebody who is jumping in front of a bullet, not someone who is firing at another person with the intention to kill him

i mean. i understand that the culture of dueling had the ball firmly in hamilton’s court in this case – if i’m understanding right, since he was the offender it was up to him to apologize and let the situation drop – and there wasn’t much burr could do but like. there was at least one thing burr could have done: he could have not aimed his gun at alex and pulled the trigger. as i understand it, there was really no shame in firing intentionally and clearly away from your opponent; the point wasn’t to kill someone else, but to show that you were self-strong enough to be able to put yourself in that position. the death was frankly irrelevant

so it always strikes me as very odd that at the last second, right as he’s firing the pistol, burr frantically cries “wait!”

is it maybe a sudden realization of what he’s about to do? is it sudden regret? what do you all think?


but through the pain you share
you’ll find e a c h  o t h e r