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The whole age with Lloyd thing is really… Complicated.

People have asked Tommy Andreasen (co-creator of Ninjago) about Lloyd’s age, and he said that Lloyd is a minor.

Here is the thing though: They are always going to say all the Ninja are minors, because guess what? LEGO is primarily a kids toy. So they want kids to feel like they could be the characters on the screen, which means that they can never be “adults”.

Buuutt almost anyone who has watched the show would say that calling the Ninja minors is a bit of a stretch, given that not only have they had multiple jobs (one being teachers which is a 5 year education btw), but also from how the ninja are different from how they first were in the pilot episodes.

So on the one hand you have a person working on the show telling everyone that the main characters are all minors, but on the other hand you can see how mature they are on the show, and how much time “must” have passed.

I personally feel like Lloyd has reached the state of entering adulthood on the show (him training to be a Sensei for example), but I am not feeling like he is close enough for any… You know. 

So Lloyd (and all the other Ninja btw, they are all minors in the creators eyes), will always be minors canonically, but I view them as adults at this points.

(I still don’t ship Lloyd with anyone, because of his weird age-up thing)

In the end people will always ship what they want, no matter how much we write angrily about it. The best we can do is try to approach it calmly to change their minds.

Btw - Do you guys think people will ship movie Lloyd with the other characters? Will that be fine with everyone because even though he is on high school he is at the same age (from the beginning) with the other Ninja?

Lux: I’m throwing lamps at people who need to lighten up.

Syndra: I’m throwing handles at people who need to get a grip.

Lissandra: I’m throwing refrigerators at people who need to chill.

Camille: I’m throwing scissors at people who need to “cut it out”.

Zilean: I’m throwing clocks at people who need to get with the times.

Annie: I’m throwing matches at people who need to get fired up.

Jhin: I’m throwing a brick at someone to kill them.

I bought chicken strips for lunch yesterday and when I got back to work and ripped one open, I thought it was weirdly pink on the inside. I asked one of my coworkers, “Does this look off to you?”

And he was like, “Yeah. I wouldn’t eat that.”

And I, being the cheapass I am, was like, “Oh man, but I paid $8 for this!”

And he responded, “I mean…$8 or food poisoning.”

Which put it in perspective for me and brought me back to being a reasonable human being that was like, “well duh. Why WOULD you eat pink chicken?”

And that kind of reminded me of conservatives who are still supporting Trumpster Fire because he’s part of their party or whatever. Look, I get you’ve invested time and money and effort on this man’s behalf. But if it’s not all cooked, it’s not worth the food poisoning.

How to say ‘’You’re stupid’’ in Serbian -  a guide by me

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Note: before we start I need to mention that these are not strictly used to say ‘’you’re stupid’’. Some of them may be used when someone’s simply talking shit. 

*Also, some people may take these as a joke, some may be offended. You never know. 

1. Лупаш као Максим по дивизији. (Lupaš kao Maksim po diviziji.)

  • Translation: You’re banging like Maxim on division. 
  • Explanation: There are two stories about the origin of this phrase. The first one’s stating that during WWI there was some guy named Maxim who was firing lots of shots but with little or no effect, therefore this phrase is used to describe a person who says a lot of stupid shit. The second (and more reasonable) story says that Maxim we’re talking about here is either Hiram Maxim, the inventor of the first portable, fully automatic machine gun, or the gun itself (called the Maxim gun). Either way, it’s about firing lots of words shots, often with no effect. 

2. Лупаш као отворен прозор. (Lupaš kao otvoren prozor.)

  • Translation: You’re banging like an open window. 
  • Explanation: Well, there’s not much to say about this one, but its meaning can be connected with famous promaja (draft / draught). The air that is flowing between two open windows (or doors) is making windows open and close constantly (it’s usually about the casement window) and they make the banging noise. So that’s it. 

3. Кад лупиш ни Дунав не може да те опере. (Kad lupiš ni Dunav ne može da te opere.) 

  • Translation: When you say something even the Danube can’t wash you up.
  • Explanation: I think this one’s pretty clear, the Danube is a huge river, you must have said lots of shit if even that amount of water can’t wash you up. 

4. Немој да једеш говна кад ти је бурек јефтинији. (Nemoj da jedeš govna kad ti je burek jeftiniji.)

  • Translation: Don’t eat shit when burek is cheaper. 
  • Explanation: The only thing that (maybe) needs to be explained here is burek. Burek is a pastry made from layers of dough, alternating with layers of other fillings in a circular baking pan and then topped with a last layer of dough (at least that’s how we make it in Serbia. It’s a bit different in other countries). 
  • Note: Burek was cheap at the time someone came up with this phrase. The price’s been increasing so now you actually have an excuse for eating shit instead of burek.

5. Јеси ти глуп(a) или ти ноге смрде? (Jesi ti glup(a) ili ti noge smrde?) 

  • Translation: Are you stupid or your feet smell? 
  • Explanation: Oh this is just you assuming that your interlocutor maybe isn’t really stupid (who are you to judge, right?), maybe it’s just smell of their feet clouding their mind
  • Note: This one is not that often heard nowadays, but it used to be really popular 3-4 years ago. It was worth mentioning tho. 
  • Note #2: The ‘a’ in the brackets indicates feminine gender, ‘’glup’’ is for a male person, ‘’glupa’’ for a female (there’s also neuter gender but you’ll rarely use that one when talking to someone) 

6. Глуп(а) си као точак. (Glup(a) si kao točak.) 

  • Translation: You’re as stupid as a wheel.
  • Explanation: I’m not quite sure about this one, but I believe it’s because a wheel can only perform one action, and even that does not depend on it, it’s just how the thing goes. 
  • Note: This phrase may be extended, so you’ll often hear someone say ‘’Глуп си као точак, да извине бицикл.’’ (Glup si kao točak, da izvine bicikl) - you’re as stupid as a wheel, my apologies to the bike
  • Note #2: Again the same thing for ‘’glup’’ and ‘’glupa’’.

7. Глуп(а) си као ноћ. (Glup(a) si kao noć.)

  • Translation: You’re as stupid as night. 
  • Explanation: Well there’s no logical explanation for this one except the fact that night used to be stupid and boring before the discovery of electricity. 

8. Јеси ти глуп(а) или ти дупе стоји накриво? (Jesi ti glup(a) ili ti dupe stoji nakrivo?) 

  • Translation: Are you stupid or your ass is askew? 
  • Explanation: I… really don’t know… 

9. Јесу теби чавке попиле мозак? (Jesu tebi čavke popile mozak?)

  • Translation: Did jackdaws drink your brain? 
  • Explanation: Not much to be explained tbh, the point is - your brain’s missing. 

10. Ти ниси баш у винклу. (Ti nisi baš u vinklu.)

  • Translation: You’re not in a vinkl. 
  • Explanation: I don’t know how I’d translate ‘’vinkl’’ but I can try to explain it. ‘’Vinkl’’ comes from german ‘’winkel’’ (angle). Vinkl is a term we use for angle ruler. So when you tell someone they’re not ‘’in a vinkl’’ that means they don’t equal  90°, or, to put it simply - they’re not normal. Wow, that was one hell of an explanation and you’re probably even more confused now. Sorry. Feel free to ask anything you want to know :) 

11. Јел је тебе бабица испустила на главу кад си био мали / кад си била мала? (Jel je tebe babica ispustila na glavu kad si bio mali / kad si bila mala?) 

  • Translation: Did a midwife drop you on your head when you were little? 
  • Explanation: I think this one’s pretty clear. You’re stupid. Period. 
  • Note: ‘’Kad si bio mali’’ - for a male person, ‘’Kad si bila mala’’ for a female

12. Јеси јео / јела бунике? (Jesi jeo / jela bunike?)

  • Translation: Did you eat henbane? 
  • Explanation: ‘’What on earth is making you act (or say something) like that?’’ Yea, that’s pretty much it. 
  • Note: ‘’jeo’’ - masculine; ‘’jela’’ - feminine

13. Ти си недограђен(a) као шапински дом. (Ti si nedograđen(a) kao šapinski dom.)

  • Translation: You’re unfinished like Šapine’s Cultural Center. 
  • Explanation: Oh boy, this needs a longer explanation. First of all, I have to say that this is not used everywhere in Serbia, it’s a regionalism. You can hear it only in my region. Šapine is a village (near my town, that’s why we’re using this phrase), and it’s kinda famous for its Cultural Center which has been being built for years, but it’s still half-done. So by saying this you’re practically saying that someone’s, well, retarded.
  • Note: Word ‘’nedograđen’’ has this ‘’građen’’(built) part which indicates that it’s about a building, while english ‘’unfinished’’ can be used for other things as well.
  • Note #2: ‘’Nedograđen’’ - masculine, ‘’nedograđena’’ - faminine 

14. Теби фали нека даска у глави. (Tebi fali neka daska u glavi.)

  • Translation: You’re missing a plank in your head
  • Explanation: Again used to point out that someone’s brain is not a whole it should be. 

15. Кад је бог делио памет и бистроумност ти си био / ти си била испод 55 јоргана. (Kad je bog delio pamet i bistroumnost ti si bio / ti si bila ispod 55 jorgana.) 

  • Translation: When God was giving away intelligence and wisdom you were (hiding) under 55 quilts. 
  • Explanation: You missed the giveaway bro. Sorry. It’s not your fault. 
  • Note: ‘’Ti si bio’’ - masculine, ‘’ti si bila’’ - feminine 

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Some people criticize the doll because they think Azula is too much a tomboy for it. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Young Azula is a girl who loves Fire Nation history, listens with attention to war news. Loves firebending, exploring the palace, roughing around with her girl posse. Rebellious, nonconformist, hates to be compared to others, likes to do things her way. Perfect gift? Something from the Earth Kingdom. A doll. With the latest fashions. Come on!

Yeah…Azula was misunderstood. Maybe it was Iroh’s way of trying to preserve her innocence or it was just pure ignorance. Either way, Azula would have probably respected her Uncle more had he paid attention to his niece’s likes and dislikes. If he had come back with a knife for Azula just as he had for Zuko, she would have been overjoyed. Not once would she have thought of trying to steal Zuko’s because she had her own. Azula was and still is a tomboy through and through. Trying to repress that just made her bitter. 

if elias and gilfre part of a different guild then that means theres a wide assortment of guilds out there and that means potential for new ocs

hi sorry i made ocs based on the assumption of a lot of guilds in ats so heres three kids of a guild : volias, isidore, and ludmilla

volias is (i guess a fire elemental?) a pyromaniac who can summon fire from his hands and really like burning things ??? usually people but isidore hits him for trying to burn innocent people,, i lowkey based him off of grell in black butler lmao

isidore or isi as he has everyone call him ?? hes mute but hes really scary and intimidating despite being short and unable to speak,, he can manipulate his scarf to act like longer and more agile limbs ?? its got claws at the edges and it can punch someone into oblivion if he wanted it to

ludmilla or millie is a sadist and a really really strong person like she finds it really easy to beat someone up but shes usually disappointed bc most people go down from one hit from her and being a sadist she likes to watch people suffer in pain ;; she has burns all over her body bc a certain someone volias burned her ass,, shes based off of morgiana from magi

but yeah i made ats ocs ?? like ?? actual kids ???? I have full body chibis of them too im sending those too


But yes you’re totally correct, there’s more than one guild!! Shima’s sister guild, which I think I’m going to call Spinelrose, is known as the “sister” guild because the guildmasters from both guilds are childhood friends and have known each other for a very long time, so yeah, the guilds are connected~

DUDE I will totally put these in my story, heckie yeah, there’s never enough and I need more characters for other guilds and guild battles and enemies and magic allies and tons of fun stuff. Whoopee!

I LOVE THEM ALL. ALL OF THEM. Volias sounds like a grade A asshole but that’s awesome. I love it.
And Isi is hella rad holy shit I want that scarf gimme!! And god I love mute characters they can express so much even without being able to speak and that’s cool. That’s kinda why I made Gi-bot selectively mute and Gifre semi-mute in phase 3 and there’s another character I have that can’t speak outside of the Mirrorplane who I’m going to introduce soon I am #excite
Millie reminds me of Ros a lot lmfao, sadists!! Wow Volias freakin RIP


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Always wondered: Why Ignatiius as a URL?

oh!! it’s kind of a reference to the full title of the book: frankenstein, or the modern prometheus. i really love the comparison of frankenstein to prometheus, and like — if frankenstein is equivalent to prometheus, then the secret of life is equivalent to the secret of fire, and the being is equivalent to humanity. just like prometheus stole fire and gave it to all of mankind, frankenstein stole the secret of life and gave it to the being. so — in the parallels with the myth, the being is the one who receives the ‘fire,’ basically. ignatius means ‘fiery one,’ so it’s supposed to be a reference to that!! in addition, fire is a huge, huge symbol that’s used multiple times in the book with association to the being: he burns his hand in fire in the early days of his life, ‘fire’ is one of the first words he learns, he links himself to hell / satan, he burns down the empty de lacey cottage, he vows to throw himself on a pyre after frankenstein dies. i just love the recurring theme of fire throughout the book, so i thought ‘ignatius’ was something fitting. 

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Who are you, Fire Elemental? What's is your name? And, how are you able to help? Sorry for the prodding, but it is very interesting to see someone new.

“Of course, where are my manners. I am called Balzar. I heard everyone around here was looking for a friend? I don’t know how I am able to help exactly.”