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Hey, remember my AU with pack alpha wolf!Cas and idek-what!Dean?
I still haven’t figured out what exactly is Dean, but tags suggested either a lamb or a goat. All we know for sure is that he’s a little shit.

anyway, @ yoi fandom and fic writers especially, like i was saying last night

not every fat or chubby person has self-esteem issues

you don’t need to make every single fic/hc with fat/chubby yuuri focused on how much he hates his body


oh and you absolutely have no say in what someone likes. you dont get to tell people they can’t like something just because its got problematic elements. you can inform people who dont know, hey, the writer for this is racist, or hey, this voice actor is an asshole, beware, but you dont ever have a right to tell someone they can’t watch/listen to/read/play something. odds are they are already aware of its problematic parts.

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closest friends you made here?

Undeniably emoboiz because I imagine this is the amount of love Donghyun feels for the Brand New Music trainees.

Outside of emoboiz, I love @dxnghyuns @danik-chu @park-woojin @parkkwoojin @emperorhwangs @minsbugi a lot too! 
(I’ll list more when I’m not on mobile I’m getting carsick sorry)

EDIT: (IDK who to tag because I feel like I’m just being annoying now) 


I blame this entirely on the Didscord. This is YOUR FAULT. I hope you’re proud now.
So how long does Oikawa run around with that sign stuck to his back? :’D

You still can call yourself a “fan”, even if you

  • have not watched every single episode
  • disagree with the choice of a character
  • do not follow the actors/actresses on social media
  • have not read the original book/comic
  • do not spend all your money on merchandise
  • do not know every single background info

My friend @missyzero and I were talking about what Shadow’s damage might be in Sonic Forces and she was like “watch it be a Shadow bot and real Shadow was washing his bike somewhere.”

For some reason I thought that was funny and decided to draw it!

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Marvel (no tony, steve or Wanda haters)



Doctor who


Riverdale (no Archie haters)

Better call saul

Breaking bad



The walking dead (no Daryl haters)


Marvel Netflix

One direction


The 1975