who as far as i know was not badly treated

You know many of us just assume that Sara slept with half of the women in Salem and to be fair she probably enjoyed the company of quite a few ladies. But I think it was far more then this. I think she thought those women to stand up for themselves, to love themselves, to know that they are just as good as any men. Because that’s who Sara Lance is. Someone who loves women. Who values and respects women and who will never stand to see them treated badly. I think this is the “corruption” that drove the men crazy. The fact that Sara Lance was bringing feminism to 1692

I never want to see a pro-tayvin post again. The same way none of us still ship her with John I don’t want any of us to still ship her with calcium. He treated her badly and hurt her. I understand Taylor squared shippers and hiddleswift shippers and haylor shippers because the relationships as far as we know ended nicely, as far as break ups go, and didn’t leave her damaged. We love Taylor and want her to be happy so shipping her with someone who obviously hurt her is just wrong.

Recent Allegations

Recently, some very strange allegations have been leveled at me. I didn’t want my very first post on tumblr to be in self-defense, but due to the number of misunderstandings occurring, I feel that it is necessary to type out a response to the claims that are being made about me.

The first allegation is that I hold “Stern hatred for the Skullgirls developers.” This isn’t true. In 2013 I became acquainted with Mike Z, the lead programmer of Skullgirls. Over the course of several months, we spoke in the Skullgirls IRC chatroom about game design and the game industry. From what I remember, our discussions were civil and respectable. Eventually, we had a really big argument about something. Looking back, I’m not proud of how I handled it. Fortunately, we later spoke with one another through private messages and resolved our differences. The end result was that I felt motivated to become a better game developer, and that’s what I choose to focus on when retelling the story. I still love Skullgirls, and I hold a lot of respect for Mike Z, Alex Ahad, and Mariel Cartwright.

The second allegation is that I am a “child solicitor” and “sex offender”. These accusations are almost too silly to dignify with a response, but I’ll respond nonetheless. About 6 years ago, I knew a young woman who did a lot of inappropriate things in order to get people to pay attention to her. One of the things she did was to send nude pictures of herself to lots of people. I was one of the people who she sent nude pictures to. Months later, I learned that she was actually too young to be doing that sort of thing. I deleted her pictures immediately, of course. To be perfectly clear; the pictures were unsolicited; I don’t go around asking kids to send me nude pics.

The third allegation is that I treat my volunteers badly and don’t want to credit them. This is another statement that is so far from reality that it doesn’t seem to warrant a response, but I may as well reply to it. I am extremely grateful and appreciative towards every volunteer who generously lends me their time, and I attempt to let them know how thankful I am for their assistance at every opportunity. However, not every volunteer produces satisfactory work. Sometimes, I have to let someone know that their contribution is too low-quality to meet my standards. Most volunteers are able to accept criticism with grace and maturity, but others are indignant, and react by becoming vindictive and attempting to slander and defame me. If someone can’t handle the fact that their work needs improvement and chooses to childishly lash out on tumblr, they need to grow up before they consider becoming part of a team.

As for the matter of giving credit to volunteers: The game is extremely early into development; it’s practically in its infancy right now. It is extremely likely that any one of the assets included within the game’s debug sandbox will not make it into the final game, or even into the official demo. This is the nature of game development; assets are created, re-imagined, re-envisioned, replaced, and tossed away all the time. There is no guarantee that any asset a volunteer makes for me will be included in the final game. Most volunteers understand this innately. Extremely few volunteers have taken this news poorly; the majority are mature enough to understand the nature of game development, and understand that their work may not meet my standards, or may eventually be replaced.

I can tell you from my experience in the game industry that the credits screen is one of the very last screens that is made for the game. It is illogical to start working on it when the game is only around 5% complete. When the official demo is released, I will credit every volunteer whose assets are included within the game. Until the official demo is released, there is no guarantee that any asset made for the game will actually be used in the final product, and thus it is far too early to consider including credits at this point in time.

Hopefully, this post will prevent others from spreading misinformation about me and Yandere Simulator. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

STARISH members Character Personality Analysis part 1- A class -

Requested by @Anonymous, thank you <3 (I’m really sorry for being this late)

Please note that my analysis are based on the anime only since I didn’t play the game myself and just read the routes on websites.

Ittoki Otoya:

You can tell from his first appearance that he is the friendly and helpful type; he treated haruka gently and tried to persuade the guards to let her enter even if it was their first meeting. Later on, we get to know more of his positive qualities, like he is energetic, cheerful, optimist, social, supportive, he keeps being nice to others even if they treat him badly (I’m looking at you Tokiya, Eiichi), and doesn’t seem like the type who get affected by what people say about them.

Though, despite all his good qualities, he’s far from being the perfect goody-goody character. From all Starish members, he is the only one who was shown having some lacks in his idol career, in the first season, we got to know he had difficulties in writing lyrics, a problem that kept following him to the fourth season; he’s not a genius, he surely has a natural talent, but he kept evolving through the story. He has also his few moments of discouragement but gets well when other members try to cheer him up.

Because of his past, it was revealed that he was in reality hiding a lot of bitter memories and sadness behind his smiley face; he lost his family when he was just little child and had to keep living with the feeling of guilt toward the death of his aunt. But Otoya never opened his heart to anyone and kept those feelings to himself, even when he told Haruka his story; he confirmed that it wasn’t that sad, which was revealed later not to be the truth, since he got mentally broken when Eiichi reminded him of his past.

All that brings the question of whether Otoya really lied to his friends about his true feelings or he had always been honest with them, most likely it’s a bit of both, since Otoya didn’t want to preoccupy his friends with his own problems, on the other hand, it’s for his sake to forget what happened and move on in his life since he can do nothing about it and the dead would never come back.

In addition he also has his moments of anger, desperation and hardship, which makes him the human and relatable type of characters.

As a member of starish, he is portrayed as the leader of the group in several occasions, tends to be the first one to make a move in a given situation, tries to motivate his friends, add to the fact he was the first one to accept Haruka’s suggestion to form the band.

Hijirikawa Masato:

As a first impression, he is the cold but approachable type, for example he didn’t mind to be called by a nickname «Masa» when he first introduced himself, he quickly warmed up to Haruka and helped her regain confidence in herself, later on he integrated the group of students (class A boys and girls + Syo and Ren) while still being calm and serious.

As an idol, he is very strict most of the time, and doesn’t seem like someone who accepts errors when it comes to performing judging by the way he keeps criticizing Ren’s dancing steps, but outside work, he is really a caring and kind person, even though he doesn’t show his true feelings sometimes, especially when it comes to his roommate and ex-best friend, Masato at some point couldn’t tolerate Ren’s reckless and careless behavior but it doesn’t negate the fact that he worries about him and gets happy when Ren finally solves his problems.

His very serious nature may be a part of his personality, but he was largely influenced by his childhood, because he is the eldest son of Hijirikawa family and the one who should inherit the family’s corporation, he was raised in a strict environment; his relationship with his father was merely that of the head of the family and the heir, he mentioned that he couldn’t even eat in front of his father, all this had reflected on his personality making him someone very reserved and quiet.

To escape his pain, Masato grew to love music thanks to the family’s butler who taught him how to play the piano which later becomes his only passion and resulted to more gaps in his relationship with his father who was against the idea that his son would become an idol. Though afterward Masato’s father was convinced that music is his son’s happiness and the only domain in which he can be himself.

When it comes to Starish, Masato is helpful and supportive even though he sometimes refuses to be assisted, and in difficult situations, he tends to stay calm and think reasonably to come up with solutions.

Shinomiya Natsuki:

At his debut, Natsuki looks like an adorable young man who is extremely fond of cute things; he’s friendly, cheerful, naïve sometimes, very light-hearted, and the funniest Starish member. Na-chan is such a pure hearted person, getting happy when something good happens to people around him and getting sad and concerned when problems befall them. He also likes cooking, but is very bad at it, making his tasters (mostly Syo) suffer from inedible food.

As an idol, he is very talented, and a genius composer, he mastered the violin and participated in many competitions in his youth together with his childhood friend Syo.

But that’s not all in it, when he was very young, Natsuki composed a song but got stolen by his teacher who made profit out of it to become famous; the feeling of getting betrayed by someone he trusted much destroyed Natsuki and caused him to fall in despair; out of his pain was created his other personality, Satsuki.

Satsuki is the dark side of Natsuki, who is there to protect him, though his personality is totally the opposite, he’s solitary, very serious, violent and short tempered causing him to attack anyone who gets his way or tries to harm Natsuki. He appears when someone takes Natsuki’s glasses off, driving Haruka and Starish members to panic who hurry to put his glasses back on.

Natsuki was unaware of Satsuki’s existence and had no memories of what happens when he becomes Satsuki, he only had a feeling that someone was watching over him, though afterward he was able to meet him in his deep mind. Satsuki was convinced that Natsuki has grown much stronger than he could have imagined and didn’t mind leaving him especially when Natsuki confirmed that he’ll be okay since he has his friends, Haruka and Satsuki himself.

As in Starish, he always stays positive and cares a lot about his friends and … he’s such an angel that’s all :)

If you’re someone who thinks leaving anon hate is fun then I just want to let you know that you’re a very petty and sad creature. Grow the fuck up.

If you don’t like someone then block them. Don’t go so far out of the way to treat people badly. It’s desperate and embarrassing. 

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hey!! I was wondering if you know of any fics about deaf/hoh miraculous ? or bbrae? i just got diagnosed as hoh and am supposed to be deaf by the end of the year. i have read all the ones on ao3 so i was thinking maybe you know some others?

i’m so, so, so sorry my dude ;-;

sadly i don’t tend to gun for those sorts of fics (the people who can write a disability well are few and far between, i’ve found), but there was one i remember really enjoying:

Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes is an adorable teen wolf fic that deals with the topic, featuring deaf food-blogger!derek.

in addition to that one…

newer fics featuring clint barton by copperbadge feels like a weird rec, but i’ve never known copperbadge to treat an issue badly and with clint now fandom-accepted/canon-confirmed (?? not sure which, just that it’s everywhere now) as a hoh character, there might be some good things in there. (there might also not be, because i’d rather get these recs to you than scour them, but i have hope ;v;)

sorting ao3′s ‘deaf’ tag by kudos got me a few promising fics, though i’d go for the avengers/teen wolf ones and avoid the yoi and snk ones (how much of that is personal grudge is up in the air, but i don’t have very good impressions of how those fandoms treat disabilities/minorities—going for the most popular of those could be… either helpful or damaging rn, i have no idea;;)

i’m so sorry, and i wish i had more, but maybe these might help a little ;-;

—-EDIT i am just now realizing that you said you’d gone through all of ao3′s

im gomen ;v;

i will still rec copperbadge, because i trust them and they don’t tend to tag their disabilities, but sadly i don’t have good recs. i’m so sorry;;

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With the whole Big Three Marvel characters changing is it me or does everyone at Marvel just hate Tony Stark? just joking haha. But like Tony is a pretty tragic character as far as his life has played out so far and now that hes in villain territory...(we can call him a villian right?) he just seems to be one of those characters who cant get a break, now horrific beauty. Is that just sort of how hes planned out to be in comics? Or is he hate-able? haha

I get versions of this question almost every day about some character.

someone has a favorite character and they want to know why their favorite character is being treated badly. I was accused of this all the time during my daredevil run on up… I said then and I’ll say now if you see a character being treated badly that’s because the creators absolutely love that character. the only way for a writer to dramatically express that love is to put them through hell and watch them try to crawl out of it. those are the best stories. those are the most interesting stories.

 and you would not pay money to watch Tony Stark enjoy a lovely French dip sandwich. you just wouldn’t. you pay money to watch him crawl out of the wreckage.

cut to someone below posting that you would pay money to watch Tony Stark enjoy a lovely French dip sandwich. you wouldn’t. shut up :-)

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A tiny who had been living as a giant's pet ends up living with a different giant and tiny, neither of whom know about the previous situation until the tiny expresses great concern over upsetting the giant, fearing punishment such as no dinner.

Oh man, that’d be something that’d stick with the tiny horribly after being treated so badly- I can imagine they’re living with this constant overhanging fear of doing wrong and the punishment they believe will follow, they don’t know any different!
As far as the tiny knows all giants are the same, afterall neither the giant or tiny they now live with has ever had a reason to address such a horrible scenario so the poor tiny thinks that any mishap or mistake will result in the same terrible things as before!

But maybe the other tiny begins to notice how they seem overly compliant and nervous to make decisions, always asking permission for everything as if they believe themselves to be something lesser.
So the other tiny talks to the giant about it and the two sit the tiny down for a talk, they only want to make sure they’re okay and comfortable but the poor tiny thinks they’ve done something wrong!

They burst into tears and apologise profusely, swearing that whatever they’ve done to upset the giant will never happen again- they beg them not to hurt them or take their food away and the giant is horrified, suddenly it all becomes clear to them!
They calm the tiny down and with their permission they pick them up, cradling them close while they reassure them that that’s not the home they live in anymore- they’re not a pet or a slave or anything lesser than the giant, they’re their friend and they are so very dear to them….

It takes a long time for them to fully recover form their past but with the other tinies guidance and the giants patience and understanding they grow stronger and eventually no longer feel the fear that once haunted them.

And also the giant swears they will kick the ass of whoever had the tiny beforehand.

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What ARE the sad realities of Houself speech patterns?


So what @whelvenwings and I were noticing is the third person speech that Dobby has. I thought at first that it was something that all house-elves use in day-to-day speech.

“Dobby is used to death threats, sir. Dobby gets then five times a day at home.”

As far as I can remember, Dobby never uses anything other than third person and never refers to himself as an “I”. 

As does Kreacher. 

Oh, my poor mistress, what would she say if she saw Kreacher serving him?

We can compare their speech pattern to one of the only other significant house-elf that we meet–Winky. 

“I says to Dobby.”

‘He is needing me, he is needing my help! I is looking after the Crouches all my life–”

But I knows Dobby too, sir!

While she still does use third person verbs (and still refers to herself in third person as “Winky”) it’s FAR LESS OFTEN when you compare her to Dobby and Kreacher. 

Conclusion: Looking at the two environments that they come from, it’s easy to assume that Dobby learned to refer to himself as an object under the Malfoys rather than an actual person.Same goes for Kreacher with the Blacks. Winky–who was not treated nearly as badly–still has the ability to use first person when she wants, though she does slip up sometimes, especially when she was given clothes and her self-worth plummeted. 

godmotherwolf  asked:

As someone who has been that high school kid who badly wanted to be sad / broken / mentally ill - yup, that was a symptom of mental illness! And because of attitudes like "they just wanna b trendy" (which I used to buy into) I blamed MYSELF for developing serious mental illnesses! Drawing lines between who is and isn't "really" living with mental illness does far more harm than good - because at the end of the day We don't know what's going on in other people's brains!

In high school I was mentally ill and I was everything people claim is a “bad image” for mental health being taken seriously. I treated self harm like it was cool, I developed this “goth and damaged” aesthetic, I listened to emo music and I used it as a trend. 

I was still mentally ill. I still needed help. 

Even if someone does treat it like a trend for whatever reason doesn’t mean they don’t still deserve support and care. It’s not only mentally ill people who behave in a certain way that “deserve” help. 

“We don’t know what is going on in other people’s brains”.

Indeed. And we have no right to try and control and erase people based on our assumptions.