who are you when no ones watching

but consider aline penhallow and alec lightwood being best friends like her first appearance on the show is her arriving at the institute and she’s hugging jace and isabelle and max but then she sees alec and the biggest smile lights up her face and she calls out something like “hey, you! the giraffe in the leather jacket!” and alec turns around and his stoic expression turns into an equally beautiful grin and he calls back, “strawberry shortcake!” and aline laughs and sprints towards alec and flings her arms around him and hugs the life out of him and alec is laughing and he’s hugging her too because they probably haven’t seen each other in forever and they were thick as thieves when they were younger and clary and simon are like ????? and isabelle is like “oh yeah, they go wayyyyy back” as they watch alec let go of aline and start chatting excitedly to her “she’s one of the only people who can make him smile like that” “you’d think that SHE was his parabtai and not me. i’m not bitter.” jace quips, but he’s smiling and they watch alec laugh loudly at something aline just said, both of them clutching their stomachs and grinning like there’s no tomorrow.

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This blog is my reason to live!😍 Could you do what each member would do/be like if they were left alone for a while? (I'd imagine Taemin would almost burn the place down haha!) ty mum👏🏻😘

hi baby! make sure to also drink water, bc alas we cannot survive off mere memes just yet 

(this would be when they’re in the shinee dorm together but one at a time) 


  • opens the fridge, stares at food, closes it again
  • “i’m not hungry my mouth is just bored” opens fridge again
  • settles for a glass of milk eventually 
  • found an old math workbook, does… math????? jinki the internet exists why are you doing calculus 
  • falls asleep in the massage chair with it still on, open bag of shrimp chips by his side (key: BY MY SIDE) 


  • watches kimi no na wa again 
  • ugly cries very loudly 
  • rolls around on the floor, maybe eats an orange 
  • brings several large candles into the bathroom so he could take a bath with nice smells  
  • has reruns of one piece playing in the background while he reads ie watching it while hold a book in his hand  
  • did he just hear the floor creak??? but no one’s home??? someone’s here sos save jonghyun 


  • sipping on americano 
  • should he dye his hair?? he’s gonna dye his hair, no one’s here to stop him
  • has this face mask he’s been meaning to use 
  • oh god he looks like shrek 
  • cackling while uploading a selca on snapchat 
  • a lil wine drunk 
  • trying to diy while wine drunk was not the best idea….. his shorts are a bit too short but he’ll just rock it #fashion #key’sknowhow


  • misses the members and wonders what they’re doing 
  • sends them memes in the group chat / “stop texting us we’re together all the time” 
  • turns on fifa instead 
  • yells a lot and chucks the controller on the ground which makes a dent in the floor and he moves the table over it and hope no one notices it or moves the table ever 


  • keeps wandering in and out of the rooms bc he left his phone somewhere … maybe he’ll message kai to call him until he finds it 
  • still can’t find it
  • srsly the members joke about getting him one of those cellphone straps that you wear around your neck but he actually needs to use that………
  • goes into key’s room and touches all his stuff
  • is only allowed to use the microwave when no one else is home bc of a certain incident
  • he exploded a potato. he did that and the fire alarm went off and the entire building had to evacuate 

@ beautifulliepainfultruth this prompt was v similar to the one you sent in!

By My Side

Summary: You find it hard to deal with the fact Sam wants to work with the BMoL which causes a slight strain on your relationship with him.

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Warnings: S12 SPOILERS, mentions past torture, angst, fluff, feels, Winchester boys being cute af 

A/N: This idea has been brewing for a while, just wanted to show some Sammy love! Enjoy guys xx 

Originally posted by neededtofrolic

Sam sat there phone in hand, just staring at the blank screen waiting for a reply from you, for a text, a call- anything. He just wanted to know you were alright, that things could get sorted out between the pair of you.

Last night, after Sam had admitted he too had started working with the British Men of Letters, you couldn’t stand there and act all calm and collected. Not when that same organisation were responsible for torturing and almost killing your boyfriend. You were the one who saw him look so broken and hurt as Toni had made you watch all the horrific things they put him through in another room, you chained up and completely helpless to rescue him. 

So, after a pretty heated argument, you left to clear your head. Sam hated fighting with you, after all you’d been through together ever since you were kids, getting into hunting, starting a relationship after the angels fell and all the chaos before, after and in between - you’d always had each other. 

“Still no word?” Dean wandered through the doorway, taking a seat opposite his brother, pulling him out of his thoughts.

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Do you have any thoughts about the EW article about the triangle? Always like to get your take on things

my thought is that the author needs to update their iOS system, because they’re still living in an age where they think two brilliant, gorgeous women are more interesting to watch when they’re pining after the same guy rather than maintaining their beautiful friendship and exploring romantic relationships with different partners. they either value cheap drama over deep, meaningful friendships and relationships, or they’re one of the comic fans who can’t seem to wrap their heads around that fact riverdale is a separate entity

but if they thought their opinion was a popular one among viewers, they’re quickly being proven wrong. nearly every reply on the article, and ew’s tweet about the article, is against the love triangle. even people who don’t like bughead don’t want to see it. the way the characters are being written, bringing the love triangle back would be a mistake. it would feel like they were doing the love triangle for the sake of doing the love triangle– and they would be 

i’ve said it before, but deciding to stray away from the betty/archie/veronica love triangle was a great idea. i truly hope they stick with it because, for the first time in a long time, betty and veronica are friends. they’re not frenemies, not friends and also rivals, they’re best friends. i don’t want their sweet relationship to be tainted by a FAR overplayed love triangle. and it would be tainted. there would be no way around it, and it would never be the same once they tried to bounce it back. the peyton/lucas/brooke love triangle is why i could never fully get behind peyton and brooke’s friendship. i don’t want that for betty and veronica 

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“Okay Danvers, ready to lose.. again?” Maggie was striding confidently beside Alex, their arms hooked.
“Hey, it was really close last time! Besides I was… distracted” Alex’s cheeks flushed, the way Maggie had looked when she was firing at the target had thrown Alex completely.
Maggie let out a small laugh as the crossed the threshold of the shooting range.

They both had the day off today, which they were determined to use to it’s full advantage because who knew when another bunch of idiots would decide to try blow up a building or something and one of them would undoubtedly be called in.

“If I win, I get to pick the movie tonight and you’re not allowed to complain” Alex had just paid and was walking toward where Maggie was tying her hair up.
“Alex, I’m not watching Moana” She turned, “And besides, we both know Kara has already offered to rewatch it with you” Maggie tilted her head.
“But it’s so beautiful, I want you to see it!” Alex handed Maggie her protective glasses and ear muffs.
“If I win, I get to choose the movie and you have to make the popcorn. Maggie hung her ear muffs around her neck
“Fine, you’re on Sawyer” Alex stared with a faux serious look on her face. She slid the glasses on her face and walked up to the line. She had to force herself to not glance sideways as Maggie stepped up to the line beside her. There was no way she was losing today.

“I can’t believe I’m going to have to watch Moana” Maggie pretended to be upset.
“I can’t believe I won” Alex with slight surprise in her voice. She was enjoying this a lot.
“I’m not making excuses babe but I was just.. distracted” Maggie had stepped up to the line. She knew she had made a mistake as soon as she flicked her eyes over to Alex, standing, feet apart, the gun in her hands, arms pointed at the target, and very determined look on her face. Maggie had seen Alex holding a gun many times, most of which had been high pressure situations where Maggie hadn’t been able to really notice the way Alex looked with a gun, it was undoubtedly distracting.

Maggie had stuck to the no complaining part of the bet but that didn’t stop her from sighing heavily when the movie started. Alex handed her the popcorn, “just watch” was all she said.

Alex had been so absorbed by the movie, Maggie sitting next to her, their legs comfortably tangled, resting on the bottom part of the L shaped couch, a blanket over them, Alex was so comfortable and so content.

Her favourite scene was coming up, she stole a glance at Maggie who was facing the tv. Alex breathed in deeply and forgot all about the movie, she watched Maggie, watched the tears rim her eyes, the smile on her face grow, Alex could have stayed that way forever. Maggie, as if sensing Alex’s gaze, turned to look at her, let out a small laugh and shook her head lightly before turning back to the TV. Alex pulled her a little bit closer.

Hide Me

A/N: This is based off @bugheadjones-the-third headcanon ( find it here ), I honestly hope this is good as I didn’t have much time to edit and get feedback from the one friend I have irl who watches Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead x Betty

Warnings: if you don’t like bughead then don’t read, I don’t remember if there’s a swear word, nothing else- it’s pretty much just fluff

Words: 968

Originally posted by immortalle

          It was when the timer only had two minutes left when Betty could no longer take being in the same room with Cheryl. Betty knew what she wanted to do and Veronica walked right into the trap. Betty was now walking through the cool streets of the town, really just wandering even though she knew exactly where she was. There was no way she was going to go back home to her mother, all she would do is remind Betty that she had told her that they were trouble. Betty didn’t need an ‘I told you so’, she just needed someone to listen.

           After a long while, Betty decided that going to Pop’s would be the best idea. If she was going to start sobbing, she wanted to be able to order a strawberry milkshake.

           Jughead hadn’t expect anyone to come in at this time of night, considering the fact that no one ever does. It was a surprise to see that it was Betty, of all people. Jughead felt himself gasp and his heart seemed to skip a beat when he laid his eyes on the blonde beauty.

           Betty and Jughead weren’t as close as they used to be, but there was no doubt in Betty’s mind that she could trust him. As she walked over to the table she noticed Jughead’s lips quirk up which made her heart feel heavy.

           “Hey Juggie,” she said quietly as she slid into the booth, Jughead now being directly in front of her.

           “What brings Betty Cooper to Pop’s so late at night?” he said smoothly with a small smile on his face.

           “Um well, you see,” Betty started telling him about everything from the day she first met Veronica to when she ran out of Thornhill Mansion. Jughead’s laptop had been discarded to the side at some point during the conversation and he was now holding her left hand. He had scoffed when he felt it necessary. By the end of it Betty was crying, but much less than she anticipated.

           “I can’t believe Archie hasn’t realized how lucky he is,” Jughead said, shaking his head. Betty sniffled and used her right hand to wipe her eyes. She gave his had a reassuring squeeze to let him know she was going to be okay. “Oh don’t look now, he-who-shall-not-be-named is making his way over here right this instant.”

           Jughead wasn’t sure what Betty would do, maybe she would sit there and pretend nothing happened or get up and leave. Much to his dismay though, she slid under the table and put herself between Jughead’s legs.

           “Betty what the-”

           “Shh Jughead, don’t tell Archie I’m down here please? Just…” Betty trailed off to try and find the right words to say. “Just hide me okay? I can’t face Archie right now.”

           “Fine,” Jughead sighed, putting his laptop in front of him and pretending to type. Once he entered, Jughead looked up and gave Archie an unimpressed stare. Needless to say Archie looked pretty disheveled with his untied bow tie, messy hair, and tired eyes.

           “Pop, Betty hasn’t come in tonight has she?” Betty’s heart beat sped up, unsure of what was going to happen next.

           “No, just the night hawks in tonight,” Pop motioned toward Jughead.

           “Thanks,” Archie said and made his way over the booth Jughead was sat in.

           “Uh… can I sit Jughead?”

           “If you want,” Jughead lightly tapped Betty with his leg as a way to tell her to scoot over. Archie slid into the booth unaware that the person he was looking for was right under his nose. Literally.

           “What are you working on?”

           “My novel. It’s about this summer and Jason Blossom.”

           “Seventeen years old and how will he be remembered? As captain of the water polo team?”

           “The Aquaholics? Considering how he died, probably not,” it took everything in Betty’s power not to laugh at Jughead’s comment.

           “No, what I mean is… was he doing everything he was supposed to do? Everything he wanted? I mean did he even know what that was?” Jughead refrained from rolling his eyes, but kept quiet. He glanced out the window for a brief moment trying to figure out why Archie cared so much.

           “Coach Clayton was in here talking to Pop Tate, varsity. Does that make you, what? Mr. Popular Football God now?” Jughead smirked.

           “No. In fact I’m kind of terrified I lost my best friend tonight.”

           “If you mean Betty, whatever happened just talk to her, man,” Jughead felt his heart beat quicken. “It would go a long way… would’ve gone a long way for me.”

           “I’m going to see if she’s home,” Archie mumbled as got up and left Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe without saying another word.

           “Alright, you can get up now,” Jughead said, going back to his laptop. Betty was sitting next to him instead of across this time.

           “Thanks for hiding me Jug,” Betty said quietly.

           “What friends are for,” Jughead replied absentmindedly as he actually typed.

           “Hey Juggie?”


           “Did you mean what you said?”

           “About Jason not being remembered as the water polo team captain? Yeah.”

           “No I mean about the thing you told Archie, about actually trying to make us last,” Betty grabbed Jughead’s arm tentatively. Jughead chuckled nervously, unsure of what to say, but ultimately went with the truth.

           “Yeah, I did,” he looked at Betty with a smirk. “But the girl next door and the all American boy seem to be the constantly repeated cliché.”

           “Yeah well the outsider ending up with the girl next door seems to be a cliché too,” she said, smiling softly at him.

           “Wow, you’d still be in a cliché relationship,” they both laughed lightly.

           Betty kissed Jughead’s cheek before resting her head on his shoulder, “There is nothing cliché about you Jug.”

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(Prompt): "How did we come from hating each other's guts to actually liking each other?" with Maze

“How did we come from hating each other’s guts to actually liking each other?” It was strange to think that here you were curled up with Maze when a mere 2 months ago the two of you were constantly at each others throats. 

2 months ago you would never have imagined her sitting her with you, legs twined together watching some stupid move, alternating between being the one who kisses and the own whose kissed. 2 months ago you couldn’t even imagine have a conversation without getting annoyed with her and now…

Now you were pretty sure you loved her. 

“You got cute.” The grin tells you she’s joking and you playfully push her shoulder because she’s such a pain but you love that she acts like a child with you. You love a lot of things about her.

“Hey! I’ve always been cute!”


  • Everyone: i hate there are so many Spider-Man's, like why does there have to be a new one every 3 yrs. I'm tired of seeing the origin story just retold a slightly different way every time. And just when you get used to one they replace the actor! I mean I shouldn't have to say "oh that's MY favourite spider man" there should just be "A" Spider-Man. I mean imagine if they did this with iron man. You sit down expecting to watch iron man 2 with Robert Downey jr. and then some stranger just arrives on screen announcing THEIR the new iron man, and what, we just accept that? We just watch basically the first iron man but with what, like jake Gyllenhaal? I mean how stupid do these studio executives think we are? "Oh, I assure you, audiences are just like cattle! You can ship em' any which way you like!" said the marvel exec. And YES I understand spider man was owned by Sony -and whoever the fuck else- but really, REALLY, you're telling me that a multi-multi million dollar studio can't negotiate ONE contract with the thousand lawyers they employ?? They can't handle that simple fucking task of having ONE actor play ONE Spider-Man? Noooo instead I'm going to spend the next decade of my life debating -guess what- which of the next FOUR origin stories and FOUR spider men I like better. Unfucking believable.
  • Me: man do I love a good Spider-Man origin story! I wonder what actor they'll get to play him next?!

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it sucks when you fangirl over guys that no one else does. For example there are is a tv show incredible dr pol which is about the life of a michigan vet and i kinda fangirl over his son. Then there is this live safari drive i watch and guides are omg so attractive i swear that is one of the requirements other people who watch the drives find them attractive to but not to that much of a extent. It just sucks i have no one to fangirl with

babe i feel u so bad??? idk if i’ve been vocal enough abt my love for tom felton on here but i just. i really love him. it shows more irl i think?? and yeah, i know zero ppl irl who loves him as much as i do??? so every time he does Something i’m all !!!!!! did u sEE MY BABY DO THAT???? and nobody ever understands.

i’m that meme:

person: love
me, an intellectual: tom felton

and i really do wish the best for both of us hehe :’)

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Heyy can I request some headcanons of Kuro when he has a crush on someone? Like what he would do and all- sorry if it's confusing ;;

I got a little carried away haha…// Well either way, enjoy!♥



  • Wouldn’t get too embarrassed about his crush, he would try to be as chill as possible around them.
  • If he is sure about his feelings, he won’t confess at first.
  • He would first try to get as close to you as he can, like touching you “accidentally” when he gives you something like papers or pencils.
  • Gives you the cutest smiles, you can literally see his soul through his smile.
  • Will invite you to watch him at volleyball practice, he needs to show off at least a bit too.
  • You are his number one girl, since he knows you, he wouldn’t even look at other girls twice 
  • He is so paranoid about you getting stolen away from him-(Well who wouldn’t want someone as charming as you?)-, he will look so darkly at other boys, they won’t even get near you. Though, he will be acting like an angel around you.
  • Uses all the chances he can get, to whisper into your ear, something like “nice dress/shirt” or “what beautiful hair you have~” in a very teasing way.
  • He messages you often, most likely funny things, he knows how to make you laugh
  • The whole team knows you already, because Kuroo is just talking about you, he can’t seem to concentrate otherwise.
  • If he wants to go a bit farther, like trying to kiss you, he would touch your lips softly with his thumb and say provokingly “Such sweet cherry lips~”.
  • Sometimes he brushes a strand of your hair behind your ear, while caressing your cheek 
Dragon In the Precinct

“Guys, there’s a dragon in our precinct!” Or, what happens when the 99 meets the gang.

Personally, Jake thought that when Raymond Holt spoke, no one interrupted because they were all just quickly trying to memorize the way he sounded so they could perfectly imitate him later. He entertained this thought while watching Amy hanging onto Holt’s every word. That was why, after a full minute, when he snapped out of it, he only caught the last sentence.

“I hope you will make them feel welcome.”

“Wait wait wait wait - who are we making feel welcome?” Jake looked directly at Holt with a look of disbelief. After all that chaos with the 98, he was letting more people come here? Of course, they were dealing with a pregnant woman that time, but still.

“Someone clue in Peralta,” his mean dad said as he walked back to his office, Terry following close behind. Jake stuck his tongue out, but no one saw.

Rosa spoke up. “He said that these guys are coming from upstate with…well, the words he used were ‘modified highly intelligent winged fire breathing animals.’ But it’s obviously -”

“DRAGONS!” Jake shouted, jumping up in awe. “Amy, did you hear? DRAGONS!”

“I heard,” she said, not even sparing him a glance, “unlike you, I listen the first time.”

“Unlike you I listen the first time, title of our sex tape.”

“That doesn’t even make sense, Jake!”

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since you were 10?? lol you're 21 and ouat has only been on for like 6 years stop being so overdramatic my god

Ok, I’m like the definition of Overdramatic™ but I was dead ass serious when I typed that. I shouldn’t have to explain myself on it but apparently, you’re a bitter bitch and just want to kick me while I’m down so,,,, YES, SINCE I WAS 10 YRS OLD. There’s this show, idk if you’ve ever heard of it, called HOUSE and one of the main characters was Allison Cameron who was played by JENNIFER MORRISON. It started in November of 2004, when I was 9 yrs old. I immediately fell in love w Cameron and the goddess woman who played her. Like I would record the episodes and watch her scenes over and over because I was little and in love so yeah since I was 10.

My boyfriend talks in his sleep and because he’s bilingual, he says some hilarious/weird/sometimes creepy shit. I ask him every morning if he remembers saying this stuff and he has no idea about any of it. 

Here are some of my favorites:

-”Babe, can you please turn down the brightness of your skin”
-After stealing all of the blankets: “This is my right as a human”
-After I take the blankets back: “I don’t want your freedom, America. Just blanket”
-Sometimes he just says “Hello?” as if he’s answering a phone call
-One night he just said “Cabbage” which is weird because he doesn’t know the english word for that when he’s awake. 
-After spooning me: “You have a nice butt”
-”Who is that in the corner?” (terrifying)
-”Watch out for the red lady” (even more terrifying)
-Sometimes he will say things in German and it sounds like he’s speaking Parseltongue
-One time I actually think he said something in Parseltongue
-One time he talked about buying a ticket to “everywhere” and then just said “hello?” after two minutes of silence
-And my all time favorite: ”This is MY yogurt, Satan”


I want to thank you for being such a big source of inspiration for me. I remember finding your channel back in 2012 by accident when I was looking for Amnesia compilations. I think you barely had 5k subs at the time? I don’t think you even had a webcam yet actually. I remember watching a vlog where you said that you wanted to upload videos everyday. You sounded committed and passionate about it. I’m someone who’s draws inspiration from passionate individuals and I thought to myself, “Alright, I’ll keep watching if you show me that you’re truly dedicated to this.”

You kept at it. I could see you were truly driven about making videos and I was curious to see where you were headed. Even today, I’m looking forward to watching what you do. Yes, I still watch your videos, though I’m more selective on which ones to watch. You still make me laugh and bring a smile to my face when days are rough.

The whole Darkiplier thing has been a weird and wondrous adventure with many ups and downs. Fun fact, I nearly scrapped him entirely because I got frustrated with the idea and I was unsure of where to go with the character. I took a long break from drawing him and my best friend @prismkitten-mivy has helped me rebuild his story. I have more plans for projects involving him in the near future and I’m ecstatic to share those ideas with the community.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this charity. I’m still in shock over how many items have been sold and how much has been raised. Your community can do a lot of good when it comes together for these events. Thank you, for being a passionate and driven individual that inspires creative people such as myself. You’re a wonderful person Mark, and I can’t wait to see where you go from here.

1. In my dreams we’re walking along the edge of the universe. My love for you, the sun. Time isn’t real here; there’s only us. Forever.  but then again, my dreams aren’t real either. And forever doesn’t exist.
2. Sunsets still remind me of you, and i’m still convinced you’re the one who makes the sky blush every time. But it’s been raining ever since you left. All i ever wanted was to watch a sunrise through sunset with you. 
3. We’re together in every universe. We’re happy in every reality. I’m so sick and tired of all these parallel universes playing out in my head where we’re together.
4. I wanted to love you so much, the scars they left on your heart would start to fade until i realized scars don’t fade no matter how much you try.
5. Today my friend asked me “how many fucking times do you think of him?” and i said “once” because ever since i met you, you haven’t left my mind. I guess i should’ve known i left yours long ago.
—  Lessons on loving you 

if anyone, jewish or not (because I feel that non jewish people could also benefit from throwing out any lingering false associations between our core theology and christian core theology), is curious about learning more about how jewish thought / theology differs a lot from dominant christian narratives, specifically how “god” and “prayer” are very poorly executed english translations of our concepts of HaShem and tefilah/l’hitpalel, especially if you’re a jewish person struggling with the idea of religious judaism because you don’t feel compatible with what the dominant meaning and concept (heavily influenced by christianity) of the english words/concepts “god” and “prayer” are, please please watch some videos by Rabbi David Aaron specifically this one (x) and this one (x

neither of them really come from a denominational perspective so don’t worry about if you’re heterodox or orthodox it’s just a really good look at authentic jewish theology. and some of the misunderstandings that he clarifies are, if left unclarified, big stumbling blocks for a lot of jews who are hung up on things like “do I believe in God” “do I have some ambiguous faith” “when I pray does God listen”, and those stumbling blocks could be avoided by having these conversations about what jewish theology really holds as true, especially since a lot of those phrasings we absorb from our non jewish surroundings that lead us to be confused and doubtful about our judaism are based in concepts that are… entirely unjewish. 

like as a brief summary, “do I believe in God” is a question that is steeped in this christian dominant perspective that you sort of absorb in a lot of english speaking christian majority countries, where God = metaphysical dude far off in the sky that you have to profess blind faith towards, which… could not be further from what the concept of HaShem is in Judaism, aka HaShem is everywhere, HaShem cannot be depicted by any of our human conceptualizations of embodiment (like seriously depicting HaShem as a man in a flowing robe is a huge no no) and HaShem is more scattered divinity of Being than some humanoid ruler up in the sky (the video is a lot more eloquent than on this than me lmao). “do I have faith?” often references this idea that faith is blind and that "faith” is a state of mind not a set of actions. in Judaism there’s a lot more weight to actions than sitting around and thinking “yeah I have blind faith that there’s a God” (again that perspective draws on these weird ideas of HaShem as a distant and metaphysical being that are extremely unjewish) and “when I pray does God listen” comes from a non Jewish perspective of prayer as begging God to change his mind or something like that, which is again a very unjewish perspective and that second video link talks a lot about what the real meaning of l’hitpalel / tefilah is in Judaism and what are we doing when we daven, if not this english/christian centric concept of “to pray”

anyway I feel like those videos really solidified some things succinctly for me; I had the ideas cemented in my head theologically before but this was the first time I had heard them verbalized this simply so like check it out! the first video is very short, like under 10 minutes, and should be watched first imo, the second video is like 40 minutes, if you’re really interested but don’t think you’ll get to the second one on tefilah at least watch the first one on HaShem. 

Princess Leia, who moments ago dropped out of hyperspace after fleeing the first major battle of the Galactic Civil War: Lord Vader, I should have known. Only you could be so bold. The Imperial Senate will not sit for this, when they hear you’ve attacked a diplomatic…

Darth Vader, who literally just saw this happen an hour ago at most and watched her ship take off: Don’t play games with me, Your Highness. You weren’t on any mercy mission this time. You passed directly through a restricted system. Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by Rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you.

Princess Leia, who received the data from the hands of a man who witnessed Vader kill a dozen people on his way there: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.

Darth Vader, who has been following her the entire time and can read minds:

Musical Shitpost

this is what happens when i watch mama mia with my mum and we both cry at meryl streep

team voltron love musicals. this is a fact. but who loves what


  • keith loves legally blonde
  • he can’t help it
  • the music is all so fun
  • and they all have such a good time and no one ends up hurt except a couple assholes
  • every time he watches it he starts to sing the song what you want at lance behind his back
  • no one minds
  • hunk and him do a perfect duet of serious


  • this man loves les mis
  • he doesn’t hide it either, his jean val jean impression is spot on
  • sometimes he’s found doing his eyeliner singing both parts of a duet to the mirror
  • often it’s the confrontation
  • he isn’t good at it
  • he cries whenever a character dies too which is hard
  • because like
  • they all die


  • you do not wanna get between this woman and wicked
  • she used to love hamilton but as soon as she heard no good deed she fell in love
  • she can hit all the high notes especially in deying gravity
  • she tried to make keith duet what is this feeling but he couldn’t learn the lyrics
  • sometimes she and lance sing popular together and lance kills it as glinda
  • she refers to the mice as munchkins sometimes


  • when lance is sad he sings my favourite things and it chers him up without fail
  • he has a playlist of his favourite sound of music songs to go to sleep listening to
  • spoiler alert: it’s all of them
  • he convinced the team to do do re mi together and it almost made him cry when they did
  • once when they found a planet where the hills actually were alive he almost died imitating julie andrews
  • he still says it would have been worth it


  • i don’t know if you know this but pidge and heathers go together like shiro and suffering
  • candystore is her anthem
  • and whenever lance pisses her off which is a lot she belts out yo girl around the ship
  • losing rover put her into full on i am damaged mode for weeks
  • lifeboat makes her sad because it reminds her how much of her family she’s lost. sometimes she’ll be alone in her room crying thinking how much she’s lost. no one knows.
  • dead girl walking reprise puts her back in a good mood though so it’s fine


  • i bet you thought this would say high school musical
  • everyone loves highschool musical lance isn’t a basic bitch
  • although he does love it
  • lance‘s favourite is obviously mamma mia and i’m not just saying that because i just watched it
  • it has meryl streep in it for christsake
  • and abba
  • dancing queen is his anthem but lay all your love on me is pretty awesome to him too
  • winner takes it all still makes him cry with pride
  • he’s sung S.O.S about both hunk and keith at different times and same times. they are so perfect for it
  • the musical both makes him incredibly happy and incredibly homesick. use only when needed


  • avenue q of course
  • this was the first musical he’d ever heard and every one since has been a disappointment in comparison
  • he sang everyone’s a little bit racist to allura when she was having her issues with keith
  • it didn’t help
  • he sang if you were gay when keith first got his crush on lance
  • it didn’t help
  • when lance had to handle keith’s bonding moment issue he sang mixtape
  • it helped.


  • grease all the way
  • alone at a drive in moo-vie is his favourite
  • beauty school dropout also resonates deep in his heart
  • this is the only musical the poor cow has seen, he saw it when lance watched it with shiro
  • grease is the word was a spiritual experience

im sorry this is what i made tonight


  • zarkon likes Hairspray purely for Miss Baltimore Crabs
  • haggar enjoys chorus line surprisingly
  • shay adores RENT in every way
  • the blades of marmora watch rocky horror regularly and each have assigned roles to sing. ulaz was dr frank n furter
  • lotor is high school musical 2. he wants fabulous.
  • varkon likes shrek the musical.