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Reader x Ubbe

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Ubbe looked up when you sat at the edge of the dock. You hadn’t noticed him and for a moment he found it rather irritating that you didn’t seem to even glance his way. When he cleared his throat you glared at him. “You’re interrupting my peace.” You muttered.

“I was here first so you are the one who interrupted.” Ubbe said offhandedly as he watched you dip your feet in the water.

“I am important so you should leave.” You offered and Ubbe chuckled.

“I’m kind of a big deal.” He said as he quirked an eyebrow and wondered how you didn’t know who he was.


Last month, PayPal held onto a large sum of my money and made it close to impossible for me to get it back. Today, I thought I’d talk you through how it all went down, how I resolved the issue and what alternatives I’ll be using in the future. I was quite nervous making this video so apologies if that comes across at all! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to share your stories below if you have any! 

This video posted by youtuber and artist Minnie Small is something I think we all need to see and be aware of when it comes to managing our finances online. Even more so when a lot of us poor folk use Paypal to crowdfund medical costs, rent, legal fees, etc. all that could very well end up being thousands of dollars. Or if you’re a freelance artist/seller/content creator who relies on online sales. 

If you end up getting more than one or two thousand dollars in a short amount of time, there’s a high possibility Paypal will freeze your account for no damn reason and come up with bullshit excuses to keep you locked out. 

I think it’s important to keep this in mind, especially if the money you’re receiving from donations/sales/etc. needs to be used immediately, as the wait time for them to resolve this issue can be of up to 6 months. Or, in some cases, never.

Minnie goes through a detailed account of how everything went down in this video and gives a comprehensive list of sources and alternatives you can look at in the description box. There’s more if you look through the comments, and people also share their stories which shows that this is definitely not an isolated case and keeps happening all the time, more often than we think.

NDRV3 killing their S/O during sex and the killing game.

I’m w e a k.

- Mod Teruteru

Shuichi Saihara


- As soon as he realised he FU*KING PANICKED.

- During the trial, he tried staying silent the who time, only deducting when absolutely necessary.

- He took the courtesy of dressing your corpse before leaving.

- Plus, you two had been so sneaky about the meeting that no one else knew just what you were doing.

- He just left your dead body in your room, left, and said he was sleeping the whole time.

- Plus he…uh…he couldn’t bring himself to say that he killed you during sex.

- Watching everyone get executed.

- Was this…really worth the trouble?

Kaito Momota

- “Uh, S/O?”

- He clearly didn’t realize it at first.

- “W-was I too fast? I can go another round if you need me to.”

- But when he had.

- “Um..oh…AHHHHH-”

- His first instinct was to hide the body.

- But, as long as your clothed, you don’t look dead.

- Hmmmmm…

- Was it worth it?

- Was death worth it?

- Probably not.

Rantaro Amami

- He just clothed you and left.

- He’s not messing with that.

- When people noticed that you weren’t at breakfast, he kept his cool.

- That didn’t stop him from sweating.

- The following class trial was probably the most stressful thing he has ever done.

- He didn’t want to admit what he had done.

- So he just kept quiet.

- Even during the multiple executions.

- It was worth it.

Gonta Gokuhara

- He probably panicked and left without doing much.

- He just gently tucked you in and disappeared.

- In the pan of time before your trial, he was very conflicted.

- Gentlemen always tell the truth…

- But he really didn’t want to tell the truth this time.

- He ended up confessing anyway.

- “W-what? But, no one knows how S/O died? How would you have killed them?”

- Gonta blushed and looked to the ground.

- “G-Gonta don’t want to talk about it…”

- When he joined you in heaven, it was pretty awkward, to say the least.

Korekiyo Shinguji

- Ah, uh oh.

- Mmm that’s not good.

- He just, dressed you, prayed a bit for you, then figured out a way to lock your door from the inside.

- Once he had left you inside the locked room, he acted like nothing happened.

- S/O?

- Haven’t seen them.

- When no one could open the door, they knew something was wrong.

- The trial went on for awhile.

- Korekiyo was suspected, but no one put any legitimate blame on him.

- Which meant that everyone but him died.

- This is fine.


- I- um- what??

- Is this a thing humans do??

- How does he fix this?

- When he realized that you were dead,

- He could only offer confusion™

- I mean, he definitely didn’t want to get caught.

- But he didn’t want anyone else to die.

- He just left you there.

- Hopefully no one would notice.

Ryoma Hoshi

- Oh.

- …oh.

- How does one…convey this feeling to others?

- You, just died.

- It was his fault.

- And it was in the most embarrassing way possible.

- What was one supposed to do after realizing this?

- Why him?

- He just made himself presentable, covered you in a blanket, and was gone.

- No one needs to know.

- When they found your body, he just acted aloof.

- When he had died,

- It just…

- It wasn’t worth it.

Kokichi Ouma

- At first, he thought you were messing with him.

- “What’s wrong S/O? Was I so good that you fainted?”

- He fell asleep with your corpse.

- He was so stubborn that he fell asleep with the corpse.

- When he had woken up and you were as cold as death, he knew he fu*ked up.

- Welp.

- Time to play hide and seek.

- He hid you body in the most secret place he knew of.

- Then he hid himself for awhile.

- Can’t be an embarrassing trial without a body discovery.

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Do you guys have any fangirls at school? | ू•ૅω•́)ᵎᵎᵎ


「 Yeah, and they piss me off! Always whispering behind my back and then when I turn around, they go ‘Kyaa~’ and scatter like roaches. 

                                                   If they gotta say something, they should just say it to my face! 」


「 Heh. Maybe it’s because half the time, you yell at them and it scares them off..?

                                                                 As for me, I don’t particularly care about such things. 」


「 Ore-sama is veeery popular with cheerleaders! Ha ha!

                            It’s fun to watch them do their routines before every one of our home games!」


「 Pervert! You just like to watch their breasts bounce up and down, don’t lie! 」


「 Gah! Who told you!? 」

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piggybacking off the last question, was your family homophobic (since they were hardcore christian)? and since you arn't homophobic rn (i'd assume) were you ever? what made you grow out of it? (feel free to not answer this as well if ur uncomfortable)

ohhhhhhhhhh yeah… My Dad is still pretty homophobic. He’s one who thinks every gay guy would try to hit on him, and he very adamant on it being sinful and bad. He watches a show called The Carbonaro Effect and the entire family has been keeping it a secret from him that this guy is gay. He’s got a total “mancrush” on the guy and laughs harder than I’ve ever seen him laugh when the show is on, but he’d stop watching it if he knew. And, in some skits on this show, the guy says “my boyfriend” or “my husband” and my dad is just so… oblivious. It’s hilarious though. He also loves our Glee Christmas CD’s, and we’ve all been hiding the fact that some of the songs are sung by two men (Baby It’s Cold Outside is the main one). He loves that song too and he just has no idea.

My mom basically just thinks it’s gross. She says it grosses her out to think of herself with another woman, and it grosses her out to think of two men together, but she doesn’t really care if someone is gay. The other day we were watching an episode of The Mentalist and it was about this boy who faked his death because he’s gay and he likes doing drag, and he had so many bullies in his life that he wanted to get away from. So, these other drag queens helped him fake his death and start a new life. By the end of it, my mom was crying and saying how happy she was for him. She’s also more willing to listen when I tell her about different sexualities and try to explain it to her. She doesn’t always understand, but she at least tries. She also had a brief moment of confusion and asked me if she was bisexual because she thinks Mariska Hargitay is pretty…

And, I was also homophobic until I was like 15ish, I guess. That was when I started to question the things I had been taught and formed my own opinions. I watched an interview with (I believe) Neil Patrick Harris, and he said something like, “Why would anyone choose to be gay when people are treated so poorly for being gay? Who would look at that life and be like ‘Oh! I want to be bullied on a daily basis! I’ll be gay!’” And that kinda hit me, because I was always taught it was a choice and those people could change. Then, I started watching Glee and, as shit as that show was sometimes, the 4th episode changed my entire outlook on everything. I could feel how terrified Kurt was to come out, and from then on I was a completely different person.

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I babysit these two kids so often that they’re almost like siblings to me. One’s a twelve year old boy and the other’s an eight year old girl. Frankly watching them watch youtube or talk about youtube terrifies me sometimes. They watched logan paul, those weird elsa spiderman videos, etc, and it’s just so scary how much it influences them. One time the twelve year old slammed his sister’s head in the ground bc he saw something on youtube. I only let them have one hour of internet a day and (1/2)

(2/2) they still manage to find and watch videos like that. I hate seeing them upset when I tell them they can’t watch a certain video but honestly, no matter who says it doesn’t, media will always influence real life. Look at tide pods, look at jaws, just look around you. It might not affect you, as a grown adult, but there’s still impressionable children.

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SHAXX AND CAYDE FLUFF SOMEHOW, GO!. Probably exasperated but fond Shaxx with a fucking kitten of a Cayde trying to bug him.

Imagine Shaxx and Cayde find a stray kitten while down in the Last City. No one else bothers helping them, its fur is all matted up and is starving, and its raining so they have no other choice than to take it in. Cayde is the one to take the cat and when Shaxx visits him the next day he finds that Cayde has named the cat (“Her name is Wendy!”) and spoils the shit out of her.

So now you’ve got Cayde-6 with a little orange and white splotched kitten in his hood or playing with a cat toy during his work which means Guardians are flocking over to awe. Then you’ve got Shaxx who’s cradling the kitten when watches Crucible matches and Guardians awkwardly watching this tiny little creature pounding at the datapad when something happens.

Two very terrible fathers.

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Why do Jamie Benn and David Backes not like each other? Did something happen on the ice?

Just a history of guys, at one time captains, who don’t see eye to eye. Backes picks his fights wisely (jonathon towes, benn) and goes after them in following games as well, a good spark when you get the captain to fight, wether or not you agree or disagree that a captain should fight or not. Backes and Benn pushed each other around a lot in the blues/stars playoff 7 game series as well

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I1RjxXlallI (personal fave)

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I get sick of HC having to be canon and can't be questioned just because they're 'progressive', even though they're harmful. I saw one user say Orsino is trans because a male body wouldn't fit into his robes. This wasn't a troll either.

I’ve seen and commented on the trans!Orsino thing last year some time I think? Or I just saw it from the sidelines with whatever that feeling you get is when you watch a tumblr trainwreck spiral from one post. His feet model is from the female model rather than male ones, so the original post claimed, and that’s where the headcanon came from. Like, cool, whatever. I actually kind of thought it was a cool idea until, you know, the people who hc’d it got really up their own asses about it and called people transphobes for not agreeing.

Headcanons are still headcanons and have literally zero weight on canon unless they are explicitly acknowledged by the creators. And then, guess what, if they’re acknowledged as fact that makes them canon! People aren’t satisfied with their personal ideas being ideas so often because tumblr is a pissing contest of “look at how progressive i can be!” and “praise me for pretending I can foster representation out of nothing!”

Dorian is a character that brings representation for gay men because he is canonically a gay man. Fenris brings representation for male sexual assault victims because he is canonically a sexual assault victim. Vivienne brings representation for black women because she is canonically a black woman. You can headcanon until your fanfiction is wholly unrecognizable when compared to the source material and you’ll still have done literally nothing for progressive representation. Sorry.

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Demetri and Caius for the otp ask meme thingy please.

otp ask meme that needs to exist [tagged as otp ask meme for blocking/searching purposes]

  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
    Definitely Demetri. Father-son narratives mess him right up, and somebody didn’t Google the plot of the Lion King before watching it. 

  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
    Caius. Demetri confiscated the microwave in retaliation. He is a good and responsible vampire citizen.

  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
    Caius. Look, if you’re dating a tracker, you gotta do this. You just gotta.

  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
    Both of them. These two are dummies when it comes to feelings, and shyly reaching out for their partner when they’re cold is their patented way of showing affection. 

  • Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
    Caius. Caius so much. Demetri would rather set his own face on fire than do something so tasteless. (He might curl up with Caius and watch reality tv, like, once a month, but we don’t talk about that.)

  • Who laughs more during sex?
    I suspect neither of these two is particularly prone to laughing during sex. It is Very Serious Business.

    Caius and Demetri both desperately want to be the little spoon. The struggle is eternal.

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Yeah, I get where you're coming from, you aren't the only one feeling sick over this- I honestly feel like I'm gonna throw up. When I heard about the suicide attempt, I cried uncontrollably and was panicking over the fate of the community and whether I should even be in it any more. I was so scared and confused and upset, and all of it over a hoax. I feel tricked and used, betrayed even.

I really feel the same as you. I hate people who use suicide as a method of attention seeking. Because… when it happens its horrible. It’s hard to watch and… God.

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Maybe... Evil seeing that his gir has more piercings than he first saw (like not only facial but like nipple piercings and around the.... Y'know... Some dirty piercings)😏

He liked the piercings. They gave you an air of rebelliousness and that was something he loved. He had wished that he had been there when you had gotten them, he wanted to watch as you bled. So when you told him that you had an appointment with your piercer he jumped at the chance to come with. For days he pestered, trying to figure out what you were getting this time, but you absolutely refused. Said it was a surprise but you assured him that he would love it.
Walking into the studio Evil was surprised when you began to undress your top half, and then he was jealous. He was the only one who got to touch you there, he was the only one who got to see you like that. To calm him you held his hand, and brought his fingers to your lips, silently reaffirming yourself as his. He stood behind you, watching from over your shoulder as you had your nipples pierced. To say he enjoyed it would be an understatement and he was glad you kept it a surprise because he knew he wouldn’t have allowed it if he had known. But as nice as this gift to him was, you still needed to be punished. After all, you’re not allowed to let another man see any part of you that is considered his.

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this little girl i watch who is around 7 years old saw my harry lockscreen when i was watching her the other day and goes “aren’t you a little old to like harry styles” and i just laughed it off and was like ya know maybe but it makes me happy so it’s okay but in my head i was like “HEY LITTLE CHILD ARENT YOU A LITTLE YOUNG TO HAVE YOUR CHILDHOOD RUINED BY THIS ANGEL” i’m 19, too old my ASS

goodFUCKINGBYE lmfao she will understand one day rip

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Fine I'll drop the nickname. *frowns but then regains a smile* Oh and one more thing Edge, I have a cat who is really playful so she might try to bite your feet while your cleaning but that shouldn't be a problem right? A little bit of attention would get her out of your way. *smiles at Edge knowingly while wiggling my eyebrows* Anyway Edge here are the keys, oh and my number so you can call me when you're done! *winks* Thanks again! *turns to my cat* Be a good girl for Edge now, okay? See ya!

Edge Lord: A cat…? That doesn’t sound like a problem to me. I can easily deal with that, I assure you.

Somehow, Edge manages to finish his work while occasionally playing with the cat. Well, not occasionally, quite often. Half of his working time is playing with the cat. But he still does his job properly.


The thing we’ve all been connecting to Who Killed Markiplier is Darkiplier in A Date with Markiplier. But there’s one big detail we’re all missing-

The Meta Ending

When you say “Yes” to Mark’s proposal, it’s revealed that this is actually all part of a production. That you’re all actors. Even Mark. 

Turns out, actor Mark is an asshole. A selfish, conceited asshole.

And he also used to be well-known. A star. We know another asshole actor, one who was rich and famous. 

So is Meta Ending Mark WKM Mark? If he is, it brings more meaning to “FREEDOM!”, a video that follows the “PAY” path, but diverges when you make your decision to watch the Horror play.

Dark says Mark is a, “Bad man and does bad things to good people.” It’s so important to note that Dark hadn’t told a single lie. He never said he was Mark. He said that Mark was bad, that he needed to die, that he was a liar, yes, but if he was talking about WKM Mark, it would all be true. He also said that Mark was Dark, which isn’t a lie either looking at Mark’s limerick.

she asks me what it’s like,
loving a woman when i, too, am a woman

and she laughs,
which is the one who sits and watches tv while the other one cleans?

she asks: how does your love work,
do you trade off who goes off with their friends while the other one stresses?

but our love works like this:
she saw her favorite dessert in our fridge

and she waited until i came home
so that we could split it.


not everyone
not y o u

When i have time, i go on Pinterest and look for motivational quotes. I thought i should share some that “haunt” me every time when i think of procrastination or giving up.

  • Instead of saying that you don’t have time, say that you aren’t a priority, see how that feels.
  • Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.
  • The problem is, you think you have time.
  • Stop calling it a dream. It’s time to call it a plan.
  • Are you really happy or just comfortable?
  • If you can dream it. You can do it.
  • Remember, your dreams are as hungry as your demons. Make sure you’re feeding the right ones.
  • I want to see what happens if i don’t give up.
  • When your goals are more important than a party, welcome to the 1% club.
  • Remember… the ones who said you couldn’t do it, are watching.
  • Whenever you feel like giving up, think of all the people that would love to see you fail.
  • If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.
  • If you believe in yourself enough and you know what you want, you’re going to make it happen.
  • If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.

AU where Cas is the narrator for a Nat Geo documentary and Dean is one of the sound engineers. Cue late nights in the recording studio and Dean cracking up at the parts about mating rituals because Cas can say stuff like, “For a predator that averages 1,000 pounds, he is surprisingly gentle” with a totally straight face and everything is thrice as funny past midnight.

(Meanwhile, Dean’s co-worker is watching them both like, ‘Uh huh, look who’s talking. You’re the ones doing a mating dance.’)

Naturally, once they start dating, Cas randomly brings out his narrator voice to mess with Dean, like when Dean is in the bathroom shaving before their date and Cas is standing in the doorway all, “There he is, the striking male, grooming himself.” Dean rolls his eyes and blushes profusely and thinks his boyfriend is so ridiculous but holy moly, does that voice get him going.