who buys a car with cash

Also, I was pretty busy this week because I went on a road trip with @serinemolecule, who came down to visit me!

On Monday night and Tuesday morning, we drove down in a rental car to Morganton, North Carolina for me to buy this Miata. (I definitely never carried that much money in cash before…)

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this publicly before, but prior to getting in that car I had zero prior experience driving a manual transmission car. Luckily, @serinemolecule learned to drive on one, and was able to help me out a lot by driving it to the rental drop-off and then to our hotel. At which I then received a crash course in how to drive a manual transmission, by practicing in the parking lot. (Yes, I stalled it many times.) Luckily, no actual crashing was involved.

Then, to make this into an actual vacation instead of just an errand, we spent Wednesday touring the Biltmore Estate (which I posted about before, huge Vanderbilt mansion). Then we went on the Blue Ridge Parkway (unlike the Biltmore, I had never been before). Which was really great to drive on, especially since it was almost totally deserted. Really nice scenery and low-stress driving!

On Thursday, we continued to drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then we exited it and drove to Virginia’s Natural Bridge (which is really pretty impressive), before heading back to DC by the evening.

Pictures coming shortly!


My car just broke down and is permanently dead :(

I’m going to have to move back to Tennessee just because it’s so cheap to live there and I’ve got to buy a plane ticket and a uhaul just to move our stuff. The plane ticket is for jay my fiancé because they can’t ride in the car for that long. Then I’m gonna have to stay at my parents house (who hate me) just so I can look for an apartment for us to live in and we’re strapped on cash. Then I have to actually get a car!!

If you can donate, literally anything would help we need all we can get :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

My PayPal is: unity.mccanless@yahoo.com

Thank you so much!!

The 5 Tears Of Sugar Daddy

The 5 Tiers of sugar daddy

Whale Daddy- will buy you an apartment, car, and all the luxuries your little heart desires. Most likely a spoiled girlfriend/kept woman scenario. Congratulations!

Sugar Daddy- gives you an allowance, buys you something pretty now and then, takes you on vacation. Just because your man is not a whale, does not mean you shouldn’t appreciate and care for him.

Splenda Daddy- a little bit of cash, some presents. May be Splenda due to financial situation OR will. Stay friendly, why not? They can be great friends.

Salt Daddy- does not understand how sugaring works, but not inherently bad. I.e., the ones who think VS and 300 USD is a good offer, or offer an unstable/unsustainable arrangement. Politely tell them they’re on the wrong site, or that you have met a really nice guy that you care for.

Fuckboy- does not care how sugaring works. Selfish and only looking for sex and how to manipulate, bully or browbeat girls into sex, but have no intention of cherishing their partner. Thinks that sugarbabies are a means for that thanks to CNN.
Will also turn on girls and scream at/insult them due to internalised shame- they KNOW they are wrong, but they take it out on you instead.
May even resort to date rape, ‘financial’ coercion (I would have given you 1k right away, but you said you weren’t up for chemistry on the first date, etc. etc.), or rape. STAY AWAY.
Have fun sugaring.


fangirlingisloud  asked:

lol I'm going for the obv question and ask: Ty and Jamie?

damn. aight let’s go

• go on a road trip with: tyler. snack stops and parties in new towns would be so much fun oml
• take to prom: jamie. he’s a pure dude
• buy a puppy with: tyler. gonna get marshall and cash a sibling
• make cupcakes for: tyler,, i don’t have an actual reason. the heart wants what it wants
• let pick the music in the car: jamie. tyler’s a basic white hoe and i don’t trust his music taste
+ who’s hoodie i’d “accidentally steal”: JAMIE. HIM BIG.

anonymous asked:

★ gravity falls?

Pacifica runs away from her parents shortly after the big battle against the Tzitzimime and Bill’s restoration to godhood. She bids farewell to the Pines and Bill and Grenda and Candy, and then gets in her car and drives. She’ll end up in NYC with enough cash to get a credit card and a job at Sephora and buy herself a small apartment that she shares with two other girls who become her good friends.
Her parents become immensely remorseful and spend most of their remaining money looking for her in the hopes of apologizing.

i love this picture of calum u know why ?? bc he looks so $$$ like not like a sugar daddy but like a 19 year old guy whos got young money ya know his family is minted and hes gonna continue on w the family buisness and he drives u around in his gorgeous car that he almost ALMOST loves more than u and he buys u all the kinda shit u see on ‘girlposts’ accs like makeup palettes nd shit nd he stacks $100 bills on dAT ASS DAILY

URGENT: Gertrude is being sold to anyone who can pay for her 1,000 dollars cash, but since I live in hicktown (basically) this means that whoever buys her will most definitely be putting her in their freezer. I can not see this beautiful girl going on someone’s plate and would like any donations for I don’t have the money. Once I get her I will be getting a job, and rather than using my money for a car, or whatever else highschoolers use money on I’ll put it towards caring for a happy cow. The link below is my gofund me page and any and all donations are accepted, if you can’t donate could you at least reblog to get the message out there for me please?