who buys a car with cash

send me a ship and i'll tell you
  • -who cries when someone dies in a movie
  • -who wears the ugly holiday garb
  • -who pays for the meals
  • -who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone
  • -who brings home stray animals
  • -who leaves the bathroom door open
  • -who tells the 'dad jokes'
  • -who wants kids more
  • -who travels more
  • -who spends more cash
  • -who buys the things in infomercials
  • -who draws in the dust on their cars
  • -who starts the snowball fights
  • -who throws away the directions to things
  • -who puts up holiday decor
  • -who is more likely to forget to bathe
  • -who gets more obsessed about things
  • -who sings in the shower more often

My car just broke down and is permanently dead :(

I’m going to have to move back to Tennessee just because it’s so cheap to live there and I’ve got to buy a plane ticket and a uhaul just to move our stuff. The plane ticket is for jay my fiancé because they can’t ride in the car for that long. Then I’m gonna have to stay at my parents house (who hate me) just so I can look for an apartment for us to live in and we’re strapped on cash. Then I have to actually get a car!!

If you can donate, literally anything would help we need all we can get :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

My PayPal is: unity.mccanless@yahoo.com

Thank you so much!!

if anyone has a little extra cash that they’d be able to send to a queer and trans person thats just trying to make it - it would help me tremendously

I’ve already had a few people donate and honestly, I don’t know how to thank you or why I deserve to have connections with such beautiful and giving people in my life

I’m honestly just trying to pay my bills, buy some food, and fill my car with gas so that I can ride out these two temporary, part time jobs, finish school, and hopefully start a more permanent full-time position in the field (interview tomorrow!!)

sharing this post is super appreciated

square cash: cash.me/$JApr
venmo: @ J-Apr

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Atomwave and “It reminded me of you.”, please?

Ray pulls up in the car and Rip starts groaning like he’s been stabbed, clutching his gut. “Raymond, what the hell did you buy?”

“Oh, it’s a Ferrari F40,” Ray says, “the twin-turbo 1987 make? I dunno, it’s pretty cool, right?”

Rip puts his hands over his mouth and wheezes through his teeth. “Where are we putting that, then? Surely you don’t expect to fit a whole car on the ship?”

“Ask Mick, it’s for him,” Ray says, getting out of the car and tossing the keys to Mick. He doesn’t catch them, and they clatter at his feet–he’s too busy staring at Ray, jaw clenched, tight with shock.

Ray takes a hesitant step forward. “Mick? You…you like it, right?”

“That’s why you wanted to come back to 1987,” Mick says. “Haircut, you idiot. Did you pay for that thing in cash?”

“Oh yeah, right on the show floor!” Ray enthuses. “And besides, I’m not the only one who wanted to come back. Sara said something about buying some My Little Pony toys in mint on card condition to sell on ebay.”

“Okay, but that’s not a Ferrari.”

“Yeah, but some of those toys run for like, a thousand bucks mint on card? Pretty wild if you ask me.”

“You just–you just bought a Ferrari in cash,” Mick says. “Haircut, do you know what money does?”

“I had to get it,” Ray says. “It’s handsome and red and I just–it reminded me of you. That’s all.”

“We’re not putting a Ferrari on the ship,” Rip groans, and Sara elbows him, two huge bags from Toys R Us hanging off each arm.

“Hey, shut up, don’t get in the way of true love,” she protests. “Just because your idea of a romantic gift is buying me royal wedding commemorative plates–”

“Excuse me, I went back in time to Elizabeth’s wedding specifically to buy you a set–”

“A Ferrari,” Mick says, shaking his head and putting his hand on the door. “I just–Ray. You don’t have to do this. I like you ‘cause of you, not your money.”

“And your big dick,” Sara pipes up. “Can’t forget the dick.”

Ray blushes, hiding his face in his hand and grinning. “Well, I just–I thought the surprise would make you happy, I could shrink it down until we get back to 2017 and you could put it in one of your safe houses maybe? Or just–”

Mick lifts his hand away from his face, replacing it with his own, his callused fingers stroking Ray’s face, his thumb running over his jaw. Ray’s lips part just a little, pliant and pink and hopefully pouting at him. 

“Surprised your big brain didn’t think that far ahead,” he teases. “But thanks for the gift. I mean it.”

“Well, as long as you’re happy–” Ray finishes his sentence as soon as Mick’s lips collide with his, a sharp, bruising kiss that makes him cling to Mick’s jacket, melting in pleasure against him.

“Why don’t we take a drive,” Mick says, “before we leave, just you and me, so you can see how happy you made me?”

“Oh,” Ray sighs, laying his head against Mick’s shoulder. “That’d–that’d be nice.”

“Gay,” Sara says, and Mick knocks the bag of toys out of her hands, Ray laughing as Sara and Mick start yelling at each other, bending over to pick up the keys and toss them at Mick. This time, he catches them without looking.

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i'll go with the obvious here: janto for the ship ask meme? :3


(thank you for sending Janto <3)

  1. Who cries when someone dies in a movie: Probably depends on the movie, but I would say usually it’s Jack, especially when watching older classics (Ianto totally cried in Star Wars Episode VII when Han died)
  2. who wears the ugly holiday garb: Jack starts it and makes Ianto (and the rest of team) wear it too. Ianto tries to fight it but he secretly loves it and christmas just got a whole lot better. (they do a team photo where they all wear the ugliest christmas sweaters)
  3. who pays for meals: Jack most of the time, but Ianto insists on paying on a regular basis, so that eventually they take turns.
  4. who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone: Ianto plays the trombone, Jack the oven door
  5. who leaves the bathroom door open: Jack (it’s an invitation for Ianto to join him in the shower, duh)
  6. whoe tells the dad jokes: Jack, obviously (but don’t think Ianto won’t beat him at his own game eventually)
  7. who wants kids more: tricky question. I don’t think that in this relationship either of them wants kids and I’m gonna leave it at this for now
  8. who travels more: obviously Jack
  9. who spends more cash: Jack is very impulsive
  10. who buys the things from in informercials: hmmm. Don’t think Jack would really go that far, after all he’s from the future and know about much more advanced stuff, on the other hand, if he does find something that he really like …. and Ianto doesnt even watch these informercials
  11. who draws in the dust of their cars: Neither, Ianto keeps them so clean that there is no dust to draw in
  12. who starts the snowball fights: Jack started the first one, but Ianto gets his revenge a few days later when Jack is unsuspecting. (and each time they make out afterwards in the snow)
  13. who throws away the directions to things: Jack does, it drives Ianto insane and he has to go through the trash to fish them out again
  14. who puts up holiday decor: both together at ianto’s flat like the domestic couple that they are and you can fight me on this. (c’mon they watch tv on sunday mornings so they can as well put up some decor together)
  15. who is more likely to forget to bathe: depending on how much of a crisis the current alien invasion is, both.
  16. who gets more obesessed about things: Ianto, ranging from anything to do with current cases to Star Wars and James Bond
  17. who sings in the shower more: Jack, and Ianto loves it (and Jack knows that, so sometimes he sings Ianto’s favourite songs or really cheesy ones when he knows that Ianto is listening)

(wow now i have some new ideas for Janto oneshots. why am I like this)

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  • -who cries when someone dies in a movie
    bakugou… he gets attached to the tough character and then when they die he Breaks Down
  • -who wears the ugly holiday garb
    adshfkjg todoroki… his issue is that he doesnt get why theyre bad tho like “no look its cool it lights up. it even has bells. its cool stop laughing”
  • -who pays for the meals
    probably both but mainly cause bakugou is too prideful to let him pay for him all the time lmao
  • -who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone
    bakugou slams the door and breaks it
  • -who brings home stray animals
    todoroki…. but it gets worse when he realizes that bakugou isn’t fighting him on it as much. in the two years they lived together they probably have two dogs and At Least two cats
  • -who leaves the bathroom door open
    bakugou has…. no concept of privacy. he leaves the door open when he’s using it and todoroki just happens to walk by and get scarred… poor kid
  • -who tells the ‘dad jokes’
    todoroki… but he thinks theyre funny jokes and gets mad when bakugou doesn’t laugh
  • -who wants kids more
    i can’t see them as having too many kids??? but i think bakugou would want a son
  • -who travels more
    todoroki’s that famous all star boy ya catch him interviewing in hollywood and shit
  • -who spends more cash
    cash?? probably bakugou,, todoroki is a card boy but bakugou thinks cash is more convenient most of the time
  • -who buys the things in infomercials
    todoroki,, he didn’t watch a lot of tv as a kid so he’s always like “??? a pillow and a pet in one??? im getting it”
  • -who draws in the dust on their cars
    fjdlgk bakugou writes bad words on todoroki’s car and todoroki just draws like. a smiley face
  • -who starts the snowball fights
    todoroki. yall already know… he starts them in june
  • -who throws away the directions to things
    jfkg bakugou.. he likes to insist he already knows how to do things but then when they get stuck todoroki has to dig them out of the garbage
  • -who puts up holiday decor
    todoroki but bakugou has to help cause todoroki has No eye for design or basic style… he’d be the kinda guy to put like five red ornaments right next to each other
  • -who is more likely to forget to bathe
    theyre both busy so they probably both do pretty often (but don’t worry, they definitely remind each other dfkgh.. “bitch you stinky”)
  • -who gets more obsessed about things
    todoroki probably goes through phases of discovering things like. he’ll find a New Thing and do it nonstop and then move on to the next New Thing.. his ‘hobby corner’ is a mess 
  • -who sings in the shower more often
    im?? pretty sure todoroki’s va is a singer so probably him,,, i can’t imagine either of them really take long showers tho so maybe just a quick jingle gfdjkhf

vegas lights: tfc gang au set between suburban vegas and the city, wherein Andrew is the leader of The Monsters, and Neil is recruited for The Ravens. Chaos ensues, the artefact underworld is booming, trades are made and Neil is coerced into becoming an undercover spy. // prologue + chapter one. 



“—all those layers of silence on silence.”

- Donna Tartt, The Secret History.

Neil hadn’t realised the gravity of his choices until his consciousness pierced through the haze. Fragments of memory drifted together in his head—a blurry silhouette, whispers coalescing into shouts, a knife’s blade pressed against his bare neck, sirens and shadows, a blunt force and then he was falling, falling, colliding with burnt asphalt, and then nothing.

He pulled his mind back into his head, his skin. He didn’t dare move until he figured out who had captured him, and with the smothering silence morphing into white noise, he suspected there would be cameras tracking his every move.

Think, Neil. He had been running, in need of something—no, not something, someone—and he was being chased. He remembered a bag, an artefact, but that’s where the memory faltered, dissolving into darkness and the press of cold tile slicked wet. Blood.

He had a growing suspicion that he had made the wrong choice.

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Could you do Jacqui and takeda?


  • -who cries when someone dies in a movie: Takeda.
  • -who wears the ugly holiday garb: Both of them. :) 
  • -who pays for the meals: Jacqui, at her insistence.
  • -who slams the oven door: Both of them. The oven’s seen better days who plays the trombone: Takeda.
  • -who brings home stray animals: Takeda. 
  • -who leaves the bathroom door open: Jacqui. Let’s keep it even. ;)
  • -who tells the ‘dad jokes’: Takeda. Definitely not when Jax is around, though.
  • -who wants kids more: Takeda would want kids, but there’s always the spectre of Jacqui’s overprotective dad …
  • -who travels more: Jacqui.
  • -who spends more cash: Jacqui.
  • -who buys the things in infomercials: “No, Takeda, we don’t need a banana peeler …”
  • -who draws in the dust on their cars: Jacqui wakes up to one of Takeda’s dust drawings every other day. :)
  • -who starts the snowball fights: 50/50.
  • -who throws away the directions to things: They’re too polite; one of them would gently pass it to the other.
  • -who puts up holiday decor: Takeda. Shirai Ryu’s honour and all that jazz.
  • -who is more likely to forget to bathe: Jacqui.
  • -who gets more obsessed about things: No one gets in the way of Takeda and ice cream. 
  • -who sings in the shower more often: I can just picture Takeda singing cheesy pop songs. :)

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I’M GONNA ASSUME IT’S FOR THE LAST ONE I REBLOGGED (if not, send it again and add it’s for the sleeping thing and I’ll do, no problem lmao)

-who cries when someone dies in a movie: Hoseok cries. 

This is a thing now but when they first started dating, Yoongi suggested actually staying at his place for once and Hoseok agrees bc Yoongi + his place= Hell Yeah. And they settle for a movie night. 

Everything is alright, they avoid horror movies because Hoseok insists and they actually find some good ones to watch. Though they are watching Big Hero 6 and Yoongi is genuinely enjoying the movie… but a sound in the middle of the fire scene grabs his attention completely. Hoseok has tears on the corners of his eyes and is sniffling quietly. 

Yoongi gets alarmed and pauses the movie with his “Are you feeling okay? Is anything wrong? Did I do something wrong? Why are you crying?” 

Hoseok is embarrassed but not wanting to worry Yoongi any more he quietly goes “He… he died, hyung

Yoongi doesn’t know if he’s endeared or pissed.

 -who wears the ugly holiday garb

 -who pays for the meals: Yoongi insists. Hoseok used to feel bad about it and insisted he’d like to treat Yoongi sometimes, y’know? But Yoongi is quick to quiet him with something cheesy to make Hoseok shut up and forget all about it like “Your smile knowing you enjoyed your meal is enough treat for me” of course he actually means it.

When they get closer Hoseok learns there’s many other ways to also show his care for Yoongi than pay his meals. (He also likes to be spoiled by his boyfriend who is he even kidding?)

 -who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone: LMFAO I had almost forgotten about this, omg.

Yoongi absolutely slams the door and Hoseok plays the trombone. 

Yoongi at first mocks the 95z for doing it… only because he’s jealous he didn’t think of it first. Hoseok is more than happy to indulge him.

 -who brings home stray animals: Min fucking Yoongi. One day Hoseok wakes up really late and he walks in boxers to the kitchen where Yoongi is drinking hot coffee while waiting for him to have breakfast together when a meow stops him on his tracks.

Right in front of him is a black cat with white spots.

“Uh… Yoongi, did you leave the door open? A cat got in”

“Hell yeah he did. I carried him home when I went to buy more coffee a while ago. His name is Mr. William McFluffytail” He says in all seriousness without looking up from his phone.

“…Yoongi, no

The cat stays with them in the end.

 -who leaves the bathroom door open: Hoseok. 

Yoongi absolutely hates it. Hates he has to remind Hoseok when he goes to the bedroom from having a shower “Did you close the door?” Hoseok groans and goes back to close it. 

They are watching a movie on the livingroom and Hoseok stands up to do his bussiness. Minutes later the door opens and in seconds Yoongi is loudly speaking “I didn’t hear it close, your ass better go back there and close it”

Hoseok doesn’t see the point on closing the bathroom door when it’s easier to leave it open.

 -who tells the ‘dad jokes’ YOONGI

He has his own repertoire of dad jokes. Luckily Hoseok actually, sincerely, laughs.

 -who wants kids more: Both of them are kinda ‘meh’ about children. Hoseok doesn’t dislike them and Yoongi prefers to watch them from afar. 

 -who travels more: Yoongi, though he likes to travel to relax. When he’s traveling for fun and not for work he’s all in, brings his camera everywhere and takes tons of pictures. (Don’t tell Hoseok he’s taken like fifteen of him in the past hour, Yoongi can boycott himself, thanks)

 -who spends more cash: Yoongi buys expensive items for him and his boyfriend once in a while. Hoseok unproposedly spends more money than nessesary while buying groceries.

 -who buys the things in infomercials: I see them watching infomercials a lot though I don’t think they’d actually boy something.

(Okay, maybe they bought an adult toy once because it seemed too good to be true but if it was oh, they were gonna have fun with it)

(It was too good to be true and it’s hidden on their own drawer of shame)

 -who draws in the dust on their cars: Definitely Hoseok.

I think they’d leave messages from each other on the dust of their cars. Yoongi leaves for work first and when it’s Hoseok’s time to leave he has a message on his car door “You looked really beautiful today when you were waking up. I love you, Seokseok”

Of course Hoseok takes a pictue and instagrams it.

 -who starts the snowball fights: Hoseok. And he laughs so laud when he sees Yoongi’s startled face at the attack. 

Yoongi inmediately runs after him with a big snowball in hands tho he is always in disadvantage because Hoseok SCREAMS while running away from him and that makes him laugh a lot. 

Hoseok may be doing it proposedly

 -who throws away the directions to things

 -who puts up holiday decor: Hoseok. 

It’s December and it’s their day off from work. Yoongi tells Hoseok he’s going to the post office and he’ll be back in a minute. When he comes back there’s boxes everywhere in the living room and Hoseok is in the floor trying to untangle Christmas lights.

He lovingly sighs at the domestic feeling invading him. “It’s that time of the year again, huh?”

 -who is more likely to forget to bathe: Yoongi!

He likes to bathe and enjoys it a ton because it’s relaxing but sometimes he’s just so tired that the only thing that looks pleasant for him it’s either his pillow or Hoseok’s lap.

 -who gets more obsessed about things: Yoongi

Because he’s a perfectionist and also kind of competitive when he’s serious about it. 

When talking about his songs he gets so fixated on little things that Hoseok often has to drag him away from his office.

 -who sings in the shower more often: Hoseok.

Yoongi definitely loves this because even when the others laugh at both of them for not being able to sing for shit, Hoseok is actually a great singer when he’s warmed up his voice. 

Yoongi feels like a creeo the first times he stands by the bathoom door to listen Hoseok sing. Now he doesn’t feel much like it specially because Hoseok knows now and sometimes he’ll even sing for him the best he can.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

nancy-mullingan  asked:



-who cries when someone dies in a movie:Magnus; I think Alec is more likely to cry for, for example, Hephaestion’s death in Alexander (YOU KNOW WHY ADE)
-who wears the ugly holiday garb:Alec; Magnus doesn’t even need to try too hard to convince him, Alec just doesn’t really care. And Magnus is smiling, so
-who pays for the meals:both
-who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone: I’ve just found out this is from a video, and 1) I’m dead, 2) Magnus plays the trombone and Alec slams the oven door
-who brings home stray animals: Alec; Magnus just waits for cats to come to him
-who leaves the bathroom door open: Mmmmmmmmmh. I honestly think neither. Except both if they’re showering.
-who tells the ‘dad jokes’:Alec, but he doesn’t realize they’re ‘dad jokes’
-who wants kids more: I think Alec; I think Magnus didn’t really think of himself as a father before Max
-who travels more: oh, Magnus. But Alec starts too after he’s met Magnus
-who spends more cash: Magnus
-who buys the things in infomercials: MAGNUS
-who draws in the dust on their cars: ooooohhh, uuuhhhmmmm, Magnus probably uses his magic to copy famous paintings on cars; not their car, because 1)they don’t need one and 2) it would never be dusty
-who starts the snowball fights: Alec 
-who throws away the directions to things: MAGNUS
-who puts up holiday decor: Magnus puts up way too much and you can see Alec behind him taking it down
-who is more likely to forget to bathe: Alec probably faints on the couch after a day fighting Demons on a pretty regular basis
-who gets more obsessed about things: Alec; very rarely Magnus
-who sings in the shower more often: uuuuhh, Alec (probably didn’t expect this one uh)

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Sorry about my last ask - but if it's not too much for me to bother you again - for the latest ship meme - how about good old fashioned casmund?

Yaaaas~! I love me some gay kings~ It’s no bother at all, I really wanted to do this meme, so thank you for sending it in again~

 - Who cries when someone dies in a movie?
   Neither exactly cry, Edmund holds it in because he’s strong af, but Caspian’s just so freaking terrified because “But that was my favorite you monsters.”

 - Who wears the ugly holiday garb?
   Edmund, ironically and because Lucy loves it, Caspian unironically and because he thinks Peter’s laughing is because the sweater is just too wonderful.

 - Who pays for meals?
   Caspian, he’s a huge romantic. Edmund likes to chip in on the payment when he can, but he does enjoy getting fancy meals for free.

 - Who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone?
   Edmund would play trombone terribly, Caspian would get huge kicks out of slamming the oven door.

 - Who brings home stray animals?
   Caspian adores animals, he brings them all home, feeds them, and names them, but most of the time they’re taken to the shelter when Edmund sees how many Caspian saved that day.

 - Who leaves the bathroom door open?
   Caspian forgets to close it, so Edmund gets to walk in on Caspian showering. They have conversations while either is showering, and Edmund joins sometimes, doing the behind-hug while Caspian washes his hair. It ends with shampoo in Edmund’s eyes every time.

 - Who tells the ‘dad jokes?’
   Edmund and Caspian both participate, and Lucy is sick of how many they can come up with for whenever she comes by.

 - Who wants kids more?
   I’m going with Edmund. He loves kids for their imaginations, and would love to tell them stories of Narnia. Caspian thinks children are great, but he’s wary, feeling he’d be a terrible father, or that once he did become a father, something terrible would happen to him, leaving Edmund alone to care for them. They’d have one child, likely, that’s all they could handle.

 - Who travels more?
   Edmund and Caspian are hugely consumed by wanderlust, they’re always driving to new towns and cities as a daily routine, they love to explore and try many new things. They both travel equally, but there is down time in their schedules when they stay home and rest.

 - Who spends more cash?
   Caspian, he’s a bit unaware of cash and how easy it is to spend all your money. Edmund makes sure he doesn’t spend all their life savings on vinyls and such.

 - Who buys things in infomercials?
   Neither, but they love the infomercials themselves, and reenacting them.

 - Who draws in the dust on cars?
   Edmund likes to write on everyone’s car, but Caspian only draws on their car, especially when Edmund’s leaving for a while. The same applies to Edmund when Caspian leaves for long periods of time.

 - Who starts the snowball fights?
   Caspian starts by throwing one at Edmund, and the fight is on. They’re the spectacle of the neighborhood, and once the fight it over and they’re lying side-by-side in the snow, brushing wet sloshy chunks of snow from each other’s hair and debating whether to go inside or not, it’s been a three hour battle.

 - Who throws away the directions to things?
   Edmund, he thinks they’re useless once the thing’s been assembled and used once, so after a while no one knows how to play that particular board game or how to use that blender. He realizes it’s a stupid thing to do, but he doesn’t learn.

 - Who puts up holiday decor?
   Caspian loves holidays, so he insists he and Edmund put decorations up together, since it goes by quicker that way and so he can wrap Edmund up in tree lights and take pictures. It’s the only reason they own a photo album.

 - Who is more likely to forget to bathe?
   Edmund isn’t big on bathing, and he doesn’t do it too often on his own. With Caspian and his aversion to odors, Edmund has to shower about three times a week if he wants to sleep in the same bed as Caspian.

 - Who gets more obsessed about things?
   Caspian is very passionate about everything he’s interested in, he always talks about things he loves and how much he loves them. Edmund loves how passionate Caspian is, but Caspian doesn’t express how much he cares about Edmund to his face. However, he will tell about how much he loves Edmund to all his siblings.

 - Who sings in the shower more often?
   Edmund sings in the shower, he sings popular songs that’ve become memes, or just any song he happens to love at the time, and Caspian prefers to play music because it’s pleasing to his ears. He loves sitting in any room near the bathroom when Edmund’s got the door locked, and listening to him sing. Edmund sings getting ready, and Caspian provides intrumental accompaniment.

I forgot how much I love Casmund, omg.

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hmu with hinanami for the ship thing bro


-who cries when someone dies in a movie
Neither of them, really. I suppose Chiaki would if it was a really sad one. But they both get emotional and that leads to hugs and cuddling—

-who wears the ugly holiday garb
It’s gotta be Hajeem. Chiaki wears one in solidarity, but he wore it first.

-who pays for the meals
Hajime is a true gentleman, but Chiaki is also very good at weakening his resolve, so they agree to pay for every other meal, i.e. Hajime pays for lunch, then Chiaki pays for dinner, etc…

-who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone
Hajeem: T r o m b o n e. Chakee: O v e n  d o o r.

-who brings home stray animals
Chiaki is too good and pure to make the strays fend for themselves! She and Hajime look after them for a bit, take ‘em to the vet and such, then bring them to a no-kill shelter.

-who leaves the bathroom door open
TBH they’re pretty even on this one, but Chiaki has a slight edge because she can forget who she is sometimes so a door is nothing.

-who tells the ‘dad jokes’
…Hajime. And he’s so bad he’s good. At least he doesn’t try too hard.

-who wants kids more
Hajime does, because he loves the idea of having a family with his soul mate. Chiaki’s not opposed to it, but they agree to take it slow.

-who travels more
Chiaki is too OP. Spends much time reking n00bs abroad. Plz nerf.

-who spends more cash
Chiaki has a) moar cash, and b) needs to stay on the bleeding edge of the Industry™. Hajime, to his credit, is low-maintenance and very frugal. His main money-suck is copies of games he likes so he can have high score for once.

-who buys the things in infomercials
Neither of them. Infomercials aren’t on their radar.

-who draws in the dust on their cars
Chiaki does, although Hajime tries his best, bless his heart, to keep the car clean.

-who starts the snowball fights
Chiaki does, but their scores are fairly even. Chiaki isn’t great at sports, and Hajime is… Hajime.

-who throws away the directions to things
Again, kinda even, but more often it’s Hajime. He has pride, dammit!

-who puts up holiday decor
Hajime, but only because everybody else on the block does.

-who is more likely to forget to bathe
Chiaki is regularly found sitting waist-deep in a pile of bags of chips and energy drinks. Hajime has to bodily carry her away from her games to get her to bathe sometimes.

-who gets more obsessed about things
Hm, it’s not like one of them isn’t a fcking casual…

-who sings in the shower more often
Chiaki frequently sings all sorts of video game themes. Hajime is too embarrassed by his singing voice to be caught dead singing in the shower.

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-who cries when someone dies in a movie: Marinette, and Chat cradles her when she does
-who wears the ugly holiday garb: Chat makes Marinette wear it with him
-who pays for the meals: Chat will never let Marinette pay
-who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone: Chat does both and Marinette is silently judging him from afar
-who brings home stray animals: BOTH
-who leaves the bathroom door open: IT’S ALWAYS CHAT
-who tells the ‘dad jokes’: Chat makes one and then Marinette tells one back
-who wants kids more: Surprising, Chat does!
-who travels more: They travel together
-who spends more cash: Chat spends all of his money on her
-who buys the things in infomercials: Chat always wants to but Marinette stops him (unless he gives her the kitty cat eyes)
-who draws in the dust on their cars: ALL OF THE DOODLES ARE CHAT’S DOING
-who starts the snowball fights: They always end up throwing a snowball at each other at the same time
-who throws away the directions to things: Chat, he knows where he’s going (or at least he think he does)
-who puts up holiday decor: Marinette has to beg Chat to help her
-who is more likely to forget to bathe: Definitely Chat 
-who gets more obsessed about things: Both of them are pretty obsessive
-who sings in the shower more often: Marinette and Chat ends up singing along with her outside

The 5 Tears Of Sugar Daddy

The 5 Tiers of sugar daddy

Whale Daddy- will buy you an apartment, car, and all the luxuries your little heart desires. Most likely a spoiled girlfriend/kept woman scenario. Congratulations!

Sugar Daddy- gives you an allowance, buys you something pretty now and then, takes you on vacation. Just because your man is not a whale, does not mean you shouldn’t appreciate and care for him.

Splenda Daddy- a little bit of cash, some presents. May be Splenda due to financial situation OR will. Stay friendly, why not? They can be great friends.

Salt Daddy- does not understand how sugaring works, but not inherently bad. I.e., the ones who think VS and 300 USD is a good offer, or offer an unstable/unsustainable arrangement. Politely tell them they’re on the wrong site, or that you have met a really nice guy that you care for.

Fuckboy- does not care how sugaring works. Selfish and only looking for sex and how to manipulate, bully or browbeat girls into sex, but have no intention of cherishing their partner. Thinks that sugarbabies are a means for that thanks to CNN.
Will also turn on girls and scream at/insult them due to internalised shame- they KNOW they are wrong, but they take it out on you instead.
May even resort to date rape, ‘financial’ coercion (I would have given you 1k right away, but you said you weren’t up for chemistry on the first date, etc. etc.), or rape. STAY AWAY.
Have fun sugaring.


Building the Series, Part I: Beginnings

Warning: This is not a How To Guide for Writing.

What this is, is an exploration. Specifically, it is an experimental look, using The Raven Cycle as a starting point and lens) to discuss structure in a longform series–for a narrative that is meant to have multiple beginnings, multiple middles, multiple endings, and (simultaneously) one beginning, one middle, one end.. It is an examination of how an idea can evolve to become not merely a story but a fully realized, living, breathing world.

Because, I think, that is really what a series is: a world of your own making, with the structure and form your medium of choice requires to live a life within it.


(or The Raven Boys, and The Lie of “Show, Don’t Tell”)

The first rule of writing is: Show, Don’t Tell.

It’s a rule I’ve always taken to heart, as a consumer of narrative. My mind wanders listening to endless exposition, when I feel like I already know the rules. I scowl when a character beat or plot point I’ve already seen demonstrated gets signposted, or, in rare cases:

Say, you know, that.

It’s obvious why we get fed this rule, and it makes perfect sense. Of course you Show–how boring otherwise. How repetitive your sentences would be in all Tells: “He was sad.” “She was delighted.” “They were not happy together, but they were in love anyway.” How complicated it would quickly become, if your audience felt like they were being told something they were not being proven: “He and she are a bad match and probably shouldn’t be together but I decided as a writer to do it anyway so nuts to you.” 

So: Show, Don’t Tell. Of course. We get it, we’ve got it, good.

Of course, the first line of The Raven Boys is:

Blue Sargent had forgotten how many times she’d been told that she would kill her true love.

For some of you, that might seem to make sense too. Of course you Tell–how difficult otherwise. How would you even write that, in a Show? “Whispers in Blue’s mind told her again.” “A man half-cast in shadow would fall before her.” “Twin lips brushed together, and turned black at the touch.” You have to Tell it–it’s obvious to Tell it.

So: Tell, Don’t Show. Great, got it–

Wait, don’t got it, no. Maybe some of you do, but. I know for myself, I’ve never found it so obvious, for whatever reason. And by for whatever reason, I mean “for a specific few, many of which I’ll get into Part IV.”

But most importantly one: I think the first rule of writing is Show, Don’t Tell. I also think the first lie of writing is Show, Don’t Tell. Not because it’s inherently, universally, wrong (see SW example above), but because it implies it is inherently, universally right. There’s something glorious about the Show, about seeing a scene and knowing, feeling, in our gut, the truth of it.

But also, there is: 

The Kuleshov Effect

Demonstrated by and named for Soviet filmmaker Lev Kuleshov, the Kuleshov Effect is meant to demonstrate how cutting in cinema creates meaning. An audience member, seeing two images in quick succession, will create a meaning and a relationship between the two of them due to the natural human inclination to tease out patterns and create narrative in seemingly random events. The shot of the man in the above short is always the same: a blank, neutral expression. Yet, depending on the image immediately preceding it, we understand the emotion differently. We bring to him subtle nuance and shades of meaning that are, patently, not truly there.

It is a testament to the rule of Show, Don’t Tell that we are able to do this. The man does not need to Tell us he’s hungry. We understand hunger, and we understand that looking at a piece of food (rather than ignoring it) generally indicates it. However, I also think it demonstrates very well the lie. The man’s expression never changes–and, on its own, the man’s expression Tells us nothing. There isn’t anything really in this part of the Show. Were the shot of the man unmoored from the short or were it cut to come after a scene of ambiguous value, something we do not inherently understand, then the same power the human mind has to find nuance or create patterns actually only becomes a weakness. It leads to argument, or confusion, as different audience members gather different things–and without a Tell to keep them in line, there’s no real way to determine, who is right and who is wrong.

Not all beginnings are created equal. Your series might take place in a white siding house with a white picket fence–a narrative we have been fed, however incorrectly, as being the norm, and thus, something many people understand as a baseline. Your series might take place in alternate history rococo Space France–a narrative that we have not been gifted, however unjustly, as the norm (thanks, universe). Or, like The Raven Cycle, your series might take place in a not quite real town in Virginia, with pockets of world that are exactly like our own, and pockets of world that only seem like our own. These are different levels of distance from reality, with different levels of inherent understanding we can bring to it–and thus, different levels of Tell, I think, that we in practice need to have along with our Shows, to make sure our Shows are actually Telling. 

This is particularly true, I think, when we’re looking at beginning our series. If a series is an idea fleshed out to make a world–not a story with three parts (beginning, middle, and end), but a genuine universe with a life to be lived within it–then the beginning is the start of that life in that world. It is the promise of what is to come.

So, on that note …

What Are You Promising?

No, not just what you are setting up, promising. They are the same (until they are different–more on that later) and knowing that–knowing this is a question to ask–is probably the most important thing you can do in any beginning. We understand Exposition. Whether or not we are good at it, we get the purpose. It is, after all, what we do as the writer. 

What I think we understand less, to differing extents, is what we don’t actively do but which occurs as a direct result of our actions: What I think can be safely called Establishment and Expectation.

Establishment, at least, is a word we get thrown as writers. Though, I want to talk about it not as a synonym for exposition, not as an action we do as writers, but as something the book does with our exposition. Kind of like an echo of what we shout into the cold, dark abyss. 

Let’s go back, again, to our first line:

Blue Sargent had forgotten how many times she’d been told that she would kill her true love.

It exposits just that: Blue knows she will kill her true love. But there’s more than that going on here. With this line, it is also established that Blue is a pretty strange duck. Having true loves, killing true loves. It is established, very lightly, that this is not your average kissing book, and not your average true love tale. It sets a tone, one the rest of the prologue supports with

We continue with:

Her family traded in predictions. These predictions tended, however, to run toward the nonspecific. Things like: Something terrible will happen to you today. It might involve the number six. Or: Money is coming. Open your hand for it. Or: You have a big decision and it will not make itself.

Exposited: Blue’s family is magic, but not omniscient and exact (Told and Shown).

The people who came to the little, bright blue house at 300 Fox Way didn’t mind the imprecise nature of their fortunes. It became a game, a challenge, to realize the exact moment that the predictions came true. When a van carrying six people wheeled into a client’s car two hours after his psychic reading, he could nod with a sense of accomplishment and release. When a neighbor offered to buy another client’s old lawn mower if she was looking for a bit of extra cash, she could recall the promise of money coming and sell it with the sense that the transaction had been foretold. Or when a third client heard his wife say, This is a decision that has to be made, he could remember the same words being said by Maura Sargent over a spread of tarot cards and then leap decisively to action.

Exposited: Blue’s family is specifically the fortune teller kind of magic, but in a modern world (note cars, note lawn mower) (Shown). The town loves them for it (Told.)

But the imprecise nature of the fortunes stole some of their power. The predictions could be dismissed as coincidences, hunches. They were a chuckle in the Walmart parking lot when you ran into an old friend as promised. A shiver when the number seventeen appeared on an electric bill. A realization that even if you had discovered the future, it really didn’t change how you lived in the present. They were truth, but they weren’t all of the truth.

Exposited: That magic is therefore not showy, and doesn’t make them wizards (Told).

I should tell you,” Maura always advised her new clients, “that this reading will be accurate, but not specific.”

It was easier that way.

But this was not what Blue was told. Again and again, she had her fingers spread wide, her palm examined, her cards plucked from velvet-edged decks and spread across the fuzz of a family friend’s living room carpet. Thumbs were pressed to the mystical, invisible third eye that was said to lie between everyone’s eyebrows. Runes were cast and dreams interpreted, tea leaves scrutinized and séances conducted.

All the women came to the same conclusion, blunt and inexplicably specific. What they all agreed on, in many different clairvoyant languages, was this:

If Blue was to kiss her true love, he would die.

Exposited: Blue is different–the magic foretelling her future is very definite (Told). No matter what kind of magic it is (Shown). If Blue kisses her true love, he’s done (Told).

And, through all the above: Established: Blue’s kiss is dangerous, and this is definitely not your average magical true love kissing book.

Expectation is a bit trickier. It is less what you do, or even what the book does, and more what the audience does with that information from there. What thoughts the information you’re expositing and establishing has led them to have. 

Because of what has been said about Blue’s kiss, the audience can expect several things: That Blue’s kiss, whenever she does have it, is going to be very important. That romance, whenever Blue does experience it, is going to be very complicated for her. That Blue will kiss someone (because otherwise what even is the point); that the other bits and bobs we pick up about the rules of magic in this universe will somehow tie into this, even if we can’t say just this second what those bits and bobs are (because otherwise what even is the point). Even that Blue is a/the main character–because, otherwise, what even is the point.

That’s all with a pretty easy few paragraphs, ones which do a lot of Telling, and just enough Showing to keep things interesting. What do you do when you throw Kuleshov into it? When your audience will always find nuance and patterns, and thus will always create expectations based upon them that you may not even be planning for? This could end up terrible. After all, no one fully knows the mind of another person.

This could also, however, end up great. After all, you can use this. If the reader will create expectations, if the reader will feel promised something based on what you are expositing and establishing, that means you’ve got some nifty things in your toolkit now. You have intrigue. You have tension.

And you also, I think, have organization. You can now sort your set up, into information we must in book one know right now and information you actually don’t. Information that sets up and promises, and information that may, in fact, be better as a reward.

After all: If your audience has expectations, then you can meet them. But you can also flip them right where it hurts. Stab them in the eyes and leave them for dead. 

But, that’s for Part II and The Dream Thieves to tackle next.

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you


- Who cries when someone dies in a movie: Kayano.

- Who wears the ugly holiday garb: Nagisa.  :’D

- Who pays for the meals: Nagisa bcoz he is gentleman af.

- Who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone: Nagisa plays the trombone and Kayano slams the oven door.

- Who brings home stray animals: Nagisa. Kayano then lecture him but after that she doesn’t mind about it anymore.

- Who leaves the bathroom door open: KAYANO.

- Who tells the ‘dad jokes’: Nagisa. :’D

- Who wants kids more: Nagisa.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Same goes for Kayano but she never say it to Nagisa because she find it embarassing.

- Who travels more: Kayano.

- Who spends more cash: Kayano.

- Who buys the things in infomercials: Kayano.

- Who draws in the dust on their cars: Kayano.

- Who starts the snowball fights: Kayano.

- Who throws away the directions to things: Kayano.

- Who puts up holiday decor: Both.

- Who gets more obsessed about things: Kayano.

- Who sings in the shower more often: Kayano.


- Who cries when someone dies in a movie: Okuda.

- Who wears the ugly holiday garb: Okuda.

- Who pays for the meals: Okuda wants to pay but then Karma insist that he should pay.

- Who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone: Okuda plays the trombone and Karma slams the oven door.

- Who brings home stray animals: BOTH. :D

- Who leaves the bathroom door open: Karma.

- Who tells the ‘dad jokes’: Okuda.

- Who wants kids more: Karma.

- Who travels more: Karma.

- Who spends more cash: Karma. :’D

- Who buys the things in infomercials: BOTH.

- Who draws in the dust on their cars: Karma.

- Who starts the snowball fights: Okuda.

- Who throws away the directions to things: Karma.

- Who puts up holiday decor: Okuda.

- Who gets more obsessed about things: Okuda.

- Who sings in the shower more often: Okuda.

It hurts to remember that just 7 months ago, you had $5000 in the bank and now all you have is $20 in cash.

It hurts to think back on how you had a well-paying job that you would have still had, if the place hadn’t gotten a new boss who decided half of the employees were unnecessary and cut our positions (and has turned the entire place to shit since then)

It hurts to have spent the past 6 months unemployed, applying for TEN jobs and getting rejected from all of them.

It hurts that you were finally able to buy your own car, but after only half a year with it, you can’t go anywhere in it anymore because you don’t even have money for gasoline.

It hurts to have the opportunity to move away after years of wanting to, only to discover you can’t do it because your sister wants you to stay at home with her until after she graduates high school. You choose to stay because there’s no way your heart will let you leave her here in this hellhole.

It hurts to want a simple life as a worker in a craft store or bookstore, writing in your free time and maybe opening an alterations shop later on, but being pressured to go back to college and spend a million dollars earning two pieces of paper that will “certify” you to be a librarian and a writer. Those are the only two things you could see yourself enjoying for the rest of your life. You still wish you could just live a life that didn’t involve going back to school.

It hurts to have your life mapped out, only to have life tell you that it can’t happen the way you want.

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  • -who cries when someone dies in a movie Kiba
  • -who wears the ugly holiday garb Kiba
  • -who pays for the meals Shino
  • -who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone Oven-Kiba, Trombone- Shino
  • -who brings home stray animals Kiba
  • -who leaves the bathroom door open Kiba
  • -who tells the ‘dad jokes’ Shino
  • -who wants kids more Neither
  • -who travels more Both
  • -who spends more cash Kiba
  • -who buys the things in infomercials Kiba
  • -who draws in the dust on their cars Kiba
  • -who starts the snowball fights Shino
  • -who throws away the directions to things Kiba
  • -who puts up holiday decor Shino
  • -who is more likely to forget to bathe Kiba
  • -who gets more obsessed about things Shino
  • -who sings in the shower more often Kiba
Today, I fucked up by thinking that I won $5,000 at a car dealership.

This happened about three hours ago. I am still very ashamed of myself.

I got what looked like a scratch off game card in my mailbox that was from a car dealership a couple towns over. It looked like a standard promotion/junk mail and I would normally throw this stuff away but this card had differing amounts that could be won simply by scratching off the various boxes on the card. Well wouldn’t you know it, I had a combination of symbols that, on the key on the right side of the card, said I had won $5,000. I then read the fine print on the back of the card and it seemed legit. No red flags to speak of.

I am normally EXTREMELY skeptical on these types of things. You can’t just win free money, right? So I called the number of the dealership and was transferred to a man who acted very excited that I had won this promotion. I asked him point blank, “Is there anything else that I need to know? Did I really just win $5,000 on a free mailer that everyone gets?” He said all I have to do is come down to the dealership and match the code on the back of the card. If it matches and I can prove that I live at the address on the mailer, he would cut me a check for the amount that I won. Keep in mind he didn’t say “$5,000” he said “Amount that I won”.

I’ll be honest, and I was still skeptical, but I could really use that kind of money right now (I mean who couldn’t right?). I basically laid it on the line and said, “Listen your dealership is at least 45 minutes away. I am not buying a car today. This isn’t like cash back on a new car or anything is it? Please tell me this is for real. I cant afford to drive that far both ways if this isn’t what you are telling me it is.” Without hesitating, the man on the phone said “This is for real. If we verify it and you really did win, we will cut you a check today.”

So, I hopped in my car and drove the 45 minutes to the dealership. When I walked in I saw a few people holding the same mailer. I was suspicious but at the same time there were several levels of money, all the way down to like $25, that could be won according to the game card so I figured these people had some amount of money as well. I walked up to the sales counter and told them who I was. I said, “Hey I’m the guy that called about an hour ago. I won $5,000 on your mailer game”. The three guys at the counter cheered and congratulated me. One of them ushered me into an office and asked me for my ID and proof that I lived at the address listed. Once I gave him that he asked me for the game card. He then gave me a form to fill out to claim my winnings. He punched in the code into his computer and said, “Alright man, lets find out if you won.” “What do you mean, if I won?” I said back. “One of you told me on the phone that I already had won.” I began to shake because I knew I had been tricked, no, straight lied to earlier. This man looks me in the face and says “You did win. You won a spot in our contest to see if you won $5,000.” I was speechless. He said “Don’t you want to find out if you won the money?” I realized then that I had been scammed into driving to this dealership. I said nothing. I looked this man in the eyes for at least thirty straight seconds in dead silence. I was so angry I could barely get words out. I am normally a very calm, easy going person and I hate confrontation, but I was so ashamed that I fell for this. I finally said, “You mother fuckers lied to me. You lied and told me I had won this money. I just drove all the way from (my town) to (this town) because one of you assured me this wasn’t a scam to get me here. I asked you if there was anything else I needed to know, if this was for real, and you said it was.”

He responded by saying it wasn’t him, that it must have been one of the other employees. He then told me that my drive “Wasn’t really that far”. I lowered my head, got back into my car, and drove home.

And that is how I fucked up today. I really hope that the son-of-a-bitch that put this together wins a bunch of money in the lotto and then dies of a heart attack before he can collect his winnings. Thanks for reading.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.