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May I ask who are you? What is your story?? Are you the new Holly?

Me? I’m a 30-something Canadian SAHM who writes fanfic to alleviate boredom. I’m also very opinionated and like to share my thoughts and theories. I am definitely not the new Holly (though I miss her) in any way. I just do my thing and answer any asks I get sent.

I think all content creators can relate to this.

In my opinion, I don’t think followers really understand how much your requests/likes/reblogs/etc. and random asks mean to me. It’s just so refreshing and nice to know that people enjoy what I’m doing and support me.

People that go the extra mile and send an ask or message letting me know they liked my stuff honestly makes my day. I love reading tags and stuff…it’s honestly so cute….

And people who ask about how I’m doing or send me random questions or cute asks….I just want you guys to know it honestly makes my day. I just love all the interaction and such. It makes running a blog so much more enjoyable.

And Fanart/Fanwork? Honestly that’s one of the greatest things to receive. To everyone that draws or writes, please don’t feel too insecure to send it end! No one is going to criticize you over quality. It’s so sweet that you even thought about making something…I will always appreciate it no matter what, and I’m sure all other content creators feel the same.

So, in conclusion, don’t be afraid to talk to your favorite blogs and show them some love, guys! We always appreciate it! ☺️


David Tennant and Billie Piper at the Tampa Bay Mega Con (October 2016)

…because I love his “Pick me!” body-language after the question is asked

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how to study as a busy student

i personally go through this a lot because i have to balance saturday band, honor band, auditions, performances, history club, national history day with school and nonexistant friends. so here u go, friend!! this is my advice to keep up with your (busy) studying!! ha see what i did there im so funny

1. have a planning system. this is a no-brainer. but honestly you’re going to need something to help you keep track of all your deadlines AND your afterschool activities. it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy; heck it can even be on your phone. but make sure you’re keeping track of everything.

2. use all the time you can to do your homework. if you’re really behind or you have a lot of homework and not enough time to do it at home, do your homework when you can during school. this does NOT mean trying to set the world record for fastest writer while your teacher is collecting the homework. this means on the bus, waiting for your food/the bus/your friends, those down periods during and between classes, during sports practice, and even during lunch. however do NOT make a habit of this!! i get that its a lot, but please still try to have a life!!!

3. set aside a day a week to solely catch up on school work, and another day just to relax. i usually have saturday as my school work day and sunday as my day to relax and prepare for the week. this may seem contradictory, seeing as you may have sports practice or rehearsal on saturday or something. but think of it this way: you’re already going to be working your butt off that day. you might as well keep that flow going and get all your school work together and catch up on any missing assignments. you can also use that sunday off as your motivation to work hard because youre being rewarded with a completely free day.

4. do your homework on friday. please. just do it. this kind of follows the same concept as above: you have school that day anyways, so keep working your hardest. now, if you have no friends like me, this’ll be easy. but if you have plans on fridays (which you should, seriously, go out), stop working 1-2 hours before you have to go somewhere. you can continue any work you havent completed on your catch-up day.

5. drop one or two things. this sounds really painful!!! but being in a lot of extracurriculars and having a nice application/resume is not as nice as your mental health. not being able to balance too many things at once will stress you out and make you sick. like, i used to be in drama club and i also had piano class on wednesdays. once i got older, i realized that these things looked nice on my honor society application, but i didnt have time for what really mattered. (plus i didn’t rly like them anyways.) if you can work your way around it, fine. but otherwise, keep the things close to your heart and drop what you absolutely don’t have time for.

6. if worst comes to worst, talk to your teachers. they will understand, if you’re struggling to be a well-rounded student and keep up your grades at the same time. this doesn’t mean lie or use your teachers as an easy way out. but rather, if everything becomes too overwhelming, talk to someone.

i really hope that helped @ the original anon who asked me this question! sorry this was so late! i’m quite the busy student myself hahaha

When the person asks me who my ultimate bias

Outside: difficult question * smile *

Inside: HOW CAN I CHOOSE? *freak out*








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Hello Tumblr community! I’m glad that I finally made my first blog here dedicated to the most wonderful person in the world: Zoë Isabella Kravitz! Thank you so much @fuckyeahlolawolf for encouraging me to do this and for the precious advices!
I think some of you knows me from Instagram, my account there is @zoekravitz88 like this blog’s name and for those who didn’t you can always ask me anonymously (or not) questions about anything!
I hope you’ll enjoy my blog! I’m gonna post tons of pics of Zoë and also my Instagram edits (which I ask for giving credits if you repost).
Even if it’s obvious I’m still gonna mention that any kind of hate is not accepted here!

hamilton song asks (1)

alexander hamilton: are you proud of where you come from?

aaron burr, sir: who do you look up to most?

my shot: what motivates you most?

the story of tonight: describe your friend group

the schuyler sisters: do you have siblings, and if so, what’s your relationship with them like?

farmer refuted: do you find it easy to stand up for what you believe in?

you’ll be back: is there anyone you miss right now?

right hand man: tell us about your best friend

a winter’s ball: tell us about your first kiss

helpless: how do you act when you have a crush on someone? do you play it cool or are you awkward with them?

satisfied: have you ever made a big sacrifice for someone else?

the story of tonight (reprise): do you have a group chat? what’s it called?

wait for it: what’s your motto?

stay alive: do you make plans or do you go with the flow?

ten duel commandments: do you follow the rules?

that would be enough: what is your idea of happiness?

guns and ships: can you rap?

history has its eyes on you: if you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would you pick?

yorktown: have there been any moments in which your life has changed completely?

what comes next: where do you see yourself in five years?

dear theodosia: do you want kids?

non-stop: are you a hard worker?

The critical examination of religion should be encouraged, and asking questions about religions should be encouraged. 

What should stop is people yelling at other people who don’t know, who are asking questions, who just want to explore and know more.  

Question time!

Be honest, who would your Summoner S-support?


C: Honestly, I have a pretty solid group of friends, here. So. I’m doing pretty alright, thanks for asking. 

Will Roland stage door experience

all i can think about is when i met Will at the stage door and told him that i was in love with his voice and i could just listen to him talk forever and he smiled really wide and thanked me and was just being adorable and then someone like 6 people down just yelled really loudly “ARE YOUR TEETH REAL” and Will had the most amused and incredulous look on his face and he looked at me and then at the person who asked the question and then back at me and then responded “Yes, i use them to sing.”

i love this man