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This is for @wannabugi who asked why 14 could be a lucky number for NU’EST.

I just want to say this is a 100% fan theory so no one has to believe it lol it’s just a pic of conspiracy is kinda fun you know??

Basically, loves have noticed that lately the number 14 keeps appearing again and again when it comes to NU’EST or NU’EST-W. Some fans confused me when they went a little crazy with the maths lol, at first I thought it was BS but now I do believe it.

1.) Kim Jonghyun aka JR ranks number 14 on Produce 101 final.

This is the thing that kicked it all off. Everyone who watched Produce 101 was furious. But in the end, it ended up being not the worst thing as NU’EST get to promote with their beloved leader

2.) NU’EST members purposely end all their V lives at 14 million hearts

JR’s v live ALMOST ended on 14 million, where are JRON’s and Ren’s solo v-live BOTH ended on 14 million hearts exactly. OK, I know you guys think I’m crazy, and at first, when I saw this I thought it was just a coincidence!

HOWEVER, Ren’s solo v-live made me suspicious. The thing is Ren was still talking, he didn’t even get to finish his sentence, cos as soon as he (or the staff) saw they had hit 14 million hearts, they ended the V live! Loves are suspicious because while Jron’s and JR’s v-live was around 40 minutes, Ren had to end his at around 20 mins? I think it’s because they hit 14 million hearts (the sacred number lol) earlier than he thought!

3.) “Hello 2017 version” JUST HAPPENED to be released on the 14th of July.

So after the number 14 is popping up everywhere it just happens to be released on the 14th?? 

Some other loves make it 10x more complex than this but this is the basics lol

This all could be a massive coincidence! However carat’s (experience with 17s comebacks) and old school k- loves have been saying Pledis is a huge “number pervert” haha, and knowing how everything the members do always had meaning, I’m inclined to believe this! But who knows the truth? Their comeback could be released on the 14th, or the number could be important in another way. Either way, I love fan theories and think they are super fun :)

What do you guys think? Could 14 be NU’EST-W’s magic number this year??

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Hey, Sea. Would you mind if I asked to hear what you seem to take from Louis' body language/facial expressions during his "denial" of Larry for DW (S*N). I find it a bit transparent, but since you go more in depth, I'd like to know what you think about it.

I finally watched this bit of theater. So, here it goes:


1. This wasn’t the first take, I don’t think. Louis is talking fast, the words tumble out, the ideas come one after the other. It’s been scripted; that’s why it’s on video rather than live. The gestures seem rehearsed and acted. “Obviously” with the eye roll, holding up an iPhone when he says “iPhone”– who does that in real life? It’s a sit-com, “acting,” gesture… it’s what you see television actors do (even comedic movie actors don’t do this because it’s transparent and clichéd). Louis appears annoyed– not annoyed at the question, just annoyed that he has had to do this segment multiple times, maybe.

2. The lack of eye contact throughout. The way he says “people I love, such as Eleanor.” It’s weird. Isn’t she the only one who should feel disrespected, at the moment? To lump her into a group seems– very formal, very stand-off-ish. For example, if my husband said, “A birthday was given to me by people I love, my wife, for example,” when I was the only one who threw him the party? It’s just odd.

3. Why not just straightaway say, “I know people enjoy ships, but it’s not real and never has been real. I’m so sorry. We’re just good friends.”? Done. Put to rest. Instead this talk of conspiracies– which is very reminiscent of 1DHQ. And the “genuinely.” Reminds me of “some people genuinely think…” Seems like we know who wrote the script.

Anyway those are the few things I noticed. Dan is a vomit basin and smells like bad sushi.

Feeling the Benefits - Bughead Smut

my first smut so please be kind,

dedicated to the lovely @jugandbettsdetectiveagency and @betsforsythetrash who convinced me to do this

and also thank you to the lovely @jugandbettsdetectiveagency for beta reading 



Betty Cooper was not one to normally mope around over a boy, but when said boy that she was in love with just so happened to be her best friend and was currently on a date with someone else, she was indeed moping. Wearing nothing but her panties and one of his old t-shirts, Betty was sitting on their couch watching Friends with Benefits. She kept zoning in and out of watching, only really paying attention whenever Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake shared a scene, scoffing at the idea of remaining friends with someone whilst also having sex with them.

Once the movie had finished, Betty headed to bed as Jughead had told her not to ‘wait up’, a fact that had her lower lip jutting out in a pout she would adamantly argue she wasn’t sporting. The two had lived together for just over two years and Jughead was on his seventh girlfriend during that time. Well, the word girlfriend was a term she used loosely, as he would normally see a girl two or three times before he broke things off. But in the months since living together, Betty could pinpoint every time her feelings grew deeper for the raven haired boy. Her sister had warned her about all the clichés of roommates falling for each other but, while she’d quickly fulfilled her side of the trope, to her knowledge she was the complete opposite of his type. All the previous women he’d ‘dated’ were tall brunettes with a thing for wearing as little clothing as possible - and not one deserved a guy like him.

Jughead may put on a fuckboi attitude but in the confines of their own apartment, Betty knew better. She’d see how once a month (at that time of the month) he’d buy extra chocolate for them (she’d eat it all anyway) and a fresh bouquet of her favorite flowers. When her first relationship ended, not even a month after moving in together, Jughead had called into work sick for them both and watched chick-flicks with her while eating ice cream. That was the moment she first realized she liked him, but instantly pushed that feeling away. When her second boyfriend broke up with her, Jughead took her on a trip to a private beach that he’d found when exploring; they stayed till late that night and he’d somehow convinced her to go skinny dipping. That was when she realized how attractive he was.

Two months ago, when her mother passed away, Jughead used up his vacation time to travel home with her, remaining by her side everyday. Her heartbeat started to speed up around him, her legs going wobbly like some kind of pre-teen, which wasn’t helped by the fact he would now walk round the apartment solely in his boxers, and that was was when she realized that she was in love with him.

Closing her eyes with a frustrated sigh, Betty tried to forget about him but he was the only thing on her mind. Thinking back to the movie she’d realized how horny it had made her and, more pressingly, just how long it had been since she last had sex. Every guy she met, in her mind, was nothing compared to Jughead. She’d heard the satisfied moans of his previous partners through their slightly too thin walls and wished she could find someone that made her scream that loud.

She moved her hand down her body almost subconsciously, slipping down her panties and placed two fingers on her clit. Betty closed her eyes and thought of Jughead, lightly applying pressure as she did so, quickly building up a rhythm. She thought about it being his fingers touching her, what he’d do, how he’d make her scream. Reaching her hand down lower, Betty felt just how wet she was as she teased herself. “Juggie,” she moaned as she pushed her finger further in, repeating the action over and over, inserting another finger as her body craved more.

Betty was so caught up in herself that she didn’t hear the apartment door slam, nor did she her bedroom door open.

Jughead stood in the entrance to her bedroom, fingers gripping the doorframe, knowing it was so wrong but he couldn’t help but be enchanted by her and the fact she was moaning his name. “Fuck, Juggie. Yes,” she repeated his name, like a chant.

Quietly shedding his jacket and shoes he tiptoed into the room and to the end of her bed. From what he could tell she was almost reaching her peak but he wanted to help her, he wanted to be the one to make her moan, no, scream his name.

“You called for me.” Betty’s actions stilled and her eyes flew open. “Well, technically you moaned.” It took her a moment to get back to reality but as she went to cover herself, Jughead grabbed her hand and stopped her. “No, you don’t. Do you know how hot that was?”

Betty shook her head no.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, Betts, do you know what you’re doing to me?” Jughead knelt on the edge of the bed and started crawling up until he was positioned between her open legs, leaning forward as he whispered in her ear, “Do you know how hard I am trying not to just fuck you right now? All I want to do is bury myself deep inside you and make you scream until the whole fucking neighborhood knows my name.”

“Why-why don’t you?” came her breathy reply.

“I’m going to finish what you started.” Jughead placed a lingering kiss on her neck, stopping to take off her t-shirt before continuing, trailing kisses down to her stomach. His mouth moved to her clit, blowing cool breath over the heated flesh before he let his tongue circle it, moving further down and, without warning, thrusting two fingers inside her. Her back arched at the sudden action, low whine leaving her throat as she lost herself in the sensation. Still thrusting, he brought his mouth back to her clit, licking and sucking until he felt her tighten around his fingers.

“Jughead, I’m-I’m gonna…” she said with laboured breaths.

He moved up so his face was next to hers. “Let go Betts, I’ve got you.” And she did, screaming out his name. She’d do anything he asked.

Coming down from her high, she opened her eyes and was met with piercing blue eyes. “Hi,” she whispered.

Instead of responding he pressed his mouth to hers, allowing her to taste herself on his tongue. He laid down on the bed as she put her t-shirt back on and said, “You looked so fucking sexy doing that.” He kissed her just below her ear as she bit her lip against a shy smile.

Betty positioned herself so that she was now straddling him and Jughead settled his hands on her hips, holding her in place. Kissing him was already her new favorite thing to do and she couldn’t stop, starting out slow and sweet but building up so that their tongues were colliding, hungry for each other. He sat up slightly, and with her help, pulled his t-shirt off, Betty no longer hiding the fact she was unashamedly checking him out. Jughead could see the hunger in her gaze as it slowly raked down his torso. She moved to unbuckle his jeans, sliding his legs out of them.

Capturing her in a kiss he moved his hands to her ass, his dick straining against his boxers; as much as he wanted to remove them so there’d be nothing between them, Jughead decided against it and kept rubbing against her through the thin, fabric barrier. He could feel her wetness against his boxers and moved his hand back down to her clit. Her orgasm came quicker than his so she reached into his boxers and freed his dick. Taking it into her mouth inch by inch she started off slow, using her hand to stroke what she couldn’t fit in, eventually speeding up her movements. To Jughead it was a heavenly sight, his beautiful blonde roommate wrapped around his cock, his hand buried in her hair.

“Betts, I’m gon-gonna-” Before he could finish his warning he was already cumming in her mouth, watching as she swallowed easily. He brought her up for a tender kiss. “That was amazing.”

Betty laid back on the bed, face to face with Jughead. “I still feel like this is a dream, that I’m gonna wake up and you’ll be having breakfast with your latest conquest,” she confessed, the satisfied flush in her cheeks deepening.

“Hey,” he cupped her face with his hand. “This is one hundred percent real and you’re not a conquest, Betty. You’re so much more than that to me. If you want to be,” he added quickly. She looked up at him from beneath her lashes, moving her head in a delicate nod. He took her hand and placed it on his heart. “This, Betty Cooper, is how you make me feel and it terrifies me,” he told her as the muscle thrummed beneath his ribs. “Because I don’t want to lose you and I- I really, really like you. Like, capital L like you, and it’s fucking scary.” He let out a nervous chuckle, pushing his hair back.

“I capital L like you too Jughead.” She leaned down and kissed him, all of their worries and fears all at once becoming a thing of the past.

If you don’t like Westallen or Iris, don’t follow me. I have no idea why anyone would choose to follow or attempt to interact with me if you have no respect for the importance of either the ship or that character. Do you know how rare it is to see multidimensional, nuanced and healthy interracial ships portrayed with as much given to them as this ship? Not often at all. They are not a typical couple. So stop with the damn falsehoods and perpetuation that it is anything else. It’s tiring and I have no patience for it.

Watch the show. Go look at canon again. Stop making out Iris to be something she isn’t when she’s one of the most selfless characters out there. And don’t mistake me as someone who has time for bigotry or a twist of the facts.

which of this makes gordon bad?? XD

just wat

do you fucking watch his tv shows??? he didn’t physically beat down someone before, if he did show me a proof. he gives advices to chefs who want to learn if they lack something! except when the chef is rude,then its their fault to get scolded! if you watch master chef, you’ll understand. he’s just a strict teacher in food! i had many teachers with the same personality as him, but some are for good reasons.

and basically, which of this are connected to gordon??? are you like one of the ppl that sent tweets to him and got roasted?? you never have to do that .-.

like honestly, you made effort to make an ask like this to hate gordon and us fans??? 😂😂😂

get a life.

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Fairy Tail ask: 1, 3, 6, 9

1) What made you watch fairy tail?

Well, the music did c:

Back before I knew about Fairy Tail, I often listened to the soundtracks of all kinds of different anime. Fairy Tail’s soundtrack drew me in like CRAZY. When I clicked over to see what anime the music was from, I saw this picture:

Immediately I knew that I had to watch it. Surprise surprise! It became one of my favorite anime/manga.

(Though I am not sure who the artist of this beautiful work is T_T)

3) What is your favourite arc? 

I loved the Key of the Starry Sky arc with my whole heart. Though I also extremely loved the Loke arc. Honestly, it is really difficult for me to decide just one!

6) Your otp?

Officially in the actual manga/anime, I’d say Nalu. 

But otherwise, it’s probably Graylu. I just feel so much enjoyment when I’m reading Graylu fanfiction or looking at some Graylu art.

9) What do you love about fairy tail? 

I love that even though I might not have been completely happy with the final arc… that it still managed to make me cry and smile at certain points. That’s just what Fairy Tail does to me.

Fairy Tail makes me feel as though I don’t have any control over my emotions, and I love that about it. 

I think one of my favorite things about Fairy Tail though, will always be the music. 

Thanks so much for asking <3

Fairy Tail Ask

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Keep rebloging w/e you want. I mean I did come for the voltron but the thing is when you follow someone you came for one, but in the end you might like other things that said person reblogs. I mean I really don't know YJ but Like my sister has recommended it to me and the more I see it from you the more it motivates me to maybe try it! So keep reblogging what you like and who knows maybe I or someone else will find something new :)


I recommend you to watch the show!(am I saying this sentence right??? omg?)

Young Justice have 2 seasons. And ss3 just announced a couple hours ago!

I love this show SO MUCH. But before you watch the show… you might have to know some heroes in DC comics first. It is a great show.

I’m so hyped rn! Can’t wait for ss3!!


Man, this week’s New Game episode was rough, watching Aoba upend Kou in the character competition, then dealing with the aftermath of that. While it resolved itself well, I can’t help but feel for the whole situation a bit. Whether you’re the one shocked at failure, or the one who’s suddenly made aware of how competitive work can be, it’s a rough spot to be in when it happens.

my freshman year of college this dude called me annoying but not to my face & when i confronted him, he was like i don’t give a fuck who you are.

years later he’s the first one watching my Snapchat story 😂

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Hi, I sent in the Yandere Optimus Elta/1980s Yandere Autobot things. Thank you for answering. Is it okay if I write fanfiction bassed/inspired by your work, please with aTransformer on top? The ideas really have got the plot bunnies going. And if I can ask, do you see any of Brave Police as yanderes? As you can see I really like the bots raising humans idea.Team Prime Arcee finds a human who is wounded that kicks her Sparkling coding off. Human comes to at the bass with Arcee watching them-Nox

Yes!  Anyone is welcome to write whatever they want based on the ideas on this blog!  And if you do, please send me the link so I can gush over it!  ^___^

As far as Brave Police goes, I’d need to watch a bit more of it before I decide who would make a good yandere (but right now I’m leaning more towards Power Joe >__>)

music recs that no one asked for but i did anyway!!!

some artists that you need to listen to:

dodie - she has an ep (intertwined) out and another one (6/10) coming out in august !! she has a youtube channel as well, her music is fun and soft and calming and her lyrics are lovely and poetic

mandy harvey - you have seen this girl on america’s got talent! she’s 29 and went deaf when she was 18 and re-taught herself how to sing, play guitar, etc. she got the golden buzzer!! watch her on agt on youtube or listen to her album!! i know it’s itunes idk about anywhere else

will connolly - yes, the guy who plays jeremy in be more chill. if you like alternative indie stuff, you HAVE to listen to his two eps (caterpillars of the commonwealth / freddie won the toss) that are on itunes, apple music, soundcloud, youtube, and spotify!!!

 For anyone who reads my tags, you know by now I tend to give weird descriptions/statements when it comes to men. Hanging out with one of my little brothers last night, I discovered that this is apparently, to a degree, a family trait. While trying to recommend a movie to me, he and I had this convo:

 My brother: So I was watching a movie the other day, and it had the skeezy-looking dude whose butt you love in it.

Me: Who??? That could be a lot of dudes.

My brother: He’s blonde. You want to suck his moustache or something… From that sad Victorian murder show you love.


My Brother: You know, not Matthew Lewis, the other one. He got naked on a horse and your sugar daddy laughed at him.


Being Wary Of Triggers on TV: CBS Big Brother

If you’re a Big Brother fan, then you know how dramatic this show can be. If you only watch the show when it airs on CBS, 3 days per week for one hour, you’re considered a casual viewer. But for the hardcore fans, 24/7 Live Feeds are available. For those of you who do not know about Big Brother, it is a show with usually 14-15 guests (usually strangers unless there’s a twist) who live in a house for 3 months and vote one another out until the last two, and then a jury votes who wins the monetary prize of $500k. The entire house is rigged with cameras EVERYWHERE, even the restrooms, so every thing is caught. This show has been on for 19 seasons (Plus 1 internet season) and I’ve watched since the beginning. When I was younger I loved the gameplay, strategy and drama. As I got older I had already grown a love and respect for the show, plus watching every summer had become a tradition. However, as a Black woman, this show can be extremely triggering and I had to learn to cut back, and eventually let go. There have been multiple misunderstandings, fights and disputes, some centered around race, gender and religion. However, Season 15 fostered the most racially hostile season ever, leading to racial divides for viewers. The online forums were less than friendly to visit, and what used to center around strategy, game play and rooting for our faves, became a breeding ground for hostility. Watching a white woman and her friends constantly make racially insensitive comments, mock a black contestant and eventually act on that racism by bullying a black contestant, I found myself feeling angry and emotional. I abandoned that season before the end. With the introduction of Dayvonne, one of Big Brother’s most popular contestants, the online forum was a hotbed for racist ignorance. She is smart, beautiful, unapologetic and outspoken- which would have faired well for her had she only been white. Not only was Dayvonne smart (pinpointing twists early on before anyone caught wind) she was willing to speak up. During her season, multiple white women spoke up, took charge and voiced their opinions loudly- even all out arguing- but it was only an issue when Dayvonne did it… which led to the constant mocking. Viewers blamed her speaking up and unwillingness to be steamrolled as the “angry black woman” stereotype that usually precedes us black women unjustly. Here’s the cycle: people expect a black woman to be angry or mean, they behave defensively toward her, and when she responds (sometimes even just speaking) there’s a huge overreaction that leads to her further being labeled: Angry Black Woman. Each season Dayvonne participated on Big Brother she got this edit and this unfair label. At one point, a white man actually slapped her on her rear and she cried and asked him to stop! She was shaken up and visibly offended. In the real world this would have been sexual assault, however viewers and contestants claimed she was loud, dramatic and you guessed it… angry. Fast forward to the current season of Big Brother on CBS, the only black player is a woman named Dominique. She’s energetic, fun, smart (Engineer), and religious, I liked her from the beginning and she was not afraid to put it all out there. She was unfairly targeted, ridiculed and isolated, all the while maintaining such grace and poise. She could go toe to toe with anyone without even needing to yell, yet viewers found a way to accuse her of being…ANGRY. In the midst of the house collectively isolating and bullying her, Paul, a current houseguest, considered doing Blackface to intimidate Dominique. He explained it away as an attempt to dress as a snake (an accusation she’d made at him), however when choosing which mask he’d wear he opted for the black over the green, citing verbatim “blackface”. This alarmed a number of fans (both black and white) and it’s assumed production warned him against it. Later we see another white man, Kevin, ask his Dominican housemate to “grab [Dominique] by the throat and throw her out of the room”. This is just a game, but to see two white men threaten a black woman with both Blackface and physical harm, I’d reached my limit. After writing emails to CBS, I decided to cut out Live Feeds and just enjoy the CBS airing of the show, however, online Dayvonne discussed the goings on with the show and I was shocked to see Paul’s cousin, Sevan, attack her with a reference to a “lynch mob”. What the hell?! Not hard to see where Paul gets his ignorance. These aren’t the first racially insensitive remarks or occurrences surrounding this show, but as I get older, my tolerance is much shorter with this type of thing, it doesn’t have to happen. While I previously enjoyed the show I found myself angry, frustrated or affected in some way by the treatment and racial bias of this black woman (and previous black contestants) on this show. There are many ways to strategize or disagree with other contestants on the show, but to racially attack or ridicule someone is beyond unnecessary and never okay. I decided to give myself a break. I only watched this show for entertainment, once I realized it was no longer a positive source of entertainment, triggering emotions and past experiences of being isolated or bullied for being black, I found myself unintentionally re-hashing hurtful events and moments of my past that were similar. Things I’ve had to work through to walk in a more positive and productive light. The show was triggering the worst parts of my history as a black woman, so I had to let it go. Once the show evolves into a more tolerant, family friendly production, I may give it go, until then- I can survive without it. Dayvonne, however, needs her own show.

How about people stop telling other people how to watch a show.

When I watch a TV show, It is purely for my enjoyment. And if I get the most enjoyment out of shipping two characters who I think have chemistry together, why does that matter to you? Why should I do what you say and watch the show ‘correctly’. Everyone watches a show from their own perspective. No one has any right telling you you are wrong for shipping something or having a certain opinion about the show. No amount of people or actors or writers can tell me that what I am seeing on screen is wrong. The actors have chemistry and I interpret the characters relationship as romantic. Is it my fault that the actors acted the way they acted? No. It’s not my fault. Is it hurting anyone? Not at all. Writers and actors and other fans need to stop telling people how to view a show. If you put your work out there, it’s free for everyone to interpret it however the fuck they choose to. That’s what happens when you put work out into the world, it’s up for interpretation. You shouldn’t be mad that people are seeing something you didn’t intend for them to see. And in total honesty if a lot of people are seeing the same thing shouldn’t you at least respect that? Or what would make real sense is that you saw what chemistry the two actors have and actually ran with it? Fuck all of the people, writers and actors who feel like they can tell people how to watch a show.

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wait wait wait i just read that tomorrow on vlive the boys will upload their reaction to episode 1 of bon voyage???? why cant i find it :(((

Look at the UPCOMING list to find it~

Please keep in mind that you MUST have a CH+ subscription in order to watch. I know, I find it bizarre that even if you purchased BVS2, you won’t be able to watch without CH+. But obviously it’s extra content to those who pay more money for the subscription, a gift.

You’ll know if you have CH+ because you’ll see this screen instead of the one saying you must purchase their subscription first (some people think VLIVE+ is the same as CH+ when it’s not):

I’ll try to record it so others can watch after. I wish I could live stream it, but I’ll be caught in an instant lol.

Gabriel Reyes is that theater kid who when you make a comment about how his “Red Death” masquerade costume doesnt look like the one from the Phantom of the Opera movie goes on a long tirade abt how garbage it is and his costume is firmly based on an old ass production of Phantom. A production tht he wasn’t even alive to even see and has only watched after diving deep into the internet to find grainy footage of it taken from someone’s camcorder or whatever video taking device bootleggers illegally record stuff with

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I know this might sound stupid but as thirteen year old aspiring author I have learned a lot by watching your videos and taking your advice. (That's not the stupid bit!) Before I began watching your videos, about a half a year ago, I though an author can only have a single idea at a time, that they can only ever work on one book. (Ugh, its so silly!) I watched one of your videos that said you where planning more than one book and I was like "TF... You can do that?!"

And from then on I have been swimming in ideas and I couldn’t be any happier. To be honest you where the one who made me realise i wanted to be an author. Thank you so much for helping me find my passion. You and your work never ceases to amaze me.

I actually had a brain that worked like yours when I was thirteen! I only planned one book at a time, then wrote it, planned the next one, wrote it, etc. Then, at some point, my brain went crazy and now there are soooo many books in there. Anyways, I’m so happy you found a passion for writing <3


not everyone
not y o u

Summarize of the conference with Kubo and Yamamoto :)

Live drawing by Kubo during the conference *still squealing*

Kubo and Yamamoto were so much kind with the audience like, at the very beginning, they wanted to know if there were any other persons who came from other countries than France :)  and they were curious to know if we knew/watched ice skating. Tbh, during all the conference they kept recommending to keep interest to skating and professional skaters x)

That was actually so nice to see that they were truly devoted to their works, they mostly talked about french skaters and the influences it could give them for YOI, that was pretty interesting.

For example:    

Laurine Lecavelier skater was the kind to change costums between the performances of her program so Kubo & Yamamoto took this idea too.

They got inspiration of Brian Joubert for the design of the costum of Michele, and Guillaume Cizeron for Giacometti’s character.

And my favourite one, they talked about an anecdote with Philippe Candeloro, who during one of his performance went in the audience and said “I love you” to someone in the public ;))
(And now I have this headcanon about young Yuuri who came to watch Victor and Victor coming to him and whispering ILY to him//////////////)

Kubo also talked about couple performance. She said that when the two skaters are a couple in life too, their performance is even more touching and beautiful <3 (NOT A COINCIDENCE I’M SURE)

edit : I forgot a part too when she said that for duet who aren’t in couple, they could be as convincing and emotional sometimes ;)

Now about the movie, they said for the moment it’s still in project and they don’t have a scenario yet. They also said they would give their best and also they would make sure that it could also be released in cinema in France *crying*

It ended with some questions from the public.

One person asked if we will may have more skating moments for the girls (very important question indeed!!!!! *v*). They replied that even though the scenario of the movie isn’t written yet, they would like the idea.

An other important question was about the possibility to learn more about Victor and Kubo said YES FOR SURE \(; v ;)/ she couldn’t talk more about it either for now, but she hoped we will love what will come <333

And finally, a lot of cheerings and a “born to make history” with Kubo~

Such a nice moment with them and everyone :’) 

Then she turned and walked away from him. Each step she took, was one step further away from him. He could only stand there and watch as her figure gradually grew smaller and smaller. Until he lost sight of her. Until he lost her.

“Are you not going to run after her and make her stay?” His friend asked.

He shook his head.

“No, that won’t make her stay. Once she made up her mind to go, no one can change her mind.”

“But you have no clue if you’ll ever see her again.”

“I’m aware of that,” he replied,

“But who knows, today’s goodbye may lead to a new hello on a busy street in another country and when that happens,”

He took a breath and smiled a little,

“Maybe, even if it’s just the slightest maybe, I’ll have the ability to make her stay.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #151 // Wishful, hopeful thinking